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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 2, 2017 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, terror in new york. >> oh my god! i need an ambulance right here! there's kids right there! >> new video from the site of the truck terror attack as rescuers rush in. the evidence investigators found at the scene. >> the gist of the note was that the islamic state would endure forever. >> federal officials say the suspect bragged about the attack from his hospital bed. thousands of isis images found on his phone. how was he radicalized? and president trump's controversial vow to end the program that brought the suspect to america. >> diversity lottery sounds nice. it's not nice. it's not good. plus behind the glass, teenage girls confessing their deepest insecurities. >> i had a uni brow, i wasn't the skinniest girl -- >> with the added pressures of social media.
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>> do you ever go a day without being worried about your profile? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> and bullying from their peers. >> sometimes saying, your stomach area is fat. i'm like, wait, is it? >> little do they know their moms are watching the entire conversation. the surprise reveal. what these mothers learned about their daughters' lives online. and world champs. >> the houston astros are world champions! >> the houston astros beating the l.a. dodgers to claim their first-ever world series title. but first here's the "nightline 5." it's getting colder but the deals are hot at jcpenney with 50% off. on sweaters for him and her. and arizona apparel. hurry in for amazing savings and great deals for your home. take an extra 20% off only at jcpenney. depend real fit briefs feature breathable cotton-like fabric. >> in situations like this, there's no time for distractions. it's not enough to think i'm ready, i need to know i'm ready no matter what lies ahead. >> get a free sample at
12:39 am >> number one coming up in 60 seconds.
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good evening. we begin with the fast-moving developments in the investigation into the worst terror attack in new york city since 9/11. what we're learning about the suspect who police say asked to hang an isis flag in his hospital room. also the stories of the victims and the harrowing new video of the immediate aftermath. >> they're stuck in here! >> oh my god, oh my god. >> reporter: you can hear the panic in their voices. >> oh my god, oh my god. >> reporter: this man getting his first look at the mangled school bus -- >> did you call 911? oh my god, oh my god. okay, i -- i need an ambulance right here, right here! the guy t-boned --
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>> reporter: police and fire crews rushing in to save the children. this captured just minutes after the suspect sayfullo saipov allegedly took a rental truck on a path of terror. >> this was an attack on united states of america, an attack on new york city, an attack on our people, and it was the definition of terrorism. >> reporter: tonight we're being told that he planned this for weeks. even making a dry run. and that he's now bragging from his hospital bed, proud of what he's done, declaring he was inspired by isis. >> the other items recovered at the scene was some notes, the gist of the note was that the islamic state would endure forever. >> reporter: he killed eight people on his rampage and injured a dozen more. >> there are families today feeling pain that is unimaginable. >> reporter: most of the victims came from this group of friends visiting the city from argentina. this video captured what started as a fun day here in new york city to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their high school graduation.
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but it ended in horror. five members of the group dead. ann was a 32-year-old mother of two visiting from belgium. two of the victims were american. >> i'm not angry at all. i'm hurt. >> reporter: jimmy drake simply cannot quite believe that his only child is gone. >> it was one of those wonderful father-son relationships -- >> reporter: darren drake, 32-year-old project manager on a bike ride between work meetings when he was run down. >> he was born three blocks away from where we just identified the body. >> reporter: also killed, 23-year-old nicholas cleeves, also an only child. he lived with his mother a few blocks from the scene. >> i love him so much. i consider him my friend. >> our hearts break for them and we pledge to renew our resolve in their memory. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect, sayfullo saipov, chose halloween because he knew the streets and sidewalks would be crowded.
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police say just after 2:00 yesterday, saipov rented the truck at a home depot in passaic, new jersey. 2:43, the license plate readers on the george washington bridge show him exiting the bridge into new york city. 20 minutes later a port authority camera outside the holland tunnel shows the truck driving into the bike lane, going fast. >> be advised, we have multiple people on the ground from chambers all the way up to houston -- >> reporter: the rampage ended when the truck smashed into that school bus, which was carrying children. you can see saipov running through traffic, appearing to hold what looked like two guns in his hands. nypd officer ryan nash and his partner responded, quickly confronting saipov. nash shot him in the abdomen. the officer, just 28, now hailed as a hero. >> he thinks what he did was not an act of heroism, he thinks it's something that -- why he joined the police department. >> although i feel we were just doing our job, like thousands of officers do every day, i'm
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grateful for the recognition we have received. >> reporter: this video shows the immediate aftermath of the attack, dead and injured lying in the bike path. >> the injuries ranged from a bilateral amputation to serious head, neck, back, and chest trauma and trauma to arms and legs. >> reporter: 12 people rushed to local hospitals. many of them still in treatment tonight. investigators say the weapon saipov was holding included a paint ball gun and pellet gun and they also found three knives. he was wheeled into court earlier today where he was formally charged. >> just about 24 hours after saipov's attack, we now have him charged with federal crimes of terrorism. a federal charge of violence and destruction of a motor vehicle with willful disregard for the safety of human life that resulted in multiple deaths. >> reporter: investigators swarmed his home in paterson, new jersey. the 29-year-old lived in this apartment with his wife and three children. officials confirm saipov moved
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to the united states in 2010, passing all the necessary checks. he was part of a diversity visa lottery, a program that allows for immigration from countries that have low immigration rates to the u.s. today president trump used the attack to bolster his argument for a change in immigration policy. >> i am today starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program. sounds nice, it's not nice. it's not good. >> reporter: the president also had strong words for the attacker. >> we also have to come up with punishment that's far quicker and far greater than the punishment these animals are getting right now. >> reporter: but it was the difference in that response and trump's response to the massacre in las vegas that caught the attention of some. >> after the horrific shooting in las vegas, the president repeatedly said, now is not the time to talk about policy, now is not the time to talk about politics.
