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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 5, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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yikes. flipping cars in philly. fans celebrating? well into the morning as the eagles become champions for the first time ever. >> the bay area was well-represented in what's being called one of, if not the greatest super bowl ever. good morning to you on this monday, february 5th. >> never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is here with a look at your day. >> we'll start by looking at live doppler 7. like the weekend, it's pretty quiet out there. we'll overlay the clouds. there's a few out there and more coming. we'll have high clouds and gorgeous sunrise at about 7:09 this morning with temperature around 46 to 52.
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as we head towards noon, 66 to 69. the coast will be cooler. 61. while the rest in the low to mid-70s. 55 to 61 at 7:00. that rounds out your okay weather 12-hour planner. we'll have the forecast coming up. here's sue. >> we have no delays except for maybe just minor to pay cash coming through the toll plaza. those right and left hand cash paying lanes are starting to stack up. no metering lights yet. if you have a fastrak, you're jooming through. southbound past 24, you're getting a little busy with brake lights at the interchange of highway 24. once you're on to 24 west about an eight-minute drive into and through the caldecott tunnel. let's take a look at the drive times. 48 minutes tracy into dublin westbound 580. looking good on westbound 4.
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at the live desk, just getting crazy video out of philly following the eagles super bowl win. look at this. the mayor's office says there were three people arrested. several others also injured. as you can imagine, thousands took to the streets overnight. this is video of fans and what you're seeing here is them scaling the gate of city hall. one fan actually carrying a keg all the way up that entire gate. look at that. wow. then we have this video. brand new. a few minutes ago. this is some fans climbing up the light poles there. crews once again tried to grease the poles to stop people from doing this. there were several reports of vandalism and smashed windows as well. well. there was one report of
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>> fortunately, most fans didn't behave like fools and they kept it calm as the eagles were celebrating their first ever super bowl championship. philly upset the patriots, 41-33. >> so many reasons to be proud. one player became a legend last night. zach ertz. he has deep ties in the bay area. amy hollyfield is live in danville with more. hey, amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning natasha. this will be a proud day here at mont a vista high school and all of danville check out this sign at the candy store in downtown danville showing support for zach ertz. he graduated here in danville. then he went on to play for stanford. ertz now plays for the eagles and had the winning touchdown last night. as he celebrated the big win, people in danville proudly talked about how they knew him when. >> his favorite candy,
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patch flower mellon. the nicest kid, great athlete and so proud of him and all he's accomplished. >> incredible feeling. i can't put it into words. >> ertz's mother was at the game. she was in the stands with his wife, julie johnston. she's a usa soccer star. she actually has a world cup championship under her belt. now zach can add a super bowl ring. maybe danville will get a glimpse of that ring maybe this summer. last summer zach came to the high school and went out to football practice to say hi to the team and the new coach. that visit this summer would have an extra new prestige to it now that he is a world champion. reporting live in danville, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. that's really nice. no word on how many dui arrests the chp made over super bowl weekend. >> it was all hands on deck. officers were out in force looking for impaired drivers. it was part of the golden gate's division enough is enough
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campaign which began last month after an officer was killed in a dui crash. from january 22nd to the 31st, police arrested 307 impaired drivers. that is a figure that baffles many people who say they would never take that risk. >> it's like $10,000 to get started with a dui. it's like $8 to uber. why even bother? >> chp officer martin lenway is back home recovering after breaking both legs in a dui crash in concord on january 15th. several local businesses suffered damage during a sideshow in oakland yesterday. this morning, those business owners are frustrated and demanding a stop to the illegal street shows. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has the story.
