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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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no word of any injuries. stay with us for updates and download our abc app for immediate notifications. good evening. thanks for joining us. the body of a bay area woman killed in las vegas has returned home flight arriving this afternoon. stacy was at the concert with her husband a san francisco police officer. abc 7 news reporter lillian kim talked with passengers who were on her plane. she's live at sfo. >> reporter: when the plane arrived here at sfo, the flight attendant announced on board was the body of one of the victims from last sunday. many passengers say they were overcome with emotion when they saw family members and police officers outside their window. stacy was married to san francisco police officer and today many of his fellow officers were here when her body arrived just after 2:00 p.m. members of the color guard were on hand and so many other
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officers several of whom who carried the kags keith. a procession then followed. we talked to passengers. they were moved by the tribute she received. >> the people that are the innocent victims in these kinds of tragedies, it's sad to see them at the same time they are getting the proper kind of coming home. >> when you see all the police officers and everybody just standing and the respect they have, just very hard to see the families very upset. >> reporter: stacy was married to her husband for 13 years. she was also the mother of two children, a 12-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son. live at sfo, lillian kim. the chp is looking for people who shot three men including an uber driver on an oakland freeway. it happened at 4:15 this morning. a group of people leaving a party called uber to pick them
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up. as they were driving chp said people in a second vehicle opened fire. three men were hit including the uber driver. >> this was a targeted attack. the per driver was not the intended target. the vehicle pulled off to the side. one of the passengers jumped in the driver's seat and drove them to a local hospital. >> a spokeswoman for uber said the company has reached out to the driver to check on his well being. in developing news a manhunt is under way in the e fory asabat man who stabbed three p at a b.a.r.t. station. cornell? >> reporter: the lafayette b.a.r.t. station back open after being closed for three hours today. police say two men tried to help a man who was being robbed at knife point but all three got stabbed. the suspect is still on the loose. >> the station is open.
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>> reporter: b.a.r.t. police turned passengers away from the lafayette b.a.r.t. station and closed it down after three people were stabbed. a young man was treated for a stab wound by paramedics outside of the b.a.r.t. station. it began when one victim was approached by a man on the platform who demanded his backpack. >> that first victim refused and whenever that happened the suspect produced a knife and then attacked that person. >> reporter: a witness tried to help but then stabbed too. both victims 19 and 20 suffered minor wounds to the head and hand. another mandatory who tried to intervene was also wounded. he left the station before police arrived. the suspect got away. >> what's going on >> somebody got stabbed on the platform. >> reporter: the station was closed while police searched for the armed suspect described as a white man with short blonde hair between 30 and 40 wearing a gray army jacket. a chp helicopter search surrounding neighborhoods for him but no sign. >> it's crazy.
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>> reporter: a bus bridge took riders to nearby stations but some didn't feel safe and decided to drive. >> it does bother me especially here in lafayette. you wouldn't expect to hear something like that happen. >> so many people you want to use mass transit. it's a little concerning when you have a situation where you can't do your commute safely. >> reporter: many riders want more security at stations. >> i personally have never noticed any security on the platform. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says it's working on it. >> we want people to know we're beefing up security and hiring more officers. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. reviewing station cameras to identify the suspect. the chp credits video from a motorcyclist helmet cam to help with an arrest. the man is accused of driving his truck into four cyclists
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yesterday. all four cyclists were hurt. one critically. he faces four counts of felony hit-and-run. napa valley wine train had a crash this afternoon along highway 29. pictures taken show major damage to the side of the 40-foot long limo. witnesses say no one appeared to be injured. traffic going to several roadside wineries had to cross the railroad tracks to get to the businesses the. hurricane nate is moving envelope. it brought heavy rain and a storm surge in the last 48 hours. we go to alabama for more. >> reporter: nate slammed into the gulf twice last night as a category 1 hurricane. drenching the gulf and threatening the coast with a dangerous storm surge. in mississippi this highway flooded out by the rising water. the surge inundating casinos in the area.
