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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 6, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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students. >> reporter: lui worked at the learning center in mountain view as a volunteer tutor for three years and also became a member of the school's board of directors. mountain view police say whatever he did to some of the children here, he did it under the radar of the parents and teachers of this after school chinese language program. last friday, police received a call from a parent who said his child had been molested by moll their investigation turned up another victim. >> that molestation began in this school year, in august of 2017 and it ended approximately toward the end of december. >> reporter: the two students are 10 and is11 years old. police say there could be more. >> he's been involved with the
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school tutoring, so any child who's been in contact is a potential victim. and we learned that he's also volunteered at other organizations. >> reporter: the school declined our request for an interview, a top administrator telling us it was on edadvice of their lawyer. investigators are still trying to figure out all of the names of the programs he participated. they say liu contacted children through a chat app. a man who -- today the santa clara county board of supervisors voted to approv putting the med suhu measure in. >> reporter: cheers of victory among this group of women who have been fighting to remove judge aaron persky from the
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bench. >> 9,500 women have >> six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious women in 2015, the sentence made national headlines and sparked outrage saying the sentence was too lenient. today the county of board of supervisors held a hearing to remove persky. >> the board voted to put the measure on the ballot. the retired judge said this will influence judges in regard to what sentences they impose. >> if it success, women are not going to be willing to exercise their discretion to be lenient for fear of being recalled. >> reporter: she says she would have given the same sentence.
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something most judges would do. >> that's a lawful sentence and absolutely appropriate given the facts of this campaign. but the recall campaign has made it all about me too and it is not at all. >> reporter: the recall will take place on june 5, the county estimates it could cost between $500,000 to $1.1 million depending on how many measures are on the ballot. >> persky's attorney has a case pending in the 6th circuit of appeals saying that the board of supervisors should not handle the matter. now to san jose where police are investigating the deaths of three people in two separate incidents. it all started last night with a double shooting at a denny's restaurant at first and alma and then another s mile away at keyes between
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eighth and ninth. >> reporter: according to police someone did die there after being shot afternoon 2:20 a.m. a man who didn't want to be identified was in the area at the time of the shooting. >> i said did somebody get hurt, and they said yes, and i said are they okay? and they said no. so you kind of know it was a fatality. >> reporter: police will only say the victim is a man. detectives and crime scene investigators were interested in this car about a block away from the scene on humbolt street. investigators will not say if this is connect with the the homicide. >> i got kids, daughters, and they go to school and they go through there. >> reporter: san jose police were already busy when they got the call on keyes street. a murder-suicide about a mile
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away. police say a man shot and killed a woman and then shot himself. both died at the scene. >> we believe it is going to be like a domestic violence related homicide. >> reporter: the two homicides are the fourth and fifth of the year here in san jose. in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. a powerful 6.4 earthquake hit the island of taiwan today, it toppled buildings it killed two and injured at least 200. >> the epicenter was about ut ut miles from taipei. >> i want to play you a video from abc news of one of the collapsed buildings. listen. >> we're trying to play this, however it seems to be stuck, as it does sometimes, that's a shame because they were yelling to people on the upper floors to try to be safe and don't be afraid, we're going to come get you. and that is the very same
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building where this happened. take a look. that is the leaning building, dramatically 45 degrees there, the first two floors completely crushed. this is one of five structures that collapsed as panicked residents ran to safety. rescuers with flashlights climbed ladders to find those who may still be trapped. trappp mostly over 100 guests have been accounted for and that's an amazing fact considering this happened near midnight as guests schlep. this is the marshall hotel before. one of the most elegant really in the city. now look at it today. that's the aftermath of the quake and you can see people climbing out of ladders to try to get to safety. one american who was in taipei also felt the shaking. >> and we were home in our apartments on the 12th floor.
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we felt -- it's a modern apartment building, we felt more of a swaying than a jolt. >> the quake also damaged roadways. look at this, many bridges are buckled and roads are cracked. taipei does get earthquakes and we covered the 7.6 1999. there's there several aftershocks and several buildings risk total collapse. >> really scary seeing that building over on its side like that. >> scary. turning to the weather now, a little bit more sunny of a february day, let's take a live look or a video look from drone 7, this is treasure island looking forward san francisco. it looks like paradise out there. >> it is paradise if you're outside. spencer christian, inside with us. >> what are you saying?