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>> screeching tires and burning rubber in oakland early sunday. a large crowd gathered to watch this sideshow play out. >> for the business owner. >> the owner of this exxon station, too scared to show his face, says spectators vandalized his busines with a trail of broken glass. watch this surveillance video from inside the store after doors were locked. a crowd smashes the door. several people seen running in and out with stolen merchandise. an employee who wasn't hurt, called 9-1-1. >> it's the responsibility of the si of oakland police department to make the environment safe and secure for the community, for the business own owner. >> he says police sometimes take hours to show up. when officers responded some had bottles thrown at him. the opd towed 30 cars from the scene and cited 147 people involved in the sideshow. another sideshow happened near the oakland coliseum about the same time. watch as a man is thrown off the side of a car that's doing
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doughnuts. >> this is not going to stop. >> community advocate ken houston running for mayor believes they should be given a safe venue to perform, free from weapons and violence. >> gun violence, those lasers, i do not condone and i will not tolerate it, period. if they're want a venue, that has to stop. >> others want it to stop for good in their neighborhoods. >> this is -- for the business owners. >> in oakland, cornell bar national guard, abc 7 news. let's take a look at the difference between this morning and yesterday morning. no snow. look at half moon bay, 20 degrees cooler while most of us are a couple of degrees. inland east bay, we're in the mid to upper 40s through t ahsan rsan ramon valley. we also have 50 in oakland. san carlos, down to san jose. up in the hills, los gatos, 62 degrees. 51 in mountain view.
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43 at napa. pacifica still warm at 59. here's a look at santa cruz. we're going to get to about 70 degrees today. the wind shift is going to bring a slight cooling for you guys as you can see already by this morning's temperatures. breezy hills if you're going to be out exercising this afternoon. around the bay, lighter breezes. as far as the east bay, we'll start off 8:00 this morning about 51 degrees. 59 at 10:00. 63 at noon. clouds increase as we head through the morning hours and then they'll decrease a little bit. a lot of sunshine at 4:00 and 66. by 8:00, we're down to about 57 degrees. pretty comfortable there. south bay will be warmer than that. 50 at 8:00. 62 at 10:00. already pushing 70 at noon. low to mid-730s from 2:00 to 4:00. then you'll drop down to about 65 at 6:00. by 8:00, about 62 degrees. now, today, we're not quite as warm as we were yesterday. i do have a string of possible record high temperatures coming up in the accuweather seven-day
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forecast. i'll be back in a few minutes with that. >> sue? >> checking the golden gate bridge. you have four lanes southbound and two lanes in the northbound direction. light conditions. no fog here. everybody is moving at the limit out of the robin williams tunnel. farther to the north, this is the richmond-san rafael bridge. again, traffic conditions are very light. no backups here. about an 8-minute drive from richmond to the marin counties side of things. green sensors are great. wonder if a lot of folks are having the super bowl flu this morning. we have slowing out of tracy. 48 minutes to -- make that 50 minutes for your drive into livermore up and over the altamont pass. just your usual slowing and usual monday morning commute for those guys coming out of the central valley. ace train, a great alternate. they're running on time. >> sue, thank you. 5:09 now. a chase involving two cars ended in a crash and gunfire. a woman suffered critical injuries in the shooting before midnight on saturday.
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abc 7 news was in san jose where you see damaged cars parked on the street where the chase happened. our media partner, the mercury news says they were being chased by another driver. she crashed into a tree on cadillac drive-by winchester boulevard. the suspect walked up to the wreck and fired several times. her passenger ran away. transportation officials in the north bay are trying to get solo drivers out of carpool lanes. according to the marin ij, 11% of people who use the carpool lanes on highway 101 in marin are driving alone. drivers caught can be fined at least 500 bucks. a daughter in the north bay paying a tribute to her parents and the house that they lost in the wildfire. cameras that read license plates could be coming to the bay area. bay area. the city lit up for the
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i know it's monday. but i want to look at the weekend for the coast. because i wasn't able to get there this past weekend when it was so gorgeous. it's going to be 70 today and tomorrow. 74 wednesday and thursday. our warmest days and some records possible. the wind will start to shift. the clouds will be a little thicker. still, mid to upper 60s for friday, saturday and sunday. it's pretty nice. >> here's reggie. >> mike, thank you. this is incredible too. a video showing an emergency landing at san antonio international airport. the pilot's landing gear failed.
