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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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cornell. >> reporter: yeah, lots of viewing spots all over the city but i think we had the best seat in the house. the weather was perfect for the show. today was a bit of a warm-up. they'll be back in the air saturday and sunday afternoon. the navy's blue angels roared across the sfroes water front. the jaw-janing precision, ar bask flying. >> i love the blue angels, i think they are smart. >> reporter: brayton took the day off to see the week show. >> i left a message on the school answering machine saying he has a bad case of wanting to see the blue angels here we are. >> reporter: earlier this air force-16 capable of flying buzzed the water front. >> it's awesome to be here.
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>> reporter: not to be outdone the united 747 flew stunts over the bay. arrest estimated 1.5 million people are visiting san francisco this weekend. navy seal, brandon peterson parachuted on to the mary that green. peterson is a member of the navy's elite leapfrog, parachute team. >> san francisco's a unique city. i love marking off alcatraz and that's my cue i'm going to jump. >> reporter: brian gill list says fleet week, a time to put aside political differences. >> given that we're having a big debate about the flag, i view at least it's art. someone can looking and say there's history here. i think it's nice to just have more diversity of experiences here. >> reporter: fleet week's air
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show action continues saturday and sunday. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news weather anchor spencer joins us from the roof of the studio. >> looks like we're going to keep that perfect blue sky for us right through the weekend. pif you look at live doppler 7, we have sunny skies across the bay area. just before it gets to the weekend cast, i want to throw in a few words of coach line here. beach area -- just be careful if you're along the coastline. meanwhile, back to other conditions before the weekend of fleet week. sunny skies here in san francisco. right on through the 3-day period. high temperatures in the afternoon during the show. there's a lot more going on in san francisco this weekend.
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there's the hardly strictly bluegrass festival at golden gate park. two more days, tomorrow and sunday. sunny tomorrow, and temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. it's going to be a great weekend here in the city and all around the bay area. >> can't beat that. thanks spencer. for a complete schedule of the yeets for fleet week check out and show us what fleet week looks like to you. add your pictures and you may see them on t.v. what a perfect end to the workweek. blue grass kicked off free music, nearly 100 bands, seven stages and sun, sun, sun shine. live stream from the swan stage right now with brandy carlyle performing. the music fest is expected to
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draw about a quarter of a million people in the park. set up in how well, linly and marks med dows. this year includes t-bone garnet, plenty of food but alcohol not sold. >> i think the best thing about this place for me is the crowd. >> because of the las vegas shooting, security is tighter at this year's event. organizers say the safe tee of attendees is top priority. the motivate for the worst shooting in american modern history is unknown. >> people at the rafg vegas were killed before he shot himself. >> he may have had helped based on the planning, the guns he had and because of the ammo was bought under someone else's name. >> we're very confident that
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there was not another shooter in that room. what i cannot confirm to you today and what we continue to investigate is whether anybody else may have known about this incident before he carried it out. >> donations to help the victims' family and survivors, $10 million raised so far at go fund me. >> 2020 is providing information with the shooting. i spoke to cnn matt gutman this afternoon. >> we're doing a format nofl for 20. we ft like the voices here were so strong and powerful that they needed to be heard in a different way. we're telling the stories of the victims and survivals as well. >> one story is that of heather milton who grew up in -- and attended the high school. her husband was shot and killed while carrying her to state of the. you'll meet other survivors,
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heroes and witnesses and what may have notified the gunman tonight on 2020 called "heart break & heros" at 10:00. hard to believe, but the woman who was in this car behind us survived. >> she said she crashed because of another driver's road rage. abc 7 reporter alissa joins us. >> reporter: this all started wen that woman honked her southern. she said this enranked the other driver and he cased her for miles until he car wen off the road, took out a tree and landed up side down. family members want to get the word out and tracked down that driver. madison gets a kiss from her mother while recovering from surgery in her hospital bed. the 24 years old said she has
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broken bones and a spine injury. >> he cut me off really hard core and it freaked me out so i flashed my lights and honked at him. >> reporter: it didn't stop. hol lins said that driver cased her for seven terrifying miles on eastbound highway 24 until he chased her off the road. >> he kept following me to each lane i was getting into andryg him. it was so scary. and he just thought it was all a joke like it was so funny to be ha regardlessing someone. >> reporter: her car landed up side down at the dead will have end street of lafayette. >> i'll never forget it was like a boom and this horrible crutching sound. >> reporter: she called 911. her twin teenager boys ran to the car to get her out.
