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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 23, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. here's meteorologist lisa argen, tracking live doppler 7. >> good morning, chris. it's clear here, no fog to speak of, allowing for a chilly morning with numbers in the 40s in some locations from around gilroy and up to the north bay. but in the north bay, this is where we have a red flag warning in effect until tuesday afternoon. higher elevations above a thousand feet. we'll see some breezy winds, low relative humidity, making it prime for the possibility of fires here. you can see it extends into the sacramento valley. 48 in napa, 42 in danville, livermore 47. east bay hills camera, you're looking at still some dark sky out there. 40s and 50s.
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it will be total sunshine by noontime with numbers climbing through the low to mid-70s bay and coast. it should be feeling pretty good. by the afternoon, we'll get it into the 80s today. yesterday, no 80s at all. you'll feel the warm-up today. and we'll talk about how warm it gets into next week in a few minutes, chris. >> lisa, thank you. developing news in the south bay this morning, a woman is recovering from her injuries after an accident in campbell. police responded at a carport at union avenue. investigators say it appears the woman got out of her car but somehow the car kept traveling and hit her. bystanders were giving her cpr when police arrived. she was taken to a local hospital. confusion on cal's campus over a series of right wing speeches. free speech week begins tomorrow, and students are unsure how it could affect them or if it will even happen. today minority groups will march against hate and white supremacy
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at berkeley. they'll meet at 62nd and adeline at noon. abc 7 reporter katie utehs reached out to students who say they'll be ready no matter what. >> reporter: they're preparing for the worst ahead of an event dubbed free speech week. milo yiannopoulos's event in february deteriorated into a riot. >> if you would just let him speak, none of this would happen. >> reporter: this student debated organizers who are planning to protest. >> we've got to have the whole community coming out to shut them down and defend the wellbeing and safety of this community. >> reporter: cal state police's officers are being brought in as has been done in the past, even as the speaker list evolves. >> because of the unknowns, we are treating it as if it's going all the way. >> we're caught between a rock and a hard place.
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our compliance with the first amendment and the law as a public institution is not discretionary. >> reporter: some students say they're caught in the middle too. >> i'm going to see how it looks on monday and then decide whether or not i'll go to class. >> this is a good school. i'm a philosophy student. i can hear opposing viewpoints. if i hear something that is egregious, i can make that decision for myself. >> reporter: students in the berkeley patriot group are hoing the event. it will be here on sunday and wednesday. katie utehs, abc 7 news. >> milo yiannopoulos is one of the scheduled speakers. he plans to hold a press conference in san francisco today before free speech wins. we sent out a push alert when uc berkeley revealed costs for the event. to receive push alerts, downled. wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when
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somebody disrespects our flag, to say get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field right now, out, he's fired. >> he didn't mention any specific players while speaking at that rally in alabama. as you know, former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem last season in protest of police brutality. president trump went on to say that stiffer penalties are, quote, ruining the game. >> today if you hit too hard, right, they hit too hard, 15 yards, throw him out of the game. >> players are reacting on twitter. detroit lions' tight end eric ebron wrote, does anyone tell trump to stick to politics like they tell us to stick to sports? zack brown said, trump, stay in your place. the president says fans should leave the stadium if she see a player protest on the field. senator john mccain went maverick and shot down his own party's plan to repeal and replace president obama's
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affordable care act. the graham/cassidy bill is not just unpopular with mccain but also americans. an abc news poll released last night shows just 33% of americans support the bill. however, as abc's chuck seibertson reports, the bill isn't dead just yet. >> reporter: after years of vowing to roll back obamacare, it's likely his presidential opponent who will ultimately save it. north is john mccain saying he'll -- senator john mccain saying he'll vote no on the gop's latest attempt at repeal and replace. mccain saying, i cannot in good conscience vote for the latest republican plan, adding a bill of this impact requires a bipartisan approach. this is the second time he's emerged as the destroyer of president trump's signature promise to voters. >> that was a totally unexpected thing. terrible. honestly, terrible. so he decided to do something different. and that's fine. i say we still have a chance. we're going to do it eventually. >> reporter: this latest version would give states the ability to craft their own coverage but with far less funding and no
