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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 20, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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chance to hear from two about what happened. first, the oakland police department about the victim and her condition right now and second from a witness who saw the subject on foot before she was arrested by oakland police. >> emergency medical response arrived on scene to provide medical attention and the victim was transported to a hospital and was last listed in critical condition. >> i yelled out to her, hey, do you need help. at that time she accelerated her walking pace and i started following her. as i called dispatch. >> reporter: okay. i'm sorry about that. i was talking to opd to get an update. it was in the 800 block of east 15th where the accident actually happened. another point of consideration, the witness told us the woman he saw was bleeding from the face and was wearing only a bra and green slacks and shoes. she went into a nearby strip mall. went in the front, came out the
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back and was taken into custody by oakland police. we don't have identification yet on the suspect. we don't have identification yet on the victim. we were told, though, she was taken to the hospital and, again, as the police said, in critical condition. so the injuries were major. as we learn more about exactly what happened here, we'll bring it to you live at 5:00 and at 6:00. for right now, live in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7 news. all right. eric, thank you. the stories of heroism and narrow escapes continue to pour in from the devastating north bay fires. >> this time from the north shore of clear lake where more than 150 homes were destroyed by the fast-moving fires. the sulfur fire is out. but the traumatic memories will live on. abc 7 news reporter, laura anthony live in clear lake park with a story only on abc 7 news. >> reporter: hi, larry. this is a mobile home park. it's called holiday island. this has just one narrow drive in and out at the height of the
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fire. racing down the hill behind me. none of the structures here survived. but the residents did. some of them just barely. >> it was hard. >> jeffrey morris still can't believe he and three friends made it out of their clear lake mobile home community alive. called holiday island. the 30-unit park was completely cut off by flames as the sulfur fire raced down the hill toward them. on the eastern shore of clear lake. in the middle of the night. >> we didn't know what to do. we panicked. we didn't just -- we just all ran. >> they helped evacuate their neighbors but they were pinned in by flames. the truck he was going to escape in was itself consumed by fires. so they had to go to plan b. >> the other two guys remembered there was a aluminum boat here. they threw it in the water and came around to the backside and
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i went out the backside to escape. we got out of here in a boat. we were rescued about an hour later from the sheriff's department. >> my son and i drove our motor home through the fire. >> reporter: larry piazza lichs on the hillside above holiday island, also devastated by the fire. somehow his home survived. >> i really am hurt about all this. everybody. not just my son and myself. but everybody is gone. >> you think you'll come back? >> never. i can't come back. this is too hard on me. >> reporter: now, jeffrey morris told us, when the fire raced down this hillside that we're showing you, he and his buddies helped their neighbors get out. they came back in. from the time they saw the fire until they had to get out, he told us, it was just seven minutes and though it's been now 11 days as you heard cheryl and larry, the emotions are still very raw here.
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live in clear lake, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> such a difficult time, laura. thank you so much. let's take a live look from clear lake. michael finney is there answering questions from fire victims right now. he'll have a live report in just a few minutes. want to give you an update. the sulfur fire is 96% contained. the tubs fire which ravaged santa rosa is at 93% containment. the 87% contained in napa. fire crews are making good progress in a number of other areas. after ten days of working around the clock, pg and e have restored power to those who can access it. 350,000 customers lost electricity and more than 42,000 gas companies had service turned off as a safety precaution. this afternoon, residents of three hard hit santa rosa neighborhoods are returning home seeing what, if anything, is left behind and in many cases, sadly, there just isn't a whole
