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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 29, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> sure, see what i can do that there. i like it. wish i could keep going on with that but i've only got 20 seconds. live dopplar 7 you can see the clouds listen to in the gray, notice they're making penetration into our east bay valleys. that means cooler weather coming for all of our neighborhoods today. it's just how much cooler. here's a look at your 12-hour day planner 56 to 60, a little less sting in the air when you step outside this morning. at noon, 82 to 90 at 4:00 inland 79 at 4:00. we've got 73 at noon around the bay to 76 at 4:00 to 70. we'll nice at 7:00. 58, 60, and 58 those are your coastal temperatures. couple of nice days before the heat comes back coming up. here's sue. take a look at the bay bridge metering lights were on at 5:20 phi this morning stacking up, all sold out here. traffic's backed down to the mcarthur maze and a little slug tlish. so a 20-minute delay behind the
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line at the metering lights. back to san jose where we had that accident cleared to the shoulder northbound 101 to mckee, but the backup you're look at speeds bf 35 down ton 15 moufrz when you pass the 280/680 junction so expect delays there as well. we're going to come back with mass transit options in just a fuse minute. now a live desk update. >> we want to begin here at the live desk with a update in texas the death toll in harvey hasries tone 7 and right now there's a zbrait celebrate search for a family swept away in houston flood waters. two grandparents and the four children. this is from our colleagues, our abc station in houston. those kids range in age from 16 ton 6 years old. and our colleagues there spoke to another family member this morning, an uncle of those kids who said the grandparents had alzheimer's, that they were trying to evacuate when they were swept away. and the red cross says houston's biggest shelter is beyond
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capacity right now. it's original capacity was 5,000, but it has nearly 9,000 people in it this morning. the red cross says no one will be turned away. >> there's just flooding everywhere. >> is your grand baby okay. >> yeah, she okay. >> tell me what the experience has been like. >> devastating. i'm devastated. >> devastating and for so many people. first responders have rescued several thousand people at this point so far. numbers are staggering. reggie. >> it is unbelievable to watch. thank you. we have seen incredible acts of heroism throughout this disaster. rescue teams going in risking their own health and safety to save others. as jessica said, thousands of people are now safe but there's a lot more work do. bay area teams are now on the front lines. >> alameda county fire posted an up date saying the task force four arrived yesterday after a
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30-hour drive. >> they got rest and should have just arrived in katy, texas, which is about 30 miles west of houston they will focus on search and rescue efforts this morning. >> task force three should be arriving in san antonio any moment. 14 members come from fire departments in menlo park, palo alto, san jose, and south france san francisco. the teams have enough equipment to stay in texas for a few weeks. want to check in with mike neek crowe conow what is their forecast looking like there? >> it's going to be wet again for several days. the good news 50e67 and every day after today the tlelt of thunderstorms starts to drop significant fli houston as harvey will start to move off. here's the latest look at the radar. you can see that the biggest thunderstorms are too the east of texas or east of houston in eastern texas and now continuing to pummel new orleans and heading up 55 towards jackson. here's what's going to happen over the next several days. i have the track and projected rainfall and you can see some areas are going to get 6 to 8 inches of rain, the red to ma gent an as this storm moves over
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eldore radio, arkansas, and up towards memphis. and a second air of moist area come willing in alabama. mobile may be dealing with flooding over the weekend. bay area companies are doing what they can to help people affected by hurricane harvey. >> apple gave them $2 million for victims. and san ramon based chef ron donated a million and oakland based clorox sent some of its products and supplies to the dit after thor zone. go pund me says that nearly 300 harvey related campaigns have raised more than a million dollars so far. now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> i have something else coming in i want to show thank you happening right now. president trump and the first lady on the way to texas. the president left only seconds ago from joint base andrews. we just got this hitting the live desk. this is video we just turned around four. the president will visit parts
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of hard-hit texas, although he will be steering clear of the houston area, the hardest hit area where it might only be disruptive to have the president visit as you well know and as we've been showing you throughout the morning, the houston area still inundated. there are thousands of calls for rescue as flood waters continue to rise. the president and first lady will instead be visiting and landing in corpus christi in only a few hours. reggie. >> okay, thank you. the victims of hurricane harvey need your help and the red cross tells us cash donations the best way do that. an easy way to donate is by texting the word harvey to the number 90999. that will add a $10 donation automatically to the red krots on your cell phone bill. you can also call the red cross to donate and that number is 1-800-help-now. berkeley's mayor wants o stop conservative speakers from doumg berkeley's campus. >> we are following reports this morning that he wants cal to stop its plans for free speech week which is supposed to be happening next month.
