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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 16, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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on abc 7, california is now one signature away from becoming a so-called sanctuary state. how it would impact local police? >> it is scary. it is scary. >> fear in london. police make progress in their investigation into a subway terror attack. love lost. why the warriors latest way to connect with fans brought out the haters. abc 7 news starts now. live where you live. this is abc 7 news. it was a great relief. >> living the dream at least a little longer. daca recipient ns ts in the sout help renewing their papers as california takes major steps towards approving more protection for immigrants. welcome to this early addition of abc news. california is poised to become a so-called sanctuary
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state following an early morning vote. they passed the california values act largely along party lines. it now goes to the governor's desk. the act would limit local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration agents forbidding state and local agencies from providing information and prohibits police and sheriffs from asking about a person's immigration status. state and local law enforcement would be able to communicate with federal immigration authorities if a person is convicted of certain crimes and corrections officers would be allowed to work with federal agencies. the legislation led to a heated debate in the assembly and senate. >> it was never about providing some sort of sanctuary for immigrants and helping immigrants. it has always been about putting a wall between our local law enforcement and federal partners. >> i am disheartened on all this talk about cooperation with our federal partners as if they care about our immigrant communities when it comes to creating a just
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immigration system or enforcement system. >> governor jerry brown is expected to sign the bill. this afternoon, i.c.e., the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agency tweeted a response to the california values act calling the policy dangerous and saying by passing this bill california politicians have chosen to prioritize politics over public safety. supporters of immigration reform are celebrating the california values act but say it doesn't go far enough to protect dreamers living in california. the deadline for daca renewals is now less than three weeks away. tiffany wilson is live in oakland where a rally for immigrants just wrapped up. tiffany? >> reporter: hi, eric. yes, that rally ended just about 30 minutes ago. immigrant supporters gathered here in the plaza behind me before marching around the block. people carrying handmade signs rallied in oakland. even though california is set to become the first sanctuary state, some in attendance are
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not satisfied. >> it takes the movement to actually make that happen, not the politicians. >> tonya kapner organized the rally today. >> alejandro has grown up fearing any interaction with authorities. she says the california values act gives her a sense of security. >> now knowing this is a sanctuary state, your not living in fear. >> reporter: she was one of nine people to renew her daca papers at most holy trinity church in san jose. she got a wonderful surprise when she arrived. >> we knew we were going to pay the $495 and when i got here, they told me that fee was waved. >> waved thanks to a grant for daca renewals in santa county. >> the fee should not be an issue.
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>> reporter: there is an estimated 1700 eligible application ns san applications in santa clara. >> if they miss the deadline, they are out of luck. >> reporter: additional workshops will be held in the coming weeks. the deadline to renew is october 5th. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. uc leaders are urging students to apply for a grant that will cover the cost of daca permit renewals. a half million dollars is available from the nonprofit, the missions asset fund from u.c., california state university and community colleges. earlier this month, u.c. president, janet napolitano announced she and the system filed a federal lawsuit against the trump administration challenging the ability to rescind daca. we have information on our website. in developing news, british police made an apparent breakthrough in the london subway bombing with what they called a very significant arrest. still, the country remains on a
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critical alert meaning anothe attack is judged to be imminent. abc news reporter has the latest from london. >> reporter: 24 hours after an improvised explosive device detonated on a london subway, a breakthrough for police in one of the main port towns connecting britain to europe. >> reporter: police have made good progress. they arrested after 17-year-old man in dover where he is being kept in custody and later today he will be moved to london. >> this afternoon, a second rate on an address just 12 miles from parsons green. residents in the vicinity evacuated as a precaution. >> it's scary. my boys were all out, frightened for them. frightened for my family. >> reporter: the u.k. security minister saying the homemade device contained nails and tatp, that has been used in terror attacks from paris to brussels, including the ariana grande
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concert in manchester. authorities say the tatp was not properly mixed and failed to detonate fully. investigators said to be linking the attack to islamic terrorism. the threat remaining at critical, which means a further attack is considered imminent. >> we have a very considerable threat. >> reporter: should the prime minister deem it necessary, british troops can now be deployed on to the streets of london or cities around the u.k., a decision only made twice in the last 14 years. >> reporter: the man arrested in dover is now in london for questioning. there is no indication the suspect is the actual bomber. with over 100 witnesses available, police will begin to understand the suspect was operating alone or as in barcelona, as part of a wider terrorist network. abc news, london. you may notice more b.a.r.t. police officers at stations following that explosion. they pulled officers were other assignments to focus on patrol in its core stations in oakland
