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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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drawing activists from other side of the political spectrum. >> police shutting down roads. tweeted this photo of the arrest of two protesters for bringing banned items into the plaza. >> laura anthony has been in berkeley all day. >> reporter: the crowd continues to build. road is closed here. rally going on. if you go this way, see the barricades they've set up and large police presence. going to start letting people in right about now. folks have to have ticket, show a photo i.d. and can't bring banned items, signs, masks, any of that. >> this has been the center of intellectual resistance and critical thinking. >> reporter: crowds are building in berkeley ahead of the speech by ben shapiro.
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almost as many demonstrators as police officers. the bank down the street is boarding up its atms and heavy barricades blocking a major street and entrance to straul plaza. >> close to what we spent last year in advance of ann coulter's planned visit, about $600,000. >> reporter: this time uc police may not stand down like they did when masked protesters shut down yap opulus event, set a fire and -- the hall. be different this time. >> worked with county partners and law enforcement throughout the state to help us shore up resources for today. and we're thinking outside the box. >> reporter: numerous messages for arrival on campus. including this sign inside the student union, near the building
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where he will speak tonight. event cosponsored by the college republicans and d.c. based young americas foundation. >> does lectures with ben shapiro and other conservatives in the country and this is the strongest security presence we've even. >> reporter: live here in front of sprol plaza where they're starting to let people in. very peaceful. this is a rally. but from our experience being here in feb with the milo yiannopoulos event was supposed to happen and group of folks came in, they came in after dark. as you can imagine, it's very different time of year. will be light when this event begins which may influence. and one of the folks out here would be maybe on the other side, that is transpatriot amber cummings, a variety of pins and folks out here tonight.
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but expectation is ben shapiro is on his way. he's in the bay area and so far looks like the event will go off. live in berkeley, lauer anthony, abc7 news. >> the scheduled event by conservative political commentator. editor and chief of host of "the ben shapiro show." author of books. got a ba in political science, went on to harvard. 33, lives in los angeles. another live look over berkeley. line into the hall where he will speak tonight. we'll monitor the activity and send out push alerts through the abc7 news app as news breaks. works for apple and android devices. >> used the app to warn commuters about an accident on
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i-580 that shut down traffic for hours. sky7 was over the scene. around 4:00 a.m., semi stalled, hit by car and clipped by second semi. driver of the second semi is dead sadly, traffic backed up to livermore. amy hollyfield get to the crime scene. some drivers worried would run out of gas. >> if you started with less than a tank, can happen. we have help for that. but for them to get to you, may take a couple of hours. >> wasn't until 2:30 that all the lanes reopened. new developments in the takeover style robberies plaguing b.a.r.t. six victims suing the transit agency. tells us the two things the victims want.
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>> i don't want another parent to have to live to hear their child screaming at people to get off their father. >> reporter: but that's what rusty's father was forced to do. 50 to 60 juveniles boarded train, three kicking and punching him while stealing cell phone. >> wife and daughter won't get on b.a.r.t. by theflselves, none of us get on after dark. >> reporter: two of the six plaintiffs and attorney came to the steps in oakland to announce the lawsuit. >> b.a.r.t. allowed trains to be safe zones not for passengers but for criminals to crit crimes with impunity, rob and beat passengers at will. >> reporter: a group of juveniles boarded the train, stole his phone. chased after robber and another juvenile threatened to shoot him. >> b.a.r.t. police incompetent
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or don't care about the safety of the plaintiffs. >> reporter: complaints, no b.a.r.t. police during the robbery and lack of effort to investigate afterward. b.a.r.t.'s attorneys have this to say about the allegations. >> b.a.r.t. puts its best foot forward, using modern police techniques, attempting to target areas where data indicates crime may occur. can't be at every single place 24/7 response or prevent time. >> reporter: plaintiffs seeking damages from b.a.r.t. but more importantly better protection for passengers. eric thomas, abc7 news. fire sparked by lightning in san mateo county will take a day longer than expected to contain but by this time tomorrow should be surrounded. 40% contained since it started early tuesday. hilly and remote area.
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federal cost of fighting wildfires this year set a record. $2.3 billion, eclipsing the record in 2016. 64 major fires are burning right now in ten different states. we've uncovered new details about a mother accused of trying to kill baby boy she delivered in redwood city mcdonald's bathroom last week. melanie woodrow. >> reporter: 25-year-old sarah lochner is facing attempted murder and child endangerment, attempted to kill newborn baby. >> goes against the maternal instinct to take care of one's own child. >> delivered in mcdonald's bathroom where she worked.
