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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 22, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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meteorologist mike nicco who's in. >> a little low cloudiness along the coast. it's having a hard time moving inland. some coastal values may be seeing fog. three-quarter mile visibility in santa rosa. that will hang around for probably the next three to four hours. let's take a look at what's going on as far as your 12-hour day planner. temperatures not quite as cool as yesterday but a little chill,
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49 to 53 degrees at 7:00. 62 at the coast. 66 at noon. grab those sunglasses. a bit warmer except for at the coast. 71 to 76 elsewhere. 50s and 60s as we head through the 8:00 hour. we've got a big-time warming trend coming. 90s back in the forecast. i'll have that for you. >> thank you. we're following developing news in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood. police are searching for two suspects in connection with a shooting. they initially responded to reports of an uber driver shot during an attempted robbery at laguna and clay. police at the scene would not confirm the victim is a uber driver but there was an uber sticker on the back of his cars. abc7 news was there when the driver was loaded into the ambulance around 9:00 last night. he is expected to survive. at least one person is dead, another injured after a collision on highway 92 in san
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mateo county. chp officials say a driver who was under the influence caused the four-vehicle crash. it happened around 8:30 on the eastbound side of highway 92 in belmont. all lanes were initially closed but have since reopened. chp officials say they arrested a second driver nearby who was not involved in the wreck, also on suspicion of dui. turning to the fires in the north bay. many families are sifting through the remains of their santa rosa neighborhood this weekend. today fire victims are invited to a town hall meeting at the friedman event center avenue. tiffany wilson was in santa rosa yesterday, covering what was lost and found after the fire. >> reporter: no warning, no time. >> this is the first street do go.
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this is where it started. >> reporter: brandon and his girlfriend fled with the animals they could find. they returned to search for the two they could not. >> pumpkin and rusta. we want to hope our babies come home. >> reporter: this family is searching. >> closure time. >> reporter: the carlson's visit their home of 44 years. silver dollars they recovered were not here today. >> we had kind of left them in the corner and then -- but they're not there now. >> reporter: despite the setback, the family is rallying. >> a home is a home in the heart. >> carlson strong. >> yes! >> reporter: we found similar courage at the norris house. >> without the park being there when we first came in, we wouldn't have even known this street was ours. this was our home two weeks ago. now. >> ashes. nothing left. >> reporter: today's skaven ger
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hunt found a few things. >> class ring. >> neighbors stopped by. >> i have that on my phone. >> reporter: no front porch, no drink, no chair to relax. just conversation, laughter. >> what's his number? >> reporter: and a sense of community stronger than any fire. many of the families we spoke with don't now how or when, but they do know they'll be back in santa rosa. governor brown has issued an executive order to speeds up the removal of hazardous waste in neighborhoods ravaged by the wild fires. that allows the epa to assist state and local officials in immediately removing dangerous debris like batteries, liquid paint from homes. the epa is planning to expand operations in napa and sonoma counties and will have stage areas in the coming weeks. some out of town fire crews
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are about to head home but before they leaf, the people of santa rosa are saying thanks. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has that story. >> reporter: firefighters came for pancakes. what each one got was a standing ovation. >> how can you not be grateful for someone who worked so hard for you. >> reporter: this was hosted by boy scout 32 in santa rosa. donations were collected for fire victims. this day gave thanks to those who battled the firestorm. >> the support for all of our departments. just driving down the highway, every overpass is covered with signs. it's touching. >> reporter: homeowners are returning to their fountain grove neighborhood for the first time. >> we raised our two kids here. >> reporter: they can't believe the place they called home is rubble. >> it's unbelievable. just driving up the parkway and