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guarantee for patients with preexisting conditions. experts say it would leave millions without insurance. >> he doesn't know the difference between medicare and medicaid. he barely knows the difference between melania and ivanka. >> reporter: pressure to vote this bill down now a cause celebre for late night host jimmy kimmel. after his son was born for a heart defect, he pushed hard for health care for all americans. he tweeted, thank you senator john mccain for being a hero again and again and now again. senators to now watch, alaska's lisaurkowski, and maine's susan collins, both moderate and both of whom voted against previous repeal legislation. >> i just have to do what i think is right. if i don't do that, then i can't look at myself in the mirror. >> reporter: republicans will need 60 instead of 50 votes after december to pass any new legislation. chuck seibertson, abc news, new york. former presidential
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candidate bernie sanders is tackling health care in san francisco. he came to the city yesterday, rallying at a convention for nurses. abc 7 news reporter lonni rivera has the story. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders spoke to hundreds of nurses in san francisco about his medicare for all act. >> they understand they can't function effectively in a dysfunctional health care system. >> as an intensive care nursery nurse, infant mortality is high. and that's ridiculous. >> reporter: the vermont senator blasted republican efforts to repeal obamacare. >> how cruel, how immoral it is to say to those millions of americans, we are going to take away that health insurance that keeps you alive. >> reporter: he praised john mccain's decision not to support the graham/cassidy repeal and replace bill. >> john mccain has a conscience. and i wish very much that the rest of the republican
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leadership had that conscience as well. >> reporter: from health care to free higher education, sanders' stop at san francisco city college to applaud their first semester of tuition-free classes. several supporters came out to hear senator sanders speak or pick up a t-shirt or button to show their support for his vision, a vision that's well-received by bay area residents who still feel the bern. in san francisco, lonni rivera, abc 7 news. the department of homeland tyricu cas h california was one of 21 states where russian hackers targeted election systems. california secretary of state alex padilla says there's no evidence the system was breached or any voter information was compromised. he also said it's unacceptable that it took more than a year for dhs l t k t about the attempted breach. in san francisco, a popular grocer is being remembered as police search for the driver who plowed into him in a fatal hit
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and run. constantin "gus" vardakastanis was known from city hall to the streets of the mission as gus. he was 57 years old. gus was killed as he walked to the san francisco produce market to check out the day's fruits and vegetables. he owned three neighborhood markets in the city and made a point of hiring locally. >> he was relentless in his outreach to my office for sure. but it was always about like the community and how you work to resolve an issue. >> police are looking for the driver of a silver sedan with damage to the front end as well as the windshield. police in san rafael want to track down these robbery suspects. they're accused of stealing a purse from a 92-year-old woman at north gate mall last saturday. poliaid they parked across from t shece victim, walked up behind her and forcibly took her purse. they drove away in a gray nissan. the victim was not hurt. investigators with san francisco police are asking for the public's help to solve an auto burglary at ocean beach.
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it happened back on august 12th. antique jewelry valued at $900,000 was taken from a 2016 black escalade in a parking lot near the great highway and balboa street. police believe a 2000 blue acura tl was seen speeding to the area, connected to the theft. happening today, if you're planning on taking b.a.r.t. this weekend, expect 20 to 30-minute delays if you're headed to fremont. b.a.r.t. officials are closing the warm springs/south fremont station this weekend as well as next weekend. anyone driving to b.a.r.t. should park at the fremont station. the agency will be installing and testing new software ahead of the silicon extension opening. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the forecast for us. says mild 56 degrees in san francisco. clear sky, no fog to speak of. mid-40s north bay, even a few 40s in our east bay schovalley. a chilly start, a warm
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afternoon. 80s return today, not for all of you. i'll explain, next. lso li ahead, a former facebook employee is suing the social media giant. what he claims the company is doing. also detours or dining. local shop owners blame traffic apps for a drop in business. dad sitting in a restaurant. >> he spotted someone or something. >> next "right this minute."
