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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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we met patient that's were absolutely terribly wounded. >> stephen paddock's girlfriend marilou danley is back in the united states. met with federal agents. authorities calling her a person of interest who may hold key information for their investigation into the deadly shooting. her sisters say she was not involved. >> he sent her away so he could plan without interruptions. >> investigators now giving us a glimpse inside gunman stephen paddock's sniper den. the arsenal including shotguns, pistols and shot rifles. this one able to hold 100 rounds. on this cart, a surveillance camera. another one set up inside the room. >> so the suspect could watch as law enforcement approached his room. >> everybody stay down. >> newly released body camera video shows officers rushing people to safety. the barrage of bullets lasting
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up to 11 minutes. wednesday, more faces and names. those 58 innocent lives lost revealed. heather melton of tennessee is crediting her husband sonny for her survival. >> he wrapped his arms around me from behind and we started running. that's when i felt him get shot in the back. and we fell to the ground. >> according to sources, investigators are exploring whether paddock was looking to target the life is beautiful festival. another outdoor concert that happened in late september. abc news, las vegas. >> within the last hour, marilou danley's attorney said his client is cooperating with the investigation and had no knowledge of any plan for the shooting. >> the statement says i am devastated by the deaths and injuries that occurred and my
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prayers go out for the victims and their families and all of those who were hurt. >> and she said she knew stephen paddock as a caring and quiet man. >> moving organization investigators are busy reconstructing life behavior and pattern of activity of stephen paddock. regulators are pouring through records, looking for any dispute that's he may have had. as casino patron and for mandatory transaction reports involving more than $10,000. the atf says paddock has been stockpiling guns since 1982, and bought 32 firearms. 33 firearms, i should say, in the last year. >> we're learning more about the victims. 59 people died in the shooting. at least three from the bay area. >> one of them was 57-year-old denise cohen who grew up in san ramon. amy spoke with denise's family
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today. >> reporter: her relatives just got here late this afternoon. they say it is surreal being here. they say denise loved concerts. so they say it does give them a little comfort to know how happy she was just before she died.did >> she was a happy, free spirit. >> reporter: she just talked to her sister on thursday. crystal had just attended the jason aldean concert in concord and denise wanted to hear all about it since she would be seeing the country star on sunday. >> she was in las vegas for the weekend. she was so excited, saying i wish you were here. the last thing she said, i wish you were here and how many fun she was having. >> crystal said she had a terrible feeling her sister wasn't okay as soon as she heard about the shootings. but she didn't know for sure until yesterday can. they were the last two to be identified. crystal and denise' son brandonn
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landed in las vegas last night. >> it was not easy of the you drive by the mandalay bay and people were having fun. it didn't take long for everybody to he will brace us. >> denise graduated from california high school in san ramon and was planning to attend the 1977 >> she was so excited. she was reporting on facebook and tell everybody how excited they were. >> now the family is bonding with relatives of the other victims. and crystal said she hopes to stay in touch with they will. she said she won't stop going on not could earth is. >> i'll going to another one this month. it won't stop me. she wouldn't want us to stop. no. evil is not going to control my life. no way. >> denise has two adult sons.
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brand only and jeffrey. her family says one of them said vibrant passionate things about denise, how many she loved her boys. >> thank you. we're find outing more about harrowing stories from las vegas. we could hear the bullets whizzing and snapping by on the ground. >> so many people are still in pain but they're grateful to the first responders who saved their lives. and darcy said minor league pitcher bubba derby helped her and her friend escape. and she said people were panicking. she said bubba was yelling for everyone to get out. i will never forget him looking me in the eyes so calmly and saying don't panic. >> people from around the world were offering their support for las vegas shooting victims but don'tations. dozens of campaigns are set up
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through go fund me. this is major fund-raiser posted by the county commissioner chair. donors have given almost $9 million so far. and they keep upping the goal. it is now at 10 million. in times like these, beware of scams. there are several things do you know to protect yourself. check the registration status of charities. object give to organizations that you trust. ask telemarketers questions before you donate. don't be afraid to ask some pointed questions. and watch out for wentz that look like they are an organization but have slightly different urls. our reporters are in las vegas weeflt have a live report from jessica coming up at 5:00. and stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage on air, online, and on our news app as this story develops. in other news, las
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college was pout lockdown. two people were taken into custody. one was carrying a nerf gun that looked like a rifle. somebody reported to it police. investigators say those who brought it on to the community college campus had no intention of causing harm or problems the chp satisfies 22-year-old woman from discovery bay died in a major accident in pittsburgh. sky 7 flew over the crash on highway 4 near railroad avenue. investigators say a chevy tahoe rear end ad nissan sentra. then five other cars piled up behind the wreck. the woman driving nissan sadly died. a man in the passenger seat was badly hurt and taken to the hospital. you can see the twisted wreckage. a family of three were taken to the hospital. new pfeiffer canyon bridge near biggure is is ready to open next week.
