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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 12, 2017 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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small but mighty. >> just blessed to have family and really really close friends here. >> and stick together. >> i think we feel very strongly about our community and the sense of brother and sisterhood that we have and a feeling of looking out for each other. >> brotherhood and sisterhood indeed. something to point out is that this fire, because it is so high up is so difficult to fight. we have roadways that are made of stone and gravel which makes it very hard for those emergency responders tonight. so now it's just a waiting game. reporting live in geyserville tonight, dion lim, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> in napa county, the entire town of calistoga remains under a mandatory evacuation order tonight. 5:00 p.m. was the deadline to leave. >> katie marzullo is there live for us. residents were not given very much time to get out. >> they weren't. and dan and kristen, i am not
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exaggerating when i say it is a ghost town here. you can see behind us. but the city tonight is calling the mandatory evacuation a success. the only activity you're going to see out here tonight, the only activity we've seen out here tonight is law enforcement. and believe me, there are a lot of police officers on patrol here. and we're told any unauthorized person who is found in the town of calistoga is subject to arrest. the air assault on the tubbs fire continued at dusk. the thick smoke all but blacked out the setting sun. overnight flames destroyed homes anderson bennett lane. one of them belonged to this young man who told us he had only minutes to grab his cat and get out. he drove the three and a half miles to his parents' home in town. that's where we found him and his dad, who was hosing down the roof. they're not leaving, despite the mandatory evacuation order. it appears most of the 5,000 people who live in calistoga did leave. the streets are dark and abandoned except for the
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pofficers who are on patrol. earlier, authorities went door to door to encourage people to evacuate. >> they're all i've got. and i've got to go and find a place there is no cell service here locally. i call out. i can text out, but i can't call out. and they can't call me. so i have no way of getting ahold of them. >> what's your name? >> it's still unbelievable. i can't believe this is really happening. we've never been in a situation like this. >> it's a scary thing to leave your house and belongings behind, not knowing if they'll be there when you return. this family couldn't leave without a little extra insurance. a sprinkler running on the roof and treats for firefighters, along with family photos and a note that reads please save our home. all right. how about a little bit of good news on the tubbs fire. the city reports that the progression is slow. so that's good. also, that cal fire crews are making good progress with creating fire breaks.
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and the last tweet i saw from cal fire reported that the tubbs fire was 10% contained. the thing is there are still dangerous winds in the forecast. life in calistoga, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. >> that note so touching. thank you. >> an evacuation center for calistoga residents is open tonight in american canyon. >> abc 7 news reporter elissa harrington is live with some of the folks who fled. elis elissa? >> that's right. the high school is now a shelter. i've seen volunteers bring by wheelchair, cots, things like that. people will be spending the night inside the gymnasium. one of the reasons this is possible is more and more schools are cancelling classes because of the bad air quality. >> food and water is in there. >> evacuees arrive at american canyon high school, the latest evacuation center for people escaping the wildfires in the north bay. entire neighborhoods have been forced to get out. >> it's a nightmare. we're living a nightmare that i wish we could just wake up and it would go away.
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just checking on their phones, the latest updates. >> george gutierrez and family members are spending the night at the sonoma raceway campgrounds which is now open for evacuees. he calls this rv their home away from home. gutierrez packed up picture, valuables, and his pets. he set up chairs and a tv to follow news about the fire. gutierrez lives in sonoma. and even though his neighborhood is not under mandatory evacuation orders, he did not want the take any chances. >> you know, event after event. and i just didn't want to be one of those people last minute with flames following you down the street kind of thing. >> evacuation centers are taking donations like clothing and blankets. it's going to be another long night. but people i talked to are trying to stay hopeful. >> it's a small community. and i know everyone is going to come together and help each other out. >> fairfield high school just announced it will also be serving as a shelter. and even though classes have been canceled, a lot of the people you're seeing are high school volunteers all coming together in this time of need.