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abc 7 news report amy hollyfield lye forever us at berkeley city hall. amy. >> reporter: hi, reggie. the mayor is worried. the san francisco chronicle is reporting this morning that the mayor's concerned maihem will come to campus and then spill out on to the streefts berkeley. according to the chronicle, mayor jesse ar gene wants cal to cancel scheduled appearances of conservative speakers. a cal spokesman tells the paper they can't. the university cannot legally kans sill a student group's invitation to speerkz. the group patriots has lined up my low yew no poe lis to speak in september and ann cultor and steve bannon to speak. they're calling it free speech week. the mayor's worried it will attract extreme activists who will violently pro protest and do damage like we saw in february the last time he was scheduled to speak. he says he doesn't want berkeley to become a punching bag.
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cal says all it can control is the safety plan which they are working on. lye in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> happening today, five koernt protesters arrested in berkeley are due in court. the bay area antirepression committee says 11 of their people face charges in connection to sunday's protest in civic center park. five will be arraigned today. their supporters plan to rally outside the courthouse. court dates for the other six people have not yet been set. we're keeping an eye on the mines fire burning just ouj of livermore. they tweeted this photo last night saying the acres burnt remains at 44. they have made progress, it is now 80% contained. fire broke out around 7:00 sunday night in a remote area off mines road. how old should you be to vote? what's happening today in support of lowering the voting age. west nile in the bay area, west nile in the bay area, how
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> a few 50s down know the south bay, milpitas 58, everybody else about 60067 degrees, san jose at 63. remember los gatos we were in the 80s at this time so it's cooler out there.
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60 in napa right now, livermore and redwood city, san francisco about 57. look at the east bay valleys temperatures barely in the 90s as the sea breeze is taking the stink out of our heat the next couple of days. hourly temperatures in the north bay, noon 77, upper 80s from 2:00 to tower:00 down to about 70 by 8:00. let's get a check of that morning commute. sue hall is in for alexis. good morning, everyone. back to san jose where we've had this earlier accident, it's been cleared to the shoulder. it's northbound 101 near mckee and traffic seems to be improving a little bit. it was backed down past story road for quite some time. but traffic seems to be thinning just a little bit as they move that out of the shoulder the up to millbrae reports of a new accident apparently a solo spinout blook blocking the left lane it's southbound 101 near millbrae avenue and i've not seen a significant amount of slowing here. and just for grins let's take a look at your mass transit for
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this beautiful tuesday morning, 51 bart trains on time, ace trains working great although way out of central valley to the south bay and caltrain running on time. vector control crews were out spraying for mosquitoes after a west nile virus was defected in brentwood. it was balance for road were armstrong way and walnut boulevard. crews finished fog around 11:30 last night. 56 people in contra costa county have been diagnosed since 2005 and two people died with from it in 2006. a city on the peninsula moving forward on a proposal to find if you leave your car idling. also each year sarah climbs 58,007 steps. that's the height of mount everest. because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics. clinically proven to relieve and prevent
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abc 7 mornings. >> all news, all morning. >> happening today, new orleans is remembering the devastation caused by hurricane katrina. it hit the gulf coast thop day in 2005. the category 3 hurricane and subsequent levy breaches killed more than 1800 people. there are numerous marches, prayer serviceans rallies today to mark the occasion. on the anniversary of hurricane katrina, new orleans is dealing with the remnants of another storm, harvey. flooding is a big issue. they say 90% of the city's pumps are operable. they're urging people to stay home today since there's
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uncertainty about the storm's pattern this week as well as the drainage system. now breaking news from the live desk. >> that breaking news happening overnight a house fire, i want to show thank you new video we're just getting. it appears a pot-growing operation caught fire. happened about 2:30 this morning. firefighters tell us the fire started in the basement of a two-story home near pa knoll valley road and san pablo avenue. they say the electric system down there was overpowered. firefighters have called in pg&e as part of their investigation to determine if that pot operation is truly what caused the fire. the homeowner was inside the home when it sparked, but firefighters say he was woken up by his smoke detaekttor. the fire investigation is still very much underway right now. mdma rrk the main ingredient in ecstasy may one day be used to treat pts dynamics. they're moving fod with the recreational drug granting mdma break through status for trials.
