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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 4, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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first responders, and some of those heroic civilians who risked their own lives to save others. marcy gonzalez, abc news, las vegas. a candlelight vigil was held in las vegas for the victims of sunday night's mass shooting. it took place at a local park. that vigil hosted by clark county and the city of las vegas. >> the people of las vegas are saying thank you for the support from all over the nation. we've been there for you during the good times, thank you for being there for us now. >> a gofundme page has now raised more than $8.3 million. remember yesterday it was just up to $3 million. the money is intended to provide relief and financial support to victims and families. it is 4:30 now. we will have more on the latest on vegas in a moment. first a quick check of your weather and traffic starting with mike. hi there. natasha, reggie, take a quick look at your 12-hour day
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planner and the gorgeous conditions this morning. now as you head throughout the day we're in the 40s and 50s and they will be around by 9:00. 60s at the coast at noon. 62. 70 around the bay to 73 inland. what a great lunch hour it's going to be. gorgeous conditions this afternoon. temperature about 80 inland. maybe a degree or two warmer. 64 at the coast. as we head through the evening already back in the mid-50s to low 60s by 9:00. let's see what else alexis is watching for us this morning. good morning. the key word is road work and our worst spot is through walnut creek. 680 between monument is where we're down to two lanes scheduled until 5:00 this morning. a quick check of our drive times here. i'll show you what that's doing to the commute. it should be in the red. it was a moment ago. westbound it 4 walnut creek to highway 13 you open up just fine once you get past that road
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work. eight minutes for that stretch. 580 tracy to dublin we did have overnight road work. it looks like they have picked up on time today so you're in the yellow at 36 minutes. alexis, thank you. friends, relatives, even strangers gathered at a vigil in novato for stacee etcheber, one of the victims in the mass shooting. >> we want you to know we love you. >> they were there to show support to san francisco police officer vinnie etcheber and their young son and daughter. they were in las vegas during the concert. vinnie ran to help victims and told stacey to seek cove vinnie was not injured. another woman with bay area ties died in the shooting. denise cohen attended california high school in san ramon. that is the same high school as stacee etcheber. cohen planned to go to a reunion
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for the class of '77 last week. a third bay area woman died. 32-year-old michelle had been working as an insurance agent. friends say she was brave and loved to explore. >> the loss, the grief, the fear caused by the shooting is not limited to those who attended the concert. >> talking to a >> reporter: one of thousands of people who ran from a hail of bullets sunday night. >> i know what i am going to do, call my doctor. i can't take it. when i close my eyes and all i can hear is people screaming and falling. >> reporter: mental health professionals say the shooting will cause stress and anxiety for the survivors. it can be a trigger for those who suffered a past trauma. watching video of the shooting over and over again on tv or oncan be unhealthy. if you want the latest
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information about it some suggest instead of watching it read about it. >> so that you're not watching those petrified faces or people on guerrneys. it's traumatizing. >> i will not go to a theme park or a movie theater. >> tom plant says making rash decisions will not be productive. he says sometimes doing something positive like those who donated blood can be healing. >> it's more important to rally around the resources and be thoughtful about what can i do to help myself and other people. >> reporter: plant encourages those to reach out to loved ones and seek professional help if needed. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> amy hollyfield and jessica castro are both in las vegas. we're going to go live to amy and stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage on air,
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online and our news apps and the story develops. a full scale emergency exercise. it tested response efforts to a simulated terrorist attack in terminal one. it included several mutual aid units from around the bay area. giving first responders the opportunity to practice triage and transport functions. a man was found dead outside the jack-in-the-box. the shooting was reported just before 6:00. offering up to a $10,000 rewa reward san francisco county supervisors dealt a blow to open a medical machine dispensary.
