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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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because of the tragedy in wine country and beyond. 1,500 structures burned at least the tubbs fire at 25,000 acres and the atlas fire also at 25,000cres. >> right now there is zero percent containment on those fires so the news is not good. seven people have died in sonoma county, two deaths in napa kh w county, also a death in men seen know, mendocino county. >> we do know six burn victims are being treated at st. francis memorial hospital in san francisco, two of them in critical condition. there are also others who have gotten hurt while they were trying to escape. people who had gotten into car crashes and people with smoke inhalation.
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so many more not counted. >> apparently of the six treated for burns they're all in critical, two are in extremely critical, the other two stable. a terrible situation there. >> talk about the people fleeing but also animals as well. san francisco police department sergeant mike is tweeting this picture. look at these series of pictures, not your usual law enforcement duty as the officers provide a traffic break while horses are rounded up and trayered. they'll helping out of course in the santa rosa area. >> with all of these evacuation orders in the middle of night people didn't have time to tend for their livestock so they were left to fend for themselves. which is not to see how the officers have tried to get involved and help as mump as they can. the community shelters have been doing the best they can. >> that's right the big animals
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tat fairground and the smaller one at the humane center. cornell bernd centered in san that rosa all day long. >> reporter: we're still assessing the heart breaking damage here at fountaingrove village. a shopping center here that continues to smoulder, just 100 yards from where we're standing. you have to realize, these are peoples' homes and lives. these are the backyards in fact of this home. this was an outdoor table someone had in their backyard. here's an outdoor patio set, someone's patio here in fountaingrove village. the damage, you have to see it to believe it. the only way we with really understand how many homes at least in this particular neighborhood, and keep in mind we think there are at least 200 homes, every gas main that seems
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fr flaring. that is an indication of where homes used to be. there are so many. in fact i lost count a few minutes ago as i was walking around this neighborhood trying to figure out what this place once looked like. we talked to one man in the last hour who said he went door to door about 12:30 warning his neighbors saying the fire is coming. he felt weird because it was too late to be knocking on somebody's door but he really had no choice. we see folks in the distance, possibly seeing what is left of their home for the first time. it is unclear how folks are getting in here because there was a police barricade. we have been to so many neighborhoods from glen ellen, kenwood, to the valley of santa rosa where homes have been lost. we talked to one man earlier today who was coming home to see
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there was nothing left of his house. >> when we left you could see the flames licking the top of the mountains back there, then we got the word that we were on fire. been here 25 years. it was a great neighborhood. it's going to be a lot of working getting it back. >> reporter: what are you thinking whether you see this? >> i'm thinking i'm fwlad i'm insured. it's not an easy thing to take. >> reporter: sir, we are so sorry. >> oh -- >> reporter: we are so sorry. >> it's mother nature at her worst i guess. >> reporter: we wish he and his family the best. he says the vows to rebuild. he built that house 20 years ago in the rincon valley of santa rosa. he said he's not going anywhere. assessing the damage here home after home, it's startling how many homes have been lost here. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your reporting.
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nbc 5 abc 7 knew laura anthony. >> winter green circle in napa valley. >> reporter: we've been in this area most of the day, this is up high above the golf course and resort. this is a home completely destroyed as you can see still smouldering probably burned from what we've seen today in terms of length of time. these homes have been going up in an hour maybe. this is all this took to burn this house completely and destroy somebody's, you know life here. all the way around it though, you'll see three homes behind it that are at this point at least, if not, you know damaged ate all, not heavily damaged. we'll show you this ridgeline behind us. this is why this continues to be an active area and an evacuation area. that is up behind us, so you can see every so often we'll see
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this black plume of smoke coming from that area. there's obviously still some active fire in the area. a video we shot just a few minutes ago, people having asking me via twitter and maybe how are the neighborhoods down closer to the golf course. we wen down there to take a look, this is silverado oaks, looks like a combination of single family homes and condominiums. unfortunately along deer hollow, many of those have burned. these are condos right next to the south golf course. that's the north and the south, at silverado this is the south golf course. we talked to the man about the heroine experience he had getting himself and family out last flight at the height of the fire. >> our house a miracle was saved. in between -- we're right behind this house here in the middle of all the homes there that have been destroyed.