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why was he so quick to go the political route -- >> look, this wasn't about going the political route, this is something frankly the president's been talking about for a long time. this isn't a new policy. this isn't a new position. this isn't a new conversation. >> you had an episode of an immigrant who happened to be muslim who was attacking americans in the name of islam. that is terrorism and it's exactly the kind of terrorism that president trump views as a threat. he doesn't view and hasn't viewed the same kind of threat of gun violence as exhibited in las vegas, for instance, as he does around this. and he tapped into the fears of a lot of americans during his campaign around just these sorts of episodes. >> reporter: as it happens, uzbekistan, where the suspect was born, is not among the countries listed on the president's travel ban. but there have been recent terror ties to the country. >> he was the point of contact, the primary point of contact, for, and this is preliminarily, 23 people that came in or potentially came in with him. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell
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abc news at least two of those 23 were suspected of possible links to terror. >> he was considered the point of contact for those 23 people. they may have been friends, relatives. two of them, we're told, were people that had suspected ties to terrorism. >> reporter: tonight we're learning much more about the suspect, saipov, and what inspired him. >> a man consumed by hate and a twisted ideology. >> reporter: law enforcement says saipov told them he decided to carry out the attack a year ago. authorities also recovered two cell phones from the scene. >> revealed thousands of isis-related images and 90 videos, about 90 videos, depicting, among other things, isis fighters killing prisoners. >> reporter: and authorities say he made this chilling request. saipov asking whether he could fly the isis flag in his hospital room. >> it's been my experience in interviewing other high-profile terrorists that they want to talk to you, because they're
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proud of what they've done. >> reporter: according to investigators, had he not hit that school bus, he would have continued down a highway and onto the heavily trafficked brooklyn bridge. tonight, of course, the burning question, how did a man with a wife and three children, who has jobs driving for both uber and lyft, become radicalized? >> most people in the u.s. get radicalized through the internet. because we don't have face-to-face, on-the-ground recruiters for groups like isis. >> reporter: dr. speckard, research psychologist and security expert, focused on violent extremism. >> isis is willing to use anyone. they're looking for people with access, particularly weapons trained, so they would love to get somebody from the military or the police. but they're willing to use mentally ill people that feel discriminated against or alienated. >> reporter: for the past few years dr. speckard has interviewed dozens of isis defectors and their family members, and she says she worries there aren't preventative systems in place here in america to report people showing signs of radicalization.
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>> we need hotlines that family members can call and ask advice and ask how they can intervene. and that we need rapid intervention teams that deploy immediately with a counselor and an imam so that they can say, no, no you've got islam all wrong, this is not what islam says, and you will not be a mart martyr, and you will not go immediately to paradise for killing innocent civilians. >> reporter: tonight new york city is on high alert with a major public event looming, the new york city marathon, this weekend. >> 2.5 million spectators will line the streets. we've added more trucks, more locker vehicles, more than doubled observation teams, rooftop observation posts, as well as counter-sniper teams. >> reporter: new york city is no stranger to terrorism, and in its darkest hours we often see a spirit of unity and strength shining through. >> be strong, be proud, be resilient. show the whole world right now that we will not be moved by terror.
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>> tune in to "20/20" on friday for the diane sawyer special "isis in america." coming up next on "nightline," mothers listen in on the secret online lives of their teenage daughters. what they heard brought one of them to tears.
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when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ thank you, ikea. oh, john can't come. my uncle geoff just confirmed. the one that's always bringing a plus-one? yes, but we've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. (cheering) we turn now to our very revealing conversation taking a closer look at how social media affects teenagers. abc's deborah roberts sat down with a group of girls for a candid talk. what they didn't know is their moms were watching from behind the glass.
