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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 17, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler, thank you for joining us on sunday, september 17th. let's go to check on the weather this morning with frances. we are finding low clouds spilling into the north bay to cause some fog and visibility problems right now santa rosa down a half mile for visibility. current temperatures are mainly in the 50s, but some of the cooler spots like novato and napa are in the 40s. here's how the day plays out, we are going to have a gorgeous one ahead. low clouds during the morning, but clear skies already by
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lunchtime. bright sunshine in the afternoon with inland temperatures hitting the mid-80s around the bay, the mid-70s. and at the coast, the mid-60s. sunset at 7:14. and big changes coming up tomorrow. thank you, frances. a woman was injured after a speech at uc berkeley said she was attacked by violent protesters. she and police agree that the accounts of a stabbing were false. but this morning she claims something else happened. abc 7's reporter shows us the incident caught on camera. >> reporter: this is video from sky 7 thursday night on telegraph avenue. and this is celeste paradise looking at the video for the first time after ben shapiro finished his speech and paradise who was a republican was holding the scene when someone suddenly snatched it from her. we have highlighted and zoomed
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in on the moment the woman runs away with the sign. you can see paradise chases her and then suddenly falls. >> i was not simply pushed, i was grabbed and thrown down. >> paradise swears at least two people hurt her. she says they tossed her on the ground so hard she had a mild concussion. but this is what berkeley police posted on twitter about it. she fell and wasn't pushed. no fight. that is what she told us at the scene. these are the actual facts. no one from the department would comment but paradise is outraged by the statement. >> they said i didn't trip but i know what i felt. and people were yelling, we will eff you up and stuff. >> reporter: this man was there and didn't see what happened, but he does think that the police are purposely downplaying the incident. >> i think their attempt was they are trying to prove they can have a no incident event.
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>> reporter: lisa for abc 7 news. the group hosting a series of conservative speakers later this month has not paid a required security deposit or confirmed details. but the berkeley patriot organization turned in a contract for the free speech week, but the school spokesperson said the group never put down the deposit on friday as required in the contract for security purposes. the four-day event is planned to start a week from today. the university says the group still has time to pay up, confirm schedules and speakers and comply with security requirements. rescue crews from the bay area who helped the response after hurricane irma are now back home. abc 7 news was at oakland international airport last night with a round of applause
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greeting those from task force 4 and giving them hugs and kisses. the team assisted with rescue and recovery in the florida keys. one of the areas hit hardest by the powerful hurricane. >> wide area searches and focused searches on demolished or damaged buildings, boats that might be washed up onshore, checking to make sure there are no victims in any of the houses or boats, and doing wellness checks, evacuations as necessary for people in homes that waited out the storm. >> task force 3 based out off menlo park will return today at noon. and 30 cats and 44 dogs are flying into the hayward area this afternoon. they will be taken to the san francisco spca and the location in richmond. mad dog organized this evacuation. you're watching a previous
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animal effort in houston. the bay area has cared for hundreds of pets after hurricanes harvey and irma. and this morning a brentwood family feels like they are being held hostage in their own home. they are blaming some unusual visitors, birds by the dozens. the catch is the birds are protected by state environmental laws. abc 7 news reporter loni rivera shows us the situation turning into a serious health concern. >> reporter: at first glance this brentwood family seems to be living a normal life in suburbia. but an undesirable and unusual situation is impacting their every day life. >> dead carcasses, the fish, the eggs, the insects, the stench. >> reporter: their backyard is lined with bird feathers left behind by a flock of b b made nests here since march. >> flying from the tree onto the
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roof. >> reporter: danielle says they have become prisoners on their property. after contacting city fishes, they learned the birds are protected by state law. biologists say their nests cannot be touched. >> this is a hazardous environment. no one should be forced to live in this type of situation. not for me, my husband, but more so for our children. >> reporter: this sidewalk here is where kids walk to school. the problem has gotten so out of hand there's waste all over the sidewalk, the fence and the tree trunk. >> the city is telling me that they are doing all that they can and there's nothing that can be done. >> reporter: brentwood's mayor is concerned about the potential health risk. >> this is where bureaucracy and logic don't mix. this is -- this is insane. >> reporter: mayor taylor says the city plans to contact state fish and wildlife officials. they hope to figure out a plan to handle the problem. >> not a band-aid approach but we need to fix it. >> reporter: winter is right
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around the corner so the birds will likely leave, but this family is worried about what they'll have to endure before these unwanted visitors finally decide to fly away. in brentwood, loni rivera, abc 7 news. this morning police are looking for a man who robbed a candy store in petaluma. the robber pulled the gun from his backpack and took off with an undisclosed am. he was in his 50th, wearing a blue button down shirt, blue jeans, blue hat and a green backpack. the governor is expected to sign a bill into law to make california a so-called sanctuary state. the assembly approved the bill on friday and the senate followed suit yesterday morning. the california values act limits local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration agents and prohibits police and sheriff's officers