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a former facebook employee is suing the company for age discrimination. the city news service reports a 52-year-old filed the lawsuit in los angeles. he claims that facebook has a record of getting rid of employees older than 50. the lawsuit says managers told terminated workers they were a poor cultural fit. he was fired from facebook in 2015. facebook could not be reached for comment. a plane crashed on a residential street in glendale last night but the pilot and passenger were able to escape without injuries. the plane was wedged between an apartment building and a smart and final store. the two men were headed from redlands to burbank when they said there was a problem with the engine. the plane clipped a tree and hit several parked cars on the street. thankfully no one was hurt on the road there. the cause of the engine failure is under investigation. hatching todappening today, workshop at mission high school to renew daca enrollment. recipients whose documents
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expire in march have until october 5th to apply. today's workshop is from 1:00 to 5:00 at mission high school. daca recipients should bring their i.d., work authorization cards, a copy of their prior daca application, and travel or passport documents. the city is covering the $495 application fee. happening today, the city of los gatos is closing north santa cruz avenue for a food and wine event. local businesses hope eat drink los gatos will entice people back to downtown after a pretty tough summer. part of the problem, traffic is keeping customers away. abc news reporter katie marzullo has more. >> at times it's been absolutely unbelievable. >> reporter: fred berkowitz lives in los gatos and lately has been avoiding downtown. >> most of the time i go to campbell now. >> reporter: the problem is beach traffic causes gridlock around town and traffic apps steer people clear of town. >> not only was it that we
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couldn't have visitors from out of town, which we typically have, but even our own locals could not get down and enjoy our shops and restaurants. >> reporter: businesowners felt the impact. >> we used to have a big parking problem during the summer weekends. and now we have no parking problem because there's nobody here. >> reporter: hults restaurant stopped serve lunch. the owner says it was no longer profitable. >> fridays, saturdays, sundays are the busiest days in the restaurant business. but when there's gridlock, nobody wants to sit in traffic. >> reporter: alex is among the people trying to bring people downtown. the saturday event includes food, beer, and live bands plus the rare closure of the main drag. meantime the chamber of commerce says it's working with town government on pilot programs for next summer to curb the traffic problem. in los gatos, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. time now is 6:16. the chp is warning drivers to
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secure their loads after a piece of metal pierced a driver's windshield yesterday morning in oakland on interstate 880. a pretty close call for the driver and the two dogs inside. fortunately, there were no injuries. 200 young girls learned to code last night. abc 7 news was in san francisco for the code hack-a-thon, led b code. the girls spent the evening using computer programming to address social issues in their community. >> what tool or app can you create to make your neighbor next door feel safer. what tool or app can you create to make the government run smoother. >> black girls code is on a quest to train 1 million girls of color for science, technology, engineering, and math careers by the year 2040. abc 7's cheryl jennings was honored last night for her work on health and family
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the international association honored her for helping on issues such as a land mines. the association works with humanitarian associations around the world to improve human rights, education, and health. they're getting ready to party in walnut creek in weekend for the 81st annual walnut fest vague and ambiguou festival which raises lots of money for community groups. if you're lucky, you can meet king walnut. there will be a carnival with more than 30 rides and a kids zone. the festival is expected to draw thousands. tickets are $10 but you can get a discount if you bring food to donate to the food bank. it starts at 11:00 this morning. also happening today, san francisco's richmond district is hosting its first autumn moon
