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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that includes a fighter who died after his truck rolled over in napa. >> evacuations were lifted today in parts of sonoma, mend see know, lake and napa counties. >> tonight the nones fire continues to burn toward the heart of napa valley. flames seen all day on the rooftops of oak valley of some wineries. abc 7 news reporter lesley brinkley with the fire fight from the air. >> reporter: deion and dan, let me emphasize, napa valley's 25 miles long, 2.5 miles wide. the particular stretch north of oakville grade, home to some of the the beloved wineries. people love to come up and check them out. they are still safe and sound today thanks to the efforts of firefighters. you can see the smokey mess it
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is up the hill west of napa valley. the fog visual all day long. >> the stag gert family is -- >> it's been an emotional roller coaster because you don't know who is getting hit with the fire next. >> reporter: they're 7 oacre lot includes a winery, they moved out all their furniture and art work. they hired three water trucks to wet down the perimeter. they have a lookout staged on highway 29 and bought a pump for their pools. >> we called our insurance company and they sent out private fire departments. >> private. >> private. a lot of people don't know they're here but they are. a lot of guy says there's a watch on 300 houses.
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we have had people staying here all week but we don't know if it's safe for them anymore. >> reporter: along this stretch of highway 329 the heart of napa valley, six choppers. zip back and forth between reservoirs and the burning ridgeline bufferining water all day long. along the oakville grade, an army of fire views and contract company waiting for their marching orders. >> they'll send us up to fine trees they know are going to be a problem. at this point we're getting our saws ready. >> reporter: many tasting rooms are closed. employees watch from the patio where customers usually enjoy sipping wine. there are no evacuation orders so these oakville wineries are
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safe for now. so still a smoky haze in the air here. the wineries as you can see behind me in that smoke. the fire is just up above the vineyards on the ridge top. firefighters successfully holding the line there today and keeping that fire from spreading down into the valley. reporting live i'm lesley brinkley, abc 7 news. that's the same area where a contract worker on the fire lines died today when his water tinder crashed. the guard tweeted this picture an hour ago showing members saluting that man as his body is driven by. laura anthony explains what happened. >> my hearts go out to obviously the family and the friends that are impacted by this. it has an impact on all of us. >> reporter: the death of a private contractor, water tinder driver marks the first fatality
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of the crews working on the front lines. the driver of this truck killed this morning after the rig was overturned. >> we'll be looking at evidence on the road, fire friction marks, gas marks. we're going to take a look at how far it went down the hill. >> reporter: the cab landed upside down on the hill. by mid-day a coroner'soroner'sos arrived to remove the body described only as a male. these parts have been a key part embedded with firefighters right up at the front lines. >> it's a critical piece of component in the fire department operation. we rely on these type of equipment to be able to have water up in these areas for firefighters to build their inn
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engines. >> reporter: the drivers are all trained before they're called upon. based on the look of there rig it drove from red bluff to help with the nearby fire fights. in santa rosa crews there are continuing the recovery efforts. this is video from the pine bluff home where you can see crews sifting through debris searching for victims. evacuations won't be lifted in the areas until they can conduct a thorough search. >> weather condition today are helping the crews a bit. meteorologist anchor spencer here with the details. >> winds which is light except for gust around 11 miles per hour. the wind is calmer than it has been and we have rain on the way. 50% chance of rain on thursday. 30% chance on friday. the system ranks one on the impact storm scale.
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it will bring much needed rainfall and the north bay could receive up to of rain. more on the forecast. >> that is nice to hear. the painful journey home has become evident for some people who return home and find debris and nothing else. the threat there is over today, the damage is done. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedmon live in kenwood with that story. >> reporter: all kind of stories out here. let's begin with highway 12 through kenwood. right now it's busy, it's been pretty much empty all day. this is the road people will use to find their homes in wenwood, oak about what ti oakmont and other areas. every person we talk to has a story, a little drama, where do you start?
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in the north bay this counted as progress on day eight. just smoke not flames. the fire fighting one of many battle ranges today. here's another, the counter intuitive battle to return home through the accident scescene o. >> been here every day to get through. >> reporter: lois wants to get down route 12. >> evacuations lifted but debris is still down. >> we're trying to do for others as we can. >> that's melissa and her husband austin filling buckets of water for neighborhood pets and animals that survivor the inferno. if you're wondering, yes, their home looks like this. >> whose helping you? >> my husband. >> reporter: and whose helping your husband?