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witnesses say the small plane scraped along the pavement for about 100 yards. the faa is trying to find out why that gear failed. no one was hurt. in the first looking an investigation into a deadly train accident in south carolina. >> it slammed into a parked unmanned freight train. here's abc's david kerley. >> the tragic remains of the crash were avoidable. a switch in the wrong position causing a head-on collision causing passengers to fly. >> it swerved and i knew something was going on. >> the seven-car amtrak train diverted on to a side track slamming into a parked freight train. >> everybody is screaming and then i knew that we were in big trouble. i knew that it was going to be -- either we would start flipping or that we were going to implode. >> the engineer, conductor in the front engine were killed. more than a hundred of the 139 passengers treated at local hospitals. >> the question is why was that
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switch set the way it was? >> finding out why that switch, that track switch was set the way that it was, that will be key. >> we'll have the latest on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, i'm david kerley, abc news, cayce, south carolina. it's 5 slon 15 now. take a look at this. it's a tribute that a daughter gave to her mother to preserve the memory of their home they lost in the wildfires. she and her boyfriend studied the original construction plans for the home. they went to painstaking detail to make it appear as genuine as possible and capturing the right pitch of the roof, the lighting, interior. they're preparing to construct a new house where the original one once stood. new at 5:00 a.m., we just got a list of the safest cities in california. it's according to the national council for home safety and security. i can tell you several bay area
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cities tied for number one. look at this. danville, orinda, moraga and saratoga. six other cities? southern california also tied for number one. researchers looked at some of the crime statistics along with population data. they also looked at violent crimes and property crimes and if you want to see a full report and where your city ranks, we will put up the full report on the city of alameda is considering installing a license plate recognition system to help police fight crime. the police chief is asking city council to spend half a million dollars toward purchasing the devices. 13 cameras will be installed near the bridges that link alameda and oakland and over some intersections. the devices would record when cars come and go and locate missing or wanted vehicles. the council will vote on that issue tomorrow. tis the season for girl scout cookies. one girl scout returned to a
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popular spot. danielle sold cookies outside of a -- this marks her fourth year selling there. this is the first time, though, since recreational marijuana sales became legal. >> it's okay here. it's just like any other person can go in there. it's for everyone. >> we always love having her here because in addition to selling cookies and raising money for her girl scout troop, she's also donating cookies to some good causes. >> yeah. she's going to donate cookies to an alzheimer's care-giver's group. the a period of time care yum is going to p match her donations. 2,000 miles away, the but the bay area was well-represented. >> two officers worked the big game. these pictures posted by b.a.r.t. chris pratt representing. he was in a michelob ultracommercial during the super bowl. look at this.
5:18 am
as he attended the game, he wore a solano county sheriff's bean i, his brother works as a deputy and public information officer at the sheriff's office. >> really cool. >> i had no idea. >> mabny co-workers will be talking about the halftime show. >> did justin timberlake's performance measure up to the hype? >> he performed a medley of current and classic hits. i like how they didn't show his performance. we only showed prince. to be honest, according to a lot of people, mainly me, was the best part. yeah. there were no special guests. there was no in sync, no britta brittany, no janet jackson. >> they lit up in purple. >> initially, there was a rumor that prince was going to appear as a hologram.
5:19 am
that didn't happen but they did that projected image instead. >> right. >> during an interview years ago, prince once described digital representation as demonic. if he were meant to jam with duke ellington, they would have lived in the same age. so anyway. >> what did you think, mike? >> he did what he does. he did it well. that's who justin timberlake is. was it as good as other people's? i'm not going to say. let's talk about the weather. i can see the look on both of your faces. all right. here's a look at sutro tower this morning. let me throw over what we're talking about. our accuweather highlights. high clouds today almost as warm as yesterday. mild tonight. breezy in the hills. not breezy enough for a high fire danger. but if you have trash cans out, maybe they get blown over. nearing record highs all week. here's the high clouds. you can see them encroaching as a storm system will pass to our
5:20 am
north. it's also knocked a couple degrees off the highs. we're still spring-like if you will. upper 630s along the coast. half moon bay to san francisco to richmond. 74 degrees as you head to the south bay and inland east bay to 76 in santa rosa and ukiah. let's look at the peninsula. 52 at 7:00. 68 at noon. 71 at hk and 61 at 7:00. pacifica at 71. menlo park at 73 degrees. inland today, we'll go from 47, 7:00. little cooler. look at the low to mid-70s by noon and 4:00. great day to be outside. if you can, maybe even wash the cars. thinking about doing that over the weekend and i did yard work instead. our highs will hang around. 71 to antioch and concord. the low temperatures tonight. the heat hasn't been running as much.