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employee called reliable witness is talking. >> saw her with newborn boy pushing it on the back into the toilet water. she then said police don't call the police. >> lockner lived here with boyfriend. woman identifying herself as cousin says the couple has another son, 2 1/3 to 3 years old. no one knew she was pregnant with him either. at this home where she used too live, identifies herself as aunt says she gave birth to first son in the bathroom here. shocked, called 911. called her at times naïve. da says crime premeditated. >> we have evidence that she did indeed know she was pregnant and
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this was not a surprise. >> newborn is out of a medically induced coma and stable but unknown whether will have neurological damage. held on $11 million bail. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. pair of small earthquakes rolled through the east foot hills of san jose this morning. first and stronger, six miles northeast of the downtown san jose. 3.3 magnitude struck after 10:00 a.m. more than 1,000 people felt the ground shake. second quake hit two hours later. no reports from damage from either. congress has six months to come up with way to protect daca d.r.e.a.m.ers from possible deportation. went to court to argue it's illegal.
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explains why the city has joined the fight. >> reporter: city leaders filed legal challenge on the grounds that rescinding daca violates equal protection under the law even as white house and congress are trying to find common ground. >> we have no evidence that this administration can manage a pride much less the congress. >> met with members over dinner, no deal reached but working on plan. estimated 800,000 immigrants could be threatened with deportation if deal not reached. >> we need to protect every member of the community. while it's working on daca, there's a larger game at play and don't like the fact our community is considered pawns in the game. >> reporter: lawsuit handled at no expense to the city. other lawsuits filed by various agencies trying to protect
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students and public employees. >> students at ucs, employees of the state of california, working together, hopefully be a solution that gives dignity and equal protection to the d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> city council member, a republican, sees bipartisan cooperation starting to emerge. >> only needs to look at berkeley and other parts of the country to know there's a lot of deep divisions and nobody is listening to one another. fact we're beginning to listen, at least congress is starting to, is hopeful. >> san jose, abc7 news. a big deal for bay area's blue bottle coffee, selling most of the company to nestle, what is changing and what company promises will stay the same. sandhya patel, cool by summer standards in the bay area, let you know if the pattern sticks around for weekend. tonight, team explores newly
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released evidence that put scott peterson on death row for murder of his wife laci. >> and will air truth and lies, the murder of laci peterson, we've
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all right. we are once again looking live over berkeley with sky7. city and campus of cal prepared for protests over a planned speech by conservative commentator ben shapiro. lot of people in the streets but looks calm. >> live inside the hall where
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the speech is scheduled to start at 7:00. lisa. >> the event starts at 7:00 butt doors just opened. people anxious to get inside. lot of people are filing in. tickets went fast. snatched up in 45 minutes even though free. zellerbach hall won't be full, halfway there. all part of the security protocol ordered by the university. organizers of the event, say the university administration not made things easy for them. see the police presence around the campus and signs around the hall, not welcoming. according to those attending, including an individual who didn't want to be identified, there are a lot of erroneous preconceived notions floating around. >> i would hope anybody
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interested in hearing a different opinion that lives in this area would go. >> everything thrown at ben shapiro is accusing him of being a white supremacist and accusing him of spreading hate speech. that's not the truth. number one target of anti-semitic hate online. it's ridiculous to claim he's white supremacist or member of the alt-right. >> reporter: capacity is 2,000. last time ben shapiro spoke at cal in april of last year. reportedly at that time there were no issues and no protests. live at uc berkeley tonight, lisa amin glooejian, abc7 news. >> at least two arrested already at cal. if you're stopped by police at protest. advice from local public defenders. don't argue or touch the officer. ask if you're free to go.
