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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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miles away. >> eric joins us with the story. >> reporter: dan and cheryl as you can see it's 6:00 p.m. in oakland traffic. officers still on the scene taking measurements. police say, the suspect was driving a plea ren toyota when she hit and kept going. she then rear ended a must stang on the 400 block before taking off of foot. the young distance seems to be in critical condition. a witness said she was partially closed and appeared to have blood on her face. >> i yelled out to her, hey do you need help. at that time she accelerated her walk pace. i followed her and i called the dispatch and gave directions where she was going. >> it's unknown if alcohol and drugs was a factor. speed was one of the factors in
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this collision. >> reporter: this is the view shortly affection from sky 7, the young victim we mains in the hospital. the suspect is in custody while police decide what if any charges to per sue. still don't know how much longer investigators are going to be here investigating this accident scene. as we told you, they are here right now. motorcycles officers there, traffic officers doing measurements and this area around 8th and east 15th still blocked off for through traffic. the man suspected of running down a san francisco police officer pleaded not guilty in court today. officer ill ya tan kel remains in custody. abc 7 news reporter leann
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melendez is live with the story. >> reporter: court documents have used several names, marquez johnson and in today he corrected the judge and give a different name, william flanagan. in court he interrupted both his judge and attorney several times especially when the judge refused to lower his bail. police officers waited outside the courtroom as the man discharged of -- charged of running down elia lewis tan a public defender was appointed. >> we do have the presumption of innocence and a fair trial in this country. >> reporter: bail was set at $10 million. flanagan himself objected saying he was a nonviolent offender. according to court documents last february, flanagan was
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convicted of possessing drugs and served, 67 days in martin hall rin is with the police officers' association. >> he's out on release or probation and this happens again and again. >> reporter: on wednesday the injured offer was on bike l patrol assisting other officers and police say flanagan hit him and tried to get away. he was driving a stolen suv. flanagan got rid of the suv. he was arrested in the tenderloin, the officer suffered a traumatic head injury. >> we're hoping for his recovery. a big time flask don narrow and environmentist has launched a campaign calling for trump's
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impeachment. generating a lot of buzz but will it have an impact. abc 7 news reporter chris win with more. >> throughout the bay he's a familiar face to many. >> tell your members of congress they have a morale responsibility to stop going what's critical. >> reporter: in a commercial coming to a screen near year. next signing an -- >> the president is a clear and present danger. >> reporter: the message resonates with those who feel like their voices are not being heard. >> all of these thing are happening but what do we do now? this is what we can do and be apart of. >> reporter: the report calls the campaign a baseless radical effort. >> i paid little heed to it. it's a fairly cheap -- >> reporter: this isn't the first time styier has gone after the president. you're looking at a next general
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political ad that ran last fall. rather than his commercial spot will be effective is anyone's guess. >> you can have people with money on the left or right spending that money to put out the ads and message to pressure the politics directly. >> reporter: styier is considering a run for the u.s. senate. tieier simply told abc 7 news, quote, we believe we are in a tame of crisis and wanted to reach as many americans as quickly as possible. styier plans to buy more than $10 million in ad space in new york and california as well as cable television. chris winn, abc 7 news. >> last sunday, house of magazine publisher took out this full page ad in "the washington post" offering $10 million for information leading to president trump's impeachment and removal from office. >> san francisco could become the first u.s. city to open safe
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injection sites for drug use. a task force for the city recommends it operates multiple safety ingestion sites chicago be inconjunction with services. it would be in neighborhoods where drug use, and othersy rings are common. oakland's new fire chief was sworn in. darren white has been the interim chief for the past 12 months. he got an enthusiastic welcome at city hall. the chief says he wants to win back community trust after tragedies of the ghostship warehouse claimed the lives of many people. >> i want to make sure the department feels confidence in what we're doing and i want to make sure the community feels like the community -- i want to restore any confidence in the community right now and how we
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restore services in the department. >> he may be new but darren white is a veteran, 20 years on the fire department. t calistoga property that could have been to blame for the bay fire. sky map 7 thousands is street nearby. police regarding the site to be created as a crime scene. many members of the state, full-time fire investigates are in the north bay area trying to investigate on the cause of the fires. the rain -- abc 7 news was in santa rosa where 5% of the homes in the city burned down. you can see the destruction from the tubbs fire here. this fire is considered the most
