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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. air canada 781 go around. >> new at 11:00, confusion at sfo. air canada explains what went wrong as a flight approached a runway sunday night. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm dion lim. if this sounds familiar, air canada was involved in yet another incident back at sfo in july. >> katie marzullo is live at the airport to explain what happened this time. >> reporter: dan, dion, the faa told us tonight unlike in july, this was not a close call. this plane did not almost hit another plane. still an aviation analyst told us authorities need to figure out how this happened and keep it from happening again. on sunday nuth, an air canada flight from montd re all received permission to land at sfoment then air traffic control made a change, believing another plane might be in the way. controllers repeated the
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instructions five times and without a response, a supervisor used a flashing red light to alert the crew to go around. the air canada jet landed safely just before 9:30 never having acknowledged the orders. >> air canada 781, tower. >> reporter: the faa is investigating the incident. analyst john nance said no pilot would ignore a radio call on purpose. >> i think it's pretty convincing there was a problem with the radios of one sort or another, whether they had accidentally switched to another frequency. >> reporter: air canada told abc7 news in a statement that the flight was given proper clearance to land. the statement goes on to say, quote, upon landing the crew was informed the tower had attempted unsuccessfully to contact the aircraft. however, the message was not received by the crew. >> i'm very comfortable with the airlines. i mean hearing this i'm a little nervous, but i wouldn't really change who i fly with. >> reporter: in july, an air canada plane came within 59 feet
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of crash landing into other planes at sfo. the pilot mistook the for the runway. we do have some breaking news coming into the abc7 newsroom out of san jose tonight. at least one person has died following a crash on highway 85. you can see on this map where several cars collided. this is on southbound 85 near cotle road. all south bond lanes are closed as of now. highway patrol officers do plan to be on the scene for a little while as they investigate tonight's tragedy. drivers must exit southbound 85 at cotle. monday night lights. it's much more than a football game in the north bay tonight. the high school in sonoma county lost classrooms and sports fields to the deadly fires, but abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is live as cardinal newman starts returning to some sense of normalcy. >> reporter: yes, dan. unfortunately cardinals did not take away the win tonight but
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considering the turmoil up here the last couple of weeks, making it to the field was a triumph. [ applause ] a police escort for a proud moment. simply making it to the game. the cardinals soared onto the field, already feeling accomplished. >> it's awesome. it's a little bit of normalcy for all of us, and we all love this sport. we love playing together. it's just nice to be out here together again. >> reporter: well before kickoff against rival rancho ca taughty, it took extra effort to get the cardinal newman football team to rohnert park. >> we do have six players that lost their homes. >> the tubbs fire tore through the campus in santa rosa. 90 of 620 students lost their homes, like heather's family. but she's ecstatic to see her son on the field. >> when you deal with tragedy like losing your house and losing half of your school, it's nice to be able to pull out any part of normal that you can. >> i think the best thing for
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the young men that chose to go to cardinal newman is experiencing cardinal newman. >> reporter: the team is practicing at another high school while rebuilding takes place. >> if all goes well and the site can be cleaned, we could be back in january on site for the second semester. >> reporter: in the meantime, students go back to school tomorrow at four nearby parish locations. >> the school community is what exists. the buildings are not the school. it's the people. >> reporter: and the people are ready for football season. in rohnert park, abc7 news. >> abz 7 news was in napa when chouds of students got back to their routines. schools reopened for the first time since the fires broke out two weeks ago. the high school doesn't know how many students lost their homes. >> we're all in this together. maybe it didn't directly happen to each individual, but we all were affected. >> i've seen students mostly be excited to be back and seeing all their friends being safe. >> we're kind of assessing today
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to see how many kids are coming in directly affected by the fires. maybe they've been displaced or lost their homes. >> reporter: now, the people running the napa valley assistance center do tell us more people have been calling for mental health services during the past few days. >> and we want to share another perspective of the fires' devastation in santa rosa. this is a look from drone view 7 at the fountain grove area. the fire that caused this damage is now 94% contained. this google earth image shows what the area looked like before the fire, and this is today. abc7 news did get permission from cal fire to fly over that area, we want you to know. crews are making progress tonight on a wildfire in the santa cruz mountains. the bear fire is now 85% contained. it started one week ago and has charred 391 acres. all evacuation orders were lifted today. nine firefighters suffered injuries, many because of the steep, rugged terrain. >> and of course the weather plays such a role in fighting
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fires. >> absolutely. it's critical. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with any concerns about fire danger, sandhya? >> absolutely, dan and dion. around this time of year, fire danger is running high. when you add heat to the mix, it obviously leads to that increased fire danger. rising temperatures tomorrow. records are possible. we will see areas of moderate air quality. i do want to show you the fire danger index. you see the area shades in yellows and blues. that's tomorrow morning believe it or not. we're going to be looking at some moderate to high fire danger, particularly in the north bay. please be vigilant. take a look at live doppler 7 and notice the curvature of the clouds. the satellite picture will show you and radar that there is a large ridge of high pressure building in, and that is going to mean even hotter conditions for some parts of the bay area. look at the temperatures coming up, dion. >> looking forward to it. sandhya, thank you. a deadly shooting in san francisco that set off a national debate over immigration and sanctuary cities is now in court.