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lot. the neighborhoods include coffee park which you see here, as well as the people in the orchard and journey's end mobile home parks. they're also returning home. amy holly field has the story from santa rosa. >> it's hard to imagine finding anything left in the ruins of santa rosa's coffey neighborhood. everybody has the one thing they hope to find. today was their day to try. renee hernandez knew where her husband left his wedding ring on the bathroom counter. >> we left them in the bathroom. >> today she found what was left of it. >> the hernandezs haven't been back since monday. being on the outside has just added to their stress. >> every day we've come from napa, an hour to see if we could get in. >> authorities lifted the evacuation order today. chaplains were on hand to offer support as victims assessed what
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was left and grieved what was lost. >> just devastating to see everything, you know, gone. >> 21 years of work. >> yeah. everything we ever owned, all our baby pictures. >> for her 20-year-old son, ben jr., today's mission was to recover the remains of the family pet. they had just put him to sleep and buried him in the backyard on sunday. hours before the fires raged through here. >> i wanted to come back to get him because i want to be able to cremate whatever is left of him so that way i can keep it with me until we do have a new house here so that way i can have another proper burial for him. >> they do plan to bring his remains back here someday. this is where they will live and create new memories as a family. >> we love it here. we want to rebuild. it's perfect area. >> reporter: it's going to be a long, emotional day here in the coffey park neighborhood. police are being very protective of this area, only allowing
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residents ard their family members in to have this time alone here in this area. they will be allowed in today and tomorrow and then they'll open it to the public on sunday. in santa rosa, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. let's check in with weather anchor, spencer christian with more on the conditions over the weekend. >> rain is what we needed and rain is what we received yesterday. here's live doppler 7 showing current conditions, a few clouds hanging around. this is the frontal system that swept through overnight. notice the timeline. doses of heavy rain at times that ended by 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. st. helena, nearly .75 inches of rain. santa rosa, over .5 inches of rain. much-needed rainfall and conditions are much, much -- fire danger diminished considerably. this is a live view from the east bay hills camera. lingering clouds. 57 degrees here in san francisco right now. relatively cool today behind
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that cold front. current readings are in the low to mid-630s at oakland, gilroy, 59 at half moon bay. check out this view from emeryville. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. napa, novato and livermore. pretty much uniform temperature readings. as a little teaser, next on the weathermen u will be a clearing trend overnight into the weekend and next weekend, we could be looking at record high temperatures. i'll give you a look at the seven-day forecast shortly. cheryl? >> spencer, thank you so much. sonoma county sheriff says the controversy involving the acting director of the u.s. customs and immigration enforcement agency is distracting his community from wildfire recovery. >> this distraction, the news media over the political rhetoric battle is really not appropriate right now in the middle of this burn fire. please don't get trapped in this. let this go, let's move on with recovery here in sonoma county.
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sheriff rob giordano was speaking. an undocumented immigrant had set the wildfire. unrelated arson charges and is not spektded in last week's wildfires. the acting director again criticized the state's sanctuary status. it was said in a statement that his agents should have been allowed to deport the immigrant. quote, saying doing so would have allowedize to remove a public safety threat from the community and the limited resources an avoidable crime when they should be focused on fire recovery. >> much more ahead. california environmentalist announcing an 8-figure campaign to impeach president trump. why he says mr. trump must go, now. i'm michael finney live in clear lake. 7 on your side has set up in the disaster assistance center. coming up, cleaning up.
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as we all know, northern california has been tragically affected by these wildfires. >> and points for a purpose. klay thompson stepping up in a big way this afternoon to help the north bay wildfire victims. now he wants your help.
