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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 3, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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modern u.s. history. ♪ like a bridge over troubled waters ♪ ♪ i will lay thee down >> and we are following vigils around the country including here in the bay area to remember the victims. thank you for joining us, it is tuesday, october 3rd. >> more on las vegas and what is happening there this morning, but first we turn to our local weather and mike nicco. >> here is a look at live doppler 7, a few clouds trying to hang around half-moon bay otherwise it is pretty clear this morning and it is sunshine it's going to reign supreme in your 12-hour day planner. grab those sunglasses and maybe a heavier jacket if you didn't grab one yesterday, you definitely need one this morning, look at those temperatures, 47 to 50 degrees at 7:00, we will hang in the mid to upper 60s at the coast, 67 to 74, the temperature in the middle that's your temperature at noon and 4:00, for our bay in
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the 70 to 77 inland and everybody in the 60s by 7:00. got 90s coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. details on that soon. good morning, mike. we do have a couple slow spots already today. want to take you down to a current traffic alert, it's not causing much of a backup westbound 92 west of the high-rise, a semi caught fire early in morning. we are down to just the far right lane blocked on the westbound side, they are still waiting for the tow truck to arrive. you are able to travel eastbound and westbound if you are out there a little bit after 4:00 this morning that was not the case, all lanes stopped for a short time. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza still looking great here, not much of a backup in those cash lanes and no metering lights until about 5:20, 5:22. we do have video of that scene from the semi fire, we will look at that next. the las vegas shooting left at least 59 people dead and more than 500 people injured. >> police say a total of 42 guns were found at the suspected shooter's hotel room and house.
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23 guns were hound in the hotel room, 19 discovered at home in nevada. officials say paddock had a camera mounted in the hotel room apparently to record himself. the motive is still under investigation. a san francisco police officer's wife is still missing after the two got separated in a las vegas shooting. today members of the police officers association will join him to offer support. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is live outside the sfpd headquarters with more on the search efforts. tiffany. >> reporter: good morning. officer vinnie etcheber and his wife stacee went to the route 91 music festival with friends. when the shooting started his training kicked in. he told his wife and friends to run while he stayed behind to help the shooting victims, now stacee is missing. complicating matters she didn't have her phone or id on her during the concert. officer etcheber's brother drove from san francisco to help look for stacee yesterday and other
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members of the san francisco police officers association went as well. the poa president plans to fly to las vegas this morning to help. >> i can only imagine what's going through his head. this has to be the most traumatic thing he has ever experienced in his life so we're going to do everything we can to help them. >> reporter: the etcheber's lives in nevada with their son and daughter. stacee works as a hairstylist. friends, family and the novato community are all hoping for the best. live in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> we are certainly hoping for the best as well. thank you, tiffany. our abc 7 mornings colleague jessica castro is in las vegas. >> prior to joining us in san francisco she worked in las vegas for five years. she talked to people who were at the concert when the gunman opened fire. >> reporter: two people i spoke to say they didn't know whether they should run or hide. let me show you what it looks like out here right now, there are flashing lights behind me, that's because police have this
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street still blocked off. there is crime scene tape and police walking the streets. misha captured this cellphone video as two bay area men hid underneath the bleachers and watched as people were being dragged to safety. >> bring her up with me now. >> there was a girl laying on the ground and someone is giving her cpr and i thought maybe she is just, you know, drunk and passed out but then somebody else right next to her was also, you know, bloody. >> reporter: at one point the men arguing about whether to stay or make a run for it. >> hey, let's run. >> we found an escape route like this high, like 3 feet off the ground and crawled underneath the bleachers and then my friend keeps thinking they're going to shoot through the bleachers or the bleachers will fall apart. you're hiding under there completely defenseless. >> everyone just said run. >> reporter: jordan mitchell says she took shelter underneath the main stage. >> i realized this girl behind
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me is bleeding and this guy is holding her saying she got shot in the head. >> reporter: mitchell grew up in las vegas, she was performing on her biggest stage yet since leaving to pursue her career in nashville. >> it's so much more serious than we ever imagined and just to think of those families and people who were really, really affected, i mean, we got out fine. >> do you think it's hit you yet? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: jordan who you just heard from there, an artist who played here at the festival was a friend of mine who i knew from when i lived in las vegas. one of those people that you also heard from, one of those bay area men splits his time spending half of the year here in las vegas and the other half in the bay area. on a personal note, what i can tell you about my experience living here in las vegas for five years and now living in san francisco is that the two cities are so similar in the fact that they are cosmopolitan cities, that they are destination cities and it's probably part of the reason that the bay area can
