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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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month sonic avenue. >> the suspect found at 3:30 at ellis and le venue wood six blocks from the crime scene. >> melendez has the latest on the officer's condition. >> but starting with vick lee with new details about the arrest. vick. >> reporter: right over there is where police arrested the suspect. we got here 45 mins ago the -- he was transferred to a black and quite as he were shooting the street. police source telling us he has a long wrap sheet. he was just picked up recently on some kind of police hold. it started this afternoon not far from here on turk between
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venice and frank lynn and that's where the suspect allegedly ran down the officer. it happened just before 12: p this afternoon between turk treat and venice. police have yet to release the suspect's name. a large group of officers tended to him as they waited for an ambulance. a police bike sickle on the ground nearby. the officer is part of a tern loin bicycling unit. a little while ago san francisco police spokesman splien what happened. >> this afternoon at 12:21 p.m. the officers were conducting an investigation. they observed a suspect in a vehicle they believed was in position of a firearm. >> reporter: according to police sources the suspect was at the
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gas station at turks and franklin when he saw the police and took off. the suspect drove to the panhandle with the officer on the case. he reportedly dumped the suv. and ran towards apartments. the large contingent of police on foot, horses and dirt bikes canvas the area looking for the driver. so the suspect has been caught. in fact he was caught right here in the tender loin right behind me. in the meantime, the police officer is in critical condition and the police are asking for prayers tonight. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> let's continue or coverage now with abc leann melendez. >> reporter: and here's what we know so far, the officer was in
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surgt for several hours. he is now in the intensive care unit. his wife we are told is by his side, his condition is critical. police waisted no time in getting him here at san francisco general. we have cell phone video of the ambulance riving at san francisco general, escorted by several motorcycles and police cars. and one of our scanners, we can hear how police were brocking traffic and freeway onramps just to get here. we've seen this of course before when an officer is down. as you can see there, the officer is taken out of the ambulance and quickly wheeled into the emergency room. the mayor of santa rosa ed lee was here. the fire chief and of course the top brass. the officer we are told has been with the department for four years. >> this is a tough day for the san francisco police department and the city and county of san francisco.
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the mayor was here earlier, i spoke to supervisor brie and i advised her of the situation and everyone's taking it hard. i just spoke with some of the officers from the affected station and everyone's having a tough time with this. so, i ask the public to keep the officer in their prayers. >> reporter: the last update we received was right about 5:00, just before 5:00, we don't expect police to come out this evening unless there is something that changes. i'm live from san francisco general hospital, melendez, actions abc 7 news. okay now to the wild fire, another body recovered bringing the death toll there to 24. cal fire reported good news. today the forward progress and museum of all of the fires have been stopped. more evacuation orders have also been lifted.
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officials still stress patience. >> there's a process we have to follow to open up these areas for people to get back into where they lived or see they're property if it's been damaged. we're doing it as fast as we can. we're working hard to get you back to where you need to be. >> in sonoma county more than 6,000 people let back into their homes since yesterday afternoon. firefighters could get big help starting tomorrow. >> which would be great. we're talking about rain potentially. spencer here with the weather. >> helpful weather on the way, here's a look at live doppler 7. the wind has been light to moderate in most locations down near the bear fire. most locations have breezes under 10 miles per hour. up in the north bay, it's breezy at clear lake with gust up to 19 miles per hour. it's been busy in the nones and mims fire.
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here comes the rain moving into pacific northwest. it ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, it will arrive tomorrow evening. best cans of significant rain is between 8:00 p.m. and midnight. i'll give you a closer look at the notice ls we're expecting and the timing in just a few minutes. dan and christian. san francisco survived the north bay wild fire but they're fwon to be closed at least through the rest of this month. >> reporter: have you tried getting past the road blocks on mark west and san francisco. getting to africa might be faster and easier. even though an african type experience is six miles down the road, safe rhie west, a wild fire preserve somehow
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>> reporter: 1,000 animals representing eight different species none were killed or injured. when the fire roared through here the winds were blowing 80 miles an hour. a f sasa far rhie west was right behind it. it did lose buses, jeep, equipment and lots of fences which means plenty of digging right now. not one animal escaped. >> that would be a very scary thing. >> reporter: because? >> because they're wild animals. >> reporter: spared in this case by a wild fire that took everything else. this park plans to reopen in two weeks. what's that word again. miracle.