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i'm told here at american canyon high school, they have plenty of donations. they will regroup tomorrow once they see how many people they have staying here, and we should get an update then. reporting like, elissa harrington, abc news. >> thank you. air quality is terrible in so many parts of the bay area. this is what it looked like this afternoon from our towercams. with low visibility from the pollution, planes could not land simultaneously at sfo tonight. so 118 flights were canceled. others were delayed up to two hours. here is a look from sky 7 around sunset. the moon was glowing red, distorted by smoke particulate matter. the haze has prompted a spare the air and a health advisory for tomorrow. just an eerie sort of sunset today. we've been talking about how weather conditions on the front lines, on the fire lines tonight will be absolutely critical to containing the blazes. >> no question. let's check in with meteorologist sandhya patel to see what firefighters are going to be facing in the next few hours. sandhya? >> dan and kristen, they'll be
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facing challenges conditions. let me show you the wind direction right now the hills. beginning to come out of the north. and that is a wind that is very drying. right now gusting to about 14 at las peak. out of the northwest to 17 mount tamalpais. and those winds are only going to increase. red flag warnings for the northeast bay hills and the santa cruz mountains until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. we're looking at gusts over 50 miles an hour in the overnight hours. humidity will be running low. so any fires that do start will spread rapidly. the same areas under a wind advisory. trees could topple. power lines may go down, as you look at the hour-by-hour forecast. the situation does not look good. during the wee hours of the morning, the winds will be out of the north, gusting to 29 miles per hour. places like fairfield 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, 32-mile-per-hour wind gusts. still 30 miles an hour between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. gusty winds will mean high fire danger. live doppler 7 right now showing you clear conditions as you take
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a look at the satellite picture from earlier today. you will notice that the smoke plume was moving southward here as high clouds pass through that northerly wind definitely pushing that smoke south. air quality will be terrible again tomorrow. a look at the air quality forecast, plus a look at when things might improve coming right up. dan? >> sandhya, thanks very much. well, there are major smoke concerns at bay area schools. many have decided to temporarily close. oakland public schools will be open tomorrow. but if you're worried about it, officials say you can keep your children home and take an excused absence. vallejo, benicia and vacaville have closed for the remainder of the week. martinez, pittsburg and west antioch unified districts have closed for tomorrow. most public schools in the fire zones will understandably be closed through friday, including pretty much all of sonoma county schools except for those along the coast and northern edges of
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the county. also closed, all napa valley unified schools and napa valley college. calistoga joint unified and st. telehelena unified closed. we have a full list on and on the abc 7 news app as well if you need it. much more on the fires in the north bay coming up. in healdsburg, residents on edge tonight, watching the fire in the hills and hoping they won't be the next ones ordered to leave. and our dan noyes in the i team digging into a possible cause for the devastating fires. you're going to hear what was being said on emergency dispatch the night the fires were sparked. also ahead -- >> i feel like it was nightmare. >> a story of survival tonight. the reunion this family thought would never happen. and a quick programing note. abc 7 news is going the stay on the air until midnight because of our extended coverage of the north bay fires. "jimmy kimmel live" will air right after this special edition right after this special edition of abc news at 11:00.