5:21 am
mid-40s to low 50s. here's a look at the forecast. as long as we stay in the 70s, near record highs about every single day. we will be slightly cooler by a couple degrees saturday and sunday. but still, well above average. let's see what sue is watching fr the morning commute. >> we're checking out san jose. let's go first to 280 under the overcrossing as the headlights head towards cupertino from the valley towards cupertino. you are looking at about eight-minute drive. pretty good. we say that's an excellent commute. 101 across town underneath the 880 overcrossing is moving at the limit in the northbound direction. we'll take a look at a stall or possibly an accident on the dunbarton westbound near the high-rise. we'll check back with chp as sensors are green. it's not showing any slowing yet as you make your way over towards east palo alto. >> thank you, sue. apple music is on pace to pass spotify as the number one streaming service in the u.s.
5:22 am
according to the "wall street journal," apple streaming music service is on the verge of taking over spotify. apple music has been growing about 5% a month versus 2% for spotify. apple continues at that pace, experts say it will pass spotify in the world's biggest music market this summer. bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are losing their luster. jpmorgan chase joined bank of america and citi group in declining their credit card purchases. the banks don't want the credit risk associated with cryptocurrency transactions. bitcoin lost more than half its value falling below the $8,000 mark since november. coming up, the seven things to know to start your day. how much uc berkeley spent over the span of a month. the moment you've been waiting for. the stunning finish in the puppy bowl. >> the spends. here's a classic bowl after the super bowl. that is sylvester stallone
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that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i c do! 5:25. if you're just joining us, here are the seven things to know before you go. number one, philly fans celebrated all night long after the eagles' drought finally eded after 31 years. but things got a little bit out of hand. look at this. there were at least three arrests. there were also several injuries reported. >> number 2, eagles tight end zach ertz is a hometown hero in danville this morning. he made a game winning touchdown to lift the eagles over the patriots. number 3, a trial in waymo's high-profile lawsuit against uber. it's accusing them of stealing trade secrets. number 4, the house intelligence committee expected to vote on whether to release a
5:26 am
memo by democrats which said the republican memo released by president trump is slanted and misleading. number 5, we begin this week, week two of above average temperatures with near record highs from 10 degrees warmer than average in san francisco at 69 to 17 degrees warm ir. high of 76 today. number 6, we're watching the monday morning commute. we have metering lights on. 5:24 the magic hour. delays are building from hercules into the city. less than 30 minutes. number 7, the revus in for justin timberlake's halftime show. the "washington post" said j.t. lost the super bowl. the daily beast calls it a total disaster. >> ooh. >> entertainment weekly says timberlake played it too safe. i didn't like the part where janet jackson didn't come out. >> that or an 'n sync reunion could have completely changed
5:27 am
this performance. >> there's more to come on that. first, let's look at this cuteness. let it wash over you. if you missed it, here's a glimpse of the puppy bowl. >> team ruff versus team fluff. >> the little speed demon found herself a toy. she dodges past boomer and scores. >> this is fun: >> the two teams traded leads back and forth. team fluff's rescue after hurricane maria scored the winning touchdown. 52-47 was the score. it was also a good game. puppy bowl, by the way, raises awareness for animal rescue. >> all of them up for adoption. wonderful cause. coming back with a full 90 minutes of news, including the mountain lion sightings that startled neighbors in palo alto. also
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good morning. 5:on this monday morning. >> we have a lot to talk about today. we'll start with -- >> we'll talk about the fog. not the fog from eating too much last night. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> we have napa, american canyon, benicia, core delia, all down to about couple of hundred feet. please be careful there. that's going to be lingering throughout the morning commute. here's a look at my accuweather 12-hour planner. temperatures 48 to 53 degrees at 7:00. 67 across the board at noon. maybe little thicker. it will be almost as warm as yesterday. 64 to 70 at 4:00. i don't think we'll see as many records today, if any. 58 to 62. a comfortable evening.