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>> every girl thinks they have to do better than the other girl. >> there's a constant pressure with everybody. >> sometimes it's like, your stomach area is fat. i'm like, wait, is it? >> reporter: teen girls offering surprising details about their struggles. >> i see a lot of criticism towards me on social media. >> reporter: many adolescents having to confront the daily realities of new age pressures, from cyber bullying to modern dating. in some cases parents left in the dark. so we brought a group of high schoolers together for an honest conversation about what it's like to be a teen girl today. unbeknownst to them, on the other side of this glass will sit their moms, right here, listening and learning about their daughters. nearly 30% of teen girls suffer from anxiety. and with easy access to technology can come cyber bullying. nearly half of american teens say they themselves have been victims. >> why didn't you say this to me when i was alive?
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>> reporter: teen pressure is a topic on display earlier this year with the controversial netflix series "13 reasons why." >> all of this cyber bullying creates an environment where our kids need to develop resilience and develop it early. and the truth is, that is not the default setting for young people. >> reporter: as the girls wait -- >> we're going to get you guys seated. >> reporter: their moms anxious to know what their daughters will reveal when they're not in the room. >> she's going to be so mad to know i'm still here. >> she's going to be in shock. >> how many of you would say stress is a big problem in your lives? what about social media? how big of a part of your lives is social media? >> i love it. >> very big. >> yeah. >> do any of you ever question your body because of what you see on social media? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> focus on not eating past 7:00, and drinking water. i follow people like kendall and kylie jenner, they have this time measure body image that everybody is expecting from this generation. i have a lot of self-confidence, i don't hate my body.
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but i feel there's room for improvement all the time. >> there's no question that social media has a lot of positives. but the problem is we're measuring our self-worth by how many people like what we're posting. there was a time where if someone insulted us growing up it was to our face. now the hurtful commentary lives online. >> do any of you feel criticized and hurt by things said on social media? >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> what kinds of things might somebody say that's mean? >> they can talk about things that you post, things that you wear, things that you say. >> i've seen a lot of bullying happen on snapchat, to be exact, with some of my friends, some of the people calling them fat, even me. talking about body image. >> reporter: the honesty about their insecurities tough for kayla's mom, who's about to share her experience with the group. >> a lot of my friends think i'm anorexic because i'm skinny for my age. sometimes it can hurt but got to grow a tough skin. >> i used to get bullied because i had a uni brow, i wasn't the skinniest girl. >> what about relationships,
12:58 am
dating and guys? >> i'm an avid '80s movie fan. and i wish that things could be the way that they were in the '80s movies. ♪ all my instincts >> reporter: gone are the days of john cusack outside your window in "say anything." replaced by texting and snapchat. emojis in place of emotion. what is it that they had in the '80s that you don't see so much now? >> having to actually make effort. and now i think that with things like sending a message, people say things that they don't mean, things get lost in translation. >> you want people to talk more. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> usually people want to just like face time and text. you don't know what someone fully says or means. >> our young people speak in emoji and shorthand. and the fact is relationships require nuanced, thoughtful, intimate conversations. and social media doesn't provide for that. >> what celebrities do you compare yourselves to, do you
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look up to? >> kardashians. >> oh my gosh, did you have to say that? >> kendall jenner specifically. she's like all-natural compared to the others. i feel like she's so perfect to be all-natural like that. she's so beautiful. >> my biggest influence is ariana grande. she has such a good voice. i find she is someone to look up to. >> if your moms were here, what would you want them to know about your world? >> one thing i would like to say to my mom, like in general, is that i may not show it all the time but i do appreciate her. >> i love her so much. >> yeah. >> as far as self-confidence, being really my best friend. >> why don't we talk to your moms now. because your moms are here. >> hi, mom. >> reporter: the girls stunned by our surprise. what surprised you most about anything you heard from your daughter? >> these girls are gorgeous. and they're smart. and they're on top of their game. and they're full of anxiety.
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>> do you worry she's putting a lot of pressure on herself? >> sometimes i do, because i keep telling her, you don't have to be perfect. and she tries very, very hard. you know, with the makeup, hours of makeup. i'm like, what happened to just the foundation and powder and walk out the door? >> she's very emotional, she lets things get to her easily. but she definitely has grown a lot. she's definitely not the shy girl, quiet, reserved girl she used to be. >> do you worry about that social media impact? >> i do. one, because kayla's brown. she was on the bus. it was kind of like, why don't you go home, you arabic, you don't belong here. then it went on social media. >> reporter: moms getting a rare glimpse inside the minds of their teen daughters. now perhaps more important than ever. for "nightline," i'm deborah roberts in new york. >> our thanks to deborah roberts. tune into "gma" tomorrow for another behind the glass presentation with fathers and sons. next on "nightline," houston, we have a championship.
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finally tonight, congratulations to the houston astros, now world series champs after defeating the l.a. dodgers. this is their first world series title in franchise history and the timing is incredible. historic, really. it must feel so good for the city that was devastated by hurricane harvey just months ago. way to go, houston. thank you for watching abc news tonight. as always we're online 24/7 at and on our "nightline" facebook page. thank you again for watching and good night. thank you again for watching
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