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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 14, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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our breaking news is from sonoma county. right now, prart a north bay community has been told to waste no time and to get out as soon as possible. thanks so much for being here, i'm chris nguyen. that new evacuation area is scrolling at the bottom of your screen. the sonoma county sheriff's office says you must evacuate from you're in 7th street east from denmark street to napa street. the north side of denmark from 7th street east to denmark road. new evacuations include 8th street east north of denmark, east macarthur street east of 7th, equal runway and hamblin
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road. the wind in these areas may be driving the flames. the sheriff's office urges you to evacuate immediately. roughly 400 households are affected by these new evacuations. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard is live at one of the areas being evacuated right now. cornell, we see the flames behind you. >> reporter: yeah, chris, a major firefight is now on here in the heart of the sonoma valley. take a look at this heartbreaking shot we have here. this is a home that is now engulfed in this, in flames. we have major winds blowing through here. in fact the winds of this fire now creating a small firestorm in and of itself. it has now moved to the property to the right of it. we are in the northeast section of the sonoma valley. just to give you a lay of the land, we're about two miles from
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the sonoma town square. i have to tell you, an army of firefighters are here this morning trying to keep this fire from spreading any farther. but at this point the winds seem to be having the upper hand in this battle. we've got firefighters stationed in every quadrant of this neighborhood, trying to protect any further structures from burning. i counted at least 50 fire trucks parked probably about a block from where we are right now. the flames are coming down from the hills. hills probably about four blocks away from where we are now. this is castle road. this used to be a home, perhaps a ranch here, again, about two miles, mile and a half from the center of the town of
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shell vista fire department is two blocks away. we also have firefighters poise inco ed in that area as well. the winds, really hard to describe right now. they have been blowing for several hours this morning. i talked to a firefighter a few seconds ago, far as they've come at this point. we've been told to exit the area, the embers are starting to catch the trees on the other side of the street on fire, a very tense situation for firefighters all around us. the firefight has just begun. the firefighters say they intend to get the upper hand on it. we'll see if that happens. we're live near the town of
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sonoma, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> cornell, quickly, are you seeing any residents in the area or does it appear they've been cleared out? >> reporter: we saw one resident, chris, maybe about a half an hour ago. she was lost. we directed her basically how to get out of the neighborhood. there were voluntary evacuations in this area several days ago. those have now changed into mandatory -- excuse me, have now changed into mandatory evacuations. the sheriff's department issuing that evacuation order a few hours ago, telling people anywhere in this neighborhood to get out. obviously it is a very dangerous situation. if you are in the neighborhood, if you live anywhere near the neighborhood, you need to leave immediately. >> and we're seeing those flying embers on the screen right now around you, we'll let you get to safety, cornell, thanks so much for the live report.
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joining us on the phone is sonoma county spokesperson maggie fleming. maggie, we've been reporting on these new evacuations in the sonoma county. what are officials doing right now to make sure everyone in danger is getting out? >> first of all, we're getting the word out, thank you for helping us spread the word and notifying people so they know the evacuation is mandatory, and they need to leave. we are putting all our efforts into preparing the shelters and making sure that people who need a place to go have a place to go. we're updating our website, our social media, and we'll be continuing to be available on our hotline, 211 for anyone who needs additional information. >> maggie, technology really playing a role here. facebook, you mentioned that hotline. what will people hear once they call the hotline? >> so they'll be speaking with a staff member, and demanding what their need is, they'll get
