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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> dramatic new video tonight shows a santa rosa neighborhood before the fire hit and after it burned hundreds of homes. >> but first, two new fires threaten homes in the east bay and the santa cruz mountains. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm dion lim. ama daetz is on maternity leave. one of those two fires continues to burn in the santa cruz mountains. >> it's destroyed four structures and right now 150 more are in danger and they've been evacuated. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo is live from an evacuation center in felton tonight. katie. >> dan, dion, i just walked with a woman here at the red cross shelter. she and her husband lived in a yurt on roms road. tonight it's gone and she told me they barely escaped with their lives. >> i thought i'm going to die, he's going to die too because we
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can't get out. >> reporter: sandra wood had gone to safeway for groceries monday night and as she returned to her street she saw the hillside was a wall of flames. when she reached her husband and dog at home, she said embers were already on the driveway. >> my husband said if there's anything you that want you better take it now because that's it. so i got my dad and my brother's urn. >> they escaped alerting neighbors along the way but one man stayed behind and delivered the news about the homes. >> he said his was gone and just all of us on the ridge. >> reporter: when the fire broke out monday night around 10:30 santa cruz county sheriff's department went door to door, evacuated between 150 and 200 homes. >> for the folks who have evacuated we're going to keep teams and deputies up here all through the night and until it's over. >> as law enforcement works to protect property some 600 firefighters are trying to contain the flames. 150 structures remain threatened and the fight is not easy because of the dry brush and steep terrain. >> we've had trees falling and a
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lot of material that's burning, that rolls down the hill. and ignites fires below. >> as we saw in the north bay, there are animals in harm's way as well. volunteers with equine evac are on the job. in felton katie marzullo, abc 7 news. the second fire in dublin got dangerously close to homes today. it burned northeast of downtown. homes were evacuated including on straw drive. that's where abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard is live. cornell, people had just minutes to get out. >> reporter: yeah, dan, a very scary afternoon. about 200 residents back in their homes tonight. that fire was stopped before it reached this neighborhood. one homeowner says with so many wildfires burning in our region she knew what to do. >> we started seeing flames on the mountains. >> reporter: masuri nambi knew there was no time to waste, a grass fire was closing in fast on her dublin neighborhood. >> we were just ready to move.
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>> reporter: those evacuation orders came down around 4:00 p.m. the family's bags packed with clothes and important documents. sky map 7 shows where the fire was burning and how dangerously close it got to homes. for a time flames outran fire crews. cal fire assisted with air drops of retardant to slow the burn. many shared video of the fire on social media. the smoke could be seen for miles. >> what did you take? >> the purse and the cat and dog. >> reporter: the exodus seemed orderly with little panic. masuri admits watching the north bay wildfires on tv gave her family reason to prepare. >> we saut news for santa rosa and saw people standing in lines. it was really scary. but we never thought we'll come just by our door one day. >> from my perspective it went according to plan and we appreciate the residents working with us to maybe sure they're safe. >> the cause of the fire still
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unknown. in dublin cornell barnard, abc 7 news. what are the most important things to grab if you're evacuated? we've got the expert's lits on our website, along with nor cal guidelines for stocking your emergency kit and preparing an emergency plan. >> important information, check that out when you can. firefighters working with favorable conditions. sandhya patel. >> definitely favorable conditions for the firefighter. take a look at live doppler 7. you will notice the cloud cover has increased. that has raised humidity and the winds are really light across the area. this is near the bear fire. they're calm to about four miles an hour. that should help the firefighters. as we head into tomorrow morning still remaining calm. going into 11:00 a.m. the winds do come up a little bit but they're still generally under ten miles an hour. and this trend continues into tomorrow night. hopefully they can make? quick progress. in the north bay winds are light
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and we expect those winds willto remain light until thursday afternoon. take a look at what's going to happen ner the north bay fires. winds will begin to increase around 3:00 in the afternoon, close to 20 miles an hour at clearlake and topping that and evening hours.the afternoon there's reason for this. we are tracking a cold storm that is going to come down from the gulf of alaska and that is going to bring about changes in the weather. how that will play into the forecast for the firefighters plus a look at when you need the umbrellas coming up. >> thanks, sandhya. now to the wildfires in the north bay. tonight more evacuations are being lifted. >> fema officials are now on the ground ficki infiguring out how remove debris and get evacuees rental assistance or into hotels. >> several napa schools that were set to reopen this week will remain closed because of poor air quality. that includes napa valley unified and st. helena unified. >> tonight cal fire reports a big jump in containment on the nuns fire to 87% now.