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truthfully identify yourself and remember you have the right to remain silent. put it all in video you can share with friends on our website, shocked by announcement of blue bottle, selling majority of its company to nestle but customers shouldn't be worried about immediate changes to its product. chris nguyen from oakland. >> reporter: company with bay area roots preparing to expand on a global scale. blue bottle coffee started in oakland nearly -- years ago, selling to nestle. >> one incredible moment after another. >> reporter: company founder shared the decision with employees today, many surprised. >> are we going to have to use this water or that chocolate or this ingredient, answer is most emphatically no. we have autonomy over the
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ingredients we choose. >> reporter: comes after two others were sold. lagunitas bureaury to heineken and anchor this chain will operate with board. >> go to the extra bit to extract flair. >> reporter: some customers disappointed. >> for it to be taken over by something big and corporate, it loses that luster, shine and local flavor for me. >> reporter: but ceo and founder will stay on as part of the executive team. >> i think our guests will have a better future with nestle as investor than thousands of hedge funds invest as public company. >> reporter: nestle controlling 68% of the company, current management and employees the
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remaining 32%. deal should close by end of october. abc7 news. turn attention to the weather forecast for the weekend. >> we're going to see changes this weekend and fall and winter maybe dealing with changes as well. latest from the climate prediction center, la nina watch issued. 55% to 60% chance will see la nina event this fall and winter. can't tell if precipitation is above or below normal this far out but we'll keep you posted. live doppler 7. because the wind has been going, not a lot of cloud cover. cloudy and drizzly this morning. dewpoints are down. not as humid as it has been. hopefully feeling more
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comfortable to you and weather looks fantastic. santa rosa's average high is 84 degrees. will be warmer and below average. next week is well below normal this time of year. week from tomorrow we'll see the seasons change on friday, september 22nd, fall will officially begin. live look from south beach. sutra tower with patchy clouds now. check out temperatures, 64 in san francisco, 66 oakland, still minnesota wild from mountain view to san jose and comfortable in half moon bay. mt. tam cam, it's shaking out there, gusty winds developed behind the system that passed through. 80 in santa rosa, 70s fairfield to concord. sutro tower showing
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san francisco. breezy in evening, patchy morning clouds and cooler weather on monday. tomorrow morning temperatures will run lower, need to add extra layer. upper 40s to upper 50s with patchy low upper level clouds. afternoon, upper 70s, nice mild day. warmer than today. 64 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco up to 68 degrees and north bay, cloverdale up to 83 tomorrow. 81 in santa rosa. mild and sunny in east bay. inland, upper 70s to mid-80s. 81 in pittsburg, down load the app. mid-60s to mid-80s, warmer next two days. heading into the weekend near average. cooling on sunday and cooler
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than normal for monday. tough of late aumt and midweek the numbers come back up. what's in the red boxes helping battle hunger at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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san francisco international airport is on the cutting edge of fighting hunger in the bay
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area. >> recently began using app founded founded by stanford student. >> see this only on abc7. >> sfo vendors sell lots of food to travelers. unsold prepackaged meals used to go to waste but app designed by stanford junior, now go to feed the hungry. started waste no food as high school freshman. connect p cans and institutions with extra food with charities that need it. mobile app makes donating easier, sfo signed on this summer. vendors put excess in refrigerators in rooms and app sends the data to the charities that pick them up.
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>> donated to local charities. off to good start. >> so much need in the bay area. in san francisco 1 in 4 people are food insecure. >> experts say so much food is currently wasted, reduce by 30%, feed every hungry person in the bay area. kristen sze, abc7 news. 15 years since the death of laci peterson, convicted husband filed what may be final appeal. >> the team digs through evidence to see what landed scott peterson on death row. and update from uc berkeley. >> proof from spacex that success doesn't always come on the first
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all right. here's another live look at uc berkeley from sky7, where conservative commentator ben shapiro is scheduled to speak in about a half hour. these protesters shouting at
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those attending the speech. two people have been arrested for bringing banned items into sproul plaza. >> nearby businesses boarded up properties and hundreds of police can be seen on the grounds of uc berkeley. sproul plaza is closed, only people with ticket can get in. free but only 1,000 given out. controversial event cosponsored by college republicans and d.c.-based young americas foundation. >> done lectures all over the country and strongest security presence we've seen. >> expect to come close to what we spent last year in advance of ann coulter's planned visit, about $600,000. >> uc berkeley police say two commitments, secure safety of the people within the property and have successful event. >> abc7 reporter laura anthony
6:31 pm
tweeted this picture of campus police on the roof of zellerbach hall. >> breaking news out of san jose, another small earthwick in the eastern foot hls, 3.4 magnitude, hit few minutes ago in same area as 3.3 in 10:30 this morning and another shaker around lunch time. no damage, only 100 felt the latest quake. when laci peterson disappeared, case captured the national spotlight. >> scott peterson convicted of murdering pregnant wife and -- >> looking at evidence. >> more than 1,000 pieces of evidence. including photos, documents and tapes, some never before made
