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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 8, 2017 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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l. that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for sandhya, larry and all of us. thanks for joining us. on jimmy kimmel live, david spade. >> have a good night. tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." planes, trains and automobiles make for things that go -- >> boom! >> and then stories of people lucky to get out alive. >> oh, no. >> her family's waiting for the big event. >> it is such a precious moment. >> why daniella can finally join the conversation. >> look at you. >> a rancher discovers one of his -- >> trail cams on the ground. >> what's on the camera that
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reveals the culprit. plus a life guard with mad floatation skills. >> like a performance artwork. >> and a 12-year-old who took his picture -- >> year after year after year. >> why this project winds up with one very happy ending. >> hey! >> planes, trains and automobiles in these videos. we'll start with the plane. this is in venezuela. pilot enjoying his time in the air, it's all about freedom, thumbing your nose at that universal force that is gravity at least as long as everything's working. boom. suddenly the engines cut out. you can see he does not have much altitude. now he has to try to find a place to land. >> there is nowhere to go. he's just going ahead. >> start heading towards this sort of field right here. carrying a lot of speed. touches down but you see a hedge
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row, he bounces up over the top of it. now looks like he clipped it, his left wing is now dipping down! oh. >> oh no i thought he was going to be able to pull this out. >> yeah, i think the situation was soon to touch down. that's where the left wing dug in and then that's all she wrote. don't worry, this was posted to his instagram, pilot in training 1880. i against the training will continue. >> walked away from it, right? >> yes, that is a win for any plane crash. over to russia for our next one, the automobile enters frame and meets the train. >> no, come on! you saw this coming! >> obviously they didn't see it coming otherwise it probably wouldn't have gone forward. >> apparently she did see it coming but misjudged the size of the car apparently. that's the excuse. comes up a bit too quick, stops way too late, is lucky enough to have the entire front of the car
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just sheared off. you can see somebody else comes up to check on her, make sure she's okay, that car of course a total write-off, but the driver completely unharmed as well. these are some of my favorite videos because it's the type of videos where babies, little kids get to hear for the very first time and in this case, little lexi daniella is getting her hearing aids put on. they found out she was hard of hearing at 5 weeks old and put her through the tests and the fittings to finally get her to this moment where she can hear the lovely sounds of the world. >> hi, daniella. >> i do not have the words necessary to communicate how happy i am. >> she focuses on the doctor talking to her and a smile brushes over her face. >> you're so pretty. >> such a precious moment.
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right here she is about 2 months old. >> now over to this offer where little leondre is getting his hearing aids. he's a little uncomfortable but once they finally are able to secure the hearing aid onto his ear and turn it on, and watch his reaction. >> hey, put your hand down now. >> cool. >> oh he heard that. >> leondre started a go fund me page. his hearing problems are caused by a rare defect congenital disorder. they're still trying to figure out exactly how to treat him but it will take a long time. they live two hours away from the treatment center so they need help because they say treatment is three times a week, and so if you want to help them out, you can head on over to and click on tv show and check it out on our mobile app. that is ken richards, he
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found one of his trail cams on the ground. he has a ranch near swan lake, montana, and decided why don't we see what exactly dislodged this thing and the culprit is pretty easily found. >> when you live in montana, a bear is pretty likely a culprit. >> didn't want to be on camera. >> it really gets angry with it, knocks it down. it was dr. scott lafaya who was riding horses, they saw the camera was down. kim richards say they put the cameras up like ten feet high and now they're going to put them up higher. >> it's cool, a nice resource to have but you have to expect the animals are going to get involved and you end up with a cool so everybody wins. >> except the camera. jump across the pond to ipswich in the uk. hedgehogs are fighting. ipswich wants to be the hedgehog community in the uk and there
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was a trail cam put out and the bricks appear to be a feeding area where they leave food for the hedgehogs and apparently somebody might have tried to cut the line. >> if they don't watch it, this privilege is going to be taken away from them. >> no, they'll catch more of it on video. >> so adorable. lots of people enjoyed the labor day weekend, many people out at the beach. here's a couple of guys enjoying santa barbara, sailing on their kara ma ran. dr. michael carly is a dentist. he and his buddies are going for a ride. the sunny slightly cloudy sky rapidly turns to this. >> woo! >> oh wow that's not good. you got to go back. >> that's what you'd think. the problem is, this all happened so incredibly quickly, the national weather service identifying this as a microburst
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and you'll see it right here. their sails go slack for a moment and then -- >> oh! >> boom! >> up and over they go. >> whoa! >> the whole thing tossed about, all three of them in the water now. the video ends right there, but if you were on the beach, you also experienced this. the video just a slice of what happened in the santa barbara area this past weekend. lots of people experiencing this microburst. it formed quickly, very little warning. 80-mile-per-hour gusts. the storm came and went in about six minutes. >> some people were tossed by the wind. >> some people were injured by this storm as well. some meteorologists describe this as like a water balloon. the cool air from the storm cloud collapsed came crashing down to the ground, causing extreme wind and the rain. >> these guys are lucky. >> they were lucky. they made it back to shore. none were injured but the boat suffered some damage. they had a broken tiller and rudder. one very expensive and hot car flaming out. >> okay the bumper. >> see the after pictures next.