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destructive wildfires in california history burning down at least 360 buildings.. some good news, pge reports electric rick and gas service has been restored to all dopplers in the fire -- customers in the fire zone who can receive it tip. residence effected in santa rosa got to go back inside their neighborhoods. >> that includes the journeys, coffey park areas. >> abc 7 wayne freedmon live in coffey park. >> reporter: one of them said to me today, he had to come back, look, and see it so he could get past it. you might think of this as a shared experience on a suburban level. in coffey park this is a day for explores what used to be a familiar turf, now transformed
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to a state beyond recognition. >> what'd you find? >> more doorknobs. >> reporter: for barbara it may be a clue of finding anything with emotional value. >> photos of my kids and parents, i can't replace those. >> reporter: now duplicate this streets of streets of burned homes. >> my whole life if something goes wrong i said as long as it ain't vietnam, this is darn close. >> reporter: two people to be hospital while poking through ruins we found them. >> you do learn what matters, and then when stuff goes away, even the structure of your life goes away you really know what matters. >> reporter: in donna's case its turned out to be a piece of pottery handed down. fist don, his 30th anniversary wedding ban. >> this is real. i don't think your t.v. cameras
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do justice in what we're standing in. >> reporter: a pattern of devastation that looks orderly, at ground level it's chaos accompanied by the strangers, sound tracks to metal detecters. and the crunching of feet on burn escape. and every where. >> they tend to be -- i tend to be an optimistic person by nature. this is a little more than my optimistic nature can handle at times. >> reporter: maybe tomorrow will be better. in coffey park santa rosa. wayne freedmon, abc 7 news. >> people in the community are planning a vigil for fire victims at 7:00 in the old townhouse square. using glow sticks and candles temporary heeling and movement toward rebuilding tonight. that should be very emotional.
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this will put a smile on your face. a basketball fan who lost everything gets a special gift from his favorite team. >> how this story led to his once in a life time moment to play catch with the a's today. attacking and destroys cancer in the bay area. we are closer to a cure. >> i'm spencer christian, are you ready for temperatures in the 90s again? accuweather forecast coming up. i'm michael fenny live in clear lake where the 7 on your side pop
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abc 7 news was in clear walk. those flames cut off one group of fire victims who only rode to safety, their proximity in clear lake saved them. they jumped into a boat to get away from fire. you're looking where the fire burned in lake cathy. >> all week, michael fenny with 7 on your side has been out all week helping. >> reporter: cheryl, dan it's been a unique day here. we've helped a lot of people, but i think i've given out more snacks than advice. but sometimes snacks is what you need. we'll be here until 7:00 please come down and join us.
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if you have any questions about anything we want to hear from you. let's talk about rebuilding your home. we have rebecca from the bureau. this is where a lot of people make mistakes, they want to build fast and take a shortcut right? >> yeah. in the meat of the home -- heat of the moment you might act fast. so, you really want to make sure you have it in writing. >> reporter: let's talk about local contractors versus the guys going to be coming in, is there a difference? >> yeah. we encourage you to find a local contractor. it's best to go local but there is a chance there's going to be possibly not enough contractors so you may have to use someone from further away. >> reporter: how much money do you give up front and how do you pay? >> that's a great question. you should never feel pressured to pay the ksh. if you want to that's fine. up front, the contractor state
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license board usually say 10% or $1,000 down which ever is less. another run, a third in the beginning, third half way, and a third when your satisfied. so you want to make sure is hold that last payment until your happy with the work. >> reporter: a key thing, satisfied. not when they're done but you're done right? >> that's correct. >> reporter: and affection check wb bb? >> yes, check with the bbb and see their reviews and ratings. >> reporter: we're going to be here until 7:00, that's not much more time i know but this is a pretty small community. you have time to make your way over. we are at the senior center which is the home of the local disaster center right now. reporting live from clear lake i'm michael fenny. 7 on your side. >> michael wants to hear from
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you if you have any wild fire or general consumer issues. 7 on your side hot lone open monday through friday. >> you can reach him on his facebook page and through >> announcer: your act chew weather forecast with spencer christian. >> major warm up coming your way over the next few days. the average high in santa rosa this time of year 75. tomorrow's high 71. sunday 81, 91 monday, 92 monday and mid to upper 80s for the remainder of the week. going into next week it's going to feel like summer. right now it's not summer-like at all. we have clouds around. sky is bright, lots of grounds lingering. pretty cool outside. we also have light
