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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 6, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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>> i am daetz. >> reporter: prosecuted for dui and drug possession in redwood city. >> accused of driving drunk and killing edwin jackson and his uber driver. >> we believe at the hands of a drunk driver. >> reporter: he came from the united states illegally and racked up a criminal record
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the san mateo district attorney told abc7 drug possession charges and he was sentenced to drug treatment. reporting he was then deported twice in 2007 and 2009. it is not clear when he re-entered the country. a criminal defense attorney said what happens next is up to federal authorities. >> if they wanted to come in and grab him right now and deport him and send him back to guatemala, they can do that. >> reporter: president trump tweeted writing we must get the dems to get tough on the border and with ill-leigh immigration fast. a mexican immigrant who had been deported five times with charged
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in the shooting. and a jury acquitted him. steve wynn has resigned of chairman of wynn resorts. departure comes after stepping down from financial chief of the republican national city. a heated debate tonight over privacy versus safety in alameda. people speaking out against license plate tracking cameras. kate larson is outside with the story. >> reporter: there are still no decisions on the license plate readers here in alameda. they are still in the middle of public comment section. likely to be a very long night.
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alameda police chief making his case for the license plate cameras. residents concerned with their privacy and if data from the readers could be used to help i.c.e. agents track down undocumented immigrants. hoping he gets the 13 fixed license plate readers that it will help deter crime and catch more suspects. others worried about being surveilled. >> for people who are concerned about racial profiling, this system doesn't do that. it doesn't tell us anything about who is in the car. >> i trust the chief. i believe him when he says he doesn't want to share this data with i.c.e.
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>> if someone gets a hold of my data, they can track my movements for six months in and out of the city. i don't want to live in a city where everyone who comes in and out is a suspect. >> reporter: chief assures the community that he has no information in providing any fog to i.c.e. only if they are looking into something as a criminal investigation. as i said, public comments still going on. as soon as we are done here, we are going it head back up into chambers and bring you the latest. live in alameda, kate abc7 news sky 7 flaw over where the pipe was hit.
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fief firefighters were able to check on pets. >> just to make sure she is okay. whatever happens else we are fine. >> you are looking at a picture of cricket tweeted by the fire department. officials allowed residents to return to the buildings once the leak was stopped. working to free people from an earthquake near taiwan's eastern coast. the force of the tumbler buckled roads and knocked down electricity and water to thousands of homes. rocket launch is one step in a bigger plan to explore space. the apollo never gave us a sight like this.
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a tesla roadster cruising into orbit. david louie has more of what this means for the next generation of space flight. >> reporter: from the sounds of their cheers, the crowd that gathered had no doubt it would be a picture perfect lift off from the launch pad saw america's first astronaut's journey to the moon. with elon musk red tesla roadster on board is the payload. it was an awesome sight f f f ff nautical engineer. >> he is willing to take high risk and public about failure and success. >> reporter: spectators holding
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their breath as the made an up right landing so they could be reused. here is how it really happened. perfect simultaneous landings. spacex invested $1 billion into this test flight. servig as a model. >> it opens up the door for so many other entrepreneurs and businesses. as i said earlier, you have spacex but blue origin releasing their rocket in the next year and a half or so. >> reporter: the falcon heavy launch serves as inspiration for students. >> the thing i would like to see is the mining of asteroid. a bunch of resources are going to be there. >> this is a case where
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industry, private industry and government come together and play in the long-term commitment to make it happen. >> reporter: musk treated this video. it is expected to be in orbit for hundreds of millions of years. >> you have to have fun in what you are doing and he is having some fun with this. >> reporter: david louie abc7 news. a bay area woman's engagement ring lost with a flush. >> please don't tell me this was true. >> it certainly is. the president's plan to celebrate our military much like another world power. i am meteorologist sandhya patel will you see wet weather, i will let you know coming up. here is a look at what is
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we all know accidents can happen but this one could have caused a painful $10,000 after an east bay woman accidentally flushed her engagement ring down the toilet. it wasn't easy, but as as as ass
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reporter reports it was all okay. >> reporter: she thought it was gone for good. saturday she accidentally flushed it down the toilet after fiance left it by the sink to dry. panic set in. >> i thought there is no chance in the world that we were going to see it again. >> reporter: the couples's neighbor showed up. one had this mesh and another had an industrial snake. started digging and cutting and sifting through you know what still no ring. and then neighbor who is a building inspector had one last idea. >> turn on the bathtub, flush