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they say there is substantial evidence that medication could benefit sufferers by helping ptsd patients cope with the linger effects of trauma. drug has the capacity to produce feelings of euphoria and empathy and trials could begin as soon as next spring. on the peninsula, the city of palo alto moving forward way plan that is a unique way to stop idling cars. it would prohibit drivers from leaving their engine running for more than three minutes if they're parked or waiting in line. the state already has similar rules for trucks and buses. people caught idling would likely be given a warning first, a fine could be imposed after that. the city council voted unanimously in favor of the plan last night. the next step is for city staff to craft the actual ordnance. if they approve it it could be ennorrised by fall. an organization dedicated to helping the homeless could be in danger of losing its nonprofit status. they have received $1.5 million in city grants to help the
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homeless. the chronicle reports the organization has not kemt a clear record of where that money going. a city audit shows more than ate r $88,000 in expenditures are unaccounted for. a top city official is defending the organization saying it's working to correct thedy fish sense sies. bay area students will help support the plan of lowering the voting age in california. they urge lawmakers to allow 17-year-olds to vote in the next election. two-thirds of the legislature has to approve of that bill for it to advance then it would be put on a statewide ballot. they say lowering the voting age will help give them a political voice and i crease turnout. there's a new study out and it finds that people who drink four cups of coffee a day have a 64% lower risk of death. they surveyed about their coffee consumption
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and health conditions and followed up ten years later and they say coffee can be a part of healthy diet and people but they say the health benefits are knee negated if you pour in all the creamer and sugar. it's got to be black. but four cups, guys, prepare to be highly cav nated. >> this early morning job is driving me to drink coffee. i have -- i've not done coffee my whole life and i have started sneaking it in to my weekly routine. i don't know how i feel about this. >> this shift will make do you a lot of things you didn't really think you'd do before, but, yeah, they don't have time to die, they're moving too fast. >> there you go. >> four cups? wow. >> that's a lot. >> let us know when you get there, reggie, so we can watch you. you're already animated as is. you can imagine reggie on four cups of coffee? >> watch out. >> love to see it though, who wouldn't. good morning, 6:20 almost on this tuesday morning. here's a look at walnut creek from the east bay hills camera,
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mount diablo. this is a little strip of cloud cover right there, that's the sea breeze topping east bay hills and bringing relief to just about all of our neighborhoods today. more clouds a little drizzle near the coast and east bay hills tonight and heat comes and it doesn't leave twuns comes back for maybe a week and a half, two weeks. all right. so it's still hot inland, we're still in the mid-to low 90s just not near that 108 yesterday in walnut creek and livermore yesterday. 88 in santa rosa, vallejo 85, napa about 87, still pretty warm in the south bay, 80 snichl san jose, 90 los gatos, sunny hill cupertino, 84 degrees. millbrae 75. palo alto about 82 degrees, 65, though, 64 to 65 at half moon bay. 73 oakland, 72 berkeley, our last stop, check this out, mid
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to upper 60s all throughout san francisco, sunset at 64, balboa park, 65. mid-60s i 50s to low 60s tonight, then look at the heat thursday through the labor day monday. sue. we're heading over to the san mateo bridge right now where traffic is starting to thicken up just a little bit. we're look the at about a 23 money drive from hayward west downed plow the flat section and highways over towards foster city. once you get over towards the peninsula we do have a problem way solo spinout 'it was partially blocking the left lane southbound 101 near millbrae avenue preponderance an ambulance has been called, heads up there maybe a little bit of slowed traffic. and being look at your pras mass transit this weekend, something to look forward to labor day weekend, beaware that bart will be suspending service between fruitvale and west oakland this weekend. there will be a shut until place there but if you've got labor day plans that would take you on
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bart between those stations, may give yourself a little extra time. guys. we are getting new images and information out of texas. we're going to take you there live with new concerns about harvey. harvey. plus the important reason get 40% off on coit residential cleaning services including carpet and hardwood, tile, stone, even air ducts and window treatments. and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back. that's 40% off everything coit cleans. call or click today.
