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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 14, 2017 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, breaking news. your money, your taxes. and president trump's tax plan. is it now on shaky ground? the senator who says he is now a no. the president can only afford to lose two votes. and tonight, who benefits the most? the wealthy, the middle class? tonight, the numbers right here. also tonight, two police officers shot in the chest. their bullet proof vests saving them. the standoff all day. treacherous ice and snow in the next 24 hours from michigan to new york. another system in the mid-atlantic right before the weekend. we're tracking it all. the blockbuster deal. our parent company, disney, reaching a major deal to acquire a huge part of 21st century fox. could it change the way many families watch movies, tv, sports? allowing you to decide when and where you'll watch. omarosa, one-on-one tonight. what really happened at the white house, and why is she out?
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the breaking headline involving dustin hoffman just in. new allegations tonight. and free shipping friday. it's tomorrow. but will your packages arrive on time? and the deals revealed just hours from now. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy thursday night. and we begin with your money, your taxes. president trump on the verge of victory, but could there be new trouble for him tonight? he can only afford to lose those two republican votes in the senate. and tonight, the republican senator now saying no. at the white house today, president trump still promising it will be the, quote, greatest christmas present that a lot of people have ever received. but many democrats tonight asking, why haven't they seen the bill yet? abc's mary bruce with the numbers. who wins, who loses? >> one, two, three -- >> announcer: president trump today cutting through the red tape at the white house. and hoping republicans can stay united enough in the senate to pass his tax bill. >> we're doing very well on the tax front.
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we have tremendous support. we have tremendous spirit. >> announcer: but back on the hill, the president is aware there are signs of trouble senator marco rubio tells us he's a no, unless the bill includes a larger expansion of the child tax credit. >> unless they can figure out a way to add to the $1,100 figure, i won't support the bill. >> announcer: senate republicans can only afford to lose two votes, and tonight, senator bob corker is expected to be a no. concerned it's projected to add $1.5 trillion to the deficit. and two more senators are undecided. while tonight, most democrats are still trying to figure out what's actually in the plan. republicans haven't sent it out. have you seen the new republican bill yet? >> i have not. but as my staff reminded me, i'm only the ranking democrat on the senate finance committee. >> reporter: here's what we learned. the plan gets rid of the backbone of obamacare, repealing the mandate that all americans have insurance.
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that could leave 13 million more americans uninsured over the next decade. republican susan collins of maine is waiting on the final bill to decide how she'll vote. she's supported repealing the mandate in exchange for a promise that republicans take steps to boost the health care market. but in the past 24 hours, her constituents have been giving her an earful. >> what i am telling you is that i believe the commitments that i have received -- >> but it's my life on the line! >> i nope. >> reporter: for the wealthy, the plan lowers the top tax rate from 39% down to 37%. for big business, it slashes the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. and for middle class americans, it doubles the standard deduction. for those who itemize, it keeps current deductions on medical expenses and student loan interest. but advocates for the middle class warn it caps state and local income and property tax deductions at just $10,000. that's a problem even for some republicans in congress.
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>> most middle income new yorkers who own their homes are going to be hurt by the tax bill. >> reporter: the president is promising relief to the middle class, but a previous analysis of the senate version said americans making $75,000 or less will actually pay more in taxes within a decade. >> every analysis show some people, including middle class americans, are going to face an increase. >> and the middle class will get a huge tax break as most americans will. >> mary bruce live on the hill, as always for us. and mary, as we know, republicans can only afford to lose those two votes. we heard your report there that one republic senator is a no, marco rubio. several others undecided. and of course, on everyone's mind, not only on the hill tonight, but around the country, senator john mccain. we know he's battling brain cancer. as we reported last night here, he's at walter reed? >> reporter: david, senator mccain tonight is being treated at the hospital for side effects of his cancer therapy. we're told he's looking forward to getting back to work here on the hill, but no word yet on when that will be.