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in east san francisco. wayne freed mono, abc 7 knewings. a family whose home was almost destroyed are suing the couple was awakened by the smell of smoke last monday morning, they left their home with their pets and a laptop not thinking they wouldn't have anything to return to. >> everything of any value to us personally was in that house. >> if there's responsibility to be born by pg & e we need to find out. >> we received a statement from pg & e. it said we aren't going to speculate about any causes of fire and will cooperate with any reviews by any regularity or agency. president trump tweeted about the wild fire in california for the first time. he said our hearts are all
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affected by the wildfires in california. god bless our heart first responders and teams we support you. a firefighter trying to control the fires in the mountain was rushed to the hospital after being burned. the firefighter was hurt at 4:30 this afternoon and flown to a hospital in a ambulance. the fire has burned 236 acres. today cal fire airplanes and helicopters were temporarily grounded affidavit a drone was spotted over the fire zone. >> if we have aircraft flying over the area that are not ours we can't provide that support to the firefighters on the grown. >> four structures burn, 150
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others threatened. evacuations remain in place. a bolder creek man has been arrested, accused of looting one of those homes. 54-year-old marlon coy was found in possession of $15,000 of stol stolen jewelry and a mountain bike. hear the stories of california national guard troops, who while selflessly serving others also dealing with losses of their own. i'm michael fenny with tricks and tips for dealing with fema. how to get what you need and more. a massive atmospheric river how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing.
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we are learning tonight become the heroic efforts and acts carried out by some of evacuation guards who had to vacate wait their own homes. >> reporter: while the coffey park fire was leveling entire nabtds, lieutenant kern nell chris angle was on the phone with local and state energy officials try to figure out how bad thing were. >> and that's when the knock came on my door. >> reporter: he called one of his officers who lives nearby and told him to get out. >> outside of our house we could see it was orange. then i believe was the coffey park location. >> reporter: san francisco's coffey park area was devastated by fire. the two officers evacuated their
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wives and kids to the safest place they could think of. the national guard army where they worked. both sent their families to stay with relatives outside the fire zone. then took -- rein forced with soldiers outside the region and state. >> we've been assisting with the search and recovery operations. we've been manning the evacuation shelters and providing functions on behalf of the emergency operation center. >> my guys are doing well, they enjoy being here and want to be apart of the fight and they're professionals. >> reporter: fortunately the fires never reached the neighborhoods and the officer' families are back in their homes today. >> they are the bravest people i've ever seen. >> reporter: the people who live in san francisco feel the same way about the national guard and
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the first responders who have helped to save many many lives in the north in san to rosa, eric thomas. abc 7 news. all state insurance hosted a pizza launch at the sonoma county fairgrounds to thank the firefighters for their work to contain the fires. >> actually these fires involved, knowing how hard and difficult there work is for first responders, we wanted to make sure they knew how grateful we are for how hard their working. >> along is pizza and soda all state provided calling cards for the soldiers. >> truly touching to see how people are helping out. when our neighbors are in need abc 7 news up too. >> michael fenny and 7 on your
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side will be out to help with people with the wildfires. michael is live in napa. hi michael. >> good afternoon. we're here as you can see, it's beginning to wrap up, we're closing at 7:00. 7 on your side has been here all day along with dozens of other companies. 200 people came through here today. the big draw of course is fema. i want to go over some of the tips and tricks of dealing with fema so you get what you want and need. paul here is with fema. you've said today there's a time line you must follow. >> absolutely. you have 60 days to register. after 60 days you're not qualified for any before the through the government. if you don't want to come down, which we'd encourage you to do, you can do it on the phone. 1 800-331-3362.