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we're back at 6:204. national park service is working with the oakland zoo to care for these critically endangered frogs. the zoo said it raised 99 mountain yellow lag tad poles over the past few weeks and released them back into the wild. more frogs will be air listed to the zoo next month. the same saim to protect young frogs until they grow. it helps strengthen their immune system against deadly fung zblie did you say air listed. >> airlifted. . >>. it's not easy being green. annabel from mill valley has a question about kpeer size. she spoke to us at our ask finney pop up. 7 on your side's michael fin nip has her answer. >> i was wondering now a college student can keep up with a workout routine without breaking the bank. >> hi, annabel, that's a question. an important one because college students don't dr. have that much money. most colleges have free workout
6:26 am
facilities either at the school's gym or a student body center. check there first. sometimes they do a small charge. if those aren't options at your school, check out local gyms. many offer a student discount all you have to did is show your student i. i.d. if that's not available or costs too much, grab a friend and work out at a local part. thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on wrur smartphone or tablet and share it on social with the #askfinney our can go to ask finney. you can see your question answer the right here on abc 7 mornings. here at the lye desk and upstairs in our newsroom our whole team tracking the very latest on whaenz what's happening in texas, watching things closely in houston. we'll have an update in a few minutes. we have april update on the 911 call center crisis in snns san francisco. some be laep, others may not. the response after north korea launched a missile that korea launched a missile that flew over
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ without pg&e's assistance, without their training our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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live, where you live. this is abc 7 mornings. >> coming up on 6:30, good morning are. come to tuesday, august 29th. >> a lot going on this morning. alexis smith is off, sue hal is here for her mike nicco as always is on the weather. >> somebody's got a birthday this week. >> who zblai lexus. >> there you go. very nice.
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>> how about that. >> it's two days from now or tomorrow. anyway, i'm sure she's watch, happy birthday, miss you, haep hope you're having a good time. good morning, everybody. we get a break today and tomorrow but then the heat skumg back. you can see the cloud cover even moving into our east bay valleys and that's when you know the marine layer is deep enough and the sea breeze is strong enough to bring us relief. let's see how to plays out in your 12-hour day planner 56 and 60 at 7 clock under mostly cloudy conditions. 58 at the coast, 60 at 4:00. we go from 73 to 77 noon to 4:00 around the bay. 82 to 90 still gob to be hot inland just not a blistering and dngerous heat like those 100s we had yesterday. but they are coming back. more on that next, here's sue. take a look at san rafael our live camera outside past the north gate mall and the civic center traffic is moving nicely, get ailing little bit busier with those taillihts heading in the southbound direction. fog up and over the waldo so be
6:31 am
careful of that and a little slow traffic cull coming out of novato. we have an accidents that been cleared off to the shoulder but no slow traffic it's all green. looking good, guys. on to developing news in texas. president trump left for corpus christi in the last hour. >> he'll visit there and other parts of texas today to witness the destruction harvey left behind. texas's governor says the president will not go to houston so his trip does not interfere with emergency response. rescue videos that you're watching here show families fighting to stay out of the water, floating on air mattresses and piling into canoes and rescue baskets. all 201,212,000 members of the texas national guard have been activated. it is not enough. storm is blamedfor at least seven dij deaths. houston officials say there have been several thousand rescues so far. dramatic video shows dozens of people on dump trucks in houston to get to safety from flood waters. a reporter from our houston station ktrk talked to one of