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he's got a track challenge wearing 100 t-shirts and -- >> no pants! >> can he pull off a decathlon dressed like this? next on "right this minute."
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he's in the locker room and suiting up. one, two t-shirts. >> okay, it's not so bad. >> three, four and five, six. how about 26? 40, all the way up to the 100 t-shirt challenge. tada, you did it, kevin kneault. we've seen this before. >> it's so 2015. >> a whole nother level of this challenge that he's going to add on to the 100 t-shirts. >> the decathlon, ten events, one hour, 100 t-shirts, best pair of glasses in the league. >> no pants. >> kevin has given himself one hour to complete all of the events in a decathlon, that's a challenge especially when you can barely pump your arms to run. >> just looks like one of those gym guys that skips leg day.
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>> let's start off with the 100 meter dash. >> and he's off. >> he's running like a turtle swims. but not bad. not a bad time considering the 50 pounds of extra weight he's got on his back. >> it's going to get harder. >> it is. let's check out the long jump. >> i give him two feet. >> way farther than that. >> he puts up a respectable number here, does about a 13.2 foot leap. shot put. again, kevin obviously a fit dude. >> i couldn't do that in one shirt. >> how high can kevin jump with all the t-shirts on. >> this is what i want to see. >> he did it. >> you don't need the cushion. you could have just landed on
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the floor. >> keeps doing it over. >> tries to get higher but can't quite pull it off. >> oh, slightly brutal. >> just watching him run. >> he's making it, look, three, four, he's doing it. >> we've seen plenty of people do much worse dressed accordingly. kevin goes on to continue all of the events. if you want to see all of kevin's competition numbers go to and click on tv show or use our mobile app. >> all right, kevin. now ava ryan, people know as hot mess charlene, people talk about how she's going to hit the big time. >> hello, my name is ava and i'm going to show you the top fall fashion trends. >> because now she's working with "w" magazine and conde nast to bring us up to speed on the fall fashions we will be facing. >> roses are red and so is this,
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this is the color of pepperoni and who doesn't love pizza? >> finally fashion advice i can understand. >> i have cleared the week for fashion week. oh, no. >> she channels that so well. >> i know, we all have a lot to worry about. >> sorry he's calling me. can't you just come to my desk? do you have legs? >> hey, girl, she's got attitude. >> silver is the new gold. put this on, you'll never be invisible at a party. invisible. >> we need more silver to be seen. >> i don't know why they don't use this technique on "sesame street." >> funny you say that, gayle. >> my favorite fall trend is feathers. big bird is the fashion icon of our time. >> and we never knew it. >> snuffalofaugus how would she dress him?
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>> like that. >> i'm going to get my coat. the terrible aftermath of an accident in kiev, ukraine, was captured on video. this is so dramatic. it starts with this car engulfed in flames. the driver still inside. and alive. >> oh my gosh, was that the driver crawling out? you got to be kidding me. >> as people were rushing over to help you see the driver rescuing himself, climbing include the back window of the car, crashing to the ground, crawling as far away as he can before he just collapses in exhaustion. and once we get a better look at him, you see that his clothes are burned, and you can clearly see injuries to his arms and legs. >> just injuries, i mean that's the thing, you just cheated death. >> other people rush over to
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pick him up, and pull him away from the car, because you can hear small explosions coming from the car. this incident is still under investigation. it is believed that this vehicle collided with another car. according to reports, he was taken to the hospital and was being treated for the obvious burns we see there, but also for a concussion, and other injuries. he is expected to be okay, but watch this. we also have some photos from the incident that show just how dangerous this was. now, let's head over to china, where drivers on this road spotted this beautiful ferrari f430 on fire on the side of the road. there is no word on what caused this, but it's still super dramatic to see a car that is so expensive be charred to just that. >> it's okay, the bumper survived. silver lining. >> no problem.