6:32 pm
public. used this evidence to put scott peterson on death row for killing laci and connor. did first and only in-depth interview with police. detective asked peterson about going fishing on christmas eve. >> when did you realize going to go fishing? >> morning decision. golf at the club or go fishing. >> okay. >> too cold for golf. >> christmas eve, going to go fishing because it's too cold to go golfing. that's kind of crazy right there. >> he and his partner on the case from day one. >> first person you focus on in homicide investigation in person closest to victim and last to see the vichlkt boom, boom, both
6:33 pm
with scott. >> every dimension of his boat and truck measured and evidence tech close to size of laci to measure how could have been used. >> you're going to drive 90 miles to the san francisco bay in a 14-foot boat, that's -- i know you don't go out in the bay in 14-foot boat. >> in court showed the jury parts of this videotaped conversation to highlight his demeanor. >> i'll be in paris tomorrow. >> new year's eve, five days after she disappeared, police hear scott lying to mistress amber frye in recorded phone call. told her he was traveling overseas on business. >> near the eiffel tower, it's up real. the crowd is huge. >> peterson was actually in
6:34 pm
modesto park attending a candlelight vigil for missing wife. recorded conversations between peterson and frye, massage therapyist and single mother. met him and five weeks later laci went missing. frye says he never told her he was married or about to become a father but when tabloids broke the news, he called to admit had been lying. >> i've not been traveling last couple of weeks. i lied to you. girl i'm married to, her name is laci, she disappeared just before christmas. for the past two weeks i've been in modesto with her family and mine, searching for her. i've been hunted by the media. i know that i've destroyed and god i hope so much that it doesn't hurt you. >> are you listening?
6:35 pm
>> i am. >> you came to me in early december and told me that you lost your wife. what was that about? >> she's alive. >> she's alive? where? >> modesto. i can't explain any more now. >> amber frye was key witness against peterson on these tapes and murder trial. >> this fear inside my heart that you had something to do with this and potentially killed your wife. >> no. you don't need to have that fear. you know me well enough. i'm not an evil guy. >> jury disagreed. peterson on death row at san quentin, filed what may be final appeal asking for new trial claiming original attorney mishandled the case. tonight on abc, "truth and lies: the murder of laci peterson"
6:36 pm
begins at 9:00 and we'll have interview with her mom at >> dow closed to new high. only one in the green. nasdaq lost 31 points, s&p dipped by two. investigation into the massive breach at equifax. it's unusual for the ftc to disclose who they're investigating. broadly empowered to go after companies accused of misleading consumers or engaging in unfair business practices. equifax says millions of americans had personal information hacked. come under scathing criticism for waiting six weeks to disclose that breach. coming up next, san francisco's newest and most
6:37 pm
delicious museum. plus -- >> not made by apple, samsung or google but getting a lot of
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one of the most anticipated
6:40 pm
exhibits is already here in san francisco. >> tickets for the museum of ice cream go on sale to the general public tomorrow. lucky preview. >> welcome to the museum of ice cream, san francisco. come on in. >> reporter: if music is good for the soul, ice cream is therapy for the heart. museum is really about the art of being happy. each exhibit transports us to time and place in our childhood. >> that's the beauty of it. how do we design the experience? ebbs and flows in each room and have it come to life. >> 25-year-old behind the museum of ice cream which popped up in new york and los angeles before coming to san francisco. cherry on top room where you think you've died and gone to everyone had. and gummy garden where botanists
6:41 pm
are working hard to keep it sweet. has to be favorite room, rainbow room, homage to san francisco, diversity and acceptance. unicorn, where do they live? unicorn stable of course. i wish i were in a pool of sprinkles. oh, yeah. this is therapy. actually not a bad job. by the way germ-free plastic sprinkles. >> leave the outside world and come into the space, it's r: ti online tomorrow. in san francisco, leon menendez, abc7 news. >> here's a question. could it ever get too cold to have ice cream? >> that's a
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been trying to prepare for this day...
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♪ tesla and spacex ceo elon muvg is poking fun at himself.
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released this blooper reel of spacex failures. sordid history of how the falcon 9 eventually landed in one piece and stayed that one. first fully reusable booster focus rocket. ship five months later. first all electric ups trucks about to roll out in america. ups announced today will be the first u.s. customer for daimler's new electric truck, 262 miles on a single charge. claims will save money compared to conventional diesel trucks. have three, didn't specify where would use them. if you notice that latest phones by apple and samsung look familiar, you're not alone. >> that was subject of key note as new brand hits retail stores
6:46 pm
first time. >> good morning everyone. >> a conference where samsung dominates the halls, new presenter without a booth at all. >> sexy back to the space. >> essential is say start-up aiming to solve a problem. >> everybody looks like same device. >> lack of choice that's transpired in last few years, not good for industry or consumers. >> all screen and made of new materials. >> i think titanium ceramic will be exciting in 2020 but we're doing it in 2017. >> two dots on the back and what you can stick to them. >> snap on the back. >> magnetic accessory port. first is 4k camera. >> future of social media.
