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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 4, 2017 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. happening right now, the fbi meeting with the girlfriend of the las vegas gunman. new video just coming in from los angeles. it shows where agents are talking one on one with mary lou danielly after her overnight arrival at l.a.x. authorities are hoping to learn what, if anything, danly new about stephen pad ok's plans to carry out the shooting. they're looking into plans he may have had to attack a larger music festival in las vegas two weeks prior. the light is beautiful festival, featuring big name artists like chance the rapper and lorde.
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this would held in late september. more than 140,000 people attended that weekend-long event. that is more than quadruple the people at the route 91 harvest festival sunday. that was the sign of the even chul massacre. as las vegas grieves the lives lost, president trump and the first lady have arrived in town to offer their condolences. they're scheduled to meet with first responders later today. and right now, they're visiting one of the hospitals where many victims were rushed sunday night. abc's marcie gonzalez is in las vegas with more on the investigation. >> reporter: stephen paddock's girlfriend is now back in the united states. met with federal agents when she arrived in los angeles from the philippines. now key to the investigation, her sisters say she was not involved. >> so that he can plan what he's planning without interruptions. >> reporter: investigators now giving us a glimpse inside gunman stephen paddock's sniper
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den. the arsenal including shotguns, pistols, and assault rifles. able to hold up to 100 rounds. under a plate, a surveillance camera. another one set up inside his room. >> so that the suspect could watch as law enforcement or security approached his room. >> right at us, guys, stay down, stay down. >> reporter: newly released video shows officers rushing people to safety. lasting up to 11 minutes. wednesday, more faces and names of those 58 innocent lives lost in the massacre revealed. as the more than 530 injured continue to recover. president trump traveling to las vegas today, meeting with survivors, families, and first responders. investigators are hoping danly will provide insite into a motive and whether she had in warning. abc news, las vegas. this morning we're learning more about the victims who have bay area connections.
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there are now three local victims, 32-year-old michelle voe was a san jose native. 57-year-old denise cohen grew. in san ramone. her husband is a san francisco police officer. family, friends, and the community came together in novato to honor her. her husband vinny and children you see are there attending the vigil. they didn't speak to the crowd, but their grief was evident. hundreds gathered at the elementary school with candles and words of comfort. stacy's brother-in-law believes she died try to help others wounded in the crowd. he says her ten-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter have one question. >> that question was why. why did he shoot mommy? you know. and we didn't have an answer. this is an open and shut case, you're not even thinking about the person that did all the shooting. you're thinking about all the victims. you know, i think there's confusion that lies around that. why? why mom? why was she the one that was
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shot? >> vinny was supported by nearly a dozen san francisco motorcycle officers. that is the unit he once rode with. the police officers association set up a go fund me account in stacy's honor. we have a link to donate on our website, abc 7 senator diane feinstein introduced a new gun control bill tald. it would ban the sale and possession of bump stock equipment and other devices that essentially turn a semiautomatic weapon into an automatic one. officials say the vegas gunman had two of those accessories. >> mr. and mrs. america, you have to stand up. you have to say enough is enough. the only reason to modify a gun is to kill as many people as possible in as short a time as possible. >> senator feinstein says her own daughter had planned to attend the route 91 music festival in vegas this week. her plans changed and she ended
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up not going. abc 7's amy hollyfield and will have live reports starting this afternoon with abc 7 news at 4:00. stick with us at abc 7 for continuing coverage on air, online, and on our news app as this story develops. now local news, the chp investigating a deadly crash in pittsburgh and traffic is still slow going along highway 4. traffic reporter alexis smith joining us now. you've been following this since hours ago. >> yeah, happened a little bit after 8:00 this morning. we're looking at pictures from the scene right now. this happened on westbound highway 4 in pittsburgh. right at railroad avenue. you can see one of those vehicles flipped over and this was a fatal crash. so one person did not survive, another was helicoptered out there with medevac. so obviously serious injuries involved in this as well. and then here's a look at things from sky 7 who flew over the scene a couple hours ago. it was a major clean-up process.