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>> it is kind of warm, this is becoming routine, just another day of record warmth. beautiful conditions outside, and we have more records for this date, san jose, 77, tied its record high for this date. napa tied it's record to this day. all these records were set in 2011, so apparently this was a hot date in 2011. i was a hot date in 2011. let's take a look at our current temperatures. 80 degrees in santa rosa right now, all across the bay, it is still mild to warm. let talk about weather wellness, tree pollen and uv index is moderate and weed pollen is low, we have no issues with mold pollen. that's good news. tonight we'll have clear skies, the temperatures will drop to cool, but not chilly.
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i'll tell you when we'll see an end to these record high temperatures in just a minute. a power outage has knocked the public works commission of power for the day. the oakland fire and police communication center is not affected by this. oakland officials expect the power to be restored by 6:00. that's when the center actually closes. low income residents lined up at the chinese chamber of commerce today. they were there to pick up vouchers that can be spent just like cash at nearly 3 dozen places in the neighborhood. organizers say recent construction projects have disrupted parking and foot traffic leaving these businesses struggling to survive. >> we want to make sure that the
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construction doesn't put them out of business. >> the rose pak community fundraised more than $150,000 to pay for the vouchers. a new study has confirm what we all know, bay area traffic is bad. today we're finding out how bad. here are our top five or worse five traffic corridors. number one is highway 24 in the mccar thursday maze through the caldecott tunnel. number two is third street in san francisco from 16th to market street. number 3 is interstate 80 from emeryville up to pinole, and number four, sixth street to market street. and highway 280 through the city to the golden gate bridge. san francisco traffic overall third worst in the country behind l.a. and new york city. and according to the study,
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drivers spent 79 ours last year just sitting in the congest chun. up, up and away for the world's most powerful rocket. the launch that brought out the stars today. and back to school for some bay area teachers. the field trip that will help them with their students. and a bizarre find in san francisco. those police and fire call boxes covered with a towel.
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a huge success for spacex on the first test flight of its big new rocket, the falcon heavy. it blasted off just a few hours ago from the same floor at a launch pad used by nasa nearly 50 years ago to send men to the moon. on board, a tesla roadster that will reach all the way to mars. >> reporter: with a thunderous roar and thunderous applause from employees, spacex's falcon heavy lifted off from cape k canaver canaveral's space complex on tuesday. the launch was the first test flight of the falcon heavy which the company says is the most powerful rocket since nasa's saturn five, which was used for the apollo program and retired in 1973. >> it's on the path to enabling that kind of exploration.
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>> reporter: the falcon consists of a beefed up falcon 9 rocket and that's 27 engines that spacex says are capable of producing 33 million pounds of thrust. the two boosters separated without incident, landing back at earth. the company was able to lift off before a 2 1/2 hour launch window closed, now the rocket's only payload. >> we put something very special inside. >> reporter: the tesla roadster is now on its way to an orbit around the sun. >> cool. we're told that actor harrison ford was present to see the
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launch. well, in san francisco federal court, the former ceo of uber took the stand in a trial that could impact what company leads the self-driving transportation race. the witness on the stand said he talked to andrew healevandowski uber then bought auto. he is back on the stand tomorrow. 31 teachers on the east bay went on kind of a field day today, looking for potential future jobs for their students. >> leslie brinkley was there for a glimpse into what could be a successful career program. >> reporter: it was the best day at mt. diablo school district. high school teachers visitsed laboratories, medical clinics
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and a dozen other businesses to see how these industries are changing. >> what do they want from their prospective employees. it gives us a way of going back to the classes and touching on items that might not have been touched upon. >> the students are going to learn more current information than if the teacher would have never left the classroom. >> reporter: some got a look at this commercial printing business, some visited clarion, and they stopped at the new jet suite x operations. what will they tell their students when they get back in class tomorrow? >> i am going to tell them, it is inspiring to live and be here, there are tremendous job opportunities. >> some of the people we have met today and the different places we have seen are all opportunities for our students.
