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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 30, 2017 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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shocked. but he took the next two sets with ease against the 70th ranked player in the world. and roger closes the deal in the fifth. a bit of a wake up call. roger is 17-0 in opening matches at the u.s. open. what a thrill for that young teenager. >> a great showing. abc 7 news continues online, twitter, facebook and mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. devices with our abc 7 news app. >> rethink what's possible. rethink your allergy pills. devices with our abc 7 news app. >> flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪
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every great why needs a great how. ♪ we appreciate your time. >> for all of us here, thanks for joining us. >> see you tomorrow. tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." a driver looking at a wide open space decides to -- >> speed up past the truck. >> see the moment he's caught in the squeeze. you have to believe in yourself and stay positive. >> he hangs tough on the course. >> he was given six months to live. >> the survivor beating the odds one basket at a time. it's a video that makes you realize there's -- >> nothing like family, i tell you. >> especially when they surprise you like this. and a youtuber whose
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specialty is sneaking in set his sights on mayweather/mcgregor. >> at this point he's done what all super spies would do. he hides in the toilet. >> see if he was able to snag a real seat for the fight of the century. >> nice. sometimes the universe determines you're going to have a bad day. and in this case, check this out. these guys are driving on this road in russia and they're driving relatively normal because right here as they're coming up behind this big truck, they're going to cross over to the other lane, speed up past that truck -- >> there's a curve coming up. >> oh! no! >> that truck for some reason starts moving to the lane that they are in leaving them with nowhere to go. unfortunately another huge truck was coming and they ended up
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having what looked like a head-on collision. you immediately hcaeallrin tg his friend who's car with him, calling his name, telling him to please get up, please move. but you see the friend is unconscious. then they posted another video where you see that emergency workers are already there working on the friend who's now moving and appears to be conscious with some very serious visible injuries. >> that was such a stupidly risky move. you saw that intersection coming up. for those guys to try going blitzing by that truck, it didn't need to happen. >> not a good day for anyone involved. kind of the opposite luck for the guy in this video. >> oh, oh, oh. >> he reportedliey runs a red light in front of that blue truck. as soon as that guy falls on the ground, there's another truck. >> that hit his motorcycle. >> which is why he's lucky. both trucks managed to miss
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severely injuring him. but he was left behind to get up and walk out of this accident. when it comes to basketball, troy here has got some skills. you might also notice that troy is missing his left arm. that was because back in the day he was diagnosed with bone cancer. when it came back, that's when they amputated his arm. unfortunately for troy, that wasn't the end of it. because the cancer had spread to troy's lungs and head and he was given six months to live. back in 2007. thing is, he is still battling terminal cancer. he has gone way, way beyond what any of the doctors thought would be possible and he gives credit to basketball. he picked it up about a year before his cancer diagnosis. >> basketball has helped me get through everything in life. it's been like my chemotherapy. >> check out the different skills he has. he's dribbling two balls at the
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same time. under the leg, that's pretty good. behind the back. good for another one. let's do that one as well. nothing but net. gets the free throw. behind his back. >> come on. he's just showing off now. >> keep watching. behind his back, catches it, and then -- >> sink it. >> he didn't even bounce the ball. >> overall goal is to be able to play basketball again. professionally or at a college or collegiate level and to be able to show people that you can do whatever you want to do as long as you believe in yourself and you know you can do it. >> he's reaching for the stars when it comes to basketball. you can see on his shirt he now has a foundation. he has the flex foundation. you can find out information by going to the website inspired by >> it's to spread awareness on how staying positivity can spread. >> hoping to inspire people in similar situations.
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he also has gofundme if you want to help out. a year ago something really, really cool happened. it was something like this. this specially prepared race truck speeding towards the middle of this town in new mexi. that's bryce behind the wheel. he did a record-breaking jump of 379.4 feet. >> that's a long way. >> it's huge. happened a year ago. however, they just dropped this video. in 360 degrees to celebrate that huge momentous leap and it's kind of cool. you can spin the cameras all around, watch bryce and see his body motions as he hits that massive ramp. doesn't even seem to rise out of the seat because he's strapped in so tightly. i love this view right here.