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from asking about the immigration status. the california sheriff's association says the bill will put communities at risk. california has an estimated 2.7 million undocumented immigrants. supporters of immigration reform are celebrating the california values act, yet they say it doesn't go far enough to protect so-called dreamers living in california. the deadline for daca renewals is less than three weeks away. abc 7 news reportr tiffany wilson has the story. >> reporter: people carrying handmade signs with heartfelt messages rallied in oakland, even though california is set to become the first sanctuary state. some in attendance are not satisfied. >> it takes the movement to make that happen, not the politicians. >> reporter: tammy kapner organized the rally. >> we are not going to allow the police to come in. >> reporter: alejandra says the
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california act gives her a sense of security. >> knowing it is a sanctuary state is a blessing. you are not living in fear anymore. >> reporter: she was one of nine people to renew her daca papers in san jose. this extends her work permit by two years. she got a wonderful surprise when she arrived. >> initially, we knew we were going to pay the $495. and when i got here, they told me that the fee was waived. >> reporter: waived thanks to a grant for daca renewals in santa clara county. >> the fee of $495 should not be an issue because there is funding available to cover the cost. >> reporter: there's an estimated 1700 eligible applicants. so far they have listed 16. additional workshops will be held in the coming weeks. >> just go do it. don't be afraid. >> reporter: the deadline to renew is october 5th. tiff nilny wilson, abc 7 news. the white house denied a
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report that top trump administration will not withdraw from the paris climate accord. in june president trump called the treaty unfair and promised to get a better deal. "the wall street journal" and the top news agency in paris reported the white house no longer wants to renegotiate. however, the white house issued a statement in response saying there's no change and the u.s. will withdraw unless we can reenter on terms more favorable to our country. frances is here to talk about the weather, of course. >> yes, we're going to have another nice day on tap for us, much like yesterday, but a little cooler in some areas. here's a live look right now as we look towards the bay bridge and the ferry building from our roof camera. notice the winds are light, but they are going to pick up tomorrow especially. so i'll tell you about the changes coming up. thank you, frances. and escaping their troubles for one night, it's prom night. and a group of teens in oakland shows off their moves and
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flashes their smiles. and volunteers come together for the annual coastal cleanup day. the amount of trash they picked up across the state and the big impact it has on the
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wea whole new place that'swe lookin' to get scared! with bats...and ghouls...and cars in disguise. i've cast quite a spell won't believe your eyes! (laughter) the spell is cast. now halloween time is more spook-tacular than ever because it's in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! welcome back, everyone. thank you for waking up with us at 5:13. this is a live look from the emeryville camera. we have a nice day on tap as we head into the beginning of fall. correct? yeah, later this week. frances will be along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. well, you can almost feel the thighs burning. abc 7 news was in san francisco
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watching cyclists try to climb the trail hill. that hill is nearly vertical as you can see. cyclists put themselves through the or the charrotorturous part hill climb. a cycling apparel company covered all the female entry fees in order to support and promote female athletes in cycling. the aids memorial where hundreds laid flowers to remember those who don't have blood that can clot as usual. advocates hope this memorial circle will also pay tribute to those who work tirelessly to fix the problem and make sure it never happens again.
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it was an extra special prom night for hundreds of teenagers in the east bay. the celebration was not put on by their school but rather by the hospital treating them for serious chronic illness. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has the story. >> reporter: it was everything you've come to expect from prom night. hanging out with friends, music and dancing and photos to help remember it all. it may look like the prom we have all experienced but it's not. >> all of us have been through so much. and i feel like we all understand what we go through in hospitals. and some of us haven't even been to prom, so we are all going to enjoy it. >> reporte kaiser permanente pu on their prom. 300 kids too sick to attend their school celebration were able to come here instead. >> i didn't go to my senior prom last year. so i'm just doing everything, prom and birthday, all in one
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right now. >> for some of these kids, they are still going through their chronic illness. and a lot of hardship. so it's time out from some of that. >> reporter: more than 100 kaiser employees donate their time to help out. >> it just uplifts everybody who works with the kids day in and day out. >> reporter: the theme of the pediatric prom, an evening in hollywood. >> so the people that get to go to their prom, they get to come here if they feel good enough. and they get to have the experience. >> reporter: eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> top teenagers were also treated to food, soft drinks, makeup and hairstyling and red carpet treatment. 1,000 volunteers came to ocean beach in san francisco, not to swim, but to clean. yesterday was the 33rd annual california coastal clean up day. the trash clean up spread all the way to candlestick.