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the tubbs fire is also 87% contained. and the atlas fire is at 80% and the pocket fire is holding steady at 58%. the coffey park neighborhood in santa rosa is still off limits to residents after fire decimated the tight-knit community. tonight we have new video showing what it was like just before and after the flames hit. abc 7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is inside the evacuation zone on kerry lane where lisa, a family actually asked you what was left of their destroyed home. >> reporter: yeah, dion, sometimes it's hard not to get involved with a family that shares their experience with you and when they asked me to see what was left of their home this is what i sent them. i also showed them that these wrt two cars that they cherished. and finally i really just told them this is all that's really still standing, this bench, and it actually made them smile because they said their guests
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passed it every time they came to visit. this was the home dwayne and pamela lived with three kids, where they shared meals and made memories. and this is what's left of the two-story house. >> it's like a war zone. it's like a bomb went off. and i don't know, i just feel lucky we got out. >> there's no going back. we have to start over. >> they like so many others in coffey mark had only minutes to get out before the fire engulfed their homes. they escaped with the clothes on their back and their phones in their pocket and that's about it. >> we're going to have to adjust if we're going to rebuild our city. >> reporter: because coffey park sticks together. that's what long-time residents tell me. it's a place where kids set up corner stands and brothers who've moved away -- >> safely this time. >> -- return to visit and skateboard through their old neighborhood. this is one of the last recordings of coffey park, taken the day before the fire.
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john and joy belcamino rode through the park's playground. this is the same playground and this is the moment they saw thfr grandmother's house, the place they grew up in, burned to the ground. >> we're blessed we got that footage but it was hard for us to put that video together. >> ten members of the buencamino family lost their homes that night. they all say they'd like to return to this community one day. in santa rosa lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> the con fracontrast is just . michael finney, the team will be all week taking your questions. today they set up at the sonoma county fairgrounds in santa rosa to help wildfire victims. >> tomorrow 7 on your size will set up at rars locations. follow abc 7 news on social media throughout the day. for where to file michael. for the rest of the week --
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just ahead a man jumps from the bushes and stabs a teenage girl headed to school. >> who came to her rescue and what police want to know about her attacker tonight. >> plus some bad news for an east bay brewery just days after it threw a last-minute wedding reception for fire victims. that's ahead but first here's a look at what's coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" right after abc 7 news at 11:00. jimmy. >> thanks, dan and dion. tonight we are in brooklyn, new york. >> do you feel like you miss it? >> no. some parts -- no, i don't. i miss wearing makeup. [ laughter ] >> well, sure.
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her while she headed to classes this morning in oakland. this morning's attack happened about 100 feet away from street academy high school. this is at 29th and summit streets in the pill hill area. witnesses say a man jumped from the bushes and stabbed the girl with a knife. >> it's become clear that she had no relationship with this individual, didn't know him, had never seen him before, and somehow for some reason he attacked her. >> now, the school district also tells us one of the victim's classmates, a passing driver, and a worker at a nearby business all rushed in to help get that suspected attacker away from the girl. police captured him nearby. new developments in san jose, where tonight the city council voted to require gun owners to lock up their firearms when they leave home. owners must store guns in a locked container or disable guns with a trigger lock. supporters say this will keep the firearms out of the hands of burglars. opponents believe criminals will become even more daring because they know the guns will be locked up. new at 11:00, a popular east
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bay brewery is closing its doors after 23 years. black diamond brewery in concord posted this picture on facebook today. take a close look. a sign says "due town fortunate circumstances the locks have been changed and the brewery is closed for the foreseeable future." the brewery didn't say why it's closing. on saturday the brewery threw a last-minute wedding reception even after a couple's venue in napa was destroyed. all right. well, moving on, a celebration for the warriors tonight before they took on another super team, the houston rockets. abc 7 news sports director larry beil is live at oracle with more. tonight started better than it ended. >> reporter: absolutely correct, dan. for the second year in a row the warriors lose on opening night. it was the rockets who came away with a win at the buzzer. 122-121. let's rewind a few hours to all the fun and the excitement.
