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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 27, 2017 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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and terrifying shark attacks. how a fishing boat and the navy came to their rescue. good morning, america. we hope you are well this friday morning. that song "safe and sound" exactly right for that rescue. so unbelievable. several months lost at sea. >> i can't even imagine that. they looked extremely happy when they were saved by the coast guard but they are safe now but they survived some pretty scary situations. two terrifying shark attacks and they said after the shark attacks dolphins came by appearing to show that they were okay. they said it was awesome. they said they would do it again. >> the dolphins made it all okay. much more on that coming up. first new details revealed in the top secret jfk files, thousands about the kennedy assassination becoming public
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but some blocked by president trump for national security reasons. our chief national correspondent tom llamas is at the national archives in washington with all of those details. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. this is just a sample of some of those documents released. everything from fbi interrogation memos to receipts to even cia plans to kill fidel castro with poison pills. there's so much information here we poured through them overnight. 2800 documents in total. some though still remain secret and there's so much material here for people who like conspiracy theories to cherry pick and build their case. this morning, thousands of documents shedding new light on the investigation into the assassination of jfk but also adding to the mystery of what happened in dealey plaza on november 22nd, 1963. the newly released files show an effort by investigators to chase
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down every lead. this fbi memo from 1964 disputing claims assassin lee harvey oswald was an fbi informant. finding he was never paid money or ever assigned an official symbol number like a code name. >> there is lee harvey oswald. he's been shot. >> reporter: on the day oswald was shot and killed two days after kennedy this memo from the head of the fbi apparently. j. edgar hoover demanding public doubt be dealt with saying he wants something issued so that we can convince the public that oswald is the real assassin. >> assassins need payroll, schedules, times, orders. this was a military-style ambush from start to finish. this was a coup d'etat with lyndon johnson waiting in the wings. >> reporter: the film "jfk" and its fictional plot surrounding a conspiracy to kill kennedy,
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fueling even more speculation and in part leading to the assassination records collection act of 1992 which required all federal assassination records be released before today. what experts want to know is if the documents, some still secret, will show oswald was being tracked in mexico city seven weeks before the assassination and mentioned his plan. >> it was the middle of the cold war, and we could find out if they heard oswald say something that was threatening against the president, and if they did, what did they do about it? >> reporter: but the biggest secrets so far remain a mystery. the fbi and cia appealing to the white house to not release documents with sensitive information. why? a danger to national security. the cia saying in part, they needed to protect information including the names of current and former cia officers, and specific intelligence methods that remain viable to protecting the nation today. now, as for those secret
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documents still behind locked doors at the national archives, they're mostly from the cia and fbi. trump set a deadline 180 days from now so they can hopefully be released to the public. amy. >> and, tom, as you mentioned you and your team have been poring over these documents throughout the night. does anything stand out to you? >> reporter: amy, when you go through these documents you do notice a common thread, that investigators were trying to chase down every lead. there was a memo from 1964 that showed there was a dollar bill in circulation in the u.s. that had a threat written on it against the president. the secret service found that dollar bill. then there's another memo from 1976 outlining a new cia policy and saying the cia will no longer get into contracts with american clergymen or even news correspondents. amy. >> oh, that is interesting.
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tom, george here. another thing, in six months we're likely to see several more thousands more documents to come out after the review. some will probably be held back but the conspiracy theories will never go away because so many other documents are missing or destroyed. >> reporter: that's so true, george. even with all the documents they released, there's so many new nuggets and new names and so much. it reads like a spy novel and i invite everyone to kind of check this out on their own on the archives website because it's truly incredible but also dealt with one of the darkest chapters in american history. >> incredible stuff. >> tom, thank you very much. >> the mystery continues. >> and it will. now to something that is not a mystery, a powerful storm forming off the coast of florida expected to slam the entire east coast with pounding rain and strong winds over the weekend. and ginger is tracking the system and, ginger, we're also going to see the first big snowfall of the season already? >> it's already started, michael. two storms actually combining so we have this group of thunderstorms that's off central america that will combine with what did this in minnesota, blinding snow there, the
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visibility near zero, more than 8 1/2 inches and even bringing cold enough air to take boulder, colorado, who was in the 70s and 80s, just 24, 36 hours ago into snow. so the cold air certainly is present but that's going to come together with this low and by saturday, south florida could see 2 to 4 inches of rain as it moves up the coast, heavy rains from new york up through new england, a lot of these places need the heavy rain but not up to 6 inches falling very quickly. western connecticut into massachusetts and finally not just that but monday morning we'll be talking about flight delays possible thanks to huge wind gusts on the back end of this system. everybody. >> all right. i smell a movie weekend. >> you're actually saying that and i'm looking and everybody is sitting here like this. >> hunker down. the white house and president trump is taking on the opioid crisis invoking his own family's history with addiction. >> i had a brother fred, great guy, best-looking guy, best personality, much better than mine, but he had a problem.
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he had a problem with alcohol and he would tell me, don't drink. don't drink. he would say it over and over and over again. and to this day i've never had a drink. >> now according to the cdc 91 people die of opioid overdoses every day. up to 29% of the people prescribed them for pain misuse their medication. and the economic burden is $78.5 billion. let's bring in jon karl. jon, the president is calling it a public health emergency but he's facing criticism for not declaring the more sweeping national emergency he promised. >> reporter: he is but this is a significant move, one that public health experts say can make a difference. it does allow for the reallocation of some federal funds towards treatment and prevention. it also makes it easier to obtain anti-addiction medication and the president is promising to stem the flow of illegal fentanyl from china.
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this is something that he says that he will raise when he visits beijing, raise it with the chinese in november. the big question, though, is will the president ask for -- ask congress for more funds to deal with all this. i expect that he will, but there is no indication of how much. >> yeah, he's already facing criticism over that because his current budgets cut funding for places like the national institute of health which fund opioid research and prevention programs. >> reporter: not to mention the changes he wanted in medicaid which is another source of funding to deal with this. he faced some criticism from some of his allies during the campaign because he did make this a big issue during the campaign. >> meantime, yesterday the house passed that budget which sets the framework for those big tax cuts that the president is promising. a lot of indications now that the republican leadership in the white house pushed very hard to get this done as quickly as possible. even though most members of congress, most of the public, don't know the details of the plan yet. >> reporter: well, because the plan hasn't been released and they're talking about getting it done by thanksgiving. george, in the past major tax
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bills have taken many months if not years to get done, this would be record time. one republican said speed kills. in other words, by doing this fast they hope to kill any opposition to the plan. >> jon karl, thanks very much. also this morning, in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal, stories of sexual harassment and sexual assault have spread from the entertainment industry, corporate america, journalism and politics. a third woman came forward with groping allegations against former president george h.w. bush. he's now apologized, and mark halperin is facing new public accusers and fallout. abc's linsey davis is here with the latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. a one-two punch for halperin. the book he was working on about the 2016 election canceled, and not only the book publisher, but hbo is pulling the plug on a project they were planning with halperin. msnbc is announcing mark halperin will no longer be appearing on the network after at least five women have come forward alleging sexual harassment when the "game change" author was political director at abc news in the late '90s.
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the women all in their 20s shared stories of halperin propositioning them for sex, making unwanted sexual advances and pressing himself against them. more are coming forward saying they either knew about the behavior or experienced it themselves. former abc news researcher diana goldberg told "the washington post" she reached out to halperin for help with a story but says he would only help her if she sat on his lap. abc news says mark left abc news over a decade ago and no complaints were filed during his tenure. but the women say his high position at the network stopped them from coming forward. cnn senior correspondent clarissa ward called his behavior an open secret. when she was an international reporter at the network from 2007 to 2010. she tweeted out as if most of us at that age aren't just trying to be seen as a competent equal with a bright future ahead and not a potential hr headache. let's be very clear. the one responsible for any sexual misconduct that may have taken place is the man who instigated it.