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a spokeswoman from the golden gate national recreation area says people are usually pretty good about picking up their stuff, but that's not enough. >> the problem with some of the beaches is we collect debris that washes up ashore on the pacific ocean. based on the statistics today, we'll identify what kind of trash is out here and how that is affecting our habitat. >> with 80% of the cleanup sites reported in california, they picked up 534,000 pounds of trash. last year 18.3 million pounds of trash and debris were collected. if you are coming into san francisco yesterday morning on the bay bridge, you may have been surprised to find it closed. here's why. caltrans imploded yet another
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marine foundation of the bay bridge's old eastern span. it happened around 10:00 yesterday morning. you can note how empty the upper deck of the bridge was. this was the second of this fall's sixth scheduled implosions for the demolitions of the 11 marine foundations. caltrans plans to finish the work by the second week of november. happening today, a chance to get out and be active in san jose. the parks department of neighborhood services will close seven miles of street to walk, skate, bike and play. it's part of the annual viva vi calle celebration. you're watching video from last year's festival. there will be live music, dancing and food from 10:00 this morning to 3:00 this afternoon. i'm meteorologist frances
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here. we are starting off with low clouds off the coast spilling into the north bay. we'll get more sunshine this afternoon. here's a live shot of san jose with gray skies overhead. right now, temperatures are mainly in the 50s. feeling a little cooler with the valleys at 50 degrees. this time we're looking at the downtown financial district from the exploratorium camera. the north bay valleys are in the 40s where fog has developed from santa rosa and novato. we could see fog develop in napa over the next few hours. fairfield, concord and livermore many the 50s right now. and expect highs today to be a little cooler compared to yesterday. so san jose, plenty of sunshine, but the high will be 79 today. look for 70s as well on the lower part of the peninsula.
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redwood city, 72. and at the beaches, it will be clear. we're not going to get as much cloud cover in the afternoon. and temperatures will be in the mid to low 60s. 63 in pacifica. downtown san francisco at 67 degrees. and it's going to be bright and sunny as well in the north bay. temperatures there mainly in the 70s. pet loma, 75. sonoma, 76 degrees. if you're headed to the races today, bring the sunscreen as well. and highs today in the east bay will range from 69 in berkeley all the way up to 77 in fremont. also, inland areas will be in the 80s. so look for 82 in walnut creek. brentwood, one of the warmer locations at 86 degrees. now, also, a lot of folks headed to the oakland coliseum for the raiders game this afternoon. sunny, bright and temperatures will be near 70 degrees throughout the game. so it's going to be nice and comfortable there. so i want to show you the cloud
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animation forecast. today we have the low clouds during morning hours, but then really clear in the afternoon. in fact, we're going to have bright sunshine all across the bay area. but notice the clouds up north that are going to be sliding south. and tomorrow morning we're going to see conditions change. we could get some drizzle on the coast. some cloud cover and possible drizzle passes through monday morning. and this means cooler temperatures. you'll notice that today the winds will start to pick up, especially along the coast later on this evening into tomorrow morning. we'll see some breezy to gusty conditions on monday. and then on tuesday, we'll still see windy conditions but mainly along the coast and not as far inland. so that is going to affect temperatures. and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, enjoy the last summer sunday. and temperatures are going to be comfortable, lots of bright sunshine, but we will come down in terms of temperatures because of the breeze. and even gusty conditions that will pick up later on tonight
5:22 am
into tomorrow. we'll be below average through the workweek. fall starts on friday. and then looks like we have another good weekend in store for us on saturday. wow. someone said, matt kelly, one of our colleagues sent a picture of a store with christmas decorations already. >> wow, okay. >> we are just barely getting into fall. >> i thought we were ahead when halloween decorations came out but okay. >> thank you, frances. just ahead, a death-defying road trip for a koala after ten miles underneath a car. somehow he was not seriously hurt. and abc 7 is celebrating hispanic heritage month on instagram every day. dr. maria has taught students at uc berkeley in a variety of disciplines from law to latin american studies to the food institute. she also dedicates her time to local and national community efforts. but you may recognize her from
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this is the 2018 s-class from mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. a break through in helicopter technology has come to abc 7 news. sky map 7 only on abc 7. abc 7 morning's traffic anchor alexis smith shows us how sky map 7 works. >> sky7 above a 200-anchor brush
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fire in dublin. >> reporter: when news breaks, you count on abc 7 news and sky7 to show you what is happening. fires in the east bay, floods in the south bay, accidents in san francisco, now skymap7 will identify where news happens by displaying highways, roads and streets right on the screen. the bay area's fastest news helicopter includes realtime mapping software and the power of extreme vision. the state-of-the-art camera gets you closer to action than ever before. it's the powerful tool to make sure you never lose sight of where news breaks. see how traffic is moving at the 580/980 interchange. skymap7 will help you navigate around hazardous conditions like this house fire in san jose. yu can even see exactly what speed traffic is moving and pinpoint specific vehicles. caught in a jam on highway 24 in lafayette, skymap7 will show you the length of the backup.