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empathize with what is happening here in las vegas tonight and the sadness that is really palpable. you can really feel it here in las vegas and frankly why we're here because what happens in las vegas affects folks in the bay area and california all around the world. >> again, that was our jessica castro reporting. candlelight vigils were held across las vegas in honor of the victims. >> unlv hosted a vigil and moment of silence. people who knew the 64-year-old shooter say there were no red flags. abc's marci gonzalez is live in las vegas for us. marcie. >> reporter: hi, good morning. police believe the killer acted alone and as they worked to learn more about him and why he did this the focus for so many people who are mourning today is solely on all of those lives lost. in prayer and through tears, the victims honored overnight. >> it's okay to mourn those you
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loved. >> reporter: 28-year-old afghanistan navy vet chris roybal, hannah ahlers, a las vegas police officer. >> one of my officers was off duty attending the concert and lost his life. >> reporter: special education teacher sanda casey and the 55 others mercilessly killed at a country music festival sunday night. the murderer 64-year-old stephen paddock breaking the windows of his room on the 32nd floor at the mandalay bay hotel, shooting into the crowd of 22,000 people below before killing himself. >> reporter: those nearly two dozen firearms found in the room included an assault rifle modified to fire like an automatic machine gun. 19 more firearms and ammunition also found at his home in mesquite, nevada. neighbors and his brother dumbfounded. >> steve had nothing to do with any political organization,
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religious organization. no white supremacists. nothing. >> reporter: police say several pieces of media were also found in the hotel room including, a source says, a video camera. investigators hoping that evidence could offer some insight into the motive for the massacre that left more than 500 people injured. >> i was carrying whether they were dead or alive as many people as i possibly could. >> reporter: and now the ongoing outpouring of love from this community, people waiting in line for hours to donate blood. and people from all across the country have already donated more than $3 million to help the survivors and the victims' families. live in las vegas, marci gonzalez, abc 7 news. and we are seeing tributes across the world honoring the victims from las vegas to nashville to paris where the eiffel tower went dark last night. >> and in foster city a group gathered with candles, they stood in silence in a gazebo on
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the water. organizers say this has to be a call to action for gun violence. music helped those cope with the attack ♪ like a bridge over troubled waters ♪ >> that is keith urban joining other country stars with a tribute in song and prayer. and in las vegas city hall lit up with the image of a giant american flag. >> you can get the latest information from las vegas by down loading the abc 7 news app. >> we have sent out push alerts since news of the shooting first broke, that app is free to download and works with apple and android devices. >> now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. concern all eyes on the north bay as far as weather goes because of the red flag warning, the high fire danger that continues above 1,000 feet until 5:00 this afternoon. wind gusts still 25 to 35 miles per hour, humidity down single digits and all that greenery from the winter now yellow, brown, dead, burn easily. so we need to be careful up
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there. let's talk temperatures, though. cool this morning, look at the san ramone valley, 46 right now, 45 pleasanton, 49 walnut creek and mid to upper 50s out the highway 4 corridor, a little warmer there, you don't get coil air drainage from mt. diab diablo. los gatos 49, 55 oakland, san carlos 54. 53 san francisco to 43 in napa and santa rosa. no morning marine clouds out there, a lot of sunshine and light breezes on the bay. it will become sunny at the beaches, just a few clouds around half-moon bay right now. exercising you will enjoy the low humidity. let's talk about what's going to happen today, your hourly temperature 8:00 it will be 56 in san francisco, noon 67, we will touch 70 which is close to your average high at 4:00 back to 63 degrees as we head towards
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8:00. i want to show you quickly an isolated thunderstorm around tahoe and 50, mostly sunny 69 yosemite, morning showers around l.a. and san diego, low 70s there. i want to take you back to video from a little earlier this morning, around 3:30. westbound 92 on the san matteo bridge we had a semi that had a fire start near the rear axel. this was the point when all traffic was stopped eastbound and westbound, you can see that fire response is on the scene. they did get this tapped out relatively quickly and they were able to get a tow truck to the scene and actually i just got an update a couple moments ago from chp, they were able to open all lanes on the westbound side. they released eastbound traffic quite some time ago, westbound we had a lane blocked. and here is a live look, you can see things moving along pretty well right around the toll plaza. that is no longer a major traffic issue for this morning. i don't think we will see any residual delays, either.