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festival. the holiday has been celebrated in asia for over 1,000 years. it's often considered chinese thanksgiving because of its celebration of gratitude. festival booths will line clement street between fifth and eighth avenue starting at 10:00 this morning. good saturday morning, waking up to clear conditions. your sweep on top of mt. st. helena. maria and the remnants of the system as it still maintains its hurricane status of 3. winds at 120 miles per hour. it's continuing to track to the north. as it does so, it will be in cooler water and eventually weaken. we'll get high swells here along the eastern seaboard of north carolina throughout the next couple of days. but other than that, this is kind of taking that same path that jose did, just sort of paralleling the coast, and then
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weakening in the cooler atlantic water. that's some good news. back home we're looking at the mildest numbers from san jose to san francisco this morning, in the 50s. it's in the 40s in gilroy, 47 half moon bay. we settled into this fall pattern in the last couple of days. hopefully you liked it, but if you would like a change, that's also good, because we're going to hold on to the cool mornings. the afternoons will be getting much warmer. 45 santa rosa, 46 in novato, low 50s in concord and fairfield. livermore checking in at 47 degrees. finally from our sutro tower camera, you can see how clear it is out there, a nice vantage point for a saturday morning and waking up early. a warming trend for this weekend. high fire danger for the north bay mountains, that includes napa and sonoma, where winds could be gusting in excess of 25 miles an hour. relative humidity could be in
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the single digits. temperatures continue to warm to the middle and end of next week. beach weather, why not, today, right? in the upper 60s from ocean beach. 76 in santa cruz. even the ocean temperature not bad at 61. so looking oktoberfest by the bay, numbers in the low 60s 11 conclud 11:00 with the sun setting at 8:04. across the bay, lots of activity in berkeley with temperatures at about 70 degrees here. 12:30. not going to warm up too much more. beautiful day here at usc comes to town. we'll look for numbers elsewhere around the bay to be a little bit warmer. south bay, 80 today. on the peninsula, nice numbers from mid- and upper 70s. san mateo, palo alto. in the city, 70 in the north bay. near east bay, 76 in hayward.
6:22 am
castro valley, 78. inland, low 80s for a change. 81 in pleasanton. tonight, low 50s and mid-40s once again. the seven-day forecast, today begins the warming trend. it gets even warmer tomorrow for a better beach day, above average for the middle of next week. the autumn warmth looks like it's holding on at this point, at least through the week with highs in the 90s. but if you download our accuweather app, you can keep track of of your own temperatures in your neighborhood. >> i love that app, it always works wonders when you just want to know the hour by hour forecast. >> always there for you. >> lisa, thank you. ahead, this isn't a scene from the new "guardians of the galaxy" movie. we'll explain the story behind this wild ride. and abc 7 is observing hispanic heritage month on instagram. santa rosa's tortilla factory is celebrating 40 years. they put down roots in sonoma county in 1977 and have been
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dedicated to bringing authentic mexican flavors to california ever since.
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paula faris joins us from new york. >> the n, already dire iniosi patuerttuo rico, has tur life-threatening as there are new fears that a dam will fail. tens of thousands have been warned to get to higher ground.
6:26 am
we'll have the very latest on the situation there in puerto rico. plus in politics, president trump responded overnight to the health care battle after senator john mccain says he will vote no. the president not giving up, however. we'll tell you what needs to happen for this latest push. finally, prince harry's invictus games kick off in toronto but all eyes are on his actress girlfriend. will the pair make a rare public appearance together as anticipation grows over a pending proposal? all coming up on "gma" this saturday. we hope to see you soon. check out this incredible ride-along in colorado springs. an officer was race to go a traffic accident when a raccoon suddenly jumped onto the windshield. the officer pulled over and snapped a few photos before the raccoon took off. it was not hurt. the police department's facebook page called it positively surprising. still to come on "abc 7 mornings," rescuers continue to search collapsed buildings in mexico city where people may
6:27 am
still be buried alive after this week's devastating earthquake. plus first responders who helped withriur hrmsaneca are b bay area. hear their firstha (dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people?