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bear in mind in you're going to be down along the coastline. this is the view from sue troe tower looking out other san francisco. 55 in the city, 58 oakland. gilmore 55. the sun is setting, it is currently 58 santa rosa, 59 napa and navarro. low 550s in con -- 50s in concord. these are our forecast features. bright and breezy tomorrow with major warm up beginning sunday and record heat possible in many bay area locations earlier next week. over night we'll see partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. chilly in the valley. most of the bay area upper 40s. tomorrow, breezy conditions at the coast. highs in the low 60s around the
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coast. around the bay. inland highs will get much above 70, 71 degrees tomorrow. looking ahead, this is the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny days all way through the forecast period. starts warming up sunday. we don't hit the summer-like levels and chance of record highs until monday, tuesday and wednesday as inland highs will be in the low 90s. look for mid 80 and mid 70s on the coast in late october. almost unheard of. >> we're glad to hear of it now. paying your friends and family is now as easy as a text. >> yeah the new
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job losses piling up in the bay area just ahead of the business holiday season too. >> the new state labor report out today shows the bay area lost 4700 jobs in september. experts say the job growth in the bay area has slowed in part because of skyrocketing homes and rental prices. the state of added 52,000 jobs last month. >> if you use paypal you'll be able to send payments using
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facebook members of tssenger. this is the first time you can make direct payments right there in the app. the feature will be available on ios first and android later. the next generation may not be ready to accept the world with driverless cars. 16 to 24 years old and fewer than one in four says they see themselves buying an auto ton mouse vehicle. >> the nasdaq, s&p 50000 were all up. the vans all over san francisco have suddenly come to a screeching halt. jonathan bloom explains what's going on. >> i'm frustrated, i use chariot because there's not a good public transportation option for me. >> reporter: mia received this letter saying chariot was temporarily pausing service.
6:24 pm
a way of saying the state sended its license. since its started chariot's been controversial. neighbors say it clog streets and drive ways. >> the california highway patrol take passenger transportation seriously. >> reporter: the chp found some drivers didn't have the right kind of lower air disturbance listens for what the state considers a bus. >> we tell them what we they need to do to fix it. >> reporter: after failing the inspection last december the chp says it came back in march and august, each time it found a handful of drivers didn't have the proper license. off camera two drivers told us their currently in school for those licenses and chariot's given them a deadline. >> it looks like they reduced
6:25 pm
the seating capacity on some of the vehicles to get below that threshold level. >> the drivers told them chariot continues to let them work. friday afternoon they came in but say they were sent home while awaiting inspection. >> it's going to take us a little more time to get the vehicles inspected and that's what we're doing now. >> reporter: they say they'll update riders and drivers as when services will start back up. a meeting of the minds are taking place in the bay area. >> how professional bull riders and the military coming together for a common cause. plus -- >> so he gave me all the chemotherapy that he could. >> the barrier breakthrough that could help in the fight against cancer. and a cover girl turn animal
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you get a companion ticketes visaevery year.card so why not i mean i always spell your name right. seriously, take me, i can't listen to this playlist any longer. i'm thinking mexico, and i'm a quick pack. ♪ a major step today in the
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fight against cancer, and bay area doctors and researchers are leading it. >> researchers if stanford are taking a cutting edge treatments to new lengths. >> reporter: nicole shaw is full of life and loves to ride her harley in the mountains. her life almost came to an end when her lymphoma suddenly returned. >> there were no more options. i was told mikan serve i was back, i was devastated, and i didn't have much time to live. >> reporter: nicole's final chance was a clinical trial at stanford. there the doctor and his team used a ground breaking therapy. it works by genetically altering the patient's cells and immune cells to attack the cancer. >> we're taking those cells that
6:30 pm
help us to avoid cancer if the first place and adding more power. >> reporter: the team is taking that power a step further. to treat his aggressive lymphoma they're using an experimental therapy of the cell. >> i was told about it and he explained to me with draws he would do. i said yes, i'm in. >> reporter: the doctor says the experiment is so promising it could be the thing to cure a wide range of cancer. >> i'm convinced we're not only to make these effective but to also extend these to other cancers. rorp nicole has been cancer free for seven months and spends every many of it with -- minute of it with her daughter.
6:31 pm
>> i want to be with my son and his wife and walk down the aisle. >> i'm pulling for him. the cancer immune therapy is known as car t. it have just approved by the fda. stanford version is recruiting for clinical trial. more information on >> very encouraging. firefighters save lives every day and now helping to raise money to fight breast cancer. >> they are. the idea starting with one firefighter launching her own company to fight the disease. >> last year i brought in $6,000 for the cause and this year's coming along as well. the t-shirt are currently being sold at the classic car wash locations in san jose, campbell.