5:31 am
let's find out if your commute is comfortable. >> not bad. a nice ribbon of headlights headed in the westbound direction of 80. the east shore freeway past golden gate fields and through berkeley and emeryville. if your destination is the bay bridge, the metering lights were turned on about six minutes ago. we're seeing backups there. couple of problems. looks like we see slowing on the dunbarton bridge. a couple of vehicles, looks like an accident blocking at least one, possibly two lanes of traffic. once you get over to the east palo alto side, slow and go there as well. stall in the santa cruz mountains. it is the noncommute southbound direction. we'll check and see how it's affecting your drive in a few minutes. >> the trial begins waymo accusing uber of ripping off key pieces of the self-driving technology. >> matt keller live in mountain view this morning. matt? >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. waymo used to be a part of google. this is where the controversy started that led to this
5:32 am
lawsuit. the trial starts today in san francisco. it will be inside a federal courthouse. waymo is accusing the google engineer of stealing secrets related to laser sensors that enable self-driving cars to identify their surroundings. he founded a self-driving truck company called otto in january 2016. later that year, uber bought otto for $680 million. next year uber fired lewandowski. uber denies using waymo technology, saying it used only its laser technology to develop self-driving cars. witnesses include google co-founders, as well as uber's former ceo travis kalanick. the case is being heard in federal court in san francisco. jury selection happened last week and opening arguments are scheduled to start today. reporting live in mountain view, matt keller, abc 7 news. thank you, matt. a new report blames pg&e power
5:33 am
lines for sparking two small fires in santa rosa during the larger wildfires in the north bay. according to the press democrat this new report comes from the city of santa rosa fire department. these were separate from the larger fires that swept through the city. investigators say strong winds caused the power lines to arc. that sent sparks into dry grass and bushes which started the fires. the report says one of these fires destroyed two homes and the other damaged an outbuilding. pg&e declined to comment on the new report but told the press democrat the state investigation has not determined any cause. 5:33 now. san francisco could pay one of its firefighters to $250,000 to settle a lawsuit. the suit claims that she was wrongly blamed for the death of a teenage passenger in the asiana airlines crash at sfo. that happened in july of 2013. three people were killed, including a 16-year-old girl run over by a fire rig.
5:34 am
the firefighter was behind the bheel of one of the fire rigs. as the iteam reported, she claimed it was another rig that ran over the teenager, not hers. ducketh will receive $250,000 to settle her suit. the board of supervisors still has to approve the settlement. early yesterday morning as police investigated a theft at the walgreens in west borough square, they found the suspect in a vehicle at a nearby gas station. police were talking to him when that driver took off and hit the officer. investigators found the bmw later and it turned out to be stolen. san francisco police investigating a stabbing near mcdonald's ab bay shore boulevard. officers found a man was stabbed in the neck. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. no one in custody but a possible suspect may have fled down oakdale avenue. a 5-year-old girl is
5:35 am
recovering from a dog attack in richmond. it happened just before 11:00 a.m. on sunday morning on a trail at point pinole regional shoreline. the owner was walking a pit bull on a leash when it snatched the girl dragging her to the ground. she has bites on her abdomen and scratches as well. the animal is custody of animal control. larry nassar will get a third and final sentencing in a sexual assault scandal involving more than 260 victims. it's going to be sentenced on three sexual assault charges today. nassar was sentenced last week to 40 to 175 years in prison in separate but a related case. in december, a federal judge sentenced him to 60 years on child pornography charges. he's been forced to listen to statements from dozens of victims. on frooif, he was almost attacked by a man whose three daughters say they were molested. the house intelligence committee expected to vote -- saying the republican memo is
5:36 am
slanted and misleading. president trump released the document on friday. republicans claim it shows bias from the very start and the president claims that it vindicates him. democrats and some republican lawmakers disagree with that. they say the document released by california congressman devin nunez doesn't explain the big picture. >> i think it's very possible for staff to coordinate the effort with the white house. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer is urging the president now to back the release of the rebuttal memo. democrats fear that president trump will use the gop version as an excuse to fire deputy attorney general rod rosen stein who is overseeing the mueller investigation. the man who drove a van down the sidewalk of san francisco's castro street last month is expected to to appear in court. he faces several charges after sideswiping a deli. he told police he was having problems with his brakes. >> nobody got hurt. let talk about what's going
5:37 am
on temperaturewise as we look to the south bay where it's 50 right now in san jose. 57 in sunnyvale and milpitas. los altos and the hills there, 62. los gatos, 60. upper 40s in many neighborhoods. 47 in redwood city. cupertino, newark, lafayette, 43. novato. 45 in napa. look at san pablo, 55. brentwood, 49. 48 in half moon bay. san francisco, 56 degrees. let's talk about what's going on with your commute. going to be dry all day on the roads. cool this morning. warm this afternoon if you're taking mass transit and light breezes on the bay. let's go to the peninsula and talk about your 12-hour planner and what to expect. pretty sunny at 8:00 and 51. the clouds come in. high clouds. 630 at 10:00. they'll be thickest around noon to 2:00 when we jump from 66 to 70. we'll hang out at 70 at 4:00. clouds will start to dissipate. we'll see stars and drop from 65 to 60 from 6:00 to 8:00.
