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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  September 23, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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allll mine. >> announcer: good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast, meteorologist lisa argen is tracking live doppler 7. >> good morning, chris. it feels like fall for the next couple of hours because it's cool. we have some 40 house as and a right now. gilroy still in the upper 40s. we have warmer numbers around the bay. 54 in hayward, mountain view, and los gatos. we're warmer to the north and we're going to get into northerly winds. that's going to bring on not only a warm-up but high fire danger. looking at some coolers numbers
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elsewhere. through the afternoon, the temperatures will climb back into the 80s today in our inland valleys. that's warmer by about 5 or 6 f degrees than we had yesterday. 60s and 70s by noontime. tons of sun with a warmer afternoon. low 80s inland. a nice evening, that sun setting just after 7:00. we'll talk about even more warmth headed our way, not only for the second half of the weekend but for much of next week, coming up in a few minutes, chris. us not going to the white house isn't going to miraculously make things better. this is my opportunity to voice that. >> developing news, steph curry's voice has struck a chord with president trump. this morning the president tweeted his response, quote, going to the white house is considered a great honor for a championship team. stephan curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn. yesterday the team said it it planned to discuss whether to
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accept a formal invitation. curry said he wouldn't want to go. >> we don't stand for basically what our president has -- the things that he's said and the things that he hasn't said. we won't stand for it. and by acting and not going, hopefully that will inspire some change when it comes to what we tolerate in this country and what is accepted and what is -- what we turn a blind eye to. i mean, it's not just the act of not going. there are things that you have to do on the back end to actually push that message into motion. >> again, the warriors had planned to meet in the next couple of weeks to decide whether to visit the white house if formally invited. nfl players are responding this morning after president trump said that team owners should fire anyone who kneels during the national anthem. >> wouldn't you love to see one
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of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects flag to get that son of a [ bleep ] often the field right now, out, he's fired. >> the president didn't mention any specific players while speaking at a rally in alabama. as you'll recall, former 49ers 4 quarterback colin kaepernick refused to stand last season because of protests over police brutality. president trump also said that stiffer penalties over hard hits are ruining the game. >> today if they hit too hard, 15 yards, throw him out of the game. >> on twitter, detroit lions tight end eric ebron wrote, anyone tell trump to stick to politics like they tell us to stick to sports? the president says fans should leave the stadium if they see a player protest on the field. developing news in the south bay. a woman is recovering from her
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injuries this morning after a bizarre accident in campbell. police responded to the call around 9:00 last night at a carport on union avenue. investigators say it appears the woman got out of her car but how the car kept traveling and hit her. bystanders were giving her cpr when police arrived. she was taken to a local hospital. confusion on cal's campus over a series of right wing speeches. free speech week begins tomorrow. students are unsure how it could affect them or if it will even happen. today minority groups will march against hate and white supremacy in berkeley. they'll meet at 63rd and adeline at noon. abc 7 news reporter katie utehs reached out to campus police who say they'll be ready no matter what. >> reporter: the university of california at berkeley is preparing for the worst ahad of an event dubbed free speech week. milo yiannopoulos's event in february deteriorated into a riot.
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>> if you would just let him spak, none of this would happen. >> reporter: this student debated organizers who are planning to protest. >> we've got to have the whole community coming out to shut them down and defend the wellbeing and safety of this community. >> reporter: cal state police's officers are being brought in as has been done in the past, even as the speaker list evolves. >> because of the unknowns, we are treating it as if it's going all the way. >> we're caught between a rock and a hard place. our compliance with the first amendment and the law as a public institution is not discretionary. >> reporter: some students say they're caught in the middle too. >> i'm going to see how it looks on monday and then decide whether or not i'll go to class. >> this is a good school. i'm a philosophy student. i can hear opposing viewpoints. if i hear something that is egregious, i can make that decision for myself. >> reporter: students in the berkeley patriot group are hosting the event.
