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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 4, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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now. the concert convenient you've is still closed off. >> there are a lot of belongings people have to pick up. the investigation is still very much underway. although cars are being let go. they're being processed so people can get their cars. >> it was another day of slow recovery. a memorial for victims continues to grow as more tourists are walking along the streets. the visitors are feeling safer. the resort has said it is increasing its level of security and works consistently with local and law enforcement agencies to keep procedures at our resorts up to date and always improving and evolving. >> it is reassuring.
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>> they're doing something about it now which shows great heart. >> she just moved to the bay area. >> she wants casinos to stop using x-rays machines. >> you need to have some kind of, stuff that can see through your bag. what just happened sunday night? do you want that to happen again? it will slow us up in line. boo hoo! this is the world we live in. >> a very different picture than what we saw yesterday. and by the way, every single tourist i spoke to said they would be okay with increased security at the casinos. and we do know that mgm right now at their resorts are checking i.d.s and room cards before they let people go
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upstairs. >> seeing the security difference. thank you. >> a memorial service was held for a imagine who was shot and killed. the 55-year-old attended the concert with five members of his family. a neighbor says he will be missed. >> very sad to think it is so close. all people are important bust when you know them, it is very sad. >> his sister said kurt saved them by recognizing the popping noise as gunfire. not fireworks. and telling them to get on the ground. >> a man wrote on facebook, he wrote a nurse from tennessee died while shielding his wife from gunfire. james called the shooter kourtdly and his son a hero writing in part, he stood the
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final test. he was just a gdat g good guys . he was a hero. the las vegas metropolitan police department is giving us an update on the shooting investigation right now. >> so president trump, i think he was in town today. he was in town. the fact that i bring it up has nothing to do with president trump but with the police department. there was concern because. his visit, that investigations associated with this case would be delayed or hindered. and i'm here to assure you, none of that occurred. there was a separation of personnel associated with first responders of the harvest festival event that took
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opportunity to meet with mr. trump and he had the opportunity on congratulate them for their heroic acts. part of that. so i wanted everyone to be assured, there was no hindrance. return of property. there's a lot of questions going on with that and i wish i could provide you answers. we will try to post when soon as we can, to advise victims when they can receive their personal property. we're still evaluating the crime scene. until then, it will not occur. so to the best of my understanding of where we're at, we're looking at four to five days. >> you're listening to the undersheriff in las vegas
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summing up the day, talking about what has transpired as the investigation continues into the las vegas tragedy and talking about president trump's visit. that it did not encumber the activities the law enforcement had to do today. >> and meanwhile, two graduates from the san ramon high school were killed in las vegas. leslie has the memorial being planned. >> reporter: people grow up here, they go away to college and then they come back here to raise their families. san ramon folks told me it is a tight community. so the loss of two of their own to the senseless violence has had a devastating impact. behind me, the memorial that's a local ground zero. >> her last post that i saw was headed to las vegas. to have somebody that you know,
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that you went to high school with, that you're friends with. sore so many years. it is like somebody pulled the carpet out from under us. >> friends shared these facebook photos and dropped off flowers for two alums. denise, class of '77, and for stacee etcheber, class off '85. denise was supposed to be at her 40th reunion but on sunday she was at the las vegas concert. she talked to her mom the night before and told her how much she loved her. >> everything i am today was because of what you taught me. and i thought that was different to hear her say that. >> she said her daughter was vibrant and in a good place. >> at '67, she had found her niche. i think she was property management. she got a new car and she was excited about continuing the rest of her life. >> she lives in santa barbara and leaves behind two sons and
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three grandchildren. stacee was at the concert with her husband, when the bullets went flying.flying.flying.flyinl >> you find pout two came from a school locally. it is very hard to hear. >> plans in the works to have a motel of silence at next week's football game as family and friends look at the future. >> no one should die this way. there has to be a lot of awareness. let's hope that her passing on this way will do >> abc7 news reporters amy and jessica are both in las vegas. stay with abc news for continuing coverage on air, online, and on our news app as
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well as this story develops. to other news, charges have been dropped against a former contra costa deputy who was accused of having sex with a teenager when she was 17 years old. today, a judge dismissed the charges. the lawyers say perez was one of 20 law enforcement officers from six police agencies who had sexual everybody counters. ordering the police chief to ramp up. live at city hall with what's going on. mick? >> it was a total surprise. a totally unexpected. the two supervisors changing their mind at the last moment.