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and san francisco. they also deployed canine units to sniff for explosive devices. >> pleasanton police brought in a row bot to deal with a suspicious device. they sent us this video. you can see the robot from the alameda sheriff's department bomb squad poking around a chevron station on the road. what they later confirmed was an electronic anti-theft device deemed to be safe. >> the eighth officer involved shooting in san jose has resulted in the death of a robbery suspect. that suspect was shot during a traffic stop at white road and penitentiary creek. our media partner, the mercury news, reports eight officer involved shootings are the most in the city since 2015. a san francisco police cruiser hit a pedestrian near 23rd avenue and judah street. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. a police spokeswoman tells abc 7 news they are not releasing any
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further details as the incident still under investigation. if you are coming into san francisco this morning on the bay bridge, you may have been surprised to find it closed. here is caltrans imploded another marine foundation of the bay bridge's old eastern span. it happened right around 10:00 this morning. note how empty the bridge deck is. in was the second of this fall's six scheduled implosions for the demolition of the remaining 11 marine foundations. cal trance pla caltrans plans to finish by the second weekend in november. witnesses at a carnival captured a tense moment on camera. coming up, a worker falls from a ferris wheel. what the fair is saying now about the incident. why a love letter send by the warriors is getting hate from fans. i'm meteorologist, george
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shuma. sunny skies will continue for our sunday
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covered by most insurance and medicare plans. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ it was a terrifying moment at a fair in north carolina. an employee climbed up a disabled ferris wheel to fix a malfunctioning gondola. he fell as the riders looked on.
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he cut his leg but was not seriously hurt. the gondola has been fixed and it is up and running once again. a driver escaped uninjured after driving through the wall of a parking garage in san diego. take a look. she was driving on the third floor of the parking structure yesterday when the crash happened. the driver told police her foot got stuck under the brake pedal causing her to accidentally step on the gas. a structural engineer was called in to assess the damage. the warriors expressed their love for the city of oakland but it is not sitting well with fans. here is the team's message. it reads in part, you are forever a part of our history, just as we have been part of yours. we have suffered together. we have believed together. we have won together. fans are calling out the team for loving oakland but then moving to san francisco. some call the tweet phoney. one fan called it a lame breakup line. the tweet includes the team's new oakland themed logo for its
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heritage uniform. it says the town and is a take on the city of oakland's tree logo. those uniforms will be worn on saturday. a great day for a bike ride. what about a ride up an almost vertical hill. abc news was in san francisco watching riders try to climb the red bull bay climb. the course was three blocks straight up on dehar between 18th and southern heights. all female fees were covered today to support and promote female athletes in cycling. >> your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> we are talking about a really nice start to the weekend. it is going to feel like fall. fps the final week of summer are going to feel very nice this time of year. we are soaked in sunshine right now. it is beautiful out there. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you we have some high clouds streaming in
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from time to time. the weather is quiet. once again, a bit of a breeze from the future tower cam. a really nice start to the weekend. numberwise right now, we are pretty much where we should be for this time of year. a lot of 60s and 70s on the board right now. 66 in oakland. we are at 79 in san jose. that current number in the south bay, about 69 in san mateo. 82, navado and brentwood. overnight tonight, here is the call, a few passing clouds from time to time. really nice sleeping weather. most of us, plenty of stars. seasonably cool. 57 overnight in san jose. 56 in concord and san francisco. dropping to an overnight low of 55. if this is your weather today, you are going to absolutely love tomorrow. it is pretty much a carbon copy forecast. your 12-hour planner, a few clouds early on in the morning. the midday hour and into the afternoon, nothing but sunshine.
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temperatures very similar to where we are right now. a lot of 70s around the bay and inland have the our warmest spots warming into the mid-80s. a few high clouds passing from time to time locally. we look off to the north and west. this ribbon of clouds is a cold front. it is going to sink to the south over the next couple of days and it will bring us cooler air to start off the week. future tracker temperatures will fast forward into monday. it is going to be noticeably comfortable and really comfortable. a lot of 60s and 70s around the bay. the breeze is going to pick up. the wind will be gusting 10-20 miles an hour. tons of sunshine to start off our monday afternoon. things are certainly very active in the tropics right now. look at this. we will take you to the atlantic. not one, not two. we have three storms currently right now that are churning in the ocean. tropical storm lee is going to be a fish storm, mink eaning it
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no threat to maria. 50 miles per hour and hurricane jose close to the east coast. latest forecast does have it paralleling the east coast. the biggest threat right now would be dangerous rip currents for much of the eastern seaboard. that ocean water is churning thanks to jose. it may try and clip cape cod but will move out to sea by thursday afternoon with winds of 60 miles per hour. we are watching. tropical storm maria does look like it will be forecasted to become amy juror hurricane as it cross puerto rico wednesday afternoon. too early to know any threats to the lower 48. that's something we are going to keep our eye on. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it is sunny. temperatures drop. breezy and cooler on monday. that below average trend continues for much of the seven-day forecast. on friday, how appropriate. we welcome fall at 1:02 in the afternoon. much cooler for the final week of summer. >> isn't it great to have our drummer back.