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see all these homes. we've lived here 18 years. >> reporter: keepsake christmas decoration is all that's been salvaged so far. more than 30 homes on this street reduced to ashes. some nabs finding signs of life on their property. like this fish pond. somehow these miniature koi survived. she found a silver serving fork, a wedding present. residents must show id to return to their properties. the williams vow to rebuild. >> we're going to stay. this is our home. >> reporter: they say that could take years. in santa rosa, abc7 news. several schools closed during the wildfires plan to reopen tomorrow, including santa rosa junior college, napa valley
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unified school district and napa valley college. they will offer koungs for students and staff. and you can help fire victims by texting the word redcross to 90999 to donate $10. the number is to call on your screen to volunteer. that's 707-577-7600. uc-berkeley police are warning women on campus about a man who attempted to sexually assault a woman around 7:00 monday night. lonni reports the victim fought back. >> it's shock but not out of the ordinary. >> reporter: a campus alert notified uc-berkeley students
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about an attempted assault on a woman jog along the trails. >> the most useful thing on you can be a weapon. >> reporter: the female jogger's case, they say she used her strength to defend herself. the suspect ran up from behind her, tackled her and tried remove her shorts and fondled her. she fought back and he ran away. the man is described as a white male in his 50s, 6 feet tall, wearing khaki pants, collar-length hair. >> being a woman is scary in general, alone. yeah, i think it's -- it's a weird world we're living in. >> it's a scary thing. i guess i don't have to think about those things as much it's not great to hear that. >> reporter: runners and walkers still enjoyed the fire trails. campus police want anyone with information about the assault to contact them. in berkeley, lonni rivera, abc7
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news. sheriff's democrats in contra costa county are looking for a man who caused a fiery head-on crash on highway 4 yoed afternoon. abc7 was in concord where chp says a man driving the wrong way in a stolen pickup truck slammed into a red suv near willow pass road. several people are hurt. all are expected to be okay. witnesses say the truck was going about 60 miles an hour. that crash, you can see, backed up eastbound traffic for hours. a viewer shared pictures of the truck flipped on its side. black smoke rising in the distance. the man ran away after the crash. sheriff's deputies tried pulling him over for driving that stolen car. santa clara police say they were chasing a driver of a car early yesterday morning that matched the description of a
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stolen vehicle from sunnyvale. officers tried to stop the driver when necessity say he intentionally backed into a cruiser, then sped toward police. that's when an officer open fire. the man identified as omar gomez of san jose. gomez is now recovering in the hospital. police say he's on parole on burglary charges and the car he was driving is, indeed, stolen. good news for drivers in san francisco who travel on that busy road across from glenn canyon park. abc7 was along as cruise work to stabilize the hillside to protect against rock slides that happened there. it was a small one but a nuisance. the road was closed until 3:00 yesterday afternoon forcing cars to turn around and bustos take a different route. workers finished a day early so today's scheduled closure has been canceled. i remember that rock slide
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because it was caused by the rain we had. >> a lot of rain. we'd like to have more but that's not in the forecast. i do have gorgeous conditions, though. really nice day shaping up as we look from the east bay hills camera. the wind is 11 miles an hour right now. this is one area that could get a little breezy, a touch of fire danger before the 90s return back to the forecast this week. thank you, mike. also, the owner of a t-shirt company drives 11 hours to help victims of the north bay wildfires. how the 49ers plan to honor the legendary dwight clark during today's game at levi stadium. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back. it is 5:13 on this sunday
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morning. thank you for waking up so early to join us for abc7 mornings. this is a live look from our abc7 roof cam showing you the bay bridge there in the background and the ferry building. a nice day on tap. but if you like it hot, well, you're going to be in love. temperatures are going to rise as the week progresses. mike nicco is in for lisa. accuweather forecast coming up. we are learning more about the suspected driver in a hit-and-run crash that left a girl in oakland critically injured. our media partner the bay area news group reports her name is annette keselowski. she's accused of driving under the influence. police say she hit a 10-year-old girl near the intersection of 8th avenue and east 15th street. she's accused of leaving the scene.