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kwan and her husband wanted to open a cannabis club. some neighbors oppose it. opponents appealed and the board sided with them. >> the crime rate increasing. the exposure to the young people and problems to health. >> it's a big disappointment for our patients in the sunset. >> the board voted 9-2 to reject the dispensary's permit. no word on what she and her husband plan to do now. a plan to move homeless people into new tough shed shelters. mayor libby shchaaf wanted to move into new shelters for up to six months and provide social services. a two-year ordinance declaring a shelter crisis that allows the mayor more flexibility to build and provide public facilities
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for unsheltered residents. >> wondering what it looked like for your morning commute. take a look at the san mateo bridge as we look westbound and you can see it's quiet out there. no drizzle. no fog. just clear conditions and pretty light winds. no issues weatherwise, mass transit, cool to warm and smooth sailing if you're going to be on the bay water today. let's take a look at your 12-hour day planner for the coast starting off at 51 degrees. a cloud or two possible and then look at that hazy sunshine at noon. 62. we will be cool and bright at 4:00. 64 and about 57 at 7:00. all right. for our bay, temperatures about 50 at 7:00. 70 at noon. 75, pleasant degrees at 4:00. and then 66 at 7:00. we'll round it out by looking at san rafael this morning. your 12-hour day planner for inland neighborhoods. 51 this morning. 73 at lunch. dry warmth at 4:00. 81 and then by 7:00 still pretty
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nice and about 73 degrees. all right. my accuweather seven-day forecast with a warm weekend coming up. here's alexis. and most of our overnight projects are in the final stages at this point. they are working on getting those cleaned up. but we are still looking at very heavy traffic on southbound 680 through walnut creek. hopefully they're on their way to pick up cones. that is where we have some lanes down and they should be totally done in about 20 minutes. mass transit looking great if you want to hop on b.a.r.t. out of walnut creek that's a great choice. 26 trains in service. no delays. no delays on ace 1. they will be increasing all ferry service on the routes this weekend with fleet week. >> people in the bay area speaking for puerto rico. a man preparing for the worst as he gets ready to return to his home there. caltrans the date for the
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reopening of a replacement bridge. 911
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it's 4:41. caltrans says the bridge will open october 13. this image showed crews installing rebar. they plan to pave the road this
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weekend. the $24 million span replaces a portion after a mudslide. the closure severely limited access to that community. >> it's been almost two weeks since hurricane maria hit puerto rico. groups in the bay area are trying to raise awareness about the plight. lisa amin gulezian was at a rally. >> it's hard to be here. >> reporter: geraldo calderon's son, a pilot, flew him out of the danger in san juan as part of the rally in the mission trying to bring help and awareness to puerto rico. >> there's no power. all the trees fell down. in some places only canned food. >> reporter: government officials insist help will
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continue. >> i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack. >> reporter: they are sure puerto ricans are not a priority. >> if floridians and texans were told they would have -- that they would be without power for six months, i mean, there would be massive outcry. >> reporter: this grandfather is leaving the security of the city and vows to return to puerto rico this week. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. uber is curbing the power of travis kalanick and taking on soft bank group as a major new investor, adopted by the 11-member board stripping kalanick and other early investors of the power they had. kalanick who stepped down under pressure from irate investors voted in favor of that change. the move clears the way for soft bank to invest more than $10 billion in uber. softbank will get two seats. low-risk suspects may find it easier to bail out of jail.
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county supervisors signed off on a bail reform bill two years in the works that aims at low-risk inmates who cannot afford bail. the county will create a community fund that will offer a lower cost alternative to traditional bail bonds. part of the money will come from the county with the matching amount from a private group. emergency dispatchers who handle 911 calls have to deal with urgent situations, frantic callers and garbled messages. and now another challenge, butt dialing. accidental calls are clogging up the system. in response the city is now launching a $250,000 ad campaign to encourage people to lock their phones. the department of emergency management says 40% of all calls to 911 are not emergencies. it's 4:44 in the morning. over to meteorologist mike nicco. natasha, reggie, hey everybody, let's open up the weather window. it looks different than the last couple of mornings. it's not shaking. it's enjoying a quiet overnight.
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autumn allergies. i'll have that index in about eight minutes or so. signs of summer warmth coming and highs slowly relaxed next week. let's give you the micro climate. it's october and we're talkin micro climate. 76 in milpitas. san jose, 78. gilroy, low 80s. 72 in milbrae. up to 77 in redwood city and palo alto. 63 to 66 on the peninsula. 70 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. around 79 to 82 up through the north bay valleys. along the east bay shore 74 to 77. as you move inland about 80 to 83 degrees. so as we head towards tomorrow another pleasant afternoon but look at the warmth really start to take over friday and even into saturday. we're start to go see some 90s and some 80s as we get near the coast. these long nights and dry air, 40s to low 50s again tonight
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under a full moon. you'll be able to see it and enjoy it. a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures will slowly relax monday and tuesday. a bone-dry forecast. bring alexis in as we always do this time. you have something new to show us. >> i know, yes. a very fancy new traffic feature. i just showed mike off the air. he was impressed. i'll show you now, too, to the east bay a 3d look at traffic so here we go, a close-up look at 880. if you are going to be traveling on the northbound side, the heavier side this time of day, we did have early backups through san leandro. they have picked that up. as you can see these cars are matching the real volumes on the road. so we're looking pretty good. decent volumes up around oracle and the coliseum. no significant delays on the nimitz so far this morning. the place we are seeing some significant delays is walnut creek, unfortunately this backup just continues to grow. we've got two lanes down.
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two lanes open on southbound 680 and this is between monument and that backup is getting ugly. they should have this done within 15 minutes and it looks like they're starting to pick up cones. if you want to take taylor boulevard for an alternate that will save you 20 minutes. we're looking at 25 to 30 minute delays. b.a.r.t., of course, an option as well. some drive times up next. >> i like those new graphics. thank you, alexis. offensive or part of history, the battle over a statue sitting in san francisco's civic center. >> and showing off a new robot. how this could help in natural disasters. >> half moon bay's pumpkin weighoff, a championship grower reveals his secret. first this morning's tech bites. in today's tech bites a massive hack at yahoo!. >> the company confirms 3 billion users were compromised bayda at that breach meaning every account may have been affected.
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users are encouraged to change pass words. >> a new home device. >> google home mini is to compete with echo dot. two new phones are expected to be announced in san francisco. and instagram has come up with a new way for followers to share opinions. >> users can conduct their own polls but by adding a poll sticker to their stories followers can then choose between sprinkles or plain boxers or briefs or whatever is up for debate. >> sprinkles obviously. >> plain. we're not answering the boxer one.
