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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 13, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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fires. i'm kristen zee. >> i'm dan ashley. we tonight several breaking headlines. the las vegas massacre. the sheriff late today and the new timeline now revealed tonight. when did the hero security guard get shot? when did the massacre begin and how long did it take for police to arrive as we also learn who else the gunman was aiming for. also the health care bombshell. president trump's midnight move. his effort to disassemble obamacare killing billions in subsidies that help cover the costs of care. tonight you will hear from american families affected. the iran nuclear deal tonight. the president revealing he will not certify it calling it unacceptable. worldwide reaction coming in. the new concern in california at this hour. the wildfires and the death toll growing, worsening winds expected this weekend and the couple surviving in their pool, the fire all around them.
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and tonight here, the pets. harry weinstein with the company bearing his name now says about its future and the new allegations tonight. did police go too far? the protest and the chaos outside an american high school. good evening and great to have you with us on a busy friday night. we begin with the new timeline from las vegas. authorities coming before the cameras 12 days after the massacre with another timeline. for the first time we are seeing the hotel security guard in the middle. we learn when he was shot. when did the gunman start firing on the crowd and for the first time we are hearing the gunman also trained his weapons on the first responders. abc's matt gutman leading us off from las vegas. reporter: tonight, the las vegas sheriff unveiling that new timeline. >> excuse me for my emotion. >> reporter: with his voice
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cracking, he now says he agrees with the timeline put out last night. >> i am very well aware of the mgm statement provided yesterday. i agree with their statement. >> reporter: 12 days after the massacre there have been questions about whether the response could have been quicker. tonight the las vegas sheriff says it was at 9:59 this security officer jesus campos just 25 years old in this image responds to a door alarm and finds a barricaded door on the 32nd floor adjacent to the killer's suite. the sheriff said within minutes that security officer was shot by the gunman at approximately 10:05. >> mr. campos received his wounds in proximity to 22:05. he attempted to relay that information via his radio. >> reporter: he says it was the same time the gunman fired on the crowd. >> 22:05 the number provided
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earlier referenced the majority of fire upon our community. >> reporter: paddock raining hundreds of bullets on the crowd of 22,000 for ten minutes and two minutes after the gunfire ended the sheriff's teams arrived on the 32nd floor at 10:17. 12 minutes after paddock began firing they determined the shooting had stopped. >> we did not believe we had an active shooter. >> reporter: also tonight, the sheriff's stunning revelation that paddock attempted a more catastrophic attack aiming for those fuel tanks on the edge of the airport, so visible from the air. you could see how far some bullets traveled going over the fairgrounds and hitting the fuel tanks on the other side. the sheriff revealing that his own officers arriving at the scene you see rushing for cover and protecting civilians may have been specifically targeted.
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one of them brady cook. >> brady sustained a substantial wound to his shoulder. through his bicep into his chest and out his back. and the reason why i bring this one up -- he asked me if he could go back to work tonight. >> matt gutman live from las vegas. the sheriff saying the fbi will take a larger role and federal authorities said this gunman acted alone. no evidence of affiliations yet. >> reporter: they can say he acted alone. what they don't know is why he did this. the fbi taking the lead in this case because of its scale. there are hundreds of police officers and hundreds of eyewitnesss to interview around of course countless hours of surveillance video to sift through. now it's worth noting 45 people remain hospitalized from that attack tonight. david. >> matt gutman leading us off. we turn to the health care
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bombshell. president trump taking steps on his own to dismantle obamacare after republicans in congress could not get a repeal. first signing an executive order yesterday and then the president making a midnight move overnight cutting off billions in insurance subsidies that help many working class americans who make too much to be covered by medicaid but too little to cover their own health care. here's abc's mary bruce. reporter: president trump is vowing to rip apart obamacare piece by piece. >> one by one, it is going to come down. and we're going to have great health care in our country. we are going to have great health care. >> reporter: late last night, he dropped a bombshell. cutting off $7 billion in subsidies that help lower-income americans afford coverage. the white house calling those payments "unlawful" -- hanging in the balance tonight, the roughly seven million americans who make too much to qualify for medicaid, but still need help paying for coverage -- americans like marcy shelton, a