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yeah, devastation. i'm kind of had a feeling but we rushed out of here maybe 10:00 at night and i tried to get my wife and i and my kids out of there. get the neighbors to respond to my honking. i tried to knock on as much doors as i could. i looked at the door which is now no longer a house. just, the words can't describe, i don't even now how i'm going to even live here even with the house been intact. it's just devastating. >> reporter: earlier today we saw homes that appear to have been saved, that in the end were not. they were next to homes and they had burned. there was smoke or ember that got underneath the house and within minutes, despite the efforts of firefighters and the firefighters that were up here trying to do what they can,
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several houses we saw wen up in flames. it seemed long after the main event the main fire had moved through. we slow you back live here, this is yet another home here on winter green circle that is completely destroyed. it appears to be some sort of stucco home, brightly colored. i heard leann talk being you're trying to figure out in this case what you're looking at. this is another home here on winner green circle that's been completely destroyed, imploded really. it looks more like an explosion than a fire. we'll walk you over here just to give you an idea of heat involved in they had fires. we saw when the house was burning up on the hill next to me, the house next to it the paint was peeling off. this car as you can see was left behind. it was so hot the back window, the spoiler it melted, the pain peeled off, the car itself is
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still here but obviously damaged extensively, certainly not a car that will be easily if i canned. many cars we've seen are completely destroyed. you heard that man talk about what it was like to get out of here last night, and his house was saved. we talked to another man's house that was saved. he broke down in tears and describe trying to get out of here last night. they're feeling for their neighbors who have lost homes like there one. you can tell they're going to live with the reality of what they went through last night and the trauma frankly of trying to get out of here with a wall of flame coming into your neighborhood. obviously they're going to be living with that for a very long time. standing here now, thing do seem much better, not a lot of wind. hopefully it stays that want. dan and christian. >> thank you laura. thank you so much. appreciate that.
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as if we're not dealing enough with the fires. >> last thing we need more breaking news. there has been an earthquake. >> meteorologist drew is tracking the latest. >> we're tracking that earthquake. it's 14 miles east southeast of allan rock. if we show you live doppler 7 you can see where it is right now. it was reported at 5:5315 minutes ago. a magnitude it's about a 4.1 in the depth. five miles deep. you take a look from the epicenter to san jose, it's only ten miles from there. a lot of folks are feeling this quake. seems like it was a sharp jolt of what we seen. i'm looking at the shape nap right now on the usg website, they're saying folks as far north as vallejo felt this and
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as far as away as lake -- it was felt by many people in the south bay. one again we are tracking that earthquake that occurred at 5:53 local time here. it's a 4.1 magnitude earthquake. the depth, five miles. and as might be was saying, the epicenter, ten miles you can see to the east of downtown san jose. a lot of folks reporting on social media, we are looking at the usg website which monitors all activities around the u.s. most folks felt it as south as salinas, lake vallejo, and far east. even some folks and sacramento felt this jolt. we are seeing the activity on twitter and facebook. it felt like it was a quick jolt of an earthquake only lasting a
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few seconds. we'll keep monitoring reports on twitter and facebook. we are tracking that earthquake, it was a 4.1 magnitude occurring at 5:53 local time in the south bay. we do want to let you know that airbnb is doing something generous. its activated its home for people having to flee. they can open their home for free until the last of the month and this is for officials who need a place to stay. santa rosa's fire chief, kevin goz ner addressed the media a few minutes ago. here's what he had to say on
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fighting the tubbs fire. >> last night around 7:00, 7:30 we had multiple fires throughout the city, drained our resources quickly. we realized early on with the wind that we were battling on our own fires that this fire was gung to come into santa rosa. we did what we could. we ordered up we ordered early, we established unified command with city effort, and we set up our staging area at a k-mart parking center in santa rosa. that was not a good spot so we moved an hour later to fire station three. we had three immediate strike teams. 25 other strike teams inbound,
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and it was all we could do to, you know put engines in the right place. we had every resour in the county. we recalled every firefighter in the city of santa rosa. with that kind of wind, that fire, i'm not sure when it started but for us it blew into santa rosa around midnight, a little bit earlier. by morning time the fire was about 25 to 30,000 acres. so, it came in hard. it was very very wind. and it was very taxing for the entire city. >> all right, that is from authorities today holding a news conference updating everyone, the media in particular on what's been happening today as they try to access where we are at this moment. >> we think it's worth reiterating that there is going to be a mand curfew starting 30
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minutes from now in the areas of sonoma county that is under that mandatory evacuation zone. they are serious about it. this will last until sun rise. they don't want any looting or any people out there risking they're safety and also first respond ersz. >> if you've ever been in a situation like this, it's very hard not to want to get to your home and see what's happened. it's frustrating when authorities don't let you but in this instance it is for the best. as you see from the pictures our reporters are getting these are not safe environments to room around in. we're getting reports of several homes still on fire right now in santa rosa. >> deion with this report earlier today. >> reporter: i'm standing in a community that's just off fountaingrove parkway in santa rosa. what you seen behind mem is a home engulfed in flames.
