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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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sunshine warms us. it's going to be comfortable. look at the winds almost nonexistent, calm to 7 miles an hour. santa rosa, napa, novato, half moon bay, 48 in fremont. livermore 49. oakland 49. everybody else about 50 to 52 degrees. san francisco's 56. 74 to 7 around the bay. 78 to 81 inland. a look at your 12-hour day planner up next. here's alexis. we are slowly starting to look better in walnut creek. all the cones have finally been picked up. they were almost an hour behind schedule. three miles an hour through the concord area. 4 miles an hour down to pleasant hill and then it opens up.
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a little bit after backup as well. if you're heading out in the next few minimum i still recommend b.a.r.t. you can use surface streets as well. taylor boulevard is not a bad possibility. a look at drive times. >> the girlfriend of the kill certificate back in the u.s. and now is talking with the fbi. >> marilou danley arrived at l.a.x. police are calling her a person of interest. they're hoping she can give them some insight on paddock's motive, showing the confusion and panic as officers tried to figure out where it was coming from. he shot from mandalay bay for 11 minutes. this morning we're also learning more about the victims with bay area ties. >> michelle vo is a san jose native. denise cohen grew up in san
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ram ramon. stacee etcheber's husband was a san francisco police officer. >> friends, relatives, honored stacee in novato. tiffany wilson has the story. >> reporter: officers vinnie etcheber and his two children were at the vigil last night. they did not speak but their grief was evident. hundreds gathered. stacy's brother-in-law believes stacy's brother-in-law believes she died trying to help others. >> the question was why. we didn't have an answer. this is such an open and shut case you're not even thinking about the person that did all the shooting. i think there's some confusion
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that lies around that, why, why mom, why was she shot? >> reporter: vinnie etcheber was supported by a dozen san francisco motorcycle officers, the unit he once rode with. the san francisco police department is vowing to support the etcheber family and the police officers association has set up a gofundme account which has already raised nearly $105,000. live in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> tiffany, thank you. jessica castro is in vegas reporting there since monday. >> she says both tourists and locals are trying to resume their lives as best they can after the tragedy. >> reporter: signs of slow but steady progress here. las vegas boulevard, the iconic strip, is finally back open in both directions. there's also this growing memorial as the city is trying to put one foot in front of the other for now. slowly things are beginning to move forward in las vegas. these people just trying to get
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their cars. >> i thought i would be able to come and pick up my car with my i.d., have it ready, but there's a line. i don't even think i will be able to go home today. >> reporter: hundreds of cars were left when people van for their lives. we're also learning about the folks it took to respond. >> we have our own specific roles. mine was to assess psychiatric patients already in the hospital trying to figure out what beds we could free up. >> reporter: he's a uc berkeley alum who now lives in las vegas. >> so as a psychiatrist my work starts from here on out. and it will be more of a marathon. >> reporter: survivors often replay the events. >> sitting at the casino eating at one of the restaurants and somebody's slot machine went off and just thaerg that was like -- >> reporter: joanna shared a hug. they returned hoping to heal
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their emotional wounds. and that was jessica castro reporting. two north bay couples helped save lives in las vegas. they can be seen here using fences as makeshift stretchers. the couple was with their friends. wall is a trained emt and he and mcgrath gave people cpr. >> i can't formulate or tell you or show emotion or anything that's going to explain how the night felt. >> she says they looked forward to the festival every year but they don't know if they'll ever be able to go back. a heads-up for those wanting to donate blood in the wake of the vegas shooting. blood centers of the pacific is asking donors to schedule appoints later in the week or in the next weeks because there is no immediate need. it's important donations are begin on an ongoing basis. it could take 24 to 36 hours to collect, test, process and
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distribute blood where it's needed. go to to schedule your appointment. with the girlfriend back in the u.s. her sisters are coming to her defense. president trump is head to go las vegas to meet with first responders. good morning, marcy. >> reporter: good morning. police here say they expect to get much more information in the next 48 hours. her sisters now telling an australian tv station they believe she had no information, no knowledge about what her boyfriend was planning. this plane landing overnight from the philippines. gunman stephen paddock's girlfriend marilou danley. >> he sent her away so that he can plan what he was planning without interruptions. >> reporter: now a person of interest in sunday night's mass murder at this country music