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police say she was arrested a short time later after hitting a parked car. police in danville are looking for a driver who crashed into two cyclists and drove yesterday around 2:00. a silver ford suv was headed north when he slammed into the cyclists, two were hurt, one air lifted for treatment. there's no indication it was intentional but police want to speak with that driver. the owner of a t-shirt company drove 11 hours to help victims of the north bay fires. x-treme aparel in arizona is selling #sonomastrong hats and t-shirts with proceeds going to recovery in the bay area. the owner donated $200,000 worth of unsold shirts along with baby items, school supplies to fire
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victims in sonoma county. he's encouraging others to step up and give back as well. >> raising money and trying to raise awareness that it only takes one family to help one family. we can all play a part of getting these people's lives back together. >> the donations don't stop there. thousands more t-shirts will be shipped to sonoma county wineries to be sold to raise money for the fire victims. the company started several campaigns after the las vegas shooting, the wildfires in arizona and september 11th. pets are also suffering after the north bay fires. abc7 news was in santa rosa where sonoma county animal services held a pet supply fair. pet owners who live in the county and were affected by the fires could pick up anything pet-related including carriers, toys, bowls, food, kitty litter and animal beds. >> all of the supplies we have here were donations given to us in the wake of the fires. we were overwhelmed with the
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donations at our shelter so warg for now. >> the fair was only a few hours long but the donations just keep on pouring in. there could be more events like this one in the future. if you've watched the wildfire updates by the sonoma county sheriff's office, you've likely seen the sign language interpreter who put their heart and soul into translating every word. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom got to know two of them and learned how they work together as a team. >> this is the 1:00 p.m. press rompbs -- >> reporter: you may not know her name but you know ruth mcclenen, the interpreter for the death who doesn't just sign, she acts. >> it's very rocky. where it gets rocky it gets slippery. >> reporter: there's something about her you may not know. >> i was born defshaf, i went t school for the deaf. >> reporter: she can't hear a word but for her teammate.
5:18 am
she often interprets. >> her first language is english, mine is sign language. >> reporter: as listens she signs to mcclenen. who adds the flare and clarity only a deaf person can. >> people of normal hearing use normal use sign language. >> we have a lot of trees that could fall across the road, fall on residents or cleaning up a lot of that area. >> reporter: it's information everyone needs. >> for deaf people to get it through a native signer is just going to make it that much more accessible to them. >> reporter: the interpreters came to serve the community but what they didn't expect is just how grateful the community would be and how much attention they'd get. >> the public feedback is exceptional. everybody loves them. we have great comments on facebook. >> reporter: comments from well
5:19 am
beyond sonoma county. >> just liar tke the firefighte like law enforcement, i'm here to make sure the lives are saved. >> reporter: in santa rosa, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> wonderful. hundreds of people raise money to help potential future aviators. the hiller event with all proceeds going to s.t.e.m. education. abc7 is a proud sponsor. happening today, thousands are expected to attend the greatest show and tell in the east bay. the annual maker fair starts at 10:00 this morning in oakland at park bay school. it's on 42nd street. this is video of a larger fair
5:20 am
held in san mateo each year. the event showcase invention, creativity and resourcefulness. people of all ages show what they're making and share what they're learning. there will be educational workshops and installations as well as diy technology. also happening today, the 49ers will honor franchise legend dwight clark at levi stadium. the team is calling today 87 day after clark'sersey number. clark announced earlier this year he's been diagnosed with als. as you know, clark made that famous catch in 1982 that put the niners in the super bowl for the first time. at halftime the niners will honor clark, and also joe montana, who's expected to address the mike shoeman wichueman will als there.
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the game starts at 1:05. looks like gorgeous weather. we'll talk about that coming up. let's take a look, you can see it's quiet. winds gusting up to 23 miles an hour. it will be a noisy night in the hills once again. the fire danger would be higher but because we had that rain friday morning, it's a little less. today, though, sunshine. autumn will take a hiatus monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday especially inland. temperatures anywhere from 1 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. everybody else in the low to mid-50s from union city, freeman, alameda, berkeley at 52. let's check with the rest of our neighborhoods. 52 in san jose. albany, san francisco, pacifica, anlt yok, antioch, 54 degrees.
