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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 8, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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planes to leave florida even if it means a cross country flight to san francisco. >> this was literally the only destination i could find tickets to. >> this is what everyone is fleeing tonight seeing here from space. hurricane irma may soon become the most powerful storm ever to hit the united states. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> irma is expected to make landfall this weekend near the florida keys. the damage from the storm is already shocking. video of the def stagts in the caribbean. the hurricane has killed 20 people. >> were we praying the whole time. >> back in florida, hundreds of thousands of people are evacuating. the highways have been gridlocked with traffic all day. the airports were packed with people trying to get a flight out to anywhere. the last flight out of miami to
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get out of irma's deadly and destructive way is scheduled for 9:30 p.m. our time. >> almost completely abandoned as that city braces for what is going to be a very difficult weekend. >> a little while ago the national weather service in key west tweeted this. this is a government agency. this is as real as it gets. nowhere in the florida keys will be safe. you still have time to evacevac. let's again our team coverage. >> they should take the warnings seriously. let's check out our hurricane irma. it's massive storm. it stretches across the caribbean. it's battering cuba and also battering the bahamas. the eye wall is right over cuba. you can see it stretches 485 miles. right now we are watching radar returns around the cuba area. they are getting drenched in this vicinity. when you look at the atlantic, there are other storms as well.
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hurricane jose nearing the lee ward islands and hurricane katia getting ready to make landfall. let's track irma first. it's still a powerful category 4 storm. it's going to continue to pack the winds. become a cat 4 by monday. storm surge the biggest threat along with heavy rain. 15 to 20 inches possible across the southeast. they are looking at strong winds. category 4 jose expected to continue its way across the lee ward islands making a turn to the northeast away from the atlantic coastline and one other hurricane to talk about nearbying landfall.
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thanks very mumch. the people who forecast irma and track it are in the path of the storm. the building can with stand winds up to 185 miles an hour. the walls are ten inches stick with metal shutters to cover the windows. scientists have food and water and other supplies as they hunker down to do their supplies. officials will close airports in next hour with airlines racing to depart airplanes as fast as they can. she caught up with people on one of the last flights to arrive. >> reporter: we have been watching it all day. one of the last nights out of miami is headed to dallas. others leaving at the very last minute had to travel more than 2500 miles to get out of there. destination, san francisco.
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these are the passengers that were able to get on a flight. >> there was literally the only d destination i could find tickets available to. >> san francisco? >> san francisco. >> reporter: they will now wait out the hurricane in san francisco. pilar said going to her native barcelona was not really an option. >> we were thinking barcelona too far. california, we used to live here. we used to live here in napa, california. >> reporter: there's no flights coming in out or out airport in southern florida. orlando airport will suspend its flight operations tomorrow afternoon. some passengers come frg ting f tampa area had to adjust their flights. >> we left a few days early because of the hurricane. we live on the water. that's not a good place to be
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right now. >> we're extending our stay because of the second hurricane. we're here for ten days. >> reporter: tina will stay with her son in sonoma county. >> when i started to pack and i realize what i'm takic might be the only thing i have. who knows what we're going to go back to. >> reporter: depending on what the hurricane does or doesn't do, the airports may or may not reopen on monday. i'm live at sfo. abc 7 news. >> thank you. the athletics will host the houston astros for four games starting tonight. the a's will donate $1 for every ticket sold to help the american red cross in the houston area.
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>> we're part of larger mlb family. even though they are one of our rivals it's important to support each other. we feel like we have a commitment and a duty to help and give back to others. >> tonight's game starts at 7:00. the two teams met again at 1:00 on sunday. the most powerful earthquake to strike mexico has killed at least 60. the magnitude 8.1 quake woke people in the night sending many running into the darkened night. it's left many wondering are we really ready for the big one. >> reporter: the number could have been worse had it not been
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for the early warning system. >> we're hopeful that in the next year or two it's going to become much more widespread. >> reporter: in mexico city buildings and lights swayed as captured in this video. >> color contours show you the extent of different levels of shaking produced by this event. >> reporter: you should keep an emergency kit inside your vehicle packed with the essentials as well as back ups op your medications just in case a natural disaster hits. >> your own toiletries, a blanket for each family member and you have children or pets you need to prepare special items for them for their
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comfort. >> reporter: prepare now to save yourself a lot of trouble later on. >> they are shorter. they will produce smaller earthquakes. high 6s, low 7s. those will still be damaging. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. pack it up and truck it out. working to get things out the door. disaster relief personnel in texas are begging for personal hygiene items for evacuees and those rescued. things they didn't have time to bring with them like shampoo, baby diapers and toothbrushes. >> the supplies going down to texas, we're
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convoy of hope. get them on the road as soon as possible. >> reporter: med share normally handles medical surplus. >> therest so much going on. we need to help everywhere we can. this is one way i can help out that i know the stuff will get there. >> reporter: trucks will leave on the weekend. if you have supplies donate, bring them this next week for the next round bound for irma. the challenge with the mexico earthquake will be to ship more orthopedic supplies, walkers and wheelchairs. much more ahead at 5:00. the uc system wading into the daca debate.