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it can also tell you how big of an area is affected when news breaks. when a fire burned this dublin hillside, skymap7 was able to measure it. using recent satellite imagery, it can show you what the area looked like before the blaze live. with skymap7 you will know what is impacted when news happens, whether it is in schools near san leandro or businesses off 880. skymap7 on sky7, another reason abc 7 news is your choice for breaking news. alexis smith, abc 7 > what could have been a tragic truck road for this koala is a happy ending. the driver heard him cry seven miles into his trip and found the koala in the wheel well. at first wildlife rescuers were worried thinking nothing could survive a trip without serious injuries, but there the koala had minor bumps and bruises and
5:28 am
a little singed hair. he was released into the wild after a few days of rest. still to come on abc 7 mornings, a rock band forced to cancel their concert in st. louis after a second night of violent protests. the security issues that band faced. plus, the cargo spacecraft has been ♪ ♪
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and welcome back, everyone. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather with meteorologist frances dinglosan this morning. >> good morning. on the sat liellite image, we a showing low clouds into the north bay and into the bay. and there's also limited visibility right now due to fog in santa rosa.
5:31 am
a fourth of a mile even as san jose, 59. here's the 12-hour planner for today. we are dealing with low clouds during the morning hours, but clear skies by lunchtime. bright sunshine this afternoon. inland numbers in the mid-80s. around the bay, the mid-60s, mid-70s and along the coast mid-60s. we'll have a beautiful day, but blustery conditions head our way tomorrow. carolyn? thank you, frances. new this morning, the spacex cargo is heading back to earth. it delivered more than 6,000 pounds of cargo and is expected to land in the pacific ocean at 7:15 this morning. the dragon is bringing back science experiments from outer space including samples from one night after a resting
5:32 am
people in st. louis, police were back out clashing with protesters last night. they marched against the acquittal of a white police officer who killed a black man. last night demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at them and damaged property. nine people were arrested. the rock band u2 canceled a concert there because police beefed up their presence and could no longer provide security. this was not the only protest around the country yesterday. elizabeth hurr has more. >> reporter: a second night of protests in st. louis, a day after a judge acquitted a white former police officer in the fatal shooting of a black man. earlier on saturday, several hundred demonstrators talked between two st. louis shopping malls. but it was a different story
5:33 am
from the previous night. >> unfortunately, we did have incidents of sporadic violence and vandalism. >> the vast majority of the demonstrators were peaceful. however, after dark, the agitators outnumbered the peaceful demonstrators. >> arrested were 33 people and some safers were treated were injuries but since released from the hospital. in dallas, protesters march around the base. >> this is wrong and we have to reverse this. >> reporter: the statue was removed thursdays and is now in storage until a decision is made on what to do with it. it was also the site of a hate rally in virginia. demonstrators are defending confederate statues there. and developing news, london police say a second man has been arrested in connection with the subway bombing. police say a 21-year-old man was
5:34 am
arrested in west london last night. yesterday morning an 18-year-old man was taken into custody. the security minister says the homemade device contained nails and a highly unstable chemical compound use in terror attacks from paris to brussels. 30 passengers were injured in the london incident. the threat level would be possible. and coming up on with george stephanopoulos,"step tereheresa may general h.r. mcmaster will be on after "good morning america." terrifying moments at a fair
5:35 am
in north carolina. friday night the employee climbed up the disabled ferris wheel to fix a malfunctioning gondola but lost his footing and fell as riders looked on. the employee cut his leg but was not seriously injured, believe it or not. that gondola has since been fixed. the state inspectors opened it again yesterday and now it's back up and running. the south bay turned into a mass of fur and wagging tails. this is billed as the largest dog festival in the country. there was one man who brought his twins and dog to enjoy the fun. >> it has been overwhelming, the size of the their dogs.
