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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 11, 2017 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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the danger far from over in
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the wine country. shifting flames lead to new evacuations tonight. elderly veterans and acute care patients forced out into the night. >> most recent evacuation affect mt. veeder road. >> and oakmont and heights. >> geyserville, highway 120, river road, ridge oaks road and seller road. >> it's been a tough night and it's not over yet. >> sadly not. many veterans removed from one of the largest veterans homes in the country in yountville. katie marce katie marzullo is there live.
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>> reporter: update from cal vet, anyone who evacuated voluntarily is allowed to come back. veterans home is not in danger. what happened a few hours ago was partial evacuation due to poor air quality. smoke in the air from the growing fire that did grow to 6,000 acres but 1% contained. in flames from the part rick fire forces new. caravan of ambulances rushed to pick up 80 veterans with compromised respiratory systems. others taken by bus to staging area in case a full-scale evacuation is necessary. >> most important to make sure residents kept safe and protected. and very interested to make sure it's as easy on them as
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possible. >> reporter: 850 veterans plus staff live at home. new evacuations ordered across napa county tuesday. law enforcement and homeowners forced off mt. veeder veeder ver >> i'm not sure if my son is there. >> reporter: her son was safely outside the evacuation zone. we encountered these flames just past hess winery after the sun went down. going to be a long scary night for those who left their homes behind and those who decided to stay. we did see people in their homes as we drove back down from the flames tonight. live in yountville, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> incredible you drove past that. thank you. new evacuations north of
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fairfield, fire jumped a major roadway and moved southeast. deputies making sure homes and businesses cleared out. all schools in the district will be closed tomorrow. >> people grabbing what they could and getting out of the danger zone early in bennett valley. that area is under evacuation order right now. lisa is live. >> reporter: still a lot of activity at this hour. everything on the other side of the barricade is within the emergency evacuation zone. down the same street a few blocks away, entire acute care center was evacuated. >> one, two, three, up and down. >> reporter: one by one, all of santa rosa's post acute patients moved on to a bus and evacuated
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quickly as possible. fire dangerously close. >> didn't get a chance to pack, taken in middle of dinner. >> reporter: authorities not taking chances with vulnerable group especially since fire officials added more evacuation zones. >> few of us slept out here. witnessed whole hill on fire last night. >> reporter: roads closed. forcing people to pack up fast. >> always anxious until it's over. don't know if house is burned or not. >> all around us, thinking it's turning good, then p turns back. >> last leave. they made us leave. >> reporter: leaving isn't easy for those with livestock in rural santa rosa. volunteers and good samaritans are trying to help. oner of this farm refused to leave until his cows were safely corralled. those from animal sanctuary in
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penn grf alived alived i aliv n >> picked up llamas, chickens, pigs, whatever we can. >> reporter: just arrived and waiting for hours, want all the information quick as possible in case they need to evacuate tonight. abc7 news. >> it is a risky decision but some people have decided to stay in their homes no matter what. abc7 news in the oakmont area where despite the ominous smoke woman told us she's not leaving no way, no how. melanie woodrow caught up with leonard george, also staying. >> reporter: why not leaving? >> house is $700,000, i'm not leaving. >> reporter: isn't life more worth it. >> i had this house built, okay?