5:38 am
in the north bay, 45 with clouds at 8:00. they'll be thickest around 10:00 at 57 degrees. by noon, we're already starting to see the clouds decrease a little bit. 67. we'll top out about 73 degrees from 2:00 to 4:00. under the stars, by 8:00, grab a heavier coat. we'll be about 56 degrees. all right. it's week two of absolutely no chance of rain through the weekend. we'll take a look and see. we'll set record high temperatures like yesterday. coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast, let's see what sue is watching for the commute. >> couple of trouble spots. back to the dunbarton bridge. this is a couple of lanes blocked with an accident involving two or three vehicles. now we're seeing the better part of the span slow and go as you make your way from the east bay to east palo alto. looks like once you get past the scene of that accident, things are looking et pretty good. to the santa cruz mountains, a stalled big rig blocking the right lane. this is south 17. the reverse commute. but still very slow
5:39 am
your way from los gatos to the summit. the big rig is blocking the right lane affecting your drive southbound towards the coast. thank you, sue. neighbors on alert in palo alto fouling two mountain lion sightings. the first after 10:00 p.m. saturday night and the second on sutter avenue an hour and a half later. it's not clear if this was the same animal or two different mountain lions. the locations are about a mile and a half apart. one witness walked us through exactly how she reacted. >> we were shocked initially. we thought, wow, look at that. i started to honk really loud to make it run. it actually went through the neighbor's yard, through the front of our yard and the backyard of ours. it made my daughter very scared because she never had seen anything like that. >> these are the first sightings reported in palo alto in six months. spacex about ready for liftoff. what we're learning about elon
5:40 am
musk's latest creation. yeah. >> we've covered everything from the super bowl. besides the most important
5:41 am
5:42 am
we're back and we're looking at the radar and satellite from california. you can see a few clouds out there. that's the gray you see. you see tule fog in the central
5:43 am
valley. let's see what happens throughout the afternoon hours. 70 at san diego with afternoon sun. low to mid-70s sacramento. 69 in monterey. 72, did i say that? that's unusual. here's a look at lake tahoe. let's talk about the next seven days. average high is 43. we'll get there. saturday and sunday. but it's a dry cold front. before that, possibly record high temperatures thursday and friday. uc berkeley spent nearly $4 million in the span of one month last year. according to the paper, university police spent the money on security fees and other expenses on three events, including counter protests held in response to the alt right rally, including from shapiro and free speech week which ended up being canceled. civil rights icon rosa parks would have turned 105 yesterday.