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>> the central valley, some really heavy speeds westbound 205 at 580, 13, 11 miles an hour, close to an hour and a half between tracy and dublin. does look like overnight road work scheduled in both directions, that should not still be going on. we are try to confirm if we still have lanes blocked. patterson pass road will be your best bet for an alternate. next traffic update at 5:20. local survivors of the las vegas massacre telling us what they went through, others arriving back in the bay area in tears. >> also a parking problem in the north bay stirring up contro
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it's 5:15. back to the mass shooting in las vegas. stephen paddock is the 64-year-old nevada man identified as the shooter. >> here is what we know as investigators work to find a motive. he was a multi-millionaire, making his money in he will estate. he liked to gamble, he played poker at $100 a hand. he led a private and quiet life. police did not know of him. his brother eric lives in florida. eric told reporters his brother's actions just make no sense. >> he had a couple handguns, i think. he had a safe with a couple handguns. he might have had one long rifle but he didn't have any -- i mean, he had no automatic weapons that i know -- that i knew of at any time. >> and watch the top left of your screen here. this is surveillance video from six years ago and it shows a highlighted paddock slipping at
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the cosmopolitan las vegas hotel. he ended up suing that hotel for $32,000 for injuries. that case was dismissed in 2014. >> so-called soft targets are becoming a bigger concern for authorities. >> here is gma's first look with diane mass dough. >> in this morning's gma first look a closer look at soft targets what security experts are saying is being done to make you safer. >> it's difficult to protect sporting events and entertainment venues, the whole point of these facilities is to be open and accessible to the public, to bring as many people from the public as they can and by its very nature it's hard to secure. >> sunday's massacre was a game changer with authorities now having to police the sky, too. so expect to see more helicopters and drones. >> you can stay up for a long time and they can get a good view of what's going on. they will probably start putting people up on the roofs to see if anything suspicious is going on. the use of drones may be used. maybe even helicopters in larger venue areas.
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>> and coming up at 7:00 a.m. full live team coverage of the shooting with your gma first look i'm diane mass dough abc news, new york. the concert attracted fans from the bay area three were off duty firefighters from the alameda fire department. the firefighters were near the front of the stage and not hurt. they sprang into action to help the wounded. other bay area residents to attended the concert in vegas are telling us about what they experienced. kim shoe pert was there. she says a man near her was shot in the back. >> i put my body over the guy just to protect it from any more, you know, shooting and then the people that were around him, just lied on them to make sure everybody was okay. and then i'm pretty sure one of the girls got shot and at that point i just -- i kind of freaked out and i was like, i have to go. we have to go, and called my daughter and basically told her beginning i was going to make
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it. >> kim thought there were at least four gunmen because of the shear amount of gunfire. police have said that the shooter acted alone. we caught up with other festival goers as they return home to the bay area. plenty of tearful reunions at the airport. >> it's one thing to talk to them on the phone but when you actually see them arrive it's overwhelming, i had goose bumps, i was shaking. >> pham you lease shared harrowing towers about the confusion that took place during the shooting and the way people were trampled. those affected say it will take some time to process everything that's happened. las vegas based allegiance airlines say they sheltered 30 people who fled the concert site right on to the airfield. they're also offering free flights to vegas for family members of victims and like many airlines waiving change fees this week. tributes are pouring in from around the music world in memory of rock icon tom petty.
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♪ i stand my ground won't be turned around ♪ >> petty's manager confirmed his death last night. he was found unconscious and in cardiac arrest early yesterday morning. he was rushed to the hospital. tom petty and the heart breakers played in the bay area in may at the napa music festival. he was 66 years old. we are tracking a live desk story in morning. a live look at joint base andrews where president trump is expected to leave for puerto rico at any moment. millions of people there of course still trying to recover from hurricane maria. the storm hit on september 20th and 95% of electricity customers remain without power. many are doing what they can to help including folks at amazon. jeff bezos tweeted amazon plane packed with donation of critical supplies landed earlier today in san juan, thanks to al the a.m. zonians who made it happen.