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we did a video about his drawings but it didn't end there. >> he doing another video about us talking about the video he was in that we talked about? >> see what he's doing about us next. dog's got door by the handle and wants in. >> now what's he going to do. >> no way. >> see one determined dog coming up on "right this minute." nacho? [ train whistle blows ] what?! -stop it! -mm-hmm. we've been saving a lot of money ever since we switched to progressive. this bar is legit. and now we get an even bigger discount from bundling home and auto. i can get used to this. it might take a minute. -swing and a miss! -slam dunk! touchdown! together: sports!
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promotional considerations provided by -- max strength selsun blue® targets the source- wiping out flakes and itch. selsun blue®. freedom from dandruff. forallegra-d® helps youstion break through fast. with a non-drowsy antihistamine and a powerful decongestant. break through allergy congestion with allegra-d®. you guys remember guy larson, the artist that sketched faces using shadows of crumpled paper. >> he was very creative. >> just posted this video because his work was picked up
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by the media. >> the mainstream media. >> because this artist, guy larson, he meant us and he has an opinion about our video. >> tough filter. i recognize that filter. photo booth. 2009. >> it's been a while since we updated some things around "right this minute." >> do you think he discovered this trying to create stuff and it sucks and he's like oh, throws it down. wait! >> i wish i was even that clever. >> so that was not it. but yeah look, we had some fun with him, and now he's having fun with us. so it's like sketch video inception. >> wait, so he had a video, we talked about, he put us talking about it in his video and now we're talking about the video about him talking about us. is he going to do another video? >> how much is this going to continue, guys? either way, we love your work. keep it up. so there are accomplishments like guys accomplishments, this
2:02 am
is bryce, he and his buddy work at a waterpark in arizona, they work in the lazy river section and at this point they have to collect the tube. you could do one at a time, why when you can do all of them at a time. >> working smart. >> gets a bunch on his arms and there are three left so he's going to attempt to put all of these three under one leg. >> if you're the buddy you have to shove him over. >> or push him in the pool. >> this is like a performance artwork piece. >> you're doing it. you're doing it. >> they can basically learn anything just by watching us. bernie really wants to get into the house. you think bernie is just going to put a nose up next to that door, kind of wiggle it open? no, no, no, no. bernie jumps trying to get the handle. he's not getting the handle but
2:03 am
he's not a quitter. >> get a ladder. >> longer legs. >> or stand on your buddy's back. >> doesn't need any of that y'all. >> bernie gets the handle. >> that is incredible. no way. >> wow. >> until you got this on camera, you'd be going crazy. i know i closed that door. i put you out. how are you in? what's going on? >> is somebody else in the house? >> now you finally believe the kid that bernie ate the homework. >> no, he did the homework. >> let's check this out from viral video uk, which shows praying mantis versus spider. the praying mantis walks up to that phone that's got an app and that app has a spider and that praying mantis is thinking that is one big buffet. >> that's cruel. >> it's salivating. the mantis is like oh, i'm watching you, i'm on li a'm anar moves but i'm going to try to
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catch you. >> years and years taking his picture headed to one big change. >> the at the end of the video it's such a dramatic difference. >> fun thing coming up a
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. so get to it, ryan. the best way to travel. ♪ back in 2008, hugo took a picture of himself. >> i knew i knew that guy's to face. >> right? the next day another picture of himself and continued every day documenting his look from 12 years old, year after year after year. this isn't the first one of these that we've seen. >> they never get old, even though we've seen these videos, they're so, so fascinating
2:07 am
because the changes sore sare s subtle. at the end of the video it's such a dramatic difference from the beginning. >> so incremental. >> there's a fun thing coming up at the end. check out the beard phase. >> from boy hood to manhood. >> family, friends, make appearances all the way through. now it looks like he's getting more mature, starting to become that young man that he was destined to be, somewhere deep into the total of 2500 photographs, we start to see a familiar face appear and appear again and never truly leave hugo's side. >> his lovely love. >> exactly. that girl that we see towards the end of this video in almost every picture has just become hugo's wife. >> oh! >> hey, cool stuff! >> look at that, what age was he when he started? >> he started this at 12 years old in 2008. this girl, julie, is with him for


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