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since the crash family members keep returning to the sight to search for hol lins cell phone. >> we're looking for her phone, she did get a video of the guy casing her. >> reporter: a go fund me account is raising money to pay for medical bills. officers trying to track down witnesses and find that driver. >> now we have a link to madison's gofundme page if you'd like to help in abc most people loosing their lives in a traffic crash. from 2016, showing a 5ive 6 increase in traffic deaths across the country. deaths were victims were not hearing a seat belt up 5%. the nation saw a huge nationwide pedestrian deaths at 9% year to year. bicyclist deaths increased while
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distraction driving deaths decreased. and drowsy driving is down 2.5%. new at 6:00, someone played a mistake here. this crane tipped over this afternoon. no one was hurt. fire crew say it was operator error. it briefly blocked a lane of travel but has been cleared. knnew at 6:00, the down pou line burned five acres this afternoon it was out. this is near tulsa road near camp parks. california's attorney general now fighting back against the trump administration, this over the president's plan to roll back access to free birth control under the affordable care act. abc 7 news reporter explain what it moons. >> churches and religious nonprofit groups were already
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exempt for having to provide birth control through their health insurance. companies claim to have more objections to birth control was not. president trump has now gutted that requirement. >> we have a president and an administration that is so hell bent on butting a bulls eye on women in this country. >> reporter: the trump administration says very few women will be affected. maya, a law proffer essor at us disagrees. >> the new rule -- >> reporter: some corporations have argued they have the right to assert their religious believes. the pill, patches and morning after pill are all considered continue accept tiffs and to some life ending drugs. >> birth control is an obstacle to life. >> reporter: california has already strengthened its laws
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requiring all health insurers to cover contraceptives. >> it is about making sure women's healthcare before the are equally covered. >> reporter: today the state attorney general and aclu filed lawsuit. many more expected. talking diplomacy, democracy and digita technology. those are the topics that brought hillary clinton to stanford. >> what's getting the most attention. >> community as a whole, everybody is hiding and keeping things for fear. next what some local doctors are doing to protect their patients from health problem and patients from health problem and from fear of ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars.
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the nor wee began noble committee has decided to award the noble peace prize for 2017 to the international campaign to abolish nuke car weapons. >> the noble peace price this year goes to a group called ground breaking in an effort to -- a ban. >> there means everything for people that have worked tirelessly against nuclear weapons for decade. >> the group known as i can says it hopes this sends a message to armed states including u.s. j north korea. vice president mike pence and his wife karen spent the day visiting puerto rico and the virgin islands to assess damage.
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>> later he visited a church in san juan telling victims of the hurricane that the trump administration will be with them every step of the way. >> as president trump said, we will get through and and we will get through this together for everyone in puerto rico. >> the trip comes days after president trump visited the islands and praised we left efforts. the president got a laugh from hispanic leaders when we used a fake accent to pronouce puerto rico in the warehouse today but he's also attracting criticism. >> we're also praying for the people of puerto rico, we we wee puerto rico. and we also >> the president made an appearance as for national hispanic month.
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doctors say they seeing fear on the immigrant patients. >> sometimes those pashtsz are scared to go to the doctor. lesley brinkley with the story. >> reporter: recent immigration reforms are sitting local doctor's office and affecting the health of their patients. >> i've had patients come and tell me they're being bullied at school, saying trump is going to come and get you because you're a mexican. i've had patients who haven't come back because they're afraid to get on the road and drive for fear of being stopped and reported. >> reporter: this doctor is on the front line watching families disenrolling from food stamps and failing to report domestic abuse. she said she sees kids with stomach aches and headaches from the fear and stress. >> it feels terrible as a provider that see the structures if our community aren't supporting the people that need
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it the most. it's heart breaking because it feels like there's little we can do about it. >> reporter: dr. jolie martin is director at us ff and she decided to organize an immigrant healthcare imsuppose yum tomorrow in oakland bringing together 200 provider, clinicians and politicians. it will include senator nancy skinner, congressman woman barbara lee and daca student. >> starting this dialogue is a way to treat an environment so immigrants feel they can go to the doctor without fear despite their immigration status. in oakland i'm lesley brinkley. abc 7 news. the future of storage on trains, a public poll closed a month ago. this is the option cal train will go with it it's slr to how bikes are stacked
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the e length trick train -- so far test vote that has gone as between monterey and so know may county has found low levels of acid in crabs. last year it started in mid-november. in 2015 the season was halted due to algae blooms along coast. >> something else that's very encouraging. a lot going on this weekend and good weather to enjoy it. >> spectacular weather is the only way to describe it. here's a look at live doppler 7. under bright skies right now, we have lovely conditions. this is the view from our camera here in san francisco. 78 degrees in san francisco.