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>> reporter: last year these career field trips for teachers -- this year the goal is high school internships, to benefit both college bound and career bound students. in concord, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> employers also emphasize the classic job skills like having a good attitude and being punctual. today the team announced that it's retiring barry's uniform number 25. bonds becomes just the 11th jichb giant to have his member retired, and that includes his godfather willie mays. cast your voes rigte right now,a real-time poll. thumbs up if you agree with the giants' decision to retire barry bonds retirement. i think we know how this is
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going to go, in the bay area, nationally it might be a different story. bonds played for the giants from 1993 to 1997, he retired as baseball's home run record. he's inching his way up, but he still has four years left of eligibility. getting to the weather, our warmth continues. >> oh, my gosh, at least for a couple more days. report warmth at that, not just warmer than average, but a lot warmer than average. we have sunny skies all across the bay area right now, we have had no fewer than three record highs today, there may be more official ones right now even as we speak. right now, looking out over the bay, from mt. tam, it is as of 4 4:01 p.m., it was 72 degrees in oakland, san jose, 77, 69 at gilroy and 64 at half moon bay.
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it is 80 degrees at santa rosa, 79 at napa and novato. 73 at fairfield. looking at blue skies over the bay and these are our forecast features, we'll see more winter warmth. coastal cooling will beginning begin by end the of the week. speaking of cooler, let's take a look at the sierra where it's not so cool and snow is desperately needed. state wide the snow pack is 24% of average and in the sierra, up in the north, only 22% of average, down in the south, 21% of average, so snowfall is desperately needed in the sierra. we don't see any coming our way for a while as we don't see any rain coming toward the bay area for a while. clear skies, low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40s, tomorrow will be another sunny day. our rainfall potential through february 17 is near zero in the
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bay area. although some locations not far from the bay area will receive some light rain here in the nec week or so, but much of california is going to remain dry for a while. here's our 12-hour planner, taking us through the day tomorrow, 7:00 tomorrow morning, clear skies and moderately cool and warming up quickly in the afternoon hours. more specifically we'll be looking at highs tomorrow of 79 in santa rosa, 75 at san mateo and freemont. another day of potentially record setting warmth. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow, in this first column for the specific locations, as you can see, we expect record highs tomorrow in san rafael, tn oakland and santa fe and close to a tie in napa and livermore.
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look for sunny skies and much warmer than average conditions through friday, we'll get breezy and cool conditions across the board on saturday and then sunday and monday and tuesday, temperatures start to moderate a little bit across the entire region. however, we'll still see highs above, slightly above average, even as the cooling settles in on sunday and monday. >> cooling. >> all right, thanks, spencer. get up close and personal with some of the movies nominated for an oscar and some of the costumes of the characters you love on display. this is not some bizarre shoe i have type 2 diabetes. i'm trying to manage my a1c, and then i learn type 2 diabetes puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor.
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common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. we are less than a month away from the oscars and if you're a fan of movie costumes
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democracies now now is the time to check out the designers work. >> the annual -- collects the previous year's major movie costumes, putting them on free public display, celebrating the work of costume designers. >> they sit in the quiet background and let their work do the speaking. but really, they create characters to help tell the story, they create magic. >> reporter: phantom thread is among the five nominees for costume designer. >> i didn't feel the pressure. my pressure is about like can i do service to the piece, once again, for paul and his beautiful script. >> reporter: filmmaker paul thomas anderson used some of the movie's real seamstresses on camera and daniel day-lewis learned how to sew. >> they really learned what they were doing and it makes it feel very real. >> reporter: for "the shape of
4:26 pm
water," the designer designed humbler looking clothes but with just as much detail. >> we put more detail than the viewer may never, ever notice, but it adds to the actor's feel for the character. >> reporter: jacqueline duran is nominated for "beauty and the beast" transforming animation into live action. and she's also nominated for her world war ii costumes in "darkest hour." the costumes add so much to the movie yet the academy award for costume design wasn't given for 20 years after the oscars started. now 70 years later, costume design has taken it's part in movie magic. >> very neat. we do want to remind you, abc7 is your home for the oscars.
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you can watch the show live right here sunday march 4, jimmy kimmel is hosting once again. want to see some shoes that can walk by themselves? check these out, a hotel in japan, they drive, they're using self-driving slippers. >> what? >> apparently this is a big deal. high-tech, hands free hospitality. the hotel is located in the northeast of the country. >> who needs autonomous cars. >> these slippers meet their guests at the entrance. they use simplified nissan technology sensors and they use tiny wheels to move around. the hotel also uses autonomous floor cushations inside the room. >> how do you not slip because there are wheels? >> i don't know. >> so many questions. just ahead, another possible government shutdown.