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a new mandatory evacuation is in effect for mendocino county. all of potter valley as well as the roads going to potter valley
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road. the redwood fire in mendocino county has burned 30,000 acres between redwood and porter valley, and is now 5% contained. so not much containment. firefighters have had a direct control line between the two areas since this afternoon. crews are also mopping up hot spots and trying to protect structures that were not damaged or burned. better progress against the sulphur fire burning in the clear observation area. it's now 40 contained. cal fire says the fire has burned 2500 acres, and crews visit wrapped up. they're mopping up hot spots and burned out structures and resource there's will be allocated to the redwood fire as soon as they become available. these two fires combined now called the mendocino lake complex fire have destroyed 250 homes and 90 structures. 800 structures are still threatened. let's go to healdsburg now tonight where residents have packed up their bags after being told that they may have to leave on a moment's notice. >> some people have proactively
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left their homes. abc a 7 news reporter katie utehs is live at a shelter. katie? >> healdsburg residents are watching the winds very closely as fire threatening on several fronts tonight. the evacuation shelter here at the healdsburg community center has seen an influx of people as the city itself has some evacuation warnings in place. this as people who have helped fire victims flee prepare to evacuate themselves. >> cardinal newman is gone. cloverleaf ranch is gone. >> reporter: bells healdsburg ambulance drivers took this video as they evacuated patients sunday night and monday morning. >> they have worked well. they've lost their homes. they've stayed on shift. they worked while they lost all their -- >> they worked nonstop, transferring patients out of sonoma county. now fire looms closer to healdsburg district hospital. >> we only have healdsburg and memorial to work with. so -- and now healdsburg's being
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threatened by the fire up in geyserville. >> let me know when you arrive at geyserville fire. >> their dispatch center is also in an evacuation advisory area in healdsburg. >> we'll wait until we can't, i suppose. it's hard to leave your job when this is supposed to be what you do. >> i'm trying not to panic. my mom left. my mom evacuated. she is over by the river. >> people in the following areas need to be ready to leave at a moment's notice. >> blash avenue and the bottom of fitch mountain which success. >> alicia webb and her daughters are packed. >> home videos and pictures looks like the most important thing for us. >> others are soaking their roof and yard to protect from flying embers. >> we're just doing what we can to try to make things a little bit safer. >> the healdsburg community center is a safe place for people already displaced. people who are now processing what they've witnessed. >> and there was hundreds of explosions that went on a
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consistent basis. it was crazy. people were driving on the sidewalks. >> the evacuation center is only about halfway full tonight. they could accept 50 or more people, and it is pet friendly. the volunteers here are fantastic in my opinion. and the food is also being catered by local chefs. live in healdsburg, katie utehs, abc 7 news. >> that's a nice gesture. thank you so much. the abc 7 news i team has spoken with quarantine pg&e lineman who believes that downed power lines and exploding transformers sparked the wildfires raging there the north bay. the linesman wants to remain anonymous, but the i-team reviewed emergency dispatch recordings. and in the early moments several calls came in about power lines falling in the high winds and transformer exploding. listen. >> rincon valley electrical investigation 1047 maverick. hazardous conditions. possible transformer explosion.
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fulton road at old redwood highway. >> we have been advised there are power lines down with a transformer blown. all units be advised. >> the lineman tells the i-team customers may also be to blame because they often resist when crews try to cut back on vegetation. pg&e sent this e-mail statement this evening to the i-team that reads in part, these destructive winds along with millions of trees weakened by years of drought and recent renewed vegetation growth from winter storms all contributed to some tree, branches and debris impacting our electric lines across the north bay. we are posting the entire statement at napa police have just released their long-awaited evacuation advisory map for eastern napa. they advised that people in the march zone should collect their personal items. that includes parts of east avenue and combsville road. residents packed napa still hall earlier to hear the latest