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77 oakland. 75 mountain view, 81 san jose, 86 gilmore, 63 at half moon bay. this is t goldengate where skies arear. c one more live view of the setting sun from our east bay hill's camera. he'll have mild to warm weather through monday. fire danger increases this week as temperatures rise. winds are quite strong and will be for the weekend. humidity remains low. a cool fall feeling will return late next week. take a look at our red flag warning for fire danger which goes in effect from early sunday morning to tuesday morning. this covers all of the north bay, wendy's will be gusting over 55 miles per hour, especially the higher elevations. crosser look at the winds reveal that.
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wind advisory in effect from 7:00 p.m. sunday. winds gusting over 55 miles per hour. this is for all of the north bay and a good portion of the east by the way. here's our wind gust animation starting 7:00 sunday. the winds will peek or the gust will early around monday morning, 8:00 a.m. ranging from 25 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour. we'll see winds diminishing by midday on monday. during this overnight period we'll see clear skies, low temperatures ranging from mid-40s up to low 50s around the bay. highs ranging from 70 on the coast, near 80 around the bay. quick look at tropical storm nate, shows it is plowing into the yucatan peninsula right now, along the cancun area. 65 miles per hour winds. expected to intensify tomorrow over the gulf of mexico and become a category 1 hurricane by
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late tomorrow night as it approaches central gulf coast between new orleans and mobile alabama. it will probably move well inland and dump heavy rainfall over the southeastern quadrant of the company. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. nice mild conditions under sunny skies monday. upper 80s inland areas, upper 70s around the bay and upper 60s around the coast. thursday or friday next week we'll see high temperatures dropping into a range more typical for early to mid fall. >> bravo spencer. thank you. do you have work-like balance at your job.
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happening today, world smile day, created in 1963, of the smiley face, knows no politics, geography or religion. for one day each year neither should we.
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san diego it is only california city in the top ten ranking eight. it did not say how it came up with the rankings. happy birthday instagram, the picture sharing site turn 7 years old today. we'd love to see your photos. these are the ones that has the hash tag, abc 7 now that helped us find them and post them on t.v. it was purchased 7 years ago for $1 billion. aol announced instant messenger will shut down in december. known as aim it dominated in north america at the turn of the century. s ms and other apps, aol's giving up the fight with no plan replacement. also coming to an end, winning streaks for both the dow and the s&p 500.
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the dow dipped 2 points. the nasdaq in the green for the 9th day in a row closing at 6,.5 -- tonight we take a special look at a mentally health event for teenagers organized by a girl how's it going down there?
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priced 40-70% off every day. bargainomics. that's our business model. and our business model is... delicious. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. hillary clinton dropped into a downtown san francisco bookstore today. the appearance was build as an autograph stop not a book signing. >> clinton wrapped up a hearing at stanford about ten minutes. >> the former first lady talked about the need to keep america safe in cyberspace from threats to her national security and
6:30 pm
economy. and venued fru stragss about possible russian tampering about last year's election. >> we learned just this week some of the facebook ads targeted michigan and wisconsin, two of the state that decided the election by raiser thinaiser martians will expect the russian interference was more demonstrated than we knew. >> digital technology discussion and the democratic values. >> the former presidential candidate and secretary of state is next scheduled to stop at uc dade this monday on tour with her back, what happened. sergeant bill berg doll will likely plead guilty to desertion and other charges. he walked off his post in 2009 and wind up a captain of a
6:31 pm
taliban for five years. he was released in a prisoner swap in 2013. sources told the prisz he'll plead guilty later this month and could begin serving his sentence by november. he faces five years in prison for desertion and up to life in prison for a charge of misbehavior before the enemy. >> october is national bullying month and abc 7 is proud to support disney and their campaign to encourage everyone to chose kindness. >> this month we meet tierj choosing kindness by working to end the stigma of millionth illness. >> more with the story. >> reporter: this is a teen wellness conference in mountain view. more than 220 student all choosing to spend their saturday learning about mentally health. >> we need to let young people know there are resources out there and they are not alone. >> reporter: the conferences organized by teens for teens.