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>> me. >> reporter: whose helping the two of you? >> god. >> reporter: person after person they keep coming. and it's nothing new for lois dickerson. this is the second home she's had that has burned. in wenwood, abc 7 news. 7 news.7 sonoma county say they are confident in the progress firefighters are making. more evacuation orders and advisories are being lifted. officials say if your house is in a burn area it could be days or weeks before you could get back in. >> we do have areas out there that are still evacuated. as soon as we can mitigate the threats of that but putting good control on these fires and making sure we're not putting people back into their homes and having to pull them back out the next day is illuminated. >> the sonoma county death toll
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stands at 23 and 80 people still listed as missing. the sheriff warn the death tolls could increase. north bay firefighters are heroes along with deputies, officers and orr first responders of course, who rushed in. some of them are victims too. abc 7 news reporter david luey introduces you to one of them whose dealing with a real twist of fate. accepting help with the job is normally to extend help. >> reporter: the tables have turned after his family's four-bedroom road burned to the ground. >> everything was incinerated. there's fog to salvage. i've been through here, my home, it's unbelievable. >> reporter: more than 40 first responders are if the same situation. imagine being on the fire lines when your own family
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>> you're engaged in rescuing people, meanwhile your family is calling you for help. we know that's a stretch for our people. >> reporter: so the fire department is stepping up, offering financial help. >> my first instinct is to push it away and so, no i got this, we can handle this, we're good. i have to allow people to help me. it's the first time i've been put in that position. >> reporter: the temperature reached 1500 degrees and it melted everything except for a plate and bowl that was in the dishwasher and a cell phone. >> it's extremely humbling but also it's uplifting because i have so many people reaching out. >> firefighters aren't used to disengaging with their victims when their job is don't. with images like this etched in their mind they're not going to forget this disaster for the rest of their lives. in santa rosa, david luey, abc 7
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news. >> amazing damage, terrible to see. donations needed for firefighters who lost homes. a fund raising web page has been set up to help. 100% of the money goes to the family of affected firefighters. we have a link to the website at strange position for them suddenly to be in. needing help instead of giving help. another family comes forward to share their story of rescuing 58 residence from a burning assist assisted living facility in santa rosa. >> you'll hear from a worker of that facility who say when he asked senior staff members if there was an evacuation plan, he got no response. a if you encounter a downed power line, you need to stay away from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe.
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chase. make more of what's yours. chase. aimmediately get everyone out of the building. call 911. the fire department and pg&e will respond immediately and figure out what the issue is and keep you safe.
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♪ tonight another family has come forward sharing how they rescued 58 people from an assisted living retirement community that burned to the ground. a building within oakmont senior community host elderly residence in wheelchairs and with dementia. we're hearing from a worker who was at the building. melanie woodrow broke this story last thursday and he's here with the story only on 7. >> an employee we spoke with described chaos, attempting to evacuate hundreds of residence from this facility. this is a video to show you of villa capris burning to the
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ground thursday night. a couple arrived at 2:00 a.m. to check on his mother. they say it was dark and no back up generator running. they say they asked three care givers who they met on site if there was an evacuation plan and they say they were told, no. a maintenance worker who was over in the main building tell abc 7 news, employees on duty did not have the combination to a lock box to access keys to buses and vehicles that could have been used to evacuate residence. he also said a senior employee told him to turn off the initial smoke alarm that sounded at about 12:30 a.m. abc 7 news asked that worker if there was an evacuation plan. >> i wasn't taught it if they do. in fact, i brought it up that night when one gentleman came in, he showed the fire we got back in the building, i brought up twice and i said what's your evacuation plan.
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i got no response. >> there was no commander and chief, no one in charge that could delegate so we'd all know what was going on. >> this oakmont senior living write quote, all of our communities have evacuation plans. we have three back up generators onsite. we were unable to areefer every where you know of our vehicles due to the zanger. and a smoke alarm was silent at 12:30 p.m. when the the fire wasn't posing any danger. coming up you'll see how a woman says they broke through a glass at villa capris after they got look locked out from rescuing the 58 residence. you'll hear from the maintenance worker as well as an attorney who filed a suit against this retirement living last month.
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this melanie thanks very much. you may notice a knew tool abc 7 is news to get an up-close look at the fires. check this out on sky 7 showing a video of santa rosa. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has a look at how it works. >> we're here at sky 7 where we're using a new feature called sky map 7 as we take a look at what was scorched and what survived. let's take a look at some of the images here. these are images from sky 7 with map data overlayed on top of them. you can see u.s. 101 and restaurants that have been destroyed. we can overlay place names on those restaurants so we can see what they were.