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it will be here on sunday through wednesday. katie utehs, abc 7 news. >> as katie said, milo yiannopoulos, one of the scheduled speakers, plans to hold a press conference in san francisco today before free speech week begins. to receive updates throughout the weekend, download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts. time now, 8:06. senator john mccain shot down his own party's plan to repeal and replace president obama's affordable care act. the graham/cassidy bill is not just unpopular with mccain but also americans. an abc news poll released last night shows just 33% of americans support the bill. abc news reporter stephanie ramos has the latest. >> reporter: overnight, the president taking the stage in huntsville, alabama. >> i love this state and i love the people of this state. >> reporter: rallying for embattled senate candidate luther strange, trump going
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after everything from north korea, even the nfl, to health care. the president still vowing to get rid of obamacare. >> we're going to win. it's going to be gone. >> reporter: this morning, the gop health care bill is one vote away from failing, with senator john mccain shooting it down, again. saying in a statement friday he cannot in good conscience vote for the latest republican plan. he says a bill of this impact requires a bipartisan it was just claia couple of mon ago when mccain gave a thumbs vote down on a vote to repeal obamacare. the president telling the alabama crowd, he was shocked. >> totally unexpected thing. terrible. >> reporter: and trump again using a nickname to call out north korea's leader kim jong un, ramping up insults toward the dictator. >> rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. >> reporter: north korea leader kim jong un says trump is
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mentally deranged, senile and old. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. former presidential candidate bernie sanders is tackling health care in san francisco. he came to the city for a rally of nurses. abc 7 news reporter lonni rivera has the story. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders spoke to hundreds of nurses in san francisco about his medicare for all act. >> they understand they can't function effectively in a dysfunctional health care system. >> as an intensive care nursery nurse, infant mortality is high. and that's ridiculous. >> reporter: the vermont senator blasted republican efforts to repeal obamacare. >> how cruel, how immoral it is to say to those millions of americans, we are going to take away that health insurance that keeps you alive. >> reporter: he praised john mccain's decision not to support the graham/cassidy repeal and replace bill.
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>> john mccain has a conscience. and i wish very much that the rest of the republican leadership had that conscience as well. >> reporter: from health care to free higher education, sanders' stop at san francisco city college to applaud their first semester of tuition-free classes. several supporters came out to hear senator sanders speak or pick up a t-shirt or button to show their support for his vision, a vision that's well-received by bay area residents who still feel the bern. in san francisco, lonni rivera, abc 7 news. the department of homeland security has confirmed that california was one of 21 states where russian hackers targeted election systems. california secretary of state alex padilla said there's no evidence the system was breached or that any voter information was compromised. he also said it's unacceptable that it took more than a year for dhs to let him know about
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the attempted breach. in san francisco, a popular grocer is being remembered as police search for the driver who plowed into him in a fatal hit and run. constantin "gus" vardakastanis was known from city hall to the streets of the mission as gus. he was 57 years old. gus was killed as he walked to the san francisco produce market to check out the day's fruits and vegetables. he owned three neighborhood markets in the city and made a point of hiring locally. >> he was relentless in his outreach to my office for sure. but it was always about like the community and how you work to resolve an issue. >> police are looking for the driver of a silver sedan with damage to the front end as well as the windshield. police in san rafael want to track down these robbery suspects. they're accused of stealing a purse from a 92-year-old woman at north gate mall last saturday. police said they parked across from the victim, walked up
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behind her, and forcibly took her purse. they drove away in a gray nissan. the victim was not hurt. happening today, if you're planning on taking b.a.r.t. this weekend, expect 20 to 30-minute delays if you're headed to fremont. b.a.r.t. officials are closing the warm springs south fremont station twehieksend. anyone driving to b.a.r.t. should park at the fremont station. the agency will be installing and testing new software ahead of the silicon valley extension's opening. meteorologist lisa argen is here and tracking a warm-up on the way. there's also a red flag advisory in some parts of the bay area? >> that's right, a warning for upper elevations and the north bay. but most of you probably like those 40-degree temperatures you woke up to early this morning. a couple still holding on in the east bay. you can see a breeze from our east bay hills camera. we're talking about an offshore flow. high fire danger is with us for the next several days. we'll talk about how hot it's going to get and when you're going to warm up. it's 57 right now in the city.
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see you back in a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you. also ahead, a former facebook employee is suing the social media giant. what he claims the company is doing. and detours or dining. local shop owners blame traffic apps for a drop in business.