5:44 am
legacy, a transit agency in the central valley placed signs in her honor on seats on the front much most buses. they came up with the idea of reserving her seats to remember it was parks' quiet strength that made a seat available for everyone. >> i looked at that for a moment and paused. it made a difference in my life today. she's a powerful woman. she's a wife, mother and hard worker. for her to take that stance against having to sit in back of the bus, she took that step that all of us today should take in what we believe in. parks refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus in montgomery, alabama, in 1955 so a white passenger could sit. abc 7 news was in san mateo at 22nd avenue and south el camino real. that's where this new pedestrian crossing light is active. the light only flashes if a
5:45 am
pedestrian pushes the button to cross the street. drivers must come to a complete stop. as early as tomorrow, spacex could launch the biggest and most powerful rocket, the falcon heavy. the $90 million rocket will be capable of carrying really big satellites into orbit, sending spacecraft to the moon and mars potentially. this will be the first test flight. it won't be carrying much this time. just a red tesla roadster which could become the first car launched into space. elon musk running both spacex and tesla. the giants nearly stole the show featuring quarterback eli manning and odell beckham jr. >> ♪ >> it was well done. >> they nailed the lift. the two performed choreography from the movie dirty dancing, including that lift. the nfl says touchdown -- creativity, the league wanted to
5:46 am
keep that fun going on for the super bowl. >> i think this is my favorite one. the alexa ad. this features alexa losing her voice and the ad shows executives scrambling to replace her lost voice with some hilarious alternatives. >> show me a recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich. >> 32 years of age. you don't know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich? its name is the recipe. >> that was the best part. >> what does she do? >> actress, rebel wilson and anthony hopkins rounding out the end of it. it was inspired and what we expect from great super bowl ads. >> it was really good. the thing i couldn't figure out, was my alexa did not activate any time the ads played. >> there's an article about this that i'll accepted you. >> they talk about it. >> there's a whole back story there. >> answer my question, did they do something special? >> i didn't read the whole
5:47 am
article. i didn't have time. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. have you read your whole forecast? >> yes, i have. >> yes, i have. not in gordon rams voice, which would be thrilling for me. seeing stars tonight. breezy and milder in the hills. 50s and 60s while the rest of us in the 40s. the breezes will stay below any fire thresholds. the extended chance of rain, don't even ask, really. that's how bad it is. there's a look at the encroachment of the high clouds coming in. dim the sunshine and take the record warmth away. still, 69 at half moon bay. san francisco, richmond, 70 at oakland and santa cruz. we've got 71 at fairfield. vallejo, antioch. those are the cool spots. san jose, fremont, can cord, 74. ukiah 76 degrees. san francisco, 54 at 7:00. 62 at noon.
5:48 am
61 at 4:00 and about 57 at 7:00. let's see where your highs top out. yeah. from 65 in the mission, 63 in the marina. 69 degrees in san francisco. as far as the south bay, 50 this morning. 69 to 72 and then 63 at 7:00. yu'll top out around 72 to 73 degrees. all right. here's a look at the temperatures tonight. mid-40s to low 50s about everywhere. tule fog in the central valley and patchy fog in the north bay. my forecast, we stay in the 70s all the way to friday. little thicker cloud cover saturday and sunday drops us into the mid-60s. still, gorgeous weekend. here's sue. >> we're taking a look overall. the traffic maps and we are seeing slowing. tracy, slowing on the sunol grade. metering lights and definite slowing across the dunbarton bridge. two lanes blocked with an accident westbound past the high-rise that says lane 3. it's actually lanes 2 and 3. i'll modify that. give yourself extra time. we are slow and go across the
5:49 am
span. b.a.r.t.alternate. if you don't want to get on the roads. 48 trains on time. ace trains 1 and 3 out of the central valley looking good. great way to avoid the commute on 580. >> thank you, sue. what's for dinner? cannabis in kitchens all over the bay area. >> if you're cooking it yourself, you can make it into whatever you like. >> meet the chef showing us how to get the most out of cooking with marijuana. a closer look at the growing food trend cooking with cannabis tonight at 11:00. new at 6:00, drink up. new research shows a little bit of alcohol could be good for your brain. >> a little bit. we'll tell you exactly how much. first, he's definitely the most popular kid at school had morning. we're hearing from the teenager known as selfie kid as he takes in his newfound fame. >> a drone catches an unusual moment off the california coast.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
all right. in case you missed the wonderful weather. warm weather this past week yenld at the coast. let me show you what's going on this weekend at the coast. the warmest days wednesday and thursday. mid-70s there fter 70s today and tomorrow. still in the mid to upper 60s this weekend. the breeze will be off the water. it will be cooler and the clouds a little bit thicker. >> thank you, mike. the day after the biggest sporting event in the country. millions of americans who watched the big game plan to call out sick. >> are you one of these people? the survey by mucinex revealed that nearly 14 million americans will not be at work today.