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the whole band is back. >> reunited finally. >> good to see you. big day for college sports stanford, cal and san jose state all playing night games. ucla and memphis put on a show. 861 yards of passing offense, 10 861 yards of passing offense, 10 touchdowns b ♪ ♪ making it 861 yards of passing offense, 10 touchdowns b ♪ ooh ooh ooh. ♪ making it ♪ thick, carved turkey breast. the autumn carved turkey is back for a limited time at subway. so much turkey. ♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage.
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♪ making it ♪ ooh ooh ooh. ♪ making it ♪ thick, carved turkey breast. the autumn carved turkey is back for a limited time at subway. so much turkey. ucla traveled to memphis for what many thought was going to be a loss. it was heartbreak hotel. third quarter, bruins trailing by 3.
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third and 19. josh rosen gets picked midfield. tim hart goes 60 yards to the house. memphis goes up, 41-31. rosen and his team respond with the next two touchdowns. fourth quarter, 22 yard to austin roberts. bruins up 45-41. rosen threw for 463. four tds. riley ferguson roots for six touchdowns. memphis back on top, 48-45. bruins frying trying to answer. in the red zone. rosen, another bad throw. memphis upsets ucla 48-45. in a game that featured over 1100 yards of offense. stanford coming off a loss to usc gets san diego state tonight at qualcomm stadium. aztecs like to pound the rock, mere image of the cardinals. their running back, rashad p smith, leads the nation. stanford took it on the chin in the pac 12 opener and hope to get back on track in san diego. >> you have to get punched in
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the gut sometimes before you really know what you have because you see how the whole team responds. you see how individuals respond and how groups respond and then you see how we respond as a team. we challenge them, of course, as coaches and we see who responds. >> as for cal, bears are 2 and 0 under justin wilcox after holding off weaver state thanks to 191 yards rushing. patrick laird was pressed into service after a season-ending injury. even bigger test from the s.e.c. tonight they are at memorial stadium z stadium. >> no matter what, we are going to learn from every experience. it is much more enjoyable to learn those lessons when you win. it needs to be a lot better than that. they understand. >> we will tell you our first time-out before we check in on the rest of the country in college football including the fighting harbaughs trying to ground a
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the fighting har because, otherwise known as michigan, had their hands full with air force in ann arbor. defense and a punt return has michigan at 3-0. 9-6 they led at halftime. third quarter, donald peoples jones takes the punt on the 21 yard line. he crosses the field and stays
4:26 pm
inbound, great job and scores the first t.d. of the game. 16-6, michigan. fourth quarter, koran higdone puts it away. down the sideline he goes. norton tied the school record. seventh ranked michigan 3-0 with a 29-13 victory. ninth ranked oklahoma state and their somehow breaks the tackle and stays inbounds. great job there. he goes 69 yards. 21-0 after a quarter. rudolph, 423 yards passing, five touchdowns in the first half. he breaks his own school record. the cowboys giddy up with a 59-21 victory. number ten, wisconsin and beautiful provo beautiful provo, utah, easy
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one-yard score, 10-3 wisconsin. the quarterback, 18-19. 256 yards, four touchdowns. wisconsin will win, 40-6, that final. coming up after this newscast, number three, clemson taking on 14th ranked louisville. stick around for after the game with yours truly and larry field. we'll break down the game and have highlights and take a look at the raiders after the game starting at 9:00 p.m. stick around, more college football coming up around the nation. hope to see you then. americans got out today to speak their mind. we're taking back our country. >> taking a stand. various groups and groupies held protests across the country. what they are standing up for? >> to show a little tlc to our state's beaches. a look at local beach cleanup. a homecom
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rallies with different focuses. some rallied for statues and others for president trump. in washington, two very different causes on display both focusing on first amendment rights. washington, d.c. is one of the darkest cies