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santa rosa, 43 with that really low visibility. be careful if you're driving up there. look at the high pressure dom na dominating our forecast. it's steering this large atmospheric river in the pacific northwest where they'll receive too much rain. it's going to cause flooding. it would be nice if we could tap into that but it doesn't look like if it's going to happen. let's take a look at our mike reclimates. 75 in millpeda. 77 in santa cruz. 74 in palo alto. nice, low to mid-70s along the peninsula. we'll see more sun in the afternoon hours and will get breezy along the coasts. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. sausalito around 70 degrees. 78 to 79 in north wine country,
5:23 am
a lot are still open. castro valley about 75. inland we'll have temperatures in the upper 70s from about 77 to 78 degrees. let's take a look at how our activity planner will break down. light breeze says out on the bay today. breezy about 4:00 at our beaches, small craft advisory. great day to do yard work, clean air, comfortable conditions and just wear that sunscreen you can still get burnt this time of year. take a look at our lows. because of the breezes it will be milder in afternoon. san ramone valley in the 40s. the rest of us around 50 to 56 degrees. let's go through the accuweather seven-day forecast. look at the dramatic jump in the temperatures. everywhere from 70s at the bay to 90 inland because we'll have an offshore breeze. our warmer temperatures tuesday and i may be conservative because we will threaten a few record high temperatures tuesday
5:24 am
near 80 at the coast. mid-80s around the bay. low to mid-90s inland. you can see cooling at the coast wednesday into thursday. temperatures will finally get a little closer to autumn-like as we head towards friday and saturday. definitely a string of warm weather coming. >> you're saying potential record-breakers. >> on tuesday, yes. >> all right. thanks, mike. just ahead, the cia is wishing this pup all the best after she flunked out of school. we'll explain when abc7 mornings returns.
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to an unusual ending in the car theft in the east bay. concord police say after stealing a ford fiesta in hayward, three managed to get it stuck on a rock in con cork before running away. in this facebook post thieves found themselves between a rock and a hard place. the owner got the police back and thieves have not caught the thooe thieves. we want to introduce you to lulu who flunked out of the cia's explosive detection class. lulu did not seem to be enjoying ourselves so they let her handler aadopt her and now she's enjoying playing with kids and a new friend. still to come on abc7, a rare and historic sight.
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five former presidents come together and call for unity to raise money for hurricane relief. and how a bay area museum is celebrating the day of the dead today. by also honoring the victims of last year's ghost ship warehouse fire.
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good morning, east bay. this is answer mornings. welcome back. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here's here's meteorologist in for lisa. >> used to watching you on the other side of the screen. good morning. hi, everybody. here's a look at live doppler 7. can you see a few clouds on the coast but i promise an increase in sunshine for you. let's start with your 12-day planner. 50s with cloudy conditions through 7:00. increasing sunshine, 62 at noon. 56 at 7:00.