6:47 pm
>> captures everything. >> you, me and camera setup. >> streams live in 4k. >> future of news, sporting events. >> future of smart phones, snapping together is good bet. demoed these phones that form a tablet and these supercharge vibrating alert to make games more realistic. >> feels like shot gun. >> 3d movies. >> don't need glasses to see it. >> essential is not alone in saying that phones can do much more. man called father of android and popular with investors. >> spoken of as one of the three choices this fall that really matters. >> interesting. will it be picture perfect weather? >> sandhya for that. beautiful weather ama and
6:48 pm
dan. live doppler 7 now, few clouds, no rain. not going to change. nice-looking weather ahead. tomorrow up a few degrees, mid-60s to mid-80s. going to the light the night walk in napa, going to be beautiful weather. mix of sun and clouds. 78 degrees at 5:00. sun down, drop to about 66. pleasant weather. not pleasant on the east coast. tropical storm jose expected to intensify to hurricane category one tomorrow and continuing over the eastern seaboard. potential for dangerous rip currents along the east coast, bermuda and bahamas. be aware of that. accuweather forecast, warmer next few days but monday drop below average. low 60s to upper 70s. >> thanks sandhya. interesting news in sports. >> larry beil with this.
6:49 pm
>> beast mode marshawn lynch got a note from nfl, you've been fined. gesture from beast mode directed to
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♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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good evening. marshawn lynch's famous line is i'm just here so i won't get fined but beast mode is lighter in the wallet after fined for on skein gesture. looks like reacting to titan defender. but other than that, return of beast mode what the raiders were hoping for. 18 carries, 76 yards in debut on sunday. derek carr is happy to have lynch. >> everyone in the team is talented. every team has talent. but when you see effort like that, when you see people going that extra mile, you see it in the practice field and when it happens in the game just excited for them. you see how hard they work. >> 49ers are two touchdown underdogs at seattle on sunday. homecoming for robert salah, on
6:53 pm
pete carroll's staff. he knows the seahawks will be fired up after they hoped with a loss. >> whatever trouble they had last week, not going to be issue this week. we're getting ready to prepare for team well-coached. never take a player for granted. i do believe they will be prepared to play us on sunday. especially at home. college football. stanford visiting san diego state on saturday night and seeing double with the holder twins. the elijah and mika. playing against each other. wide receiver with the aztecs and elijah a quarterback with stanford. >> throws, what an interception. plucked out of the air with one hand. >> spectacular interception. twin brother mika is known for the good hands. plays for san diego state. >> always thought he's better
6:54 pm
athlete than me. but i go to stanford, been trained now, think i'm a little bit better. >> first time the twins have faced off against each other and heads are spinning. >> new to me but at the same time thinking incredible experience. something i've never done before, he's never done before. what a stage. >> twins played together entire careers in san diego. then came college. stanford came calling for cornerbacks, not wide receivers. went separate ways. first time elijah can put a hit on his brother on feeble b football field. >> no i can't knock ut brother but if somebody else does, nothing i can do about that. >> mom angela is making up special t-shirts for the game which should be interesting for the parents to watch. >> texting me and brother every day supporting us.
6:55 pm
she loves the whole thing. >> interesting. a's ending three-game series in boston against the red sox. oakland with base running issues. fly ball to left, benintendi makes the catch. mark hanna is hung up between second and third. in the pickle and out and bob melvin is like really? spring training stuff. gossett high and deep off the green monster. any other part is gone. sox take two of three of the series. 6-2 is final score. indians, winning streak in jeopardy. trail heading into the night. we'll update. >> two twins, great story. >> one-on-one against your brother. join us tonight at 11:00. north korea launched a missile tonight.
6:56 pm
what is it like when sirens go off in japan? hear from american there. >> also staying on top of developing story. conservative commentator ben shapiro set to take the stage in minutes. >> live look over campus. follow us on twitter for updates and we'll send out updates through the news app. lot of people and police in the streets. no problems, couple of arrests but fairly peaceful so far. >> that's it for this edition of abc7 news. thanks for joining daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us, hope to see you again.
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