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they had six to seven vehicles involved in this crash. i did just get an update from chp, and things are starting to look better as far as traffic is concerned. just a couple moments ago, all lanes reopened in pittsburgh at railroad avenue. that sig-alert cancelled. again this just happened right as i was walking up here. using our distance-measuring tool, about a three mile back-up that should thin out quickly. if you want to head north to the highway, west tenth street, that is wide open. surface streets are an option if you're about to head out the door, back to you. >> appreciate the update, thank you, alexis. uc berkeley getting a new task force to handle speech issues. it'll be compromised of students, staff, faculty. free speech issues has caused on campus and come up with possible solutions. officials say more information on the commission will be released in the coming weeks. bottle, cigarette butts, human waste, not exactly the
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greeting you want getting on or off one of b.a.r.t.'s busiest stops. now one man is on a mission on a mission specifically the 16th street station. tiffany wilson is there for us live. tiffany. >> reporter: hi there, reggie, yes, the b.a.r.t. director of the station says as it lot of problems, and not all of them are b.a.r.t.'s fault, but b.a.r.t. should raise the baseline to make this station a clean and welcoming space. he's not a maintenance worker, yet on wednesday mornings, you'll find them here at 16th and mission with a brew and grabber nabber in hand. >> i just got to the point that i was so frustrated. >> reporter: it's about raising the dignity level of this plapl. >> i'm not in this to fight with the executive staff at b.a.r.t., but i'm accountable to the people who live here and use this station, it's unacceptable. >> reporter: he spent hours this morning picking up trash. >> alcohol bolts, fast food
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wrappers. there was a rat that greeted us this morning. >> reporter: he feels a full-time, permanent maintenance worker during the day could make a real impact on b.a.r.t. ridership. >> we are so worried about the fact that ridership has dropped on evenings and weekends, and i look at you and your viewers and say, is this what you would want? >> reporter: riders are taking notice. >> it looks awesome. >> i'm blown away. he's out here, showing real leadership. >> reporter: eric works at the intersection and he says it's just the first step. >> there should be a playground and an oasis. >> reporter: he says he will continue his weekly clean-ups here until conditions improve or he gets that permanent maintenance worker then plans to move to civic center. live in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc # news. >> on behalf of b.a.r.t. riders like myself, we appreciate it. thank you. all eyes on levi stadium to see if cold play abides by the
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10:00 p.m. weeknight curfew. this is between santa clara residents and the stadium authority. now last week city council members refused to extend the curfew to 11:00. no word yet if levi's is going to comply or just a pay fine. the cold play concert begins at 7:00, but you know no one ever goes on time. it's part of the rock band's a headful of dreams tour. a mother willing to go to jail for her believes. the controversy involving her child that has her new serving time. then secretary of state rex tillerson responds after he's accused of calling president trump a moron. his reaction and what the president wants now. and skyrocketing atm fees. you are not imagining it. what's behind the climb? good morning, i've got some temperatures i want to show you from this morning. we started in the 30s in the north bay valleys. 40s and 50s for the rest of us. i've got 80s and 90s for high temperatures in my forecast and it could last through the weekend. we'll take a look at that comin
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his painting videos went viral. >> holy cow. >> see his latest next "right this minute."
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new this morning, secretary of state rex tillerson is responding to a report he called president trump a moron. tillerson says this is all nonsense, but it is worth noting, tillerson did not officially deny calling the commander in chief that name. the secretary of state called a news conference this morning. it's on the heels of reports he threatened to quit in july after the president delivered that highly politicized speech to the
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boy scouts. this morning, tillerson insists he never considered resigning. >> i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that. it is intended to do nothing but divide people. and i'm just not going to be part of this effort to divide this administration. >> did the president respond on twitter? yes, he did, calling the story fake news and saying an apology should be issued to america. also new this morning, the white house expecting to request $29 billion in disaster funding for puerto rico. president trump visited the u.s. territory yesterday, he told fox fuse thoot island's debt needs to be, quote, wiped out. morning, the white house budget director is backtracking on the president's statement. he says there will be no bailout for puerto rico. a new ap poll finds only a third of americans approve of the president's response to the disaster in puerto rico. new details out of mexico, the death toll after last month's 7.1 magnitude earthquake has now risen to 369 people.
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more than half of the victims were in mexico city. this morning, city officials say they recovered the last body trapped in the rubble. all missing people in the city now accounted for. new developments involving a michigan mom and her refusal to vaccinate her son. well now the son is going to get vaccinated and his mom is going to go to jail for one week. >> i understand you love your children, but what i don't think you understand is that your son has two parents. and you've repeatedly stated over the past several days public lay it you will not follow this court order. so i'm sentencing you to seven days in jail. >> the judge coming down hard on rebecca brado, her ex-husband wanted the son vaccinated. vaccinations go against her beliefs. the judge reminded her that she agreed to the immunizations when their son was born. new photos surfaced of o.j. simpson apparently enjoying his first full day of freedom. these photos were taken home in
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a rented home in las vegas where simpson is staying. he's brushing up on his golf game and here with his daughter. she is reportedly giving her father a tutorial on how to use an iphone. he was clocked up in 2007, just months after the first iphone was released. whole foods kicks the competition to the curve. next on abc 7 news, who's feeling the fallout of that story's success? and costing more to get cash. atm fees are going up. the two factors experts say are to blame. live look at our mt. tam cam. mike nico coming up next with the accuweather forecast. abc 7 is celebrating hispanic instagram feed with photos and videos highlighting the hispanic community. today two-well known san franciscans who have a powerful new film project. >> civil rights hero. >> an old friend of mine. >> came up with the slogan, yes
