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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 20, 2017 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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a way. and we found a way to win. >> not nearly as compelling. game five, dodgers-cubs, championship trophy. top of the second, 1-0 l.a. hernandez, this is his first home run of the postseason. 2-0. and he was just getting warmed up. bases loaded. high, deep. grand slam. 7-0 dodgers over the cubs. in the ninth, it's hernandez again. two-run blast. seven rbis ties a major league postseason record. 11-1 the final. going to the world series for the first time in 29 years. we'll have lots more on the raiders, and that epic game tomorrow and the whole marshawn situation. >> you said fines are coming probably? >> you can't shove the ref. you can't come on the field when you're not even in the game. come on, let's focus. >> thanks, larry. >> thank you, larry. abc 7 news continues now online, on twitter, and facebook and all your mobile
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we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. right
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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute". brain teaser rescue after a 2 year old -- >> got his head stuck. >> see if you can figure out what three generations of men can't. >> i like to think there's a woman behind the camera shaking her head like i'm not going to tell them. it's a swarm of males. >> waiting for the one lone female. >> get a rare glimpse into jelly fish mating. >> hide, hide, hide, hide. a pair of local news crews are reminded that -- >> you never know what the day is going to bring. >> see what happens from the scary to the sweet. >> hey, babe. and some pranksters get nana. >> her very own scooter. >> how a gutsy grandma proves she can pull a prank, too. >> it is a good one. we have a predicament in this home that is under
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renovation. this 2 year old got his head stuck between those bars. don't you worry, little guy, though, his uncle is there trying to help out, so he calls dad and the grandpa. and they all put their efforts together. in fact, one of them here decides to use his brute force to pry open the bars. no, that does not work. >> please don't tell me they called in the fire department and started tearing this place apart. >> they considered that. maybe if they go a few feet higher, they'll be able to pull him out that way. no, no, that's not it. >> three generations of men. >> two hours, and finally in this moment they realize if they put his shoulder through -- >> oh, my gosh. that's how the kid probably got there in the first place. >> that's exactly how. you can see the kid is cracking up. maybe he knew this the whole
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time. >> i'm going to test dad and grandpa and see if they can figure this one out. >> well, they failed. >> there's a woman in that well that you see is surrounded by people. now, this well is clearly marked. >> right. >> seems unusual you would find yourself at the bottom of this. >> unless you chose to jump into said well after an argument with your family. the good news is, these firefighters showed up and they worked very quickly to lower one of their own head first into the well to secure the woman and then you see that they finally pull her up and put her on a gurney. to the streets of hollywood, california. so much to see. celebrities, stars, everything. but the only one seeing stars today -- is that guy.
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hampton brandon. some people may know him from social media fame. cruises around these streets frequently doing live video streams. tends to really push people's buttons for the live stream and then people will pay him on the live stream. >> live troll. >> i don't know exactly what started this altercation or this fight, but that guy is not happy with hampton. you see that guy pick up the stool and go after hampton. hampton takes off right into the street. gets hit by a car, but lands right on his feet, runs it out. doesn't appear to be hurt at all. >> that's adrenaline. >> in a later live stream video that was, like, three hours and 20 minutes long, here's hampton brandon not looking injured or hurt any way and talking about the incident a little bit. >> hit by the car. >> yeah, somehow. >> this guy claims to know why the fight happened. >> you started [ bleep ] first. >> did i really? >> yeah, that's why they wanted to press the issue. >> no, no.
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>> but he says the guy with the chair was trying to create a world star video, trying to do something to get his own notoriety. >> some idiot trying to get on world star. that's why i'm done speaking about it, moving on, who cares? >> let's be honest, hollywood boulevard. >> problem is, half the time you don't know whether it's a show. >> live stunt show. wow, didn't even have to pay for it. >> i'm about to show you how jelly fish are like ants and bees. check this out. videographer alex benedict is down there getting amazing footage. look at all those jelly fish. this is how jelly fish are like bees and ants. you have this herd congregating, waiting for the one lone female. >> like dating on the internet. one woman and just a hundred thousand guys.
