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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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it is burgess dangerously close to homes. sky 7 activates its features. that shows you the landmarks that may be impact by this fire. the firefighters are on the scene as you saw. they're calling in additional resources to help contain the fire. the fire department is joining us by phone. can you give us the latest on what's going on with the fire? >> yeah. so what we have is a large trailer. almost the size of a mobile home. if you can picture that. a large trailer burning on the same property as a normal size as well as several junk cars. i don't know if they are but
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they may be left as well. >> any holmes threatened nearby? >> yeah. several nearby they're still working. fortunately, the wind speed isn't that great. they're working the protect all the homes in the area. can you talk about the extent of the evacuations? and the thick smoke we're seeing rising and spreading? >> yes. the major concern is the embers in the smoke that you're talking about. so we do have crews patrolling the area. just to protect the surrounding area as well. >> can you tell us the cause of this fire at this point? we're looking at a sky map view.
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they're all any word what might be the cause? it looks like abandoned vehicles, rubbish, do you have any idea how it all started? >> i don't know how it started but it sounded like they identified several propane tank that's were feeding the fire. and causing it to grow in intensity. >> so you mentioned the trailer that caught fire. and we certainly see all the vehicles there. is this actually the backyard of a home? >> exactly. so they're on the property of a normal sized home. it sounds like they've got quite a bit of debris in the backyard of this home that's burning. >> we're told this is now a four alarm fire.
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do you think you'll need to commit any more resources to get this fully contained? >> very likely. >> it sounds like they're getting bigger. they're just trying to keep it from getting any bigger. >> can you tell the direction of the winds, if that's pushing the smoke toward downtown san jose? or away from an even more populated area? >> i don't have eyes on the fire. i believe the wind is heading south. and the fire is in the east. certainly the smoke is a concern. >> so people should close their windows? >> absolutely. yeah. >> all right. if you're just joining us, we're looking life. sky map 7. we have a fire burning right now. that started with, at home. a trailer caught fire.
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a home with propane tanks and other cars in the back. of course they're trying to put water on it. it is a four-alarm fire burning. >> what is your biggest challenge fighting this? >> just listening to the radio, it sounds like they're getting access to the fire because of all the junk. >> if you could stay with us. could you tell us what the weather conditions are like? and the captain mentioned, it appeared the wind was pushing the smoke south. >> so right now, the conditions near that san jose fire. you will notice the wind is coming out of the west southwest so that is what is pushing the smoke to the south southeast.
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the wind is not terribly strong. but their own windy conditions. something to keep in mind. you will notice the wind at the san jose airport is out of the northwest, blog at seven miles an hour. let's look at the live video. we'll take a look at what it looks like. it is blowing sideways. that's an indication that the wind is pushing it. the winds would be pretty much calm. i think the vegetation is so dry. this is something we have to take seriously. if you're seeing the smoke or you're smelling the smoke, it is a good idea to stay inside. >> we see this is now a four-alarm fire with the black smoke. so it is still burning. and let's bring back captain vega. can you tell us what the biggest
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danger is? do we believe there may be more propane tank that's could explode? what should residents in that area in that general neighborhood do? >> yeah. it is really hard to say what is involved. especially if there are vehicles, and do they have fuel in them. it did sound like there were several propane tanks. i think now the biggest concern right now is the fire spreading. either through the air, the huge smoke column, or the wind pushing the fire. it just grows bigger. catching more of the vehicles on fire. >> so what can people do in the area? >> so right now, i believe they're having people shelter in place. certainly they should close their windows. and we have crews in the area there. canvassing the area to make sure there are no spot fires further
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down wind. >> all right. captain vega, thank you for your time and we'll be checking back with you. it looks like you're fighting it from every angle you can get to. so hopefully, this will be put out in a reasonable amount of time. thank you. >> the danger of spreading is high so we'll keep you posted. >> we'll keep you posted on the fire situation. now a starting revelation by jackie speier. she is sharing her own story of sexual misconduct that she was aville of on capitol hill. >> live in the newsroom. >> you know, it was congresswoman speier who in 2014 introduced a bill to make sexual harassment training mandatory in the house of representatives. it never materialized. so today, with these allegations, it is clear that speier is pushing a new
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movement. >> like so many of you, i have a me too story to share. >> it was a videotaped account of what congresswoman jackie speers said happened when she was an aide to then representative leo ryan in the late 1970s. the man she is accusing it was former chief of staff, g.w., who was around 50 at the time. she was in her mid 20s. >> the chief of staff held my face, kissed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. >> the #me too and stories of sexual misconduct have been shared by thousands of people following the allegations against harvey weinstein. speier is using the #me too congress and encouraging others in congress to step forward and tell their story. >> many of us in congress know what it is like. because congress has been a breeding ground for a hostile work environment for far too
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long. >> he died in 2004. and shortly after his death, the congresswoman of palo alto called him a brilliant man. a political mentor to me and to many others. and he will be missed by everyone who had the privilege of knowing him. today, rt eshoo said the allegations are shocking and i will deeply disappointed. it is a reminder to all of us that you think you know someone that you you really don't. referring to holzinger. >> and last wednesday, nancy pelosi was asked if sexual harassment is prevalent on capitol hill. she said, i don't have that experience in washington, d.c. i just don't. i have not seen that. now meanwhile congresswoman speier was in tennessee and was not available for an interview. abc7 news. don't forget to fill up your car with gas.
