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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 5, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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unassisted. >> reporter: and speaking of hotel rooms, in addition to the suite he had here at the mandalay bay, authorities say he had reservations at several other hotels all here on the las vegas strip and all overlooking the concert venue. reporting live from las vegas, lana zak, abc 7 news. thank you for that. a gun shop owner in texas says paddock came into the store with his girlfriend. he says paddock asked about modifying a gun to make it easier to pull the trigger. the dealer says paddock didn't buy anything but did sell handguns to him in 2010 and 2011. the dealer says paddock never purchased any long guns that could have been used in this las vegas attack. west virginia democratic senator says that he plans to meet with republican senator pat toomey to talk about bipartisan gun legislation. he says he does not want to reintroduce the bill unless there's more widespread support.
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legislation has previously been rejected twice by the senate. a go fund me account stands at just over $9 million this morning. the goal has been raised to $15 million. a plan to distribute funds will be announced in a day or two. >> take a look at traffic this morning with alexis. >> yeah, and we're off to not so great of a start. a traffic alert on the peninsula. if you are traveling on southbound 101 we have a full closure due to a crash just before wood side road. we do not have many details on this collision so we're working to get more from chp. in the meantime el camino real is wide open, 680 as well. if you are heading out on southbound 101 we don't have a huge backup. you will be forced off at whipple and then you can get back on the interstate there. also, it does look like we have all the cones picked up on southbound 680 through walnut creek as you get from pleasant hill down to 24 some residual delays hanging around about 13 miles an hour. yesterday they were almost an hour late picking up those cones.
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today looks like they're about 45 minutes early. it should not be the huge issue it was yesterday. let's check in with mike nicco for a look at our forecast. let's take a look at our weather window. you can see the clouds not penetrating the golden gate bridge as we look down to the bay bridge. here is your 12-hour day planner waking up in the 40s and 50s a lot like yesterday. we will end the day differently. 64 at the coast both at noon and 4:00 but 72 to 78 around the bay and 76 to 83 inland. so that is definitely a bump up and we'll have more warm temperatures coming up in the accuweather forecast. another vigil will be held in novato for one of the victims of sunday's mass shooting. >> stacee etcheber was with her husband at the concert during the shooting. vinnie ran to help victims and told stacee to run for cover. she is survived by her husband, a young son and daughter. tonight's vigil is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. on san ramone
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way. we know more about the life and final moments of michelle vo. she grew up in san jose. an ohio man struck up a friendship with vo at the festival. she and cody robertson were standing together near the stage when the first shots rang out. vo was hit. robertson and others put her in a truck to go to the hospital. robertson then helped rescue other people. later he learned michelle didn't make it. her sister says robertson is a hero. >> to know she had you in her last moments, she wasn't alone and you didn't leave her. it gives me a little bit of comfort. >> michelle sent her sister a photograph of herself at the concert shortly before she was shot and killed. and you can learn more about the victims of sunday night's shooting and the heroes that stepped up to help out by visiting our website and we are tracking local news. officials investigating an early
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morning boat fire in alameda broke out around 1:00 a.m. and you can see the boat fully engulfed in flames. a fireboat later doused it with water. we're awaiting word from the fire department and coast guard about what may have caused it. happening today san francisco city officials and colleges say significant new changes to the city's new recycling program. it will help residents and businesses recycle more and reduce waste and recover more material. it's not clear yet what those changes are. officials add they will make san francisco's recycling and composting program the most comprehensive. a news conference will be held at 11:30 across from city hall. today is the deadline for daca recipients to apply for a permit renewal. they give undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children protection from deportation. president trump is phasing that program out. the renewals will expire in two years unless congress makes the program permanent. a group of uc berkeley students
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wants the justice department to investigate what it claims is retaliation for free speech week. they say they canceled the event because they were being targeted by campus police. they say school leaders tried to blame supporters for posters and chalk messages against muslims, immigrants and gays. the patriot is the group that invited right-swing speakers to the campus. a school spokes peperson says t allegations are unfounded. favorable fall weather to get a jump on flood control along coyote creek. crews cut down invasive vegetation to create jams that can lead to flooding. they are preparing for winter in other ways, it's rebuilt a levee to protect several mobile home parks that flooded last february. >> we have other challenges with the homeless being here. there's a lot of trash from their encampments. there's a lot of physical hazards the crews have to look out for in addition to the steep
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slopes. >> volunteers have been helping with the removal and they recently cleared 5 1/4 tons from the area and rock springs neighborhood. the army corps of engineers is working on a feasibility study for improvements to coyote creek. a san francisco public utilities commission is warning neighbors about a phone scam involving water bills. several dozens of customers got a call from someone who threatened to shut off their water unless an immediate cash payment was made. the commission says it will the commission says it will never we still have a full closure at southbound 101 in san mateo county so this is right at wood side road. this happened a couple hours ago. it sounds like we don't have many details on this incident but we know a collision happened. we know there's an investigation under way so it is a sig alert and for now you're being forced off at whipple. you can use el camino real for an alternate. pretty much all the alternates are looking great at this hour.