6:32 am
the youngest evacuees. the dump truck took that kid to a spot where he was reunited with his mom. >> what it was like when you left? >> flooded. >> what do you mean flood? >> up to my neck flood. >> serious? how scary was that? >> i started crying. >> all those trucks are able to hold more than a dozen people and their belong lgz. they were taken to a walgreens park lot and bussed to a shelter. following heavy online criticism, joel ole seen it's mega church has agreed to chelt e shelter hundreds of harvey's evacuees. it's near downtown houston. the church came under fire for report lid closing its doors to people in need saying the church was inaccessible because the surrounding streelgts were flooded. and then someone tweeted out a photo of the area and the surrounding streets didn't seem to be flooded. ole seen it contends woe never shut out evacuees. >> i fwoont show here at our live desk what i'm doing. i'm watching all the rescues that have been happening
6:33 am
overnight, also all of our live images coming in right now. we have video that's just coming in. i'm going to have a live report from you from houston we're work on that talking to our reporters on the ground in just a few moments. back to you. new this morning, san jose police are investigating how a car ended up driving and then crashing into an apartment complex. >> it capped a chase that began with reports of a man shooting out of his car. abc 7 news reporter mblt matt keller has that story. >> reporter: we are here at the colonial way apartments on the board he of san jose and campbell. it's quiet right now but what a crazy night the 'had you shots fired, you had a place chase and then had you a crash into the apartment building making a huge mess. at least san jose police got their man. check out this video. you can see him on a gurney and they made sure he was handcuffed and also shackled his feet. he seemed okay but was taken to the hospital just to get him checked out.
6:34 am
this is the car he was driving. police say they got a call of a man brandish a firearm he's drove by the apartment complex. once officers arrived they found out he also fired that gun but no one was hit. during that investigation officers say the suspect vehicle drove by again and that's when they started a pursuit. >> the subject in his attempt to flee from officers crashed into the apartment building. and that's where he was taken into custody. >> right into the building. the suspect also hit some parked cars during the chase. amazingly no one was hit by the bullets and no one was hurt from the crash. officers were also uninjured. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. chp looking for the driver in a hit-and-run crash that killed uc berke laze top attorney. christopher patti died sunday while riding his bike in guerneville. the driver of a bmw lost control on a curve, slid across the road
6:35 am
and then hit him. the driver took off. officers found a license plate at the scene. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. the mayor says that san francisco should not have to bear the cost of mobilizing for the right-wing ral that i never materialized at crissy field. the total bill for police overtime putting up fences and other la gift cal moves is still be cal lated. the mayor said he's prepared to sent bill to the park service which okayed the permit for the event. they suggest that the city might apply for a fub public safety permit from the federal government. a ral that i turned violent at times, activist groups gave their reaction yesterday to the demonstration sunday daulg a success. >> either we are going to be the people who threat happen who made the same mistake that the germans made or we are going to be different and stand up to fash six in this count. >> officers arrested 13 people. they arrested new tactics with helping people safe.