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the street view. you have to point the camera up. you see bryce rocket through town. it's so fun to just, you know, scroll around on this video, play around, look at different angles. look behind the truck. see the jump coming up. see the landing ramp. leave him behind you. it's a neat way to say this is what we did. if anybody else thinks they can do it better, challenge thrown. >> that's a cool stunt. >> thanks, bryce, for your gutsy maneuver and to red bull for putting this video out. there's nothing like family, i tell you. and the woman that you see here in red, she traveled 12 hours to be with her family. [ screaming ]
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and we hear her loud and clear because what she didn't expect was for her brother to pop up. he lives in australia. i think she's excited to see him. >> how could you tell? [ screaming ] >> woman in this next video has a lot to celebrate because it's her 50th birthday. here she is at what looks like a resort. >> hi, mom. >> oh! oh, my god! >> what's going on? >> she didn't know that her daughter was going to pop up on her. >> oh, my god. >> for now it's just hugging and crying. >> and screaming. >> and screaming. >> and jumping. >> and more hugging. >> and screaming. >> i can't believe you're here. >> she can't believe that they're there, because they told her they had somewhere else to be. inthwhere was right hereat her presence. now the celebration can begin. >> how did you keep this secret? >> it was hard.
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she's at a subway station when -- >> what the heck? >> yeah. she's walking behind this man and just falls into the ground. >> my gosh. >> see the underground rescue next. >> man, that's scary. and her teddy bear is missing. what must daddy do? >> how about teddy speed dating? >> see how this process goes. >> hello. i am unicorn. can i be your new favorite?
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closed captioning provided by -- new act kids toothpaste strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. a lot of times when we're traveling, we're just focused on getting to where we got to go. looks like that was the case for this woman in chin >> what the heck? >> yeah. she's walking behind this man and just falls into the ground. >> oh, my gosh. >> she's near the subway station. >> looks like they covered something up with wood or something. but that's not -- >> they misaligned it. they weren't properly there. >> it looks like it was a temporary makeshift cover while they're working on something else. again, she just walked right across it, stepped in the middle of it and fell through. luckily the guy in front of her noticed. he turns around and then a crowd gathers and they are able to get her out of there. she did suffer minor injuries
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but was later released from the hospital. >> man, that's scary. now let's head over to england where they're warning travelers they should take the elevator when they have a lot of luggage because you'll notice that people going up the escalator are losing their balance and then they slip and fall. it's something that's happening pretty frequently. >> frequently enough that they've had to put together a compilation video of people doing the same things. >> oh, yeah. there's two minutes worth of footage here where people are simply headed up with their luggage, lose their balance, then topple down. in some cases injure themselves. >> the emergency button is getting worn out. >> this is what the elevator is for. if you can't maintain balance, if you have a whole lot of bags, can't manage them, just maybe get on the elevator. >> this video was put out by big elevator. where's teddy? >> average dad has a problem. his daughter here can't find her
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teddy. >> does it make you sad? >> yeah. >> makes daddy sad because you won't sleep without pink ted will you? >> no. >> try to find teddy. >> yeah! >> they hit the streets with fliers. >> did they check the garage everywhere? >> this is a week later. >> the only thing you can do is hold a teddy speed dating event to find a new favorite. >> candidate number one. >> hello. i am uni the unicorn. will you take me to bed and go for sleep all night? >> no. >> i'm not feeling it. after teddy i'm not feeling uni. sorry. >> he's got four other candidates. like the cow. >> hi. i'm mr. cow. can i be your new best friend? >> no. >> number three. how about an owl?
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>> who. >> daddy, daddy, that's my toy. >> i know it's an old one. >> after the owl, it's this cute bunny. >> am i the bestest teddy you've seen? >> but dad wants to open it up, not just mammals. he picks an amphibian. >> daddy doesn't approve of this one. got pen marks. weird. >> let's see if she approves. >> do you like froggy? you do? is that because daddy said he didn't approve? >> yes. >> there's a new favorite. rabbit. oh. i have been to tokyo. i have been to harajuku. these things have been kicked from my bucket list and now i have to go back. for simple adorable reasons. >> oh. is that an otter cafe? >> uh-huh. this is like my dream come true.
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look at them. they're so adorable. they've got three otters that you can play with. they've also got eight chinchillas. also otters. otters are involved. look at them. as soon as the people come they're like hug me, love me. >> also there's a few adorable little hedgehogs as well. apparently this is because like i said this cafe is in harajuku. they opened a hedgehog cafe in rapongi. win, win, win. he's got everything set up for -- >> the perfect photograph of a high driver with the backdrop of the eclipse. >> a look at the unreal shot. >> oh! >> those are incredible. and -- >> if you're happy and you know it clap your hands. >> if you're stuck and you know it, clap your hands.