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this parking garage in biloxi looked more like a lake. vehicles left behind tossed lie toys. nate made landfall twice. first in louisiana then in biloxi, mississippi. in addition to the 85 mile-per-hour winds tornadoes were a major concern. two touched down. waterspout was spotted off the coast of alabama. many people woke up to a wet and winnie condition. more than 100,000 people in alabama and mississippi lost power. >> we've been very fortunate. we're close to the grid. we've had power all the time. but it was really a ferocious storm. >> reporter: still much of the south is counting their blessings. new orleans was spared and most of the floodwater is already receding. now the clean up can begin. people already working to clear debris. the fast-moving storm quickly made its way through the region downgrading to a tropical storm and then just a depression
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shortly after striking land. for this young couple in mobile they are thanking on rain bringing them luck on their wedding day. nate struck as the two were hitting the dance floor. >> we were dancing and not let it rain on our parade. >> reporter: nate isn't quite over. the storm is moving inland and expect theed to bring rain as far north as new york. one of hollywood's most powerful producers has just been fired. harvey weinstein is no longer with the weinstein company. the board of directors announced his firing three days after a "new york times" article exposed eight sexual allegations against him. weinstein called the article reckless reporting. the white house weighs in on the nfl protest with a high-profile walk out during the niners game. sunny finish to your sunday but i'm tracking winds quickly increasing tonight and our fire
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danger increasing as
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the vice president left the niners game early today after the team protested during the national anthem. handful of players got on one knee in indianapolis before the game. vice president and former indiana governor stuck around
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during the anthem but depart shrt time later. mike pence tweeted a statement saying he left because of the protest. president trump tweeted he's proud of pence and asked the vp if any players kmeeld. journalists were told to wait outside of the stadium before the game because there may be an early departure. the move led to speculation the counter protest was a planned political stunt. pennsylvania is expected to fly into southern california tonight and begin a three day fundraising trip. united airlines employees and their families got to mark an end of an era. they said good-bye to the jumbo jet. united is retiring their fleet. they first through the boeing 797 in 1970. growing a giant pumpkin takes skill and smapatience. after 120 days it went to the scales. a windy night ahead.
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our meteorologist is up next with your forecast. niners went to overtime. getting closer to that first
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pumpkins and one of the most interesting celebrations takes place outside of sacramento. at the giant pumpkin festival they holdo out ghourds and turn them into a boat for a race. >> we have growers from all over california and a grower here from wisconsin who drove 32 hours to be here. and his pumpkin, it looks to be, we're hoping over 2,000 pounds. we're hoping to get a new record today. >> wow. it did set a new record, 2,095 pounds. he took the top prize and headed back to wisconsin with more than $14,000 in his pocket. new abc show "ten days in the valley" airs right here onnn
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7. we talked to her about her complicated character. >> she's a very morally ambiguous like challenging surprising character. and we spend a lot of time getting to know her and why she does the things that she does and why she is the way she is. she's a little bit of a liar. so there's a lot of people around her that may not want the best for her. so everyone is a suspect. >> we've gotten episodes this season. are we going to don't eliminate some suspects each week? i know you can't give away tenning. will we find out who takes her at the end? >> yes. totally satisfying mystery. >> catch episode 2 of "ten days in the valley" tonight. tons of sunshine both today and yesterday. wonderful weekend. but tonight, as the sunsets the
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winds will rapidly increase with frequent gusts over 30 miles per hour. it's a picture perfect clear image. we'll show you that image outside. a live look. the sun slowly setting with the golden gate bridge and alcatraz in the foreground. but still look at these numbers right now. we have many spots in up the 70s to lower 80s, well above-normal for this time of the year. 80 for santa rosa and napa at 80. san jose temperature of 78 degrees. we're noticing especially in the north bay and inland the winds are increasing. wind gusts 26 mile-per-hour and santa rosa 25 in fairfield and 20 mile-per-hour wind gust in livermore. as we go into the early morning hours, this is 3:00 monday morning, the winds become breezy area wide but really active in the north bay.