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>> task force three is finally back here in the bay area. they were deployed to the caribbean after hurricane irma. and then unexpectedly stayed behind to help after hurricane maria hit. he has been gone for a total of 24 consecutive days. they are based in menlo park. >> time to take a look at your bay area weather. hi, everybody. open the weather window on one of the warmer spots in the north bay, 52 in san rafael, south on 101, sunny today and the breezes will relax and seechbtly take away the threat of fire up in the north bay. tonight clear and cool lows once again, may not want to have the windows open anymore except for during the day and a building warm wave is coming in the extended forecast. for today some 80s, 83 santa rosa, lake port 82 along with napa, concord, 83 fairfield, antioch at 81 and livermore. we will be in the upper 70s in the south bay, palo alto, also
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san jose and morgan hill, even fremont is about 78 degrees. 76 richmond, 75 oakland, san matteo, san francisco what a gorgeous day, 72 degrees and 67 with afternoon sunshine at half-moon bay. here is a look at our east bay valley temperatures, 80 is our average high, at 8:00 this morning, 52, nice, by noon we are at 73, 2:00, 78, top out at 4:00 around 81, pull back to 78 at 6:00, heading out this evening 69 on our way down to about the upper 40s to low 50s in our inland east bay neighborhoods. that's where everyone will be except for low to mid 40s in the north bay valleys. pretty steady tomorrow as the winds relax, the steadiness is in the temperatures, you can see the warming begins thursday with our warmest day at the coast friday, our warmest days will continue saturday and sunday inland and around the bay. alexis, what you got? >> we've got hot spots already this morning, walnut creek where a disabled pickup truck is
5:22 am
slowing you down on southbound 680 just before you get to treat boulevard, that is blocking the left center lane, sounds like a tow truck is in the lane but they are stuck in traffic, too. you can see that spills over on to 242 through concord all the way up to highway 4. so either use some surface streets or if you head through the pacheco area that will save you a little time. bay bridge toll plaza starting to fill in here, have not gotten official word that those metering lights are on yet. just an awful drive already out of the central valley, westbound 580, one hour and 43 minutes. antioch to kopg cord at 18, san rafael to san francisco in the green at 16 minutes. three years in a new computer based student assessment test and california teachers say it's just not working. new numbers show less than half of the state's students are proficient in math and english, that's only a minor change from
5:23 am
2016. teachers say they're glad scores are being sustained the numbers only tell part of the story. they're pushing for a school accountability system that would take into consideration a wide range of factors like absentee rates along with test scores. we have new details on the new parking plan at mere woods in marin. they have selected a san diego based parking company to manage a reservation system. our media partner says starting next year it will cost you $8 to park. right now parking is free, but officials hope that having a reservation system in place will reduce all the overcrowding and traffic congestion you know if you've ever visited. a public meeting will provide much more detail on the plan. coming up next the seven things you need to know as you start your day. hear from a golden state warriors who has strong ties to vegas and is 7,000
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us or about to go out the door here are the seven things you need to know. at least 59 people were killed more than 500 hurt in las vegas in what is now the largest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. officials expected to provide an update on their investigation later today. police are still trying to figure out the motive for the suspect in the mass shooting. 64-year-old stephen paddock so far police believe he angted alone. the search continues this morning for a novato mom still missing in las vegas. stacee etcheber the wife of the san francisco police officer was last seen amid the chaos of sunday's shooting. she did not have her phone or id on her. number four, blood centers seeing a jump of donations for people wanting to help. they are accepting appointments to donate. number five, president trump scheduled to travel to las vegas tomorrow. here is a live look at joint base andrews where the president and first lady are about to leave for puerto rico.