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the price at the pump may never be this low again. >> and of course, we continue to track that fire burning in the foot hills of san with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not i mean i always spell your name right. seriously, take me, i can't listen to this playlist any longer. i'm thinking mexico, and i'm a quick packer. ♪
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the sheriff says the man arrested for intentionally setting the fire in the santa cruz mountains was depraved and reckless. 13 firefighters were hurt. it took 11 days to put it out and more than $7 million. david louie joins us live in boulder yeek more. >> reporter: the suspect marlon coy is no stranger to the sheriff's office. they arrested him one day after the bear fire started on october 16. in possession of stolen goods taken from a house inside the burn zone. he is in jail with bail set at $800,000. investigators from the sheriff's office believed some sort of dispute was behind the bear
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fire. 54-year-old boulder creek resident marlon dale coy is expected to face arson charges. >> they witnessed marlon coy lighting this fire. a fire which spread and then became bigger and caused what we are now calling the bear fire. >> video from drone view 7 shows the damage done by the fire, burning close to 400 acres and destroying two homes, four outbuildings, five rvs and vehicles. a woman with whom he had a relationship lost her fire in the fire. >> rarely have i seen a more reckless action. if not for the heroic efforts of first responders, he could easily be facing murder charges today.
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>> residents complained of suspicious activity. someone close to the property lost all their solar gear, all their generator and their inverters. we're off the grid. >> marlon coy is expected to make the first court appearance next monday or tuesday. the district attorney is expecting to charge him with three had counts of arson, plus charges of cause go great bodily injury. abc7 news. had santa rosa is almost 70 miles from walnut creek but realtors in the east bay report that fire victims are on the east bay for places to rent and even places to buy there. with more on the housing shortage. >> well, when it comes to places to rent or buy near rossmore, there isn't much available. i met with the real estate manage here says people are making offers on homes as they try move out of the fire zones. this is busy entrance to the
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rossmore retirement community in walnut creek. people near here say every day, they see fire victims in cars filled with families and dogs, scouting for housing. >> we've had clients come down whose homes were burned and some who were smoked out and scared out. they want to look now and buy now. >> some aren't waiting for things to settle without their insurance companies. if they have enough for a down payment, they're pursuing what is for sale. >> a couple that lost nerg santa rosa, i know, they're coming here. they don't have anything. they had the clothes on their back and they were coming in and now they're putting in offers and hopefully they'll get one soon. >> realtors say the number one priority, shopping for fire safe homes in fire safe locations. it's tough. >> rentals in the north bay area in the santa rosa area almost completely gone. people who are coming down here are telling us, they can't find
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anything. >> this survivor of the 1981 oakland hills fire drafted a list of advice which she titled, if i knew then what i know now. >> take their time. has the long drawn out marathon. >> how long did it take to rebuild your house? >> three years. >> she said there's no escaping fire risk. abc7 news. >> police officials say the city's burglary problem is bad and won't get any better until laws are changed. the patrol sergeant told the san jose mercury news that under new laws like propositions 47 and 57, criminals are not going to jail for property crimes and they know it. he said the laws prevent them from giving chase. even if suspects are caught in the act. for now, the only hope is education. they released this video two years ago urging people not to leave anything in their cars.