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halperin put out a statement saying he did pursue relationships with women during his time at abc news and says i now understand from these accounts that my behavior was inappropriate and caused others pain. for that i am deeply sorry and i apologize. and amy, he says now he's taking a step back from his day to day operations and will come on the situation. >> linsey davis, thanks so much. now to a close call in the sky, overnight a delta flight from atlanta to amsterdam forced to make an emergency landing and abc's eva pilgrim has more on that story. eva, there were pretty chilling words from the pilot. >> reporter: that's right, amy. we lost an engine. that's the last thing you want to hear when you are flying over the ocean but that's exactly what happened to delta flight 70 from atlanta to amsterdam. take a listen. >> delta 7-0, roger, and we just lost the engine. >> you in full control of your aircraft? >> yes, sir, we're just dealing with the engine failure. we're now declaring an emergency. >> reporter: the airbus 330 was
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more than halfway, about 4 1/2 hours into the 8-hour flight crossing the atlantic when it ran into trouble just south of greenland forced to turn around and make the two hour trek to make an emergency landing in newfoundland, canada, the plane landing safely and delta saying overnight it wasn't engine failure but experienced an engine performance issue. the passengers we spoke to from last night's flight telling us we are just glad to have made it to the ground. those passengers waking up still on that plane this morning on the tarmac. they got on that plane at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. they tell us that their new plane has landed. it is parked behind them but no word at this hour when they will be en route to amsterdam. guys. >> all right, eva, thanks so much. i'm sure they're happy to be on terra firma. how calm that pilot sounded when making that declaration. glad everyone's okay. >> absolutely. >> thank you, amy. now to the day apple fans
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have been waiting for. you can preorder the iphone x. the most advanced phone and it comes at a high price starting at under a thousand dollars and rebecca jarvis has everything we need to know. hey, rebecca, i've been waiting for this myself. >> a lot of people have been waiting for this one. so it went smoothly overnight when the preorders started at 3:00 a.m. our producer was able to go on the website at 3:15 and purchase one of these iphone xs. if you go on the website now it will take at least five to six weeks before you can get that phone and, michael, we've been talking about this. one of the issues here is the fact that it looks like demand is probably going to exceed supply on this one. >> oh, really. what happen when the sales opened last -- >> uh-oh. >> i know uh-oh because i didn't order mine. what happened when they opened last night? the response was immediate. tons of people on the website just wanting this phone so a lot of people worried it was so expensive. >> yes, there were those concerns initially but what it looks like now apple produced according to analysts about 3 million of these phones, but to put that in perspective versus the iphone 6 at launch, that sold 13 million versions of
7:14 am
that phone in the very first weekend. so analysts are saying maybe we don't have enough of these phones to meet the demand. of course this is a highly elevated phone. apple calls it revolutionary because of the facial id recognition technology where you can look at the phone and automatically open it with your face. they have the animojis and new home button and upgraded cameras everyone is talking about because the selfies and augment reality. >> they're banking on this. >> that would be a huge difference. >> huge difference. revolutionary. so different than any other phone they've created. >> i tell you what, i'll let you know, george, because i'm going to get mine and order it. >> calling apple. >> thank you, rebecca. we move on to the crazy car chase. a 10-year-old took his car on a very dangerous joy ride drawing police into a high speed chase at 11 miles an hour. gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: hi george. we're talking about a car chase across two counties for 50 miles and as you're about to see and hear police could not believe who they found behind that wheel.
7:15 am
>> he's going into a ditch, going off road. >> reporter: this isn't any ordinary police chase. listen. >> he stole his parents' car. >> and he's 10? >> he is 10. >> i got a good look at him. he is 10. >> reporter: that's right, a 10-year-old leading ohio police on a 50-mile chase. >> my 10-year-old stole his dad's car and i'm following him and he's running from me. >> reporter: watch this. one witness capturing the moment the car crosses over the highway median right into oncoming traffic. >> he's running. >> reporter: his wild road growing more dangerous once he hits the ohio turnpike reaching speeds of 100 miles an hour state troopers jumping in. >> if i hadn't yielded to him he would have hit me right there at the roadblock report trying to stop him without force. >> the motion for him to pull over and he shook his head no and continued driving. >> do not let me him get by you. block him in. >> reporter: the chase moving off the pavement and expertly maneuvering and even driving in a ditch trying to avoid spike
7:16 am
strips police laid down hoping to stop him. >> we're not going to let him get back on the highway. >> finally coming to a stop after knocking down that road sign, the car blocked between two patrol cars. >> roll down the window. >> break the window, break the window. >> roll it down. roll it down. get out of the car. >> reporter: overnight the boy's father speaking out. >> i told him he could have hurt somebody or himself or could have been killed. >> reporter: yeah, believe it or not this isn't the first time the 10-year-old went on a joyride. earlier this month he took his mother's car for a spin and the family told our cleveland affiliate they think he got the idea of reckless driving from playing video games. >> they've got to lock these cars up. >> oh, yeah. >> man, that is really something. >> thank you, gio. we head back to ginger with more on those fires out in california. >> yes, so this fire is actually about an hour, hour and a half north and east of san diego. it's at cleveland national forest now 350 acres burning. it's still warm and dry out there but fortunately you have a little bit of moisture at the beaches and slightly cooler than it was earlier this week.
7:17 am
we're also watching that big cooldown coming. hi, there. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. hazy sunshine, one last chance at a record high temperature on this spare-the-air day. cooler everywhere, foggy near the coast tonight, tracking rain next week and sierra snow. for today, 60s along the coast, upper 70s and mid-80s around the bay and mid to upper 80s inland.
7:18 am
tonight, how about mid-40s to mid-50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, transition to autumn begins this weekend. have a good one. nobody does a temperature flip like denver and yesterday, record of 80, then this. >> wow. >> that's what i was showing you. that's the type of cold air that will reach arkansas, louisiana. it is getting chilly, y'all. >> it is late october. >> thank you, ginger. coming up newly released video and clues in that hunt for a serial killer terrorizing a tampa neighborhood. the police chief now talking about a cell phone. and as the fallout from the harvey weinstein scandal grows, hundreds of accusations against another director. selma blair and rachel mcadams both sharing their stories. hundreds of accusations against another director. selma blair and rachel mcadams both sharing their stories. g it. time for whitestrips. crest glamorous white whitestrips are the only ada-accepted whitening strips proven to be safe and effective. they work below the enamel surface to whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste.
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hey, good morning p to you. i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." san jose fire investigators are looking into how this fire started at a kfc early this morning. its broke out around 4:30 as the restaurant on cropley avenue near capitol. the fire appears to have started in the dining room rather than kitchen. no one was hurt. let's get to sue hall with a check of traffic. >> good morning, everyone. a couple of problems just breaking. we'll go to rona park expressway near the golf course exit. we have the right lane blocked for about 15 minutes or so. they said that about 10 minutes, 15 minutes would be 30 minutes so that should be clear. eastbound 580 near eden canyon, an accident blocking the left lane. in oakland, an accident blocking the fast lane on the stretch in the oakland area.