5:36 am
>> money raised will benefit local community and pet-focused organizations including humane society silicon valley. still ahead here on abc 7 mornings, if you think all look the same, look at the essential up camera. and here's a live look from the abc 7 exploratorium camera at 5:36. temperatures right now are in the 50s but climbing. a beautiful day on tap, but what about the rest of the week? frances will
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happening today, the museum of ice cream in san francisco officially opens to the public. exhibits at the museum feature all things related to childhood and ice cream. from the gummy garden to the pit of germ-free plastic rainbow sprinkles. the museum started in new york and l.a. before coming to san francisco. the pop-up opens today through february 13th. tickets are sold out. but private-guided tours are still open for a hefty price. those tours range from $2,000 to $4,000. also happening today, it's your last chance to enjoy the monterey gas festival. this is the 60th event showcasing artists across eight
5:40 am
stages. they also have an international shopping day. performances start at noon at the monterey county fair and event center. tickets are still available and frances, i was there on friday and yesterday, oh, and the weather is just really beautiful this year. >> yeah, it's gorgeous. >> very mild. >> this weekend, it is almost like you would expect for this time of the year, which is nice and sunny. and right now, i'll take you outside with a live shot of the roof camera looking out to the bay bridge. 57 in san francisco. it will warm up to 67 degree this is afternoon. and i'll have your neighborhood temperatures coming up. thank you, frances. and
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good morning to you, ladies and gentlemen. this is a live look from the santa cruz camera. it looks moist out. there maybe it is fog summer is about to be over, so grab the last couple of days. frances will be along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. happening today, the giants will honor former pitcher fogelsong who comes full circle to refire in his san francisco giants uniform. he'll take the mound one more time at at&t park ending his career where it all started back in september of 2000. the 48-year-old spent the entire major league career with the giants and pittsburgh pirates, playing for each team twice. he was part of two world series championships with the giants.
5:44 am
that was in 2012 and 2014. fans are encouraged to be in their seats by 12:45. tickets to today's game are still available. and also happening today at the san francisco giants is role models for young athletes. the 20th annual strike out violence day. the giants will educate teens about domestic violence. they will do it at at ann at atn launching a new program in public high schools coaching boys into men as the name of the 12-week program that teaches young men all about healthy relationship skills. this afternoon the raiders play their home opener at the oakland coliseum. the silver and black take on the new york jets. kickoff at 1:05 this afternoon. and the niners battle the seahawks in seattle at 1:25. next saturday stanford will play the home opener against ucla,
5:45 am
but the cardinal will likely lose their national ranking after falling in southern california for the second straight week. here's shu with all the details many the morning sports. good morning. stanford coming out from one of the worst losses hoping to rebound against san diego state in the third straight road game. second quarter, stanford down three, throwing for 150 yards for the fifth consecutive game. stanford up 7-3 after the first half. look at this picked off by rod smith back to the 15 yard line. rashard penning, 175 last night. 10-7, san diego state, at the half. love again, gone, finish ing ing
5:46 am
here. then the lights went out. when they came back on, christian chapman to david wells. san diego state won it 20-17. and the bears are looking to improve to 3-0. what a win this will be bears up 7-0. ole miss' next play, she paterson, he has a gun to lawson. 72 yards, gone. ole miss up 10-7. paterson threw for 500 yards last week. here's his second td pass of the first half. the metcalf, 71 yards. a 19 yard touchdown.
5:47 am
cal takes the lead. three minutes to go, paterson, going to throw it right to linebacker cameron good and good night, the bears are 3-0 after a 27-16 victory with usc on deck at memorial stadium. what a win. and san jose state on the road against utah. bad news for the spartans. montelle aaron is going to get hit in the right leg. he was in serious pain. he would not return to the game. had crutches on the sideline. second quarter, utah extends the six-point lead with the first td of the game. tyler hunley tosses it to darren carington. they connect a few minutes lighter for a 26 yard score. utah wins big, 54-16. all right, in arizona, 2-0. the a's lose to the phillies.