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or >> reporter: the important thing to is to get register requested you can backfield after that? >> absolutely. register, get your number, we'll get funds to you. get on the list. right now we have 4 million americans that are registered from disasters throughout the united states. we're here registering people but we can get you in at any time. we're open from 9:00 to 7:00. >> nobody here all week, and as a matter of fact on saturday and sunday they're going to be open until 5:00 at night. this is right as you're entering napa is where we're located here. it's one of the service center. i think health and human services for the county. if you need an exact address go to our website.
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reporting in napa, michael fenny. 7 on your side. tomorrow michael rehab at the assistant center. for a list of all locations maybe you can make one of them, go to napa county has cancelled all of its flu clinics for the time. the county says they'll be rescheduled. some rain is in our forecast and it's part of a quite impressive system. the rain heading to the bay area tomorrow is at the bottom of a massive 5,000 mile long river that spans the full width of the pacific ocean from asia to north america. expected to different up to 12 inches of rain in washington, and 8 inch 0 inches of snow in
6:19 pm
vancouver. >> it is mind boggling. there's no tiptoeing into kind of a winter season. spencer we welcome the rain. >> we do indeed. that river's going to flow forcefully into the north coast. take you to our projection for rainfall total ls in the pacific northwest. we're expecting from an inch and a quarter in seattle. up to 1.35 inches in portland... projection's called for over a third of an inch, it could be more than that. here's a live view from our east bay hill cameras showing haze in the air. it's improved over the last days or so. here's a few looking at clouds pushing out over the bay and san francisco where it is 51. oakland 55.
6:20 pm
59 mount view. san francisco 55. 53 at half moon bay. here at san francisco looking back at clouds, 58 degrees in santa rosa. napa 63, 57 navarro, 74 68 liver more. beautiful sunset looking western from emoryville. these features will rive tomorrow in the afternoon, north bay for us and pushing inland later. much cooler pattern will develop and continue through friday. we'll see a warm lg trend developing over the weekend. over night look for clouds and low clouds. low temperatures will range from 50s to the mid-50s. tomorrow under cloudy skies cooler day with highs ranging from upper 50s at the coast. upper 60s near the bay and inland as well. maybe a few locations we'll top
6:21 pm
out at 7 os. the rainfall system ranks 1 on scale of intensity. it will rain tomorrow evening from 8:00 p.m. to midnight. most locations we'll see light rain or showers and it'll be breezy tomorrow night. forecast starting 7:00 tomorrow morning, scattered showers will develop in the afternoon hours. in the evening more widespread rain and steadier rain moving into the north bay first then pushing southward and eastern later tomorrow night. by early friday morning we'll see the system breaking up. rainfall totals will range from quart of an inch to half an inch. half inch generally towards the north bay and generally quarter of an inch over in the north bay area. and -- southwest swell is spreading into the coastal
6:22 pm
waters. heights could reach 25 feet. back to the accuweather seven-day forecast after the eastern rain. by monday we'll see high temperatures, inland, back to the upper 80s. >> thank you spencer. next at 6:00, getting kids affected by the north bay fire smiling and riding again. >> the kind gesture by the wing plan and he could use your help. >> leonardody vin which i's (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort)
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see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. the southern fire district is collecting bike ls for some of the youngest victims of the wildfires. >> they already have more than 100. brandon tire supply gave $500 to buy more bikes. >> if you'd like to help you can drop off a bike at the southern plea rin -- may rib center. >> firefighters say they'll be collecting through around thanksgiving so they can distribute the bikes to kids before christmas. >> you can help as well by texting to donate $10 to the red
6:26 pm
cross. text the word red cross to the 90999. call the number on your cell phone to volunteer, 707-577-7600. next, facing a sufficient reality in santa rosa tomorrow. >> they're handling and emotionally processing this -- >> schoplans for -- school planr what's next. i'm michael fenny with an insiders guide to file for unemployment. a big thank you in the first bay tonight for all our first
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no matter the crisis, no matter the calamity, i am so grateful to each and every of you. thank you so much. >> words of gratitude from the president of sonoma state university, herself a victim of the north bay fires. judy and her husband lost their