5:31 am
here's the way it looks in walnut creek this morning. our inland 12-hour day planner, 51. out-dorable by noon. still pleasant at 7:00, 70 degrees. you can see around the bay, your 12-hour day planner, 65 by noon. a pleasant 73 at 4:00. by the time the sun sets, 65. it will get hot in my accuweather forecast. the fbi is joining an investigation into that deadly ambush in the afternoon nation of niger. four u.s. soldiers died. one of the fallen heroes laid to rest yesterday. his death and a condolence call from president trump now part of the national conversation. abc7 reporter linda lopez has the story. we love our troops, our
5:32 am
country. mourners lining the streets, holding american flags. >> the fallen soldier and his family. >> reporter: the hearse headed to a funeral mass attended by 1,000 people. >> he laid down his life. not just for himself but for a country. >> reporter: a warrior now at peace. >> and fire. >> reporter: sergeant johnson remembered as a hero. >> he is a real hero. anybody that goes into the military, in my opinion, that is willing to give that ultimate sacrifice for their country is a hero. >> reporter: the 25-year-old johnson, along with three members of the green berets died in the village of tongo tongo in niger three weeks ago. the pentagon and senate are investigating the ambush. attention turned to his widow
5:33 am
after hearing from the president. frederica wilson, a family friend, overheard the words on speakerphone and called the president disrespectful. the president tweeted back saying wilson fabricated his conversation and told fox news about the reaction of general john kelly. >> he was so offended that a woman would be -- that somebody would be listening to that call. >> reporter: linda lopez, abc news, new york. the conversation has thrust unofficial voice for gold star families back into the spotlight. >> this division is un-american. it does not serve america. political discourse, political differences, yes, we have always had. since inception we have had political differences but division, no. >> you might remember him, he
5:34 am
lost his son in iraq and condemned president trump at the 2016 democratic national convention for his immigration policies. khan says political civility is scarce in washington. ♪ show me the way ♪ >> lady gaga stealing the show from five former u.s. presidents with a surprise performances at a benefit concert at texas a&m. one america has raised $30 million for victims of hurrican hurricanes. >> it's a great pleasure for me to be here and with the other presidents to carry out this project. >> the heart of america, without regard to race or religion or political party is greater than our problems. >> what weave also seen is the
5:35 am
spirit of america at its best. when ordinary people step up and do extraordinary things. >> i'm here to urge you to give to this fine fund. i want to thank all the volunteers. i'm here for another reason. we really admire and love george h.w. bush. >> texas a&m is the elder bush's alma mater. he's suffering from a form of parkinson's disease now. he did not speak but smiled and waved to the crowd from his wheelchair. president trump was not in attendance but did send a video calling the former presidents some of america's finest public servants. >> to president jimmy carter, george h.w. bush, bill clinton, george w. bush and barack obama, melania and i want to express our deep gratitude for your tremendous assistance. >> president trump promised the
5:36 am
areas would come back stronger and better than ever before. coming up on "this week," martha raddatz has an exclusive interview with cia director general david petraeus. "this week" starts at 8:00 right after "good morning america." one of latest projects for tesla, elon musk just got a boost. maryland is taking the first step to make his high-speed underground transit system a reality. ron claiborne has the story. >> reporter: elon musk may be one step closer to revolutionizing the way we travel. >> we've wait aid long time for what's the next thing. i believe we're seeing the next thing come into existence right here in maryland. >> reporter: the maryland department of transportation confirming to abc news that its company the boring company a
5:37 am
utility permit for a tunnel beneath the washington-baltimore parkway. it's the first step in hyperloop that he says can propel passengers in these pneumatic tubes at 800 miles an hour. they could go to washington to new york city with stops in baltimore and philly in 29 minutes. governor hogan touring the site. >> i think it's coming from maryland and will go from baltimore to washington. get ready. >> reporter: musk is not only digging a tunnel on the east coast, he's also going underground in los angeles, hoping to build a super future subterranean highway to help reduce traffic there. in september musk announced plans to build a rocket, one that could fly passengers around the world in less than half an hour. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. still ahead on abc7 mornings, two east bay
5:38 am
universities are trying to solve separate problems by working together. the unique partnership that could lead to exciting new opportunities for thousands of students. and here's a live look from our emeryville camera. a few clouds along the coast right now but the sun will break later this afternoon. then get ready for a heat-up on the way this week. mike nicco in for lisa with a full accuweather f
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happening today the oakland museum of california will host a day of the dead celebration. there's a new xiblt opening at
5:41 am
the museum with works by notable artists. this year's theme explores immigration past and present. the community event beginning at noon also features life music and dance as well as food and arts and crafts. there will be a special tribute to victims of the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire. this past week, let's see, hi to turn on the heat and now i'm going to be wishing i had air conditioning. >> possibly. the other thing is this time of year when it gets this hot, we have long nights where things can cool off. i woke up yesterday morning and the house was 64 degrees. my wife says, really? you can't turn the heat on? we'll open the windows and let the heat in. lows in the 40s to highs in the 90s with possibility of record high temperatures come tuesday. as you look from our roof camera, it will be a gorgeous sunday. all that coming up. also coming up, frustration in memphis, both steph curry and
5:42 am
k.d. tossed in the final minute against the grizzlies. larry explains what got the warriors so upset coming up in sports. ♪ ♪ hi!