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the toilet and dump 25-gallon buckets all at once. and 200 feet down the line -- >> oh, man, look at that puppy. >> reporter: there it was. the ring definitely dirty, dinged up and still still stilll >> president trump ordered the pentagon for a military parade. the president told top military commanders, he wants a parade like the one in france. so far no date has been set. believing it will be a moment. during halftime, the
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warriors played a music video produced and performed by teen students. >> we made a song about our community and black history and being african american in the bay view. and it was a great experience and we saw it on the jumbo screen. >> before the day shaun livingston talked about how he learned about race relations growing up in peoria, illinois. >> having a chance to live in a predominantly white neighborhood, it taught me a lot. during the super bowl star wars fans got their first glimpse of the hans solo movie. disney announced plans fors a new series of movies. then just hours later disney ceo
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announced several star wars tv shows are in development. this saturday will be the first annual cliff burton day in alameda county on what would have been his 56 birthday. metallica's original bases. he died at 24 years of age in a tour bus crash. the honor is a result of a petition drive by his fans. and encore for fans of hamilton. performances are set to begin next february. tickets go on sale for new shn members on tuesday march 13:10 in t 13:10 in the morning -- 13, 10:00 in the morning. >> another big seller is this
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gorgeo gorgeous weather. >> sandhya patel standing by with how long it is going to last. >> take a look at this from our east bay hills camera. the sunset tonight at 5:37 was stunning. so clear out there. really didn't have any clouds or any fog and that is why you got this image of the air dry as well. skies are clear right now, looking at those temperatures and it is still mild from san jose to san francisco in the 60s right now for those spots. the dew points is a measure of how dry the air is. when you have primarily 30s and 40s you are not in the muggy range. 76 gilroy.
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75 in san francisco. 80 in santa rosa. serve nine in concord. unbelievably warm. oakland average high is 61 degrees. by the time the weekend arrives, you notice that cooling? it is coming. as you take a look right now as reservoirs, they are below capacity. around the lake, folsom lake 59%. don pedro 81%. snow pack is falling away below average. visibility is terrific. it is a little breezy in the hills. record warmth tomorrow and cooler and breezy this up coming weekend. here are the temperatures for tomorrow in the first column compared to the record. san francisco expected to be new records for tomorrow.
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oakland 74. 76 san jose. those could be tied. mid-40s to the mid-50s. and look at these numbers. everyone in the 70s. 15 to almost 20 degrees above average for this time of year. friday's highs mostly 60s and 70s. more of the 60s showing up and then on sunday closer to average still above normal. at least we are getting in the right direction. potential for rainfall absolutely nothing. we have this doughnut right over us. remains dry through the 17th. february 20th, 21st looks like models bringing in rain. by friday temperatures start to dip and even cooler and breezer for the weekend with 60s across
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new england patriot rob gronkowski lost more than the game, somebody actually burglarized his home. >> while i was gone, my whole house got robbed while on the super bowl trip and i just got back. >> that was the 911 call gron made. according to calls between officers and dispatchers, saves and guns were possibly taking. >> unbelievable. >> huge gates there in front of
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the place. >> don't met with gronk. >> what is happening? warriors don't look like a championship
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good evening, steve kerr was hoping the warriors would snap out of a wake up at home and instead they got spanked by the thunder. they got issues. a night of intensity at least for one team. turnovers continue to plague the warriors. 25 tonight.
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100 miles an hour coming at you with authority. russ is like a force of nature. dubs down 14. west brook had 21 in the first quarter. responding with a free ball of his own. draymond green gets teed up. draymond got ejected. stubs get within 12kd 33. look out, below george posterized zaza. the doves get crushed. >> reporter: you are going to have a hard time beating anybody much less oklahoma city. >> the ball wasn't moving and when it was, it was moving to
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the wrong team. >> they came out with a lot of energy and we didn't match it. >> keep fighting. we know how to win. we know how to play and do the little things to get ourselves through the tough part of the season. >> reporter: problem with all turnovers and looking forward to the all star break that is now four games away. mike making an exception for barry bonds, his number will be retired. bonds will be 12th giant receiving this honor. his father also wore 25 for the giants. sharks in colorado. these guys are hilarious. this is my uncle. i have been kidnapped. one timer, jones can't stop it.
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one-nothing avalanche. still in the second. is that a goal? it hit the camera in the net. so 2-1 was the final score and the sharks fall by a score of
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we appreciate your time.
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clear [ cheers ] welcome to the show. we have so many important interesting topics to get to today's. starting with, i want to start with a bomb shell revelati.


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