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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 10, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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just want to show you conditions pon the richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge. we are seeing quite a bit of smoke blowing over into that region as well. you may have to have those windows up and be prepared for poor air quality once again today. we should note that the fire is still burning in and around santa rosa this morning, they are not allowing folks to come back to the evacuated areas. >> active fires popping up. we do want to check in with amy hollyfield, last we checked with her she was in santa rosa monitoring one, i think it's still behind you, amy. >> yeah, that's right, we're watching the hilton hotel continue to burn this morning. i just spoke with the assistant fire marshal in santa rosa he said he just got another report of another structure that just started burning nearby, so this is far from over. we have video of what the hilton looked like late last night as it burned. this is why there is a mandatory evacuation still in place, still a lot of fire, a lot of smoke, power lines are down.
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so they say it's just too dangerous to have people in the area. firefighters say their crews are very tired after yesterday's enormous fire fight. they do, though, expect another busy day today. >> yesterday was definitely coordinated chaos, it was crazy, we continued to bring a lot of resources into the city, we're definitely not seeing the fire activity that we saw 24 hours ago, however, we do still have a lot of hot spots, active fire that's flaring up, with he continue to get reports of structure fires, vegetation fires all within the fire area. so although it doesn't look as dramatic as it was when it first started there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, we will be here for the long haul. >> reporter: there is a curfew now in place, firefighters tell us it does feel eerie to them here because there are no people here. if you are worried about your homes, they want to really emphasize that there is a heavy law enforcement presence here watching for any looters or anything dangerous or criminal
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activity going on. one firefighter said there's as many law enforcement officers as there are firefighters and they are here to protect the firefighters as well as they do their work. reporting live in santa rosa, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> you were the first person to tell us yesterday that there were reports of looting in some of the neighborhoods there. as a result there is a curfew in place, yes? >> reporter: yes, the curfew is in place, it went into police about 6:45 last night and it is until sun up. i did ask the fire marshal if this place is a mandatory eve kwiegs what's the point of the curfew, he said if sib did shelter in place or chose to remain in their home and didn't evacuate if they are caught leaving their home they are on lockdown now, if they are caught it is to his knowledge law enforcement is going to come down hard on them. no tolerance for being out while the curfew is in place. >> amy, it's jessica. have you seen anyone this morning as you made your way there or around you now? have you seen anyone? >> reporter: not a soul. and it does give an eerie
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feeling here. i mean, it's very dark, the power is out and there is no one here. we only see law enforcement and firefighters and as we were trying to exit highway 101 there are police there blocking the exits and they wanted to see our ids, they wanted to know who we are, make sure we were media because no one is allowed in. >> okay. amy, thank you. well, there is a water issue we want to cover this morning, the city of santa rosa issuing a boiled water notice for the fountaingrove area. >> residents with no or water pressure must bring all water to a boil before drinking it. napa county has issued a boil water advisory for the area near silverado country club after the fire destroyed the hillcrest water station. losing that pumping station and the water supply could have a major effect on firefighters' ability to fight those flames particularly in the silverado highlands area.