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details from city and state officials. winds are expected to pick up tonight from the northeast, which is a concern for the eastern side of the city. >> i know you probably have been preparing like crazy and wondering how much preparation do we need to do, and when do we need to hit the go button and get the heck out of dodge. we hope to give you as much notice and time as possible. that's our goal. but with the extreme weather changes and the extreme behavior, it continues to beat us to the punch in some cases. >> cal fire and its incident command team is in charge of the operation. they'll make the call to evacuate specific neighborhoods. the signiorello burned saturday night. wine bottles melted. logistic at that. bottles in the wine rack were flattened like pancakes. the winery owner explained to vic lee what happened. >> pushed the cork out, boiled the wine right out of it. and torched the -- that's a cork
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that's burnt. >> however, the fire spared everything else in the winery, including the invaluable crush pad. in glen ellyn, the mayo family winery shared these pictures of staff crushing grapes the old school way with their feet. the winery doesn't have power because of the fire. flames stopped just a few feet from their property. a staff, as you can see, are wearing masks to protect themselves from all of that smoky air. >> it's harvest right now. tonight a reunion between a chp helicopter crew and the family they rescued right after the atlas peak fire started on sunday night. >> yeah, the father of the family made a really difficult decision. abc news reporter vic lee is live at the napa county airport with the story tonight. vic? >> it was difficult. now that reunion took place just behind us at the chp hangar. it was an emotional reunion, not only for the family, but also for the chp crew. this was the first time since the rescue that the chp
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helicopter crewmembers saw pepe and graciela tomayo, their son jesse and his grandparents. on sunday night as the flames raced through atlas peak, tomayo and his family left just before the home burned to the ground. >> i can see the flames 15, 20 feet high. >> they drove up to a field along the mountain. that's when pilot pete and flight officer whitney lowe saw him and his extended family. they landed the chopper. i said we can take four people and he made the decision who was going to go. a very selfless act on his part. >> i told these guy, please take my family, you know. i'll be here. i'll be all right. >> i was crying. my son, my mom, everybody was. everybody was crying. >> tomayo tried hard not to show his fear. but the flames were close. >> i call my daughter, and i tell her, mi hija, if i don't
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see you again, remember i love you. and that was it. >> tomayo's courage and selflessness did not go unnoticed. >> he was saying take my family and go. kudos to him, you know. what a guy. >> i told him he were coming back, and i don't think he believed us. >> officer lowe meant what he said. later that night, they found tomayo and picked him up. >> like i was nervous when he didn't come. but he came. >> when i saw him again, i was so happy and saying things. they saved his life. >> i want to thank these two officers, because if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be alive right now. >> the tomayo family lives in a house on the ranch where he works. they lost everything. the place they live. the only way they got out was clothes on their back. now the chp helicopter crew also
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heros that night. that night they made 26 rescues in seven hours. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> wow. that is some story, vic. unbelievable. thank you so much. >> we certainly hope the winds will start to cooperate a little bit. and prevent more homes. >> i'm not sure it looks so encouraging at the moment. but meteorologist sandhya patel is following it. >> it's going to get worse before it gets better. let me show you a time lapse of our smoky sunset at 6:37. this was from our south beach camera earlier tonight. and you could see just how heavy the smoke was in san francisco as it was in many parts of the bay area. so really, this is what you're going to have to con tend with. the north wind blew the smoke toward the bay area, san francisco points southward. if you have respiratory issue, this is a bad time to be outside. now when you take a look at what's ahead for tomorrow, the winds are going to be howling. as a matter of fact, they'll be
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pretty gusty in the north bay and the east bay hills at the lower elevations. you're looking at wind gusts of about 30 miles an hour at times. possibly higher over the hilltops. it will be gusting to 50 miles an hour or higher. this is what the biggest concern is. that wind will dry out the atmosphere. i do want to show you some pictures. this one was posted on my facebook page by david t. the smoky skies in santa rosa choking the area, you can see there. and this one is from berkeley, ash falling. this was sent to me via twitter. you will likely see scenes like these repeating. thank you for sending in the photos. here is a look at the air quality. spare the air alert up for tomorrow and for the coming days it's going to be really bad. so very unhealthy in the north bay tomorrow. in red, you'll notice most of the rest of the bay area unhealthy air quality. friday it's poor to unhealthy. like i said, if you have respiratory issue, you'll want the stay inside and avoid exposure. definitely have a mask. but that doesn't protect you from all particulate matter, only the larger ones.