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santa rosa forecasted wind gusts above 30 miles per hour. so as the winds increase that will also bring about a wind advisory. that will go into effect at k tonight lasting through tomorrow morning. northerly winds increasing the north bay and inland eastbound, gusts over 30 miles per hour. so threat is there. some tree branches could come down and one of those branches could fall down on power lines, possible power outages are of a concern. the good news the winds will relax midday monday but increase our fire danger. we also have a red flag warning in effect for high fire danger in the north bay, eastbound, as the santa cruz mountains. not just the gusty winds, very dry atmosphere overhead. very low humidity level. under those two conditions fires can easily start, easily spread. overnight tonight. turning windy around midnight. 48 that lown santa rosa win ids gusting over 40 mile-per-hour. 53 in san francisco. 55 overnight in san jose. those winds are going to last
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midday. a wonderful afternoon. another mild day even along the coast. look at half moon bay, 74 degrees. 75 in san francisco. 84 in san jose. 86 in santa rosa. we still have concern along our coastline. wave heights eight to 12 feet high. beach hazard statement is in effect through tomorrow morning, a northwest to southwest swell continues to move into our coastline. the athlete right now is strong rip currents. tomorrow once again it's breezy in the morning, the winds relax midday and it's a warm afternoon. tomorrow's trash day, wouldn't be a bad idea to wait to put the cans out tomorrow morning. patchy coastal fog on tuesday. finally mid-week we start to cool off. by thursday and friday feeling much more like fall. next weekend temperatures right around average. well the ravens have a lot t
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in come. quarterback derek carr inactive. good call for the raid engineers. joe flacco trying to take advantage of the raiders weakness. the ravens score and go up 7-0. raiders first possession, emanual coughs it up. 14-0 less than four minutes into the game. second quarter, ravens up 21-3. manual escapes. finds michael crabtree. 41 yard touch. 21-10. to the third quarter raiders came within seven. marshawn lynch gets in for a second td as a raider. get that run game going now. 24-17. ravens tack on a couple of field goals. they win. raiders lost two straight. >> down 14-0 before fans were
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sitting down. tough way to start. a shock. just not playing well. and not real happy about it. >> 49ers and colts on peyton manning day. he may have been the best quarterback in the building. 22-yard touchdown first of the two of the day. midway through the infuriate, hoyer deep. great catch. career-high 116 yards. dropped a few. hoyer 353 yards, two touchdown%. six yard shuffle pass. the lead is then cut to ten. hoyer on his back foot. keeps the drive alive. kettle catches 83 yards and rewarded with a game tying touchdown his first as a pro. going to overtime tied at 23-23. 52-yard game winner, 26-23 your final. niners drop to 0-5 but lost four
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of their giems bay total of 11 points. >> go back to work and get better. you will face a lot of adversity. that's the time where you find out what your teammates are made of. to the diamond. houston up 2-0. must-win for boston. astros put up three in the first. bottom three, boston 20-year-old rafael devers two-run homer.hom. 4-3 red sox. jackie bradley jr. deep to right, redick has a beat on it. ball bounces out of his glove . into the seats for a three run homer. red sox win big 10-3. astros still lead the series. the warriors play their final pre-season game against
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minnesota.ea bko tey states th after a week in china. roger federer hanging out with the pre-game. steph gave the fans a show. did your ran feeds him. catch and shoot three. he's good. 142-110 victory. abc 7 got the head coach thoughts. >> was the experience what you thoughted. your first time in china. >> it was awesome. i loved the trip. i wasn't sure what to expect. i've never been here as you said, but given the circumstances not really being able to practice much. worrying a little bit about the regular season and all that. we're going to look back on this trip with fond memories. great bonding experience for all of us. >> great trip for the warriors. niners as i mentioned lost four
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00, we're learning more about the fire burning right now in napa county with new reports of damage. and we're getting reaction from 49ers players after vice president mike pence's decision to leave their game early. fiery words by the team's best players. 35 years after coke classic sci-fi thriller blade runner made its debut. fans finally got a sequel. critics loved it. received an 9% on rotten tomatoes. audience approved it rating it a-minus. analysts said it's intellectually challenging content did not give it
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universal appeal. "blade runner 2049" earned $31.. "the mountain between us" debuted. "it" and "my little pony" rounded out the top five. that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll see you back h
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♪ >> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show -- creating a home away from home for families... and mushroom madness in mendocino... plus, the power of music therapy. but, first, the harlem globetrotters are helping youth stand up to bullying. all of this fun driven by your northern california honda dealers. ♪ >> be inspired. >> be courageous. >> be brave. >> be happy. >> abc7 and the harlem globetrotters are teaming up to stomp out bullying. ♪ good morning! >>ll


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