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they said those two had discussions with a police chief as late as last night. and apparently it may have led to their decision today. >> car break-ins have become an epidemic. so far this year more than 17,000 cars have been broken into. with that in mind, this supervisor's committee hearing on legislation offered by norman yrn i. it would require to focus car burgla burglary. >> with this piece of legislation in the passing, it would help us out a lot. >> i would like to support the legislation. i consider it a first step. >> talking about the new policies and they were working. >> which we add ed
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>> then they said there would be a news conference immediately after the hearing. reporters and some of the public moved to another room where the surprise announcement was made. they were dropping the legislation. instead, it would be a nonbinding legislation urging the chief to focus neighborhood enforcement. >> we trust chief scott, in his words. >> what i asked of them is to allow me as the chief of police, and our focus, many of them in this room, to column with a plan to do our job. >> it was bizarre. leaving reporters wondering, what's the back story? three daughters of an east bay man killed in a terrorist attack filed a wrongful death lawsuit against google, facebook and twitter.
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42-year-old jarod tucker died in august when a van plowed through a sidewalk crowd in barcelona. the lawsuit says the tech giants have provided material support to isis, who have used it for spreading extremist propaganda, raising funds. and some have said they are taking steps to crack down on terrorists using the sites. >> it looks like it is the of . >> and the late. mission with wells fargo. what the mission is. >> plus, fleet week is about to roar back into the bay area. roar back into the bay area. find out i ♪ roar back into the bay area. find out i
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with winter storms on the way, they are trying to take advantage of favorable fall weather to get a jump on flood control. especially the area near several mobile home parks along oakland road. david is live at the job site to explain what they're doing. and why it could help. >> well, they're targeting invasive vegetation. specifically plants and vines and weeds that are not part of the ecosystem. one in particular because it can cause log jams that can lead to flooding. the enemy being targeted by work crews is a tall cane which resembles bamboo and has its or jinls in asia. somehow it trapped debris flowing down stream and caused floodwaters to spill over the
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banks and the adjacent it is going to take crews are cutting it down. this is new growth that has kromd up in about two weeks time. >> and it has rebuilt a a along the road that flooded last february. >> we have he other charges. there's a lot of trash from their encampments. so there's a lot of physical hazard that the crews have to look out for. and in addition to the steam slopes. volunteers have been helping with debris removal. they recently cleared 5 1/4 tons of debris and rock spring neighborhoods. the earl corporal of engineers is working on improvements to
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coyote creek. >> they're all being proactive. our volunteers are working. and everybody from the mayor to the board of supervisors to our water district is committed to get something done. >> abc7 news. >> from free flights to fake charities, there's a lot of consumer news in the aftermath of the las vegas shooting. >> they come out of wood work. sf they're joining to help families with free flights. they are working local hotels to provide lodging assistance for families arriving from out of town.
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it the california attorney general's office is issuing a consumer alert warning californians to be aware of sham charities trying to capitalize on the las vegas tragedy. >> avoid high pressure telemarketers. just hang up. and it is a huge concern. give to charities you know and trust. go through the better business bureau. wells fargo is admitting today that it did even more wrongdoing. there's a time limit to get the payment work done. if it is not completed on time, customers can pay a higher interest rate. to keep it from happening, borrowers are often charged a
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rate lock fey. it was the bank, not the customers, causing the delay. they will contact you. okay. love it or hate it. fleet week is almost here. attracting thousands of people. the may not area for the blue angels will be at fisherman's wharf. >> i feel like an expert. let me say that the military men and we will can ride the ferries. and the cable cars for free. this has been going on for decades. i arrived in 1994 and it has definitely gotten bigger. are people getting tired of it? fat chance belly dance.