5:27 am
we are off to a cooler start this morning, up to 20 degrees cooler. we will be pretty warm this afternoon from mid 60s along the coast to mid 80s inland. your extremes today a 20 degree spread. i do have 90s coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. already an awful drive getting out of the central valley. down to just 5 miles an hour, 14 miles an hour, i believe we had road work go late around north flynn road, patterson pass road, grant line road, altamonte pass road are all looking terrible as well. we are coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including what we are learning from the people who lost their lives in the v ♪ ♪
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> 59 people have died in the mass shooting on the las vegas
5:30 am
strip, we're learning more about these individuals this morning. >> it feels like someone has opened a window into hell and what i'm talking about tonight isn't about gun control it's about common sense. >> jimmy kimmel calls out leaders to backed anti-gun control measures as he gets emotional delivering his monologue. >> from giving blood to donations, the country is lining up to help victims, what you can do this morning. thanks for joining us today on this tuesday, october 3rd. it is 5:30. >> first want to get you a check of weather and traffic. >> good morning. hi, everybody. let's talk about the winds, they are significantly calmer this morning, 13 at sfl and 16 at half-moon bay. the areas you would expect to be breezy. that means much cooler conditions and the fire danger is starting to wane in some areas. let's talk about your 12-hour day planner. leaving right now dress for temperatures in the 40s to low 50s through 7:00, 63 to 65 noon
5:31 am
to 4:00 at the coast, 67 to # 74 around the bay, 70 to 77 inland, nothing extreme. pretty comfortable unless you forget your glasses then you have to squint and you may get a headache. make sure you grab those. here is alexis with an update on the commute. >> i want to take you back up to walnut creek where things are starting to improve. southbound 680 before you get to treat boulevard we had a disabled pickup truck in the left center lane for 30 minutes, tow truck was able to make this through traffic and they just cleared all the laps, everything is back open as you get closer to the 24 interchange, however, you can see those residual delays continue. the metering lights flipped on at 5:22 this morning. heavy drive times out of the central valley. now to the latest on the shooting in las vegas. >> here is what we know this morning, police still don't have a motive as to why stephen paddock opened fire on the route 91 harvest festival in vegas sunday night. 59 people died, 527 others were
5:32 am
hurt. authorities recovered 42 firearms total. 23 of them in the room at mandalay bay, 19 at his home in mesquite, nevada. police are expected to give another update this afternoon. as you can see vigils are planned for the evening across the vegas area, this is a look at some of the ones held last night. a go fund me campaign for victims started by clark county sheriff and the commissioners there have reached nearly $3 million. president trump plans to fly to vegas tomorrow to meet with law enforcement, first responders and the families of the victims. a memorial near the shooting scene is growing as people are leaving flowers and candles and mementos. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there live with the emotional tributes that she is seeing to the victims. amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning, natasha. here is the head line that the local paper has today, unimaginable, but on the front page and among locals here there is a sense of pride about how this brought out the best in people.
5:33 am
take a look at this section of the strip behind me, it is still closed down, you can see it is roped off with police tape and there are still police officers here, but the hotels are all mentioning this shooting in their signs. you can see the lit up sign at the mandalay bay calling for blood donations, also offering the phone number you can call if you're looking for missing loved ones who were at the concert. you can get information about victims if you call that number. the strip, though, still has its usual fun atmosphere, visitors are still here, they're in the bars, they're gambling in the casinos, but off site is where you will find a lot of the somber mood. look at this vigil that happened at night at unlv. hundreds showed up for the candlelight vigil. students say they feel scared, pointing out this could have just as easily have happened to them. they say it was very comforting for everyone to come together. back here at the strip you can see there is -- there are some candles and some flowers here across the street from where
5:34 am
this happened. maybe not the size that we're used to seeing at something like this, but remember, we are right in the middle of where people are on vacation. so they are here looking for the vegas experience still. and the locals are working hard to give it to them. we have seen them still putting on bright smiles and serving up fun in the bars and in the casinos, but they are still asking us about this. we had one guy at our hotel asking us do you have any new information. so they are still very interested and invested and emotionally attached to this. when you get into your hotel room, when you turn on the tv, the first screen that comes up is a message saying our hearts and prayers go out to the victims. reporting live in las vegas, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> i don't know how much you've been able to speak to some of the people who are working in las vegas, but obviously they must know a lot of the people who were either directly affected at the shooting or at least people who worked in the hotels and the surrounding areas. this is going to be a long process for them to deal with