6:30 pm
home last week. >> today she led the campus in thanking first responders for their efforts. classes resumed this morning ten days after the fire devastated that area. in santa rosa fire zone an will remember school burned dwn. the community is rallying to help out. many of them also lost their homes. >> here's lesley brinkley with the story. >> reporter: this was hidden valley satellite school. kindergarten through 2nd grade, it's gone. it's hard to discern what was one desks or playground. these schools will go to hidden valley elementary where the school psychologist lost his own home. >> at least two people on county to deal with mental health support. >> 144 kids lost their home and our school site. yeah about 80 some odd kids are
6:31 pm
going to come and join us and we welcome them with open arms. >> you all have to be the ones, if you're in a place to be the rocks for everyone else. >> reporter: an army of counsellors started bracing for schools to start back up. >> one over the thing the school is concerned about is the text books and musical instruments, and things that are precious to them that they're worried about. and what we told them is not to worry about that. >> reporter: schools and the fire zones are not losing out on state funding because they're closed nor will they have to make up for lost days. schools have to be scrubbed for soot and smoke damage. >> we have many of our own professionals that say they are not ready to comestill. they are handling and emotionally processing this.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: this is helping, a donation center where kids can find toys, books and clothes. their overwhelmed with people from the communities. in santa rosa i'm lesley brinkley, abc 7 news. >> if you want to donate money or gift cards to help the student, we have a link on our website, >> let's head back to michael finney. >> michael has been been in napa all afternoon taking a lot of questions from people affected by these wildfires. michael. >> reporter: what's been interesting about this are the people who seem the most upset are the people who lost their jobs. homes can be rebuilt.
6:33 pm
if you lose your job, uh-oh. that's why we have this guy out here. >> in situations like this a lot of times people get misinformation, one of their co-workers will tell you, oh we can't file bauds it was only for one week. we want people to know to contact the edd at file claims because you don't know you may be eligible. >> so don't make asulkss. >> that's correct. >> the state is here as they're always are but the feds kick in too right? >> that's right. >> reporter: tell me about that. >> first you have to file a aid in california if you're able to check in california, california will pay. if you aren't able to, we'll kick it over to the federal government. >> reporter: normally you have to wait a week, that's not true
6:34 pm
now, right? >> yes, michael. the government has declared a state of emergency. as a result of that the one-week period has been waived. people will be able to check benefits during october 8th week. >> reporter: so if i show up today the money start back then? >> that's right. roep thank you for being here. the bottom line is you haven't done this before probably. don't listen to your friends and family, show up down here. call 7 on your side we'll help you through the process. reporting from napa i'm michael fenny. 7 on your side. >> tomorrow michael about at the assistance center in santa rosa. for a lust of all the locations go to on your side. and the evacuations are also a reminder people need to move
6:35 pm
quickly in floods. santa rosa has been urging people to be prepared to leave from their homes. david luey with that story. >> reporter: this evening's meeting is already underway in the community room which flooded in february. residence are learning what the city and water driskt will do to alert them when floods arrive. they also learning what they're expected to do. just as north bay residence has to evacuate quickly san jose residence are told to do the same when water arise. they also expect residence to leave on their own instead of being rescued as happened in february. families need to plan ahead. >> wen this happens we're going to get our water, food, supplies for a couple days, medications. we're going to go to the highest whatever have you, the local
6:36 pm
school. whatever that safe zone is, does everybody understand that? >> reporter: while it was ciao te creek that flooded in february, the deputies say every area need to be prepared to evacuate. >> people on the guadalupe and other creek areas should be prepared to evacuate as well. everybody needs to be prepared. >> reporter: the city and water district has created a join color coded plan. yellow monitoring, orange is a flood watch, red is a flood warning. alerts go l go out from t.v., t, phone alert to social media. there's also a new tool that penetrates walls to wake up residence. >> we have a wonderful loud speaker that can blair out warnings in three languages. >> reporter: the hope is flood preparedness will save lives in other disasters.