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we have been standing here just for about five minutes and we've seen the roof collapse and the flames engulf this area. neighbors tell me this is part of town where there are million dollars homes. we have seen pretty much everything leveled to the ground. we're told these million dollars homes often times have cars that are parked in the driveway. we've heard from several homeowners who are frantic knowing their neighbors are out of town and will come home to this devastation. all around me there are emergency responders from different agencies. it's difficult because i try and flag them down, try and see if we can get information from them but as you can imagine there are at least 50, if not 75 homes in this area that have the same situation, that are in flames. i can tell you we can hear chopper over head. in a nearby retirement community that we passed by, the
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fountaingrove villages that is where a barbecue restaurant is, that is also a residential area that has been completely leveled. and the oakmont of villa capri assisted facility that was evacuated to a noosh church. the clubhouse of that facility was leveled as well. on occasion you'll here an explosion. we were told by cal fire that often times it's a pro pain tank, a gas line or some other explosive material. they are sending a strong warning to anyone in the area to stayway. even though this is a virtual ghost town here in santa rosa where we are at, we're still seeing people on occasion come by, take pictures, try and sift through the remains. a strong warning from cal fire this afternoon, do not attempt -- right there another small explosion coming from that
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house. we will stay in santa rosa and try and get a better scope of the devastation that is now affecting undoubtedly hundreds upon hundreds of homes. in santa rosa. deion lib, abc 7 news. people outside the fire area are breathing in a lot of smoke. it's really hazy out there. >> and the county is experiencing some of that right now. abc 7 news janene is joining us live from the hospital with what is happening there? >> reporter: here at the nevada community hospital they have received at least 25 overflow patients from hospitals in santa rosa. and they are just helping out, they're helping out as much as they can. tative been in contact with a command center. let's go to some video now to show you what it looks like. here in nevada the skies are hazy, the winds have been
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shifting all day. bay area, air quality management has been telling people if you smell smoke stay inside. keep your windows and doors closed. the air quality is very unhealthy in sonoma, napa and marin county. >> we have air quality monitors and we saw some of the most unhealthy air quality i've ever seen in recent years. we've had hazardous air qualities in napa and maren counties. we're seeing levels in particular unhealthy air quality. marin county and hazardous air quality in napa. >> we have had a number of people walking in with rememberstory elements, asthma attacks as a result of the smoke. since a burning sensation coming into the emergency room rear at nevada. >> reporter: hospital officials are tell lg people who are
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broken to respiratory problems as well as children and the elderly shelter in place. it's recommended to keep pets in doors. something else i wanted to mention on the medical side. there are a lot of people who ended up evacuated from napa and sonoma counties who left their medications at home. so, at one of the evacuation centers that we were at actually in san rafael in marin county, they had set up a make shift clinic and was century yajing those people. some had donated medication, we're not sure which hospital did that. they are getting the help that they needed. all the aerial hospitals seem to be pitching in and helping. reporting live from nevada jane janene de la vega. abc 7 news. the fire forced it had closure of many roads and highways all across the north
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bay. >> you're looking at one of our traffic maps showing realtime traffic editions. some of the road closures, northbound 101 in santa rosa at bye centennial. >> southbound 101, sections of highway 12 closed. >> westbound lea 37 closed at sears point. eastbound 37 traffic being turned around at lake vil and sent back towards nevada. >> looks like it will be accessible through 101. you are seeing green in most areas and some yellow and orange meaning slower than usual jam pack. do check with your own communities, these thing will be changing all the time. >> and of course gas stations in and near the fire zones running low as people evacuate from the fires. hills burro where two gas
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stations sold out of gas. a third station has a long line of people waiting to fill up. it's so bad cars are backing up in long lines on the street, almost like the gas crisis of the '70st. >> the mayor of santa rosa spoke a few minutes ago about what his town is deal being tonight. >> i want to acknowledge i'm as frustrated as all of you. as the scarcity of information we've had, i want to know how many have died, been injured, are in shelters, have been evacuated, how many structures have been lost. it's frustrating. on the other hand for the last 17 or 18 hours, our personnel have been out there doing the job of saving lives and that's got to come first. there will be time later on to pleasure up the damage and count the numbers.