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a former facebook employee is suing the company for age discrimination. city news service reports a 52-year-old filed the lawsuit in los angeles. he claims that facebook has a record of getting rid of employees older than 50. the lawsuit says managers told terminated workers they were a poor cultural fit. he was fired from facebook in 2015. facebook could not be reached for comment. happening today, some help for daca recipients in san francisco. there's a free workshop at mission high school to renew daca enrollment. recipients whose documents expire in march have until october 5th to apply. today's workshop is at mission high school from 1:00 to 5:00. daca recipients should bring their i.d., work authorization cards, a copy of their prior daca authorization and passport or travel documents. the city is covering the $495 application fee. happening today, the city of
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los gatos is closing north santa cruz avenue for a food and wine event. local businesses hope eat drink los gatos will entice people to come back to downtown after a tough summer. part of problem, traffic is keeping customers away. abc news reporter katie marzullo has more. >> at times it's been absolutely unbelievable. stopped, backed up for 30, 40 minutes. >> reporter: fred berkowitz lives in los gatos and lately has been avoiding downtown. >> most of the time i go to campbell now. >> reporter: the problem is beach traffic causes gridlock around town and traffic apps steer people clear of town. >> not only was it that we couldn't have visitors from out of town, which we typically have, but even our own locals could not get down and enjoy our shops and restaurants. >> reporter: business owners felt the impact. >> we used to have a big parking problem during the summer weekends. and now we have no parking problem because there's nobody here. >> reporter: hults restaurant
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stopped serving lunch. the owner says it was no longer profitable. >> fridays, saturdays, sundays are the busiest days in the restaurant business. but when there's gridlock, nobody wants to sit in traffic. >> reporter: alex is among the people trying to bring people downtown. the saturday event includes food, beer, and live bands plus the rare closure of the main drag. meantime the chamber of commerce says it's working with town government on pilot programs for next summer to curb the traffic problem. in los gatos, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. happening today, a special honor for female firefighters in san francisco. it's been 30 years since women began serving with the san francisco fire department. today the department honored the largest percentage of women on any force in the united states. the united fire servicewomen is hosting a reception tonight at the 111 meinameainameainamean
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200 girls learned how to use technology to help their communities. the organization black girls code event put on the event. the girl used computer programming to address social issues. >> what tool or app can you create to make your neighbor next door feel safer? what tool or app can you create to make the government run smoother? >> black girls code is on a quest to train 1 million girls of color for science, technology, engineering, and math careers by the year 2040. abc 7's cheryl jennings was honored last night for her work on health and family issues. the international association presented her with its annual humanitarian award in san rafael. she was singled out for helping to remove land mines and bring land back to productive use.
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the association works with humanitarian organizations around the world to improve human rights, education, and health. many people are getting ready to party this weekend in walnut creek, all for the 81st annual walnut festival. the event at heather farm park runs through tomorrow and raises a lot of money for community groups. if you're lucky, you can meet king walnut. there will be two stages of live music, a carnival with more than 30 rides and a kids zone. the festival is expected to draw thousands of people. tickets are $10, but you can get a discount if you bring food to donate to the food bank. it starts at 11 this morning. also happening today, san francisco's richmond district is hosting its first autumn moon festival. the holiday, marking the fall harvest, has been celebrated in asia for more than 1,000 years. the moon festival is often considered chinese thanksgiving because of its celebration of gratitude. festival booths will line clement street between 5th and 8th avenues starting at 10:00
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this morning, offering food, crafts, and cultural performances. good saturday morning. live doppler 7 reflecting the clear conditions here. but i wanted to get you updated on hurricane maria, a category 3 moving away from the bahamas. this still is a strong storm, but it continues to move north into the atlantic. and as it does, it will begin to weaken. but we're looking at high swells and life-threatening surf here, and rip tides along the southeastern u.s. so keep that in mind if you are headed that way or have family there, those beaches are really off limits for the next several days due to dangerous conditions. back home, you'll want to head to the beach with the clear sky and gentle breeze out there. no fog. 60 in san francisco. 52 oakland. it's 47 in gilroy, mid-50s in mountain view and san jose. it felt so much like fall the past couple of days. we'll bring a little more summer back into your forecast, especially by tomorrow and into
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next week. so the beaches will be pleasant. 53 right now in santa rosa. still kind of cool in our north bay valleys. concord at 53. livermore checking in at 50. mt. tam, you had those overnight lows in the 40s, that extra blanket. overnight lows will still stay cool despite our warm-up throughout the next several days. the warming trend on track today, tomorrow, and next week, with the high fire danger and the red flag warning, looking at continuing to run above average. higher elevations, marin, sonoma, mt. st. helene, some of these gusts could be high with relative humidity below 15%. keep that in mind if you're out and about. low 90s today, 82, a good jump