6:36 am
it includes searching people for weapons, physical separation from both sides and arresting people who cover their zblasz and here at the live desk we want to get back to that flooding in texas. we have been watching videos pour in overnight. a lot of people still being evacuated. still being rescued after those rising flood waters. this morning thousands of people are under new evacuation orders. there are plenty of reporters on the ground and a lot happening right now. president trump, in fact, has promised billions of dollars in disaster relief. let's check in with magazine ghoi is live in houston for us this morning. hi, maggie. >> reporter: jessica, good morning. this weather disaster like you mentioned, it is widespread already affecting thousands of square miles and millions of people and unfortunate lit rain just keeps overnight the national guard live streams their dangerous night ops mission zriet keep up
6:37 am
with the thousands in need of rescuing from rapidly rising flood waters in houston. live life and death moments caught on camera. families fighting to stay above water, floating on afr mattresses, piling into canoes and rescue baskets, children wading through the waist-deep waters. all 12,000 members of the texas national guard are activated, but it's not enough. so neighbors like captain sam are stepping in saving this family with his own boat. >> this is very nfrpt because we don't have anything. we lost nefrg our apartment. it's just really unfortunate. >> photos show just how close the local leif vis are to overflowing and more rain is on the way. >> reporter: president trump will be touch downing here in the disaster zone later today. in houston, texas, abc 7 news. all right. thank you. and we are tracking the incredible images continuing to come in from houston. you can see what looks like hundreds of evacuees here
6:38 am
sleeping on cots in a shelter. that photo from the texas military department. and then take a look a man snapped this photo his neighbor's house bursting into frames in the flood zone in texas. fortunately he plefd that they had already evacuated. and then take a look there are say man by the name of william beardsly grinning ear to ear, he and his friends have gn going around on their boat trying to rescue any animals they can find. a lot of people asking how i can help in the easiest way is to donate to the american red cross and you can do that from your phone. text the ward mar stroy 90999, that will add a $10 donation to the red cross on your phone bill. you can also call the red cross to donate that number is 1-800-help-now. and our parent company dies knit just announced it's donating $1 million do the red cross and we hope you'll be able to contribute whatever you have as well as we host a dave giving on thursday to benefit people
6:39 am
impacted by hurricane harvey. the day will kick off right here on abc 7 mornings before handing the baton over to good morning america. donations will go to the american red cross with the money going to neighbors most impacted by the storm. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> i do have good news for the folks in houston they're on the drier side of the storm. and as you look at live do particular 7 you see a few greens but no more of the yellows and red and ma gent tas of the heavy rain that they had. some of that may circulate back towards houston, the best chance of heavy rains today and then it tapers considerably the next couple days and we'll focus i lot of our attention opt new orleans area, jackson, mississippi, mobile, alabama, as the track of harvey which will be a tropical storm all the way up to right before it gets to memphis will bring all that copious gulf moisture and bring 4 to 8 inches of rain to place like louisiana, he will dore
6:40 am
radio, alabama. flooding, they'll have some but not like what we've seen. we've got berkeley un fight skood districts, cool this morning, 58, mild for your first day, sunshine anda hazy temperatures up in the north bay if you're stepping out right if you're stepping out right now, mainly mid-50s through the
6:41 am
looking at tomorrow -- it is back. we go to 100s and more of that on the seven-day forecast. i'll have that coming put you've got some traffic t it just depends on where you're going now with the metering stuck in that dee lay they were doing a wave of closures both ooecht eastbound and westbound kind of excited but not for those of us who were trying to get to work that the time in the morning. let's take a look at drive times as you're just getting up and out it's 6:40 wurn. look at that an hour and two minutes from raisi and you over the altamont pass into dublin. also the antioch into concork 35 minutes. and still looking good from san rafael to san francisco on southbound 101 were just beware of that fog over the waldo it is heavy.
6:42 am
if you normally take the alameda to san francisco fairy are the bay ferry that's been delayed ten minutes so you're still about ten minutes behind. oj ore wise mass transit is moving great this morning. guys. thank you, sue. heads up for san francisco resident if you call 911 for certain crimes, you'll be redirected. how would you like free season tickets? season tickets?