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and good morning to you. temperatures just a little bit cool they are morning. we have some 40s in santa rosa, ukiah, half moon bay, 50s everywhere else. santa rosa at 60. later on this afternoon we'll have 60s at the coast, 70s and 80s arnold the bay and 80s and few 90s inland are possible. a little cooler at the coast where you go from fog to sunshine. temperatures are going to return back to average we head deem into the forecast. we'll be in the 60s and 70s for highs by monday with a chance of rain this time nex week. we're going to have another update in about 30 minutes and always on our free abc7 news app and
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welcome back to "gma." are you ready for it? i see you over here swaying, amy. you're ready for it. you better be. that is taylor swift's brand-new music video out overnight getting more than 2 million views and a lot are trying to decode what it means. she always seems to have something hidden in her lyrics. much more coming up in "pop." >> i do like this song. it is a great one. >> she makes great music. >> every time. right now thousands of top secret documents about president kennedy's assassination now released including fbi memos. some espionage plans are raising questions about lee harvey oswald and several thousand more expected to be released in the coming months. and a big moment about north korea. defense secretary james mattis visited the demilitarized zone over north korea's intentions over its nuclear program. he called it an oppressive regime that threatens others with catastrophe. also this morning, tiger woods expected to plead in court and will enter a diversion
7:30 am
program and of course this all comes after he was found asleep behind the wheel in may. now we'll get to new clues in the search for a suspected serial killer in tampa. police pouring over newly released surveillance video of a person of interest and now saying a phone seen in another clip could be significant. abc's victor oquendo is in tampa with the latest. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. police here have been working around the clock. they now want the public to look at every single detail in that video no matter how small. at one point that person of interest takes his phone, kind of flips it up in the air and they're hoping that that gesture might help somebody recognize him. this is the new video police are hoping will help them stop a possible serial killer. a hooded figure police are calling a person of interest seen running from the scene of benjamin mitchell's october 9th murder seconds after he was killed. >> i've come up with four reasons why this person is running. one, they maybe be late for dinner, two, out exercising. three, they heard gunshots and, number four, they just murdered benjamin mitchell.
7:31 am
>> reporter: police also releasing a longer enhanced video they believe shows the same person earlier that night strolling casually toward the crime scene flipping a cell phone in their hand police hoping someone recognizes what they believe could be a significant clue. >> the reason i focus in on the flip because i have tried to do that myself several times and have dropped my phone. >> reporter: mitchell killed near his home. monica hoffa and anthony naiboa also shot and killed over the next ten days. this is the spot where benjamin mitchell was gunned down. that new surveillance video came from all over this area and police say they have a lot more to go through. all three murders occurring within a half a mile now believed to be connected. the work of a possible serial killer. >> i have never been scared in this neighborhood. i just want this person caught. >> reporter: the community on edge. police patrolling around the clock to find the person responsible. the mayor with direct orders for police. >> bring his head to me. >> reporter: the mayor not mincing words. he and the chief saying they'll stay in the seminole heights neighborhood until this killer is caught.
7:32 am
the floor department of law enforcement adding a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest, now standing at $35,000. amy. >> all right, victor. thanks so much. let's bring in lenny depaul, former chief inspector with the u.s. marshal service. one continuing clue is we're hearing about that cell phone. talk about how that could help police in this investigation. >> that's huge, amy. you have this person of interest, he's walking down the street, very focused, he's not looking in cars. not looking in homes. he appears to pull this device out of his pocket which looks like a cell phone. you can see him here. he appears to be navigating somewhat with his thumb, which tells me in law enforcement that that phone is fired up. and i don't -- i like to talk about our trade craft and teach it and don't want to give away too many secrets but it's registering on a tower so law enforcement will look at that and pull the data, filter through what they get from the data they receive from these companies. hopefully zone in and see who
7:33 am
that phone is actually subscribed to. >> they can get that specific to find out where that phone is and who it belongs to. >> they can do a lot with that stuff and that's what they need to do. identify somebody. right now they're chasing a ghost. >> speaking about identifying him, you say the clothing that that suspecting wearing is also an important clue. >> it's a home run. i mean you've got video. thank god these resident, they've got their videos rolling they got four or five good shots of this person. one video in color. they don't know if it's a male or a female. so he's wearing white pants. you can see him here wearing white pants and a hoodie on, it was 91 degrees in central florida that night. you don't have to hit me with a ton of bricks. he's either, a, an eyewitness or the shooter. >> let's hope all these clues in that video will lead to an arrest. lenny, thanks so much. thank you. >> george. >> thank you amy. more bombshell accusations about hollywood director james toback. rachel mcadams and selma blair coming forward. selma saying she feared for her life. selma saying she feared for her life. selma saying she feared for her life.
7:34 am
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we are back with the growing movement to end sexual harassment in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal. one of his first accusers rose mcgowan is making her first public speaking appearance since coming forward and two new actresses are coming forward with accusations against hollywood director james toback, sharing their stories and linsey davis has more on that. so many stories coming out there >> so many, george. among them one actress who told the "l.a. times" toback's behavior was so well known when
7:38 am
someone mentioned that they were sexually abused by a creepy producer, they said, oh, no, you got toback'd and now rachel mcadams and selma blair saying they were sexually assaulted or harassed by the director. >> reporter: two of hollywood's actresses are now speaking out about james toback to ""vanity fair." >> are you for real? >> reporter: in 1999 selma blair had already filmed "cruel intentions" when james toback called her to read a role in "harvard man" and tells "vanity fair" she wanted it to be at a restaurant but toback insisted he would not see her unless she came to his hotel room. when she reluctantly went up to meet him she said he told her you could be an incredible actress just by your eyes but i can tell you don't have the confidence. she says the director demanded she read the lines naked. blair said she responded why would my character need to be naked? she is a lawyer in a courtroom. toback reportedly replied, because i need to see how your body moves.
7:39 am
this is where i start training you. blair says when she took off her sweater he commented on her body calling it eastern european. then said, wow, you need a lot of work. she says he then laid her on the bed and grabbed her face and told her, i have to rub against your leg. you cannot leave until i have a release. blair said she shared this story with only her boyfriend and her manager and said his last words ring in her ears. there is a girl who went against me, i have people who will kidnap her and throw her in the river. you understand what i'm talking about, right? rachel mcadams was a 21-year-old theater student when she said toback invited her to audition for a role in "harvard man." he asked how far are you willing to go as an actress and demanded to see her naked. she excused herself and told her agent who said he had done this to one of his other actresses. toback has not responded to our requests for comment but after the initial "l.a. times"
7:40 am
investigation he denied the charges saying he had never met any of the 38 women that came forward and added if he had met them he didn't remember and also said for the last 22 years it would have been biologically impossible to -- for him to perform this behavior that the women accuse him of because of a medical condition. >> wow. still some jaw-dropping accusations there, linsey, thank you very much. this new fallout following the harvey weinstein scandal. this morning we are learning weinstein is now suing his own former company and our chief legal analyst dan abrams is here with those details. harvey weinstein suing to gain access to e-mails he sent and received but what -- is it a valid argument to say he wants his own e-mails back? >> i'm sitting here with my jaw dropped after listening to that piece on toback. those details i can't even focus on this harvey weinstein thing for a minute. getting back to the legal issue, harvey weinstein is suing his own company saying i want the personnel file on me. i want my old e-mails.