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. a democratic billionaire environmentalist has launched a multimillion dollar campaign ad calling for president trump he is impeachment. >> tom stier is behind the effort and some are all for it but others are questioning his motives. chris nguyen has the story. >> it's the newly released commercial general ragt a lot of
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attention. >> this president is a clear and present danger. >> bay area political activist calling on the public to urge congress to impeach the president. even using images of north korean dictator kim jong un to make his point. >> tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political. >> it's a message that's resonating with some who feel their voice isn't being heard. >> >> all of these things are happening. what do we do now? this is a part of what we can do and be a part of. >> reporter: san jose state professor, melinda jackson says the commercial is just another example of how political parties no longer have control over what party members say. >> whether this actually has an affect on voters remains to be seen. the strategy is clear to force the issue as we're coming up into the 2018 political election season. >> reporter: the republican national committee calls it a baseless radical effort. in fact, a committee woman calls
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it a desperate gimmick. >> impeachment is not a joke. it's not to be done because you dislike a candidate. it's because a candidate commits high crimes in the meaning of the constitution and framers. >> stooir plans to spend over $10 million to buy ad space in new york and california, as well as cable television. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. he's considering challenging senator dianne feinstein for her seat in 2018. when our neighbors are in need, abc 7 shows up. 15,000 people still evacuated because of the north bay fires. >> this week fiek al finney and his 7 on your side staff are in the assistance centers with help for residents there. he's joining us live in lake county from clear lake. michael? >> reporter: this is the third day that they've had their disaster assistance center open here. it's going like clockwork. it's phenomenal what kind of job they've been doing here. we're always hearing about putting out the fire or
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rebuilding. there's the step in between, cleanup. that's what they're concerned with here. i have the vice mayor here. why is cleanup so important to you guys here? >> cleanup is important for rebuilding. first off. we have a lake next to where the fires were and our watershed goes into the lake where the fire was -- at the place. >> drinking water comes from there. >> we want to make sure the lake stays clean. the ashes will go into the lake if we don't get the cleanup done. we've done the boom all around the holiday island where everything unfortunately burned. we've put booms around some of the houses on the shore as well. we're trying to prohibit that from going into the lake. that is our drinking water, that is our recreational water and we want it to stay safe for all types of usage. >> reporter: what do individuals do in order to clean up their property? i'm running out of time. what should they do? >> best place is go to the local assistance center behind us at the senior center. they've been welcoming to all
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people come sbog this place to get all kinds of information. whether replacing paperwork or trying to find out how to clean up your home to be prepared to rebuild. there's a list of things to do to make sure that we follow the right process. we want to be environmentally friendly to our area as we clean up as well. >> reporter: vice mayor, thank you very much. i appreciate your time. 7 on your side will be here until 7:00 tonight. what we've been trying to do during this entire crisis is to be -- fill in the gaps. the insurance companies are here, fema is here. city, state, local governments. everybody is doing a great job here. it's always going to be something that falls through the cracks. that's what 7 on your side is here for. if you have a consumer issue or problem. anything we can help you with, drop by and say hello. we'll be here until 7:00. reporting live, i'm michael finney. >> thank you, michael. fifth grader from redding. first. if you're a fire victim and you have questions for michael and weren't able to talk to you in person, call the 7 on your side
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hotline monday through friday from 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. 415-954-8151 is the number. you can also reach michael via facebook as well as abc 7 the story larry was going to tell you about. a fifth grader from redding came up with a novel way to help kids displaced by the north bay fires. shoeboxes. he and his family and friends delivered about 200 shoeboxes filled with goodies and gift cards to a distribution point in santa rosa today. he learned about sending gift box toss developing nations at christmastime. he wanted to replicate the idea to help fire victims. >> felt bad for all the people that lost their homes in the fire. i wanted to help them. >> you know, as a parent we want our children to have empathy and think outside themselves. so he was showing that initiative. was inspiring to me. >> that's inspiring to all of us. the boxes will be distributed
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when school starts again in santa rosa. >> the sports world is trying to help. north bay fire victims will benefit every time one of the splash brothers scores. klay thompson will donate every time he scores the next three home games. >> let's stay together. a lot of loved ones and families have been displaced because of these fires. we can build this thing back up. we stick together and donate. >> if you'd like to help help fire victims. you'll find a link@abc 7 they're on the road for the next three games. they're back home on monday. he's averaged 19 points per game in his career. >> very thoughtful and generous. it may only be fall. in the sierra, north star, california, resort posted this picture of the snow that fell overnight. opening day is 28 days away. squaw valley, meantime, posted this picture this morning. >> spencer rejoins us now.