8:22 am
by tuesday. if you like it on the cool side, the mornings, the evenings have been pleasant. in between, we're warm today in santa clara at 80. 76 in santa cruz. on the peninsula, mid- and upper 70s. palo alto and mountain view, a beautiful day here. a sea breeze later today, 70 downtown. 72 south city. north bay numbers, a few 80s arriving from petaluma to san jose, 79 in vallejo. really nice afternoon if you're spending the day outside in oakland, about 75. 3:00, you should hit about 79 degrees in fremont. heading inland, numbers coming up about 5 degrees today, 82 in concord, 81 in pleasanton. an evening game in oakland, 69 . n st gr7:04. we'll be dropping through the 60s. 40s again arriving tonight from the coast to the valleys, 50s somewhere else. the accuweather seven-day forecast will show you coinciding with the warmer
8:23 am
numbers throughout the afternoon, bringing the warmer days right through the middle of the week. so yes, it's the first weekend of fall, but you know what that means, we get our warmest weather this time of year. that seven-day shows that. >> indian summer in the bay area. lisa, thank you. just ahead, no, this isn't a scene from the new "guardians of the galaxy" movie. we'll explain the story behind this wild ride. first, abc 7 is observing hispanic heritage month on instagram. the la tortilla factory is celebrating 40 years. they put down roots in sonoma county in 1977 and have been dedicated to bring authentic mexican flavors to california ever since.
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welcome back, everyone. check out this incredible ride along in colorado springs. an officer was racing to a traffic accident when a raccoon suddenly jumped onto the windshield. the officer pulled over and snapped a few photos before the raccoon took off. it was not hurt. the police department's facebook page called it positively surprising. still to come on "abc 7 mornings," an earthquake hits north korea in the same area where the country conducted a nuclear test. more on why some reports say it was not a result of a detonation. plus first responders who
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helped with hurricanes harvey and irma are back home in the bay area. hear their firsthand accounts.
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new ez open gogurt. kids never had it so easy. in this home we make breakfast. sometimes messes! but always masterpieces... together. what matters most is made at home. good morning, everyone, thanks so much for joining us, i'm chris nguyen. we're starting with a quick look at the weather. meteorologist lisa argen is tracked the conditions where you live. >> hi, chris. north winds especially in the
8:30 am
upper elevations. the red highlighted areas are where we have a red flag warning, not only today and tomorrow, but right on through tuesday. so this will take us through tuesday afternoon with low relative humidity and gusty upper elevation winds. it's all about the fall-like feel this morning. 48 in gilroy, 52 in oakland. san francisco already at 61. look at emeryville, a beautiful picture with low 50s, concord and santa rosa 59, and napa. your forecast today calls for temperatures to warm into the 60s throughout much of the mid-morning hours. you'll be in the 70s inland by noontime. and some 80s arrive. and those numbers will continue to go up each and every day around the bay and at the coast. i'll tell you how long and how warm, a little later. >> lisa, thank you. a big aftershock following tuesday's disastrous earthquake in mexico city. the quake struck 170 miles
8:31 am
outside the capital just before 5:00 this morning. this video is from mexico city. rescuers are still looking for survivors from the first quake but were forced to suspend their search. signs warned people to take cover. another earthquake, this time in north carolina. it happened in an area where the country conducted a nuclear test. abc news reporter jennifer eccleston is in london with the latest. >> reporter: chinese media are reporting a 3.4 magnitude earthquake in north korea. the last time a tremor was registered in the korean peninsula it was the result of a nuclear test. so far these are been no confirmation from pyongyang about a possible detonation. but tensions in the region have been escalating after a war of words between the united states and north korea about its nuclear ambitions. that rhetoric following the detonation of a suspected hydrogen bomb on september 3rd. that blast registered a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. that was pyongyang'spyongyang's'
8:32 am
sixth nucleartest. this morning the south koreans are confirming a small quake with some news reports suggesting the tremor was a natural occurrence. but those reports also indicate today's quake was near that september explosion. the usga is also saying it was near the explosion but it cannot confirm whether it was a blast or normal event. this follows the north korea leader's threat to test a hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean and a direct threat to take, quote, highest level action against the united states over president trump's threat to totally destroy the north if america is provoked. jennifer eccleston, abc news, london. iran is also flexing its military muscles. stayed media reports the country successfully tested a ballistic missile. you're watching footage released this morning. the missile was displayed at a
8:33 am
military parade yesterday. iran says it can carry several warheads and can reach 1200 miles. this morning we're tracking a dire situation in puerto rico where a dam could collapse at any moment, putting 70,000 people at risk. and adding to the misery, the entire island is still without power. abc news reporter victor akendo is there. >> reporter: 70,000 people in puerto rico have been forced to evacuate immediately. rain sparked flash flood emergencies. officials warned residents to move to higher ground, fearing it could collapse at any moment. this crisis as desperate cries for help continue across the island. with communication nearly impossible. >> i haven't spoken to anyone since midnight on tuesday. >> reporter: hundreds of cars pulling over on the side of a highway. one of the only places with cell service. even stars like jennifer lopez.
