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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 24, 2017 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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in l.a. dodgers first appearance in the fall classic since beating the a's in 1988 while the astros are the first team in the modern era in win the pennant in two different leagues. with all that talent on the dodgers roster over the years, they've come up short several times. they're not trying to think of what consequences might be if they lose this time while the astros are trying to give some hope to the city of houston devastated by hurricane harvey in august. >> it's a childhood dream for all of us to get to this point and hopefully to win the world series. in the back of our minds at the same time is the city of houston, the people, and we really hope that we can pull this out for them. >> it's a little overwhelming to just think that you just want to do your job and be good at your job and help a team be good that particular day and win a baseball game. so there's a lot that kind of comes with that. but, yeah, i definitely don't take that lightly. >> this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock
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casino. divided loyalties. it should
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all right. that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm dion lim. right now on jimmy kimmel, george clooney. >> have a good night. tv's no. 1 daily viral video
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show, "right this minute." >> it's only monday, but -- >> moron of the week. >> see the bus stop breakthrough. >> oh! >> what? >> can't look away from the new baby. >> taking her awesomeness in. >> the moment they forged a forever bond. >> she's looking at him, like, i look like you. we're sure none of you at home have seen anything like this. >> why a 360 degree video over this country is the world's first. >> oh! that one. ♪ >> and a dude with a dicey water balloon challenge. see who is dodges and who is soaking wet. i know it's early to call it, but i think i found my moron of the week. >> oh? >> and it's monday.
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right here. >> oh! >> oh. >> what? >> how did he get launched through that? >> what? >> he launched himself through that. >> of course, he did. >> you hear the footsteps running towards the glass. and then right through it. >> oh. >> oh. >> he came through like projectile like shot from a cann cannon. >> didn't think it was glass, did he? >> thought it was app open window. >> we're pretty sure -- >> he's an idiot. >> he posted it just after a rugby game at the university, so investigators are not sure if it was a fans or somebody nearby, but either way, why? >> i mean, i'm trying to, even as a guy, think of the logic that, you know, this would be a great idea, jumping through glass. >> moving over to china. this video has folks questioning a lot as well. all the people are walking across the street. you see a woman holding her
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child's hand. there's a guy on the scooter. standing there in the middle waiting to cross. >> what are the odds? >> what are the odds. >> that's not funny. >> if you had given me a year to guess what was going on happen, i never would have gone there. >> the sign tumbles down, and the man does the same. >> there needs to be another warning sign that says, "warning, sign." >> it's all good, i'm sorry. ♪ we are used to sitting our friends' dogs, cats, or a goldfish. or this -- could you imagine the feeling of this? >> oh, seriously needs a pedicure. >> i was thinking that very same thing. >> no, just buff them up, shine them up, you know. >> get color on there too. >> this is on the eagle training instagram page, and he has
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videos of himself with all these beautiful eagles, but this one, in particular, he's showing off theal lo atalons. letting it exercise, but watch the face. >> oh. >> this is in slow motion. >> yikes. nicked. did you see that? >> i was talking too much. >> looked like it. >> it'll snap a couple times, but, look, just gently petting it. >> look at it. those talons, the wings, a majestic beautiful beast, but, man, you don't know what they'll do. be careful. >> yeah. ♪ >> i can 100% guarantee that none of you here at the table, none of you watching at home have able seen anything like this. now what you're seeing here is 360 video of this thing shot from a microlight. now, shot by singapore photographer aaron pan, up over the sigkies of asia.
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i've done a lot of traveling, but i did not recognize this. see if you can figure it out. especially this. one area i want you to see. that one. right there. anybody recognize it. >> no. >> that's the hotel, otherwise known as the hotel of doom. in pyongyang, north korea. >> that one? >> started back in 87. they abandon it. it's still not finished. >> the north korean authorities let him do this? >> yes. >> that's why this video is so special. the world's first 360 degree video over pyongyang. >> so in this case, we've never seen anything like it. >> this is a capital city, there's no traffic. >> i thought something was off about this. >> he's. going for two years, 2013, and he's seen consumerism. there is slow incremental change coming, at least to pyongyang.