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it's 6:44. new developments in berkeley, the mayor pushing for cal to pull the plug on its so-called free speech week which is supposed to be happening next month. >> this comes after a weekend of clashes and several violent incidents in the past few months. amy holly fooemd is live at berkeley city hall. good morning, amy. >> hi, natasha. the san francisco chronicle is reporting this mother that the mayor of berkeley doesn't want the city of berkeley to be used as a punching bag. take a look at these pictures. this is who the mayor is worried about. the conservative campus group, the berkeley patriot has invites these conservative speakers to come to campus the last week of september during its free speech week. the mayor says inviting these people here just makes berkeley a target for anarchists. a target for anarchists. we sought huge group
6:46 am
now a live desk upzblat ffrtly we lost amy there. >> i want to get you another quick update coming in from the houston area. two more prisons being evacuated right now of course because of that terrible flooding there. both of those prison are right near the brass koes river so they could face additional flooding it's in the city of richmond which inter30 miles southwest of houston. they've had to move about 1400 inmates and they are on buses right now. which brings the total to about 6,000 prisoners displaced by harvey. all of those are being moved to either prisons in east texas or south texas and they should really have an okay time. i want to be show thank you from one of our colleagues. laura anthony, she is in houston doing reporting for us and she took this video of empty highways in anda around the houston area. so should not be a problem moving those inmates, but pretty eerie
6:47 am
highways right now. reggie, back to you. >> yeah, laura and our photographer randy there to help out our sister station. thank you so much, jess. hurricane harvey has dropped an estimated 15 trillion gallons of water on the houston area. that's more than two times the amount that fell during hurricane katrina. the size of storms are becoming more of a norm because the oceans are eat heating and creating more moisture for those storms to collect. michael finney says that scammers love to target people who want to help and their weapon of choice is often bogus e-mails. michael says you should be careful when handling any e-mails related to this storm, even if they appear to be from a trusted source. fraudulent e-mails have links and attachments that direct users to fiching or malware ib infected web sites. also be careful with charities asking for your help. many of them may turn out to be scams. we're going bring the latest updates on hurricane harvey on the abc 7 news app. you can down looted app for free and make sure 10 to able push alerts to get breaking news updates as they happen. it's 6:47 this morning.
6:48 am
japan is calling phonar urgent meeting of the u.n. after north korea hurled a m count [ sirens ]. >> sirens warned people as soon as the missile was deequity today late yesterday. tv programs and radio programs interrupted and bullet train lines were stopped for a while. the missile eventually fell into the pacific and the statement this morning president trump said that all options are on the table after north korea's move. and that's threatening and destabilizing actions will make the country more isolated in asia and around the world. more local news, relief for 911 dispatchners san francisco since dispatchers began transferring to nonemergency calls to 31 this month their response times have significantly improved the. the examiner reports the 911 call center answered 80% of calls within ten seconds as of august seven teeth. the department of emergency management says that's up from 66% in april. thousand of nonemergency calls
6:49 am
about car break-ins flood the phone lines every month. the mayor says that redirecting those calls to 311 is helping. happening today, the san jose city council is considering a plan to hose the homeless in so-called tiny homes. our media parter in the san jose mercury news says the city is now considering just two sites and that's way down from the 99 potential sites bh when housing leaders proposed the idea last year. community outrage forced the city to trim that list to four in july. the tiny home villages would how's 20 phi people. san jose has an estimated 4,000 people who are homeless. happening today, santa clara county wants your input on a propose moratorium on recreational marijuana sales and cultivation. right now there's a ban on medical marijuana in unincorporated parts of the county, dispensaries selling them. they expand this to recreational sales when it becomes legal next year. county officials want to hear from you. tonight's meeting happens at 6:00 at the county government center in san jose.
6:50 am
>> let's get over to mike nicco now. hi rev. check out this gorgeous sunrise over the east bay hills. the second thing i want to you notes is the sun, but also carl notes is the sun, but also carl the fog make his east bay. zwhe that he's bringing cooler weather to jst baufl our neighborhoods. more clouds, drizzle, sleep better tonight rare longer heat wave is coming in the seven-day forecast. you can see just about all of its cloudy and by noon there's still that one finger of fog rolling across the gauolden gat and then it will be sunny inland. during the evening hours pretty cloudy at the host. 94 in gill ray and the south bay. 75 in millbrae to about 82 in palo alto on the peninsula. 62 to 64 along the peninsula coast, so cool 66, that's below average for san francisco. 85 in vallejo and san rafael to near 90 in calistoga. east bay shore berkeley to 72, fremont 82 and last stop 90 in san ramon and pleasanton.