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caltrans sent this out. they said it will open on the 13th. the 24 million span replaces a bridge that was demolished last spring after a land slide damaged the bridge's piers. and they plan to open this road by december. the record rains caused significant problems along the coastal highway. the reopening date was pegged at early september. now it looks like december is the new target. new details on two major data breaches. >> because of this, workings will spent the rest of their lives -- >> and forget your keys? you may not need them much longer. the new technology will lets you open your door with a few words. >> it will bring a nice
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residents are worried about what will happen when this winter's storms arrive. >> removing convenient tags along coyote creek to help with flood protection. a look at how it may help reduce
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flood risk. >> well, the convenient tags along coyote creek is very knick certain he strexs. and that is a concern because it could cause floodwaters. no one wants to see thousands of people evacuated from homes again in the near future. they have been working to remove vines and grasses and weeds. the primary focus is a bamboo like giant cane. while the project aims to restore the environment, it will help address flooding. coyote creek forced 14,000 people out of their homes and apartments in february when floodwaters overflowed the banks and levies after the storms. >> when the flows come through, the debris and vegetation and trees that are coming through do tend to get trapped.
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so by removing it, it should improve the flow commands. >> the problem with it is that it regenerates very quickly. crews in this area recently to cut it down. what you're looking at here is new growth that has popped up in about two weeks time. the valley water district has allocated for it. it has rebuilt this aging levy for the mobile home parks that flooded last winter. it is generated in part by homeless camps. they removed 5 1/4 debris. bob lamb has gone through three floods. >> once here, twice there. >> that's enough. >> that's enough. it can't do anything but help. >> the army corps of engineers is conducting a feasibility study to see what kit do to help
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contain coyote creek. we're live if san jose. abc7 news. >> saw. the former ceo of equifax was questioned once again on capitol hill. >> this as we learned the massive breach in 2013 was even bigger than first thought. >> here's abc reporter maggie willey. >> new details two major data braexs reveal that most likely you have been affected. >> a big financial institution screwed up. executives walk away with millions of dollars. tens of millions of americans end up holding the bag. >> yahoo! now tripling down on its 2013 data breach numbers saying 3 billion of its customers were affected. the largest in history. and equifax getting grilled on capitol hill for its unprecedented breach of private information that included the full nine-digit social security numbers of more than 145 million
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americans, putting identities and credit at risk of about half of all households in the country. the company's ceo has since resigned. >> i am truly and deeply sorry. they said the call center has been beefed up. the lawmakers call equifax's response inadequate at best. >> the slow rollout and how poor it was done is inexcusable. >> at worst, just a front to make more profit off people who purchase data protection after a breach. senator warren rips them. even as the coil suffered four separate hacks. >> equifax can a terrible job of protecting our data. because they didn't have a reason to care about our date. a because of this breach, consumers will spend the rest of their lives worrying about identity theft. but equifax will be just fine.
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it could actually come out ahead. >> to find out if you were affected, to go equifax security and click on am i impacted. google under veiled its second generation of pixel smartphones with some features similar and familiar to the apple iphone. brighter screen that's will take up most of the phone's face. and they are doing away with the head phone jack. something iphone did last year to allow for wireless ear buds. >> we've added new smart experiences to the camera. we'll continue to deliver the best photography. >> the smaller pixel will sell for $650. that's $50 less than the iphone 8. the larger pixel is priced at $850. that's $50 more than the comparable size iphone 8 plus. >> nissan is tapping into the power of the alexa to give
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fema people the ability to tell their cars what to do. it will be able to honk the horn, flash the lights and start and stop the engines remotely with alexa voice commands. they are offering the feet our some new models. for added security, alexa will add for a pass code to send certain commands to the cars. >> alphabet plans to launch a ride sharing service with no human safety drivers as soon as this fall. if it can fix one major flaw. as of right now, the self-driving vans have difficulty left turns when there are no green arrows. it seems they either turn too soon causing traffic hazards or too late, frustrating drivers behind them. >> there's a work-around. you can make three right turns. >> ups does that. >> that's exactly right.