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>> announcer: good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen.
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here's meteorologist lisa argen, tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. the national weather service has issued a red flag warning for higher elevations, above a thousand feet of the north bay. we're talking about marin and sonoma, napa as well. we could see low relative humidity and breezy north winds. towards the delta as well, the sacramento valley excessively hot and dry through tuesday. numbers will continue to warm each and every day above average. 50 in oakland, 54 in san jose. what a nice shot here from our exploratorium camera. 46 novato and 47 in livermore. today begins the warming trend with 60s and 70s by noontime. by the afternoon, low to mid-80 otherwise s in our inland valleys. temperatures will climb through the 90s each and every week. i expect the high fire danger to
6:31 am
continue. we'll talk about how warm it's going to get through the next seven days, coming up. chris? >> lisa, thank you. in mexico this morning, a magnitude 6.2 aftershock has hit near oaxaca as the desperate search for survivors trapped in the rubble continues in mexico city. rescue teams are working round the clock four days after that earthquake struck. abc news reporter matt gutman is with the rescuers and the families all praying for a miracle. >> reporter: in mexico city, amidst the flattened buildings, there are spikes of hope. cheers erupting at this factory where overnight, another person was found alive. those rescues dangerous, as we saw firsthand. debris crashing down around us. >> watch it, watch it! >> reporter: moments lateroffic fearing another building collapse. we joined the l.a. county fire search and rescue team at this pancaked office building. >> the fire rescue team says the six stories collapsed so intensely, there's no void space.
6:32 am
the concern is that no one could survive that. >> reporter: just yards from the rubble, under these tarps, the families of the dozen or so missing prayed. it was after those prayers that we met fabiola. her brother sandoval is in the building. she showed us around the improvised tent where families have been living the last four days. they're all there, cousins, siblings, friends. then the call for silence. >> they've called for silence. that's when they try to listen for something in the rubble. these are the moments of hope. >> reporter: she told us that they need to show strength. but after four days, even iron will can snap. >> she says her brother is very strong. >> reporter: and everywhere, solidarity for mexico. in the rubble of this building,
6:33 am
a salute to the mexican national anthem. >> and that was matt gutman reporting. the trump administration plans to unveil a more targeted travel ban this weekend. the president's 90-day ban on visitors from six muslim nations is set to expire tomorrow. the new restrictions will vary by country and could include a ban on travel to the united states or new restrictions on obtaining visas for citizens of some countries. officials refuse to name the countries that would be covered by the new rules, saying the president has not yet made a final decision. now to puerto rico, where a dam is at imminent risk of failure. officials are calling it a life-threatening situation, a mass evacuation is under way involving 70,000 people. abc's rob marciano returns to the town where hurricane maria came ashore. >> reporter: the new emergency in this unfolding disaster.
6:34 am
the battering of hurricane maria and 40 inches of rain causing this major dam's failure. flash flooding now forcing 70,000 people to evacuate immediately. officials saying a crack is forming in the guajataca dam. authorities with a stark warning. people's lives are in danger. utter devastation being felt throughout the u.s. territory. the chaos and desperation painfully etched into caregiver maria ortiz' voice. >> we can't let them die. we need all the help we can get. please. >> reporter: we first met her thursday as she struggled to keep 11 nursing home patients alive, their generator running low on fuel. >> what are we going to do? what are we going to do? >> reporter: when we returned, help had not arrived. the generator out of fuel. power gone. it's been 20 hours since we called the governor's office on maria's behalf. we had trouble getting through. we're not alone. communication nearly impossible
6:35 am
across the island. drivers lined up here as far as the eye can see to access one of the only working cellphone towers. maria hasn't seen or heard from her mother since before the hurricane hit. [ crying ] >> reporter: some relief knowing her parents are okay. then the son of one of maria's patients shows up with a diesel the care center desperately needs. about how long does a tank last? >> eight hours. >> reporter: another temporary fix. [ engine starting ] elation, knowing there's enough fuel to at least get through the night. >> that was rob marciano reporting. dozens of first responders who are on the front lines of hurricanes harvey and irma are back in the east bay. some of them are returning home after nearly a month-long deployment. >> reporter: from coast to coast, a cross country road trip for first responders.