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connected with the resources they need. it might be a list of the shelters, it might be a list of other agencies to contact. it may be details on location and whether they need to evacuate. so with those kind of questions, just called 211 and we'll have staff available to speak with you. >> and maggie, also on facebook, so often in these cases people will go on to social media, they'll start asking questions there. do you have the resources to respond back to those people as they're asking those questions, or really is this just too much to handle right now? >> we have a team of people who are actively responding to the county web page and facebook page and the sheriff's facebook page. so we are doing our best to respond to the specific inquiries that come in. and then also posting facebook notices to people in response to the kind of questions we're getting, both online and to the phones. >> maggie, such great
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information. we'll check back in with you again throughout the show. if you need a place to go, there are dozens of shelters that remain open. they include elsie allen high school in santa rosa, the sonoma county fairgrounds, the sebastopol community center. you'll find a complete list on our website, the abc 7 news app sent out a push alert shortly after the new mandatory evacuations were issued in sonoma valley. and as always, you can be the first to know when breaking news happen where you live. so again, we have an image on the screen right now, mandatory evacuations. this is added to the list. highway 12 from adobe canyon to calistoga road, you've got to evacuate, westbound to santa rosa, immediately. in the north bay, the winds have been a very huge concern throughout the morning meteorologist lisa argen has been tracking it all for us, she's here now with a first look at our accuweather forecast. lisa? >> chris, those winds in the
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val valley will be picking up around sunrise. we have highest winds in the upper elevations. then they'll be down to the surface. we're looking at wind gusts over 20 miles per hour above about a thousand feet. these winds will be funneled into the lower valley areas. we'll see wind gusts in excess of 30, 40, even 50-mile-per-hour winds. you can see right now out by the delta, wind gusts of 32 miles. elsewhere, it is calm, but we're looking at the strongest winds between now and about 10:00. and then by late in the afternoon, they should begin to die back. low relative humidity with the winds by the afternoon 10 to 20%. you know of course these winds can dry the fires, spraying them easily and quickly. mt. diablo had a wind gust of 50 miles per hour. until 9:00 tonight, the red flag warning here up to the north from clear lake in santa rosa, where once again you're looking at these very breezy to gusty
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winds this morning. until 5:00, the northeast winds will be blowing, even to the east bay from livermore to walnut creek and across the north bay to the sacramento valley, could see some downed power lines, with that spreading the unhealthy air. almost the entire bare area today within the zone of red, unhealthy except through the santa clara valley. you notice things get a little bit better into tomorrow. we'll be looking at the winds, tracking them for you in my next weather hit. we'll talk about the week ahead with improves dramatically in terms of weather, chris. >> lisa, thank you. we told you about the new evacuation order that was issued overnight in sonoma county. here are the other headlines we're following this morning as we track these powerful north bay wildfires. the death toll is now up to 35. it was 36 last night but mendocino county lowered its figure from nine dead to eight dead because someone had been double counted. governor jerry brown and senators dianne feinstein and kamala harris are set to visit
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sonoma county today to get a firsthand look at the recovery efforts as well as the devastation. also today a local assistance center in downtown santa rosa where residents impacted by the fires, they'll be able to get help from fema, state, and local agencies. this morning pg&e says 24,000 customers remain without power in the fire areas. of those, 16,700 customers are in santa rosa, 5600 customers are in the napa area, pg&e says 279,000 customers lost power since the fire started on sunday night. 91% of those outages have since been restored. newly released body camera video shows us what the sonoma county sheriff is calling a human look at the danger as the wildfire exploded in santa rosa last weekend. abc 7 news anchor dan ashley explains the dangerous and extraordinary evacuation efforts. >> go! go! >> reporter: a race against the clock and against the ferocious
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flames of the tubbs fire sunday night. from behind the wheel of a sonoma county sheriff's deputy's patrol car, you can see the urgency growing. >> sheriff's office, mandatory evacuation, leave your homes. >> reporter: body camera video released by the sheriff's office shows the race to get everyone out before the flames get too close. that constant orange glow more menacing by the minute. through a smoky haze, tough rescues made even tougher. >> she's disabled. >> all right. let me get her feet. >> reporter: a deputy carries a woman who uses a wheelchair through the smoke and to a waiting suv. surrounded by bright flames in the distance bearing down as the deputy returns to his car. the thick smoke starts to get to him. once inside the car he's driving for dear life, surrounded by sparks and flames. >> don't hit me. >> reporter: the deputy, whose job it is to save others, looks