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one of the most interesting buildings, this here, this is significantly worrying, be honest, when you think about today's climate. >> yeah. >> all the footage captured, then reviewed by north korean authorities. you are absolutely forbidden from taken picture or video anything mill military like, through be you go, ladies and gentlemen, pyongyang, north korea. richmond watches on abc 7 in new york city is the latest winner of the give away. >> you can win, too. you need monday's buzz word, be st 1 years of age, and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. the buzz word is coming up in a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the rpm ipad mini give away. >> that's nice, man. >> brandon is in the navy. this video was captured in october right before their navy ball. now, his plan was originally to propose to his lady at the ball,
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but decided, no, i i i i i and anxious. i'm going to do it now. what advice would you give your future self? this is what he says. >> myself, when times get hard, remember the reason why you guys fell in love in the first place. >> oh. >> isn't that beautiful? >> they go and pick her up, who also looks beautiful in her red dress, and now, they, of course, need to take pictures. he finally joins her, takes her hand, and he gets down on one knee, shows her the beautiful ring he picked out for her. >> oh, my gosh! oh. >> she says yes. why wouldn't you. never saw it coming. but look, she's super happy. first comes love, then comes baby. this man about to meet his baby for the first time, and she's five months old. he was on deployment for months.
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mom was 37 weeks pregnant when he left. the rest of the video is him holding her, looking at her, taking her awesomeness in. she's looking at him, like, oh, i look like you. what's the story? it's a simple, but precious homecoming video. >> and, like, you know what, i think i like you. >> me too, baby. squeezing those chubby cheeks for a long time. ♪ so you think you can -- >> dance? >> on a long board? >> it's a thing, and they are all very good. see this next. ♪ >> and he's only 10 months old, but he -- >> weighs what an average 9-year-old weighs right now. >> why his parents worry for their little boy coming up on "right this minute." i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea.
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v-necks on!. closed captions provided by -- love it. gold bond. this is a truly heart breaking story from mexico. meet little ten month old luis manual. you heard me right. he's ten months old. >> but not little. >> no. weighs what an average 9-year-old weighs right now at about 66 pounds.
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>> we've seen children and babies like this beforement most of the time, they have a condition. does he have a condition? >> he does. he was born at a relatively average weight, but parents noticed he was gaining weight rapidly to the point where they finally went to the doctor, and they think while it's not confirmed, that he suffers from trainer lily syndrome, which is a loss of function of jeegenes your body that causes you to constantly feel hungry. >> i bet people walk past them and judge them. >> probably. they are not quiet about it, but they are vocal. unfortunately, they are a humble family, and while this syndrome is treatable, it is very expensive treatment. in fact, the series of hormone shots to control the situation are roughly $530 each. they concerned the condition will give him a heart attack and
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diabetes. they opened up a bank account and reached to the community, and nip who feels like helping out can deposit money. they want to give their child the best opportunity at a somewhat normal life. >> he's not a year old, and they are worried about diabetes and heart failure in the child. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> hopefully. community comes together to get him the treatment he needs. >> so you think you can -- >> dance? >> yeah. >> and you can dance on a long board. we have another matchup in the studio. dancing while skate boarding. never heard of it, but this is an international competition, and this is going down in shanghai, china. kind of freaking cool. >> yeah, it is. >> i've seen it before. >> yeah. >> the skate board grooving with headsets on. >> well, then, go back to the community and tell them to enter
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this competition or start their own because this is super impressive. riding the long board, difficult enough as dancing, having the rhythm, difficult enough. put them together, and then you got this. >> we have these incredible, almost ballet on top of them as well. it's a logical progression to make a competition out of it. >> this cat doing the moon walk on the board. >> nice. >> oh, come on. look at this move. >> couple other guys pulling really long -- balancing on two wheels. >> should be a competition. back home, that's the thing, everybody's trying to show everybody else up. who has the most swag. we should get a prize for it rather than bragging rights. >> i don't know what the prize purse was in the competition, but here's the winners proudly holding up their trophies, awards, and medals. this is considered the world cup in free style flat land discipline, long board, short board. a lot of talented people
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gathering to show off their skills. wake up, wake up, wake up! it's monday! >> thyime for real or fake. >> heated debate on this week's real or fake. give it a real or get the fake out. >> three videos, play along. real or fake next on "right this minute. " when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet coke, dr. pepper, and pepsi hear you and we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. ♪ a break. ♪ give me a break. ♪ give me a break. ♪ break me off a piece of that kit kat bar.