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jose garcia zero ra tay is accused of killing kate steinle at pier 14 two years ago. he's an undocumented immigrant with a criminal record, and the focus today, the gun used to kill steinle. his attorney says garcia found it at the pier and didn't intend to shoot steinle. >> this very well could be an accidental shooting consistent with what he had said to the abc7 camera team that interviewed him. >> there's going to be a baseline question that the jury is going to answer, and that question is whether the defendant intended to fire that gun. >> the first witness was steinle's father, who was with her when she was shot. he held back tears as he described the confusion while holding his wounded daughter. one man tonight is accused in a trail of violence. seven crime scenes in all with two people dead and two others wounded in lake county. abc7 news reporter lani rivera has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: lake county
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sheriff's deputies have this man, 61-year-old alan ashmore, in custody on homicide charges. yellow tape closed off anchor village and keys boulevard in lake county. it's the scene of a double homicide that happened close to 11:30 in the morning. >> there was two homicide victims that were killed on the street behind me. >> i drove by the green car and i thought it was just a backpack. i saw the passenger window was shot out. when i came back, i seen the guy slumped over in the car with a bullet shot in his back. >> reporter: the lake county sheriff says a chp officer responded to the shooting, and he was shot by the suspect too. the bullet hit his body armor. and then ashmore drove away. >> the suspect fled the area, went to a local gas station where there was another shooting with a civilian who was a ccw holder. >> reporter: shots were exchanged leaving a window shattered. deputies say ashmore left this gas station and then led them on a pursuit through a remote area of clearlake oaks. >> we actually have a total of, i think, seven crime scenes that we're working altogether.
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>> reporter: the lake county sheriff says it's been a long few weeks for this community, and this is another tragedy. >> we just got over, you know, fire season that impacted this community. we're within eye shot of where the fires were. this community has been through quite a bit. >> reporter: ashmore faces a number of charges including two counts of homicide and several counts of assault with a firearm. the lake county sheriff says he had a shotgun in his possession as well as several other guns. in lake county, lonni rivera, abc7 news. coming up on abc7 news at 11:00, the bay area coming together to help donate to north bay fire victims. why there is new backlash against some donation sites. also, who knew about the sexual harassment by harvey weinstein? what some a-list actors are now saying. and remember these two guys who went viral after climbing the top of the golden gate bridge? they are making headlines once again tonight. all that's ahead, but first here's what's coming up on jimmy
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there are now sexual harassment claims against another hollywood figure. movie director james toback. this comes as matt damon and george clooney speak out about disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein. abc7 news reporter dawn ya back us has the story. >> reporter: the wave of hollywood sexual harassment allegations is growing. "the los angeles times" reporting james toback, the writer and director of movies such as black and white and bugsy has been accused of
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sexually harassing at least 38 women over the last three decades. 72-year-old toback denies the allegations, telling the l.a. times for the last 22 years, it has been biologically impossible to engage in behavior described by the women due to diabetes and a heart condition. allegations against toback come as the accusations of sexual harassment and assault against disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein are mounting. the new york attorney general announcing today it is launching a civil rights inquiry against the weinstein company, and police in l.a. announcing they have launched a criminal investigation into the hollywood mogul. >> harvey would talk to me about women that he'd had affairs with. >> i knew he was a womanizer, you know. i wouldn't want to be married to the guy. >> reporter: matt damon and george clooney are speaking out, sitting down with gm a's michael strahan. >> this level of criminal sexual predation is not something i ever thought was going on. absolutely not.