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welcome back, everyone. it's 5:44 on this sunday morning. thank you for joining us. this is a live look from the golden gate bridge camera. you know, just because it's october, you think you're going to get some fall-like weather. well, forget about it. yep, get prepared. some potentially record-breaking heat could be coming our way, so says mike nicco. he's in for lisa. he'll be along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. let's check out sports. the 49ers and the dallas cowboys will renew their rivalry at levi stadium. it will be the first career start for krncc.j. beth ard. kickoff at 1:05 this aftes
5:45 am
steph curry will have to the way to see if he faces a suspension from the league after being ejected during the loss to memphis last night. larry beale with all the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. one week into a new season and the defending nba champion golden state warriors have two losses in three games. stefr occ steph curry and kevin durant were ejected. they ran into a buzz saw against the fired up grizzly. curry playing on back-to-back nights. beat new orleans earlier. curry trying to keep the warriors in it after they were down double digits earlier. back-to-back threes. warriors within seven. memphis not known for the three-ball. brooks from deep and grizzlies extend their leave. 74-58. draymond, nice feed to klay
5:46 am
thompso thompson. down 14. gasol, 34 points, 14 rebounds. a little hook in the lane. a ten-point grizzly lead. less than a minute to play. curry on the layup, doesn't get the foul call. explodes. chucks the mouthguard. he gets sent packing. ejected. the warriors go down 111-101 is the final. a double overtime thriller in berkeley came down to one decision by cal football coach justin wilcox. rolling the dice, going for two and the win against arizona. bears trying to keep the momentum from last week's upset of wazzou. the back handoff to patrick laird, takes it wildcats answer with two straighted i straight touchdowns. khalil tate runs away, 137 on the ground. arizona runs for 345.
5:47 am
ended up in double overtime. arizona scores first. cal needing a touchdown. look at the fight. look at the power right there. touchdown. cal did not need to go for twou a two and the win but wilcox wants that. jordan done kin back of the end zone, tipped away, incomplete. 45-44, wildcats. >> we had been doing good things on offense, we felt we had a good play. like the rhythm of the game, ebbs and flows, i thought that was the best way to win. >> i'm confident in whatever situation or, you know, opportunity he wants us to take. i was really excited to help us win the game. on one play. and we didn't. >> so close. sharks and islanders in brooklyn, second period.
5:48 am
off the board, spins away from the check, feeds kocura, snipes it. on the redirect for the hat trick, the second of his career, the sharks fall 5-3. they are 3-4 on the season. the astros beat the yankees in game seven of the championship series. it's astros and dodgers in the world series. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everyone. larry, thank you very much. hi, everybody. look how calm it is. the bay-like glass across the bay bridge. let's talk about temperatures. the north bay, all these 40s. mid to upper 40s. san rafael, bow bodega bay. 44 in fairfield.