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now, senate republicans are hoping to act on tax reformerly next week, and david, they are going to need every vote they can get. >> all right, mary bruce live on the hill. and of course, our thoughts with the mccain family tonight. we do move on here this evening, and to the two police officers shot in the chest and the tense standoff for hours at a st. louis suburb today. armored vehicles standing outside a home, an armed suspect barricaded inside. abc's alex perez at the scene tonight, where police vests saved those officers' lives. >> reporter: tonight, county police in tactical gear storming this home, after an armed suspect barricaded himself inside for nearly eight hours. using a battering ram to break into the garage, later bringing the man out on a stretcher. the ordeal starting around 7:15 this morning, bellefontaine neighbors police spotting a man wanted for questioning after overnight gunfire in the neighborhood. when suddenly -- >> shots fired! scene is not secured, scene is not secured. intersection is bellefontaine
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and chambers road. >> this man jumps up off the ground. and i see pepper spray being deployed from the officers and this man backs up about 15 feet and starts shooting. >> patients located outside the building, front steps. >> reporter: the officers, a 44-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman. >> both of them were shot in the chest. however, the vests blocked both of the rounds. and by god's will, you know, both officers were struck in a location that they had p protecti protection. >> reporter: and aless perez joins us tonight. alex, those officers are now out of the hospital, you're getting word? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, david. those officers were released from the hospital late today. clearly, those bullet proof vests saved their lives. the department just got those vests last year. david? >> alex perez tonight. alex, thank you. next here tonight, to treacherous striving on the way. a new round of snow and bitter cold from michigan to new york. up to a foot in some places. after a dangerous 24 hours already. a semi shattered in an accident
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on i-69, that's in central michigan right there. heavy snow causing whiteout conditions in erie, pennsylvania. wind chills plunging in the northeast. another system behind it. and another storm hits the mid-atlantic tomorrow, as well. meteorologist rob marciano, tracking it all again for us tonight. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. with that snow we had this morning, reinforcing shot of cold air. wind chills are back in the teens. look at the numbers. we'll see wind chills, single numbers, new york and boston. below zero in albany. winter storm watches up, lake effect snow machine will be cranking, western new york, western michigan. could see a foot of snow. you mentioned that coastal low from long island to cape cod, could see an inch or so of snow with that. could be some slick spots for the morning commute. david? >> careful driving into the weekend. rob, thank you. we turn next here tonight to that blockbuster deal announced today involving our parent company disney, spending more than $52 billion to buy a significant portion of 21st century fox. disney ceo bob iger sealing the
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deal with rupert murdoch. tonight, how this deal could change the way many families watch movies, tv, sports, choosing when and where they'll watch, and the list of choices suddenly multiplying. here's abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis tonight. >> reporter: tonight, it's the blockbuster $52.4 billion juggernaut deal that takes the major classics of childhood, like "frozen," "finding and the "star wars" legacy include fox and from chizs, with broad appeal like "the simpsons." "avatar." for super hero fans, it could mean big match-ups like the x-men and fantastic four with marvel. for sports fans, it enhances
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espn's offering, adding 22 regional sports networks. but perhaps most significant for the future, it gives disney a majority stake in hulu, and lays the groundwork for disney's own streaming plattform in 2019 for tailor made viewing. all with the aim of giving american families what they want when they want it. disney's ceo bob iger announcing the historic agreement with fox's co-chairman rupert murdoch. >> the consumer not only will they will be getting more great high quality content, but they'll be getting it in ways that they demand. >> and rebecca covering this all day long. we know one piece of the murdoch empire not in this deal is fox news. that's being spun into a separate company that will be led by the murdochs. curious all day today how president trump would respond to this deal. and the white house responded. >> reporter: that's right, david. sarah sanders was asked about this today at the briefing. she said president trump called rupert murdoch at fox to congratulate him on the deal and president trump believes this could be a great thing for jobs.
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>> rebecca jarvis, thank you. we turn next here to fiery moments at a meeting in washington, as the fcc voted to appeal what's called net neutrality. rules that were designed to ensure equal access to the internet. the move will allow internet providers to block or slow down what websites customers see or favor the websites of companies that pay them. net neutrality treats the internet more like a utility and guarantees equal access, but opponents say those rules stifle competition and novation. the five fcc commissioners split 3-2 to repeal those rules. >> it's painful for me to say this, that this is the new norm at the fcc. a norm where the majority ignores the will of the people. >> it is not the job of the government to be in the business of picking winners and losers in the internet economy. we should have a level playing field. >> the repeal won't take place for several months. several states and major tech companies tonight say they will sue to try to stop it.