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i want to just say that my heart goes out to everyone who has suffered loss suffer suffered loss in the last day or so. i'm lucky, my house is fine, my family is fine, my city is not. it's going to take a long time for us to recover, what's happened today. i'm really glad to have the support of our local, our county, our state and federal partners. we're going to need you as we go through this difficult time. also i want to say that santa rosa is a strong city, we're a resilient city. we're an indy visible city and we're going to need to lange together going through this. thank you. >> let's bring you some sky 7 pictures live right now over some of the fires still raging. this is not dying down.
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some of the vegetation that's burned, we're talking 70,000 acres over all and tonight it's going strong with zero containment. >> keep in mind, all of this started roughly almost exactly 20 hours ago one these fires first sparked requested began to spread out of control. in that short period of time we have had cat stroesk devastation so to many areas in the north bay with at least 1500 structures completely destroyed and many others damaged. >> heart breaking, the degree of devastation and it happened so quickly. they are still struggling with it right now as we pull out and show you the massive amount of smoke rising from that region. i have talking to a fire fighter friend of mine earlier today who mentioned that this fuel is so incredibly dry and it's zooefring. many people thought because we
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got rain this past winter it would not be quite as dry or catch fire as quickly, burn ferociously. but really he says it takes many wet seasons to bring back the humidity within the vegetation and moisture. >> sure. it's been a long hot summer. and i'd add to that, the rainy season we had only fuelled a lot of growth this season so there's more to burn. there's more fuel as a result. as we heard officials say as you've been with us, as we continue to coverage on abc 7, the big challenge still to this moment is to try to rescue and evacuate people who actually still are out there and need help getting out of the fire zone. >> we've talked to people in napa county who fled their homes with the clothes on their back. >> i put on a pair of shorts and shoes, dragged the dog and
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jumped in the truck. >> if you have a mandatory evacuations if you're in those areas please follow those instructions. first responders are out there trying to save lives. but you following those evacuations you're helping us with that response. >> i had no shirt. there was a nigentleman gave me accelerate. and i in turn gave a couple a loosh. they had two dogs and one leash. >> and you heard the flap pa official say it's important to evacuate, don't stop to get your thing. get out. be safe. >> you're probably one of the millions of people from around the bay area who are feeling the effects of that smoke and notice mr. dirty air around the bay area. it lingers every where. still bind us now. >> let's take you to martinez. this is video we shot along the
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martinez water front. smoke in the area there as well, looking to the north towards baa knee sha. one martinez returnresidence to woke her up in the middle of the night. >> we looked outside saw that it was not martinez. i picked up my phone to look at my phone, we knew what was going on in napa. >> all right, you're looking at what people in walnut creek see as they take a look at the mountain in the distance. tips on how you can reduce your exposure to smokey air, limit outdoor activities. set the air conditioners in your home, office or car to recirculate indoor air to minimize your exposure to the smoke outside. >> to guive you a sense for how quickly homes were being destroyed. we spotted this large home in the santa rosa area from sky 7.