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classic reimagined. promotional considerations provided by -- try new xyzal®. for relief is as effective at hour 24 as hour one. so be wise all take new xyzal®. if you're happy and you know it clap your hands. if you're stuck and you know, clap your hands. >> if you're stuck and you know it, clap your hands. >> i love the instant response. you could see, yes, yes, yes. >> little josiah here loves
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playing with mom's pots and pans but today he got stuck in one and can't get out. >> good job, buddy. >> don't you worry. he was only in there for a minute. mom says he was out immediately after. now over to uk. there is nothing more hilarious for this baby than this guy blowing the light on and off. >> what? it's a huge candle. >> yeah. i loved it. i loved it when kids are that age where you can make them think you're magic by doing the most ordinary things. and they're like, you're amazing. >> now they're like, that's my dad. >> well, for now this trick is working quite well. and you can tell that everybody in this room is having a great time enjoying the baby's laughter. come on, guys. that doesn't get old. this other little guy thinks he has a new friend in that box. i think the little guy is reacting to the happy smiley
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face of the baby in the box. >> totally. >> thinking we're having a moment. >> or he thinks it's a mirror and he's confused. honestly i thought stuff like this went out in the '30s but this is still a thing. and red bull athletes are practicing here in the middle of this open field in oregon. here we go. 65 feet in the air. they're diving into that tiny pool. the scary thing here is that's a tiny little tower. looks like they set it up to broadcast a radio signal. >> like if the wind blows, uh-oh. how deep is that? three feet maybe? >> it looks pretty shallow. these are professionals and they're all pulling off their dives for photographer dustin snipes. now, they're doing this on a
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very special day. >> eclipse. >> exactly. >> i knew it. >> dustin is an accomplished photographer and he's got everything set up to achieve the perfect photograph of a high diver with a backdrop of the eclipse. they're using four different divers. all four climb the tower at the same time. there's only a two-minute window to capture the shot. so they climb up together. dustin's in place. he's using that mirror at the bottom to get a reflection as well. got the whole tower rigged with flashes. and one diver after another takes the plunge to produce shots like this. >> so cool. >> those are incredible. >> isn't that awesome? >> you can see how dustin used that mirror on the ground to create that reflection too. >> that's cool. he thought of everything. >> yeah, he did. he was on a mission to get into the mayweather/mcgregor
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boxing match for free. >> so he picks a random name from one of the big networks and tries to go to the stadium the day before and see if he can get
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2:05 am and click on tv show or check it out on our mobile app. water is so tasty. ♪ unless you've been living on mars the last nine months, then you must have been aware the fight of the century happened over the weekend with mayweather and mcgregor. it's one of those moments everyone wanted to see. trying to find a bar that was showing it or a stream. or if you're simon wilson, you just try to sneak into the event. >> oh, nice. >> so people know me. i've snuck into wimbledon before. i did the tyson fight. >> he tried sneaking in earlier and while he gave his name and the guy pulled out his list, he pulls a bit of a spy move.
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>> so this was the picture of the list that i took. >> nice. >> so now he's got people's names, what their job is, or who they are there working for. he picks a random name from one of the big networks and tries to go down the day before. >> they ain't checking credentials? >> thing is, this is the day before. so the security isn't quite as tight. though there is plenty of it. manages to get through a side door, goes through security. and looking good. but quickly someone from security spots him and he's pretty much out on his ear. but the next day he goes back to try again. people from one of the sports networks direct him to a hotel that's giving out credentials. >> i need an i.d. >> before you know and i don't know how -- >> who got the credentials. >> okay. now he's managed to get his hands on credentials which means he can get into the arena. takes a quick cheeky look at the ring as well. >> that's going to be amazing as
2:07 am
tonight's ring. >> at this point, he does what all super spies would do. he hides in the toilet. the reason being once they actually start letting the crowds in, you're pretty much safe. and -- >> letting people in. they're letting people in. >> these credentials, they pay off. kicking everyone away and i'm allowed to stand here. >> this is where he drops this nugget. >> i really need to get closer. >> so he does. >> right. so quick update. we are now in the 100,000 seats. >> hanging around with some celebrities. gerard butler. this isn't sparta. it's vegas. and if you're thinking, wow. that's amazing. not only has he got in, seen the fight, in the $100,000 seats. how about this as an experience? >> how are you? >> there you go. conor mcgregor. so the next time there's a once in a lifetime sporting event


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