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vest val festival in las vegas. the spray of bullets lasting as many as 11 horrific minutes, these newly released body cam videos showing brave police officers rushing people to safety. >> this way, this way. >> reporter: and now our first look at some of the 23 guns including an ar-15 fitted with a scope he fired from his hotel room into the crowd below. investigators revealing he set up two cameras in the hallway. another in his room. >> so that the suspect could watch as law enforcement or security approached his room. >> reporter: police hoping danley can shed life on the planning and motive for the massacre that left 58 people dead. president trump traveling here today meeting with some of the survivors and their families. and he plans to personally thank some of the medical professionals, first responders and heroic civilians who risked
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their own lives to save others. live in las vegas, marcy gonzalez, abc 7 news. and our coverage of the mass shooting investigation continues online. we also have links showing you how you can help. you can find more on twitter, facebook and lawmakers calling for change after the vegas shooting. the action they want congress to take now. mountain view-based
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will e start off mostly cle and 51. look at these temperatures at noon. 62 and 64. so bright but chilly and 57 at 7:00. as we look at our inland neighborhoods, look at that 73 at noon. low humidity, 81 at 4:00 and 73 at 7:00. for the bay about 50, 7:00. hazy sunshine, 70 at noon. a pleasant 75 at 4:00. 66 at 7:00. and if you're going to be on the bay, no advisories today. hazy sunshine at our beaches and enjoy a hike today with that light humidity but wear the sunscreen. you'll need it. >> i want to start you off with some drive times. we're slowly starting to bounce
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back at walnut creek. we had some road work that went almost an hour over schedule here on southbound 680. between highway 4 and walnut creek down to 30 minutes. that's about an hour cut off that drive time, still some delays hanging around as well. no delays once we make it to westbound 24 and 580 tracy to dublin right around an hour. one of the reasons why a new sig alert just before eden canyon. the fire department in the two right lanes. >> thanks, alexis. the latest health craze you might be thinking of ♪ your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as little as
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♪ ♪ it is 6:15 from the live desk this morning we'll take you live to washington, d.c. this is capitol hill. democratic lawmakers on the steps of the capitol are demanding new gun control measures. among the speakers san francisco's nancy pelosi and georgia congressman joran lewis. we saw gabby gifford speaking at the podium a moment ago there along with oakland congresswoman barbara lee calling on paul ryan to set up a bipartisan task force on gun violence. and speaking of that california
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lawmakers also callin for change in light of the mass shooting in las vegas. they are urging congress to enact tougher gun legislation. california is home to some of the strongest gun control laws in the country and other states, they say, are lagging far behind. passing more gun measures is not the answer. >> the only crime he committed he illegally used his legal guns to kill people so the gun laws are being enforced and that isn't stopping criminals. >> this is not about taking away people's guns. this is about keeping people safe. >> lawmakers are pushing for more research funding to identify the causes of gun violence. 6:16 now and new photos just surfaced of o.j. simpson enjoying his first full day of freedom. some photos taken at the rented home in vegas where he is staying, brushing up on his golf game, lounging pool side.
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you can see simpson and his daughter arnelle, reportedly giving him tutorials on how to use iphones. when he was locked up in 2007 that was just two months after the first iphone was released. an australian mining company is making history with this train. it's what you don't see that makes it unusual. the train has no conductor. the company release this had video of the train completing the first ever fully autonomous haul. they run 71 driverless trucks at its mines. it believes autonomous trains will improve safety at the mines and boost productivity. alphabet's wamo plans to lawn after service with autonomous vehicle as soon as this fall if it can fix one major flaw. this according to the as of right now these driverless cars cannot make a left-hand
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turn. so the problem is it's fine if it has a green arrow. that's always easy. the hard part is people behind you honking because they want you to go faster. it doesn't have the brain to figure it out. the advance have difficulty negotiating cul-de-sacs, mall entrances or areas that haven't been mapped by waymo sensors. as long as you're not going to the mall or turning left, you're good to go. let's keep testing this. san francisco is the first city in the country to force report of antibiotics. this means the department of the environment will now get reports from more than 100 large grocery outlets in san francisco. the reports will have information about antibiotic usage. the goal is to reduce the number of drug resistant infections. this all started out as an april fool's joke but a gummy bear cleanse is now a real thing, sort of. this is created by a boutique
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candy brand. it does give you 20% of your daily vitamins a and c but the co-founder said this is not meant to replace vitamins or nutrition. this is just candy that happens to have the same amount of vitamin a or c if you were to eat a tiny bite after baby carrot or if you inhaled a bit of orange peel. >> it's a joke. >> it's kind after joke. >> so don't do that. but i do love gummy bears. i have a bag that comes with all the mix of the gummy bears, the cherry and alphabet letters. yeah, that's -- >> wow. >> go get that. >> you hate the whole bag, didn't you. >> yeah. >> i like that. you can afford that. i couldn't do that. let's talk about what's going on. good day for me getting outside and exercise. mowed the lawn yesterday. what am i going to do today? i don't know. 41 in petaluma.