7:41 am
now, people forget when you send e-mails from your company e-mail, even when you're one of the owners of the company, the company owns those e-mails. so he's now saying, how can i defend myself in any of these lawsuits that are being threatened? how can i help defend the company if i can't see potentially exculpatory e-mails that could help and the company's response is, at least from the company's perspective no thank you. we don't want your help in defending these cases. it's not going to be easy. in particular because one of the arguments he's making is i want my personnel file so i can sue you. and the company's perspective is, of course, that's not going to happen. now if there are lawsuits and specific lawsuits, he may be able to request and get in the context of discovery particular e-mails. he may be able to get specifics from his personnel file. right now he's just asking for access to everything which i think is very unlikely. >> can you explain just so
7:42 am
people can understand that weinstein doesn't own his own e-mails even though he was an owner in the company. >> that's right. because, again, he still has an employment contract even as one of the people that run the company. he still has a fiduciary obligation to the board, to the other investors and to all those other people. and as a result, he can't just take the e-mails with him. now, if he had been smart and i would recommend this by the way to anyone putting aside sexual harassment if you work at a company any e-mails you send from the company e-mail belong to the company. use your personal e-mail. this isn't intended to give harvey weinstein advice. this is for everybody else. in terms of using your personal e-mail because if you leave a company, the company gets to keep all of those e-mails that you sent and received on your company e-mail. and that's what's happened here to harvey weinstein and apparently he says, all of the e-mails that he sent, all were from the company e-mail account so there is a ton of information on those e-mails.
7:43 am
>> we're seeing here the weinstein company facing such huge legal fallout, whether it's even going to stay in this. we're seeing it across the board right now as you see companies cut ties with anyone accused of sexual harassment. they're trying to avoid any kind of legal action. >> that's right. look, their position is we fired you. you've don't have now a result to get to this action. but no question, you're seeing companies cut ties and i will tell you something, we're going to see more heads roll in the next, i would say, two to three months. there are going to be other big name people in media and entertainment who are going to come down as a result of these kinds of investigations. >> wow. >> absolutely true. all right. dan, thank you. >> all right everybody. coming up inside that dramatic rescue. two boaters and a dog lost at sea for months. they battled massive storms and sharks. we'll hear how they survived and were finally rescued. dog at sea for months and battled massive storms and sharks. we'll hear how they survived and were finally rescued.
7:44 am
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back n back now with that dramatic rescue at sea. two boaters and their dogs lost for nearly five months then finally saved by the navy. the whole rescue captured on camera. diane macedo here with the story. happy ending to this story. >> thank god. these women and their dogs set sail in the spring, keep in mind and left honolulu headed for tahiti but then things got off to a rough start on day one when one of them dropped her phone overboard and then it got a lot worse. this is what pure joy looks like.
7:48 am
two boaters and their dogs finally rescued after months at sea. >> thank god we've been rescued. i had tears in my eyes as i say this. it was incredibly emotional. >> reporter: jennifer appel and tasha fuiava were stranded and then the sail snapped off. they had to battle three massive storms and two shark attacks. >> we survived two different shark attacks and at both of them we actually thought it was lights out and they were horrific. >> reporter: the women say for weeks every distress call went without a response and then their prayers were finally answered. a fishing boat heard their call and 900 miles off the coast of japan the "uss ashland" came to their rescue. and the boaters will stay on that navy ship until its next port of call. they hope to be reunited with their boat because even after all that they say they still want to sail it back to hawaii. >> the same boat?
7:49 am
>> i'm guessing the dogs will have a different set of plans. >> happy to be rescued. >> keep in mind they talk about the shark attack. they say seven tiger sharks at one point were slapping their tails against the boat. that's one of the most aggressive sharks you can face in the ocean and still want to go back out there. >> you drop your phone in the water and that starts all that. >> they had a year's worth of food. >> they were prepared for a lot longer, at least that. >> what a reminder how massive the ocean is. >> they floated around quite a while thousands of miles off course from where they intended to leave but luckily it got them close enough to a fishing boat. and they got rescued. >> drop an iphone 5, come back, you can get a x now. that's how long it's been. >> thank you, diane. coming up what happens when teens unplug from social media for a whole week going offline and experiencing real life. we have the big experiment just ahead. ahead. experiment just ahead. creative hacks to take care... ...of our jeans. it got weird. ahhh!
7:50 am
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i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." let's get a check of weather with meteorologist mike nicco. hey, mike. >> hey, tasha. hi, everybody. signs of change at the coast and the golden gate bridge, some fog meaning cooler weather for you while the rest of us are hot with san jose possibly the fourth consecutive day of tying or setting a record high. 60s at the coast, 70s around san francisco, oakland, and rich monday, 80s elsewhere. my accuweather seven-day forecast, we get back to autumn weather sunday. hey, sue. good morning. bay bridge toll plaza lane number 12 reports of an accident just being cleared out of lanes there. you can see the metering lights have been tured on this side of the camera and that traffic is backed into the macarthur maze. a couple other problem spots with a sigalert in rona park, southbound 101 near golf course drive. modular home tilting off a flat bed. we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our free am am.
7:56 am
7:57 am
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♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight thousands of
7:59 am
top secret documents about the assassination of president kennedy released. what do they reveal about his killer and that day in dallas and the national security concerns now about the files president trump won't release. fighting back. so many women with powerful stories about harassment in the workplace from ashley judd speaking to diane sawyer to rachel mcadams and selma blair with startling new accounts. now women across the country sending us their stories. what happened to them, how they fought back and what every woman should know about harassment and the workplace. gretchen carlson's lawyer here live. could your teenager go without their phone for a whole week? the social experiment when this group of kids all went phone-free for a whole week. their video diaries. >> i had one of those notes where i'm just like i need my phone so i constructed myself this. it's my fake phone. >> what the results revealed about their lives and engaging with their families and how they
8:00 am
think about their phones now. ♪ middle of the night taylor swift goes sci-fi overnight. her brand new blockbuster video with secrets hidden in the tape. we're ready for it as we say good morning, america. ♪ middle of the night >> good morning, america. we hope your friday is off to a good start. >> so far so good and everybody get ready because this morning, we're getting millionaire secrets to success. "shark tank's" mark cuban is here. >> all right, and then guest shark sara blakely also here. you might remember her from founding spanx and she has agreed that it's all about embarrassing yourself and do it often. >> that's it? >> yeah. >> embarrass myself and become a billionaire. i'm in. i just did it. >> plenty of opportunities here. >> i've done it before sitting right here, believe me.
8:01 am
so we have a lot more coming up and begin with that breaking story overnight, nearly 3,000 documents about the assassination of president kennedy have been made public. many more to come. our chief national correspondent tom llamas at the national archives with the details. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning again. as you just mentioned about 2,800 documents released overnight. but some still deemed too sensitive to put out in the public. much of this material fbi and cia memos that we pored through overnight and a lot of the material centers around lee harvey oswald. hlo for short in a lot of these memos is how he's identified and when you look through the memos you see exactly what the fbi was trying to do. chasing down one lead, chasing the allegation that oswald was an fbi informant. they deemed that not credible and another apparent memo from j. edgar hoover leading the agency shows he was outraged oswald was shot because it would create doubt and feed conspiracy theories. now, they also showed the lengths that the cia went to overthrow some governments and
8:02 am
world leaders. i read one document that showed the cia wanted to work with the mafia to kill fidel castro and they had a plan to put poison pills inside one of his drinks. now, this morning, president trump is again tweeting about these jfk files. let's put that tweet on the screen and i'll read it for you. president trump tweeting, jfk files are being carefully released. in the end there will be great transparency. it is my hope to get just about everything public. now, what he's talking about there are the secret files that weren't released. mostly from the cia and the fbi and yesterday those agencies appealed to the white house saying some of the documents could put certain members of the intelligence community abroad in risk for their life so they want to wait to release those documents. that's pretty remarkable considering that this happened nearly 54 years ago. george. >> six months from now we're not even sure how many of those documents are going to be released. >> reporter: that's right,
8:03 am
george. they're going to take those documents that have yet to be released and rereview them to see if it's possible they can release them to the public. but if for any reason releasing those documents would put someone's life in danger, whether it be one of our spies, a caseworker or american diplomat, they're never going to do that, george. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. we turn to a terrifying moment all caught on camera. video of a car driving into a group of protesters in bring ya, california. at first the 56-year-old driver honking his horn repeatedly at those marching for immigration rights but then he quickly accelerates through that crowd. a protester even jumps on the hood of the car. luckily police quickly rushed to that scene stopping the vehicle in its tracks and arresting the driver who has since been released pepping a further investigation. >> boy, that could have been a totally different ending. we're going to turn to that major storm developing. the east coast from florida to new england.