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we can. >> seen the miserable conditions of farm workers. we have to organize a union. we had this ambience all around you that you could really change the world. >> wasn't asking for permission, she just did what needed to be done. >> need to see statues of you. >> we will set the record straight, cannot be written out of mystery. ♪ ♪
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nico. >> check out the bay bridge this morning. they picked a good day to head out there. in fact, the next several days are going to be full of pretty good visibility. a little bit of haze, and warmer than average temperatures. today, we're average, sunny, but watch out for those allergens. especially trees. signs of summer, warmth coming and highs slowly relax. and gorgeous shot from south beach looking all the way back to the tower there. twin peaks. the tree pollen, it's elm, oak, and pine. you may have noticed it getting to you. it's that season once again. the autumn allergy season. and it makes you want to go outside when you look at these temperatures, it's so gorgeous outside, just remember, be careful if you have those allergens. temperatures in the 60s right now. 70s in san ramone, concord, and last gato. that's where most will end up, in the 70s later. look at all the calmness throughout on live doppler 7, and none of us have anything faster than the seven mile per
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hour wind. that's going to help this dry air warm into the 80s. low 80s in our east bay valleys. 79 top 81 up in the north bay. up erp 70s, down in the south bay. we'll have about 74 to 78 around the bay. and then about of 66 to 69 along the coast. isn't that gorgeous shot this morning? you can see calm the water is this morning. all right. 12 hour day planners, head up to noon, sunshine, but a gorgeous day to be outside. take a lunch and 63 at the coast. and we get a little warmer out in the sunshine at 4:00, inland 80. 76 around the bay. and then 50s and 60s and 8:00 down to the 50s at 12:00. we'll keep dropping tonight into the 40s and 50s once again under a fill moon. a few clouds are possible along the coast. and places like what it this morning, we had cotati it looked liked and the 30s. hardly strictly bluegrass festival. you're in golden gate park. as you get closer to the bay
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side for fleet week, it's a little easier to see the festivities, temperatures will be warmer. mid to upper 70s, 76 to 78, now notice, there's hardly any cloud in this forecast. and temperatures nearing 90 inland for friday, saturday, and sunday. friday, we'll have an offshore breeze. we'll get near 80 at the coast. slight sea breeze that will cool us down saturday at the coast to around 70. then another offshore breeze develops and sunday and monday, warm at the coast once again. >> summer, fall continues. >> yes. >> thanks, mark. >> you bet. morning money report, if you think you're paying higher fees at the atm, you are. new report from bank rate says out of network atm fees have never been higher. in fact, they're up 55% in the last decade. >> when you go outside the atm network, you're not usually facing one fee, oftentimes it's two fees. it's a fee from the atm owner as well as what your own bank
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charges you and together, that can easily top $5. >> so why is that? well one cause listed is because fewer people are using out of network atms. in fact, people are using cash less in general. so there you go. whole foods gaining more customers since amazon bought the chain and it's apparently coming at the expense of trader joe's, sprouts, and target. retail expert of santa clara university tells bloomberg that it shows a lateen demand for quality, organic foods. a research firm tracks millions of people who have opted into the research and that's how they get it. happening tonight, the san jose sharks kick off their quest for the stanley cup. the season opener is tonight at the s.a.p. center. the sharks hosting the philadelphia fliers, tickets are still available and the puck drops at 7:30 at the tank. american idol taking over again. all three judges coming together this morning for their first ever tv appearance. coming up next, what they're saying about discovering the next superstar.
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coming up at 4:00, push for prevention. the effort under way right now to prevent more devastating flooding like what we saw last winter in the south bay. and the epidemic of car break-ins in san francisco, police just announced a new plan
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to crack down that story tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. this morning we're hearing from the new american idol team. three judges appearing together for the first time since abc revealed their names. there he is, lionel richie. also country music artist luke brian and katy perry all stopping by "good morning america." >> it's really about the contestants. we are secondary. we're just there to kind of support, and we truly want to find someone that we can give a liftoff to and give a name. >> we're judging, do you think they're going to been able to handle this ride. >> it's amazing the confidence that this new generation has. >> the first season of american idol abc will premier next year which means there is still time for you to try out. you can audition online right now if you want to send in a video. you will find a link on our website, abc 7 and i know, some people wondering, who's the mean judge going to be? >> right. >> i'll tell you who the mean judge is going to be --
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>> if you sing taylor swift in front of katy perry, you're going to find a mean judge real fast. >> oh. >> don't do it, kids. >> see. now i want to see that. >> exactly. >> thanks for watching today, who wants to be a millionaire is coming up next. >> you nailed it, nice.
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>> welcome to whiz kids week. we've got a bunch of young people with big brains and equally big dreams here today. all of them determined to win that million dollars. so what are we waiting for? let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to "millionaire," it's whiz kids week. and oh, are we in the middle of a great game. from ponte vedra beach, florida with an iq in the 99th percentile, please welcome back chase magnano. [cheers and applause] welcome back. >> thank you. >> last we saw you, you were on one of the best runs i have seen in a long time on this show. and i don't care if it's whiz kids week or any week, you're just having a great game, because you're at $50,000. [cheers and applause] you still have all three lifelines available as far as "a


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