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next tonight here, the latest white house staffer to depart, omarosa, a former contestant on "the apprentice," fired on that show three times. this time, she says she wasn't fired, but that she resigned during a conversation during the chief of staff in the situation room. here's abc's deborah roberts, one-on-one. >> reporter: abc news sources say she was fired, escorted out of the white house. but today omarosa manigault newman telling me a very different story. so, you're saying you resigned. you weren't fired? this was a conversation that i had with general kelly, one on one, in the situation room. >> reporter: in the situation room? >> well, you know, yes. that's the most secure, private place to have a conversation like this. >> reporter: was it a tense conversation? >> absolutely. i talked to him about some concerns that i had about issues -- about one very urgent issue and pressing issue that would affect the president. and so -- >> reporter: an urgent and pressing issue that would affect the president in a dangerous way? >> in a big way.
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>> reporter: so, what is that urgent issue? she declines to say. reporters pressing president trump. >> did omarosa share her concerns with you president trump? >> i like omarosa. omarosa's a good person. thank you all very much. >> reporter: their connection deep. every critic. every detractor will have to bow down to president trump. >> reporter: omarosa became the highest ranking black senior staffer. >> at times, it was very lonely, because a majority of them were white men who had their own agendas. if i were not in the room, then who would raise the issue? who will fight for us? >> reporter: so, who will fill that void? >> that's a question that you'll have to ask president trump and general kelly. >> and deborah with us now. amid all these reports of growing tension within the west wing between omarosa and some of her colleagues at the white house, she told you late today that she's prepared to tell all at some point in the future? >> reporter: when the time is right, david. she says she's going to share a lot about her experiences, the good and the bad. and talk about her frustrations.
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like her boss, the president, she's pretty good at keeping us in suspension. >> all right, deborah roberts tonight. thank you. next here, the white house revealing that president trump spoke with russian president vladimir putin today. at putin's end of year news conference in moscow, she was asked by our chief foreign correspondent about what he thinks about president trump's first year in office. how he responded to our terry moran. >> reporter: the putin press conference, an annual spectacle, 1,600 reporters, hours of q&a. we made our way inside this morning. putin arriving to a fanfare, calling on reporters, many waving home made signs. and then we got called on. >> abc news, please. >> what is your assessment of donald trump as president after one year? >> reporter: his answer echoing president trump's own claims.
3:44 pm
"objectively," he said, "we see some serious achievements accomplished during the short span he is president, look at the markets how they've grown. this attests to the trust investors show in him." i followed up on the connections investigators have uncovers between the trump campaign and russians close to the kremlin. how do you explain it to americans? "you know all of this has been unvented, made up by people who are in opposition to president trump," putin said, adding a parting shot, "it's all just spy mania." and putin took a shot at americans who suspect russia did come collude with the trump campaign, accusing them of disrespecting trump's voters. he said he hoped trump normalizes relations with russia soon. david? >> terry moran with us tonight. terry, thank you. a heartwrenching appeal today after an alleged fraternity hazing death at louisiana state university. this picture this evening, the last time max's mom saw her boy alive, when she dropped him off to start his freshman year. abc's amy robach tonight with his parents. >> reporter: three months after their son died following an alleged hazing incident at lsu, the parents of freshman max
3:45 pm
gruver speaking out for the first time. >> this shouldn't have happened -- shouldn't happen to anybody. >> reporter: rea and stephan gruver sharing what they've learned about their son's final moments. >> they said they had worked on max for 45 minutes, but there was nothing they could do. >> reporter: police say 18-year-old max was taking part in a hazing ritual where pledges are forced to drink highly concentrated alcohol if they incorrectly answer questions about the fraternity. max's blood alcohol level, .496. six times the legal limit. >> yeah. so, that night, i'm sure it w was -- it was enough to kill you. >> reporter: the ten current and former fraternity members arrested. could face charges ranging from misdemeanor hazing to negligent homicide, a felony. >> we were hook, line and sinker. like our son made a great decision with this fraternity. >> reporter: max's parents say before he joined they went online to research the fraternity. >> there was no hazing. >> no hazing. >> it was an alcohol-free house.