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apple bee's, mcdonald's, arby's totally destroyed. if we look up here we can see the giant k-mart store that was completely gutted by those flames. this is a tool we started using a month ago and it's a tool that has proven more useful than we expected in providing answers to some of the difficult questions in this fire. a neighborhood like coffee park over here, this is a neighborhood that was completely decimated by the flames. we can slow you what this neighborhood used to look like using a google earth overlay. this neighborhood was houses, trees and sidewalks. if we take that overlay away you can see what's left behind. absolute, heart breaking destruction. this is technology that was initially only available to members of the law enforcement community, we hear at abc 7 news are the first station to use it. it has proven useful in getting some of this information out to members of the community who are
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wondering what happened to their homes after this devastating wild fires, especially some of the area that is remain evacuated even after some of the flames ripped through them. we'll continue to use this technology so we can keep you updated in the wake of these fires. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> it is mind blowing the technology these days. >> really happy to bring that to people. and we're happy to talk about a change in the forecast favorable for the firefighters. spencer christian standing by with rain in the forecast. >> that's true, deion. then cooler air, humid air coming our way and cleaner air i might add. we have high clouds across the bay area, clouds are bright as we approach a sunset. let me give you a live look at conditions from the tower over san francisco. you can see the lingering high
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clouds. 79 degrees in san francisco, warm for this hour. 75, upper 70s in san jose. 64 at half moon bay. check out this sunset from our emoryville camera. 81 in san jose. 79 at liver more. we're showing this sunset to you from another angle, the east bay hills camera. breezy conditions with showers beginning late thursday, continuing into early friday. of course improved air quality and a lower fire risks. over night we'll continue to see haze in the north bay and high clouds elsewhere. low temperatures in the morning hours will range to upper 40s to low 50s in the bay area. tomorrow, high clouds. lower 70s around the bay,
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inland, 80s for the most part. wednesday, we'll see increase in the winds on the coast. it will be coming offshore, a flow of bringing us cooler marine air, higher humidity and lower fire risk. into thursday morning, wind increase will occur, head over advance funnel system that will bring us rainfall later in the week. it ranks one on a storm impact scale starting late thursday going into early friday. most of bay area will see light showers, the north bay will see a little rain in the system. starting thursday night about 11:00 we'll see rain moving into the north bay, spreading i understood land further south, and taper off. there could be snow over in the central sierra. in the bay area we're expecting generally under a tenth of an
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inch. in the north north north north h much needed rainfall. tomorrow will be another warm day but light win with slightly cooler conditions than we had today. much cooler wednesday, thursday and friday will feel more like fall. clearing skies over the weekend and warming up again next monday. >> you're making a lot of people happy. >> i hope so. fear is returning to relief tonight for residence in the fire zone of lake county. a fire burning there has destroyed
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two san francisco police officers recovering tonight after a driver slammed into their patrol car. abc 7 news ft in the sunset district after a bm w pair meskds took the bm w driver to the hospital. they're also suspected to survive. the traffic unit is trying to figure out who was at fault. state watchdogs turning up the pressure on wells fargo. the treasure announced he's extended sanctions against wells for another year.