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we don't have much of a traffic jam around that. i wanted to show you golden gate bridge. a dense fog advisory for golden gate this morning so you can see some majorly reduced visibility there. you'll want to slow down and take it easy. we also have a problem in the east bay on highway 4. we'll check on that next. right now over to meteorologist mike nicco. that fog is locally dense along the coast as you've shown. it will push across the golden gate and make it to angel island and emeryville before it retreats back to the coast and evaporates from the coast. sunshine in a lot of areas. san francisco, you're an area much cooler than yesterday, up to five degrees. sunny side at 49 along with lake merced, castro, marina. about 50 degrees. here is a look from the east bay hills. foggy at the coast if you're commuting on the roads. mass transit cool this morning to even warmer this afternoon and light breezes if you're going to be on the bay.
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let's take a look at the wild swings today. 53 at 8:00. some areas in the san ramone valley in the 40s. by noon you're 76. low to mid-80s from 2:00 to 4:00 to 6:00. 70 at 8:00. here is a look at what's going on in observing today. 53 at 8:00. noon, 69. mid-70s this afternoon. back in the 60s by 6:00 and 8:00 and a quick look at walnut creek, one of those areas that could hit 90. i'll give you more on that warming trend coming up. neighbors in the east bay have a smelly problem. why they're furious about what they see happening near their homes. move over coldplay and beyonce, the major sport event that may be coming to levi stadium. >> what
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some neighbors say a disgusting problem is making their homes unlivable. it's a stench coming from the regional parks district. it is profusely foul, a sickening smell permeates this castro valley neighborhood weekly, sometimes more. >> it's raw sewage. it doesn't smell like it's been treated. >> reporter: residents snapped these pictures of trucks supposedly dumping sewage into
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pipes at lake chabot neighborhood park. neighbors point to this and the prevailing breeze straight east towards the neighborhood. >> the odor would linger for an hour in our homes and we would smell like a port-a-potty. >> many of our parks are in rural areas and need clean and functioning bathrooms so we do have sewer discharge services lined up to make that happen. >> reporter: there's a long-standing contract for the sewage disposal. up until this summer neighbors say the dump location was farther up the hill. >> the people up the hill why complaining about the smell. >> and now the new location stinks to those who are downwind. >> we've tried to ask them what has been done to make this change and no one really answers the question. >> showed no odors in the area. >> reporter: residents are considering legal action to stop
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the sewage disposal near their homes. in castro valley, abc 7 news. facebook and twitter say there will be testimony on the russia investigation. that hearing set for november 1st. google still has not said whether it will be sending a representative to that hearing. the world cup may be come to the bay area. 32 sites considered as host venues. the event is held every four years. four are in canada, three in mexico, and 25 in the u.s. levi's, though, has an edge because teams would be able to use stanford and san jose state as practice facilities. all right, who is counting, 20 seasons, 1,549 reception, 895 receiving yards. >> what does a record breaking nfl hall of famer do after hanging up his cleats?
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wedding crasher. jerry rice loves being an uninvited guest. rice loves crashing weddings, at least one every weekend. >> one a week? >> that's a lot of chicken dinners. he loves making memories. i'm stunned. alexis? >> he would be a welcome wedding crasher. >> you want all your fire to be stolen. >> exactly, yes. >> unfortunately, we do have a sig alert on the peninsula. just before you get to wood side road not many details.
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some type of patrol vehicle. all lanes are blocked right now, forced off at whipple and then a short detour on 101. we don't have an estimate on when they will reopen. a crash involving a semi and a sedan on westbound 4 in the antioch area. right at hillcrest you can see that changed to a darker shade of red. it's the car but they are working on getting a heavy duty tow truck out. one bit of good news to finish things up. today they got the road work picked up about 45 minutes ahead of schedule and mike nicco a look at our forecast. >> it doesn't balance out. >> it was a nice thought after what happened yesterday.
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the winds are pointing to the ocean, an offshore breeze. hazy sunshine warming against cooler week breezes near the coast and then the highs will republic next week. for today, 69 in half moon bay. 73 to about 80 from san francisco to fremont. look at the mid-80s. 83 in concord. livermore, 84. low to mid-80s in the north. look at richmond, 79. san mateo about 76 degrees. your lows almost as cool as this morning and there will be lack of clouds at the coast thanks to that offshore breeze. 49 there. low to mid-50s except for the low to mid-50s except for the san ramone valley.