4:28 pm
the president thinks it is possible. >> i would love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. >> the issue he's talking about just ahead. plus another botched tsunami test? the finger pointing but what i see here never ceases to amaze me: change. i see it in their eyes. it happens when people connect with nature, with culture, with each other. day after day i'm the first to see change. to see people go out, and come back new. princess cruises. sail with the best premium cruise line. 7-day cruises from $599.
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. aaron persky came under fire after allegations in a sexual assault case. evacuations are under way in san francisco after a gas line ruptured near alamo square park. right now about 10 buildings in that area have been evacuated. a chinese language tutor in mountain view has been accused of sexual molesting two children. a push began today in san francisco to eliminate crimina justice fees which inmates face once they're done serving their time. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow will have the details on the effort. turning now to the russia investigation. president trump says he is eager to talk to special counsel robert mueller, but some of the
4:32 pm
president's advisors are now saying slow down on that. here's the latest. >> reporter: less than two weeks ago, president trump seemed open to answering questions about the russia probe. >> i would do it under oath, i'm looking forward to it actually. >> reporter: but now sources tell abc news his legal team has advised against it. they feel he could perjure himself and should answer questions in writing. he did add that his decision was subject to the device of his lawyers. >> when you're bob mueller, you're concerned about what your own client knows and what he might say. >> if he chooses not to, i think the american people are going to ask what is he hiding? >> reporter: president trump has been optimistic about the o outcome of the probe into russia collusi collusion. the memo claims that the fbi offered politically biassed information to the fisa court to
4:33 pm
obtain a warrant to spy on a campaign aid. >> the memo clearly demonstrates the president's position that there was political bias in this process. >> steve bannon is set to testify before the house intel next week. he was supposed to testify today, but his hearing was delayed. >> reporter: the democrats are waiting for the -- president trump has five days to decide if he'll make it public. white house chief of staff john kelly is raising eyebrows over his comments today on the undocumented immigrants known as dreamers. today kelly said that dreamers will not be a priority for deportation even if congress can't reach a deal by march 6 when protections expire. he also sparked some outrage when he said that some
4:34 pm
documented immigrants were too afraid or too lazy to sign up for da krrk a. some democrats took exception to kelly's comments for demonizing illegal immigrants. president trump blasted the country's immigration laws. he said not another country in the world has the stupidity of laws that we do. he also threatened another government shutdown. >> i would love to see a shutdown if we don't get a agreement on this issue. >> you'll shut it down over this issue? >> i can't speak for the people at this table, i will shut it down on this issue, if we don't have a border, we don't have a country. a colleague of convicted sexual predator larry nassar is facing a criminal investigation of his own after complaints of verbal and physical abuse were filed against him by former
4:35 pm
female gymnasts, nassar was sentenced to ---in their testimony against nassar, some gymnasts said that his coaching style through obedience through intimidation gave him a chance to play the, quote, good cop. security staffers are being tested for norovirus. 41 security guards suffered some gastric problems and vomiting. 200 workers are being tested. norovirus is extremely contain outside and can be spread by food and water. the weather service conducted a routine test this morning of the tsunami alert system. soon after, people with the accuweather mobile app received
4:36 pm
an alert without the word test in it. as you can imagine, this all caused some confusion for users on the east and the gulf coast. the company then fired back, saying the weather service was actually to blame for miscoding the test as a real warning. accuweather is a part of abc7. now today's confusion comes less than a month after an emergency worker in hawaii sent a false alert of an incoming missile causing panic there. a warning now about hot tea, what you don't want to combine with it, how it could actually put you at risk. plus the science of fun. you mean what i'm talking about. the unusual party that gives you a chance to learn while enjoying a few drinks. i'm spencer christian, let's talk about the science of
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we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation
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we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner. a tyrannosaurus rex is on the move. you probably heard of the t-rex named sue, she's been at chicago's field museum since 2000. now the fossil is being moved to a new exhibit she'll be moved to a private sweet. in her place will be a 122-foot long titanosaur. >> all right, if you are already thinking about something fun to do for the end of your workweek, we definitely have the answer
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for you. this friday the exploratorium is hosting the skings cience of cocktails. so educate us on this, the teacher at ts at the this has been a very highly anticipated segment. >> we're happy to be here and very excited to tell you about the event at the exploratorium this friday. >> when you go to the bar, the last thing you think about is the science of what you're drinking. but paint us a picture of what people can expect on friday. >> the science of cocktails is an event for adults, of course. and at the exploratorium, we like to think there is science everywhere, including having fun with the exhibits and with cocktails. so we're going to have a lot of different vendors who are presenting special cocktails,