5:53 am
super sick monday. the survey found that 25% feel that the monday after the super bowl should be considered a national holiday. many say that they need the day for more rest and recovery. >> the eagles weren't the only winners at the super bowl. 13-year-old ryan mckenna also came out on top. at least according to social media. he was recording the halftime performance on his phone when justin timberlake walked right past him. the teen seized the moment and snapped this selfie with the singer, who obliged. the image has gone viral. this morning on gma, he explained how this upped his social media game. >> like right after immediately right after, my phone exploded, like -- and then last night i got 8,000 followers. >> did you each go to sleep last night? >> no. i went to sleep at like 2:00 and then i had to get up at like
5:54 am
5:00. >> coming up on gma, you'll hear how mckenna's friends are reacting to his selfie moment. that starts at 7:00 a.m. here on abc 7. that's sweet. in case you missed it, the highly anticipated teaser for s solo, a star wars story was shown. >> best in the galaxy. >> this film stars alden ehrenreich as a young han solo. woody harrelson in the film as well. the full trailer will debut exclusively on america" this morning. our resident star wars expert, sue hall, what did you think? >> it's going to be a long three months till may. very excited. let's look at problem spots this morning. we have this accident westbound blocking two lanes of traffic and so it's very slow and go
5:55 am
across that span. the san mateo bridge is a good alternate if you don't want to wait across that span there. trying to get a tow truck there. we had an earlier accident or pardon me, stalled big rig southbound 17 to the summit. that's been cleared. it looks like traffic is getting southbound towards the coast without any delay. we have a motorcycle down westbound 580 near north greenville. apparently the rider is up and trying to move his motorcycle out of lanes. may be causing more of a delay than we're seeing. it's about a 55-minute ride into livermore from tracy. mike? we're early into february. but you can already tell our coolest days are behind us. these are the averages for february. we'll start in livermore. we start at 59 and 40 for the high and low. we end up by the 28th most februarys, 63 and 43. about 4 and 3 degrees warmer respectively. the warlest has been 80. there's still a threat of frost. one of the wettest.
5:56 am
our greatest is 7.33 inches. up in santa rosa from 60 and 40 to 63 and 43. the extremes, 93 to 20. rainfall, more than 6 inches. about our second wettest month. the greatest amount, look at that one. 19.42 inches. we know that's not going to happen this time of year. now a live desk update. >> just coming in. the father of the u.s. college student who died after being jailed in north korea will go to the olympics in south korea. he'll attend the opening ceremonies as a guest of vice president mike pence. fred warmbier's son was held in north korea for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster. officials say otto warmbier mysteriously suffered brain damage before he was returned to the u.s. last year and he died just days later. his father will go to the games with pence and you'll remember that warmbier's parents also sat with the first lady during the state of the union address last
5:57 am
month. thank you, jessica. next at 6:00, an explosive new book about silicon valley. what the author is saying what she views as a tech industry boys club. >> the city plans to install license plate readers to track anyone who visits the island. zach ertz reacting big super bowl win, and the excitement in his hometown. this monday after the super bowl, thanks for being up with us. us. th
5:58 am
5:59 am
on this monday, february 5th, the day after the super bowl. time to work. >> we're going to keep the party rolling. that's what we're going to do. >> you're never seven minutes away from your accuweather
6:00 am
forecast. >> we do have a little bit of fog around napa stretching down to vallejo. watch out for that. it's going to be around and also in the central valley. that's not mt. tam but heavenly mountain. here's a look at the 12-hour planner which doesn't have snow. it has -- neither does the sierra, unfortunately. we'll talk about that later. 46 to 52 at 7:00 this morning. 66 to 69 with increasing high clouds. they'll be around this afternoon. they'll keep us from reaching records. still warm from the coast. by 7:00, stars will come back. 55 to 61 degrees. speaking of the stars, hi sue. >> hi. you must be the stars in the sky. of course. >> dunbarton bridge is where we have an accident. this is the san mateo bridge, we're checking to see if it's a good alternate. a little busier than usual. we have this accident on dunbarton, blocking two


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