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we got the blast of rain so desperately needed. no rain in sight for a while. the warmup first. we may have high temperatures near record levels by the middle of next week. here's live doppler 7. we have lingering high clouds left over. not all high clouds. some are mid level as well. leftover from the system that passed through overnight. what we have is a high surf advisory which will expire at 6:00 this evening. wave heights are high. 20 feet in locations. even after this, we'll have a beach hazard statement in effect into tomorrow night. there's a strong rip current may be with us and sneaker waves are a possibility. so just exercise caution down along the coastline. this is a lovely view looking out over san francisco from s t sutro tower. major warming trend on sunday and as i said, we may have record heat by the middle of
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next week. right now, overnight chill up in the north bay valley. low temperatures to the 40s. nap i may be upper 30s in some spots. the remainder of the area, upper 40s to low 50s. breezy at the coast tomorrow. milder than today. highs in the low 60s at the coast. low 70s in inland. let's skip ahead to monday and look at the warmup. we'll have high temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s inland on monday. tuesday will be numerous locations with highs in the low to mid-90s. little bit of october heat. the heat eases up slightly on wednesday. it's going to be a very warm week. looking ahead to the winter outlook, according to the national oceanic and atmospheric and the climate prediction center. the bay area will have high temperatures or temperatures generally in the three-month period, slightly warmer than average. as for precipitation, we have equal chances of having above average or below average
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precipitation. basically a milder and drier than average winter. if that forecast holds up. there's the accuweather seven-day forecast which is more reliable than the three-month forecast. look at the rise in temperatures on monday. tuesday, wednesday. it's going to feel like summer. it's going to be hot in some locations, especially inland. even around the bay, highs in the low to mid-80s. on the coast, october warmth on the coast. low to mid-70s on monday and tuesday. the temperatures will start to moderate and taper off late next week. >> they narrowed it down on the long-term. >> equal chances. flip a coin. >> thank you. >> next at 4:the 00, the rebranding that might leave tourists 80 miles away from where they want to be. more than two centuries after the maiden voya
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california. world's oldest warship.
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the "uss constitution" sets sail in boston harbor today. nicknamed old iron sides, it's been newly refurbished in the navy yard. it fought the british in the war of 1812. the maiden voyage occurred 220 years ago back in 1797. today's sailing helped celebrate the u.s. navy's 242nd birthday. in a bid to lure passengers, the airport in stockton california wants to rename the stockton regional airport. that's despite being away from san francisco proper. county supervisors will decide on tuesday whether to change the name from the current stockton metropolitan airport. the airport director says the move is a business decision. highlighting stockton's proximity to san francisco. other smaller airports have added similar big city names to lure travelers.
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the chicago rockford airport is 90 miles from chicago and the fresno yosemite airport is 96 miles from yosemite. in a letter to the county, the stockton airport says it has the potential of increasing the likelihood of the airport being found by a thousand fold. >> and confusing thousands more. you probably heard by now that marshawn lynch was ejected from the game in oakland. crazy game. unbelievable finish. what you may not know what beast mode did afterwards. he was ejected after pushing an official during an argument after marcus peters put a late hit on the quarterback. they're both from oakland and they're like brothers. afterwards fans spotted lynch up in the stands in a disguise of sorts. he was watching the rest of the game from up there. and then lynch was seen on b.a.r.t. after leaving the stadium with peters. and today, b.a.r.t. sent out this tweet saying beast mode knows how to get first downs and
4:26 pm
beat traffic after raiders games. coming up next at 4:00, we're learning the cause of the fire and learning how to leave everything behind. >> reporter: i'm michael finney in clear lake where disaster and identity theft is growing. i got excited. started jumping around. this is fantastic. a chance to smile this afternoon. a little super fan trying to get past a d
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. a young girl was critically hurt in a hit-and-run crash near oakland's lake merritt this afternoon. sky 7 was over the scene on foothill boulevard. the car believed to be involved, the driver has been arrested laura anthony tweeting this video showing the sheer devastation in lake county. it's known as the sulphur fire. it burned to clear lake in one neighborhood. amy hollyfield showing the efforts of many organizations helping the north bay fire victims try to cope with the loss of their property and here are members of the salvation army walking through the coffey