5:48 am
we'll have more tonight at 5:00. i'm mike schuman, have a great day. good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist frances dinglosan. we are showing you low clouds off the north bay and spilling into santa rosa where there's fog this morning. here's a live shot of san jose. a gray start with lots of sunshine this afternoon. currently in 75 in san francisco. oakland, 57. gilroy, 57 degrees. the downtown area, most temperatures are in the 50s, but it has been cool in some of the north bay valleys. santa rosa, 57 degrees. and limited visibility. and upper 50s in fairfield and concord, livermore, currently at 55 degrees. the highs today will be cooler than yesterday, but we'll get more sunshine today. san francisco, 67, the high today.
5:49 am
oakland, 71 degrees for the raiders game this afternoon and san jose, 79 degrees. morgan hill warming to 80. we'll hit the mid-80s in a few locatio locations. antioch, 85. santa rosa, 75. just like yesterday, a bit cooler, but more sunshine. also, it will be sunny along the coast today with temperatures in the mid-60s for many beaches. santa cruz up to 70 degrees. the sea breeze picks up this afternoon. clear skyies this morning. tomorrow morning we could see drizzle along the peninsula coast into the east bay. that's the front pushing through the bay area. even the 7:00 morning hour, there you'll see the
5:50 am
through quickly. tonight it will be breezy along the coast and continue to be breezy throughout the day tomorrow. even gusty along the coast and in some of the higher elevations. so for monday, get ready for a cooler day. cooler and breezy. we'll be coming down by 5 degrees at the coast. but not too much of a change. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, enjoy the beautiful, sunny afternoon today with temperatures inland in the mid-80s. around the bay, the mid-60s. at the coast, the mid-60s. the cool down starts tomorrow with possible drizzle during the morning commute. we'll be below average on tuesday. below average through the week. i think you are going to like today and next week. >> thank you, frances. if you notice the latest
5:51 am
phones from apple and samsung look awfully similar, you're not alone, jonathan blume explains, how do you know what is real as it hits the stores for the first time. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. this came from a filmmaker with no booth at all. >> we are focused on bringing sexy back to the consumer electronics base. >> reporter: he's giving everyone more consumer choice. this year the new iphone looks a lot like the galaxy. >> the lack of choice is not good for the industry or consumers. >> reporter: so essential wants to be different and made of new materials built to last. >> i think titanium ceramic will be exciting for most manufacturing companies in 2020, but this is what we're doing in
5:52 am
2017. the two unusual features are the two dots on the back and what you can stick to them. >> literally, snap on the back and the light goes on. >> reporter: the first accessory is the 4k 360 camera. a camera that captures everything. >> we've got you, we've got me, we have your camera set-up. >> reporter: and streams live in 4k. >> imagine thwhat that does to e future of news. >> reporter: as for the future of smartphones, things snapping together is a good bet. nano showed us these magnets. the super charge of a vibrating alert to make games more realistic. >> this feels like a shotgun. it has the actual shot. >> reporter: this shows 3-d movies. >> you don't need any glasses to see it. >> reporter: so essential is not alone and saying fans can do so much more. >> what i'm so proud of is we are already spoken of as
5:53 am
consumers as one of the choices th that matters. coming up, the annual comedy day festival. a special ceremony
5:54 am
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here are the numbers from the $132 million powerball drawing from last night, 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 and powerball is 24. all matching numbers were sold in colorado. wednesday night's jackpot recessed to $40 million. and the winning numbers sold last night in the $14 million super lotto plus, 4, 5, 7, 26, 33 and the mega number, 19. no one got all six in that drawing, so wednesday's jackpot goes up to $15 million. laugh until your stomach
5:56 am
aches at a free comedy festival in golden gate park. comedy day begins at noon featuring 40 comedians. this year there's a special dedication ceremony for the late robin williams. the city will rename the meadow next to the sharon building robin williams meadow. williams was a long-time bay area resident and would often perform at the comedy festival. he was also a secret financial benefactor. the ceremony begins at 3:30 this afternoon. up next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00, a woman injured after ben shapiro's speech thursday in berkeley. he says police are lying about what happened. hear what she tells abc 7 news. and an east bay family says they are being terrorized by a flock of nesting birds. why the family says it is becoming a serious health concern.
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good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us, i'm carol carolyn. let's go to frances dinglasan here this morning. the satellite image is showing clouds coming in from the coast and the peninsula coast and parts of the bay and north bay. and visibility has been reduced to a half mile right now in santa rosa and pet temperatures in the 50s. napa, 48 degrees. here's how the day plays out with the 12-hour planner. we are dealing with low clouds and temperatures in the 50s. but lots of sunshine by lunchtime. and bright this afternoon with inland temperatures reaching 84


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