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retiree in nevada who leans on these subsidies to afford her coverage. >> if it gets too high i won't afford it at all. and that's terrifying. >> mason mccoy says he could barely afford the subsidized plan he has now. >> it's nothing more than another assault on poor people >> reporter: the congressional budget office says premiums for some could climb up to 20%. and predicts many americans will likely lose coverage. after the president and republicans in congress could not find a way to repeal obamacare, now the president is out to do it on his own. in the last 24 hours signing an executive order paving the way for insurers to offer plans that cost less but cover less, too. >> people will have great, great health care. >> reporter: tonight democrats say this isn't great care. it's sabotage. >> make no mistake, last night the president single handedly decided to raise america's health premiums for no reason
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except spite and cruelty. >> reporter: but the president says obamacare is a broken mess. >> what would be nice, if the democratic leaders could come over to the white house and negotiate some deal good for everybody. that's what i would like. >> reporter: many republicans tonight already fear the political consequences. >> we will own this problem. the president's action today was unhelpful. >> mary we also heard today from ohio's governor republican john kasich who ran against donald trump during the primary but no less a harsh warning from him tonight. >> reporter: he says the move by the president will lead to confusion and higher health costs. on the hill there is a bipartisan effort to replace the subsidies. the question, can they come to an agreement and how soon? david. >> mary bruce at her post on the hill. thanks. another major move from the president. decertifying the iran nuclear agreement telling congress to impose new sanctions or he'll leave the deal completely. swift reaction tonight.
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from many u.s. allies. >> here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: defying some of america's closest allies and even some of his owned a advisers the president today declared iran is not keeping its side of the nuclear agreement negotiated under president obama. >> the iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into. >> reporter: the president called on congress to impose new sanctions on iran if it does not curb its missile program and its support for terrorism. things not covered under the nuclear agreement. >> the iranian regime continues to fuel conflict, terror and turmoil throughout the middle east and beyond. importantly, iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. >> reporter: president trump stopped short of doing what he said he would do during the campaign, get out of the deal, a step that would give iran a green light to restart its
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nuclear weapons program. mr. president, you said you were going to rip the iran deal off. you called it the worst ever. >> i may do that. i may do that. the deal is terrible. so what we have done is through the certification process we'll have congress take a look at it and i may very well do that. >> reporter: before the president spoke secretary of state rex tillerson had been working the phones to reassure european allies who are firmly committed to the iran deal. >> let's get to jon karl at the white house tonight. secretary tillerson given the task of calling our allies. what is he hearing? >> they're not happy with the president's actions but after those conversations, what's notable is that france, germany and the u.k. did not criticize the president and said they would work with the united states on curbing iran's support for terrorism and its missile program. as for the iran president, he said the united states is completely alone on this but the iranians said they will stay in
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the agreement at least for now. >> jon karl, thank you. we turn next to california's deadly and devastating wildfires. worsening winds this weekend. dangerous conditions expected through sunday. winds up to 50 miles an hour. look at this tonight. smoke 75 miles away in san francisco. people wearing masks, schools closed. abc's linzie janis amid new stories. one couple surviving in their neighbors' pool, the fire all around them. >> reporter: tonight firefighters keeping up the battle to save homes amid the deadliest week in california fire history. >> the enormity of this disaster we're only beginning to understand. >> reporter: harrowing stories of the victims emerging. the shepherd family's car catching fire. as they fled the flames. 14-year-old ky didn't make it. the rest of the family badly burned. the fires now larger than new york city.