6:37 pm
in san jose, david luey, abc 7 news. >> the santa rosa direct attorney office said there's now -- district attorney general's office says it's now -- according to a report released today, sergeant justin erb spotted jessica williams sitting in a car last year. they say williams sped off. police say she crashed into a parked truck, reversed and moved forward. in the sergeant's direction, he fired one shot, killing here. a meeting with the nfl productive. reed having a sit down between a group of players. reed says the nfl has committed to a long-term plan to raise racial inequality. the reason former teammate colin
6:38 pm
kaepernick been protesting last year with reed by his side. >> nothing's set in stone yet, nothing's going to change on my part move forward until we get a concrete plan, until i feel like i don't need to protest anymore because the nfl is providing a better flat form. >> today commissioner goodell says he wants his players to stand during anthem but would not input a rule to require them to do so. an interesting tool to keep sea lions out. and chicken
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
a southern california city turning to an unlikely ally to help keep sea lions off boats and docks. greg lee with the the story. >> reporter: take a look at some of the boats in the pearl harbor and you'll spot some new residence. these plaque coyotes are on the harvard and private boats. >> we are moving them around to
6:42 pm
our known problem areas notifying the docks or boat owners. >> reporter: those known areas, popular places for sea lions to hang out. >> we don't recommend anybody get near a sea lion or try to befriend or feed them. that's against the code as well but you do have to be careful on what actions you take. >> reporter: the city says boat owners have gotten creative to steer the animals away and follow municipal codes that deter them from resting. >> plastic chairs so they're filling the base, putting potted plants around the dock area. >> reporter: the idea from the decoys came from the harbor yacht club where there's been success keeping the sea lions away. the city don't hope the sea lions catch on and people don't
6:43 pm
get caught off guard. >> it might make people grant a couple of times. >> reporter: in new port beach, greg lee, abc 7 news. a restaurant owner in long beach has been serving up breakfast and lunch for the last four years. a new item on the menu is called pop chicken and waffles. one customer wasn't thrilled it came from popeyes. >> we didn't do anything wrong. i did something i thought was the best product i could bring in anywhere, anywhere. >> reporter: sanchez says she never thought it would be an issue. she's reached out to popeyes for approval to add them to her menu. so far she has not heard back. a $100 million masterpiece in display in san francisco. >> where you can see one of last
6:44 pm
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price. >> a long lost painting vinci going for sale in new york. >> reporter: earl when i in the morning a line stretched around the corner for a 1295 minnesota gallery for something so rare, a painting by the great master, leonardo di vinci that was lost in the 7th century. a depiction of jesus holding a -- historians bereave it was painted at the same time as moe that lisa. >> the face which is less in folks and the hand more in focus. >> reporter: very few eye haves seen this paining until now. >> it's the first. >> reporter: but as strange as it sounds, sometimes in the last
6:48 pm
500 years this masterpiece was pained over. >> sometimes it's done to update the look of something as fashions change. sometimes it's done because it's easier to repaint. it was thought to be easier to remain than clean and restore it. >> reporter: owners didn't know they had a piece of his work until private collectors began moving that master paint. now it'll go up for auction. >> how much is this painting worth? >> we're estimating around $100 million. >> reporter: the steady stream of people here to look at the painting was magnificent. >> it's beautiful. >> it's cool to see something like this. >> reporter: the work of the original renaissance man. >> it's a magician, scholar. >> reporter: perhaps too busy to paint more. the last of his works to be in private hands will go up for
6:49 pm
grabs after this brief chance for the public. >> to see this before maybe it disappears again. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> would you believe in the 1900s someone didn't realize what they had and sold it for 59 bucks. >> the weather forecast. >> it's cool. >> this approaching storm could be a work of art. here's a look at live doppler 7, clouds increasing right now in the wake of a storm. it will induce much needed rain in the north bay. best chance of rain is tomorrow evening between 8:00 p.m. and midnight. so rainfall potential we project indicates from a quarter of an inch to half an inch in the north bay, that's where its most needed. other areas will see generally a quarter of an inch. by friday partial clearing but much cooler weather on friday.