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>> the idea that this predator, this assaulter was out there silencing women like that, it's beyond infuriating. >> reporter: both vowing to fight sexual misconduct. danya bacchus, abc news, los angeles. and george clooney will be on jimmy kimmel live tonight. that's coming up right after abc7 news at 11:00. a petition drive is under way to try to make online fund-raising for north bay fire victims free. >> crowdfunding efforts have raised at least $7 million, but most crowdfunding sites do charge a fee. gofundme takes nearly 8%. >> more than 89,000 people have signed the petition to lift that charge while gofundme has made money off the fund-raising, it has pledged $250,000 to recovery efforts. of course you can still donate to the victims and not just money. we do have a list of how and where you can help out at
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two men will avoid jail time after posting video of their wild stunts performed atop the golden gate bridge. remember we shared this with you at the time. you're looking at the video that went viral, showing the two daredevils from wisconsin. the press democrat reports both agreed to a plea bargain that includes paying fines and performing community service. their criminal records will get wiped clean once they satisfy those requirements. however, the men still face a civil lawsuit filed by the bridge district. your bart ride could be a little smoother starting next month. we've learned the next generation of trains is scheduled to go into service at about thanksgiving time. bart says the cars passed safety tests over the weekend, and the trains are quieter and smoother than the current 40-year-old fleet. bart's goal is to have 35 of the new models in service by the end of the year. >> that will be nice. on days like this, bart should add a stop that stops right on the beach. >> i like the way you think. maybe we could make this happen. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with a really warm
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forecast. >> why not? i mean just stop on the beach for a little bit, let everyone get off and get back on. let me show you a time lance rig -- lapse. the sun went down at 6:21. look at how beautiful it was tonight as the sun was setting we had a few wispy clouds out there, but it did add a little more color to that sunset tonight. now, those high clouds are still streaming across the bay area, mainly clear is what we're going to call it. take a look at those temperatures. they are going to rise rapidly. santa rosa tomorrow morning you start out at 51 degrees. it is quickly going to warm up. as a matter of fact, you're going to go from 60 degrees at 9:00 a.m. all of a sudden to 33 degrees warmer at 3:00. to get up to 93 well above what you're used to for this time of year, so you will feel the heat. it is going to be uncomfortable for some of you not used to the warm weather. live doppler 7 showing you mainly clear conditions. as we look ahead to those highs for today first, you will notice that it was a warm day. 80s across the entire bay area
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except ukiah and cloverdale in the 90s. 82 in san francisco. 86 oakland, 89 san jose. 85 santa rosa and livermore. pretty warm but it's got to get hotter tomorrow for some parts. temperatures, most of you have cooled off nicely, 50s, 60s. but placed like san francisco, you're still getting enough of a breeze to keep you on the warm side. 71 degrees right now. here's a look at the winds, and here is why it is so warm. it's a northerly wind, a downsloping wind. that's what keeping san francisco warm. but by morning, temperature will fall. sutra tower camera, a sparkling view of san francisco. near record temperatures are expected tomorrow with graduate cooling beginning midweek. toasty for your tuesday. take a look at some of the records. tomorrow afternoon, san jose is expected to hit 91 degrees. could break the previous record of 90 set back in 1959. it's going to get close there. same thing for oakland. 86 tomorrow. close to the previous record. we'll keep an eye on it for you.