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this was from 9:45 this morning. >> flames so intense, just eight minutes later it caved in. the roof completely collapsed into the ploild of the structure. gives you a sense of how how how everything transpired. >> an eye on price gouging tonight. >> 7 on your side with michael fenny is here with what you need to know to protect yourself. there will always be the bad actors that -- >> there's always got to be a couple. normally here in california we're foreign. nonetheless, a complain about unethic l and illegal -- swept through several states and territories. last year 7 on your side received a number of complaints about hotels jacking up their prices during the clayton fire
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in lake county. while the attorney general's office is determined not to let that happen again. warning all busines owners about the state gouging laws. that means, they're prohibited from raising their prices by 10%. it applies to hotel accommodation, rental houses, repair and construction services. emergency clean up services transportation, freight and storage. businesses that sell food, emergency supplies, medical supplies, building materials and gasoline are also prohibited from raising their prices by more than 10%. violators face one year imprisonment or county jail or a fine up to $10,000. we've been checking around and we made numerous calls to hotels in petaluma, burien county, many hotels are sold out. those that are available seem to
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be in the 1 to $200 price range which is what you'd expect this time of year. if you see any evidence of price gouging let me know about it. last year it was our report g that put an end to it during that fire. the hot line is open weekdays 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. foreperson 4159548151. you can also reach out to be on facebook and all day today we've been providing information about fires and what people need to do. give us a call. >> now we want to get you up to date on the latest numbers from these devastating north bay fires. 1500 structures are burned in napa, sonoma, lake and mend see know counties. >> a total of 70,000 acres have burned. that changes because the fire is at zero containment.
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the two large fires are at knapp pa county. the so-called tubs fire which is at 25,000 acres. >> you mentioned zero containment on these fires. we also know now seven people have died just in sonoma county, those are confirmed deaths. two in napa county and then another one in mend seen know county, that brings the total to 10 deaths. >> people injured has influxed as they try to figure out who went to the hospital. six burn victims treated at st. francis memorial hospital in san francisco. six were burned two in critical condition, the other are in criminal but in stable conditions. >> more than 20,000 people have been evacuated. those folks many have gone to shelters and many are still looking for places to stay. we just mentioned the information that airbnb is now
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offering some hosts who are willing to open up their places for free through october 30th. some folks who need places to stay. >> the story will not be pleasured in numbers but devastation and lives affected which is really tatraumatic and you see what happens it's devastating. last flight with the fire broke out -- >> the story really was about the winds. spender. >> that's true. the winds were gusting above 75 miles per hour at times last fight between midnight and 4:00 a.m.ism conditions are much better now. this is a satellite image from nasa earlier showing huge clouds of smoke coming out of these fires in the north bay and being pushed out to sea as the wind generates it about midday now. the smoke is being pushed away
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from populated areas. much much smoke still remains in the area as fire continues to burn. you can tell from this image even though it's dark there's a lot of gray and smoke accumulating in the atmosphere. we're looking at wind gusts in the hills from north bay ranging from 70 miles per hour to 12 miles per hour. it's strong enough to complicate the fire fighting effort and potentially spread the fire. the gusts are diminishing. down to the surface the wind are lighter, 7 miles per hour santa rosa, 10 in napa. that's good news. it was offshore, the higher elevations at the surface, the flow has been onshore bringing us cooler marin air that has higher humidity. over the next 24 hour, win
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gusted will be light. below 70 miles per hour. no win at all at 2:00 a.m. only 2 or 6 miles per hour going into midday tomorrow. we expect the wind to intensify a little bit late tomorrow in the afternoon hours. by then we hope the red flag warning have expired. still effect to tomorrow morning in a east bay and santa cruz mountain. winds could gust up to 50 miles per hour, although generally the wind is diminishing. humidity remains allow another those elevations. fire would easily start or spread during these conditions. good news, relative humidity is increasing from the levels we saw today and will continue today so over night. 6:00 mortem evening in the north locations will have conditions that are merely twice what they are right now.