5:35 am
this as well. >> reporter: but what's interesting, reggie, is that they are very dedicated to their hospitality jobs. they understand the importance of giving people the vegas experience. i mean, last night when we got back to our hotel very late there was a very long line of people checking in, showing up to vegas for their vacation or their business conference or whatever. so they also know the importance of making sure that life goes on on this strip. >> certainly, amy, the economy depends on it there. that is a spirit i suppose that they have to take even if they take home something that is much different. we really appreciate your reporting there. thank you. the wife of a san francisco police officer is still missing this morning. she was last seen amid the chaos of sunday night's shooting. this is such a tough story. a team of officers is in las vegas, they are looking right now for stacee etcheber who went to the concert with her husband vinnie. he told stacee to run while he stayed back to help. he has basically been acting as
5:36 am
a first responder in a situation, but now he can't find her. stacee did not have her phone or id on her. the couple has two children, they go to school in novato and we are thinking about them all this morning. we are remembering those who were lost in las vegas. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze tells us what we've learned about some of the victims. >> denise burditus died in her husband's arms, married 32 years they were expecting their fifth grandchild. bailey schweitzer lived in bakersfield, her employer described her as being the ray of sunshine in our office. dorene anderson of alaska went to the concert with her husband and their two daughters. niece is a tonks lived in las vegas and worked for a tech firm, she leaves behind three sons. chris roybal served in the navy and saw action in afghanistan. jennifer parks had just begun her third year of keeping kindergarten in northern los angeles county. hannah ahlers lived in riverside county, she is
5:37 am
survived by her three children. jordan mcildoon lived in canada where he worked as a mechanic for a construction company. angela gomez graduated from college in southern california two years ago. lisa romero worked as a high school secretary in new mexico. rachel parker spent the last ten years working as a records technician for the manhattan beach police department near l.a. sandy casey also worked in manhattan beach as a special education teacher. dana gardner's boss called her a, quote, dedicated civil servant with san bernardino county. susan smith worked for a school district in ventura county for the past 16 years. sonny melton was a nurse from western tennessee, he died shielding his wife heather. carrie barnette was part of our extended company with the walt disney company, she worked at disney's california adventure. >> that was kristen sze reporting. warriors guard patrick ba
5:38 am
call is relieved after checking in on family and friends who went to las vegas. he went to school at unlv for two years and said vegas is almost like home to him. >> i still can't believe it right now. it's hard to fathom being from vegas and knowing that such tragedy has happened, you know, people i know are affected or not it's still, you know -- it's like home to me so it's kind of hard to think about them. >> mccaw heard about the shooting after the team's 14 hour flight to china. he immediately texted people he knows in vegas to make sure they are okay. he says no one he knew was affected. jason aldean who was on stage while the shooting happened made another post on instagram. he says over the last 24 hours i have gone through lots of emotions, scared, anger, heartache, compassion and many others. this world is becoming the kind of place i'm afraid to raise my children in. time to come together and stop the hate. >> google and facebook are
5:39 am
apologizing for amplifying false news stories that surfaced in the hours after the shooting. according to the chronicle google blamed an algorithm for highlighting stories that falsely identified an innocent man as the shooter. it came before police named stephen paddock. there were also false stories about multiple shooters and fake victims. google and facebook made tweaks to try to lead readers to more reputable sources but critics say this shows how easily systems meant to combat online lies can still be fooled. the oakland raiders are donating $50,000 to the las vegas victims fund. a go fund me page has been set up by clark county commission chair steve sis a lack. it's raced nearly $3 million. the raiders are building a new stadium in las vegas with the aim of moving there in 2020. the team issued a statement saying the heart of the raider nation goes out to las vegas. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> let's take care of the kids this morning or at leat the students, we could have adult students lets me not your
5:40 am
confine it to them. 55 to about 60 degrees, pretty comfortable there, look at this great afternoon, work hard during the day, the harder you work the faster the day goes and then get outside and enjoy. 66 at the coast, 71 around the bay and 77 inland. you will deserve it by then. notice where the fastest winds are, up across the north bay mountains, we still have the highest fire danger today until about 5:00. it's above 1,000 feet that's where the ingredients came together and still linger for a high fire danger. it's also the north bay where we see our biggest drop in temperatures, 16 to 20 degrees compared to yesterday. let's start with the peninsula, 42 in menlo park, 47 redwood city, everybody else in the low to mid 50s. 40s in the south bay, fremont, inland, east bay and all across the north bay. here is a quick look at what's going to happen with your commute today. not much. dry and calmer on the roads, mass transit cool to mild.