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tomorrow 90s. 70s at the coast but then that coastal breeze kicks in. keep an eye on if the air is not dry enough for clouds at the coast. >> officials say they've accounted for the missing people. rescue workers say they've recovered the last body yesterday. the quake was the deadliest in the quake was the deadliest in decades. no bailout for the u.s. territory. the white house is asking congress for $29 billion in
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disaster aid for victims of maria and hurricanes harvey and irma. only 5.5% of people have only 5.5% of people have electricity. an event called deep from the heart, the one america appeal, part of an effort launched by the former president last month. proceeds from the october 21st event will go to storm recovery in texas, florida, and the caribbean. all of us are trying to help victims of the las vegas shooting. how you can do that without getting scammed. something is about to go missing at dunkin' donuts. slashing its doughnut offerings. this dog's tongue just set a record. first this morning's tech bites. in today's tech bites new technology is causing some big distraction on the roads. >> aaa says navigation devices cause more problems than texting, distracting drivers for more than 40 seconds on average
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taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds doubles the chance of a crash. google unveiled a bunch of new products that includes the pixel 2 smart phones. a new feature lets you take a selfie by just squeezing the phone. the mini will compete with echo dot. >> and new animated reactions. >> when you're chatting with a potential date you can give them a strike, eye roll, or splash of martini on the conversation. martini on the conversation. >> no
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people around the world are offering support through donations. >> dozens of campaigns are set up through gofundme. this is by the clark county commission chair. you can see more than $9 million raised so far. and there are other groups that are out to help victims. authorities were warning about scams. california's attorney general says you need to check the registration of charities, only give to organizations you trust, and watch out for websites that look legit, their urls are slightly different. >> southwest airlines joining with allegiant air to offer free flights to families of people killed or hurt in the las vegas shooting. both are working with hotels to provide lodging assistance. allegiant air is headquartered in las vegas. southwest operates about 218
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departing flights from the city. >> nissan owners will soon be able to start their car engines from the comfort of their couch. >> alexa, lock the car. >> sure. what's your four-digit pin. >> 2355. >> sending lock command -- >> nissan and amazon are partnering to incorporate alexa voice commands into new and some previous model cars. car owners can tell to turn lights on and off, honk the corn, lock doors, and start and shut down. >> i say alexa smith. i call my alexa alexis all the time. a dog with a unique feature is now in the record books. >> moji, mo for short, the st. bernard is from sioux falls, south dakota. now his guinness record came easy. his tongue measures 7.3 inches. mo's owner is stopped by people who want to take a picture. mo was adopted from a rescue
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organization. the word record makes all the water and slobber she has cleaned up over the years well worth it. >> the gene simmons of the dog world, right? dog friends when they take pictures, just sticks his tongue out. >> very sweet. we do have a sig alert this morning, unfortunately. we'll take you back down to the peninsula and we're working on getting more information. a full closure of southbound 101 just before you get to wood side road. everyone forced off at whipple. this is some type of a collision. we believe a patrol vehicle was involved. we don't know with what agency and it does sound like there's police activity. some type of an investigation is ongoing as well. we are working to get more information but in the meantime we have just a little bit of a backup that has started to form. a slight surface street detour.
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el camino real or 280, if that makes more sense for you, is an option as well. everyone else quiet at the moment. looks like we have a stackup in the cash lanes for the bay bridge toll plaza but we don't have the metering lights on yet. we have 30 minutes until they flip those over. we do have a collision on highway 4, though, in the pittsburg area. we'll check on that next. a couple of items to do this week and if you can get into san francisco bluegrass. 72 and sunshine friday. breezes will come off the ocean and cool us to 69 saturday and about 70 sunday. lows 52 to 53 degrees. looking at a lot of sunshine. the same thing for fleet week. i believe they are practicing today. i saw the blue angels on twitter yesterday. it was all in fun. 74 friday. 72 saturday and 70 sunday. sunshine, it's abundant. so will your need for sunglasses. make sure you put sunscreen on the kids and yourself.
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>> mike, thank you. if you love dunkin' donuts, sit down for this next story. be ready for this. the chain is taking nearly half of its options off the menu. the change is expected to happen by the end of the month. the doughnut offerings will drop from the current 30 to about 18. their new focus will be coffee which the company says is more profitable. we don't know widhich doughnut options. the maple with bacon doughnut is going to live on. >> i would not have guessed that was their bestseller. >> i have a feeling we're just saying that because there is no way that is the number one doughnut. i'm going to look it up at the break. next at 5:00, details on a job fair where more than 100 recruiters are looking to hire. >> coldplay broke the rules at levi's playing well beyond curfew. we're live with the response from city leaders. and we're hearing from the parents of a victim killed in the las vegas shooting.
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a live look outside. our way of showing you weather and traffic information during the commercial break. alexis smith is on the go every morning. >> she's an avid runner. her sister's name is marin. >> because her parents lived here. true story. >> loves halloween. >> and michigan football. she's from a really small town. no rush hour there. >> boy, has her world changed. >> alexis tackles bay area traffic like a boss. >> her tweets save you time. it's like she has secret traffic fighting powers. >> it's a better day when you beat the traffic. beat the traffic.
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coming up on 5:00 a.m. welcome to october 5. we're going to start with alexis and a look at a traffic alert. >> a little bit of a mystery as to what exactly we're dealing with but we do know southbound 101 is fully closed


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