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>> hi, hi, hi, hi. pay attention to me. hi, hi. >> yeah, but this is prettier. i want you to look for the purple one. there she is. >> wow. >> this one is looking for the man and he's got lots and lots of choices. guys don't have a luxury of being pakistany. >> why aren't there the same amount of females and males? >> one one female to hive. >> a lot of us are asking that question about men, so it's fine. >> in this next video, it's one solitary slug. have you ever wondered what they sound like? >> hi, i'm a slug. >> no, never thought about that, gayle. >> i was eating, loud mouth. >> like the guy with the
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popcorn. we're fans of the action lab youtube channel because they do all kinds of interesting stuff, mostly involving the vacuum. first they put him in the microwave to soften him up, make him loosy goosy so when they put him in the vacuum he's able to expand. they say most made of sugar. >> sweet. >> sugar and spice and all thing's nice. >> he gets bigger and bigger and bigger. >> i hope he explodes, come on. >> look at that! >> first they want to show us what he looks like at full capacity, and there you have it. there he is. goes right back down the sides. >> is that christian bale? >> yes, smaller, goes back the same way. >> all right, so they pop him back in, put a tack in the top of the vacuum, and now the expansion begins. >> poor stretch. >> bigger, bigger, bigger.
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>> all in the name of science. >> insides came out. >> as it expands to the top of the vacuum, you'll notice the sugar gelatin stuff on the inside. >> looks like he's struggling to breathe. oh! look away! >> all in the name of science. now i feel bad. >> i think he made it. there's a big wave coming. >> back up, folks. >> but it's a little too late for that. and this is walter white. >> the artistry is fantastic. >> latex? >> find out next and also how you can get your hands on one. >> going to dress up everybody's house. crest glamorous white whitestrips are the only ada-accepted whitening strips proven to be safe and effective. and they whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. gointoilet paper! run, need anything?
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closed captioning provided by -- to fall asleep 33% faster and get all the benefits of a good night's rest. take control of your sleep with unisom. i feel that to truly understand the theory, spend five minutes watching videos around the world featuring the road. >> this guy is driving along this nice road, straight road, as it stretches off into the distance. >> as roads do. >> suddenly, there is no road. >> ahh! >> right. the stop button goes all the way down, ends up rolling on to its roof. you can see as the wind screen
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just smashes, cracks everywhere, and, no, there is no real explanation as to why the hole was there. they are not sure. >> looked like a road that had been flooded and washed out by rains. maybe there was a bridge over that gap he was expected to be there that got washed away. >> that is what i thought, as well, but once i got into the information, no, someone has dug that and we're not sure why. >> had he been driving at a slightly slower speed, then the result could have been different. >> much like right here. if they had been driving just a few feet ahead on the road, things would have been a lot scarier. >> oh, no. >> this is also in china, and that was the side of that mountain, but now it's becoming part of the road. once it sort of settles in front of them, they realize we're right next to this mountain. you can hear the panic in their voices. i think this is a time we jam it in reverse and go home. >> not going anywhere else anyway. >> back is the only way to go.
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>> back to wales. fun place to say. >> even moving that white car right there, you can hear the screams of everybody else involved. if you're wondering where this is coming from, went through ireland, now hitting wales. we have another angle of the exact same moment. you can see some of those people walking, end up getting thrown off their feet. i'm assured they weren't hurt either. >> that's a bad this is walter white from the tv show known as "breaking bad ". it's half his head. it's not life size. it fits in the palm of his hand. >> that is pretty much a face of meth, and the artist says he's making 150 of these. and you can get these for $700.