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visibly nervous but stays calm. how do you react when you're surrounded by a firestorm and you can barely see what's around you? still, he has a job to do. >> you have to be ready to evacuate to 101. >> reporter: and he makes it out to make sure others get out safely as well. >> go, go, go, drive! >> reporter: dan ashley, abc 7 news. time now, 5:12. only on 7, another family has come forward to tell abc 7 news their loved one may have been left by oakmont senior living community employees. the group has issued a new statement. we're getting a new look that shows the fire that residents had to pass just to get out of that facility. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the details. >> reporter: catherine mann says she looked a long time to find a place as nice as varena. she describes a pristine
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property with activities and gourmet meals. after what happened monday morning, she says she's not sure she wants to go back. this new video shows oakmont villa capri, a community in oakmont senior living, engulfed in flames. for nearly four years, catherine mann has been a resident in oakmont's main building which survived the fire on fountaingrove parkway. in a new statement oakmont management group says, quote, staff members went door to door alerting residents to gather in the lobby. but catherine says she went into the hallway around her own around 12:30 a.m. when she heard a senior staff member's voice. >> what's going on, are we evacuating? he said, just wait in your room, which i did. >> reporter: by the middle of the night, catherine's granddaughter tanya sent her ex boyfriend, a santa rosa police officer, with his partner to find her grandmother. >> he found her outside of her
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third story apartment, crying and basically screaming for help. >> i can't thank them enough, they saved my life. i would still be there. >> reporter: we asked oakmont management group where staff was at that point in the night. they responded, quote, while we were in the process of shuttling residents to a designated location, authorities refused to allow staff to reenter the area because of the existing danger and indicated they would take responsibility for evacuating remaining residents. a point santa rosa police department disputes. >> we were not stopping anybody from helping save lives that night. we had not set up any roadblocks at the time. we weren't preventing anybody from coming in at the time. >> reporter: r.j. kissling told abc 7 news he along with firefighters evacuated the final 70 residents from the building. >> the repeated question was how come nobody came and got us, how come nobody told us we were evacuating, and from the fire department was, where's the staff, where's the master key.
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>> reporter: he helped load residents on buses. his sister shot this video as they left the burning building. >> we're coming out with a bunch of elderly people. >> reporter: santa rosa police officers took catherine in their vehicle. >> it was like driving through an inferno. i never want to go through that again. >> reporter: oakmont management group says staff remained in communication with authorities to ensure that all residents were safe. the department of social services tells abc 7 news it is now investigating varena oakmont senior living's evacuation to determine if facility staff followed the evacuation plan. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. meteorologist lisa argen is here, lisa, you've been closely monitoring those weather conditions up in the north bay. >> yes, and those winds are really blowing, allowing for temperatures as much as 20 degrees warmer this morning. it is 60 degrees right now in san francisco. 50 in concord. with those winds, it will dry
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out the atmosphere and potentially spread some of those wildfires. we'll talk about how strong the winds will gust and for how long and look at some rain coming into the seven-day outlook all in a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you. also ahead, an incredible story of survival. what firefighters and winery workers had to do to try and avoid the inferno sunday night. also the unique feature that helped
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it all adds up to a mouthful of joy. honey bunches of oats. have you tried it yet? welcome back, everyone. we're getting new word from saab santa rosa police of new mandatory evacuations in the city of santa rosa. again, taking a look on your screen right now, fire evacuation east of calistoga road to city limits and north of mellita road to city limits.