5:49 am
alameda, 48. the cool spot around the bay. san ramone, 45. brentwood, 52. daly city and san francisco about 54 degrees. the golden gate bridge, not even a wind right now. remember that flag we watch that flag a lot to see which way the wind is blowing because the wind has such a profound affect on our weather. there is none today. that means sunshine and warmer weather than yesterday. it will get breezy tonight as we transition to high pressure and an offshore breeze. watch out in the hills. we would have a high fire danger but the rain friday morning is going to temper that a little bit. with that offshore breeze, tomorrow is significantly warmer. tuesday some near record high temperatures. let's talk about the beaches. it's going to be fairly calm most of the day with increasing sunshine. by 4:00 you can see, a small craft advisory develops up and down and that means it will get
5:50 am
breezy and rough at times. let's talk about our microclimates. 88 in gilroy. mid to upper 70s. 76 in san jose. santa cruz, 77. redwood city at 73. mid-60s along the coast. near 70 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. the first to see sunshine. we'll be 75 to 79 through the north bay valleys. richmond, berkeley, oakland at 72. castro valley at 75 for the warm spot. inland, tight temperatures here. about 77 to 78 degrees. let's head back down to the south bay where america's team, no, not here, dallas in town to take on the 49ers. 1:05 kickoff. 73 warming up to 78 degrees. if you were with me friday, it was 74 and 78. temperatures holding wlm that forecast. let's look around the state. 64 in tahoe. mid to upper 70s throughout the
5:51 am
valley. a look at the warmth developing down to our south. mid-90s in l.a. and palm spring. that's coming up our way. tonight 40s in the san ramone. 50 in livermore, palo alto. the next seven days, because we have that dramatic wind shift and we get that downsloping wind off the mountains when air goes from higher elevation to lower elevation, it compresses. when it compresses, it heats. 70s at the coast, 80s around the bay and 90s inland through at weise wednesday. we'll have 70s and 80s thursday. you can see 60s at the coast as winds blow back onshore. 70s around the bay and closer to 80 for friday and saturday, which will be closer to where we should be for this time of the year. if you don't want to let go of summer, we have a couple more days for you. >> and so this will just be a little warm-up for you for tomorrow. so, you just -- you're already getting a rehearsal today.
5:52 am
>> i'll be here tomorrow. from tuesday, wednesday, thursday. thanks for having me today, by the way. >> you're welcome. >> it's nice seeing you. >> it's nice to have you here. two east bay colleges have come up with an unusual solution to some of their challenges. mills college and uc-berkeley have signed an agreement to share some facilities and services. other colleges may eventually do the same. >> reporter: the heads of uc-berkeley and mills college promise to share some of the unique things they each have. mills, a female private college offers small classes unlike uc-berkeley. >> the state schools, the public schools, face issues of enrollment capacity. and that's a place where i think the privates can really help. >> reporter: for example, an introductory biology class at cal tends to have hundreds of students. they can now enroll in that class at mills for a more direct interaction. >> currently we run two sections
5:53 am
of our intro biology course and the large ses 40 students. >> reporter: the lack of student housing has been an issue at cal. mills, which is only nine miles away offers classes with shuttle service. >> we have complimentary services. >> reporter: mills students can now join summer berkeley summer abroad programs offering greater opportunities. mills has been struggling with declining inroenrollment. the president announced 30% reduction for undergraduates in an attempt to lure more grad walts. >> it's never easy to find new ways to collaborate. >> reporter: it's likely this collaboration will serve as a model for other uc campuses and neighboring liberal arts colleges. this is open to only undergraduate women. abc7 news. coming up, how you can learn about san francisco's history and culture today with the help
5:54 am
of muni.
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in the wise word of shakespeare, all the world's a stage, including the san francisco muni line. happening today the train from golden gate park is a hop-on/hop-off tour four live dance performances. epiphany production is putting on the dances. they will perform routines inspired by the city's history, architecture and culture. wrist bands to join the tour are first come, first served. can you get them at the starting point, the california institute of integral studies on mission street starting at 10:00 this morning. up next on abc7 mornings at 6:00, developing news out of san francisco. two suspects on the run after a shooting in pacific heights. and families are returning to what's left of their homes
5:57 am
after the north bay wildfires.
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good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us on this sunday, october 22nd. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist mike nicco who's in this morning for lisa. >> thank you very much. we're going to talk about a gorgeous day and warming trend. let's talk about this morning although 6:00. you'll have increasing sunshine in the north bay. santa rosa, three-quarter of a mile. half mile at petaluma. that will be around another three hours and then start lifting. here's a look from our roof cam. you can see how still the air is. maybe warmer today after temperatures this morning about


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