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60% in santa rosa, 66% in petaluma. this will help reduce the risk of more fire. over night look for hazy conditions under clear skies. low temperatures upper 40s, inland. tomorrow under mainly sunny by probably hazy conditions. mild, much like today in terms of the high temperature range. mid and upper 60s on the coast. 70s around the bay. 70 high here in san francisco. here's the accu whether seven-day forecast. cooler on wednesday, a sharp drop in temperatures and get cool autumn like weather on wednesday and thursday. gradual increase in temperatures going into the weekend, nothing extreme. milder, warmer pattern going into the weekend. conditions are improving for diminishing risk of fire. temperatures are relatively low,
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relative humidity is increasing. the wind is generally pretty light at the surface levels, still gusty in the higher elevations. >> i want to update you now on more breaking news we are following in the south bay. >> this sieismograph shows a small 4.1 magnitude earthquake. it happened twelve miles east of downtown san jose. a lot of people called the newsroom or tweeted saying there's something hang in the earthquake in the area. >> as we've said, it's bad around here but there's something like 64 fires burning around california, a series wiefrlds destroying homes in southern california. >> the fires aren't just
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happening here. this is drauk video of several homes that have burned in a fast moving fire in anaheim. fire driven by heavy winds blowing towards heavily populated areas. one fire fighter suffered minor injuries fighting the blaze. >> people here back in northern california are moving in every direction to try to provide assistance to those who have been forced out of their homes. the number of evacuation centers have opened up to try to help people who have no place to stay. >> one such evacuation center abc 7 reporter evelyn wood row is there. >> reporter: there absolutely is christian and dan. people we're admitting here fall into one of two categories, either they lost their homes and
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know it at this point. or they can't get back home and don't know the condition of their home. that's bringing up a lot of uncertainty, anxiety and devastating emotions for people that are here. outpouring of support from this community. you can see that wall, cases upon cases of water that people have been dropping off. this shelter cross walk church holds up to 250 people. they have less than 50 people right now. plenty of room for anyone that needs a place to stay. ed this been an evacuation center you might recall last night. it has now been converted into a shelter. basically all that means is people can stay here over night. there are cots here, plenty of food. resources including professionals that people can talk to who are dealing with the devastation of the possibility of having lost their home. so a lot of support, resources here. we met one woman who came by, she very much wanted to help and
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here's what she had to >>. >>. >> -- so really touched me, because you know, it's something huge to take in. you never think that it's going to happen to you. you see it on the news all the time but you never figure you're going to be that close to something like this. >> reporter: and she brought all kind of homemade sandwiches, even sandwiches for people with special dietary needs. she made a point of making that are gluten free and zero began. unfortunately they could not take those donations and here's why. the health department was by here earlier today and american red cross volunteers tell us that the health department said they can't take those kind of donations here. anything that's been made in your home, anything that's not
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prepackaged unfortunately there's just too much of a health concern there. so the american red cross needs to abide by what the health department is telling them. unfortunately while that generosity is so very much appreciated, they can't take those kinds of donations. that being said, there is dinner that's being provided here for anyone whether or not he has staying here and there's plenty of packaged snacks that need that sort of assistance. anybody that maybe is staying in the parking lot tonight. we have many people that have dogs and can't bring their dogs in tonight so what they're doing is splitting that shift so someone will stay on a cot, maybe get a couple hours of sleep and rest while someone else stays in the parking lot with the animal. unfortunately this particular shelter can't accommodate, and they'll do a swop during the night. while that generosity is greatly appreciated by everybody here. here's what the american red cross is asking that people do,
6:41 pm
go online and make a monetary doation. they say that gives them the greatest flexibility to get that money and assistance to those who need it. we certainly understand people that are at home watching that live here in napa a lot of them want to do something immediately. they want to see the impact immediately. that's why people out of the kindin' of their hearts made that effort to come here and do something like that woman we talked in terms of providing homemade sandwiches. that's something they can't accommodate at this shelter. they do say if you want to make the monetary donation that gives them the greater flexibility. anyone that's watching, anyone that has friend and loved ones that need a place to stay there's so much room at the shelter. right now they have less than 50 people, so plenty of room here. a lot of heart felt emotions, a lot of uncertainty.