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skyhawk, oakmont, and rincon valley. again, if you live in these areas in santa rosa, you need to get out immediately, according to police. also we have new evacuations to report out of sonoma county. we'll get to those in a second. but this is new video of the flames being fueled by heavy winds on lovell valley road. the sonoma county sheriff's office really doing their best to push information through on social media as well as their website right now. again, mandatory evacuations, highway 12 from adobe canyon to calistoga road. evacuate webbed to santa rosa immediately. you've got to make sure you're not evacuating to a part of santa rosa that has since been evacuated itself. so we'll continue to stay on top of these evacuations. we're also updating the ticker at the bottom of the screen as well to put the latest information there. okay. so here's what was issued at 2:20 this morning. the sonoma county sheriff's office says residents need to
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evacuate right away in the following areas: 7th street east from east napa street to denmark street. also the north side of denmark from 7th street east to napa road. new mandatory evacuations also include 8th street east, north of denmark street, east macarthur street, east of 7th street, as well as quail run way and hamblin road. good morning to you. the strong northeast gusty winds fanning the flames there for the fires. we're looking at warm weather today, in fact five to ten degrees warmer than average. so critical fire weather this morning. the winds will dial back later today. already look how much warmer it is in napa and fairfield. this is where we have the winds, from 20 to 30 miles an hour. so looking at the valleys for those winds to pick up a little bit later, after sunrise. so right on through the noon hour, it will be quite breezy to windy out there, and reflecting
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that is the temperature here in san francisco, at 60 degrees. it is 47 in oakland with poor air quality in many locations. 42 in gilroy, half moon bay at 50, other temperatures in the 40s from santa rosa to novato. 64 with that north wind up to 30 miles per hour. it's 50 degrees in concord and livermore. other visibilities due to the smoke and haze at four miles, concord, hayward, even down to san jose. we are looking at this poor air quality as the winds push out of the north and push that smoke across the bay area even down into the peninsula. the best air quality in the south bay. but still you'll notice that smoky haze. high fire danger, gusty winds this morning. looking at the smoky skies through the weekend. chance of showers comes our way thursday and friday with much cooler temperatures. here is fairfield, the wind profile for the day today, starting at 7:00 in the morning. notice how breezy it is. and then by about 1:00, the
5:22 am
winds will decrease and they get very light by the evening hours. today, this morning looks like the most critical time period with less wind into your sunday. the rest of the bay area looking at 8:00. once again, notice the color contours from napa to fairfield, that's where the winds continue to be quite strong out of the north, pushing the perhaps fires and the smoke down through the south. and looking at the winds abating and dialing back by the evening hours. we will be looking at the humidity, in fact decreasing significantly. right now we're at 63% santa rosa as well as oakland. look what happens afternoon, at about 2:00, down 9% in cloverdale, 14% in novato. you can see the rest of the bay area pretty much bone dry. by the time we get to the overnight hours we should begin to see an increase in that relative humidity. we'll talk about the rain possibility. here we are on thursday, check it out, by 5:00 in the afternoon, looks like we'll see
5:23 am
a few showers. then this continues through the evening hours thursday night, and right on through friday. so looking hopefully, even though it's about a week out, this holds together not only helping out the fires but bringing the temperatures way down and maybe getting a handle on things by that time. highs today under hazy conditions, the very unhealthy air, an air alert today, 70s in the city. look at the 80s in the east bay, you'll notice all the haze around. and we won't look for really the better air quality until we get better wind in here out of the ocean. and that will happen coming into the middle of next week or the beginning of next week. the accuweather seven-day forecast, smoky skies today. 80s. it will be a dry, offshore wind. winds relax tomorrow. the warm weather continues into monday, cooler on tuesday. anticipating hopefully that change of event, that weather change. download the accuweather appear and hopefully you can be tracking rain in your
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neighborhood come thursday into friday. >> that rain can't come soon enough. lisa, thank you. what's new from light and fit? greek nonfat yogurt with zero artificial sweeteners. real fruit and 90 calories... you'll be wowed!