6:32 pm
>> i came to learn more about myself and what i want to achieve in life. >> how to deal with stress, anxiety, all sorts of types of mental illness. >> it's important because i want kids to feel like they're loved. >> student from 80 bay area schools are here from a wide range of topics. >> there's definitely a stigma attached to mentally health issues and there's more of a stigma attached to seeking help for >> reporter: narrow ya organized the conference. >> it's normal to feel anxious or depressed at times but if it gets to a point where it's changing the way you live your life it's time to get help. and it's okay. >> reporter: nadia and her team are getting support from a range
6:33 pm
of mentally health organizations, eager to reach out to young people. >> teens in the u.s. are experiencing higher levels of stress than ever before. 50% of mentally health disorders emerge by the age of 14. 75% emerge by the age of 25. >> reporter: sometimes early intervention is critical just like with other types of illness. >> we miss the fact this is actually a brain disease. >> reporter: for 17-year-old darrin, a simple text helped turn around her moment of crises. >> a resource available to anybody. >> reporter: the crisis text line is free and comfortable. you text the word bay to and a trained counsel texts back. >> because it's texting it's not as terrifying as oppose to calling in. >> reporter: now darin is
6:34 pm
volunteering to spread the word. this activity is encouraging about the games of healthy relationships. >> one and -- >> reporter: another group is focusing on the role of media and mentally health. some experts are concerned about a netflix show called "13 reasons why" some say make suicide seems like the only answer. >> almost every teen we talked to has seen or watched the show. chc saw a huge influx of teens coming to get support as a result of the show. searches for suicide wen way up after the show on google. >> netflix says the show is bringing awareness to sensitive issues. pattern john says it triggers his daughter's death by suicide. >> don't let kids watch this alone. assault on emotions is
6:35 pm
unmitigatingly holy spir unmitigatingly he or sostile. >> reporter: he hoped netflix would drop the show. instead it's shooting a second season. >> individuals like me feed to help take actions and i see a future where there won't be stigma around mental health. >> reporter: these teens hoping that future comes soon. abc 7 news. >> on sunday abc 7's "beyond headlines" creation a discussion of teen's mental health. it's -- what bay area parents and what schools can do to help the student stay mentally well-. that's sunday at 7:00 p.m. manufacturing in silicone valley is a career option one company hopes more student will chose. a look at how technology has
6:36 pm
transformed this blue collar field. spencer back with the weekend forecast. >> yes, inclu
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entering certain areas of alameda county is about to get more obvious. the crow's art commission has selected three local artist to pain the signs for castro valley, ash lands, cheery land. the artist will pain them by hand. the work starts in the spring. some tech companies are taking job recruiting to a new level. >> they're inviting student young as 13 to consider careers in manufacturing. >> a worker shortage behind this initiative called nashville manufacturing day. >> reporter: jay bill's blue sky is one of san jose's 1500 manufacturing companies. it opened its doors to student to show them how 3-d printing and robotics are ushering in factories. >> companies like amazon have set our expectations that we can
6:40 pm
get thing right away. whether you look at the future manufacturing, producing where a customer is saves you time and money a affords good high-paying jobs. >> reporter: there's a shortage of workers due to baby boomers and retirement age. the hope is that these student from the advantage stem program will see manufacturing as an atraffic career. some jobs require a college degree, others don't. >> you have everything from the service technician, whose learning a lot of skills on the job, all the way to well-educated engineer whose helping it rate the next prototype are design the manufacturing work. >> reporter: student receive a crash course on manufacturing and recognize its importance. >> temporary engineering there is one major process everyone uses but multiple ways to determine it. multiple people see the same thing in different eyes. >> the process of manufacturing
6:41 pm
is what i thought was cool. it's a whole system. >> so how do you measure the success of today's visit. some of these student are still eight years away from graduating college. one teacher told me two of her stories who are in a high school welding program got hired here at jay bill. in san jose, david luey, abc 7 news. coming up next, 7 on your side's michael fenny talk with california politicians to find out what
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the equifax breach has stated federal officials to look for way to secure or data and give us control over our information. >> 7 on your side with michael fenny has been talking with lawmakers. >> the conversation has changed, the equifax breach changed everything. what changes are we look at as we move forward. former equifax ceo richard smith testified four times this week before congress. economies trying to find out what happened and why. congresswoman, jackie is looking to cosponsor consumer protection
6:45 pm
starting with unlimited access to your credit record. >> you access your reported any time up for free to a dispute process whereby you can simply and easily dispute something on your credit report. a credit freeze that is free and simple to request. >> reporter: the idea of a freet credit freeze is getting a lot of attention at the state level too. california state senator, jerry hill distracting a bill to give free credit freezes to californians whose information has been breached. instead of paying $10 to each of the reporting agencies, consumers would pay nothing at all. hill is expecting a lot of push back. why? money. >> if you're over 65 you can lock your credit for free. if you're under 65 you can't. if they pay $30 in that -- to
6:46 pm
freeze it that's adding $744 million that those credit companies could lose. if you pay the $30 to get out that's another $744 million. we're talking a billion and and a half of rev few that could on the line here. >> reporter: senator hill says it is simply the right thing to do. >> why should we be paying for protection, sounds like chicago in the 1920s. we shouldn't have to pay to protect ours from something we didn't cause. >> i'll be keeping track of the legislation and report back if things change. i want to hear from you. 415-954-8151 is the hot line number. reach me on actions 7 there are nine potential bills in congress right now. >> because of equifax.