8:34 am
>> me and my cousin haven't been able to hear from our families over there. >> reporter: ricky martin, and marc anthony. >> today puerto rico needs your help. >> reporter: not able to connect with their loved ones. we're making the drive from san juan to ponce. people have said they couldn't get in touch with loved ones in that part of puerto rico. >> we're desperate trying to confirm their whereabouts and that they're doing fine. >> reporter: we set out to this home. a downed power pole and low hanging lines at the entrance of their community. inside, antonio and his wife julie. you guys are okay? >> yes. >> reporter: safe and sound, just without power or any way to communicate with the outside world. his message to his daughter? >> i love you. dozens of first respond eers
8:35 am
who are on the front lines of hurricanes harvey and irma are back in the east bay. some of them are returning home after nearly a month. >> reporter: from coast to coast, a cross country road trip for first responders. >> boats are in people's driveways, vehicles are overturned and parked in the wrong spots. >> reporter: the remaining 26 members of california task force 4 returned to oakland after responding to hurricanes harvey and irma. >> just imagine all your belongings you have in the home, then a huge wall of water pushes everything up and breaks your fences down. >> reporter: a total of 80 members were deployed, most of whom came from 18 bay area fire agencies. >> as we were going down west towards the keys, we saw just thousands of cars trying to evacuate. >> reporter: the task force, which is funded by fema and based in oakland, searched more than 8,000 homes in the disaster zones over the past month. driving thousands of miles to texas and florida and then back home to california. hauling all of the necessary
8:36 am
equipment to conduct their work. >> floodwaters aren't just creek water running out. it has a lot of household hazardous wastes in it. they can have fuel that's leaked into it from different places. those things all pose potential hazards to the rescuers. >> reporter: each day a different task, from water rescues to clearing debris and everything in between. >> they were able to train, we were able to prepare. when the disaster occurs, we're able to respond. >> reporter: a long journey back to the bay. but one that all of them say was well worth it. >> in a time of need, this country really does pull together and send people from all over the place to make a difference and really try to help. >> we also want to mention a group of pg&e employees will return to sacramento today after they spent more than two weeks helping to restore power in florida after hurricane irma. about 125 of them left california back on september 8th. in other news, the bay area housing market continues to sizzle. the mediian price paid for a bay
8:37 am
area home in august had its biggest year over year gain in 19 months, rising more than 11% to $742,000. the median price in san francisco was 1.2 million. core logic says it's a reflection of the market's low inventory and high demand. ahead, a local dog food company wants your pet to be happy and healthy. what they sell initial kibble that can help these dogs grow up instead of out. but first, as we head to break, a live look outside from our emeryville camera.
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happening today, bring your appetite to the east bay. this weekend is the annual eat real festival in oakland. starting at 10:30 this morning at jack london square, you can enjoy food and drinks from more than 100 vendors. the local symphony will perform today. there will be a fun zone with activities for the entire family. admission is free and all street food at the festival costs less than $10. sounds great. >> mm-hmm, yes. beautiful day today, although we do have that high fire danger, higher elevations. but how about the beach? it's going to be gorgeous here. this is santa cruz, still in the upper 40s. the overnight lows have been very fall-like this afternoon. we're nearing average, but get set, we're well above average
8:41 am
until perhaps the end of next week. so we start fall, and we'll get right back into summer. we'll talking abo about it, nex. the start of the nba season is just around the corner. anthony flores takes us behind the scenes. tim and charlie, 4th graders. 3rd graders today, they don't know how easy they've got it. their new gogurt tubes are easy open. those things used to be impossible. and p.e. consist of sitting around on mats.