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the penalty began after a bank admitted to opening millions of new accounts without their customers' knowledge. chong says he's concerned about reports of over questionable practices at wells fargo and wants more cooperation from management. >> throughout this series of scandals wells fargo has been evasive in responding to inquiries of customers, congressional and state lawmakers and may office. >> the treasurer's office will not investigate in wells fargo or use the bank as a -- we are learning of a death that may be related to smoke from the wildfires. >> we'll hear from a family of a 27-year-old santa rosa man who died yesterday. >> a good hug. and the power of positivity for fire survivors, how the
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little thing mean so much. and a team effort to fight the firefighters a look at the many state
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we start this half hour with new updates for thefire lines. >> more evacuations lifted. napa county on wooden valley road and on mont sell low road. and in santa rosa. >> evacuations were also lifted in mendocino, lake and napa counties. many cities have still in the dark because of fires and damaged equipment. 15,000 without natural gas. >> utilities working with the firefighters to get the lights turned back on and the gas hopefully by tomorrow night. do not relight your own pilot lights wait for pge to do that for you. >> some districts plan to reopen tomorrow including petaluma schools. four u.s. post offices in sonoma county that have closed because of the fires will be back open
6:31 pm
for full service tomorrow. three still remain closed. >> sonoma county says 80 people still reported missing. the fatality state wide is up to 42. new at 6:00 tonight a reaction to a tragedy, the family of a santa rosa man says he suffered a deadly asthma attack from the smoke from the wildfires. 27-year-old josh huff ner was taken off life support. his sister says he had an asthma attack on monday and wen to cardiac arrest. he was a registered >> he may have a chance to save a 1-year-old right now and that makes us happy. >> happener leaves behind a 5-year-old son. a gofundme page set up by family
6:32 pm
friends has raised $1,100 for funeral expenses. >> petaluma police arrested katy leonard as part of a check fraud investigation. police do believe the items were taken to vehicles left behind in burned out neighborhoods. right now they're working to contact the victims. we do have a full list of businesses damaged or destroyed. right at the home page of in wine country officials say at least 1500 homes and commercial buildings, including wineries and restaurants have been lost to the flames. not only did thousands of people loose their homes, hundreds are now unemployed. as businesses look to repair and rebuild one company is looking into social media for help. veronica miller with that story. >> reporter: what was once the
6:33 pm
wine country overlooking the city of santa rosa is now a mess of medal. >> we could definitely see that it was burning. >> reporter: from human resources director, not only did she lose her job she lost her second home, along with a place to see her 130 co-workers. >> some have lost their homes, they're everything. somebody has lost family members, somebody lost pets. >> reporter: county officials are seeing those folks and others asking for assistance. for a few days they've been coming here to the old press democratic build forget resources. >> we've seen people coming in looking for work. >> reporter: now olson is taking it upon herself to find her work family new homes. using the power of social media she sent out a plea to area businesses with all the position of employees tar now left without work. >> the only thing i knew how to do is get out there and try to
6:34 pm
reversal recruit. >> reporter: within hours thousands of people were calling, messaging and e-mailing her. >> i expected a several hundred shares as of now it's 8,000 shares. i already have seven employees that have started working. >> reporter: olson says she plans to send that list of jobs to other people outside of her company so everyone gets a chance to get back on their feet. in santa rosa, veronica miracle, abc 7 news. >> we're getting a clear understanding of just how much fire crew support is going into fighting these wildfires, amazing. take a look at this graphic posted on social media by cal fire. mutual aid has come in from 17 states. you see as far away as new york and australia. they provided fire engines as well as 135 fire crews and
6:35 pm
additional person tell. you can text to know date $10 to help. text red cross to 90999 you can call the number on your screen to volunteer. that number is there is a pet problem due to the wildfires and upnext we'll take the look at the situation at one animal shelter in the north bay. a lift from ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars.
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the fires have overwhelmed animal shelters in the north bay with pets his placed by the fire. you're taking a look at a pet shelter in santa rosa. others need have food and washed. >> we hold an animal until it becomes our animal i guess, when it's not claimed. in which case then, we can adopt it out. this is not in that circumstance and not normal so, those time frames don't apply to these
6:39 pm
animals. >> and take a look at this, some of the pet food, much donated that's been drivered to the shelter. we've heard about the endless hours and hard work formed by pge crews in the north bay, now we're looking at something extra by a utility server. molly showed this picture working with pge and the woman you see there has been caring for stranded cats while fixing power lines. fire evacuees in santa rosa can now get free rides to the local assistance center. the city is offering free trips to the center inside the old press democrat bui bui bui bui i mendocino avenue. service is offered from three santa rosa emergency shelters. the finley center, fairgrounds, veteran's building and lc island
6:40 pm
high school. and a center also opened in napa. it's the health and human services building at naep county drive. it's open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. today through friday. and 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on saturday and sunday. progress is being made on the suddenly far fire as well. the fire has charred more than 2200 acres in clear lake oaks. the area being patrolled in case of looting. the residence of mend seen foe county has been able to return home and see what's left of their home. the fire burning there is 57% contained but has destroyed acres and hundreds of people.
6:41 pm
eight people have died. >> here's a look at some of the animals affected in mendocino county. this picture was taken of a cat and a pig getting a ride home. naurnl guard members spotted a duck that survived the fire while in its cage. when our neighbors are in need abc 7 shows up. michael finney with 7 on your side will be at the evacuation center to help people affected by those fires. some see only tomorrow. for a list of all locations head to officials
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tourism is the life blood for napa and sonoma county. >> that's correct. for sonoma it's a $2 billion industry. >> abc 7 news reporter carolin tyler looks at the economic impact of the wildfires. >> reporter: when tourist come to san francisco they often include a visit to the wine country because of the the trip.