6:32 pm
>> you can buy the shirts for $20 a piece. 7 on your side's might fenny are helping families. >> today's focus is the sulfur fires. >> he joins us now again from clear like. michael. local assistant center all day long. a ton of people have been helped. we've been helping a few people here with 7 on your side pop up. beginning to break down and we'll be leave g if a couple of moments but if you need help drop by. when you think about the pigs administration, no doubt think of small businesses, but they are here helping. yolanda stokes is with the fda. >> people are surprised to find out that the small business administration, despite that business of our name, we do
6:33 pm
provide loans to people to rebuild and churches and buildings of all sizes. >> reporter: so they can get a loan to rebuild a home or what are we talking about? >> absolutely. you can get a loan to replace home. as -- homeowners and renters the translator is 1.75%, that's unheard of. you can possibly have a term up to 30 years. >> renters. that's key. renters don't just walk up to your table do they? >> no they don't. people are always surprised to know we have a program for our renters. renters are eligible up to 40 touds to replace their property even if it's a vehicle. for renters it's 1.75% interestt rate. >> reporter: thank you so much my friend. thank you for everything you're doing here.
6:34 pm
>> absolutely my pleasure. >> reporter: that's it for us in clear lake. we'll be here another couple of minutes. if a question or concern just fell through the crack as you're recovering from this storm please drop by to talk to us. we'll be here until 7:00. >> michael you and your team has done a great job in the fire works. thank you. >> the 7 on your side hot line open monday through friday. you can also reach him on his facebook page and we have breaking news on a peninsula where a plane has crashed. the plan is still up right. >> this happened before 6:00 tonight. emergency crews are at the scene, they put foam all around the claim. no word -- plane, no word on
6:35 pm
injuries. first responders have had little rest this year. one unit based in the south bay has developed impressive skill sets allowing its members -- the 129th rescue wing just back from the north bay fires. >> reporter: this vintage c-130 aircraft sits empty but it's on stand by. they've been pressing the service nonstop this year, responding to hurricanes harvey and irma and to the north bay fires. >> we packed up the airplanes with rescue team and boats. we headed out to fort hood. >> that doesn't begin to describe what the 129th rescue wing is trained to do. the unit is credited to saves 100 lives because of his far
6:36 pm
reaching skill sets for land and water mission. >> they can jump out of airplanes, deep sea dive, fast rope out of a helicopter, they can use snow boards, anything they need to do to be able to get to that isolated person and save that person's life. >> reporter: they can also work the fire lines and do water droughts. they will be recognized in san jose this weekend by the professional bull riders who stopped by to learn more than what they do. >> there's no one on the planet more special than someone that would sacrifice their own safety for another human being. >> reporter: this takes a toll on personal lives. sergeant morales missed his own birthday and had to leave his wife and 13-month-old son. 100 of the hours were spent on the north bayer wild fire. there are weeks ahead before the
6:37 pm
end of the year, who knows where the 129th will be deployed next. >> we're ready to go wen they call us. authorities are calling the next story the largest wildfire trafficking sweep in southern california. >> animals including tigers,
6:38 pm
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6:40 pm
federal authorities have seized dozens of animals and charged 16 people on what they say is the largest traffic sweep in california. >> our sister station in los angeles has more on jungle book. >> reporter: these exotic animals were brought into the country illegally. >> this is all about money. wildfire, the illegal wildfire trade compares to drug -- to drt wildlife trade compares to drug smuggling and human trafficking. it's about the all mighty
6:41 pm
dollar. >> reporter: species smuggled into los angeles, concluding lizard, a turtle from madagascar, all worth thousands of dollars. 16 defendants are facing travel charges after being arrested during the biggest animal trafficking sweep in the city's history. >> if you come to los angeles, you're going -- smuggling wildlife you're going to get caught and prosecuted. rorp i'm amy powell. abc 7 news. a lost everything in a fire gets the day of his dream.