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this is how so much of the battle against these fires is being fought, by hand. firefighters spraying and raking the ground, putting out hot spots. more than 5,700 structured destroyed. in sonoma a team of firefighters saving several homes in a few hours. >> we were literally running from house to house. it's super smokey, super hot. you can't see very well. >> reporter: hundreds of people still missing we're learning incredible stories of survival. >> you got to get out of that house. >> reporter: jan and john say their daughter called to alert them to the fire. >> i looked out my window and there was a wall of flame out my window. so that's how fast it happened for us. we had no warning. >> reporter: their only option, their neighbor's pool. holding each other in the water. and countless family pets rescued, too. the sonoma county humane society treating cats with burned paws.
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>> doing hard work to help save the animals. the story of the pool is something. linzie janis back with us. you were telling us they're estimating the damage to housing alone at more than $1 billion already? >> reporter: that's right david. at least 5% of the housing here in santa rosa totally wiped out. the damage estimates, more than $1.2 billion. and you can see just how quickly people fled. these three wheelchairs left charred and mangled right outside this house. david. >> excellent reporting for us all week. let's get to rob because there are red flag warnings in northern california and you were saying concern in southern california this weekend too? >> yeah. shaping up to be a statewide event. you saw lynn see's shot. red flag warning where the winds reach critical fire criteria after midnight by tomorrow morning, los angeles and ventura counties. winds will be ripping there. the higher elevations could gust to 50 miles an hour.
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these are dry santa ana winds dropping humidity levels below 10%. dangerous levels right through the weekend. to the crisis in puerto rico. home to 3.5 million american citizens and more than three weeks after hurricane maria struck. they heard that warning from president trump tweeting fema can't be in puerto rico forever. we were there not far from where the president landed. apartment buildings with no electricity or elevators or drinking water. we promised we would stay in touch with those families and we sent victor oquendo back tonight. is it any better? >> reporter: just 9% of people have power now. 23 days after the hurricane hit. it was a week ago the president visited and those images tossing out supplies. in the last 24 hours the president warning puerto rico fema cannot stay forever but then today tweeting i will always be with them. but 22 days in we traveled back to the apartment building david and the team visited more than a week ago. that neighborhood, about 15 minutes from where the president landed.
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up that dark stairwell down the hallway where we met this woman from new york city there taking care of her parents. >> we heard inspectors had been visiting these buildings all over puerto rico. have you seen any? >> not at all. they have not come to these apartments. >> no one has come? >> no one. >> how much food and water have they brought? >> none. >> nothing? >> none at all. >> reporter: with no power, no clean drinking water inside their apartment and their windows still blown out by hurricane maria and in the bedroom her parents on the bed in need of medication. now 23 days after the hurricane they tell us still no clean drinking water and still generators powering the hallways just a couple hours a day. >> do you feel like you have been abandoned? >> reporter: across puerto rico home to nearly 3.5 million americans 37% have no access to clean drinking water and the death toll has risen to 45 but
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local officials fear the numbers could be higher. reports of morgues with unidentified bodies and the new concern, reports of deaths from a bacterial disease spread when families are forced to drink the only water they can find contaminated by animals and waste which is when this truck arrived today families lined up, buckets in hand filling up, not sure when the truck will return and the usns comfort still docked. a floating hospital with 1,000 beds and 800 medical personnel. just eight patients in intensive care. puerto rico's governor reacted to president trump's tweets. said they're not asking for better or less treatment but they want equal treatment. more than three weeks still scenes like this across the island. david. >> much more ahead on "world news tonight" on this friday. chaos outside an american high school and the protests. the police officer in a confrontation with twin sisters. did the officer go too far? now suspended. new developments coming in. also breaking news involving harvey weinstein with the
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company bearing his name says about his future and the new allegations coming in tonight. then the image, one fan punching another in the stands of a football game and what we have learned about that fan tonight. we'll be right back. tonight. we'll be right back. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma . it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. the risk is unknown in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, glaucoma, prostate, bladder, or urinary problems.