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trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybe not. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running. (woman screams) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪ joining us now on the phone is mark beverage with cal fire. mark, good morning to you. we've been reporting on these new evacuations in the sonoma valley. this is an order people really need to listen to. >> yes, chris, that's very true. >> let's talk about the wind. there's a lot of concern right now about flying embers? >> yeah, actually today we have some predicted red flag this morning. flying embers are definitely an issue today. >> cal fire certainly workin with local agencies to get the
5:27 am
word out about this evacuation. what's cal fire doing right now in terms of getting into place and in terms of monitoring these fires? >> we have multiple units out right now. knowing this was predicted wind event from yesterday's briefing, so we have units out monitoring and patrolling as well as actually working on the fire itself. >> mark, sometimes people get the evacuation order, they tend to linger around. but let's talk about the importance of a quick evacuation, because doing so really allows firefighters to keep the roads clear of congestion and lets them move more freely to do their job, right? >> that is 100% correct. you've got to remember the evacuation orders are out there not only for the safety of the public but also for the safety of the firefighting operations and the firefighters themselves.
5:28 am
>> as people who are tuning in right now, as people tune into our coverage, they may be watching us and getting their belongings together, what's the most important things in your opinion that they need to grab before they head out the door? >> any important documents. fortunately, they have the ability right now to understand that they are in a dangerous zone, you know, the wind has been predicted, the fire is there. the most important documents are the insurance papers, marriage certificate, anything they need to document an important event that they can use down the line. >> mark beverage with cal fire, thanks so much for joining us on the phone this morning. we'll check in with you in a little bit. we continue to monitor the fires in the north bay. again, evacuation orders listed on the ticker on the scr
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>> announcer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we're getting a first look at frantic evacuation efforts just after the north bay fire started to explode in santa rosa on sunday night. we just received word of new mandatory evacuations. the sonoma sheriff's office says you must leave immediately if you live in highway 12 between adobe canyon road in kenwood and calistoga road in santa rosa. this includes both sides of highway 12, skyhawk, mountain hawk, and much of rincon valley. also, new mandatory evacuations in the sonoma valley. the sheriff's office says you must evacuate immediately if you're in the following areas. take a look at your screen. 7th street east from east napa street to denmark street. also the north side of denmark street from 7th street east to napa road. some of the new mandatory evacuations also include 8th street east north of denmark, east macarthur street east of
5:32 am
7th. also quail run way and hamblin road. the wind may be driving the flames in these areas, so the sheriff's office is urging you to evacuate immediately. and throughout the morning, if you looked at the bottom of the your screen, we're scrolling information on all evacuation orders in effect right now. let's send things over to meteorologist lisa argen, she's been tracking the wind conditions in the north bay as these firefighters do their jobs. they certainly have a tough task ahead of them, lisa. >> that's right, chris. those winds will increase in the valley. we're already looking at gusty winds in the upper elevations, 40 to 50 miles an hour right now over by mt. diablo. looking at 60-mile-per-hour winds a possibility. the humidity decreasing to as low as 10%. the red flag warning throughout the north bay, 10 to 15% relative humidity. this is how these fires spread. look at the wind direction. it's out of the north.
5:33 am
atlas peak, out of north, a gust of 19. 20-mile-per-hour winds at mt. tam. in the next several hours, smoke pushing from the south and the possibility of fires spreading. the winds gusting to the delta at 32 right now. as we look at the surface, they're not as breezy. but we will see the winds increase at the surface. this could also bring down power lines and topple some of those trees. the air quality, unhealthy almost everywhere today. we get an improvement tomorrow as the winds dial back a bit, then into monday and tuesday it's looking even better. so with the erratic winds, the gusty northeast winds, we're 60 in the city, 64 by the delta. your forecast today calls for temperatures to be as much as 5 to 10 degrees above average today with those hazy skies, chris. >> lisa, thank you. joining us on the phone is abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard. cornell, in the last report,
5:34 am
last live report, we saw those flying embers, you had to leave the live shot location because the flames were too intense. we're looking on the screen at conditions you were faced with. >> reporter: chris, we're about a half mile away from where we last talked to you. we can tell you, sadly, several homes in that area have burned, as the fire comes over the ridge closer and closer to the town of sonoma, hence the evacuation order, the mandatory evacuation order which was issued several hours ago. we have not seen anyone who lives in this neighborhood. it appears that everyone who had to get out has left, has heeded that warning. we are, like i said, about a half mile from castle road now. i have to tell you, as the crow flies we're about a mile from the town square of the town of