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that's an area we saw hit hard why he had. >> many schools will be closed for a second day today, many districts having trouble notifying parents. almost all of the 40 school districts in sonoma county will be closed except for and horicon and montgomery. classes and university business will be suspended today as a precaution. napa valley unified school district schools remain closed today, all schools in calistoga also closed and we will have the full list on our website if you want to go there, here is another problem folks are dealing with in the north bay, gas stations right now running low as people are evacuating from the fires they used up that gas. this is video from healdsburg from two gas stations sold out of gas this morning and you can see those handwritten signs, they read no gas and out. a third gas station has a long line of people waiting to fill
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up, that's the scene we saw yesterday, no telling what it will be like today. so bad cars were backed up lining all of those streets just trying to get some gas so they can get out of that area. >> evacuation centers have been set up at several locations in napa and sonoma counties, many are full, though, so here are the ones that still have room. here is one in napa valley college on highway 221 that's in addition to a center at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga. in sonoma county elsie allen high school at 599 bellevue avenue is open to evacuees. new life christian church on clegg street, also the petaluma county center and the sbast pole community center in sebastopol. also the analy high solano community college on
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suisan valley road in fairfield. we are updating this on our website. hospitals in santa rosa are asking those who do not have a medical emergency to go to urgent care and avoid the er. >> they want those burn patients with any respiratory issues, folks that have any type of preexisting conditio and need to get immediate help because of the air quality, they want them to go there. some scary moments that we saw yesterday and this we saw live when we were covering these fires yesterday morning, those flames really getting close, reggie, to kaiser permanente in santa rosa. staff working tirelessly despite even losing some of their own homes. we know many people have lost their homes and so we have shelters set up for them so they can rest here and either come back to work or go to see what is going on with the places where they live. memorial hospital asking medical personnel who may want to volunteer to call into the
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labor pool line if you have a specialty they need they may ask for help for those services. meanwhile congressman mike thompson of st. helena says california has requested a medical disaster declaration for lake, napa and sonoma counties. he says he is in communication with fema and the white house and is urging swift approval of this request. washington already providing money for the firefighting effort. also we want to note that airbnb has activated its open homes program for people who had to flee the fires yesterday and the night before. hosts in the bay area can now open their homes for free through the end of the month for displaced neighbors and relief workers who need places to stay. the san francisco based home sharing website had done this before including the las vegas shooting last week and those recent hurricanes. we're going to take a look now with mike nicco at the weather today. the all important wind forecast, he says things have died down. >> absolutely. look at this, our fastest winds
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are about 3 miles per hour. just a breath in napa, fairfield, concord, hayward and san jose. for the rest of us calm as high pressure has taken over temporarily before our next wind event develops tonight. san rafael you can see the haze hanging in the air as we look south on 101. air quality unhealthy for everybody in the north bay. moderate air quality for the rest of us as the smoke continues billowing mainly in the north bay. here is the air quality as far as the forecast, now, this is not my forecast, this is the bay area air quality management district's forecast. i believe wednesday's is probably going to change because the winds are going to pick up tonight through tomorrow morning and more of that smoke is going to spread and i would think probably tomorrow we will be in spare the air also. for now today is the biggest concern in the mortgage bay, the coast and central bay which is pretty much the coast and then the central bay from the
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richmond san rafael bridge down to the san matteo bridge. we are in the upper 40s in danville, san ramone, dublin, pleasanton, low to mid 50s elsewhere. 48 santa rosa, napa, 45 novato with the choking smoke there. 60 san francisco, 54 oakland, 55 san jose. we will show you when the fastest winds will get to your neighborhoods the next couple nights. we have a fluid situation in the north bay as far as traffic is concerned, mike, and we definitely still have a lot of closures. so i will get to some he have been we have been able to confirm. monticello road which is part of state route 121 is closed between vichy and wooden valley. there is no estimate when that will reopen. you can see terrible air quality right there at the moment. definitely a lot of thick smoke. also just to the west of calistoga state route 128 is closed between scott road and chalk hill road. so that is likely a long-term
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closure, too. not looking nearly as smoky today at the bay bridge toll plaza. of course, we have a little less than an hour until we flip those metering lights on. we are looking at a fairly quiet start. we will check on mass transit coming up in a few minutes. this morning some evacuated homeowners are returning to find they have nothing left. you will hear from some of them next. we are headed to break right now, it is 4:40. keep tabs on live weather and traffic where you live with
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but at this moment, she's fighting a brain tumor. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude
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in finding cures and saving children. visit well, here is the latest from the deadly wine country fire, sonoma county officials say there have been up to 150 missing person reports and they will work this morning to try and find those people. so far ten people have been killed in sonoma, napa and mendocino counties. emergency officials expect that number to rise. right now in santa rosa there is a curfew to keep people off the streets until 7:15 this morning in an effort to prevent any looting. natasha, we know that dozens of homes were destroyed along the silverado trail in napa and that is where we find dion lim. dion, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this has been such a difficult story to access this morning because as you can see those flashing lights from the highway patrol along with barricades have prevented us from accessing
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any areas nearby. we are just about two to three miles from the silverado country club, one of the hardest hit areas. you can see from this shot yesterday homes completely engulfed in flames. there is also a nearby veterinary hospital affected, animals needed to be evacuated, not to mention a ranch and of course being in the heart of wine country thousands of grape vines in nearby vineyards. guests and employees yesterday were evacuated from the silverado country club and from what we do know this morning neighbors are still without power. we are waiting for day break to learn more and perhaps access this road that is marred by downed power lines and low hanging lines. reporting live in napa this morning, dion lim, abc 7 news. of course, those roads that are closed paint a picture, that's what so many people are dealing with, but for the few that have been allowed to return home unfortunately they have
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come back to not a whole lot. just rubble and -- >> yeah, that was my son's room, that's his bed, that's his bathroom and his bathtub right there. >> that's unrecognizable. evacuees found utter destruction. a few broke down overwhelmed with emotion understandably. one family in santa rosa got out with a few important documents and the clothes on their backs. >> just pick up our piece noose pick up pieces and move on. >> we're safe, we're healthy and we're going to pick up our pieces. it's only stuff for the most part, right? >> homeowners will be back today to search the rubble for what few possessions if any they can find that made it through those flames. >> i grew up in the north bay and my facebook and twitter feeds were just filled with people saying, you know, these are my homes, i watched my grandmother's home burn on live television this morning. i mean, certainly all of our hearts really go out to these people. it's unbelievable.