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i don't want to hear flaw and self-driving car in the same sentence. >> there are plenty of flaws with human drivers. >> that's true. we observe that every day. here's a look at live doppler 7. just one great mind will stroll over here and show you what's happening. we do have a little coastal fog. not along the entire coastline. we have gently sunny skies across the bay area. as you can see from the roof top, we're looking away from the coast. 71 in san francisco. mid 70s in oakland. 81 at gilroy. half moon bay, 57 degrees. check out this fog. it is not very widespread. it is 80 degrees never concord. 79 at livermore. looking at out over the bay and
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alcatraz. these are the forecast features. tomorrow, a chilly start. early morning hours will see the temperatures, maybe even below 40 degrees. by afternoon, it will be sunny and mild. and then some summer-like warmth coming our way. overnight, it will look like this. clear skies, maybe a little patch of coastal fog moving out of the bay area. it will be cool to chilly in the north bay valleys. over in the inland east bay, some mid 40s. and on the coast, relatively cool as well with lows in the mid 40s. and as we look at the 12-hour planner, we get the day off to a mostly clear start. a bit chilly. notice how it warms up. especially inland and near the bay. 80 to 86 from bay side locations. and then later in the evening, we'll see clear skies again. highs tomorrow, 77 will be the
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high in oakland. the inland east bay. 84, santa rosa in the south bay. a high of 80. and as the weekend, fleet week approaches, this is what looking at. it looks like it will be nice for the blue angels air show. the warm-up will last for three days. highs around 90 degrees. low to mid 80s. the beach weather will prevail and a gradual cooling trend going into next week. >> thank you. >> the warriors, and our own larry beal are in china right now. just ahead, what a new twist in the all-star format could mean
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for the warriors. >> and the curfew controversy, tonight, coldplay going to put it to the test. pictures and videos highlighting the hispanic community. we have this ambience all around you. you could really change the world. >> she just did what needed to be done.
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the warriors take on the minnesota timberwolves tonight in china. here in the bay area, that game will begin at 11:00 p.m. larry beal is with the doves in
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china where he says a new all-star game format could create some really interesting wrinkles for golden state's star studded roster. in order to make the all-star game more competitive, they have announced captains will pick their teammates. so players from the east and the west will be on the same squad. the warriors had four all-stars last season and here's where it gets intriguing. >> reporter: the dynamic cosmetic get interesting. let's say he takes lebron first what if he selects draymond green? >> i hope he picks up. >> so no obligation to take all warriors with the first three picks? >> they'll be disappointed if i don't.