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many of the people that we're talking to that don't feel comfortable necessarily to speak with us on camera, understandably just don't know the condition of their home because they haven't been able to get back home. that's the latest live in napa. melanie wood row, abc 7 news. back to you. >> she was talking about allow at a time like this you can feel like you're so helpless. there's nothing you can do, you can't control where the fire goes. you can control how you help others. we are seeing this right now pertaining to mill valley. i'll show you from my ipad here, abc 7 now has been reporting on this. mill valley's fire chief, his home actually was destroyed in sonoma county. he lives in santa rosa, this is tom welch. i'm going to pull up the yew caring site. that mill valley residence employee pulled up and set up for him because he lost his home
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in san that rosa. $16,000 has been raised in just the past few hours. again the mill valley fire chief feeling it personally even as he's helping others, his home in san santa rosa has been destroyed. you can see this yyou caring ha set up by employees and it's raised $16,000. >> it's a great point christian, people will be looking for ways in the days ahead to happ and how they can do that. maybe it's volunteer to help or send money, resources. people are always generous here. abc 7 reporter news laura anthony lab in silverado community all day long. >> we have seen neighbors helping neighbors. she spoke with this man whose using golf courts to check on their homes and other homes. >> it happened so fast.
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we saw i coming over the ridge, no sirens no nothing. we packed up and left. this morning we hi jacked this golf court and wanted to go check out my house and make sure everything was okay. check out my parent's house. we put out a couple fires along the way. >> reporter: you guys are trying to put water on this stuff? >> yes, we have. some of the stuff in our neighborhood. >> reporter: you guys have -- >> yeah some houses in our neighborhood, stuff smoulder little flames we went and try that. >> reporter: so tell us, this is your neighbor, i mean, just to see this? >> pretty stunning actually.uall you know, i -- you knew tlfts a fire going on i didn't expect to
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see this. i thought a couple of houses might have gone down but nothing like this. down west gate avenue the entire road is burned to the ground. i'm sure there are dozens of dozens houses destroyed. >> reporter: to see these houses, i'm not used to seeing houses burned except for the oakland hills fire, and that was wooded, this is not that wooded. to have sidewalks and man cured lawns and big beautiful houses going up like popcorn. >> yeah i think the worst part is you drive around here and you foe some of the people. you know this is their live's longings and they didn't have time to get it out. >> a couple good guys roming around the neighborhood on a golf cart trying to help out. >> in the meantime, we want to share with you other tweets we have found that involve our politicians and local leaders. senator diane finestein pleading
6:46 pm
for people to evacuate their homes and businesses. she tweeted, wild fire evacuations have been ordered in part of napa, sonoma, know, butte and orange county. >> this is a fire that poedss a serious threat to your life and safety. please follow cal fire and cal oh yes, for evacuations and how to get out safely. of course we'll have that information as soon as cal fire or emergency services releases it here on abc 7 news. the morning we spoke with a woman who lives near the silverado country club area where the fire has consume sod many homes. phil clemson evacuated with her husband and a dog. they arrived at a shelter but decided to speak inside their trunk. >> we decided that volunteers just working their hearts out.
6:47 pm
we didn't want to be a part of the problem. so, yeah, we -- you know we're fine, we're able, we're -- you know we have water, we have protein bars and we saw these people that really needed help and we felt if they needed us we could help them. >> the clemson's first thought they could try to defend their house from the fires but when they saw the winds and the shooting flames they thought the best thing to do was to leave. >> laura's crew was live on the scene in silverado highlands when this home caught fire. uk see the flames raging and coming out of the building. fire crews are on scene but they have been been overwhelmed. they had to let the fire burn and skraconcentrating on savori the homes that are not caught on fire. if they see a house has been more than a quarter consumed or
6:48 pm
if the roof is burning they know they'll not be able to save it. >> they only have so many resources. have you seen this thing, if you've been with us we've showed this to you. this is the world's largest air tanker fighting the flames in the air. a super tanker making its firstt retardant drop in napa county at 11:00 this morning. >> there's 20,000 gallons. it can also drop foem or water. it can reach any point in north america at approximately 4.5 hours in colorado and can be almost anywhere in the world in under 20 hours. >> here's a look at the three counties where the governor of this morning the city of emergency, napa, sonoma and
6:49 pm