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some of the cooler spots up north. american canyon and napa at about 46. here's a look at south beach. looks clean. still just a touch of haze out there because we're not going to have much of a breeze. clear and cool again tonight and even when we have that warm wave it's still going to be cool at night. temperature in napa 7. same thing at sonoma. inland east bay about 80 to 81. warm and dry air for you. down in the south bay we'll have sunny and seasonal temperatures. 78 in san jose. los gatos, 81. cupertino, 78. on the peninsula, gorgeous sunshine on both sides, a little haze here and there. san mateo, 74. palo alto. along the east bay, 74 in oakland. around san francisco mild without being breezy from 70 in south san francisco to the mission at 69 to downtown at 69.
6:21 am
balboa park about 64. temperature range from 40 in santa rosa to san francisco's 52 tonight. under a full moon and maybe a cloud or two tried to sneak into the coast but quickly erased as sunshine dominates my seven-day forecast. our warmest days elsewhere friday, saturday and sunday. alexis? taking a look at the roads here this morning. we do have a sig alert for the semi fire on eastbound 580. that's the only little bit of good news, on the lighter side of traffic before you get to eden canyon. it is partially blocking the slow lane. the fire department is there taking up the two right lanes. it sounds like at least half an hour before we're able to get the heavy duty tow and get it cleared. westbound side you're seeing delays as well. that is on looker delay. significant backup a little over a mile in each direction. still trying to bounce back from the road work that went almost an hour late. southbound 680 at pleasant hill
6:22 am
down to about ten miles an hour or i should say up to. two miles an hour on 242 and then westbound 4 feeling this as well, 15 miles an hour as you make your way over towards the 80 interchange. this is not totally thinning out. b.a.r.t. is your best bet. creating safe routes to schools has been a priority in san francisco. why the program could soon face a big budget cut. also bank fees are higher
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6:24 am
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good morning. more than 10,000 students in san francisco will be walking to school to take part in the 21st annual international walk and roll to school. keep some eyes out if you're hitting the road. this year's celebration comes with uncertainty for the future funding of safe routes to school. the county transportation authority talked about cutting $750,000 of the program's budget. supervisors say it is not significantly increasing the number of families who walk and bike to school. time to ask finney. a question about selling homes. >> 7 on your side's michael finney has your answer. >> how do i pay taxes that i owe on my house if i don't receive a tax bill from the tax collector? >> hey, doug, i have some bad news for you. the law here is very clear. you owe the money whether or not you get a bill.
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so keep a calendar and contact your county if it's time to pay and you haven't received a bill. often this can be done, by the way, online. it's easy to do. if you pay online there's often a service fee for using your credit card. the important thing is to stay current on your taxes. the law is very unforgiving here, it can cost you a fortune if you're not. thanks for your question. >> obviously that was doug and he had a question about his property taxes. if you have a question for michael finney record it on your smartphone or tablet, share it on social media using the #ask finney. >> at more still to come. president trump is heading to las vegas today. what we expect to hear from him. plus, new emerging details about the girlfriend of the gunman. she's back in the u.s. and police have a lot of questions for her. >> and the victory for neighbors fi
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and good morning to you on this wednesday, october 4th. it is 6:29 in the a.m. jessica castro on assignment in las vegas. the rest of us here to serve you that morning. >> alexis and mike with weather and traffic. i took what you picked off the menu and ran it. i hope you enjoy. let's look at what's going on. hi, everybody. let's open up the weather window from live doppler 7 showing no clouds out there this morning
6:30 am
and cool conditions. dress for 43. san ramon and fairfield. 43 at half moon bay. oakland 49. just about everybody else around 50 to 52 degrees. highs today some 80s inland and east bay. mid to upper 70s for the bay into the south bay and 66 to 69 around the coast and into san francisco. we'll take a look at your 12-hour day planner. here's alexis. not the best day on the roads. a sig alert in the tri-valley so it is on the eastbound side of 580. a semi fire is taking up the two right lanes. that's why it's a sig alert. some on looker delay here as well. we have sky 7 on the way so we should be able to get a better vantage point in a few minutes. overall that has not been a terrible commute today. the metering lights on at 5:25. some typical backups. next traffic update at 6:40. alexis, thank you.