5:41 am
good morning, mike. not exactly glistening here if you're trying to get out of the tracy area. honestly it's a bit of a mystery. we think we have road work go late, it was scheduled eastbound and westbound right around grant line road, but we have got some extremely heavy volumes this morning, 205 down to 4 miles an hour, 11 miles an hour a little closer to altamonte pass. i'm checking those surface streets, they are all parking lots as well. checking in with a bunch of waze users, it doesn't sound like we have any incidents and nothing according to chp, so it looks like that is the culprit, some road work that went late this morning. checking out that drive time, 1 hour 48 minutes tracy to dublin. your best bet is going to be mass transit. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard much better there, just 16 minutes, northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino you look great at 16. another traffic update at 5:50. as we learn more about the staggering number of weapons the las vegas shooter had in his
5:42 am
possession one gun control advocate is taking a strong stance. stance. >> some people in santa cla
5:43 am
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♪ abc 7 mornings. >> all news, all morning. >> people around the world are paying tribute to the victims of the las vegas rampage and other senseless violence. in paris the eiffel tower went dark last night in homage to the las vegas shooting victims and
5:45 am
the victims of the weekend knife attack in the city of marseille. >> in tel aviv the city government building lit up in red, white and blue. benjamin netanyahu says israel stands shoulder to shoulder with the u.s. in mourning and sorrow. we don't know what the shooter's ultimate plan was but police say he had plenty of firepower. >> stephen paddock had 23 guns in his room at the mandalay bay, including an assault rifle, modified to fire like a machine gun. plus 19 guns at his house. police also say he had ammunition capable of penetrating body armor. this gun store in mesquite, nevada, confirms paddock bought some of the guns there. the store says he passed all necessary background checks. it is not known if those guns were used in the rampage. the mass shooting has apparently changed the mind of one second amendment supporter. caleb kieter is a get wrist for the josh abbott band, they were playing during the music festival where the shooting took place. hours after the attack he tweeted that he was, quote, a
5:46 am
proponent of the second amendment my whole life until the events of last night. i can't express how wrong i was. kieter goes on to say we need gun control right now. >> san francisco mayor ed lee says there will be increased security this week as tens of thousands of people are expected to converged on the city for a lineup of concerts and events. this week's events include fleet week and the bluegrass festival. as part of the fleet week both the state and department of defense have medical surge units outside of sf general hospital. those are set up in the event of an earthquake or any situation with mass casualties. the mayor says there is some comfort knowing that the military is here for the remainder of the week. amy hollyfield and jessica castro are both in las vegas. we will go back to amy live at 6:30. stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage on the shooting and aftermath as it develops. turning to local news, happening today santa clara supervisors set to vote on reforms to the county's bail system. the idea is ensuring suspects in minor or nonviolent crimes show up for their court dates without
5:47 am
having to sit in jail because they can't afford bail. the reforms include a program to determine which low risk defendants are safe enough to be released. supervisors also want to partner with community groups to post bail on behalf of low income defendants. santa clara is the only county with such a partnership. facebook is taking action in light of the russian influence on last year's presidential election. the company says that it's hiring more than 1,000 people to review ads on the social network. this move comes as facebook handed over to congress 3,000 ads linked to russian accounts that were purchased during the election. those ads helped spread political misinformation. uc berkeley police have released this surveillance video of three men accused of beating a student at a resident's hall on durant this happened early yesterday just after 12:30 a.m. the victim was taken to the hospital and released a few hours later. anyone with information is asked to call uc berkeley police. happening tonight sfo will
5:48 am
conduct a full scale emergency exercise, if you notice a lot of emergency personnel or vehicles between midnight and 2:00 a.m. that is likely what is going on. the purpose of it is to test the facili facility's response to a simulated terrorist attack in terminal one, several agencies are involved including san francisco fire, police and several federal agencies. as a result of the exercise air train will not be stopping at terminal one from midnight to 2:00 a.m. >> a check now of your local weather with mike nico. >> hi, everybody. we will open the weather window from the east bay hills it is not bouncing as much as it was yesterday. a little calmer conditions out there waiting for you this morning and a little cooler. we have lavish sunshine and light humidity today, lighter breezes and dry air develops behind another weak cold front that rolls through our neighborhoods and after that passes we've got a warming trend that will reach our beaches. everybody is going to be warming coming up. today at our beaches 67 at half-moon bay, 72 in san francisco, about 74 to 78 around
5:49 am
the bay and about 78 in san jose to 83 in antioch and santa rosa. let's take a look at what's going to happen tomorrow, pretty steady as we transition from cooler air to what's coming and there are signs of warmth with mid to even some upper 80s in ouren land east bay neighborhoods, mid 80s in the south bay, north bay, 80s around hayward, redwood city and richmond. friday it gets even warmer, 70s, 80s and 90s from the coast to inland. the good thing is these long nights will cool significantly along with the dry air, 45 in santa rosa tonight to about 53 in san jose. all right. here is look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. you know the warming trend takes off thursday into friday, friday is going to be our warmest day at the beach with near 80 degree temperatures there, a local sea breeze will push you back down around 70, saturday, sunday, monday, we will be flirting with the mid 80s to 90s around the bay and inland for the weekend