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we're going to update you on our story of a 9-year-old fire survival and his letter about loss. abc 7 news reporter kraty shows you what happens today. >> reporter: big dreams fulfilled at age 9. >> i got your letter. thanks so much. >> reporter: athletic catcher
6:45 pm
bruce maxwell takes the shirt off his back for this north bay fire survival. >> this is for you. >> thank you. >> reporter: after lauren smith wrote a letter that cuts to the core of what it's like to loose everything. >> my house burned down in a santa rosa fire. my saddest things were my baseball collection. >> when i read it it was devastating. >> the day after the fire he was hiding underneath the couch crying about all the stuff he lost. his grandma just said hey, get it out. >> lauren's aunt sent it to an actions 7 news photographer, i tweeted it and from there. >> when my tweet went viral i
6:46 pm
spent the next couple of days of where the mail items. >> you can put the season tickets in there, all the a's stuff. >> wow, i remember i had one. >> reporter: teams across the league sent care packages. >> oh it's football. >> hundreds of fans did too. and -- >> you ever thrown out the first pitch in baseball game in. >> no. >> you want to do it next year? >> yeah. >> game on. >> reporter: lauren plans to share his gear with friends. >> we want to share it with everybody and share the love. >> reporter: lauren's love of america's past time. >> chris davis because he hits a lot of home run. >> reporter: inspiring a league to hit it out of the park. >> how about that smile right. a cover girl getting high praise
6:47 pm
for her response to the north bay wildfire. sha lee that maria is a motorcycle racer and a cover girl. she organized drivers with traylers to evacuate livestock from the fire areas. to do so she postponed campaign. >> they let me do what i want to do and i am an animal rescuer this week. >> she was so business helping helps she missed her commercial airing monday during "abc's dancing with the star's." watch her entire story on >> spencer christian back with an update. >> okay, cheryl the clouds have gone. partly cloudy area during the
6:48 pm
night areas. it'll be chilly in the bay area, upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow sun and breezy at the coast. highs upper 60s. tomorrow night in walnut creek it'll be the society's light the night walk mc by dan ashley. lovely weather take place at civic park near the library. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. monday and wednesday it'll feel like summer again. high in the 90s in some inland areas. >> spencer thank you. well, discipline has been handed down. >> yes, some people need their discipline as you know. marshon lynch will pay the price for pushing a referee. the
6:49 pm
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good evening. if not for miracle finish by the
6:52 pm
ra raiders there'd be more scrutiny on lynch. he was suspended for making -- this was part of the raiders victory. we're going to be talking about this game for years to come. eight seconds left, carr to michael. you can see the push off. still three seconds left. chief penalties, on time down, , derrick carr rolling out his crabtree again. >> that was crazy to have those two plays with zero left on the clock and flags and past interferences to go up and down, it's crazy. but to get that win is even better. >> i don't think i've seen nothing like that in my life, that was special.
6:53 pm
>> i remember whispering to crab ear, like hey, let's go get it. everybody came out, we need the win. that's what you saw there. >> give somebody a chance and that's all, that's nothing technical about it. at that point i'm telling them, the guys in the huddle, look guys i got to give somebody a chance now, go make a play. they did a couple times. >> it starts at practice. coach put us in these situations at practice. all we're doing is putting it on the game table. warriors just underway in new orleans against the pel cans, down double digits in the first quarter. taylor announced he'll depose nate a thousand dollars to every point he made in a home game. of course clayton could donate
6:54 pm
more considering he scored a high last year. clay set up an account on pledge where fans can donate. >> let's stick together because a lot of loved ones have lost from a terrible event. property's been damaged. >> nice seeing clay step up in leadership role. dusty baker led the nationals to back-to-back division titles. there will not be a third. the team disappointed. baker came close to winning with the giants back in '02. adorable devil's fans watching the sharks and new jersey, first road trip. someone ordering milk....
6:55 pm
adju justin from the blue line. tips at home, two for the sharks later in the third. his first goal in the past 28 games go back to last season. 3-0 sharks is the final as team teal evens its records at 3. all the highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. >> join us tonight at 9:00 and 11:00 we'll have more from a vigil as people in the north bay begin the healing process. and at 11:00 a possible point of origin. we talked to the neighbors about this taped off area. finally tonight, a few folks about what really matters. after a horrifying week in wine country the fire danger is over. good people responded, sweeping across the north bay to help, moving faster than the flames
6:56 pm
and with compassion unlike the fire would not be extinguished. the speed at which it all happened is mind boggling. who will not move as fast as anyone would like is the recovery, months even years. the challenge in any disaster like this is to keep up the pace of recovery support over the long hall not just the shrt-term. rebuilding homes, schools and businesses will take time, so will the forward turn of wine country tourism. what was lost in hours or days will take much longer to restore. long after volunteers and the newscast are gone, what really matters our friends in the north bay will need help. for more information on what you can do please visit our website. i always love to hear from you, let me know follow me on twitter and facebook @danashleyabc7.
6:57 pm
that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley for spender christian, larry beal, michael fenny we appreciate your time. hope to see you at 9:00 and 11:00. >> good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- an attorney from dearborn, michigan... a public education consultant from los angeles, california... and our returning champion, a video producer from new york, new york... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!," alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, all. thank you, johnny. hi, everyone. so far this season, we have been very good at getting to almost all of the clues in the jeopardy! and double jeopardy! rounds. let's see if we can do it again today. kathleen and tim, welcome aboard. tom, good to see you.
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