4:41 pm
including our brew club. >> i think a lot of times you think of the exploratorium as a kids place, but this is 21 plus. >> and the museum is really a museum for all ages. we do not think of ourselves as a children's museum. in fact where i work, we do professional development for teachers for grades 6 through 12. so this is a fundraising event for us. so this is a great way to help us support our educational programs here at the exproper for yexproper -- exploratorium. >> all the gummy bears are wafting my way. >> i have take on gummy bears, a favorite treat for so many people, and i have soaked them in kettle 1 vodka, a mix, kettle 1 vodka is one of our sponsors,
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as i soak them, these have been soaking for about 10 hours now. the alcohol-water diffuses into the, basically the gel matrix of the gummy bear and they become infused with alcohol. so some people used to call them gummy shooters, but we like to call them guis. gummies under the influence. >> what a great name, i feel like this could be very marketable down the road. >> tell me what you also have in the little test tube things. >> this is the cocktail that laurie is about to make for us. we can get into a little bit of the science behind it. so the bayise spirit we're goin to be using is the gin. we're going to be making two cocktails. >> we are running out of town, but if we could quickly put
4:43 pm
together everything, we have 30 more seconds, i'm told. >> ounce and a half of that gin. >> and we'll make sure to put all of these recipes on our website, abc7 >> we're making two drinks, one more nicholas, one pofor me. >> clarified grapefruit. >> what's the difference? >> if we had time, we could get into it. >> that's the science part, actually. but a little bit of and a little bit of lavender syrup. give her a stir. faster. >> does the speed have anything to do with the taste of the cocktail. >> definitely it's going to dilute it a little faster, the quicker you stir it. pour it into a glass andlet get a drink in. >> and what's lining the rim of the glass there?
4:44 pm
>> that's a little bit of lavender salt. >> as she is pouring, laurie and nicholas our friend here, i wish we had more time. i cannot drink on the job, so by all means, you can imbibe. how fun, spencer. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> here's a look at live doppler 7, clear skies, sunny skies all across the bay area, here's a look at capacity of our reservoirs state wide, we're quite low, rainfall is desperately needed. clear skies, mainly in the mid to upper 40s, and tomorrow we'll have highs into the upper 70s. we may see some inland areas touch 80 degrees tomorrow. a couple of places did today. it will be nearly as warm on thursday, a little coastal cooling kicks in on friday and then all areas will see slightly
4:45 pm
cooler and breezy conditions. and conditions will start to moderate. i won't say normalize, but they'll moderate a pretty. >> thank you, spencer. >> okay. a rebound after the worst single-day point drop in history on wall street. we'll tell you exactly what that means for your money. a recall on certain lap tops, there were concerns they could catch fire, we'll tell you which lap tops are at risk and what you need to do if you have one, just ahead. now back to today's real-time poll. how do you feel about the giants decision to retire barry bonds' number, thumbs up if you agree, thumbs down if you disagree. we'll see what our live poll results will bring us, obviously in the bay area, most people are going to agree, 76% to 20%. a live
4:46 pm
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or if you are allergic to victoza® or any of its ingredients. stop taking victoza® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck or symptoms of a serious allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, difficulty breathing, or swallowing. serious side effects may happen, including pancreatitis. so stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area. tell your doctor your medical history. gallbladder problems have happened in some people. tell your doctor right away if you get symptoms. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. a bit of a recovery on wall street just a day after the dow jones industrial average plunged nearly 1,200 points, the worst single day decline in history.
4:49 pm
abc news reporter linda lopez has the latest. > . >> reporter: the markets with an astounding rebound, bouncing between a 1100 point swing. strategists have been warning for weeks that the seemingly unstoppable rally stocks have been having was due for a pull back, but for most investors, it only feels like a big decline. >> even after all of the sell off we have seen in the last few days, stacks are fill for the full year over 20%. >> treasury secretary mnuchin says he's not overly concerned. >> i think the fundamentals are quite strong. >> reporter: these falling numbers mean a good opportunity for some investors. >> you want to be greedy when
4:50 pm
others are fearful. the market is basically on sale now, you're seeing an 8% pull back just in the past few days, you can buy in now at 8% better price than you would have gotten just a week ago. >> reporter: but for longer term investors wondering how their 401(k) is doing. >> just as markets go down very quickly, they tend to recover qua quickly as well. >> reporter: remember investing in the stock market is a long-term term investment. turning now to a big recall on lap tops over concerns that the battery can catch fire. "7 on your side's" michael finney is here. >> we have got to get this fixed, there's no doubt about it. >> levenovo is recalling n n 7,000 lap top computers.