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a big day ahead for bay area college football fans. fifth ranked usc battles cal at
8:44 am
memorial stadium, watch it only on absolute 7. at 4:30, utah state is hosted by san jose state. and ukla takes on stanford at 7:30. for those not going to stanford stadium, watch the game on our sister network espn. yesterday it was media day for the defending nba champs. here's anthony flores with more in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everyone. it seems like the season never ended, probably because the warriors were always in the headlines. from new business deals to social media rants to traveling the world, it's been a busy off season. now it's time to go back to work. the dubs holding their annual media day in oakland, returning almost their entire roster. curry, durant, grant, thompson, and green at the tops of their games. the warriors huge favorites to win their third title in four years. >> the challenge is obvious.
8:45 am
three years in a row in the finals, trying to make it a fourth. very few teams have done that. there's a reason. it's a long haul. >> this aura around the game, i feel like we're going to go there for sure. we've still got to produce and play and get better on the court. if we focus on that, just focus on that, we'll see what happens. >> i obviously still feel like the champion. but i worked harder this summer, i would say, because i know how many more teams are gunning for that title. everyone wants to see the warriors lose now, which is fine. i mean, it's a great position to be in when you're probably the most hated in the league. all the greatest teams are hated. we embrace it. >> amongst all the chatter, the funniest sound bite of the day came from the new guy, nick young, who apparently has not done much sightseeing in the bay area. >> i had some of y'all's clam chowder out here so far. the sourdough, the sourdough bread. yeah, i had that so far, you know. and i went to the crook he
8:46 am
-- crookedest place in the world, the street. yeah, yeah, yeah. so i've been around a little bit. now to baseball. the a's rookie with the most home run in a season. mark mcgwire, jose conseco, now the phenom matt olson sits in third after friday night's bash. bottom two, olson becomes the first mlb rookie with 16 homers in a 23-game span, his 13 in september leads the majors. he's got 24 total. a's up 2-0. kendall graveman working out of a jam. seven innings, giving up one run on six hits with four k's. top nine, the rangers had to tie runs on base. shin chuchu goes down swinging to end the game. a's win it 4-1, they've taken five straight. giants and dodgers, l.a. honoring tommy lasorda. his 90th birthday. bottom three, tied at one. cody bellinger for his 39th of the year, a
8:47 am
national league rookie record. dodgers up 4-1. pablo sandoval cracks his second homer of the week. that makes it a 4-2 game. kenly janson gets rider jones to end it. 4-2 is the final. the giants for the second time in three years, the dodgers have clinched by beating the giants l.a.'s fifth straight division title. in toronto on an otherwise routine play, watch the blue jay shortstop throw the ball back to the pitcher. todd fraser tags him for the third out. i thought that only works in little league. that is known as the hidden-ball trick, still effective in the major leagues. that's a look at your morning sports. have a great weekend, everyone. hi there, everyone. a beautiful start to the day. nice and cool. you probably liked the last couple of days. autumn is with us. temperatures will be warming steadily, not only this weekend but right through next week.
8:48 am
look at mt. tam, visibility is great, looking at calm waters here. high pressure is building in. it will take control and bring us warm temperatures in just a couple of days. livermore, low 80s today. the middle of the week will be 10 degrees warmer, into the low 90s. it's going to get pretty warm. this is well above average. you'll see by the weekend we're coming down just a little bit. but outside we go, and you can see it looks beautiful here. and we'll notice that all that sunshine in the city will allow for our beaches to be quite qualifiable as looking comfortable as well. mid-60s to around 70 today at the water. we'll look at these numbers warming quickly today with all the sun, more comfortable than the last few days. we were in the 50s in the past hour, 52 in oakland, 50 in gilroy. half moon bay is at 55 degrees. really a nice beach day. a beautiful day to be around the
8:49 am
bay. and then inland, it's not going to be too, too hot today. just probably the way you like it. 58 in santa rosa and fairfield. numbers here were in the 40s. we've woken up to 40s here for the past several days. you may have to get another blanket out there. the nights will be longer. of course we're cooling off in just a little bit. already this morning we're 12 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. even mountan view coming up a bit. east bay hills is where we'll have the warmest weather. we'll be looking at the warming trend to take us through thursday of the upcoming workweek. high fire danger, upper elevations. temperatures will continue to be above average then through about thursday. so 69 ocean beach, 76 in santa cruz. we'll notice that the numbers here, the peninsula, should be very comfortable. 67 for the bacon and brew fest, as you get going the next few hours, mid-70s, a sea breeze