4:30 pm
park neighborhood. overnight, rains really helped firefighters in the santa cruz mountains. they've been battling a fire there all week long. jeanine did he la vega has a look -- an interesting twist on the location where the fire started. >> overnight rain was a welcome sight for firefighters trying to contain the fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. cooler temperatures, little to no wind an the rain stopped the fire from growing. >> wasn't a whole lot especially in timber country. it was enough to give the firefighters the upper hand in controlling this fire. >> reporter: the fire is 40% contained and holding steady at 320 acres. the santa cruz sentinel is reporting the bear fire started on a property the site of a chop shop bust in 2015. about a dozen burned-out vehicles were found in the area. people in the neighborhood were allowed back into their homes but evacuation orders are still in place for those living closest to where the fire is
4:31 pm
burning. >> oechb though teven though ths laying low, we want to make sure the roads are repaired, those are there's no trees that could fall down over the roads or power lines. >> cal fire is start to go demobilize and let the crews go. they expect containment in the next four days. reporting from bonnie dune, jeanine dell vega. >> laura anthony shows us some of the devastation in lake county earlier. 7 on your side's michael finney is helping out the fire victims. >> michael joins us live in lake county. michael? >> reporter: it's not just the fire that is spreading around this region. it's actually all the crimes and we told you last night for the very first time you heard here on abc 7 that identity theft was occurring around these fires and fema. we have found more cases up here as well. lorna allen has been a victim of the fire. the house you live in is okay. but the outbuildings are gone,
4:32 pm
right? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: you showed up here at the local assistance center. what happened? >> i showed up. showed them my card. showed them my i.d. and he said, wait, there's a report or a case that's already been closed. it's been filed. i said well, what do you mean? i'm standing right here. i don't -- where is this from? he told me from santa rosa. i said i haven't lived there since 2006 at that address. >> you're talking to the fema guy? >> yeah, the fema guy. >> what did he say? >> he said well, we can't file another claim until this is resolved. here's a phone number you call. i waited on the line, waited and waited. it redirected me to a message box. >> really? that was it. >> that was it. >> reporter: that's where you're standing now. >> i can't file or anything, or receive anything or get any help because somebody else has done this in my name. >> reporter: okay. we'll help you with that. you shouldn't have been given a
4:33 pm
voice mail box. it is going to take a couple of weeks, that's what we understand. since you have your house. >> that's a blessing. >> reporter: yeah, it is. we can speed the process up for you. i'l do that. i thought you were working your way through the process. if you're not. i'll take care of it. >> thank you. >> reporter: by the way, if that's happened to you, we want to hear about it. fema is telling us they know they've got a problem. they don't know how many. they have five centers set up. i believe we know of eight. that figure could be wrong. could be high or low. but fema isn't denying they have a problem here. the quote i heard today is more than a handful. we'll be keeping track of it. if you were sent to a voice mail box as lorna was, get ahold of me. we can take action now. reporting live from clear lake, i am michael finney. >> thank you. last thing you need -- >> oh, my goodness. >> if you're a fire victim or questions for michael and were
4:34 pm
not able to talk to him in person, he still wants to hear from you. call the hotline monday through friday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 415-954-8151. you can reach him on facebook and at abc 7 a house that received national attention after firefighters fought to save it from an approaching wildfire was sadly claimed by another fire this week. the story earned national attention because of the massive american flag that flew on the property. fire crews saved it. the owner draped the flag over his couch. this wednesday fire struck again, this time destroying the house and the flag. the fire happened as some family members were on vacation. >> having to watch this and see what happened, i think it's probably going to be the hardest thing for me. having my son come home from football practice when the house was still on fire, that was difficult. >> goodness. he says that he does plan to rebuild. the man suspected of running down a san francisco police
4:35 pm