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why officials are suing the federal government. you normally see him on stage but a grateful dead musician is lending a hand behind the scenes for people in need. a live look over a fogged in san francisco. a weekend ♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step.
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hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. the university of california is trueing the trump administration for its decision to end daca. abc 7 news reporter is live with how this is impacting campus communities. >> reporter: the lawsuit says the ucs have a lot to lose because the individuals contribute in all sorts of ways. some are research assistants. others are in student government. the university of california president helped create the daca immigration policy back when she
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was secretary of homeland security. now she is suing to keep the program alive. she announced that she and the uc system filed a federal lawsuit against the trump administration. it challenges the decision to rescind daca that protects 800,000 dreamers. in a telephone conference she said this tramples on the rights of undocumented students. >> at the university of california we see the exceptional contributions that young dreamers make every day. most are first in their families to attend college and are working hard to further their educations. >> reporter: the uc system has about 4,000 undocumented students. >> we will fight for our students and stand with them no matter what. two is the imitation to universities across california. the universities to join us in this fight. >> reporter: an attorney and republican national committee woman says the lawsuit brings up all sorts of legal issues. >> does the uc system by
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spending california taxpayer dollars on these dreamers who have questionable legal status, does the uc system have standing. >> reporter: she adds that all president trump wants to do by rescindsing daca is return to the status quo. oakland attorney john burres is calling for what happened to michael bennett. he was in las vegas when he said an officer held a gun to his head and threatened his life. this happened august 26th after the mayweather boxing match. the demand comes day after the las vegas police union asked the nfl to investigate claiming his account of the encounter was not accurate. he said the claims by the union and police department undermine an objective investigation. >> the department is trying to concoct a story. one to demonize michael bennett
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to kind of shame him, to humiliate him and throw it all back on him. >> the claims he was singled out and threatened because he was black. he's considering a lawsuit against the department. the nfl season got under way last night wand it the protest. marcus peters sat during the national anthem during last night's season opener. peters protested the national anthem last season in support of former 49er quarterback colin kaepernick. kaepernick remains unsigned leaving some to suggest he's being blackballed for his controversial protest. over $800,000 in grants were awarded at zukerberg grant. this year that includes the hospital's mobile comfort cares program. it helps to bring comfort to patients in their last days or hours of life. >> this will enable us to
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provide the personal touch kind of care for people going through one of the hardest moments of life. >> since 2004 the program has funded nearly 500 grants totaling almost $12 million. this afternoon firefighters raced to see if a person was trapped inside an underground reservoir in san ramon. sky 7 flew over the scene. no one was inside. grateful dead fans or dead heads got a chance to volunteer along bass guitar player. we have story from the sf marin food bank. >> reporter: inside the san francisco marin food bank phil carefully measures out a pound of rice.
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>> is this good fun? >> well it's challenge. >> what takes greater precision, playing the bass or filling those bags? >> this. i've been playing the bass long enough so it's like second nature. this is a whole new ball game. >> reporter: a moment inspired organically he and his wife had at their restaurant with their attorney about how another bar association event raised money for the program food from the bar. >> jill looked at me and said, well, let me tell you what we're going to do. we are going to get phil out and do a volunteer shift at the food bank and then we'll come back here and have dinner together and he'll do a show in the garden. >> just a chance to help out a little bit, give back a little bit. >> reporter: these volunteers were asked to contribute a minimum of $500 each raising $15,000. >> people get to know each other when you work together. a lot of people realize how easy
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and fun it is to volunteer. >> reporter: sometimes a family will open a bag of rice filled by phil. >> it doesn't matter who filled it up. all that matters is it gets filled up. >> reporter: grain by grain, not an ounce over. >> is there a so you think in there somewhere? >> what might the lyrics be? ♪ every grain of rice feeds somebody somehow ♪ >> reporter: abc 7 news. hi there, everyone. have you noticed the difference. it's not as humid this afternoon. i do want sthto show you what lingering moisture along with heating from the sun can do. take a look at this time lapse. watch the clouds building vertically. we're watching thunderstorms developing now here in the bay area but to our south and east and also to our north. this did not develop into anything more than a few build ups here. i want to show you on live doppler 7 what some of those
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thunderstorms look like. there was a bit of activity right around the mount hamilton area as you'll see here and obviously this has dissipated since then. here in the bay area we're back to our quiet weather with just some fog. we're going to be looking at some low clouds overnight tonight. we're going to be heating up inland for the upcoming weekend and we're looking at a chance of showers early next week. definitely going to be seeing some changes as we hit the weekend. here is a look at the live picture. you can see that. 68 in oakland. currently 76 in san jose. a dreary sky from our south
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beach camera as the low clouds are pushing in. 83 in santa rosa right now. your saturday morning if your kids have games tomorrow should be pleasant. not humid. pulling away as we head into the afternoon. if you have any outdoor activity, it's a beautiful day. lingering low clouds toward the coast. the rest of you will be seeing sunshine. tomorrow morning starting you off with numbers from the mid-50s. better sleeping weather tonight. look at the south bay. 81 in san jose. 78 sunnyvale. it's warmer. 79 in palo alto. in the north bay you'll see temperatures near average. 85 santa rosa.