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a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so you can head into retirement with confidence. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial established by metlife. new fallout from the harvey weinstein scandal. the growing list, new allegations and what the weinstein company is saying. again linsey davis. reporter: tonight, explosive new accusations against harvey weinstein. actress angie everhart telling a k-l-o-s radio show, "he blocked the door as he pleasured himself in front of her." >> "you're a really nice girl. you shouldn't tell anybody about this. >> reporter: actress rose mcgowan not naming the media mogul directly but in a tweet claims "hw raped me," more than two dozen women now say they were sexually harassed or assaulted by the powerhouse producer. among them, model paula williams sharing her encounter with weinstein for the first time.
5:49 pm
>> i heard him open a bottle of champagne. and i don't even think i had a sip. and he exposed himself. >> reporter: weinstein denies any allegations of non-consensual sex. he's now reportedly in arizona where he is set to receive treatment for sex addiction. >> i'm not okay. i'm trying, gotta get help. you know what, we all make mistakes and second chances, i hope. >> reporter: meanwhile, the company he built is preparing for big name film releases including "paddington 2". his brother bob saying "business is continuing as usual." tomorrow members of the academy of motion picture arts and sciences plan to decide if they should expel weinstein and take away his membership, david. >> a special edition of "20/20" right here at 10:00 p.m. on abc. the officer accused of going too far at a high school. you'll see it. and the brawl in the stands. one football fan accused of attacking another and what we have learned about both men
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♪ to the "index". the police officer suspended in orange new jersey. video showing officer davis struggling with twin sisters outside the high school appearing to throw one to the ground. hundreds of students protesting outside police headquarters today. the carjacking manhunt in alan park, michigan, surveillance showing a suspect stealing a car from a gas station as the driver was filling the tank. she tries stopping him. another driver blocking the car. the suspect did get away. the brawl in the stands. video showing one fan pummelling a 62-year-old man in the face. during the eagles/panthers game. late word that the fan has been arrested charged with assault and the other fan now pressing charges. when we come back on a friday night, you could probably guess our persons of the week. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement?
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finally tonight here our persons of the week. they are california strong. tonight the heroes and the bravery in california. vicky walker hugging this firefighter to say thank you. firefighters across california saving lives, homes and so many family treasures. and this image, the mail truck still stopping at mailboxes, a haunting moment but still, a moment of dedication. the county sheriff who told me about one deputy who saved families standing with them on a dirt patch. the fire all around them. >> we had a deputy on top of mark west with 40 people who couldn't get out and the fired burned around them and they sheltered in place. >> they were surrounded by the fire? >> yeah. >> then the ironworker who lost everything, his tools, pickup truck, his home.
5:58 pm
>> every house was on fire including mine. >> dana's story was on the local news that night and someone 50 miles away was watching. >> i heard ironworker and looked over and i caught his last name. >> her son was also an ironworker. she lost him to cancer two years ago. she had always saved her son's tools. she called up dana and said, come get them. >> dana? >> yes. >> how are you? >> okay. how are you? >> i'm good. >> inside her son's tools given to dana. >> means a lot to me. >> well, i want to get you back to work. >> she wants to get him back to work and california back to normal. so we choose those first responders and those every day heroes who answer the call. i'm david muir. good night.
5:59 pm
. a red flag warning in effect, winds are picking up as firefighters try to stay one step ahead of the flames that threatens thousands more homes. >> the winds pushing more smoke not bay area making the air quality worse. a resident of a retirement community tells her frightening fire storm experience. >> announcer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> you're looking live at the sonoma county fairgrounds where we expect a live update within minutes on the wild fi rank among the deadliest in california history. i'm christian sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. wind picking up tonight. >> there's now a mandatory evacuation along part of highway 198 near geyser vil and hills berg. officials stress the fire is not
6:00 pm
threatening the city of hills berg tip. >> anyone in this area in blue is told to get out. it's north of highway 28 of biaser road and chalk road. there's still an advisory in place for awe be prepared to evacuate. >> the authorities is updating everyone on what's happening. let's bring you an update on the fire major stories that's burning. the redwood fire near ukiah, the nones door by in sonoma county. >> and the tubbs in napa county still the largest. you can see