5:50 am
and into next week. so it's going to get a little warm, but nothing too outrageous. >> we are not going to get into the 100s or anything like that. >> no, it's very hard to do in october. easy in september, harder to do in october. speaking of 100s, you have a backup that's like 100 minutes long. >> or 100 miles, sure feels a that way, anyway. we are talking about the central valley, i know no one will be shocked about that, but i believe we found a new issue along this route and that really does explain why this is not recovering. we started off with some construction that went late this morning and now we are hearing i checked in with some waze users, they say there is a disabled semi right around alt moss pass and that is being loaded on to a tow truck right now. we are looking at brutal speeds here, 4 miles an hour, 9 miles an hour all the surface streets look terrible as well. just standstill traffic. it's not too late i would definitely watch ace rail this morning, that is going to be a better bet. we have a new problem in concord, southbound 242 right
5:51 am
around concord avenue, multi-car crash, everybody is blocking the center lane, slow south of that due to an earlier disabled vehicle. everything is cleared in walnut creek. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza pretty heavy through the maze and those metering lights were flipped on about 5:22 this morning. new at 6:00 a special honor for harvey milk to mark 40 years since he was elected to the san francisco board of supervisors. what you're going to see in the castro district. >> first jimmy kimmel is tornadoing this morning because of his emotional monologue, he is
5:52 am
5:53 am
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5:54 am
vegas and he had a very emotional opening to his show. >> there's probably no way to ever know why a human being would do something like this to other human beings who are at a concert, having fun and listening to music. as a result of that this morning we have children without parents and fathers without sons, mothers without daughters. we lost two police officers. >> jimmy kimmel spent ten minutes talking about the shooting and politicians he felt were in the nra's pockets. he ended by asking viewers to press congress for more gun control. underscoring the point that love and prayers are not enough. if you are planning a trip to las vegas many hotels are allowing cancellations without penalties and airlines are waiving change fees. michael finney warns policies vary from one company to another. the mandalay bay resort has
5:55 am
reopened for business, mgm resorts is allowing guests to cancel without penalty on a case by case basis so is caesars entertainment which operates 11 hotels including bali's and harass. major airlines including jetblue, virgin and united are waiving change fees for flights in and out of las vegas. each airline has restrictions about rebooking, michael says check with your carrier. happening today santa clara county and it's library district hosting it's first free flu shot clinic. it is from 1:00 until 3:30 at the milpitas library on north main street. anyone who is 18 years or older can stop in for a flu shot no appointment needed. four more clinics will be held this month, we have a list of times and dates on our website let's talk about what's going to happen today as far as your temperatures. i really think we have a pleasant to gorgeous afternoon that's going to unholed with temperatures really close to average. we are within one degree in
5:56 am
redwood city at 78, san jose 77, oakland 74, livermore is 81, those are the average. we will be one one degree of that. san francisco your high 72 today, santa rosa 83, 2 and 3 degrees warmer than average. if you've wondering about october we start to think about turning our irritation systems down and looking towards mother nature for some rain and we get some, about three quarts of an inch in san jose, three-quarters -- a little bit more in concord and more than an inch in hayward, san francisco to two inches in santa rosa. i will start off with good news here, the south bay has been pretty quiet. 101 and 880, no delays there, typical volumes starting to fill in, however, not so good, wow, we are over two hours now westbound 580 tracy into dublin. we did have a disabled vehicle reported right around north flynn road in the right lane, sounds like a semi is close to being cleared if not cleared already. we started off with late road
5:57 am
work this morning, that really has messed up that commute out of the central valley. westbound 4 antioch to concord 30 minutes, 101 san rafael to san francisco wide open at just 16. all right. thank you. raiders quarterback derek carr could miss two to six weeks with a broken bone in his lower back, it happened in the third quarter dense denver. the head coach says that losing carr is certainly a blow, but the team will handle it. the raiders next game is this sunday against the ravens at the coliseum. next at 6:00 we are live in las vegas with more in the aftermath of the mass shooting. what president trump said just
5:58 am
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hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. live where you live, this is abc 7 news. we were running and running as far as we could. >> just pray for the people that are still suffering. >> the nation still in shock
6:00 am
after the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. this morning a bay area family desperately searching for a loved one missing after the rampage. good morning on this tuesday, october 3rd. >> we have a lot more on the shooting in vegas in just a moment but we do want to help you get ready and out the door with a weather and traffic update starting with mike nicco. good morning, everybody. let's talk about the cloud cover out there. we are seeing a little bit develop around the monterey bay and the peninsula coast from half-moon bay down to pescadero. sutro tower looks pretty with the glistening lights. 7:00 we're 47 to 52, some areas up to 20 degrees cooler this morning because of those lack of breezes, our warmest temperatures in the top noon to 4:00, 70 to 77 inland, 67 to 74 around the bay, by 7:00 it's already getting dark with temperatures in the 6


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