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76, oakland. pleasant weather inland. 90 degrees for you in livermore. we have the mountain view art and wine festival going on s saturday and sunday. it's brighter. it's warmer for your sunday. mid-70s to the mid-80s. download the accuweather app and you can check out the temperatures any time you want. notice the clouds and by monday night you're looking at showers comie ining up heading into tue. a lingering chance. we'll be watching this carefully for you as the weather pattern is changing getting closer to fall. seven-day forecast looks like this. we're looking at a warming trend for tomorrow. it's going to be summer heat sunday. a chance of showers on monday and also on tuesday with the cooler weather on tuesday. we will go back to our dry pattern with near average conditions mid to latter part of the workweek. sbre
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interesting weather here. tonight this elderly couple is getting a lot of attention for their names. meet harvey and irma. >> for real. they live in spokane, washington. she's 92. he's 104. they celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. >> they say they don't know what to think about sharing names. when they heard the news they thought their daughter was playing joke on them. it's friday. michael finney is next giving away pair of items in his finney's friday free stuff. coming up, the new track just out, hurricane irma forecast to hit florida as category 5. florida's governor is right here with us. millions racing out. the country music star killed today in a helicopter crash. all coming up. crosswalk confusion. new effort to keep you from
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5:25 pm we're going to give you some comic books, entertain you and send you down to san francisco. it's san jose. comics conspiracy has been a popular local business down in sunnyvale for 24 years. where is this? i've been there. they recently moved. they are letting everybody know where they are. they are a large kids section. whether you've read before or into it like our buddy bryan. that's the place you want to go and you'll get a $5 store. >> you forgot because someone was doing a jedi mind trick on you. how do we get this stuff? >> to get this stuff go to click on the finney's friday free stuff page. >> excellent.
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good job. next, saying good-bye but not before another round of stunning images. >> a nasa spacecraft that's provided an up close view
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, changing its image. urban shield's effort to prove its about more than just guns and swat teams. also, a ground breaking effort to reinvent how kids learn and teachers teach. a group in the middle of the movement is from right here in the bay area. important information from 7 on your side michael finney on the equifax data breach and what you should do to protect yourself. all that's coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00.
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thanks. see you then. >> finally, it's the end of an era for spacecraft that's been beaming back a dazzling images from saturn for more than a decade. >> nasa announced the final path between saturn's rings and the planet. they released the highest resolution color images ever of any part of the planet's rings. >> it took off in 1997 and sent back thousands and thousands of pictures back to earth. >> this one from 2013 might be the most memorable. the bright blue dot on the right of your screen is every single one of us. 746 million miles away smiling back wide and happy from planet birth. >> it will destroy itself next friday by diving into saturn's atmosphere. just incredible. >> world news tonight is coming up next. >> we appreciate your time.
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see you again at 6:00. >> bye bye. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the new track just out tonight. hurricane irma is now forecast to make landfall in florida as a category 5 hurricane, the worst case scenario. extreme concern tonight for the florida keys, miami, and all of south florida. nearly 2 million racing to safety. traffic jams. cars running out of fuel abandoned. and miami now bracing for a devastating storm surge. florida's governor rick scott is right here tonight. his warning. the deadly path already. irma steamrolling turks and caicos and the bahamas. new images coming in from st. martin. and we are just now seeing the devastation in the british virgin islands. in the u.s., states of emergency across several states. the aerials, the long lines, shelters already full as we take you inside the urgent effort to open more.


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