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as the rings got distributed and they unveiled the new championship banner that will hang in the rafters here at oracle arena. swaggy p, nick young set a warriors opening night record with six threes. led the dubs with 23 points. but with only ten seconds left warriors down one. steph curry with a miss. shawn livingston tips it out to kevin durant, who appears to beat the buzzer but upon further review you see the red light. his hand was still on the ball. no bablth, does not count. the rockets win the opener 122-121 your final. >> i think the right outcome happened. we deserved to lose. they outplayed us. we looked tired. i don't think we're in good enough shape yet to play a 48-minute game against a great team. >> it's a great thing when you've got teammates telling you to shoot the ball and having that much confidence in you. that's what you've got to do, be confident, go out there and play may role. >> reporter: and draymond green got hurt late in the third quarter, was not available in
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the fourth when the warriors desperately needed reenbounds a could not get them. they lose on opening night. more on draymond and the rest of this game coming up later on in sports. back to you in the studio. >> that's a little bit of a bummer but what a great night all the way around. thanks, larry, very much. the ring ceremony sounded like it was very fun. >> no kidding. i was saying blinded by the diamonds. let's turn our attention to the full weather forecast. >> still people thinking about two things, the wind and the rain, sandhya. >> yeah. and dion and dan, we are going to be seeing the winds come up a little bit but definitely the rain is in the forecast, which is good news for the firefighters. i do want to shoi right now from our sfo camera what it looked like this evening as we saw the return of fog and also watch as the sun is getting ready to set how we start to see some haze and smoke in the air there, the reddish hues. that is the smoky skies from the wildfires that are burning. and the air quality will continue to remain moderate to poor tomorrow, which is why a
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smoke advisory and a spare the air alert is up for your wednesday. thursday we still have some areas of moderate to poor air quality but we certainly will see an improvement as the rain begins to move in. and friday gets even better. so in case you're wondering as far as rainfall goes we're now only bringing in a chance of some rain on thursday. doesn't look like it's going to linger until friday, but thursday is going to be the key day for those firefighters to really help them gain the upper level -- upper ground here with the firefighting efforts. here's a look at a live picture from our abc 7 news exploratorium camera. you're looking at coit tower, and it is surrounded by the marine layer. this is what you're going to wake up to tomorrow morning. live doppler 7 also seeing some high clouds above the marine layer and that is adding to the higher humidity in the air that we're feeling today. it was a little cooler this afternoon, by the way. and that trend is going to continue. temperatures right now in the 40s to the 60s. already feeling the crispness of
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fall in the air. from our east bay hills camera, there you see the the layer of fog that is around tonight. hazy and smoky again tomorrow. rain arrives thursday afternoon, evening, and it is going to be cooler, more humid through friday. a look at your morning commute planner. if you are driving tomorrow, watch out there, will be some foggy areas. murky skies if you're taking the ferry across the bay, and certainly use caution. if you're walking, there will be both smoke and fog around. so if you're sensitive to smoke, this is something you'll want to keep in mind. tomorrow morning starting off cool enough to where you'll need that sweater or jacket. low 40s to the low 50s. tomorrow afternoon. those temperatures are going to drop. we're going low 60s to the low 80s at best. hazy skies will continue. there will still be areas of smoke, especially near the santa cruz fires and the santa cruz county area and also in the north bay. but can't rule it out elsewhere. tomorrow night breezy along the coastline. the winds die down as we head into thursday morning only to increase again as we head into thursday night. so they'll be topping over 20 miles an hour. the good thing is the winds will be coming off the cool ocean air
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bringing higher humidity into the forecast for your thursday. that wind coming up as a level one system arrives thursday afternoon, evening. we're looking at light rain aywhere from a trace to 2/10 of an inch of rain with those winds increasing. here's the hour by hour look as to when you can expect some damp roadways. 12:00 thursday. a few light showers begin to develop in the north bay. watch what happens at 3:00. steady moderate to possibly briefly heavy rain in mendocino county. elsewhere some lighter showers in the north bay, spreading by 5:00 p.m. across the central bay. at 7:00 p.m. that steady rain's in the north bay. it sinks southward at 8:00. thursday night, continuing into 10:00, 11:00 p.m. and this will turn to a mix of rain and snow in the sierra nevadas. snow levels will be pretty high. but if you're traveling there keep that in mind. 2k0u7b8d the accuweather app and check out live doppler 7 so you can track this storm anytime you want. in terms of rainfall totals here in the bay area a tenth to about 15/100, isolated areas will tick v pick up about .2 of app inch.