8:04 am
on alert for heavy wind and rain and ginger has been tracking it all. >> hey, michael. two storms combined. that's what's going to happen this weekend. the national hurricane center just put out a new percentage, 60% shot this area of thunderstorms near central america will become a tropical depression or storm. no matter what it becomes, it's going to drop a lot of rain from the cayman islands to jamaica and saturday south florida and then give a lot of rain for coastal, mid-atlantic and into new england. timingwise it's sunday night for the heavy rain, 4 to even 6 inches depending on where that low sets up and squeezes with the cold front and i can promise you a windy monday morning. if you have flights planned, new york city, look at hartford, near 70-mile-per-hour gusts, guys. >> all right, ginger, thanks so much. thanks for the warning. now to some major news trending just in time for halloween. get ready to return to the upside down world because "stranger things" is back. the highly anticipated season two finally released on netflix overnight. the cast of kids turning out in
8:05 am
style for the big premiere last night. there they are and netflix tweeting about the big event all day. take a look at this one. i ain't 'fraid of no cliffhanger. we can't wait to hang out with the cast on "gma" next week. i love the show. it's like steven king meets steven spielberg and my kids can watch too. >> which is why it got that major news. >> did you hear the enthusiasm in my voice? anyway, can't wait to watch. >> good binge weather watching. >> set up perfectly. in the wake of that powerful ashley judd interview, so many of you sharing your stories about the sexual harassment you faced and we'll talk about what to do if it happens to you. and what happens when teens go phone-free for a week? might try it in my house. the big experiment next. we're jumping into the "shark tank" getting millionaire secrets to success. mark cuban, sara blakely right there and they'll be here, of course, live with us. h us.
8:06 am
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♪ welcome to my house ♪ take control now welcome back to "gma." welcome to everybody here this friday morning. you guys are excited to be here this morning. aren't you? [ cheers and applause ] >> i think they were getting cues from the stage manager to keep it down. >> yeah, they're only excited if tom tells them they can be excited. well, we're excited only four days away from halloween as you know, we always go pretty big here. who is that, lara? oh, wow. >> oh, the hulk.
8:11 am
some of the greatest ones right there. [ laughter ] >> that was one of my favorites. >> that was one of my favorites right there. >> taylor swift. yeah, you didn't even recognize me, right? [ cheers and applause ] >> i didn't. that was good. >> so tune in on tuesday and diane macedo is here with "pop news." >> time for "pop news." you were talking about taylor swift, amy, so are you ready for it is the question. taylor swift fans sure are. overnight she released her new video for the song "ready for it." and this is the second single off "reputation" and the video has only been out a few hours but already racking up millions of views and some fan theories so many think the overarching theme seems to be taylor swift versus the media's portrayal of her as if she's trapped with her life on display and freaking free. like we saw in her last video, the snake imagery is back and
8:12 am
one scene you can see a sign for the chinese year of the snake which happens to be taylor's birth year, 1989, and another scene that appears to be a shoutout to her boyfriend joe alwyn. her birth year right next to '91, the year alwyn was born. >> that's the year i graduated from high school. >> luckily for you i was out of high school for awhile. [ applause ] >> i was so far beyond all that i'm not -- keep going. >> i'm not going to say where i was in this. but i will say this, lucky for all of us the album is out on november 10th so we'll get to hear it all. also lucky for us, "bad moms christmas" is almost here, mila kunis, kristen bell and katherine hunt. yeah, we can get pumped up for that. something else to get excited about. it turns out the ladies aren't just friends on screen.
8:13 am
check out this photo belle posted with mila kunis showing off their friendship haircuts. here's the thing, ladies. we all know that our haircuts are serious business, so only a true friend is going to go out with you and getting a matching bob. "bad moms christmas" hits theaters november 1st. we have a lot to be excited about. >> the first one was such a surprise hit for me and really loved it. >> such a different take on motherhood. >> that's the real take -- >> they let their hair down, having a good time. we had a good time watching it. now we can look forward to the next one too. for the next story i want to remind everybody i'm just the messenger here because thursday in "pop news" we reported on the worldwide wine shortage. now i have some more bad news. france is on the verge of a major croissant crisis. >> no! >> yes. the country is dealing with a major butter shortage and bakers now say they can't get enough to make their usual batch of croissants. what's worse, the christmas season in france is all about cakes which means they might
8:14 am
have to make either fewer of those or, gasp, bake without butter. >> do they have fewer cows? >> there's actually a reduction in milk right now and so they have a shortage in butter. it's all a domino effect. guess who doesn't have a shortage of butter. we do not have a shortage of butter. [ applause ] >> for all of you. >> i got to say i love how our audience was like, poor france, but inside we are going, we got butter. >> i said i was the messenger bringing croissants. >> happy friday, diane. >> thanks so much. [ applause ] we turn to the movement growing and we've all been talking about it to stop sexual harassment. we saw diane sawyer's powerful interview with ashley judd and now the floodgates are open. so many women coming forward sharing powerful stories about what they have personally faced and "nightline's" juju chang is here with more on that. good morning, juju. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we hear it over and over again, it's one word, courage.
8:15 am
so many others are now saying because of ashley judd's bravery, it's triggered soul searching, inspiring people to come forward and help break the culture of silence. >> in her eye-opening sitdown with diane sawyer, casually judd sharing her personal account of the alleged harassment she says she faced with hollywood super producer, harvey weinstein. >> if i could go back retrospectively i don't know that i would have been believed and who was i to tell? >> reporter: her voice, now echoing women around the world. still trying to gain their own voice and the courage to speak out. we played for her some of their stories. >> sitting inside my car outside a job i've had for years now. and this is the part where i have to psych myself up and say, it's going to be okay. i know he's in there because he's always in there. this guy controls my schedule.