6:51 am
55 to 61, a nice night tonight and then tomorrow about the same. and then thursday, friday, sa za, sunday, monday, you can see those 1 hundreds inland and 90s around the bay and 70s at the coast. sue. good morning, mike. we've got a little accident just reported i don't know howly it is for them it's off to the right-hand shoulder northbound 101 and mckee in san jose. 101 and mckee in san jose. say live shot of the san bridge where traffic is slow and go across the span. no accidents or stalls here just a lot of folks trying to get from hayward over toward the foster city side of things. meeting lights were on this morning at 5:25. it's all sold out here backed up into the mcarthur maze. they were filming a television commercial overnight on the bay bridge. they had waves of closure about every ten minutes or so, that's kind of exciting we'll wait to see what the commercial is, no word yet. and look at the solid stream of traffic coming down the east shore freeway as you head into the mcarthur maeds maze. and the walnut creek is looking good moving at the limit way
6:52 am
little bit of slowing towards the 24 junction and about another 20 minutes to get through the cull de cut tunnel. reggie. >> all right. thanks. the contra costa board of education is going to hold a final public hearing to discuss create a separate school district. this is controversial stuff. the meeting starts alt 4:00 this afternoon at pleasant hill middle school. the board is going to decide whether to recommend the state break up the mount diablo unified school district and form a new district called north gate. five schools would be part of that district. that district. supporters
6:53 am
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including carpet and hardwood, tile, stone, even air ducts and window treatments. and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back. that's 40% off everything coit cleans. call or click today. ? >> it is 6:54. whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door here the seven things you need to know. number one at least seven people have died in texas as a result of harvey. the convention center in houston is overcapacity with more than 9,000 evacuees. the mayor says no wunl be turned away. reggie number two is breaking news i just got into the live desk. officials until houston say flood waters will top spillways
6:55 am
of local reservoirs for the first time. additional flooding is expected. they say it will go over the addicks reservoir. it would be the first time in the dam's history. number three president trump is on his way to corpus christi right now where he will be briefed on relief efforts. later today he will tour the emergency separation center in austin. he will not be going to houston. officials says that in order to not to fear with emergency relief efforts. if you're tired of the heat we'll get into the 90s in some areas but no more 100s for today. 77 around the bay and 60 at the coast. clouds to sunshine by noon. and number 5, you're looking at a live shot of course the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights were on at 5:25. we have first reports of an accident southbound 880 right over the 92 overcross several vehicles involved. number six berkeley's mayor wants to stop conservative speakers from coming to cal. they're hosting milo yuanian no
6:56 am
lis and is trying to book steve bannon and ann coulter. >> if picked, you you're going to get one swing during batting practice to hit a home run thand will win free season tickets. fans have until september 7 tenth toer in that drawing. >> one swing. >> i wonder if you can enter a friend, like a friend who's a championship baibs baseball player. >> i would enter you. >> i don't want that responsibility. >> gm sanction next have a good morning. a sanction next have a d morning. sanction next have a good morning. i sanction next ha good morning. s sanction next ha good morning. sanction next have good morning. anction next have good morning. nction next have ad morning. ction next have a good morning. tion next have a good morning. ion next have a good morning. on next have a good morning. n next have a good morning. next have a good morning.
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good morning, america. breaking news. shelters at capacity as thousands of new victims pack into buses and dump trucks overnight. the frantic race to escape the rising floodwaters as dams spill over in one of america's most devastating storms ever. overnight, houston slammed with a new wave of downpours and on the anniversary of hurricane katrina louisiana now bracing for floods. >> hello! rescue. teams of rescuers racing to save their neighbors this morning. >> we didn't think help was coming. >> the entire texas national guard in action with thousands still waiting to be saved. >> i didn't even imagine that it was going to be this catastrophic like this. >> we need help. we need help right now. they got a whole family out there in the water. >> that trapped and terrified mother of three who joined us live shares her harrowing story. and celebrity pa


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