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she said if anybody thinks they can leave their stuff in their car, it is absolutely 100% wrong. you may want to gas up your car tuesday. next wednesday, california's gas tax will go up by 12 cents a gallon. the proceeds will go to maintain state's roads. eric thomas is live in walnut yeek the story. >> at this station, unleaded regular is about $2.83 a gallon. you can wave goodbye to that. many here were not aware the gas tax was going up next week. they were surprised but caltrans says it is for a good cause. >> the 12 cents per gallon increase, diesel will go up 20 cents a gallon. the spokesman says it will be worth it. >> we grif
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need to keep them maintained properly habit be-- the money hasn't been there. >> it is expected to bring in the money. >> the it makes perfect economic sense. >> he they think energy institute. he homes increasing fuel prices will result in more people buying electric cars. >> they use the roads. i use the roads in our electric vehicle. we need he to put for better roads but we need transition to cleaner more effective vehicles. >> electric vehicles won't pay more at the pump but owners will have to pay a $100 a year for maintenance. >> i don't drive too much. i have two little kids under 5. i kind of just drive around the block. >> i think the gas tax is a
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joke. there was supposed to be a gas too. fix roads previously. >> a huge surprise to me. it is one more thing, we have to suck it in and move on. >> you may not see it right away. refineries are switching to the cheaper blends which might save a little off the price, at first. >> getting some new video from the fire in san hoers. here's what it looked like from the ground. you can see, this is a residential neighborhood nearby. and thick black smoke in the air that continues. >> this is the 2,300 block of pleasant acres drive. according to the san jose fire department -- on a trailer on the property is where the fire started. you can see the sky map 7 showing you seven acres drive. and that's the intersection. you can see the smoke is still
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rising. they put fire, four alarm now. they put flames, or water on the flames to keep it sfrom spreading. >> problematic because it is burning in multiple locations. >> we get an update on the wind conditions. >> it is not a good thing. the winds are beginning to column. it is pushing the smoke sideways. i want to show you the winds gusting to ten miles an hour. the winds west southwest at 4. the humidity is not extremely low. a lot of dry vegetation which is the biggest concern. take a look at the wind gusts. we're basically looking at winds remaining under ten miles an hour. they have the fire under control before the winds increase any further. >> live doppler 7 picking up that smoke in the foot hills. you can see the radar returns
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just east of allen rock. it is foggy along the coastline. just a sliver at the golden gate. all the way to 90 degrees. here's a live look from our south beach camera. it is a bright sky overhead. a weekend fog will continue i know what the cooling. spooktacular for halloween. if first thing tomorrow morning, the temperatures middle 40s to the upper 50s. clear skies enland. afternoon highs would be cooler. upper 50s along the coast where the fog will ling entire the afternoon. in case you're going to the beach to enjoy the weather. watch out for rough surf. we have a beach hazard warning. the breakers could be as high as 20 feet. i want to fast forward to the day planner. we'll have some spooky clouds at
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noontime and a nice treat for trick or treaters. the weather will cooperate. if you have been waiting for rain, it's coming. a light system. morning showers will give way to afternoon rain. early estimates, up to a quarter of an inch. by friday, the forecast taking you into friday afternoon and evening. the wet weather begins. it is only to intensify saturday. and then continuing into sunday. we will see some snow showers in the sierra sfwurng heavier snow sunday. that's something to keep in mind. of course it is about a week away so the time line will change. you can check out the live doppler 7. the temperature trend. the seven-day forecast. upper 50s to the mid 80s. much cooler on sunday. from sunday to monday, you will notice a ten-degree drop from sunday to monday. you will feel difference. going into halloween, nice
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weather. typical low clouds and sunshine and then mild weather mid-week before we bring in a slight chance of a few showers thursday. better possibility of rain spreading on friday with that level one on our storm impact scale. much cooler coming our way. and certainly this time of year, we could use the rain and the cooler weather to fight the fires. firefighters seem to be getting a better handle on the fire in san jose. we'll give you a live look. you can see some of the smoke has turned white. they are making progress and putting out the vehicle fires. and of course, trying to keep it away from vegetation and keeping it from spreading, hopefully.
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street. this is down at fisherman's wharf. it is like a 360-degree play going on. it takes you 60 minutes. there is a little boat ride. a whole staff and actors. it is really amazing. and it is open until november 5th. about halfway through. >> how do we get it? >> i'm so glad you asked. there you go. abc7 news. look for the free stuff. we'll get you hooked up. >> thank you. this could be a comic first. the mystery object. >> do you mean
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing.
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join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. we'll keep following the breaking news out of the foot hills. as you can see, the firefight is far from over. >> also, tough choices facing the fire victims.
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tonight, a daunting decision home owners will have to make before they can rebuild. >> and see where the bay area stands. it is all coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. but finally this evening, a visit from outer space. >> astronomers. >> very exciting. >> they have captured images of the first known asteroid from another star and quite likely another solar system. >> this object has apparently been drifting through our system for millions if not billions of years before drifting into our solar system, probably by chance. scientists think it was thrown out during a period of planet formation. >> scientists say they've been waiting for decades for what they call an enter stellar visitor. one said it sent shivers down his spine. >> had
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fire when we see you at 6:00. tonight several developing stories as we come on the air. in the west. major new questions about puerto rico and your money. the small montana company that landed the $300 million contract with two employees at the time. we asked the white house can you definitively say the company did not land the contract because of connections or donations to the trump campaign. the snowstorm turning deadly and the other system moving up the east coast. a possible nor'easter. our team on the ground tonight in niger. new reporting on what happened to the special ops soldiers. inside the jfk files tonight and the memo from j. edgar hoover saying at the time the u.s. must believe oswald acted alone. the interview, the women lost at


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