4:51 pm
a loose screw can cause a battery to catch fire. they're in silver and black, they were sold between degrees of 2016 and october 2017 lenovo says you should stop using the lap top right away. a group of former employees at some major silicon valley tech companies like facebook and google are launching a center to fight tech addiction, the center for humane technology is working for a nonprofit common sense in a campaign called the truth about tech. it will focus on schools around the country as well as changing our current laws to address these issues. common sense says the campaign will put pressure on the tech industry to make its products less intrusive and less
4:52 pm
addictive and help consumers make smarter choices for their families. rising oil prices could mean shelling out a few extra dollars for your next flight. prices have been going up slowly and experts say they're still within an acceptable range of about $68 a barrel. if oil prices continue to rise above the $70 mark, airline tickets could rise. airlines would then be trying to make up for a decrease in profit margins and you know what that means. >> enjoy, because it's so much fun to fly right now. >> it's like a party. >> thank you, michael. well a new study finds more children have been affected by drinking during pregnancy than prooef kpro previously thought. a report published in the journal of american medical --
4:53 pm
t. and in the meantime, a new study out of china suggest that people who smoke and drink heavily are more likely to develop develop esophagus -- the health benefit official. something unusual popping up in san francisco. >> i have no idea what it is, but i'm not comfortable with it. >> so what's with the towels covering up the emergency call boxes? we have the answer just ahead. and dan is here with what's on abc7 news at 5:00. the struggle over mack the cat, two families want him and only one can have him. this case is headed to court. iphone hiccup, why the police department wants to stop hearing from so many apple owners.
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tonight in prime time on abc7, it's "the middle" followed by kevin probably saves the world and abc7 news at 11:00. some of you may have noticed the towels wrapped around emergency call boxes. these boxes are supposed to be completely operational. so the question is why the
4:57 pm
towels? >> reporter: is this a prank? that's probably the first thing that comes to mind when you see a towel wrapped around a fire call box held by electrical tape. >> i have no idea what it is, but i'm not comfortable with it there. >> reporter: drive around san francisco and you'll find several of these boxes with the same towels. >> but why the cheap dish towel? was there a sale at kmart? why not have a sign saying warning, out of service? >> you never worked for the city. i'm sorry. >> reporter: city workers from the department of technology were supposed to cover the broken call boxes with custom made bags like this one. but they ran out of them. here's what the department told us, in the abundance of caution to keep residents from trying to use out of service boxes, the only equipment the technicians had available were towels and
4:58 pm
tapes which they used to wrap the boxes, they are still using 19th century technology sending a message to the nearest fire department. the fire department maintains them, they didn't want to go on camera. but the firefighters' union did. >> i don't know why they're not talking about this issue, because this is a city that prides itself on redundancy in the case of an emergency. the street boxes are part of that redundancy, if cell phones or power goes out, you can still use those boxes to call for helhel help. >> the fact that they're not working is disturbing. i have put calls into the department that is in charge of them and we're going to get to the bottom of it and we're going to fix it. >> reporter: part of the problem is that these fire pull boxes use copper cabling that is more than 100 years old. in san francisco, leanne
4:59 pm
melendez abc7 news. abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. three, two, one. >> spacex makes history and if you think this liftoff was a big deal, wait until you see the landing. the city of san francisco is poised to make history as well. the legal problem poised to end fees keeping people in debt. the feline that is at the center of two families now goes to court. sky 7 flew over the scene of that breaking news in san francisco right after a gas main ruptured and forced evacuations. pg&e is working right now to repair the damage. >> let's show you a map of exactly where it happened at scott and mcallister street.
5:00 pm
all right, our apologies, obviously kate can't here us. we'll try to get to kate as soon as we can. a ruptured gas main, pg&e trying to get to that gas main and effect repairs. >> you'll want to avoid that area around mcallister and scott street. we'll get back to indicakate ina little bit. now to our other top story tonight. cheers and applause aft


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