6:31 am
president trump is on his way to vegas to meet with victims and first responders. >> that visit comes as police reveal more about the gunman and the people who lost their lives. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live for us in las vegas. amy? >> reporter: hi, good morning, reggie. i talked to a cap driver, a local, who is excited about the president's visit. he really likes president trump even though he knows it will impact traffic. he can't wait for him to get here. we met with tourists who are not looking forward to the visit. we have new video in this morning of president trump and first lady melania boarding air force one this morning very early in washington. they're expected to arrive here in vegas around 9:30 vegas time. they will be planning around his visit. >> just that he's coming. i was planning on leaving around 7:38. everything will be backed up i'd better leave at 7:00.
6:32 am
>> it's nice he's visiting but we're personally glad we're going to the grand canyon because we don't want to be here only because we're not fans. >> reporter: here's what the president will see on the strip in front of mandalay bay. the strip has reopened, that section of the boulevard, there is now a huge memorial. it is still there and it is growing. the president is expected to meet with victims and their family members and first responders. he hasn't said when he'll be heading back, just that he plans to spend time in las vegas. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. and before you go, it must be quite a strange situation to be in that town right now. of course it's the city of entertainment but at the same time no one can ignore what happened on the street where you're standing. what is it like? >> reporter: sin city, right, reggie? they've had to change that image and we're seeing it on the hotel
6:33 am
signs. look at this new sign. you don't see what happens in vegas stays in vegas anymore. the logo now, we've been there for you during the good times, thank you for being there for us now. the ad agency that came up with the what happens in vegas stays in vegas slogan said that would just be insensitive right now so now they're going wit with #vegasstrong so just really want at that emphasize how the city is pulling together and it is grieving right now, reggie. >> we appreciate your reporting. a candlelight vigil was held for the victims of sunday night's mass shooting that took place at a local park. the vigil hosted by clark county and the city of las vegas. a gofundme page set up by the commissioner has raised almost $8.4 million so far. that money intended to provide financial relief and support to the victims and their families. this morning the girlfriend of the shooter is back in the u.s. a she arrived at l.a.x. last
6:34 am
night. chelsea edwards has details on her return. >> reporter: after days of trying to track down the shooter's live-in girlfriend -- >> i'm sorry we had trouble with that video. we're going to try to get back to it. >> reporter: -- let's take a look at video from yesterday. this is the plane that brought her from the philippines. it landed at l.a.x. where fbi agents were waiting eager to get information from the 62-year-old. danley is considered a person of interest in the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. officials want to know exactly what she knew and a possible motive. her sister spoke to australian media overnight saying she had nothing to do with the massacre.