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. better eggs. years in the sun causing dark spots? gold bond dark spot minimizing cream. 81% saw improvement in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. gold bond. like us on facebook, stay in touch all day long. right now, back to the show. wake up, wake up, wake up! it's monday! no time to sleep in because we have got another edition of "real or fake"! [ cheers and applause ] >> it's time for some heated debate on this week's real or fake. keep it real or get the fake out! >> video number one. >> so we're looking inside of a russian car here. it's a van. >> is that a video game? >> so it looks like tetris is going on on a small monitor.
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>> it was invented in russia. >> using the odometer and trip meter reset to play. i wonder if this is an easter egg in soccer. you do a certain sequence on startup, that pops up. >> i'm saying real. if people can hack your car, it's possible for someone to get in the programming of that and get this on there. >> i say fake just because i can't explain the truth. >> you can't handle the truth. >> going real. so many cards have on board computers, and if you can communicate with it, you can put a program in. >> three reals, one fake, what a debate rs what is it? >> this is installed this easter egg hack on the back end of the programming here. all you got to do is turn the ignition on, start the car, and activate the right turn signal for three blinks, two clicks of the trip odometer reset, press the clutch five times, rev the end gin to 2,000 rpms, turn on
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the left indicator, tetris can be played in traffic. and that's why they crash all the time. >> video number two. >> year of the dragon, that's the question. >> i'm calling fake. dragons are mythical creatures, but i'm now massively interested as to why and what this is. >> could be bones from other animals, collected them, and put it together. >> i think that's what it is. >> we're going fake. >> i think you guys did a great job dissecting that one. people on line are also saying that this dragon could just be an elaborate movie prop. users voted, real or fake, and overwhelmingly fake. >> last, but not least, video number three. that's dope. >> people are talking about this. the colors. the uv tattoos. get tattoos you can't see in the day, but you go to the club, and then your arm or back is all glowy. i know it's possible. that's why i think we got with
2:02 am
yeah. >> yeah? why not. why not? >> why don't we see more people with them. >> go to the club. >> you need a black light to see it. this is legit. this is the tattoo artist, could butcher the name, but oya, lives in melbourne, does awesome tattoos that have uv ink in them. >> awesome. thank you for stopping by! see you next week, baby. >> later, guys. ♪ >> kind of easy to poll herb off a pizza quickly, but nobody does it better or faster than our buddy, mac, the megatoad. he's got a challenge from draft kings. >> draft kings $100 pizza challenge. >> basically, you got to eat a 14 inch pizza and get a $100 credit to draft kings. anybody can enter. >> we get to being like -- we can enter the competition? >> you can. there's basic rules to follow. >> 14 inch pizza under ten. >> set the clock.
2:03 am
go. >> could probably eat it in one. >> i bet he'll do it in five and a half minutes. >> he's not even trying. come on. this is him end joying the pizza. >> finish the pizza in four minutes flat. >> but he's disappointed in himself. >> four minutes did not pass. >> does the challenge all over again and megatoads it. if you think eating a 14 inch pizza in four minutes is fast, you've not seen nothing yet. two slices at a time. doesn't appear to be any chewing involved. takes down this second pizza. >> no way. >> one minute, 30 seconds for a 14 inch pizza. >> no way. ♪ it's time to win another ipadmini. >> youed knee the buzz word and be at least 21 years of age and legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> then go to our site and enter the buzz word.
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>> okay. let's reveal the word, it is eerie. >> click on the win ipad button, and enter e-e-r-i-e. >> good luck, everybody. note ♪ . he looks friendly, but he started water balloon fights with girls. >> don't miss because that purse is in jeopardy. you see how gorgeous tha
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check it out or use or app. we've seen it before. i'm sure we'll see it again, but it never gets old, especially when they do it. >> hi. what's your name nice to meet you. >> as we know, he has a knack for picking up chicks, but this time -- >> i just need you to hold this. my shoe came untied. >> has this lovely lady -- >> a water balloon. thank you so much. what's going to happen i'm going
2:07 am
to give you one free shot. right when that water balloon leaves, and when that leaves your hand, i'm throwing this so damn hard at your face. >> you don't want to get that wet. >> do you accept the terms? >> at my face? >> yeah, very hard. >> no. >> one free shot, though. wow. >> that was such a a bad through. >> it was a bad throw, but wouldn't be his video without this. >> so what's your number? >> what? >> oh, okay. i have a mexican contact list. >> let's see how he does as he moves about campus. >> okay. hi. can you hole this for a second. sorry. >> this is it now. >> hoping that he picks the baseball or softball -- oh! >> can you hold


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