5:35 am
sonoma. folks know that very historic area. a firefight, a major firefight is now on to protect homes in the sonoma valley and the town of sonoma. this is a very, very serious situation. if you hear my voice right now, if you live in the area, you need to leave if you are in the mandatory evacuation zone. and you may, if you're not in the mandatory evacuation zone, you just need to keep watching abc 7 for the latest and any advisories which may come down. this is a fluid situation. this is ever-changing. i cannot tell you what street we are on right now. we were off napa street, just a couple of minutes ago. we are in that vicinity. i can see an orange glow coming over the ridge as this fire continues to march forward. we're hearing helicopters in the air. we are seeing firefighters just
5:36 am
about every street. there's an army of firefighters who are ready to extinguish t et flames if they get too close. like i said, several homes have burned in the area. it is unclear, because it's just too dangerous to get in there, how many homes exactly have burned. we can see the fire coming over the ridge toward us here in the valley of the moon. chris, that is the very latest. we'll send it back to you. >> cornell, you mentioned that several homes have burned, also that massive response from cal fire in the last half hour. so in that particular area of sonoma county near lovall valley road where you were stationed earlier, have those fire crews stayed on the scene or did they have to retreat? >> reporter: we're seeing very little water put on that one particular home that we saw burning on castle road. this is probably 30 minutes ago now. the priorities unfortunately are
5:37 am
just too important in other areas. so the firefights on the fire line to prevent the fire from spreading any farther seems to be the main priority right now. saving homes, of course they're doing that if they can. we've seen several firefighters parked in driveways in this area, ready to protect the homes if need be. you know, in an emergency situation like that, you have to really pick your poison and figure out where your efforts are going to be best served. in this case, it is in the wilderness area. again, just a couple of blocks from where we are is wild land, is where the fire is coming down. that is the situation. and obviously a very dire situation, as the flames continue to march forward into this populated area. >> and cornell, i can only imagine that it must be so hard
5:38 am
to breathe right now, with all of those flames. there we go, we just heard you cough. >> reporter: it really is. we've been up in the fire lines all week. this is the thickest smoke i've been breathing. i've seen the air right now. there is a crescent moon in the air right now, in the sky, and you can barely see it because the smoke from this fire is so thick. it is kicking up a lot of smoke even here before sunrise. i can see the smoke in the air. the flames sort of lighting up the entire ridge as the flames march ever closer to this populated area. >> all right, cornell, thank you so much for that live report. so on the screen right now, these are the new mandatory evacuations in place in sonoma. here they are on the screen. 7th street east. denmark street. 8th street east. east macarthur street. quail run way.
5:39 am
and hamblin road. so again, if you're in these areas, the sonoma county sheriff's office says you need to evacuate. there is no time to be wasted. i also want to talk about evacuations that are in place from santa rosa. police just tweeting this out moments ago, that there is a mandatory fire section east of calistoga road to the city limits, and north of mellita road to city limits. this also includes skyhawk, oakmont, and much of rincon valley. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," a north bay community is banding together during this devastating time. first as we head to break, a live look outside.
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what comes next is everything. ♪ welcome back, everyone. time right now, 5:42. if you're just joining us this morning, we've received word enough mandatory evacuations in eastern santa rosa. the sonoma county sheriff's office says you must leave immediately if you live in the following areas. highway 12 between adobe canyon road in kenwood and calistoga road in santa rosa. this includes both sides of highway 12, skyhawk, mount hawk, and much of rincon valley. new mandatory evacuations in sonoma county, sheriff's office saying you must evacuate if you're in 7th street east from east napa street to denmark. also the north side of denmark from 7th street east to napa
5:43 am
road. new mandatory evacuations also include 8th street east north of denmark, east macarthur street east of 7th as well as quail run way and hamblin road. again, the wind the big factor here this morning. the wind could be driving those flames. so that's why the sheriff's office is urging you to evacuate immediately. and throughout the morning we're going to keep up the that ticker you see scrolling at the bottom of the screen with the latest evacuation advisories and orders. meteorologist lisa argen has been here and, wow, just an incredible scene up there right now. >> certainly scary with the winds increasing throughout the morning hours. not only in the upper elevations but down around the valley as well. so we're looking at those northeasterly offshore winds blowing the camera, blowing the smoke into the east bay as well. so right now we're at 51 in hayward, 45 in san ramon, 60 in san francisco. poor air quality today, critical fire weather. a warming trend. we do have rain in the forecast, stay with us.