6:35 am
>> reporter: sunday night's mass murder in las vegas claimed 59 lives and injured more than 500 people. officials are pointing out danley is not in custody. she's free to go where she pleases. it's not clear where she is this hour. there's no sign of her or her daughter going out of what we believe to be her daughter's home in venice. i'm chelsea edwards in venice, back to you. >> abc 7's amy hollyfield and jessica castro are both in las vegas. you can watch more of their reports throughout the day and stay with abc 7 on air, on line and our news app. 6:35. first responders conducted a full-scale emergency exercise at sfo. this year's annual exercise tested response efforts to a simulated terror attack at terminal one and included several agencies including the san francisco fire department, police department, and several mutual aid units from around the bay area. more than 60 volunteers also took part as role play passengers giving first responders the opportunity to
6:36 am
triage. gilroy police are investigating an indecent exposure incident around 8:00 monday morning. a group of students say they were walking by a parked car when a man exposed himself. the kids kept walking and reported what happened. the car described as an older model dark colored sedan. a blow was dent to jean kwan's plan to open a marijuana dispensaries. kwan and her husband wanted to open a cannabis club in the outer sunset but some neighbors vehemently opposed it. the planning commission approved the dispensary in july. opponents appealed and now the board sided with them. >> the crime rate would increase, the exposure to young people, and the problems to health. >> it's a big disappointment for our patients in the sunset. >> the board voted 9 to 2 to reject the dispensary's permit. no word on what kwan and her husband plan to do now. >> the oakland city council
6:37 am
approved a plan to move homeless people into tough shed shelters. mayor libby schaaf pushed for the plan to move the homeless off sidewalks and into safer places. it will help move up to 40 people from encampments into the new shelters for up to six months and provide them social services. the city council adropted a two-year ordinance for a crisis in oakland. it allows the mayor and the city more flexibility to build and provide public facilities for unsheltered residents. so how does it feel at your house this morning? our windows were closed and it was still 66 in my house. i refuse to turn the heat on yet. let's look at what's going on. look at that, 45 right now in santa clara and tuper tino. we have campbell and sunnyvale at 47. everybody else about 50 to 53 degrees. here's a look at san mateo bridge. no issues weatherwise today. mass transit cool this morning,
6:38 am
warm sunshine this afternoon and very smooth sailing. no advisories there. here are your 12-hour day planner. 64 at 4:00. hazy sunshine. cool but bright, 57 at 7:00. 12-hour day planner, 73 at noon. 81 is and dry at 4:00. 73 at 7:00. and how about around the bay, 48 this morning. hazy sunshine, 70. a great day to be outside, a picnic lunch. a few items going on this weekend, hardly strictly bluegrass 72 to 75. a little warmer as you get closer to where you can see fleet week mid to upper 70s with lows again 52 to 53 degrees. notice no clouds in that forecast. fingers crossed it will stay that way. you had breaking news and have sky 7 up to look at it. what are you seeing?
6:39 am
>> a semi fire in the tri-valley. not good news in castro valley. it is a sig alert. we want to take you live to sky 7 on the eastbound side of 580 just before you get to eden canyon road and that semi was fully engulfed at one point this morning. a few more details from chp saying the fuel tank melted on that truck and some fuel spilled on to the dirt. so i'm guessing we're likely going to have hazmat team come out to get that cleaned up and this could possibly take even longer to get cleaned up at the moment. right now the two right lanes blocked on the eastbound side of 580 again just before you get to eden canyon road. the westbound side we're also seeing some on looker and you can see typically it is wide open. you're pretty safe on eastbound 580 this time of day. today, though, you can see from sky 7 you have heavy traffic as they were up to about two miles either direction. a little bit heavier on the eastbound side than the westbound side. some folks slowing down to see what the flashing lights are for. as soon as we have a new estimate we'll update you on
6:40 am
that. let's flip over to our traffic maps now. into san francisco things are looking pretty good. some of our typical delays as you come in on the bay bridge and the north bay this morning, there's a look at our very cool new 3d feature on our traffic maps looking at some very light volumes northbound and southbound on the golden gate bridge. a look at drive times coming up in a few minutes. remembering the victims of the las vegas shooting. next, the heartbreaking memorial in the north bay for a local mom killed in the attack. plus, a high-end cannabis chocolate shop hits a snag. why the owners are now looking for a new location. first what's coming up on "live with kelly and ryan." >> hi. >> good morning. >> harrison ford talks about blade runner
6:41 am
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that's 40% off everything coit cleans. food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. it is 6:43. back to our coverage of the shooting in las vegas. some of the victims had ties to the bay area including novato mother stacee etcheber. >> friends and family gathered for a vigil in her honor. tiffany wilson is live at the san francisco police headquarters where stacee's husband is an officer. good morning, tiffany. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. there are two young children without their mother today and a husband without his wife. it is a dark hour for the etcheber family and the crowd did everything it could to bring light and love to them last
6:44 am
night. hundreds of people gathered at san ramon elementary school with candles and words of comfort. nearly a dozen san francisco motorcycle officers offered their support. that is the unit vinnie etcheber once rode with. >> it's a really tough time for our department, the city of san francisco, here in novato. everyone is grieving. >> reporter: the san francisco police department is vowing to support the etcheber family. the police officers association has set up a gostacee's honor than $106,000 in the past 15 hours. live in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> so heartbreaking for that family. thank you. another woman with bay area ties also died in the shooting this is denise cohen. she lived in santa barbara coun county. she attended the same high school stacee etcheber. cohen had planned to go to reunion for the '77 class next week.