4:25 pm
it is cool the nba is doing something cool out there. >> steve west coached last season and he would like the see them go even further. >> i think it would be interesting if they had picked 24 all-stars total and not made it 12 from each side. if they really wanted to do and it get the 24 best players, that would have been the way to go. >> the all-star game is in february. the immediate concern, pre season game number two. warriors and t-wolves on thursday. steph curry is huge in china with 3 million followers on china's equivalent of twitter. he has a very devoted fan base. he says, my heart goes out to all those affected by the earthquake. today he posted his first
4:26 pm
message. he begins the chinese phrase for hello. >> we're back. stech stefan curry on the way back from practice. she made a couple of chinese dishes. we were he in china last year and we learned to hand make dim sum. the video was shot earlier. it is an app. a client he's car rental company for which steph is a brand ambassador and fans love it. with many posting pictures with steph, heart emojis and even this. this is warriors themed bedroom. not to be left out. they posted today a picture of klay thompson. wishing chinese fans a very happy first day of the autumn moon festival. no doubt about it, the warriors are big in china. president trump said he has confidence in his secretary of state. despite rumors thatex
4:27 pm
llern called him a moron. plus -- >> can't walk away from this and believe that russia is not currently active trying to create chaos. >> new details into the russia
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. and glaid were in las vegas today. they met with victims, first responders and local officials. the people told the people of las vegas that the nation stands with them to help bear the pain of the worst gun massacre in modern u.s. history. now, president trump met with medical professionals. white house press secretary sarah sanders tweeted photos from university medical center showing the president and first lady with members of the trauma team. fbi agents are talking on stephen paddock's girlfriend, marilou danley. her family says after the massacre, she told them, just relax. there's nothing for to you worry about. we're continuing to hear from concertgoers who escaped the mass shooting, including several people from the east bay. >> the moment the music turned dark, she knew something was
4:31 pm
terribly wrong. >> my initial response was to get out of there. >> she was there with her he husband and friends. they were celebrating wedding anniversary but instead found themselves running for their lives. >> there were people falling left and right. the friends split up. the eastons tried to jump a chain link financial. her leg got impaled on the spikes. >> i had to climb up, get her. >> i can say that i probably wouldn't have made it if it weren't for him. he definitely knew what to do. >> david is a firefighter but says nothing could have prepared him for this. >> we're trying to come in after the initial chaos has already subsided. to be a part of that initial event is something that i have never prepared for. or even thought about. >> the pair ran to a motel 6 and
4:32 pm
hid in a room. they called their family and told their 3-year-old son they loved him. they jumped a fence and took a taxi to safety. >> you're so grateful that you're alive. people that you could have been in line with or, i can't even talk now. they weren't so lucky and it's terrible. >> they're all grateful to be home but they say they'll never be the same. abc7 news. those couples were so attention to get home. they rented a van hours after the shooting and drove straight through the night. they plan to avoid concerts and big events while they heal from this traumatic experience. california senator senior moved to ban the sale of bump stocks and other devices that essentially turn semi-automatic guns to fully automatic womens.
4:33 pm
senator die an feinstein's bill would increase a weapons rate of fire. two were found inside the las vegas gunman's hotel room. >> some have said we shouldn't do this now west should wait. now is not the time. ladies and gentlemen, when is the time going to be there? >> feinstein successfully led the push for a federal assault womens ban in 1994 after the shooting massacre at the office building in san francisco. the investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election remains open. that's according to the two top members of the election committee. >> the russia investigation, specifically the issue of possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign, continuing. >> you can't walk away from this and believe that russia is not
4:34 pm
currently active in trying to create chaos in our election process. >> revealing russian attempts to influence voters through social media, now a part of the investigation. >> they used the social media firms, both in terms of paid advertising and what i believe is more problematic. but created false accounts. >> just last week, twitter confirmed they identified 200 pkts spread misinformation that one russian company spent at least $274,000 for ads targeting swing states, to try to help donald trump get elected. this week, facebook announced it turned over thousands of russian linked ads to congress, after selling at least 100,000 in ads, to fake russian accounts during and after the presidential
4:35 pm
election. abc news obtaining those ads. they say the russians planted including this anti-immigration one with this line, we need to stop the madness. we need trump. >> we're developing a clear picture of what happened. >> officials also announced this investigation has now expanded to include reviews of attorney general jeff sessions' possible meeting with the russian official. and the firing of now former fbi director jim comey. abc news, washington. >> rex tillerson declined to comment a report he called trump a moron. he reaffirmed his commitment to mr. trump and said he never considered quitting. a state department spokesperson denied he ever made that comment. >> officials in mexico city say they have finally accounted for
4:36 pm
all of the missing people after last night's earthquake. the number of dead now stands at 369. more than half of the victims were in mexico city. the 7.1 magnitude quake was the deadliest quake to hit mexico the decades. >> backtracking the statement that puerto rico's debt needs to be wiped out after hurricane maria. he said there will be no bailout for the u.s. territory. instead, the white house is asking congress for a disaster aid package. a man on a mission on mission. >> i got to the point i was so frustrated. >> a b.a.r.t. board member takes matters into his own hands. >> can you trade in your plane ticket if prices drop? we'll talk about that and more.
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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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time for ask finney. >> questions sent to him by facebook, twitter and e-mail. >> how important is removing the plastic on my individually wrapped frozen fish filets?