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welcome back, everyone. we continue to track breaking news out of sonoma valley. we're taking a look at this new video of flames being fueled by winds on lovall valley road,ad, incredible images coming out of the region right now. you see the wind is picking up, flying embers making it so dangerous for people to be out right now. these images really painting the picture, exactly why sonoma county sheriff's office officials want you to get out if you live, again, in certain areas that have been impacted. we've been telling you about these areas all throughout the morning. and we continue to put them on the ticker at the bottom of the screen. also if you have a mobile device, make sure to download the abc 7 news app, because we are pushing out the latest
5:47 am
information as soon as we get it. also, so we want to talk about, really quickly, let's put the map back up on the screen, this is what was issued at 2:20 this morning. the sonoma county sheriff's office saying residents need to evacuate 7th street east from east napa street to denmark street. also the north side of denmark street from 7th street east to napa road. 8th street east, north of denmark street. east macarthur street, east of 7th street. as well as quail run way and hamblin road. all right. time right now, 5:47. joining us now on the phone is jan sanders. she is from clear lake park. her daughter is being evacuated from lake county right now. we just received a nixle alert in the past 15 minutes about this area. it's the spring valley area. and there is a wildfire burning there right now. the mandatory vexes have been
5:48 am
ordered for all residents who live in the spring valley and new long valley area. so jan, good morning to you. what are you hearing from your daughter? >> good morning, chris. my daughter is on her way to my house in clear lake park. my husband and i were evacuated from here just during the sulphur fire. we were gone for about four days. now she's being evacuated from spring valley. the fire is in new long valley which is just over the hill from spring valley -- excuse me, old long valley. there's no exit from spring valley. there's only one way in. so the fire reaches the entrance of spring valley, they're trapped. so she's heading out, she's coming here. and there's about at least a thousand people that live out there that have livestock, cattle, horses, you name it. so if that fire takes off, it's going to be bad. lake county has already been hit
5:49 am
hard, the valley fire, the rocky fire, the clayton fire. i'm a native napan, i'm from napa, i'm watching my hometown burn. the whole thing has been heartbreaking and horrible. i don't have any words, really, no words. >> it's been one disaster after another. >> one after another. i've had friends that lost homes. my husband's friend from high school lost his home in the coffey neighborhood in santa rosa. my favorite doctor is in san assistant. my family doctor is in santa rosa. my family doctor's in calistoga, i mean. and my spine surgeon is in santa rosa. i don't know how i'm going to get to either one of them because i'm in lake county. it's really awful. it's like a demon, that's what we call it in lake county, demon fires. >> thousands of people have been evacuated. jan, real quickly, obviously so
5:50 am
you were evacuated during the sulphur fire. your daughter is now being evacuated in relation to this fire in the spring valley area of lake county. >> yes. >> i know this is going to sound like an obvious question, but what have you been telling her, you know, what kind of advice have you been giving her besides, when they tell you to evacuate, you need to get out? >> oh, my daughter is very smart, she's 38 years old and she's very prepared. that's why she called us at 5:30 and said, we are going, we are getting out. so -- and her best friend is the fire chief, so she's very, you know, capable of getting herself together. i just didn't know if you all knew there is a new fire and new evacuations happening here in lake county. lake county doesn't get a whole lot of coverage as much as napa and sonoma, and that's understandable. and my daughter april also lives
5:51 am
in napa, so she's very close to the fires that are on partridge road. there's fires all around me. and i'm watching my hometown burn to the ground. it's heartbreaking. heartbreaking. and now my daughter is involved. >> and you're anxiety level i'm sure is just at an all-time high. >> oh, absolutely. i haven't been able -- i haven't been able to sleep. i mean, the day i came home from being evacuated, i slept like, oh, my god, i fell asleep immediately. but the last few days i can't stop watching the news, because i see friends' houses burning, i see people i know, places i've been, where i grew up. everything burning. it's awful. it's just awful. and my heart goes out to everyone that's suffering through all these fires. i mean, we have suffered it up here in lake county. so i know what people are going through in napa and sonoma and