officer pleaded not guilty today in court. the suspect is calling himself willie flanagan has been charged with attempted murder, among other charges. reporter lee an yanne melendez there. she's joining us from the hall of justice. >> reporter: he faces hit and run charges as well. oddly enough, he uses three different names. also in court today he became agitated, especially when the judge decided to refuse to lower his bail. police officers from different stations waited outside the courtroom as the man accused of running down an officer made his first court appearance. the suspect seen here getting into a police car after being arrested goes by several names, including marquis johnson and gave a different name, willie flanagan. a public defender was appointed in this case, which has many witness. >> there's going to be video. there will be, i'm sure, witness
4:36 pm
statements, multiple witness statements, interviews and the like. so it's irresponsible for me to comment on very much until i've seen all that. >> reporter: in court, flanagan interrupted his attorney several times and objected when bail was set at $10 million, saying he was a nonviolent offender and called the judge's actions racist. flanagan was recently convicted of drugs and served time in jail. >> i can't at this point tell you anything about his criminal history. >> martin halloran is with the police officers association. >> he's out on release or on probation and this happens again and again. >> reporter: on wednesday, the injured officer was assisting others when police say flanagan hit him. he was driving the stolen suv. flanagan drove away, eventually getting rid of the car. he was later a arrested in the
4:37 pm
tenderloin. the injured officer remains in the intensive care unit. he's doing better than he was on wednesday. i'll put it to you that way. >> reporter: according to the police union, the officer suffered a traumatic head injury. he's very heavily sedated still. we're also told that the road to recovery will be a long one. i'm live in san francisco. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. the mayor of san juan, puerto rico is giving her own assessment of the federal government's disaster response following hurricane maria. mayor carmen cruz's comments stand in stark contrast to the high marks that president trump gave the feds yesterday. the president met with puerto rico's governor at the white house. when asked to grade the response to the disaster, the president gave it a 10 out of 10. mayor cruz gave her own rating today. >> 1. the administration has been unresponsive. they go back and forth. the president first says katrina was a real disaster and
4:38 pm
yesterday says this is worse than katrina. >> nearly a month after the devastating hurricane, almost 80% of puerto rico, which is a u.s. territory, is still without electricity. coming up next at 4:00, a hollywood actor in a fight with netflix this afternoon. sean penn saying blood will be on their hands if their new film causes bodily harm. this is not a scene from a movie. wild boors, yes boars, leave lee town on edge. i'm spencer christian. summer-like warmth is coming our way. i'll have the accuweather forecast in a m
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actor sean penn and netflix are fighting over a series released today. >> it happened when actors met with suspected mexican drug kingpin "el chapo." >> reporter marci gonzalez has more. >> actor sean penn railing against a new documentary about the 2015 meeting he and mexican actress kate dell castigated owe had with the drug kingpin known as "el chapo." one day before penn published a story about it in rolling stone, the dangerous fugitive on the run after his second escape from a mexican prison was arrested penn's lawyer saying he believes the newly released dock u series called the day i met "el chapo"
4:42 pm
implied the actor helped the department of justice with the capture. something penn strongly denies. that lawyer writing in a letter to the streaming service that it is hereby on notice that blood will be on their hands if this film causes bodily harm and telling abc, the producers wouldn't make a quote, minor edit he requested. they did not care about accuracy or truth. netflix responding saying sean penn was given the opportunity to participate in the day i met "el chapo" and did not do so. in an interview with ju ju chang, there's a decidedly different take than penn. >> he has seen this documentary and said there's profound inaccuracies. what's your reaction to that? >> i said the same thing about his article. he has a point of view, i have another point of view. >> what is the truth? >> i have nothing to do with him getting caught. >> netflix said the details of the now infamous meeting have
4:43 pm
been well-documented and the only ground they're breaking in this series is to give dell castigated yoe to call a stranger than fiction story. a pair of wild boars terrorized a german city. at least one man had his finger bitten off. >> ouch. >> the rampage happened about 62 miles northwest of hamburg. the wild boars were aggressive storming through the city center, into shops and offices. a local hunter shot and killed one boar. the second managed to escape in the commotion and is still terrorizing people on the loose. oh, my goodness. >> can you imagine that? >> of all the things you might expect, that is not one of them. >> no. >> never a boar. spencer christian, back with the weather. skies are pretty bright.