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>> leonard said the santa rosa police came by, took his picture, said good luck. >> 19 people have died. 11 in sonoma county alone. new figure from the sheriff's office tonight. over 65,000 acres have burned in six major fires, including tubbs in napa. and over 2,000 structures destroyed, homes and businesses and several wineries. fire danger continues tomorrow. meteorologist sandhya patel to find out why. >> fire danger will be elevated into tomorrow. live doppler 7, show you what's been happening. radar is picking up intensity of the smoke from the wildfires burning in the north basement you can see it on the radar. this was earlier this evening. continue to 3 radar imagery like
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that, relative humidity up considerably and wind dialled down. calm in santa rosa but wind is going to switch direction and increase, tonight into tomorrow morning, gusting to about 29 in santa rosa and continuing to remain on the gusty side into evening. red flag warning for north and east bay hills. gusts could reach as high as 50s miles an hour between tomorrow and thursday evening. relative humidity running low, 10% to 20%, and when fires start will spread rapidly. fire danger index, blue and yellow, moderate to high risk. orange, very high risk. be extra vigilant. i'll be back. >> sandhya, thank you. sky7 captured structures burning near glen ellen in sonoma county. capable of causing damage still
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as you can see. people are concerned. understandably so. large and anxious crowd gathered at high school for fire update. cornell bernard is there live. lot of questions. >> reporter: the santa rosa high school gym was packed with fire evacuees who came looking for answers, check on status of their homes but can't. lots of fear, frustration and some praise for those still working to put fires out. there was a standing ovation for firefighters across the region. this town hall meeting began with reassurances. >> you have people working on your behalf who themselves have lost their homes, hundreds been displaced. >> reporter: came for answers and information. >> my home is ashes. >> reporter: lost home but needs to know status of her mom's
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place. >> 85, built that house 35 years ago. hoping maybe -- i don't think it's there but she'd like to know. >> reporter: gave updates but couldn't provide a master list of homes destroyed or saved. robert mckuchy and dog are living in travel trailer. doesn't know if home survived. >> as soon as they allow me back, i'll know. >> reporter: but still too dangerous. >> make sure when we let you back into area with families and children, it's safe. >> reporter: for some, frustration boiled over. >> why didn't they stop the fire? they're firemen, i don't know anything about being a fireman, just know they're supposed to stop the fire. >> see this on tv but hit home, oh, my god. unreal. >> reporter: will hold another community meeting later this
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week. in santa rosa, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> tonight learning names of people remaining missing in the areas devastated by fire. brian and u doenia found a car so family members home they escaped. daniel southard is missing from his home in santa rosa. he has trouble getting around because he wears a leg brace. norma zarr also lives in bennett valley. daughter in utah unable to get hold of her. local relatives checking shelters. mike grabow's family has checked shelters for him. lives off mark springs west road. christina hanson relies on wheelchair to get around. tubbs fire destroyed her home. linda tunis is missing after
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fire ravaged journey's end mobile home park. >> people, pets, businesses all affected by fires. >> lot of people need help, help is needed in north bay to recover from the fires. if you're able and willing, we put together a list of everything you need to know on website. >> >> stay with us. more fire coverage ahead. including how sent three children in east bay to the hospital. plus -- >> can't really get any worse. >> returning to the family home only to find destruction. why this man is heavy-hearted but thankful ton
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sky7 flew through some of the smoky dirty air that's covered much of the bay area, you've smelled and seen it no doubt. in one school in richmond three students went to the hospital because of asthma attacks. most of the schools in north bay will stay closed tomorrow. some canceled classes for rest of the week. full list on the website at and on the ticker
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running at bottom of your screen. keep you updated. today heard many stories of people barely escaping flames near the silverado trail in napa, atlas fire. one man whose family barely made it out alive. >> can't really get any worse. everybody is safe but literally everything is gone. >> reporter: inconoelable when inconoe inconsolable when he got up the hill. it's your business and your home. >> not every day you lose both. it's tough. we have good friends and family. will help us out. >> pet memorial park, what it looked like before the fire and now today. flames from gas lines still flare from the ashes.
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harbert said dad, mom and wheelchair-bound grandmother were trapped by walls of fire converging. rescue helicopter swoopd in just in time. >> dad raised here. so many memories. pictures lost and irreplaceable things. >> reporter: but family and grandmother? >> they're safe. >> reporter: others did not make it out alive. elderly couple, 99 and 100 years old lived at this home, perished trying to escape from the fire. leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> parts of santa rosa remain nearly impassable but abc7 news crew made it through, got around downed power lines to get to rolling oaks road neighborhood. no one there but animals still
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alive. llamas like these, pigs, chickens wandering around, lyanne melendez and photographer gene smith fed them hay and gave them water. crews from santa clara sheriff's office helped round up some animals. >> it's okay. just relax. it's all right. >> they're stressed out but safe. meanwhile those whose homes are intact worry about the winds picking up in next few hours and days. wondering if will return home soon. >> much more news on the fire on abc7 news app and find maps to show where the fires are and evacuations that are ordered. >> take a look at it, fascinating and helps you understand the scope of this thing. wind is key factor. had a break for a few hours but how much more could it sflalast?