5:52 am
santa rosa. i have friends in all those towns. i'm just heartbroken. that's really all i can say, chris, is i'm heartbroken. >> jan, thank you so much for sharing your perspective with us live on the air this morning. we'll continue to keep you and your family in our -- certainly in our thoughts. we want to turn now to abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard in sonoma county. cornell, where are you at, and what's the latest going on out there? >> reporter: chris, we're on lovall valley road here in sonoma county. we've been talking the mandatory evacuations all morning long. this is the reason why. flames are now visible on this ridge. they have been visible really for the last couple of hours. they are about five miles from where we are right now. but way too close as far as firefighters are concerned.
5:53 am
and patrick sedillo, if we can just pan to the right, we can see flames in another part of this valley right now. if you're wondering where i am, this is the northeast section of sonoma valley. as the crow flies, we are a couple of miles from the historic downtown sonoma square. in fact we're seeing some massive flames up there on the ridge right now, about five miles from where we are. sadly, embers from this fire, according to firefighters, have caught several homes on fire. we witnessed that in the last hour over on castle road, we saw several homes burning. there were some firefighters just monitoring the fire, monitoring that house fire, and keeping watch on other properties in the area. but the real firefight is on the front lines here in this wild land fire. smoke and flames, i think we might be showing that video right now. smoke and flames from this one particular home on castle road,
5:54 am
just pretty incredible. and firefighters again were telling everyone, as far as telling us that we just needed to back off. we certainly did. as far as folks who live in the area, people who live in the area, we have come across several people who said they have been warned several times to get out. in fact we just met a man -- we're showing some more flames here on the ridge, let's come back live and show these -- really a wall of flames that continues to lap this ridge in the northeast section of sonoma valley, not far from the town of sonoma and not far from populated areas. lots of homes, lots of vineyards in this area. let's get back to my last thought, we were talking to a man sitting in his car, in his driveway, and i said, sir, why are you still here, there's a
5:55 am
mandatory evacuation, how many times have you been told? he said, nine times he had been told, nine times, to get out of his home by the sheriff's department. in fact i believe we have a sheriff's office passing by here right now. we heard on loudspeaker, maybe 35 minutes ago, telling people to get out. hopefully, and it looks like that is the case, folks have heeded the warning. we haven't seen hide nor hair of really anyone in the neighborhood except that one particular man sitting in his car in his driveway. he did want to show us the smoke and flames on the ridge, we said yeah, we've seen them. he said he is going to stay in his home and just monitor the situation. again, very, very serious situation. we've got firefighters, an army of firefighters pretty much all around us on the ridge, in the neighborhoods, in the populated areas, trying to prevent this wall of flames from getting any closer.
5:56 am
that is the very latest from sonoma valley, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> cornell, we'll see you
5:57 am
5:58 am
good saturday morning to you. you can see the camera shaking here. we have gusty offshore winds throughout the morning hours, decreasing the relative humidity, and the temperatures coming up today. your day planner calling for temperatures in the 40s this morning with hazy sunshine. we will have that spare the air alert for unhealthy air throughout the day today. through the entire bay area except for the santa clara region. mid-80s here. the winds relax by the afternoon. so the critical winds from now until noontime. but they will be increasing in the valleys right after sunrise, chris. next on "abc 7 mornings" at 6:00 a.m., new mandatory evacuation orders issued this morning. we'll take you to the area officials are now
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