6:36 am
>> boats are in people's driveways, vehicles are overturned and parked in the wrong spots. >> reporter: the remaining 26 members of california task force 4 returned to oakland after responding to hurricanes harvey and irma. >> just imagine all your belongings you have in the home, then a huge wall of water pushes everything up and breaks your fences down. >> reporter: a total of 80 members were deployed, most of whom came from 18 bay area fire agencies. >> as we were going down west towards the keys, we saw just thousands of cars trying to evacuate. >> reporter: the task force, which is funded by fema and based in oakland, searched more than 8,000 homes in the disaster zones over the past month. driving thousands of miles to texas and florida and then back home to california. hauling all of the necessary euipment to conduct their work. >> floodwaters aren't just creek water running out. it has a lot of household hazardous wastes in it. they can have fuel that's leaked into it from different places.
6:37 am
those things all pose potential hazards to the rescuers. >> reporter: each day a different task, from water rescues to clearing debris and everything in between. >> they were able to train, we were able to prepare. when the disaster occurs, we're able to respond. >> reporter: a long journey back to the bay. but one that all of them say was well worth it. >> in a time of need, this country really does pull together and send people from all over the place to make a difference and really try to help. >> we also want to mention a group of pg&e employees will return to sacramento today after they spent more than two weeks helping to restore power in florida after hurricane you remember -- hurricane irma. president trump is ssponding to steph y'r.rrcu yesterday the point guard said he's against the golden state warriors possibly going to the white house to celebrate their
6:38 am
championship title. >> we don't stand for basically what our president has -- the things that he's said and the things that he hasn't said at the right times. we won't stand for it. by acting, and not going, hopefully that will inspire some change when it comes to what we tolerate in this country and what is accepted and what is -- what we turn a blind eye to. i mean, it's not just the act of not going. there are things that you have to do on the back end to push that message into motion. >> it looks like the team might not be invited to the white house after all. the president tweeted less than an hour ago, quote, going to the white house is considered a great honor for a championship team. stephan curry is hesitating. therefore invitation is
6:39 am
withdrawn. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," a local dog food anmpcoy pet to be happy and healthy. what they sell in addition to kibble that can help these dogs grow up, not grow out. first, as we head to break, a live look outside from our abc 7 camera. lisa argen will break down the full forecast.
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happening today, bring your appetite to the east bay. this weekend is the annual eat real festival in oakland. starting at 10:30 this morning at jack london square, enjoy food and drinks from more than 100 vendor. the oakland symphony will perform and there will be a fun zone with activities for the entire family. admission is free and all the street food at the festival costs $10 or less. looks like a fun time, lisa. >> good morning, everyone. hopefully you enjoyed the cooldown. we have nice fall-like weather. it's appropriate, the first weekend of fall, although we're also going to bring in warmer numbers without the fog. that is certainly typical of september and october. so we'll talk about how much we'll warm up today and how it lasts into the week ahead in just a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you. also next, the star of the nba season is just around the corner. anthony flores takes us behind the scenes.