4:44 pm
they'll be mainly bright overnight with lows from the low 40s to upper 40s just about everywhere else. tomorrow look for a bit milder day than we had today. that's not hard to achieve, is it? low 60s on the coast tomorrow where it will be breezy around the bay. upper 60s to around 70. we'll see low 70s inland. tomorrow evening in walnut creek, light the night walk to benefit leukemia and lymphoma society. dan ashley will be the emcee. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s in the early evening hours. get out and support the cause. here's the accuweather, seven-day forecast. sunny days ahead and look at warmup early next week. monday, tuesday and wednesday, inland highs ranging from upper 80s to low 90s. possibility of some record high temperatures next week, early next week. temperatures will moderate toward the end of the week into a more spring-like range here in late fall. >> spencer, thank you. next at 4:00, another hollywood actress coming forward with more allegations against
4:45 pm
harvey weinstein. false, misleading, unlawful. a new lawsuit slamming the diet soda
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4:48 pm
this afternoon, more accusations against movie mogul harvey weinstein. an actress is sharing her story with "the new york times." abc news reporter is here is hee the story. >> lupita nyongo is talking about her alleged experiences. in "the new york times," the 12 years a slave star talks about watching movies -- harvey led me into a bedroom, his bedroom and wanted to give me a massage. i thought he was joking at first. he was not. for the first time since i met him, i felt unsafe. the actress describes her fear, she panicked a little before offering to give him one. a way to be in control physically, she writes. rationalizing this walk ward moment based on her experience with student massages in acting
4:49 pm
classes at yale. but when he attempted to remove his pants, she ran from the room. she claims at the time she sgexded her discomfort. but -- second-guessed her discourt. the movie mogul invited her to dinner and announced let's cut to the chase. i have a private room upstairs where we can have the rest of our meal. he told me not to be so naive. if i wanted to be an actress, i had to be willing to do this sort of thing. once she declined, he sent her away. he said i don't know about your career but you'll be fine. nyongo felt sick about joining in the conspiracy of silence adding she was ultimately moved to speak by the bravery of other women coming forward. >> i have been harassed so many times i can't count. i've been assaulted. >> many inspired by actress alyssa milano who urged women to share experiences with sexual harassment and assault under the hash tag me too.
4:50 pm
>> we'll be vocal. it stops here. >> this morning one of the biggest male stars, quinton tarantino coming forward to say he's known for decades about weinstein's behavior. he told "the new york times" there was more to it than the rumors, the normal gossip, it wasn't secondhand. i wish i had taken responsibility for what i heard. he says his former girlfriend, mira sorvino talked about the unwelcome advances she faced. >> this afternoon, the television academy announced it will hold a hearing in november on whether or not to revoke weinstein's membership. burglars have hit mariah carey's los angeles home. l.a. police say the crime was discovered yesterday morning. the thieves made off with about $50,000 worth of property. she was out of town on vacation at the time of the burglary. a ladder was seen leading up to the singer's bedroom. they ransacked various homes throughout the house. three of the biggest sigh et
4:51 pm
soda's brands are facing class action lawsuits accusing them of misleading marketing saying the artificial sweeteners may cause weight gain. >> here's the latest. >> when it comes to drinking soda, diet must be better for you, right? >> diet dr pepper. >> studies show the opposite is true. the fake sweet stuff may lead to weight gain and obesity. >> our bodies are 60% water. not sweetened beverage. >> proposed class action lawsuits are taking on the beverage giant, coca-cola, pepsi and dr pepper, snapple group. the three largest makers of the carbonated beverages alleging the marketing are false, misleading and unlawful to consumers. deceiving shoppers into thinking the beverages will help them manage or lose weight. >> there's no question this is deceptive advertising. >> the suits claim aspartame, the artificial sweeteners is likely to cause weight gain
4:52 pm
rather than to help in weight loss or healthy weight management. >> these products are not helpful in losing weight, they may do the opposite. >> although the studies cited in the lawsuit don't show conclusively that aspartame causes weight gain, several show a correlation between obesity. >> the calorie control council including -- like aspartame an the makers of diet soda say reduced calorie products are an important tool in helping consumers improve their diet and lose weight. >> in a statement to abc news, the american beverage association, which represents these three soda companies have called the lawsuits meritless saying that diet beverages have been shown to help people manage their diet and weight. maggie rule i, abc news, new york. next on abc 7 news at 4:00, a 9-year-old penned a heartbreaking letter after losing his home is smiling a big smile this afternoon.