8:16 am
if i don't make any money, i don't feed my kids, and i can't say anything because i need this job. he's just going to push and push and push and push trying to find where my breaking point is and the terrifying part is that i don't know where that is. so what do i do? >> i just want to hug her. >> i don't know how we fix this. >> reporter: we received even more stories like hers from women across the country. >> i was told that if i didn't sleep with him, i would be fired. >> we're slow tonight, baby, go in my office and take your clothes off. >> reporter: their voices creating a domino effect of strength and empowerment as more women began to share their accounts. i had an old boss that wanted nudes just to give me a reference one woman posted on facebook. another telling us, i was afraid to report it. when i decided to bring it up, i was not taken seriously. and we began to hear more from those who say they took action. despite their fears. i turned around, slapped him
8:17 am
across the face, threw my apron at him and walked out. and on instagram, one woman telling us, i dodged him and told him to never try anything again or i'd tell his wife and own the company. another adding, i spoke up for myself and reported it. so many stories pouring in. harvey weinstein says he never retaliated against anyone and he denies all allegations of nonconsensual sex but ashley judd's story is still resonating with so many this morning. reminding us powerfully it's not just a problem in hollywood. george and amy. >> thanks so much. >> we have attorney nancy erica smith and caroline heldman joining us now. you represented fox news former anchor gretchen carlson in her suit against roger ailes. what should every woman know when she is facing this sort of situation what she can do. what should she do? >> the first thing every woman should do is find out what law applies to her because the laws
8:18 am
vary in every state and city so finding out what the law is is the most important thing. getting legal advice, really, is essential because you can't necessarily go right to hr and think they're going to be your friend. you have to know your rights first. >> that is so important because they tell you to do that and yet hr works for the company. >> exactly and you can make mistakes in hr. they can suck you into not feeling safe and minimizing what happened and then they make a record of it and you're subject to retaliation. all of a sudden you're a bad employee. >> if a woman goes to the lawyer it is not necessarily going to cost her any upfront money. i think that might be the concern for a lot of women. >> it's important to know lawyers who specialize in this area, most of them work on a contingency basis and only get paid if you are successful. if you have a settlement or a successful verdict. >> an important point. caroline, you've spoken out. about your own experience with sexual harassment and have become an advocate for women who are victims of it. what are the biggest challenges women face coming forward. >> there are a lot of reasons to come forward, right.
8:19 am
you can stop the behavior. you can help other women. you can raise awareness of the issue but it often comes at a high personal cost and for the one in three that experience sexual harassment in the workplace, almost all of them are retaliated against so we know that when you file a complaint about 75% face some form of retaliation. >> what do you do if a co-worker comes to you and says i don't know what to do. i'm worried about the retaliation. i'm not sure exactly what happened but it felt wrong. what do you say to them? >> well, if i'm a co-worker and my person in the next cubicle over has been sexually harassed the first thing you need to do is say i believe you. the second thing, it's tet your fault. we live in a culture where we put these people on trial. these are very weird crimes in that way. offer support because oftentimes it causes trauma and so you're in this situation where you might not be able to access the resources you need and you probably need some counseling, you certainly need support in the workplace. and you probably need legal
8:20 am
counseling. >> excuse me. i've been so stunned by these stories where you say women went through it and just didn't feel safe enough to go report it. >> well, for good reason because very frequently women who complain are shut up and retaliated against and it's the silence that allows this to happen. it's the forced arbitration, it's the nondisclosure agreements. every woman thinks she's alone, and none of us are alone. we've all been victimized. >> we were just talking. men seem to be shocked by all of these allegations and yet all of us women are not at all. it's a very different situation and we've been suffering in silence together, but getting legal advice is the key when you first have this happen. >> absolutely. >> all right, thank you so much. >> thanks so much. let's go to ginger. >> and it is time now for your "gma" moment. it is time for a little smile. this time of year, it's wildly accepted to dress up your babies and by babies i mean your pets just like tyler in pensacola, florida. he looks so much like florida, right.
8:21 am
so perfect. and then we've got another one because there's so many to share. kimberly was the owner there. mao hi and barney in philadelphia. it's perfect. i don't know. we got so many great ones. i can't even pick the ones to share but please do keep accepting your "gma" moment that makes you laugh outloud or smile. hi, there. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. hazy sunshine, one last chance at a record high temperature on this spare-the-air day. cooler everywhere, foggy near the coast tonight, tracking rain next week and sierra snow. for today, 60s along the coast, upper 70s and mid-80s around the bay and mid to upper 80s inland. tonight, how about mid-40s to mid-50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, transition to autumn begins this weekend. have a good one. [ cheers and applause ] now to our social experiment
8:22 am
of what happens when a group of teens are challenged to unplug, giving up social media, on line games and going offline for an entire week. linzie janis is here with the very brave tests and the results. good morning. >> i'm really glad i wasn't living with one of these teens forced to give up their phone. this experiment was conducted by a parenting website designed to monitor how these kids were feeling every step of the way during their digital detox. many revealing how attached they are to their phones. >> i think like 90% of my friendships rely on my phone. >> i use my phone as a lot as a stress relief. >> we're going to ask each of you to give up all the fun stuff on your phone for one whole week. >> i'm crying. >> i don't like it. >> she knows media challenged ten new york city teens to disconnect digitally for seven days. no social media, no streaming videos and no texting. >> your parents have all signed off on this. how does that make you feel now? >> betrayed. >> stressed.
8:23 am
>> nervous. >> when you talk about withdrawal you look at various levels of it so i think at one end of the spectrum the kids who are very used to it were a little anxious, a little twitchy and then at the end other end is if you take it away completely, does it make somebody physically anxious? do you see them sweating, that their heart rate is raised. >> reporter: during the week they reported on their progress. >> i had one of those nights where i'm like i need my phone. i need it. i need it. i need it. so i constructed myself this. it's my fake phone. >> it's actually much nicer because when we're hanging out we're not on our phones as much. >> reporter: at the end of the seven days, the moment of truth. >> i slipped up one time i think and it was texting my sister. >> friday i sent a video to my friend on snapchat and i was like, oh, shoot and she replied and i didn't check in. >> reporter: but how did giving up all that screen time make them feel? >> refreshed.
8:24 am
>> relieved. >> calm. >> good. >> just doing this digital detox is showing me how much i use social media and i haven't really thought about how much i use it until i don't have it anymore. >> reporter: henry confessing he felt stressed because his phone helps him unwind. >> this week henry did slip up. >> i logged into my youtube. >> i would by no means call it a fail. it was a challenge and a challenge is not supposed to be easy. >> reporter: jojo found herself doing things she once loved to do again. >> she wasn't distracted. she listened to music. spent more time with us. i really enjoyed it. >> reporter: psychiatrist greg dylan says the amount of screen time matters, this expert says, but even more important are the activities kids engage in and how it impacts their mood. >> if you watch your kids and talk to them and slow it down, and understand what they're using it for, then it can be perfectly healthy and normal. >> so for all the anxiety the experiment initially created most of the kids said they would now consider voluntarily giving up some screen time and when
8:25 am
they were asked who they would challenge to do a digital detox next they all said their parents. >> yeah. >> they didn't think their parents would be up to doing it. they didn't think they could do it. >> it might be harder for the parents than my kids. my twins turned 13 on saturday and daddy has a birthday present for you. i'm taking the phone. thank you, linzie. coming up "shark tank's" mark cuban is here live. your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame from samsung. the most beautiful tv you've never seen. the most beautiful tv you've never seen.
8:26 am
good morning. it is friday. happy friday. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." thousands of students in santa rosa went back to school this morning for the first time since a devastating wildfires. 13 school reopened today. the rest are planning to reopen on monday. workers took part in a massive cleanup at every campus. the fires destroyed the homes of dozens of santa rosa school staff, teachers, and of course the students. sue has a traffic update. >> not good on the east shore freeway. this is the eastbound 80 direction near gillman, which would be at the top of the screen. we have a couple lanes blocked with an accident and it is slowing back towards the macarthur maze in the east bound direction. westbound remains slow from highway 4. we have a sigalert to northbound 101 near golf course. that's for a mobile home that flipped off the side of a flat bed and they are trying to clear that out, two lanes blocked there.