6:45 pm
the wildfires has made a change of plans and a temporary set backs from the daily bus excursions run by tours. >> we're looking at bookings cancelled and snu bookings not made because of what happened. >> reporter: the heart of that community benefits district tells us the inferno up north may not be having the impact u that you think. >> this is the entire year where we're seeing less of the international and out of state visitor and seeing most of the region travellers. >> reporter: the san francisco hotel is collaborating with its wine counter parts trying to find space that had bookings disrupted by the fires. >> it could be anything from company meetings or retreats, to weddings people have been
6:46 pm
planning. >> reporter: the hotels are offering discounted rooms for napa and residence that have been displaced. the images of deaf station are haunting but most of the region are untouched. the head of the sonoma valley bureau expects when the smoke clears it will be back to business. >> it's been a long ride for all of us, we're exhausted and tired. i think the business operations will resume quickly and there will be a rebound. >> carolin tyler, abc 7 news. >> i talked to on t in the wine business they opened today for the first time and trying to get back on their feet. >> yeah, everybody wants to know how with the rain increase. >> here's a look at live doppler.. today was a warm day, over day
6:47 pm
will be partly cloudy. tomorrow's going to be another relatively warm day but cooler than today. we'll see this cooling trend continue later in the week. speaking of later in the week we'll have rain coming our way. we'll have shift in the wind to offshore. the rain fall system breaks one of the impact scale. much needed rainfall for the north here's the south dakoeven-day f. we had highs near 90. spencer thank you. >> a lot of sports to talk about. lion backer has a new team. warriors kick off the regular season, hosting the
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warriors tip off the regular season tomorrow hosting the houston rockets and will receive their championship rings from last year. doors open at 5:30.
6:51 pm
assistant head coach stop by earlier and i asked him how distracting it's going to be getting the ring before they face jim hard enand the rockets. >> i'll take the distraction. it's awkward but i'm looking forward to it. tomorrow night should be a fun night. >> let's talk about the west, houston rockets picked up chris paul, okc, so everybody's trying to create the super team the warrior's have created. i think the west is going to be tougher this year. >> it seems like everybody thas mvp all stars or potential candidates come west. it's scary but it's fun. you live for the competition of things. i think there year is going to be more competitive than any other year i've been in the league. >> the toughest thing to do in sports is to repeat as champion.
6:52 pm
you guys fknow that going in. have you guys talked about how that have it is to repeetd? >> we are talented, there's no secret about that. what wooes going to push on them on a daily basis are the small thing. the small thing people don't see that can help you get over the hump especially with you go get complacent. >> lion backer larry baldwin was released last week. today he signed a one year deal with the raiders for $3 million. they will not be playing him as much as they'd like they reached an agreement to go their separate ways. navarro wanted to go to a contender. some say the super bowl raiders may not be that at a 2-3 start.t bowman may play which may have a lion backer which the raiders need. >> it's a veteran guy, played a
6:53 pm
lot of good ball over the years. we're excited to have him. we're a little green at the lion backer position so to have somebody with the experience that he has, we think it's a nice edition for us and we'll get him up to speed and see how quickly we can get them there on the field. >> speaking of the youth movement, rookie quarter cj against the cowboys sunday at levi stadium. he took over for brian horder and they lost to washington. he performed well. pass to andre, his first as a pro. 0-9 niners needed to see what they had in betham for next year's draft. this week will be different fcj knowing he's going to start all week. >> i was -- adjustments, he's going to see a lot of things he hasn't seen before and that will
6:54 pm
change each week. it will probably change each quarter. how does a guy handle that stuff. i've seen a lot of guys come many and struggle early and learn from it and be pretty good. i've seen guys come in and play very well, things change and they don't adjust that well. >> and of course larry beal and myself will be live tomorrow night for the season opener. >> don't try to touch the trophy. yeah. tonight at 9:00 on coffey t.v. cable 13 and right here at abc 7 news at 11:00. a santa rosa hospital shows its surveillance as the fire approaches. on abc 7 news at 11:00 they lost nearly everything in the fire but feeling relief after learning a family treasure survived. that story for you. >> that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter, on abc news bay area on
6:55 pm
facebook as well. >> thank from all of us. see owe again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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