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in sports, a big day ahead for bay area college football fans. fifth ranked usc battles cal at memorial stadium at 12:30. at 4:30, utah state hosts san jose state. tonight at the farm, you felt cla versus stanford kicks off at 7:30. watch the game on our sister network, espn. today the warriors open training
6:46 am
camp at the team's practice facility in downtown oakland. yesterday it was media day for the defending nba champs. here's anthony flores with more in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everyone. it seems like the season never ended, probably because the warriors were always in the headlines. from new business deals to social media rants to traveling the world, it's been a busy off season. now it's time to go back to work. the dubs holding their annual media day in oakland, returning almost their entire roster. curry, grant, thompson, and green at the tops of their games. the warriors huge favorites to win their third title in four years. >> the challenge is obvious. three years in a row in the finals, trying to make it a fourth. very few teams have done that. there's a reason. it's a long haul. >> this aura around the game, i feel like we're going to go there for sure. we've still got to produce and
6:47 am
play and get better on the court. if we focus on that, just focus on that, we'll see what happens. >> i obviously still feel like the champion. but i worked harder this summer, i would say, because i know how many more teams are gunning for that title. everyone wants to see the warriors lose now, which is fine. i mean, it's a great position to be in when you're probably the most hated in the league. all the greatest teams are hated. we embrace it. >> amongst all the chatter, the ro sm stiethe new guy,ou n bick young, who apparently has not done much sightseeing in the bay area. >> i had some of y'all's clam chowder out here so far. the sourdough, the sourdough bread. yeah, i had that so far, you know. and i went to the crook he haddest place in the world, the street. yeah, yeah, yeah. so i've been around a little bit. now to baseball. the a's rookie with the most home run in a season. mark mcgwire, jose conseco, now matt olson sits in third after
6:48 am
friday night's bash. bottom two, olson becomes the first mlb rookie with 16 homers in a 23-game span, his 13 in september leads the majors. he's got 24 total. a's up 2-0. kendall graveman working out of a jam. seven innings, giving up one run on six hits with four k's. top nine, the rangers had to tie runs on base. shin chuchu goes down swinging to end the game. a's win it 4-1, they've taken five. giants and dodgers, l.a. la. bottom three, tied at one. cody bellinger for his 39th of the year, a national league rookie recalled. dodgers up 4-1. pablo sandoval cracks his second homer of the week. that makes it a 4-2 game. kenly janson gets rider jones to end it. 4-2 is the final. the giants for the second time in three years, the dodgers have
6:49 am
clinched by beating the giants l.a.'s fifth straight division title. in toronto on an otherwise routine play, watch the shortstop throw the ball back to the pitcher. todd fraser tags him for the third out. i thought that only works in little league. that is known as the hidden-ball trick, still effective in the major leagues. that's a look at your morning sports. have a great weekend, everyone. hi there, everyone. autumn arrived yesterday. that means about 12 hours of daylight and darkness, just about, and the sun coming up in less than ten minutes. pretty out there for mt. tam. still have those cool fall-like numbers in many of our valleys. that will change by the afternoon. we'll see certainly a warm-up. and in fact let's take a look at san jose, where average high is 81 degrees today. we'll be about 80. 83 tomorrow, 85 into monday. the warmest days of the week, we
6:50 am
continue to see the heat right on through wednesday and thursday, well above average, in the 90s. enjoy today. it's the subtle warm-up. yesterday we didn't have any 70s at all or 80s, i should say. today the 80s arrive. a beautiful picture from our exploratorium camera. we're looking at t metha layer really chewed out. we'll just enjoy more live cameras with sunny skies. so today should be a beautiful fall afternoon. 54 in san francisco right now. same deal as san jose. ten degrees cooler in gilroy at 44. 50 in oakland. half moon bay at 47 degrees. so we'll look for good air quality and one of those fine fall weekends. as we get into next week, yes, we also get the warmth this time of year. that's on cue as well. 52 bit dey the delta. mid-40s santa rosa and napa. emeryville this morning, it's
6:51 am