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. we'll start with our temperature, 47 in santa rosa, half moon bay, the rest of us in the 50s and 60s. at the beaches, hazy this afternoon after fog this morning but also going to be dangerous from 2:00 this afternoon to 9:00 tomorrow evening. autumn's back come sunday, reggie. >> and i welcome it. welcome back to "gma,"
8:29 am
everybody. it is great to have you at home watching and in the studio audience with us. we really appreciate you guys coming in. [ applause ] >> nice touch. did you see in the prompter it said wednesday morning instead -- >> i didn't say wednesday, did i? >> no, you caught it. >> it might be wednesday. >> george, i don't know half the time where i'm at so i could have said wednesday. we have a real shark to bring to our table this morning. please welcome our friend, "shark tank's" one and only mark cuban, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> good to see you. >> have a seat. >> thank you, sir.
8:30 am
>> mark, you looking sharp, man. >> trying to keep up with you. >> nice suit. nice suit. >> strahan is wearing -- i got to try to catch up. >> right. i'm oo loa long way from that. >> you know, we've been counting down to halloween all week long and four days away -- four days to go and if anyone is having trouble deciding what to wear, i know i am we've come to the rescue. google has. they have a new website and it's called fright guys collecting data to rank the 500 most searched costumes in realtime. can anybody here guess what is the number one searched costume right now? >> hmm. >> throw it out. >> wonder woman. >> wonder woman. yeah, you read the prompter, people. yeah, it's wonder woman. [ applause ] >> nobody was getting it right until they rolled it up there. so, mark, you have three kids at home. >> jake, 8, alyssa, 11, alexis, 14. >> picked out the costumes yet?
8:31 am
>> jake will be jake from state farm. he think that's the funniest thing ever, right. alyssa my middle still deciding and alexis my older is in "annie" the play so using the costume. >> it's friday but we have a flashback for you. we actually have i think a shot of you dressed up for halloween. >> yeah. >> yeah. that's you right there. so what's going on? what is that costume exactly? >> i don't know. whatever my mom put on me, i mean. do you remember what you wore when you were 7? >> i was pretty much -- you know what, i was "planet of the apes," that was my favorite. i had the full mask. i loved being opposite of what i was. >> okay. >> one of my favorite. >> okay, no, i have no idea what i was. all i cared about when i was a kid was how big was the pillowcase. >> yeah, you're 100% right. that's all that matters. >> were you really called boris back then. >> yeah. my high school nickname was boris so i took russian in high school and so you know when you take a foreign language class you have to pick a name.
8:32 am
well, that's when bullwinkle and rockiy, natasha. the girl next to me picked natasha, i had to pick boris. my high school friends still call me boris. >> that's brutal. >> brutal. >> we have a guest from washington state taking halloween very seriously. molly foote has already worn 27 costumes this month and plans to wear 31. that's one for each day of october. she is joining us this morning from seattle. we want to welcome her this morning. all right, so we see today's costume. very appropriate given that we're here in times square. [ applause ] why don't you tell us about it. >> so, molly, tell us about your costume. >> thank you very much for having me on the show, first of all. yeah, so today i decided to be the statue of liberty to pay tribute to all you new yorkers and the united states. [ applause ] yeah, so i have a lot of fun making these costumes. it's very simple. i get some fabric and paper and glue and it comes together. it's really fun. >> you know, molly, most people don't dress up for the entire month which is what you're going
8:33 am
to do. but what exactly is the costume you have planned for the actual day of hole wean. >> yeah, so for actual halloween, i'm going to be a goldfish in a giant fish bowl. so there's going to be -- yeah. there's going to be rocks and sea weed and little fruit loops for fish food. it's going to be really fun. >> sounds like a heavy costume when you throw the rocks in there. >> no kidding. molly, how much time do you spend a day on your costumes? >> it really depends. balancing with school sometimes ten minutes in my car before class and then other times maybe two or three hours. >> wow. >> all right, well, molly foote, you wear it well, thanks so much for joining us and happy halloween. >> you too, thank you so much. [ applause ] >> so, of course, mark is here celebrating the new season of "shark tank" this morning. welcome back for that. >> thank you. >> looking back at the whole --
8:34 am
at all the seasons which investment do you regret the most? >> do i regret? they're all my children. there's just some -- you have some entrepreneurs that think the accomplishment is getting the investment. when you get an investment of the company, that's when the work starts so some don't want to do the work. i won't throw anybody under the bus unless it was strahan. >> you wouldn't be the first. i love watching this show. >> thank you. >> i love it. you cannot hide your frustration. you don't even try to hide it. >> no. >> but what kind of things get that reaction out of you. >> when somebody comes in and tries to hustle us. they think they're smarter than five of us, that's a no-no. if someone makes a claim they can't back up, that is a no-no so we're sitting there concentrating so hard so you see my natural reaction. yeah, i make a face or two, not that i'd roll my eyes. >> can you tell when you're smelling out the same hustle? >> yeah, i mean when we know somebody is full of it then we all start digging in, right
8:35 am
except for kevin. kevin -- if everybody is else digging on somebody he comes in and does the stupidest deals ever. i want a $600 product royalty that sells for -- yeah. he's crazy. >> something new this season, guest sharks.e one with us, sar blakely from spanx. [ applause ] >> the spanx ceo and you're actually wearing a new invention this morning. >> yes, i have my own investment just like all these entrepreneurs and spanx is launching arm tights. so i -- this -- listen, i'm wearing them right now but they're amazing. they allow women to wear everything sleeveless in their closet year round and so i always say when i look for entrepreneurs i look for people who fill the white space and solves a problem, comes up with a better solution and then can explain to me why they're the best option. and my frustration with this was i have so many sleeveless dresses and shirts that hang in my closet i can't wear in the fall or winter. so this is a sleeveless dress and i threw on this shimmer silver. >> it looks beautiful. >> and i'm good.
8:36 am
[ applause ] >> i'm looking and i'm going, why didn't i think of that? it seems so -- it seems so simple. >> you think you could have come up with arm tights? >> no, but i could have come up with something. [ laughter ] that is amazing. >> problem, solution then why are you best option. that's what entrepreneurs, anybody that fills that white space and what i look for on the show. >> sara was so good we'll have back-to-back episodes of sara on sunday night. that's how good she was. [ applause ] >> one of your tips was the secret of success is to embarrass yourself daily. how so? >> in thinking about success and what i attribute a lot to, one of the things is i do try to embarrass myself often. and i also celebrate embarrassment and instagram is giving me an opportunity to do that. i literally put so many things on there that i embarrass myself with, but the fear of embarrassment is one of the main reasons people don't go for it.
8:37 am
and so, in order to defuse the power of embarrassment over me, i will intentionally embarrass myself if it hasn't happened in a while. >> if you do it or say it it's better than someone else pointing it out. you take the power back. tell everyone to celebrate the embarrassment. it makes a great story, makes people so i've got so many embarrassing things on my instagram, i mean from like being late to drop off my kids and i having to walk in totally mismatched pajamas, all those moments are like, okay, this is really happening. >> i tell you what, sitting here with you and mark and just your personalities and the way you engage people and on it, you can see where the success comes from. so happy you joined us this morning.
8:38 am
well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. like when the military came and built the boats to win the war. [warplane] some are tales told around crowded tables.... [streetcar rumble] and others are performances fit for the stage. stella! cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause]
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not many people know the loss that you've gone through. you tragically lost your brother, you lose your sister. >> it's a constant struggle. ♪ fast and here you are >> it is so tough. >> we all face the powerful hardships of life. now for the first time see how this american superstar, this american family pulled through an unimaginable year and his immeasurable love for his late sister's children. >> just walk me through that journey of taking the children and raising them. >> powerful. >> isn't it amazing what can happen?