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>> it is october and it can mean only one thing. >> i think of halloween. it's my birthday. >> nice weather and fleet week. >> that's the answer we were looking for. the iconic performances by the blue angels are expected and some might say even referred. >> we're really recognizing the armed forces. >> it is loud, hard to sleep. it is exciting and the weather is nice out. >> sleep? >> we did a very informal poll on our facebook page. the overwhelming majority said they loved fleet week. the poll is still up and running for our viewers to weigh in. this week's fleet week and the hardly blue grass festival will clog up the streets so expect a lyft and ubersurge.
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signs are making way for extra buses on the 47 van ness line. >> people will go directly to fleet week festivities so people can take muni and get where they need to go. >> the san francisco bay ferry will also expand service. it is a very mild 63. 81 in gilroy. a cool 55 in half moon bay. numbers in the 70s and the 80s. take a look at this live picture. yes, there is a little fog. but don't worry, by the time the
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festivities get underway, the weather will cooperate. so i know we have some activities going on. the major action will be this weekend. mild and sunny. you really couldn't ask for better weather. on single, a touch cooler but still sunny. 70 degrees. fog has been expanding. the long period swells are coming. they will bring rim currents and large breakers. so watch out. these are swells being generated from both the northern and southern hemisphere. the fog is going to be dense. we're looking at the fog. warm weather friday and saturday.
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patchy fog to start out the morning. it will be chilly. 30s, 40s, just like this morning so you will need a jacket or a sweater. a gentle breeze at noon time. sunny and mild. mid 60s to the mid 80s and then the numbers will fall. a full moon tonight. tomorrow morning, you will need to make sure that you don't leave home without that extra layer. upper 30s. places like san francisco. tomorrow, milder. if you're going to the hardly strictly blue grass festival, mild and singly on friday. the temperatures in the low 70s, both friday and saturday mornings in the 50s, and then the temperatures dip a little bit on sunday. you can download the app any time you want and check out the hour by hour, minute bi my minu forecast. a warming friend.
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it will be warm in all areas, both friday and saturday. we'll call it beach weather. cooling with a breeze coming through but it is not much. it is still pretty pleasant weather he and we'll carry it in before the numbers drop a few more degrees tuesday and wednesday.
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a new study finds most americans are not brave enough to drive the self-driving vehicles. most say they would not ride in a driverless vehicle if given the opportunity. the reason, a fear of losing
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control and gentle safety concerns. >> driverless cars are using it as a testing ground.ground.grou. a commercial complex is being built and almost 4,400 homes. the bigger prize may be landing amazon's second headquarters. they are trying to lure amazon. a deal that could bring 50,000 jobs. san jose is expected to make a play. bids are due in two weeks. the competition is fierce for amazon's new headquarters. a city in georgia says it is willing to change its name. local media reports they voted to deannex more than 300 acres of land for amazon if the bid
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wins. the mayor says no other city is offering that kind of branding opportunity. >> an old expression, cat got your tongue? >> first we want to thank charlotte from the berkeley hills. share your ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access
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coming up tonight, water
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front property with a view. the site with a controversial past that could help solve san francisco's housing shortage. >> from xrams decide when to take a picture to translators that work in real-time. we'll look at the latest and greatest unveiled by google today. ? and the warriors in china. less is really more. that's in half an hour. a dog with a ridiculously long tongue is now in the record books. >> take a look at mochi, or mo, for short. from sioux falls, north dakota. >> his tongue measures 7.3 inches. she is stopped all the time by strange here's just want to take a picture. >> mo was rescued. her owner says it makes it all worth it. coming up next -- >> from all of us here, we
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appreciate your time. we'll see you in half an hour. tonight, several breaking headlines as we come on the air. the massacre in las vegas. police body cams showing officers responding. and what we've just learned about the gunman. authorities investigating whether he checked into multiple hotels on the eve of the shooting. all with a view of the concert. also, the gunman's girlfriend, back in the u.s., being questioned by the fbi tonight. pushed in a wheelchair through the airport. what has she revealed? did she know anything? our team standing by. president trump here in las vegas. what he said about the survivors. the wounds he saw first-hand. and what the president is now saying about gun control. a major new tropical system closing in on the american coast. potentially bringing hurricane winds. the possible paths from the gulf, all the way to the northeast. in new york ci


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