3:46 pm
>> reporter: what they weren't aware of, multiple complaints of excessive drinking and hazing at lsu's chapter and some members had been suspended. >> if we had found out just a year ago a fraternity had had a hazing incident, we might be like, with max, i don't know that this is the one for you. >> reporter: this foe show showing them dropping him off at school for the last time. >> little did i know -- >> that was the last time. >> i actually have a picture of the last hug. . >> that photograph of a mother saying good-bye to her son at school. the thing about this mother and father is they tried to do the research on this fraternity, but couldn't find the come flaunts. >> reporter: that's right. that information wasn't available. lsu has suspended the fraternity, revoked its charter. but the gruveres want to see serious change about these types of incidents and they want amnesty for anybody who speaks up when they see any form of hazing, david. >> all right, really heartbreaking stuff, amy, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the breaking headline involving dustin hoffman tonight. the new allegations against the oscar winner just in. also, your money, and free
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our made in america christmas. every year, we ask you for your one thing. a gift made in america. >> hi, david. >> reporter: for years now, you've been sending your ideas. your one thing. >> hi, david. >> reporter: gifts made in america. your ideas for the rest of us. >> i just finished baking a batch of cookies on my usa ban cookie sheet.
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>> hey, david. >> reporter: melissa parker from sarr sosa, sending us photos of her family's christmas tradition, point set thats grown in florida. the family photographed here. a yearly christmas tradition. mason growing up as those point set thats grow, too. >> we've been doing it since he was born, now he's five years old. >> reporter: and then to worcester, massachusetts. >> made in america! >> reporter: founded in 1924, still family owned. 300 workers baking 4 million of their signature pies a week. the santiago family with their review. >> these are the best pies. >> reporter: and then, laura daugherty. it wouldn't be christmas without candy canes. her one thing? and her message from cincinnati tonight. >> these made in america candy canes from dozier's candies. >> reporter: newtown, ohio, since 1971. 12 workers making 1 million candy canes for christmas. >> we are making something that brings families together during
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the holidays. >> reporter: the same in those copper kettles. >> made in america! >> reporter: and finally tonight, in wrentham, massachusetts, divine desserts. from the sisters of mt. stchlt m. mar marery's abbey. making 50,000 boxes of chocolate cover toffee with hazel nuts. >> it's been very beautiful to see there are people that love each other and care about each other very much and i get to see that every day. >> it makes it a special christmas gift. it's something that carries an s essence, not just a candy. >> reporter: packing every box with those three words, and a prayer. >> made in america, with love and prayers. >> send us your videos, your gift ideas, made in america on our facebook page. good night.
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brews in san francisco where a swimmer was bitten by a sea lion and then rushed to the hospital. >> it happened just before 2:00 this afternoon near aquatic park about a half mile away from the iconic sea lion docks. >> we're told the injury is serious but not life threatening. jonathan bloom is live at the scene with the very latest. >> police tell us that swimmer is now in stable condition at san francisco general hospital after he flagged down a passing sailboat right over there at the mouth of the aquatic park. police say that swimmer was in the bay and was trying to get ahold of that sailboat. the sailboat captain radioed police who showed up in their boat to fish the swimmer out of the water. they say the injury was serious. the culprit, a sea lion.
4:00 pm
there were three of them which is unusual because they typically travel alone. if there is a time for strange sea lion behavior, observers say that's now. >> during the mating season about, now, which is tied to the water temperature, they get degree. i mean sea lion, actually. bigger, scarier, faster, more intimidating. people have been nibbled over the years. no one has ever been seriously hurt. >> that is until today. firefighters confirm this was indeed a very serious injury. bay swimming is not for the faint of heart. the water temperature today, a chilly 53.6 degrees. most everyone who has gone swimming here has had some sort of encounter with a sea lion but never like this. we'll have video later. >> thanks very much. >> how americans use the internet could be in for a drat