6:50 pm
we'll get summer like weather over the weekend. >> larry beal is here. did he tire out the warriors on that china trip? >> i don't think they're in the kind of shape -- they're not in great shape at this point, maybe more mentally than physically but they'll be fine. how bad is draymond's knee injury. and who was that behind the warriors' bench,
6:51 pm
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we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
6:53 pm
good evening, warriors' ring night was spoiled by one point lost to houston. the biggest concern was draymond's knee. he tweeted, did not return. he had an mri this afternoon, we're still waiting on the results. might not get word until tomorrow. the warriors acting lick they don't think it's a serious injury. but not sure if draymond will be able to play coming up next friday. >> i was yelling at the t.v.
6:54 pm
more than i normally do but that was early on too, so didn't matter whether we were up or down. i feel like losses have this huge affect on us that usually benefit us. >> we'll see. it's now the show. he took over for brian his or herrier in the lost to washington. in the final ten games of season, the 9ers have a chance to evaluate whether they're going to go all in or sign a massive deal to acquire kirk cousins. shannon says he sees something special in beathard. >> separate everyone who can handle the pressure and do it week in and out. who can handle the highs and lows, and i think he's shown
6:55 pm
that throughout college. just being around the guy he's tough physically and mentally. >> i don't get too high or low in these situations. i try to stay mellow because in football there's a lot of ups and downs. you don't want to get too mad when you have a bad play or too high when you have a good one. it's about staying mellow. ruben foster says he's thankful he's okay after a frightening encounter with two armed men in santa rosa. he was leaving a club when some machine approached them with two handguns. >> it was a scary moment and it was overwhelming, you know just to be in that type of predicament knowing you are not trying to get yourself in that predicament. you're blessed and honored to
6:56 pm
have a nice car whatever, if anything just always remember your surroundings and know that whatever you want and work for just know that's what somebody else want and they're working too. >> if you watched the warriors' game you may have notice it had character seated by the bench. looks like a clone of clay thompson. he fooled a lot of people. >> i thought it was a perfect metaphor for our conditioning level. i turned around i was like, clay what -- you have a few extra burgers last night, what happened. that was great, i love that guy. >> i want to see if fake clay can shoot the ball. yankees beat the astros 5 of 0. he's a dead ringer. >> join us tonight at 5:00 on coffey t.v. channel 13. the virus affecting some bear
6:57 pm
cubs at lake tahoe, what it is and how they're trying to save their lives. at 9:00. abc news alt 11:00 the emotions of returning home. >> that's all later but that is our report for abc 7 news at 6:00. appreciate your tame i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm christian a she. good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are an opera singer and actor from brooklyn, new york... a librarian from long beach, california... and our returning champion, a naval officer from lacey, washington... whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. big surprise ending on yesterday's program, of course -- manny winning with $1 only. there's nobody on the "jeopardy!" staff who can recall the last time that happened.
7:00 pm
but he earned the right to come back and play again today. and today, we are happy to welcome chelsea and joanna, and i wish you all good luck as we go into the jeopardy! round. let's take a look at the categories, shall we? aha! it's... hey... and today would be chuck berry's 91st birthday, so the category is... followed by... and finally... interesting. manny. also an apple variety, $200. joanna. -what is "empire"? -that's it. apple for $400. the object seen here. take a swing. manny. -what is a piñata? -yeah. apple for $600


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