6:45 am
a third bay area woman also died, 32-year-old michelle vo a san jose native. she had been living in southern california and working as an insurance agent. friends say she was brave and loved to explore. >> we are learning a former a's minor league prospect used his body to shield two people from bullets during the shooting. this according to "the east bay times." 23-year-old minor league pitcher derby says everyone is okay. he says he saw a lot of people trying to help strangers. it has been two weeks since hurricane maria hit puerto rico and the island is still struggling to recover. groups are trying to raise awareness about the plight of people there. a valley was held yesterday evening. it came a few hours after president trump met with victims in puerto rico. and you can see him there throwing paper towels into the crowd, speaking with government officials as well, insisting that help will continue. those in puerto rico do not necessarily feel, though, that they are a priority.
6:46 am
>> floridians and if texans were being told they would have -- that they would be without power for six months, i mean, there would be massive outcry. >> only 7% of the island has had power restored. now to your morning money report, if you think you're paying higher fees at the atm, you'd be right. >> bank rate says out of network atm fees have never been higher, they are up 55% in the last decade. >> when you go outside the atm network you're not usually facing one fee, oftentimes it's two fees, a fee from the atm owner as well as what your own bank charges you and together that can top $5. >> one cause listed is fewer people using out of network atms. fewer people are using cash in general. overdraft fees are also soaring. the average per incident is $33.38. high-end cannabis chocolate store will not be coming to westfield san francisco center.
6:47 am
athe mall owners have stopped negotiations. the issue is marijuana is not legal on a federal level yet. the ceo says he is now looking for different locations in san francisco. whole sfoofoods gaining mor customers coming at the expense of trader joe's, sprouts, and target. retail experts tells bloomberg it shows a latent demand for quality organic foods. research firm uses mobile phone location data to track millions of people who have opted into the research. "american idol" fans listen up. >> it is the judges' first appearance together, lionel richie, luke bryan and katy perry. now they are all judges and they're stopping by "good morning america." >> it must be good to finally have this kick off. >> it's the dream team. >> i have to tell you something, we've been to school together the last 40 years. excuse me, the last 20 years.
6:48 am
>> we've only had one day together yesterday and we're already just so locked in. >> you can see the information age showing up because these kids can go to their computers and learn how to play piano. >> i think katie looks cute. i like n idol" returns to abc. no official date released yet which means there's still plenty of time for you to try out. you can audition online right now as you watch abc 7 mornings. we have a link to the application at >> who will be the simon of the group, the paula, the randy? i want to know the answer. >> i'm sure katie will be the one who is savage. hi, alexis. good morning. unfortunately we do have a sig alert on the roads in the castro valley area. i want to teak 7 and it looks like we have some flashing lights down there on the eastbound side of 580.
6:49 am
this is all due to a semi fire that started about 5:35. that's when we got the first call in to chp. it really looks like the cab of that semi is totally charred. we haven't gotten word of any injuries. i do believe the driver got out okay. we have a fuel spill, though. it sounds like the fuel lines just totally melted with that fire. so emergency crews still on the scene there taking up the two right lanes and as sky 7 pans back for us you can see we have a pretty healthy backup. if this were westbound it would be major traffic alert. right now we're looking at about a three-mile delay on eastbound 580. we're seeing some backups on the westbound side of 580. not quite as heavy or long as backup. some folks slowing down to see what's going on. a new problem in fairfield. westbound 80 just past the state route 12 merge, three-vehicle collision. it's been a tough day on the roads today.
6:50 am
let's check in with mike nicco. we know it's going to be a gorgeous one outside. hi, everybody. to the golden gate bridge and show you how clear it is this morning. a little bit of a bridge, about 14 miles per hour. sunny today. autumn allergies, yeah. if you have an aversion to tree pollen, i'll show you why today is not going to be a great day for you. highs slowly relax next week. a look from the east bay hills camera it's elm, oak and pine. let's talk about your micro climate. 76 in milpitas. cupertino, 78. 72 in milbrae. 63 to 66 on the oceanside. on the bay side downtown south san francisco, 70. about the same in sausalito. 79 to 82 through our north bay valleys. spread narrow along the east bay shore. to fremont at 77.