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cooler couple of days. noticeably so on thursday when a level one system comes, in upper 50s to low 70s. showers expected in the afternoon, evening. clearer and cooler on friday, only to dry it out, warm it up as we head into the weekend. we're not expecting strong winds over 9 weekend. it will certainly be warmer next we ♪ ♪
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good evening, everybody. larry beil live at oracle arena. the warriors got their rings tonight, their championship rings, but did not get the win. they needed a tenth of a second more. the rockets escape with a one-point victory. let us check out some bling. that is the new championship ring. and you see all the rings right there. kevin durant gets his first championship ring. steph curry with his second. also winning in 2015. the warriors unveiling a new championship banner hanging in the rafters. to the game itself. swaggy p. nick young. would you believe he led all
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scorers for the dubs? 20 of his 23 coming in the first half. he had six threes. end of the third, though, trouble. draymond green a point away from a triple-double. left with a left knee strain. no update on his condition. but the warriors couldn't get a rebound late when they needed. that changed everything. steph curry, who had 22, puts the dubs up seven. rockets charge book. trevor ariza for three. makes it a one-point game. 1:35 left. dubs up 122-118. harden, who had 27, makes another one-point game. free throws put the rockets up. eight seconds left, steph with a miss, rebound tapped out to durant for the win! no. so close. but the replay shows the red light is on. the ball still in his hands. it does not count. the rockets somehow get the w. 122-121 the final. >> i think the right outcome happened. we deserved to lose. they outplayed us. we looked tired. i don't think we're in good enough shape yet to play a
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48-minute game against a great team. >> it's a great thing when you've got teammates telling you to shoot the ball and having that much confidence in you. that's what i've got to do, is just be confident, go out there and play my role. >> steph curry said hey, last year he lost by 29 on opening night. tonight we only lost by one. so we're getting better. he had the right mood. on a more serious note we talked about draymond green. andre iguodala didn't play because of a strained back. injuries might be the only thing that really derails this warriors club from another championship. and we have another injury to show you. really this was gruesome tonight. earlier from the boston celtics-cleveland cavaliers game. we'll show you the video as gordon hayward, who was about six minutes into his debut with the celtics, falls down and breaks his ankle. it was a gruesome sight. nobody wanted to look at it. they put hayward in an air cast quickly and took him off the court, but his season is done after only about like six minutes in boston. really terrible scene there. let's move to the ice with the sharks hosting the montreal
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canadiens tonight. and san jose needed their big guys to step up. first period here's one of them. big hop off the boards leads to an easy goal for logan couture to make it a 1-0 shark lead. then in the second tomas hertl redirects. his second of the season. makes it 3-1 team teal. and then the captain joe pavelski. his first goal. and then smartly kicks the puck to couture for his second of the game. joe thornton adds an empty netter for his first. and the sharks win 5-2. sharks a winner. alcs. yankees win to even that. dodgers beat the cubs. so they're up 3-0 in the nlcs. and the warriors lose by one. and the -- they've got a disney on ice show.
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all right. we appreciate your hey! you're going to pay for this! okay. >> stop calling me farris. >> stop calling me farris. >> i'm trying to enjoy my day off! ♪ >> dicky: from brooklyn, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, david letterman, and music from fifth harmony, brought to you by google home mini, with cleto and the cletones featuring paul shaffer, and now, what's your problem, here's jimmy kimmel!


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