8:50 am
with lots of sunshine. beautiful day there. berkeley, temperatures cooler with 70 at 12:30, in the low 70s by about 3:30. all together, looking at numbers from the low 80s in the north bay to the east bay. your warm-up, from four to six degrees. 80 in san jose. then tonight, it's comfortable with the low 50s coming into play, but 40s in our protected valleys. download our accuweather app. the accuweather seven-day forecast, each day we'll gain four degrees, not only inland but around the bay and by the coast. by the middle of the week, we're almost close to 80 by the coast, almost close to 90 inland, mid-90s by wednesday. the sun sets so quickly that we do lose the heat, so it won't be stifling in the evenings, just comfortable. it will be nice. >> we'll call it a pleasant weekend. lisa, thank you. for all the robots, apps,
8:51 am
and virtual reality that were unveiled this week at techcrunch disrupt, the most disrupting thing may have been the puppies. >> reporter: a couple of bashings was all it took. on the last day of techcrunch disrupt, a small handful of puppies disrupted the whole conference. >> doggie! >> reporter: grown men and women squealing like kids. >> oh, hello, baby! hi! >> reporter: and snapchating like teenagers. >> i think it's a win. i think every tech conference should have puppies. >> reporter: if all that cuteness makes you say -- >> yadoggie. >> reporter: you just said the name of the startup that brought them here. sol lipman sold his mobile app startup to aol. a few years later, he sold another startup to yahoo!. in tech when you develop your product by using it yourself, it's called eating your own dog food. >> we took that to the next level.
8:52 am
we made dog food. >> reporter: yadoggie sells dog food by subscription. >> we customize a feeding program for your dog. >> reporter: it's marketed with the vibe you would expect from santa cruz. >> take your finger and go, yadoggie. >> reporter: there is a piece of technology, a simple one, designed to keep this little guy little as he grows up. >> it's a dog food scoop. it sounds crazy. it's a bluetooth enabled dog food scoop. >> reporter: it ships you more food before you run out. it's the antidote for those puppy dog eyes. >> dogs are tricky, a lot of dogs will pretend they've never been fed in their life. >> reporter: the scoop notifies your whole family that the dogs already had dinner. >> dog obesity is a big problem. over 50% of the dogs in at it u.s. are obese. and a big reason is that overfeeding. >> reporter: subscription services are hot with investors. but lipman says he's not rushing to make another quick exit. he says he could eat this dog food for a while. >> i hope this is the last startup i ever do. >> reporter: jonathan bloom in
8:53 am
san francisco, abc 7 news. next, thousands of pets will take to the streets for a pet parade where you
8:54 am
8:55 am
if you like cinnamon toast crunch then you'll love strawberry... french toast... and new apple cinnamon toast crunch. from our crazy delicious family to yours. crave those crazy squares welcome back, everyone. here are the winning numbers from last night's $104 million mega millions drawing.
8:56 am
>> a winning number matching all numbers was sold in new york. happening today, dress up your pets and watch them strut their stuff in burlingame. you're looking at some of the fun from a previous parade on broadway. more than a thousand people and their pets take part each year. pickles, a 1-year-old miniature pig, is this year's grandmarshal, riding in a classic convertible. anyone with a pet can join in the fun, just meet at 9:30 this morning at chula vista avenue. i would love to see pickles. doesn't it look fun to you? >> absolutely. and the weather is going to cooperate too. 70s on the peninsula. we do have a red flag warning, not only today, but through tuesday. upper elevations, north bay, napa, st. helena. we're looking at a fantastic afternoon for the dragon boat festival on lake merritt. temperatures in the mid- and upper 70s for today, and then
8:57 am
tomorrow the warmer day. today in oakland, 75. look for 76 san mateo, 82 in concord, 67 half moon bay. we're getting warmer each day, 90s arrive as soon as monday. they'll stick around through the week. >> sounds good. for lisa argen and all of us at abc 7 news, i'm chris nguyen. thanks for joining us so much for joining us at "abc 7 mornings" a full day of college football is next at 9:00 a.m. florida state takes on north carolina state. usc takes on california. and penn state takes on iowa. after the game at around 8:00 p.m. abc 7 news continues at 11:00 p.m. tonight. stay up to date online on twitter, facebook, and instagram. thanks again for being with us. make it a great day.
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