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>> very important. it is mainly because harmful bacteria can develop during the thawing process and cause food poisoning. we've done reports on this before. the fish was most likely sealed in vacuum packed pouchs. not just can bacteria could form and that's why removing it from the package eliminates risk of contamination. there's danger of the plastic wrap melting in theett microwave. follow the instructions. >> rob from fremont asks this. i purchased airline tickets in january. the prize dropped about $500. is there anything i can do to get the lower price? >> back in the day all you had to do was call. that was a long time ago will it depends on the airline. always assume, assume that they'll give you a refund. you say, i'm calling about my
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rfund. many give a' fund but only after the consumer pays up. a $1 or $2 change fee. others will only give a voucher for a future slight. so getting a full $500 difference is a real long shot. so you can call and ask. always act like they're going to do it. i'm calling about my refund. >> and what are the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage? most people i've spoken to have benefited. >> oh, yeah. but it is expensive. it costs a lot. if you need access to the money, it is worth it. there's a set-up fee of around 6%. then the ongoing interest being charged. even though you're not paying it, it is being charged. it is repaid when the borrower dies. i want to you check with the aarp and any senior groups in
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your area before going forward. there have been a lot of rip-offs in the past. be careful. if you have a question for me, you can record your 10 to 15-second long queflt use the hashtag. you can get to me through our website. >> i know what the weather will be like because i asked finney. we have a little low cloudiness. majorly sunny skies and good visibility. overnight, under a full moon. expect clear skies and temperatures dropping into the chilly levels. we'll see mainly, highs to upper 60s on the coast. upper 70s to near 80 on the bay. and this weekend, friday, saturday, and single. the hardly strictly blue grass
4:43 pm
festival at golden gate. high temperatures in the afternoon hours in the low 70s. most of the weekend. and here we go. the accuweather seven-day forecast. a pretty nice summer-like weather. highs around 90 degrees. maybe even higher in some locations. we'll see highs in the three-day warm-up. on the coast, low 70s. beach weather in early october. which happens occasionally. >> okay. let's go to the beach. >> thanks. from the world of tech to a trifecta of goodness. trifecta of goodness. meet the highly successful ♪ trifecta of goodness. meet the highly successful do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪
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no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours.
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a highly successful entrepreneur is using his skills to change the lives of children all around the world. >> cheryl jennings is here with the story. >> thank you so much. he formed a nonprofit called the gratitude network the achieve his ambitious and very successful goal.
4:47 pm
>> the goal for the gratitude network over the next five years is to impact 50 million underprivileged children around the world. >> randy likes to dream big. he also puts his dreams into action. through his charitable foundation called the gratitude network which helps children locally and globally. >> this is about 35 organizations we've worked with. >> he founded the gratitude network after a stunningly successful 25-year career in the sill cone valley tech world. he has formed a trifecta of goodness. he is applying the lessons he learned as an entrepreneur to help other entrepreneurs, to mentor entrepreneurs involved in social change. >> we search for the most innovative, the most passionate entrepreneurs and the ones focused on children, education and youth. tend to be really passionate. >> here's how it works. first, programs like the freedom
4:48 pm
story which deals with child trafficking are carefully selected out of hundreds of applicants. then intense partnership begins. >> we give them a year-long program that includes coaching, mentoring, leadership development, becoming more operationally efficient so they can grow and we remove the barriers. >> chuck fisher is benefitting from the gratitude network partnership. he is he cthe executive directo. it is a pral with 12 colorful visual tools to help kids learn to manage their emotions. their social intersxakss successsucces successsucces success successes. >> it is a perfect example. >> one of the most traumatized in the nation. kids come into the class they can't control themselves. we give them the first tool. the breathing tool.