6:51 am
inland 80 to 81. check out the temperatures tomorrow about the same but you can see the 90s in the north bay and the east bay friday and just as hot saturday except for at the coast where it will cool just a little bit. let me show you tonight's temperatures. no matter how hot it gets we'll fall back in the low 50s elsewhere especially under a full moon tonight. the warmest day at the coast friday near 80 there. mid-80s to 90. that will hold saturday, sunday and then start to taper monday and tuesday. reggie? natasha? getting a liquor license will get easier. jerry brown with a bill. they're going to cost less than $14,000. the price tag far lower than the $300,000 some restaurants pay on the secondary market. from 1939 until now that has been the only way to get a license since current businesses have grand fathered in on original liquor licenses. emergency dispatchers who handle
6:52 am
911 calls in san francisco must deal with urgent situations, frantic callers, and garbled messages. >> but butt dialing? apparently that's been the problem, too. accidental calls are clogging up the 911 system. so in response the city is launching a $250,000 ad campaign to encourage people to lock their phones. the department of emergency management tells "the examiner" 40% of all calls to 911 are not emergencies. coming back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. >> first our instagram picture of the day. follow us and get a lot more great pictures like this one. share your photos and video. by living off the grid. completely.
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or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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time now is 6:54. these are the seven things to know before you go. number one we have a sig alert in castro valley. this is a semi that caught fire early this morning about 5:30 on eastbound 580 just before eden canyon road. this does not look like there is much of that cab left. two right lanes remain blocked and we're getting close to a four-mile backup. number two, las vegas police released body camera footage of sunday's mass shooting showing officers trying to figure out where the gunfire was coming from. police say stephen paddock fired for 11 minutes killing 58 people. paddock's girlfriend is back in the u.s. landing from the philippines. fbi agents immediately met her upon landing.
6:55 am
>> friends and family held a candlelight vigil in novato for stacee etcheber, one of the victims. she was at the concert with her husband, a san francisco police officer. number five, right now president trump is heading to vegas to meet with victims and to thank first responders. this is video of him boarding air force one in maryland in the last hour. and number six, an awesome day, awesome autumn day unfolding with temperatures in the 40s. we'll stay in the 60s at the coast. low 70s, lovely conditions for lunch. and then mid to upper 70s, very comfortable this afternoon. the sharks kick off their season against the philadelphia flyers at s.a.p. center. tickets are still available. the puck drops at 7:30 at the tank. mike, can you confirm for me this morning it is allergies i'm suffering from. >> is that what it is? >> yeah. >> me, too. the tree pollen was bad. i closed the windows and it still got to me. >> i'll use any excuse not to get through a workout which is what i did yesterday.
6:56 am
>> breathing too hard. i can't go for a run. >> we're going to have great weather for all events. >> make sure you wear the sunscreen because they are all day events and we'll have total sunshine all day in san francisco from the low to mid-70s at the coast to the mid to upper 70s on the bay side where a lot of us watch fleet week. >> good to know. >> sun block and zyrtec. "good morning america" is up next. >> a live look from sky 7. jessica castro a woman of many languages. she is studying for her master's degree right now, seriously. >> loves documentaries. >> she's always reading multiple books at a time. jessica volunteers with kids, athletic, adventurous. >> the girl can dance. >> bright and early jess is jamming. >> our live desk was totally made for her. >> there is a lot happening in the morning, and jess is best at breaking it down.
6:57 am
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make more of what's yours. good morning, america. breaking overnight, the las vegas shooter's girlfriend returning to the united states met by the fbi at l.a.x. authorities hoping she can help unravel the mystery behind the motive of that mass shooting as dramatic new images emerge. police releasing bodycam footage. >> get back. >> get back. >> first responders on the scene as those shots rain down as we hear new stories of heroism and learn more about the hundreds of victims. president trump set to visit las vegas after his first visit to the devastated people of puerto rico tossing paper towels to hurricane victims, praising the administration's efforts while 93% of the island remains without power. this is what freedom looks


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