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american. i'm not surprised that he's selling these for that kind of money, because there is a market for it. >> the artistry is fantastic. >> is it latex? >> he shows us. it's made out of a urethane resin, makes a cast and fills it in with the resin and, boom, there you go. >> you're sitting there going you know what i really need is half of walter white's face. that's what will really set off the decorations. >> only thing missing here in the living room. and you could go either way. am i feeling whole today? >> am i feeling messy or dead? >> that's the thing, this is going to dress up everybody's house. >> you can go to his website and see all of the amazing works he has put together. he is an amazing artist. >> we both know when you're a reporter, photographer, you never know what the day is going to bring. you never know what stories
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you're going to have to cover, and sometimes it kind of hits close to home. that's dede willis there on set discussing engagement season with one of her colleagues when suddenly -- >> oh, my goodness. >> found it on the monitor, look. >> everybody has to see that view in monroe and eldorado. they were lit on it. >> shortly after we start dating, i told you about my 1,000 dates of dating before i would propose rule. today is 1,000 and i can't wait any longer. >> he is so smooth. >> most guys are lucky if they find a girl that's even close to the girl of their dreams. but you are so much more. >> landed all the lines! >> he didn't get tripped up or nervous or nothing. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> he does finally pop the question. >> that's really sweet. congratulations. >> the folks at region 8 news also got into some mischief. they stopped by the pumpkin hallow and this haunted house is
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off the hooks. >> people being scared on tv is just funny. >> i'm glad that you think so. i will get you that. also did take one of his colleagues along and make their way through the haunted house. she knew what she was in for. >> you're going to make it through this, but it's still terrifying. >> you'll be happy to know they will make it out. if you are going to go into one of these things, make sure you do okay on cardio. once they get to the end, they are breathing real heavy. they freak you out. >> i need to lie down. >> time to wage around the track. >> so i asked kindly. can i go for a ride? >> of course, you did. screamed like a girl. >> plus, this baby has the screamed like a girl. >> plus, this baby has the giggles.
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and again? head over to, find tons of videos and share them with your friends. this past weekend i was in las vegas for the monster energy cup supercup races, awesome stuff. but in the distance i heard a grander roar of horsepower, so i had to check them out. these are pro life trucks and in these videos the body work has been taken off. they were out there doing some practicing because they were racing against each other the next day. this is very unique and unusual race, you had to ride on two wheels to begin with, then you had to drift around and go over jumps. the whole thing looked like a ton of fun. so i asked kindly, can i go for a ride? >> of course, you did. >> driver casey kerry put me in the truck, yeah, sure, man. let's go. 500 horsepower in that hump between him and i. it was blazing hot. >> this is an opportunity for that driver to make you scream. >> i did. and i asked for it.
2:02 am
there we go drifting around the roulette wheel, then over the jump. clearly screaming over the roar of the engine. it was so fun to go out there and rage around this track. >> how's your spine, you know, after all that jumping? >> you can see the size of the harness you wear. when you get in, you cinch those down as tight as you can so you're not flopping around. also very tight. what a blast. casey just tearing me around. pro life trucks also race in the lucas oil offroad racing series with the pro 2 and pro 4 trucks. those are even bigger, even faster, even more horsepower. 700 to 900 horsepower. part of the offroad racing series. they are going to be in phoenix at the wild horse path raceway, but this series tours all across the country. this is the series you want to check and watch. it's a blast. >> so fun.
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so, kids bring stress and responsibility to your life, but also bring the giggles. this is david, with his son at the piano. his son also loves to play and his use soul. bit literally, though. nothing is more adorable than little kids smiles there, and it continues. then the giggles start. ♪ kid loves it, we love it. dad is entertained. this is why we love kids. just another example of when you'll do just about anything to get your kid giggling, because it's adorable. >> yeah! >> the giggles continue with this next video. this one more for the adults, though. little joe, kind of reminded me of e.t., right? not only what he's dressed
2:04 am
underneath the sheet, but when he's had a couple of drinks, because -- >> what's up, joe? >> look out, joe! >> oh! >> going to put this on repeat five times, because i love it every time. >> watch out. nana has been saving up for a mobility scooter, but -- got you a scooter. >> see how grandma joins forces with her grandson's friends to pull a fast one. >>
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(dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem,
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and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution. ar music playing ) for all the things that - ( snaps, clatters )ght, that sounds awful. ( music stops ) but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪ watch out for the moose. i don't know how to say it. come on. it is really nice when the success of youtubers allows them to do really nice things, especially for their family members. in this case, ben phillips is doing something really nice for his nana. grandma has mobility issues. she's a bit ill. she's wanted and has been saving for a mobility scooter for a
2:07 am
really long time, but her grandkids got her -- >> surprise! >> from around the corner comes elliot riding her very own scooter. >> look at her, she's tearing up. >> you won't believe what happens next. it's grandma that may not survive this one. grandma gets really excited, decides to take the scooter down the sidewalk. she has a little trouble controlling it, so she ends upd what happens. >> watch the road. watch the road. oh, my -- >> no, no. >> they, obviously, immediately rush over to where she is. >> nana? >> sorry, bro! >> my heart stopped. >> here's the part where we find out what's really going on in their youtube video. >> one thing and one thing only -- pranks. nana? >> so they


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