4:49 pm
it is accessing breath. >> he says children listen and learn more easily when they can call themselves down with the tool box skills. >> i can stop and listen to what they have to say. >> you're losing your courage. you're not doing it. that brings courage. you say i can do this. i might be struggling but i can do this. >> we've been asked for this from 35 countries. people have found us on the internet and said we need your work in our country and we're this little nonprofit. we're still learning how to scale. >> that's where they're making a difference. >> they helped with us our first business plan. they helped with executive coaching. i wasn't trained as an executive. i'm a psychologist. >> the coach lives on the east
4:50 pm
coast. so some of the mentoring is done by skype and it is already having an impact on the tool box project. >> our plan is to take this to children everywhere. the scaling of that, the funning of that, is the key piece. >> gratitude's founder helps with funding. randy is creating a database of angel investors who are worried to take a call from change make here's are looking for financial resources. and because he loves wine, he started a new wine brand called entrepreneur. >> that winery is 100% philanthropic. it is a great excuse for getting couples and individuals and companies together to enjoy the wine and at the same time, support the gratitude network. >> so cheers to the gratitude network. >> the gratitude network is holding a fund-raiser.
4:51 pm
>> what a powerful thing. >> so many people who have been working for social change don't get the change they need. >> a man on a mission, on mission. the 16 street b.a.r.t. station. >> stephanie explains what one b.a.r.t. director is doing to clean things up. >> he is not a maintenance worker but a member of the board of directors. on wednesday morning, you will find him here with a broom and grabber nabber in hand. >> i got to the point that i was so frustrated. >> he said it is about raising the dignity level. >> i'm not in this to fight with the executive staff. but i'm accountable to the people who live here and use this station. >> he spent a couple hours this morning picking up trash. their a lot of fad food
4:52 pm
wrappers. >> he feels a full time maintenance worker during the day could make a difference. >> ridership has dropped on evenings and weekends. i look at you and your viewers and say is this what you would want on your evenings and weekends? >> riders are taking notice. >> he's out here. >> he works at the intersection and he says cleaning the plaza is just the first step. >> he says he will continue his weekly clean ups until it improves or he gets a permanent worker. then he says he will move on to other locations. abc7 news. >> we're hearing from the american idol team. the three judges appear together for the first time since abc reveal their names. lionel richie, lou bryan and katy perry all stopped by "good
4:53 pm
morning america." >> bits the contestans. >> we want to find someone we can gave lift-off to. >> it is amazing the confidence this new generation has. you can audition online and you will find a link on our website. >> could it be the last concert at levi stadium? the controversy over curfew is not over. what neighbors are saying just ahead. >> what i asked is to be held accountable for my performance. >> the police chief pleads his case. fleet week is about to roar in. >> what is so special about this
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coming up, new episodes of the goldbergs, modern family, american housewife. at 10:00, catch a brand new designated survivor. then stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00.
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>> abc7 news spoke with fans. >> the barricades are up. the traffic kroems in place. this view from sky 7 showing the last-minute preparations underway before coldplay takes he the stage. >> we are excited. there are three generations of coldplayers. >> these fans, the first in line to park their cars. the music touches my soul. the highs and lows of life. >> as the excitement continues to build, a certain sense of nervousness also lingers. the tragedy of las vegas. >> you can't let it roo init for you. it shows that we're stronger as one. >> and they said that at levi stadium, we continually evaluate
4:58 pm
our public safety measures to incorporate the best practices, technology in procedures and protocols. >> we're fully prepared, fully staffed and we will be ready to keep every concertgoer safe. >> all of this comes amid kernels over whether or not coldplay will comply with the 10:00 curfew. there will be a citywide campaign to get feed fwrak residents. whether it is a debate over noise or tragedy -- >> we won't let anything get us down. we need more love and support. >> abc7 news. >> the opening acts start at 6:00. coldplay isn't expected until
4:59 pm
8:45. >> and we'll see if they make the curfew. thank you for joining us. parents and spouses used their own bodies as shields to protect their loved ones. americans dashed into a hail of bullets to rescue total strangers. president trump speaking after he met survivors of the las vegas shooting. courts are talking to the shooter's girlfriend, hoping she can provide insight into his mind. late today, her attorney also made a comment. >> it has been nearly three days since the deadliest shooting in american history. >> set the scene there for us tonight. >> hi. here's what's happening right
5:00 pm
now. the concert convenient you've is still closed off. >> there are a lot of belongings people have to pick up. the investigation is still very much underway. although cars are being let go. they're being processed so people can get their cars. >> it was another day of slow recovery. a memorial for victims continues to grow as more tourists are walking along the streets. the visitors are feeling safer. the resort has said it is increasing its level of security and works consistently with local and law enforcement agencies to keep procedures at our resorts up to date and always improving and evolving. >> it is


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