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so keep that in mind. from our east bay hills camera, there is so much smoke that it's hard to make out the port of oakland right now. live doppler 7 is showing you clear conditions here in the bay area. but visibility is not so great. temperatures are dropping. some spots are already down to the 40s. but one thing to note, santa rosa has actually gone up with the north wind, now 56 degrees. it was lower earlier tonight. visibility is down to five miles in fairfield. four miles in livermore. still the smoke impacting the area. abc 7 news exploratorium camera seeing some of that gray sky, the hazy conditions here in san francisco. bad air quality the next several days. high fire danger through tomorrow. we're looking at warmer weather this weekend. here is look at the humidity, hour by hour. tonight it's not so bad. but as we head towards tomorrow, single digits to teens in the area where the wildfires are burning. this is not good news. still remaining pretty dry friday afternoon, friday night into saturday morning. we're going to see another burst of gusty winds develop. tomorrow morning windy in the
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hills. lower elevations gusty, hazy, smoky. low 40s to low 50s. you definitely need the extra layer. it is going to be a chilly start in parts. hazy smoky conditions will continue for the afternoon. highs in low 60s to the mid-70s. i want to draw your attention to. this if those fires are still going, look at this computer model. october 18th, next wednesday afternoon, the pacific northwest is getting some rain. by thursday morning, that rain line shifts into the north bay. that would be, of course, encouraging news for those fire crews. accuweather seven-day forecast, smoky and gusty tomorrow. again on friday. then we see the winds relaxing saturday afternoon, bringing in the warming trend for the weekend. low to mid-80s inland. mid 60s to 70s coast side. we'll see the temperatures drop sharply wednesday of next week when we bring in a slight chance of some showers. dan and kristen? >> all right, thank you, sandhya. now, if you want to help, you can text
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90999. that $10 to the red cross. or call 707-577-7600. >> and tonight's edition of jimmy kimmel live will aired a midnight after this extended midnight after this extended edition of ar music playing ) - ( snaps, clatters ) that sounds awful. ( music stops ) but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪
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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> several major fires have continued to grow tonight as expected, and now firefighters are beginning to get a small amount of containment around them. >> the biggest one is the atlas fire. it's burn mandatory evacuation order than 42,000 acres in napa and solano counties. all of the fires on the map have combined to burn nearly 200 square miles. just imagine that is an area larger than the city of san jose. >> rather remarkable. the number of people killed has risen to 23. that includes 13 people who have died in sonoma county alone. another 265 people remain unaccounted for in sonoma county -- i'm sorry, 285. let me get that figure right, remain unaccounted for in sonoma county. the fires have destroyed at least 3500 homes and businesses.
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>> residents, let's take another look at some of the evacuation orders. we'll have a is a map to show you. some have been issued during the past few hours. the most serious one, a mandatory order for the entire city of calistoga. mandatory evacuation orders also in effect for parts of geyserville along highway 128 northeast of the russian river. there are also new evacuations tonight in the northeast corner of sonoma. >> and residents of the eastern sonoma valley received orders to evacuate their homes this evening. >> right now the california highway patrol is going door to door, urging people to get out. and you're looking at video of that happening. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim joins us live from sonoma with the latest. lilian? >> kristen and dan, we're on 7th street and castle road. and the area beyond this point is under a mandatory evacuation order. that order came down just a few hours ago, and since then we have seen emergency vehicles driving around securing the area. the rest of sonoma, including sonoma plaza is under an
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evacuation advisory. no mandatory evacuation orders yet. most of the stores have been closed since the fires broke out. but the owner of figoni olive oil company chose to pack up as much inventory as he possibly could. boyes hot springs in alvarado are also under an evacuation advisory. ron and his girlfriend packed up things that couldn't be replaced, things of sentimental value. >> now it's starting to kick in because i just couldn't imagine something like this to happen. this is such a quiet, beautiful neighborhood, snow. it's good's country. you never know. look what is going on, all these fires. >> the roads leading up to arnold drive were bumper-to-bumper for most of the afternoon and into the evening. but a few have chosen to stay. one person we talked with says unless it's a mandatory order, they're staying put. live in sonoma, lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> okay, lilian, thank you very much. >> some


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