4:53 pm
plans to spread the love. a look at what's coming up. thanks, giegs. nut at 5:00, ring of fire. imagine going through the rubble of your home and finding this. plus -- a disease infects almost every single plant on the coast of california. >> it looks like it's spreading. it may have played a role in the wildfires. plus the cattle roundup that started as a rescue operation. those stories and
4:54 pm
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coming up in primetime at 8:00, once upon a time followed by marvel he is inhumainmhumaiha 9:00. an update on the story of a 9:00-year-old fire survivor and his letter about loss. our tweet went viral and baseball teams and fans from across the country have responded. abc 7 news reporter katie ute is shows us what happened today. >> hi there. >> big league dreams fulfilled at age 9. >> i got your letter. thanks so much. >> athletics catcher bruce maxwell. >> this is my game worn jersey from this season. >> takes the shirt off his back for this north bay fire survivor umt: thanks my man. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> after lauren jade smith wrote a letter. >> to the oakland a's. i love watching your a's game. i want to be an a's player.
4:57 pm
>> cuts to the core. >> my house burned down. down in santa rosa fire. my saddest things were my baseball collection. >> it was devastating. it really was. >> major league baseball and it all burned up. >> the day after the fire, he was hiding underneath the couch crying about all the stuff he lost. his grandma just said, hey, get it out. >> lauren's aunt sent it to an abc 7 news photographer. i tweeted it, from there -- >> i thought it was just not go anywhere. but it just went everywhere. >> when my tweet went viral. i sent -- gentleman jarks idaho. as far away as new york. people mailed items to the a's to give to loren. >> i got baseball cards. got you one of these. you can put the season tickets in here. got all the a's stuff. >> i remember i had one. >> teams across the league sent care packages.
4:58 pm
>> it's football. >> joe montana. >> you can have that. >> hundreds of fans did too. >> have you ever thrown out the first pitch at a baseball game? >> no. >> you want to do it next year? >> yeah. >> game on. >> can't believe it's real. >> loren plans to share his new gear with other kids in need. >> there's a lot of my friends lost their hughes. >> we want to pay it forward and share it with everybody and share the love that's come through. >> who is your favorite player? >> chris davis because he hits a lot of home runs. >> inspiring a league to hit it out of the park. >> in santa rosa, abc 7 the president of that organization really stepping up. a behind of scenes look with ththe athleti athletics. we'll post the story at abc 7 reminder, you can get the latest news with the abc 7 news app to be the first about breaking news where you live and just in.
4:59 pm
marshawn lynch, suspended one game for making contact with the ref. abc 7 news at 5:00 with dan and cheryl starts right now. she looked at me like quickly and then she took off. >> that man is describing a woman he says was involved in a hit and run this afternoon in oakland. a child is hurt and we're there live. plus -- >> the last time i saw this was 50 years and called napalm in vietnam. >> he's talking about what's left of his neighborhood. some are finding family treasures. others nothing. >> commuter crackdown. a popular van service is suspended and users find themselves left in a lurch. live where you live this is abc 7 news. a young girl is critically hurt, hit by a car that did not stop. the driver, police say, went on to cause another accident. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings in for kristen sze. the child was hit near 8th
5:00 pm
avenue not far from lake merit. the driver taken into custody nearby. >> let's go to eric thomas live in oakland with the latest on the story. eric? >> reporter: dan, we're told the young victim is in critical condition at the hospital right now. the story begins here at the intersection of 8th avenue and east 15th street where you see a couple of police motorcycles are here and officers are conducting their investigation. they say this is where a maroon toyota traveling at a pretty good clip hit and critically injured the young victim. the scene, this all happened at 1:30 in the afternoon. this is where the hit and run occurred. the toyota then continued on to the 400 block of foothill where the car slammed into the back of another vehicle. no one was injured. the owner of the other car was not injured there. the suspect then walked away from the scene. she was taken into custody outside a strip mall on 9th avenue a short distance a wachlt we talked to a witness who s


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