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>> situation that's bad could get worse. concern now, high fire danger towards tomorrow. winds will become gusty in the hills and low humidity. tomorrow it really will drop and fires spread quickly. red flag warning for north bay hills. begins at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow until thursday night at 5:00. east bay, wednesday 11:00 p.m. to thursday 5:00 p.m. could cause fires to spread and start easily. relative humidity is coming down. winds not expected to be quite as strong as sunday night. but hour by hour look at what to expect in north bay hills. 35 miles an hour, coming down to increase again. out of the northwest to northeast depending where you are in north bay hills. be aware of that.
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live picture from abc7 news exploratorium camera. pier 15. how morning will begin on the coast and san francisco. overcast skies that helped bring up humidity. low clouds. temperatures from 40s to 60s. right now live look from south beach camera. visibility is good here but not everywhere. patchy dense fog for morning commute. high fire danger next two days, windier and cooler. air quality will suffer. unhealthy air quality in north bay, poor for rest of the bay area. as wind switches direction, smoke will be pushed southward. tomorrow morning, 29-mile-an-hour winds in santa rosa out of the north-northwest, pushing smoke down. 7:00 a.m., wind continuing to push out of the north-northeast
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in fairfield, continuing into the afternoon. wind will dry out atmosphere and watch what happens to the humidity. tonight it's pretty good, 8:00 a.m., coming down but not bad, then the afternoon. you'll see relative humidity values in the teens. 13% fairfield and napa. 14% in livermore. windy in hills tomorrow morning, hazy skies. fog along the coast. upper 40s to low 50s. need extra layer. afternoon, if you have respiratory issues try to stay indoors and limit your outdoor time. smoky and hazy. mid-60s to 70s. fire crews might get a hand if fires are going into next week. one computer model is hinting
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next tuesday for a few showers in north bay. would help the crews and residents. accuweather seven-day forecast, cooling continues to thursday. temperatures bounce back in the weekend,
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budweiser has shut down brewery and tasting room in fairfield because of the smoky air, believes it's for workers. when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many.
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♪ when you recognize something isn't right,
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make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. well, warriors returned from week-long trip to china and arrived to new signage at home court. dubs open the season one week from today against the rockets. defending champs got in first practice session to shake off the rust. but four alarm fire so news from north bay been on thompson's mind. >> been deaths and tragic. us players will do something about it when things calm down. it sucks. thoughts and prayers with all the families affected because
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that's no fun and just a terrible situation. >> world cup qualifying men's team usa needed only a tie with trinidad and tobago, crosses and omar gonzalez's attempted clearance over the head. own goal. dempsey, bounces off the post. would have tied it up. christian with a header but trinidad's keeper makes save. usa is eliminated first time not advanced to world cup since 1986. >> one of the most unlucky goals ever. i think for myself and it's one that will haunt me forever. >> abc7 sports report by river rock casino. caused quite a stir, team usa not making it to world cup.
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to lose to team like trinidad and tobago is unheard of. twitter blown up. >> lot of soul searching. >> thank you schu. fire coverage continues online on twitter, facebook and all mobile devices. >> next news cast at
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that is our report. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley.
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>> and i'm kristen sze. now on jimmy kimmel, thor, chris tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> oh my [ bleep ]! >> a 12-year-old has an epic meltdown in the car. >> i wonder what it could be. >> find out why it's all mom's fault. >> yes, i did. >> oh! a driver flees one of the massive wildfires that's leaving devastation on the west coast. >> look at our house, look at our house! oh my god, mom. >> the moment it really hits home for the family of an "rtm" producer. >> got a call at 4:00 in the morning my grandmother crying saying she needed help. >> godzilla is hungry.
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>> his play-by-play on river wipeouts have come back to bite him. what happens when fred is on the wrong side of the rapids >> oh no! and stuck in a box with a simple request. >> 100 likes. >> 100 likes would be lovely. >> the 5-year-old who pushes all the right buttons for followers. >> i'm too young to die. >> this kid has a better grasp of social media than i do. emotions, man, woo. two young ladies are going to receive the best, or maybe the worst news they could have received. see if you could figure it out. first case is camry. >> what is this? >> i don't know. >> whi wonder what it could be. >> i wrote you a letter. >> shut up, oh my god! >> wow she's a fast reader. >> super fast. >> what is it? >> you're joking! >> it's the 2017 dear john letter. >> it could be. it's a horrible news, clearly as she's collapsing to the ground.


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