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>> yeah. >> thank you michael. let's update the week forecast once again. >> it's going to be a nice warm weekend, lots of sun shine. tonight there's something special in the sky. clear skies ahead and that wonderful harvest moon still with us. big, bold, beautiful. it's be rising -- let's make moon rise great again. moving along overnight conditions, clear skies mooney with low temperatures ranging from low to mid-50 days. tomorrow 70 at the coast. temperatures will start to drop off a few degrees going into mid weekend and next weekend by the end of week it will feel like fall all over again. >> the sky is stunning. i wish we could say for the
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warriors. >> they're worried about having a good time and why not in china. the warriors are being treated like
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>> announcer: now sports from abc 7 news. >> how cool is it to be the golden state warriors. every where they go in china they're treated like rock stars. it's not just the players, the dub's team reporter has also become a fan favorite. >> reporter: steph curry is the face of the warriors' franchise, in china there's another face they grown to love. that's lauren scott. he hosts the warriors' highlights on i don't know how i should put this but -- >> lauren scott is kind of a big deal. >> a couple seconds i wanted to do a view in china because you're kind of a big deal here. >> hold on a second i'm texting this guy, he wanted something. >> lawrence is a guy whose easily swayed by praise.
6:52 pm
he used to be kind of like this down to earth guy, i noted this morning in the lobby, i was kind of big timing it. i say hey laurwrence row are yo doing. he kind of gave me -- >> i fine it completely strange. it's almost as weird to me like larry beal anchoring the news. the way that i was able to find an audience here. >> reporter: joy men joe has a something like that infatuation with lawrence. she keeps pictures of him on her phone. >> his mouth all the time. >> lauren scott is kind of a big deal here in klein. >> the stars or the warriors, stephen curry, kevin duran, they come to china quite a bit, i get to tag alone.
6:53 pm
it's this idea we're doing this reliablely and communicating with the warrior's fans. >> reporter: some would like less lawrence. >> after 10 seconds you want to skip pass him? >> after 5 actually. >> there's some quality acting in there. nice job. derrick carr hurt by has raider nation revved up after he was spotted throwing in practice after the last few days. carr is listed for question in baltimore. keep in mind the typical recovery time for his back injury is two to six weeks. former drew and red sox trying to even with houston, not going to happen though. astros up two zip and a flash.
6:54 pm
in two plus innings, pom ran give up one storm, the astros put away with a four-run, six innings. the astros take a 2-0 lead and go for the sweep on sunday afternoon. second round, eagle nine to finish the front at four straight bidee's -- birdie on 13. pars on 17 and 18. shoots are course record at 61. brennan still going into the weekend. only eight players in pga tour history has ever shot lower than a 60. jim with a all-time record of 58. back to you. join us tonight at 9:00 on
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coffee t.v. channel 13. the notice from state law. that's at 9:00. abc 7 news at 11:00 not your normal police call. coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, season premiere of once upon a time. marvels and humans at 9:00. at 10:00 catch 2020, episode dedicated to the las vegas shooting. then abc 7 news at 11:00. finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters. friday at last. this seemed like the week that wouldn't end. so much information and emotion over what happened in las vegas just five days ago, seems like a month. it's been overwhelming and sad. i'm relieved the gunman is did, he doesn't get to see all the news coverage he's getting. and the family and victims who
6:56 pm
survived don't have to see him in court and parading in front of cameras. it's about the pad in one man and good in others. those brave young men and women who protected others, those who stood in hours to donate blood, all of those who sent prayers j money to the victims. at times like this it's easy to think our world is spinning out of control. what really matters is to live our lives with hope to the future and a commitment to each do our part to shape it for the better. follow he on twitter and facebook @dan ashley abc 7. >> you know the saying good people cannot stay silent because evil depends on it. that's it for this edition of abc 7 news look for breaking news on twitter. i'm christian sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. good night.
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