clear. we'll look for the warming trend to begin for the weekend. looking at high fire danger, upper elevations of the north bay through next week, particularly sonoma county, also around mt. st. helena. have to watch out for that if you're headed to wine country. temperatures continue above average into next week. if you notice, we're looking at numbers coming up slowly. by the time we get to wednesday and thursday, we're about 5 to 8 degrees above average. if you're headed to the bacon and brew fest today, it looks like a beautiful day with a bright start in san mateo and nice afternoon with 70s on the peninsula. the sea breeze kicking in by about 2:00. looks like a nice afternoon for that. and also for baseball, that's later. but right now we're looking at a before a done boat festival, lake merritt, mid- to upper 70s. here we go, texas and the
6:52 am
athletics. 69 at the 6:00 game, sun sets an hour later. we'll look for numbers to come down to the low 60s. 78 in palo alto, 79 in fremont. low 80s around today in concord, fairfield, and antioch. 75 for you in oakland with our beach temperatures pretty mild. overnight tonight, we'll still drop back into the 40s in the valleys of the north bay. also down around morgan hill, livermore at 50. the accuweather seven-day forecast, mid-80s today. upper 70s around the bay. mid- and upper 60s at the coast. download our accuweather app, and you've got nothing but sunshine each and every day with highs topping out in the upper 80s tomorrowst weather comes mid-week with above average numbers. so enjoy it. but i think some folks really like that feel of fall. >> absolutely. and the weather here, one of the reasons why many people choose to stay if the bay area, right? >> you get the windows open, and fresh air. >> lisa, thank you. for all the robots, absent
6:53 am
virtual reality that were unveiled at techcrunch disrupt, the most disruptive thing on the convention floor may have been the puppies. a startup in santa cruz wants to make life better for man's best techcrunch disrupt, a small handful of puppies disrupted the whole conference. >> doggie! >> reporter: grown men and women squealing like kids. >> oh, hello, baby! hi! >> reporter: and snapchating like teenagers. >> i think it's a win. i think every tech conference should have puppies. >> reporter: if all that cuteness makes you say -- >> yadoggie. >> reporter: you just said the name of the startup that brought them here. sol lipman sold his mobile app startup to aol. a few years later, he sold another startup to yahoo!. in tech when you develop your product by using it yourself, it's called eating your own dog
6:54 am
food. >> we took that to the next level. we customize a feeding program for your dog. >> reporter: it's marketed with the vibe you would expect from go, cr. yadoggie. >> reporter: there is a piece of technology, a simple one, designed to keep this little guy little as he grows up. >> it's a dog food scoop. it sounds crazy. it's a bluetooth enabled dog food scoop. >> reporter: it ships you more food before you run out. it's the antidote for those puppy dog eyes. >> dogs are tricky, a lot of dogs will pretend they've never been fed in their life. >> reporter: the scoop notifies your whole family that the dogs already had dinner. >> dog obesity is a big problem. over 50% of the dogs in at it u.s. are obese. and a big reason is that overfeeding. >> reporter: subscription services are hot with investors. but lipman says he's not rushing to make another quick exit. he says he could eat this dog food for a while. >> i hope this is the last startup i ever do. >> reporter: jonathan bloom in
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
a final weather check with lisa. >> we're warming up just a bit. we'll have a return to 80s inland. 70 in san francisco. nice at the coast, 67. the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow warms up another four more degrees. look at the 90s, chris, mid-week, it will feel more like summer. >> can't wait, lisa, thank you.
6:58 am
thanks for joining us on "abc 7 mornings" for all of us, i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. the news continues online and twitter and instagram. "good morning america" is next and we're bac at 8:00 a.m. see you then.
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7:00 am
good morning, america. happening right now, the north korean earthquake. is this another nuclear test. the latest from the region, as president trump targets north korea's leader again. >> rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. >> his wide-ranging speech overnight on everything from russia to the nfl to the battle to repeal obamacare. >> we're going to win. it's going to be gone. breaking overnight, ready to burst? the life-threatening situation in puerto rico in the wake of hurricane maria, fears that a dam could collapse at any moment. tens of thousands have been told to get out of harm's way. >> me and my cousin still haven't been able to hear from our families over there. >> celebrities hoping to hear from loved ones. we're on the ground helping others get in touch, and we're there for the victories in the fight to save lives.


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