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>> several other fires threatening homes north of the bay area including one in mendocino county right now in the red wood valley area, that fire has burned more than 19,000 acres. >> the mendocino county sheriff shared several photos, you can see a burned out pickup truck, a home burned to the ground and this picture early in morning showing that bright flow of the a flames in the background. they were taken in the area of west road, east road and tonky road. at least one person has been killed in that fire. >> everyone is hoping that the weather is going to cooperate today, mike, give us a little bit of good news that people can hang on to. >> i would love to. you nailed it, it is today, the is going to cooperate today, it is going to turn tonight and it's going to turn tomorrow night and then it will going conducive again as we head towards the weekend. walnut creek you can see not quite as hazy here as it was yesterday, your air quality is
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okay right now. lower fire danger, unhealthy air, these are your two big headlines for today. then we get to the breezy conditions, another dry, cold front like we had sunday evening comes through this evening, winds are going to kick up tonight, they will not reach hurricane force like they did sunday night into monday morning, but they will get breezy, 30, 40 miles an hour and that is going to fan the flames and make it difficult during the overnight hours for the firefighters. the winds will be a little less wednesday night into thursday. we will have seasonal temperatures and very dry air coming in behind those two pushes. all right. so temperatures today i'd say 77 to about 79, maybe even a few 76 in the north bay and south bay, temperatures 80s, low 80s inland, east bay 74, 77 around the bay, upper 60s lower 70s couldest to san francisco. mid 40s tonight. herear at 7:00, winds look
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conducive for fighting fires, then look what happens during the overnight hours, 30 mile per hour gusts in santa rosa, then they will calm down during the day tomorrow, down to 10 to 18, you can see as we head towards tomorrow evening they start to pick back up about 15 to 25 and that's why. today they need to get some kind of perimeter, some kind of containment because it's possible it could get uncontained once again wednesday and thursday. highs will be in the 60s at the coast, mid to upper 70s for the rest of us most of the week after today. >> okay. and obviously the fire still impacting the roads and mass transit this morning in the north bay. i want to talk about a few of those. there's obviously a lot to get to. i am putting all of this on twitter, alexis abc 7 if you want to check there to get all the details. golden gate transit bus service there will be no service from piner road and they will be offering limited service from santa rosa transit mall. basically they're saying they will do departures as often as
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possible. so it's going to be a lot to keep up with today but just know that everyone is obviously trying their best, they're trying to resume normal services, but probably not going to happen for quite some time before we totally get back on track. everyone else off to a fairly quiet start, i don't have any other major issues to get to, this is a live look at the south bay, 101 and 880, we are looking at light volumes. i am just hearing about a new crash on the lower deck of the bay bridge. we will take a closer look at that coming up next. thank you. you can expect a second smoky day because of those north bay wildfires. >> that could make breathing difficult for some people. the protection they may have a hard time finding. first this morning's "techbytes." in today's "techbytes" hulu's cheapest plan got cheaper a week after netflix announced a price hike. hulu slashing it's monthly sub strippings from $5.99 but the offer only applies to new
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customers and good for one year. >> mark zuckerberg using facebook's virtual reality they used oculus lift head let's so travel through puerto rico, to the moon and to his own living room. >> they launched the virtual reality app called spaces in april. sony is reintroducing the ibo. >> it was pulled off the market in 2006 because the cut backs. the new version will be more of a smart device. >> features will include artificial intelligence and
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welcome back. we have been talking about the loss and the devastation from these wildfires that are currently burning in the north bay, particularly in napa and sonoma counties. but we should note that there's also plenty of stories of bravery and courage. >> a maintenance manager at a santa rosa apartment complex went door to door monday night helping to evacuate residents. the overlook at mountain grove is on bicentennial way. robert gutierrez describes what happened. >> it just happened so quick, you know, that that wind it was really like howling and stuff and it was just like, you know, a dream. >> because of power issues some people were trapped inside of their garages and gutierrez manually pulled the doors open so they could get their cars out and escape and i think we salute him and people like him.