8:41 am
the good things, the bad things. >> heartbreak, strength, sacrifice, love from tragedy, triumph. >> please tell me we were rolling on that. >> two nights before the cma awards, a remarkable inspiring event "luke bryan: living every day" with robin roberts on abc. >> we cannot wait to see that luke bryan special. i love being around him. every time he comes to "gma," it's such a thrill and such a good guy. i'm telling you, this crowd, i asked, you only had coffee? >> yeah, only coffee. >> it's just everybody from atlanta is just here. >> the energy. >> yes. and i need some of that atl energy. >> yeah. >> if you are sticking around for the weekend let's look what is going to happen. i have to warn you. i don't know if you're flying
8:42 am
out -- >> sunday. >> ooh. you guys want to stay in new york a little longer? maybe so. depending on how quickly and what time your flight is some heavy rain possible sunday afternoon and evening and the winds start to kick. just to give you a warning. look what happened to the atl energy when i did that. good morning. fog near the coast about 9:00 but you'll stay in the 60s today mile whooil the rest of us make one last chance. a run at record high temperatures. look at this transition to autumn. this weather report brought to you by state farm. atl energy. >> all right, ginger, thank you. we are here now with former pro athlete lewis howes, the entrepreneur behind the podcast "school of greatness." it's been downloaded more than 45 million times and now has a new book "the mask of masculinity" and we'll talk
8:43 am
about that in a moment but first here's lewis' story lewis howes is a former football player turned business entrepreneur and now self-help mogul. >> give yourselves a round of applause. >> reporter: his best seller "the school of greatness" riding high on the "new york times" best seller list and a podcast with 40 million downloads since it launched in 2013. >> welcome back. >> reporter: using his pulpit to showcase inspiration from the greatest minds. >> when does it expire, you know, and what is the reward? >> reporter: while sharing his own hardships and how he's overcome them. >> and all the people that think it's unrealistic and all the people that will laugh at you, let them laugh. >> reporter: now he has a new book out "the mask of masculinity" and he's here to tell you how to be the best you in a matter of minutes. [ applause ] >> great to have lewis here and
8:44 am
everybody talks about greatness. when you talk about greatness, you say it starts when you walk into a room. how is that? >> you got to start with the doorway test. you know, we are a cell phone culture so we're always looking down, right? but it's hard to connect to people when we're looking down. every time i walk through a doorway i elevate my chest and look up and look people in the eye so just like that, look people in the eye and connect. that's the great way to be great. what i want you to do not stand up, stay seated but act like you're walking through a doorway and look people in the eye. that's it. >> it's empowering. >> super empowering, gets your confidence up. gets your energy going. it's a great way to start the day too. >> we have whiteboards here. you will give us three keys to greatness. by every day. >> that's it. >> so what is your first -- >> key number one, key number one is gralt today so i want to you write down one thing you're grateful for right now. it could be that you're on "good morning america." that you're in new york city,
8:45 am
about your family, about your health. something you're grateful for, one quick thing. you write it down as well, michael. go ahead and hold up your whiteboards -- your wife. trip to new york city. family, health, opportunity, family, family, faith. houston astros, there you go. tigers, awesome. the more we are grateful for things, it feels better. no one wants to be around someone ungrateful. so make sure you add gratitude in your life every single day. that's the first step. >> we'll erase that one. the second? >> the second one is growth. i want to you think about one thing in your life that you know you could improve in your life. maybe it is your health you need improvement with. maybe it's your finances, maybe it's mind-set. think about something and write it down right now. one area of your life you could improve in and that you know you could grow in. when we are growing, we feel more empowered. we feel inspired. when we're not growing, we feel a little off.
8:46 am
we don't feel great. so show me your whiteboards. you know you can grow in math. happiness, helping others. what do you say? being on time. are you late? are you late a lot? >> i'm not late. i'm right on time but i could be better. >> thank you, guys. you can put it down. >> the third? >> the last one is simple. if you want to be great, give back. >> okay. >> it could be giving back to a family member, a friend. it could be -- you don't have to write anything down here but think about an area you could give back. get away from yourself and give back to others. what i want you to do, if you came with a friend that you know go ahead and give that person a hug. simple thing you can do. if you came with someone -- someone next to you, you can give them a high-five. hug it out, baby. hug it out. >> we're going to hug it out, man. smile more at people. that's a way you can give. give back in your community. give back to your family, friends. >> we appreciate you giving us your time and giving us all that advice and everybody should heed and definitely think about that every day. "the mask of masculinity" is out tuesday.
8:47 am
make sure you pick it up from my man lewis here. and coming up, tips to make your halloween party picture perfect. we'll be right back.
8:48 am
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that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. ♪ 24 karat magic ♪ 24 karat magic this morning we have great diy tips and brit morin is here and you started planning halloween in july but for the rest of us not that organized she is showing us how to put together the perfect last-minute party. you're starting with punch? >> this is black widow venom punch. looking for latex gloves. we filled one up with water and froze it and turned it into spooky hand ice cubes and put plastic spiders in the water to freeze them and put it in a punch bowl and you're all set. >> such a cute snack using something healthy. avocado toast. >> it's the trend of 2017 and
8:50 am
now you can use it for halloween too. a fun little treat for your kids. use vegetable, olive, tortilla chips to make the face. >> i love that. that's adorable. we also have some pretty awesome halloween costumes we want to get to. so let's cue the music first. [ ice ice, baby ] . >> all right, stop, and listen. ice, ice baby. come on. >> that is the cutest -- cutest costume ever. >> clear garbage bags and put your baby in a track suit. spitup happening. a white sheet with red acrylic paint to make the backdrop for the photoworthy moments can we can we take some? there we go. >> i love that. an awesome costume. you look super cool. i love the sunglasses. >> okay so we have our second costume to come out now and i love the idea of this one. >> another one.
8:51 am
social butterflies. this is just using black outfits plus iron-on transfer tape for your favorite social networks. this is just felt, you attach it on to your back and go with a friend, the dog is the iphone if you can see it. he's got all the apps on it. you will be the talk of town and you have to take photos as well if you are a social butterfly. >> i love that. taking a pun on something we talk about. look great and easy to do at home. you can do this last minute. >> last minute, you have four days left. you got to get planning. >> you've been planning since july. to find out how to make them on our website, they'll all be there. we'll be right back. happy halloween, everyone. "gma's" countdown to halloween brought to you by ihop. america's favorite pancake.
8:52 am
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give them the good news, oprah. >> where is the one and only place to get exclusive and really awesome deals on some of my favorite things? >> you gotta tell them. >> "good morning america." >> thursday. >> they're my favorite thing. >> only on "gma." ♪ 24 karat i got to say ice, ice baby. can't beat that. thank you guys for participating in our costumes. have a great weekend.
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8:57 am
good morning. i want's 8:59.
8:58 am
i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." meteorologist mike nicco, how is our weekend going to be? >> some bad news if you want to go to the beaches. good morning. 2:00 this afternoon, 9:00 tomorrow evening, strong rip can'terings, rough surf, breakers up to 20 feet. san jose could be the fourth consecutive day of tying or setting the record high temperature. autumn returns to the forecast. we'll get temperatures back to average by monday. sue? eastbound 80 near gillman, a car on its side blocking two lanes of traffic. that's why both directions of 80 are slow across the east shore freeway. so expect delays there. and also a sigalert effect rohnert with a mobile home tilting. >> see you at 11:00 a.m. for the abc7 midday news.
8:59 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, film and television actress eva longoria. and from the series "this is us," milo ventimiglia. plus, we wrap up "live"'s halloween countdown games with a spooky mask challenge. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: good morning! >> kelly: thank you. hi. hi.


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