baa county is under that order. >> a maintenance manager at a santa rosa apartment complex went door to door helping people evacuate. >> the overlook at fountaingrove is on bicentennial way at the hospital. robert explains what happened. >> it just happened so quick. that wind in which really like hauling and stuff. it was just like in a dream. >> now, because of power issues some people were trapped inside their garages. gutierrez manually pull it had doors open so people could get their cars out and escape. >> evacuation centers have been set up at several locations in napa and sonoma counties. there's one at the napa valley jr. college, that's at highway
6:50 pm
1231. in addition to the fairgrounds in calistoga. >> elsie allen is open for vac weighs. and new life christian church taken in 1500 people. >> also open to help people. pet luna community center. sebastopol community center. >> analy high school, also in sebastopol. neighbors in the wooded area are being evacuated to slaun know community college. >> and because of the the number of evacuation marin county has -- also the burton recreation center in reyna oak
6:51 pm
park is opened. 7421 burton avenue. >> authorities at marin county has set up a center. so far more than 600 have come in. they are up to 40 cats, dogs and birds. the county is still accessing wha what can be done over night. >> small household animals can be taken to shelters. horses can be taken to the santa reside fairgrounds in santa rosa. right now let's take a look at this video sent to us from tyler clark. it was posted on social media. you can see him driving through a neighborhood, inferno in santa rosa, trying to escape the flames. all the homes that have been burning. look at the embers that flew during those areas. there was no pattern due to the
6:52 pm
winds at the moment of night. >> whether you see the embers, we talk about a fire storm, that's not a phrase or word we throw around, it's literally a fire storm. when you see the embers blowing around like this it's obvious and easy to understand how this fire spread so rapidly and why it was impossible to stop in those early hours of the fire. all these spot fires kept breaking out everywhere. >> yeah. early on the air krafrt that was doing the fire fighting could not take to the air either during the conditions. this video is from sherry brown escaping the flames over night in sonoma county. let's take a look at her as she got the word to get out and get out now. >> norrie nelly posted this video on facebook of the tubbs
6:53 pm
fire over night in calistoga. you can heard the wind howling. look at the smoke moving around. it's dangerous and treacherous because it's pushing the embers all over the place. >> abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson was talking to people. she spoke to a woman named peggy who woke up to someone honking outside her pardon me. >> i saw flames all over the louse. i was shaking. went out and they screamed fire fire fire get out. that's when i called my neighborhoods. we got in the car and left. i got my cat in the car over there and that's it. my toothbrush. i did grab my travel back and my laptop. >> reporter: how are you feeling? we hear about the fire danger all the time but to see it -- >> we voluntarily evacuated a couple hours ago. we said let's go back because
6:54 pm
our neighborhood was still open. when we got back i looked out my bedroom window and the ber weren't there. i was saying my prayers. and i started to get really nauseous. and i'm being personal i fell on the floor with my cat and i started crying. thank you god for savoring my house. and 15 minutes later got evacuated. >> peggy says she grabbed her cat, toothbrush and purse. she's now staying at the evacuation center at cross walk community church. >> as you can imagine the fire forced the closure of many roads and highways across the north bay. >> you're looking at our traffic maps, we're showing you realtime traffic in the area. 101 pretty smooth at this point. a stretch there north of santa rosa. that seems to be slow. right now on highway 128
6:55 pm
calistoga you can see that purple section, that is closed right now. through st. ha lina that appears to be fine. on 12, it is moving although there are sections where you're seeing the yellow running more slowly. >> wbs 37 closed at sears point. eastbound 37 traffic being turned around at lake field and sent back towards nevada. >> gas stations running low on gas. people were trying to evacuate. the first thing they wanted to do was get gas. look at this from hills burg there are two gas stations there, ran out of gas. handwritten signs read no gas and out. >> yeah, a line of people waiting to fill up. cars backed up in long lines on the street like oil crisis of the '70
6:56 pm
people trying to get out of harm's way quickly. >> we can describe as much as we want of what people went through. really you get a powerful sense of what you had to deal with in their own words. >> yeah listen. >> i saw flames up on the hill behind my house. so of course i panicked. still shaking. went out and they were screaming fire fire fire get out. >> we got stopped by a couple ambulances and fire trucks and they told us you got to go the other way. kr from our view we were like driving into the fire. at the last moment the road turning and there was a whole street full of people who were watching it. it's crazy to see how it can come out of nowhere and affect so many people. >> yeah, it is emotional. the fire's within 20, 30 feet of the house right now. nothing i can do to stop it.
6:57 pm
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