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a californian is in las vegas helping comfort the victims. >> this is aaron, the golden retriever lives in napa and works with st. john's lutheran church, part of the canine comfort dogs which brings dogs from across the country to help in times of crisis. these are some pictures of aaron posted on social media sites, one of two comfort dogs from california. the group has brought more than a dozen dogs to las vegas visiting people in hospitals and bein available at vigils. honda is releasing video of this prototype robot that could be used in natural disasters. it is flexible, strong and waterproof and it can climb up stairs and ladders and walk over debris as well. honda says it needs more development still before it is ready to go into the field. contra costa county is dealing with its first human
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cases of west nile. two people have tested positive as well as five dead birds. there's one confirmed case. to protect yourself drain any standing water. it can be a breeding ground. that's when mosquitos are most active. giants manager says that he will undergo a second procedure now on his heart to repair an atrial fibrillation next week. he's been dealing with a heart condition that knocks it out of rhythm. the procedure is considered minor. in april the giants skipper underwent a procedure. he says he would need the second procedure but decided to wait until the end of the season. october is here so the great pumpkin cannot be far behind. >> can gary miller do it again? >> i think he can. >> he's a champion pumpkin grower who will be competing on monday in half moon bay.
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we caught up with him in napa where he gave abc 7 news a sneak peek at his gourds. he won the contest a few years ago at 1,985 pounds. he says this year's crop is his best ever. >> you want to have something 2,000 pounds or better. just the genetics are getting stronger every year. it's hard to keep up with it. >> i did not understand this but every day counts. he tells us these big pumpkins can gain 40 to 50 pounds a day. >> wow. >> seeds can cost as much as $700 each for a seed. >> it's crazy. the nice thing about this miller, even though he could charge so much, gives away his seeds for free because he wants you to try it at home in your own garden. >> where would i fit that? >> i feel like i'm gaining 40 pounds. >> oh, no! >> goodness you're not gaining
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40 or 50 a day. >> maybe i could enter the contest. >> you look amazing, alexis. >> put your belly up. >> nobody will notice. reggie is not saying >> you look great. >> you do look great. $30,000 if they set a world record. all eyes on half moon bay monday. let's look at what's going on and take your little pumpkin over to the traffic center, if you would. you're not going to name him or her pumpkin. let's take a look at what's going on. we just got a nickname for your baby. tree pollen, it is pretty high and it's elm, oak and pine. the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. and, of course, it's complete week. no need to worry about the fog,,
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letting us warm into the upper 70s and we'll be able to see everything. hi, pumpkin. >> hello. oh, boy. i have a feeling that one is going to stick. taking a look at southbound 680 and walnut creek, this is our toughest spot so far this morning. we have road work, various lanes closed here at monument. hopefully they'll get that picked up. it's not great on our traffic maps. that backup starting to spill over on the 242 a little over four miles at this point. two miles an hour. if you want to swing wide out of the concord area take taylor boulevard down and connect with 24 and that is past that construction that will save you between 20 and 25 minutes. b.a.r.t. is an option as well. the good news that's our only trouble spot. you're in the yellow at 43. 15 minutes southbound 680 out of dublin and northbound 85 to cupertino looking great in the green at 17 minutes. alexis, thank you.
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san francisco's art commission is stepping into a battle over historic statue in the city's civic center. it depicts a native american man on the ground with a cowboy and missionary standing over him. some people say this statue is offensive. others say the statue has historical value and should be preserved. the commission has voted to consider removing it at a cost up to $200,000. they say it will be up to the city's historic preservation committee. trying to protect endangered whales from fishing gear. there's been a dramatic surge of whales being caught in crab traps. they strug to get free which makes the trap wires cut even deeper sometimes killing the whale. the suit calls for using shorter fishing lines at a reduction and crabbing in areas with heavy whale traffic such as monterey bay. whole foods is gaining more customers since amazon bought it and it's coming at the expense of competitors like trader joe's, sprouts, and target. retail expert at santa clara
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tells bloomberg news that it shows a latent demand for quality food. mobile phone location data to track millions of people who have opted into their research. amazon has cornered the market when it comes to same day delivery. why that's all about to change. investigators hope someone can identify these two suspects. the crime spree they're accused of going on. the las vegas shooter's girlfriend returns to the
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coming up on 5:00 a.m. on wednesday, october 4, thank you for being here. jessica castro is in vegas. we start with weather and traffic and a cool beginning to your wednesday. >> it's definitely cool outside. i broke out the winter sweater that i normally wear in to work. you may want to grab something heavier, also. look at the temperatures, santa rosa one of the cool spots at 43. we've got novato and half moon bay at 45. gilroy, 44. look at san ramon, 46. livermore, 48. fremont, 49. everyone else 50 to 53 degrees. this afternoon check out temperatures, 66 to 69 from half moon bay into downtown san francisco. about 74 to 77 around the bay and about 78 to 81 inland. a picture perfect absolutely gorgeous day. get outside and enjoy it. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. the biggest issue


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