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>> there were so many stories yesterday that we heard and this morning that we've heard of people just helping their neighbors, knocking on doors and just having someone else's back. >> and that's where my friends live. they live in that complex, so i'm -- they weren't home at the time, i'm grateful that this man went and helped my friends' neighbors. what an ordeal. >> mike nicco, tell us what's going on today. >> it's amazing how strangers come to your aid. people you don't even know that will be helping you the next several days to several weeks. and let them. that's what they want to do. let them. let's talk about the rest of this day. we are not the only ones in the high fire danger. in six minutes our red flag warning expires but down around l.a. and san diego the santa anna's are kicking in and they are under a high fire danger for today. low to mid 80s through the central valley, 63 tahoe, l.a. about 85 and san diego 77. wow, everything is quiet right now as far as we've got light winds, we've got cooler weather and we have higher humidity,
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that's all going to change this evening. i will map it out for you coming up next. that certainly is good news, mike. a quick check of the roads in the north bay this morning of course yesterday at this time we were dealing with a full closure of 101? santa rosa, today we just heard amy hollyfield tell us they do have some off ramps closed the only one i have been able to confirm is 101 to mendocino avenue. a lot of law enforcement in the area protecting those homes and protecting the possessions that are left. a quick check of the bay bridge, we do have a report of a crash on the lower deck near treasure island, working to confirm which lanes are blocked. not a huge blackup next, another update in five minutes. smoke and maze from the north bay have spread for miles across the bay area. doctors say if you can smell it you are breathing in potentially dangerous chemicals. >> a mask providing the best protection have the marking n 95 on it, and that means they filter out 95% of fine part clat
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matter. they have two bands that hold them snugly to your face, doctors wear these masks typically during surgery. >> whenever you burn material you generate particles that can be toxic. you are going to have even more nasty chemicals when plastics burn, for example, they give off very toxic emission. >> doctors say if you feel like coughing or if your eyes are burning at all, use a mask or avoid being outdoors for any long periods of time. next at 5:00 a.m. our team coverage of the deadly wildfires continues. we have more images of the damage coming in. plus, when we are expected to get an update from officials this morning. >> the federal government stands ready to provide any and all assistance. >> what the government is doing to help fire victims and we will leave you now with dramatic images from a day that we will all remember for a long time. ♪
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>> this is just very, very sad to see. >> it's mother nature at her worst, i guess. >> sadly, we have found another neighborhood that has been completely wiped out. this is a complete and utter mo moonscape. ♪ >> look over here, no, look over there. >> pretty much everything leveled to the ground. >> we are all in a state of devastation right now. >> sun is setting on a day of utter devastation. >> this was a great neighborhood, great neighbors, but it's tough. >> you know, it looks horrible now, but this is really a beautiful spot and it will grow back and our homes will come back and we will -- you know, we will remember this day forever.
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and napa counties. this morning firefighters are still struggling to contain several major wildfires that are burning homes and businesses. good morning. it is tuesday, october 10th, 5:00 a.m., thanks for joining us this morning. >> we do want to get straight to the latest numbers on these devastating north bay fires burning right now, at least ten people have been confirmed dead. >> officials in sonoma county have received up to 150 missing person reports. >> and a total of more than 80,000 acres have burned, the two largest fires are both in napa county the tubbs fire at 27,000 acres and the atlas fire


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