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tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 50s, 60s, mainly clear conditions. so hopefully you'll sleep well. tomorrow afternoon might be a little uncomfortable so make sure you have plenty of water in the south bay. 95 in gilroy. 91 san jose. 88 in sunnyvale. tomorrow we're going to go 10 to 20 degrees above average. on the peninsula, 89. palo alto, 85 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco and south san francisco, mid-80s. north bay, 93. 123457 86, oakland. head inland, and this is where it's going to be summer-like heat. 92 in livermore. 90 in concorde and walnut creek. you can download the accuweather app and check out these temperatures anytime you want. air quality tomorrow, moderate for most of the bay area except the south central bay where it will be good air quality. accuweather seven-day forecast, possible records tomorrow. cooler at the coast. notice on wednesday you go from the 80s to the 70s. inland areas, still pretty warm.
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temperatures do moderate thursday, and it's cooler for the end of the week into the weekend. we're back down to average by sunday. 80s to 70s. then along the coast fog will drop those numbers. the temperatures are going to swing around this time of year. we get that often. >> that's totally fine with us. i give you permission to take the rest of the week off. >> sounds good. i'm gone. >> sandhya, thanks. well, the cambridge university we
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the cambridge university website kept crashing today after stephen hawking's doctoral thesis was put online for the first time. hawking, completed properties of expanding universes in 1966 when he was just 24.
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>> the university says hawking's thesis is the most requested item in its online repository. hawking says by making his thesis open to access, he hopes to inspire people to look up at the stars and not down at their feet. >> worth taking a look at to see how his mind worked even at 24. speaking of great minds -- >> oh, none other than shu joins us. >> the warriors grab a win in dallas tonight to even their record at 2-2. rookie jordan bell had the shot of the night. the times
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no pressure but i really need to get out of here. they've been playing the same playlist for three months and i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to eat scones for dinner this many days in a row. mexico, hawaii, costa rica, i don't really know. i'm a quick packer. ♪ >> announcer: abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. well, the warriors come home with a 2-1 record with a win in dallas tonight.
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steph curry fined $50,000 but not suspended by the nba for throwing his mouth piece. curry warned his mouth piece, don't you go fin tonight. curry to klay for 2 of his 21. put up 40 in the first. led by 18 at one point. the mavs would not go away. former warrior harrison barns. dubs by three at the half. they come out fired up. curry, catch and shoot three. durant had a marvelous game. 25 points, 8 boards. lead zooms to 22. then this. rookie jordan bell is going to block the shot. then he's going to get the tip from javale off the backboard, jam to himself. warriors win by 30, and they improve to 2-2. sharks in new york hosted by
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the rangers. logan couture had a hat trick last game and staying hot. rips one past henrik lundqvist. sharks on top. still in the first, tim heed with his first ever nhl goal. he and the guys very excited. sharks up 2-0 after one. martin jones was on his game. 33 saves. a late new york goal prevents him from getting a second straight shutout. sharks win it 4-1. they're back to even on the season. world series starts tomorrow in l.a. dodgers first appearance in the fall classic since beating the a's in 1988 while the astros are the first team in the modern era in win the pennant in two different leagues. with all that talent on the dodgers roster over the years, they've come up short several times. they're not trying to think of what consequences might be if they lose this time while the t hope to the city of houston devastated by hurricane harvey in august. >> it's a childhood dream for all of us to get to this point
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and hopefully to win the world series. in the back of our minds at the same time is the city of houston, the people, and we really hope that we can pull this out for them. >> it's a little overwhelming to just think that you just want to do your job and be good at your job and help a team be good that particular day and win a baseball game. so there's a lot that kind of comes with that. but, yeah, i definitely don't take that lightly. >> this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. divided loyalt
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all right. that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm dion lim.
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right now on jimmy kimmel, george clooney. >> have a good night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight george clooney. from "the walking dead," norman reedus -- and music from niall horan -- and now, don't sweat it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. hi there. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. i have to say -- [ cheers and applause ] i'm pleased -- we just came back from new york. we had a week of shows in brooklyn. i had a great time. i really had a great time. i got


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