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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 7, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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this is abc 7 mornings. seconds away. it's 5:00 a.m. halfway through the week, wednesday, february 7th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. how is that warm streak going? >> it's going strong. seventh day in a row. here's a look at live doppler 7. pretty clear and the air is bone dry once again. here's a look at what's going on as far as the accuweather 12-hour planner. 44 to 49 around the bay. inland, 54 at the coast. look at the sunshine at lunch. 67 bay and inland. coast 72. we'll be changing the record books once again this afternoon. 69 at the coast. mid-70s at the bay. wrapping it up at low to mid-60s tonight. let's check the commute with sue let's head to the south bay. 101 where the headlights are headed northbound under the 880 overcrossing. everyone is moving nicely. 280, those headlights snaking up
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from san jose downtown up towards wolf road and cupertino for a seven-minute drive. that's right under the 880/17 overcrossing across town. you get an idea of what's happening there. overall, we've got slowing out of tracy. in fact, let's take a quick look at the drive times. there it is. 39 minutes trace toy dublin westbound 580. highway 4 westbound and 101 into the san francisco area is at the limit. mike nicco has been tracking the days of warm weather. all around, you can see flowers popping up early. >> there are other signs, like one big ski store putting their equipment on deep discount. there's no snow. abc 7 news reporter matt keller live in santa cruz with the story. matt? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, reggie and natasha. normally, in february, february 7th, we're talking about parkas here. we've got my down jacket. no, i'm throwing that away. i've got my beach towel. that's what we need today. we need to set it out so we can
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get a tan today. mike nicco told me it's going to be 76 degrees here in santa cruz. how great is that? we've got the beautiful ocean and wharf behind us. we're going to enjoy it. a lot of people forget there is still snow in the mountains. sports basement, they're all across the area. they're discounting ski equipment right now at 50%. what a great deal, right? that's because a lot of people forget that there's ski season going on right now. >> sometimes we put it on sale a little bit early. we like to have fun with it, though. right now we have a beach, springtime ski snowboard special going on. we were wearing leis and having reggae music on and different fun things for customers to shop with us and have a good time. >> reporter: yeah. may still be the heart of winter, but flowers and blossoms popping up everywhere.
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people have been complaining about allergies already. we can't control the weather so my advice is just to enjoy the weather. make sure you get your spot on the beach. just relax. back to you in the studio. >> cool kicks. i'm digging the outfit. thank you, matt. the trial between uber and waymo over self-driving car technology continues today. and travis kalanick will be back on the stand. he was peppered with questions regarding his relationship with anthony lewandowski. waymo, google's self-driving spinoff believes that their secrets were stolen and founded secrets were stolen and founded a company people are investigating a
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robbery near a uc res dance hall. it happened on channing way. the 19-year-old student was standing in front of putnam hall when he was approached. one pointed a gun at him and demanded property. the robbers ran away and the student was not hurt. san rafael extending a program to help the homeless in marin county. >> it's called return to residen residence. the goal is to identify those who came to marin after becoming homeless elsewhere and help them go back to that place. city council members believe transient would have better success finding housing in cities where they have family or friends. return to residence has helped hundreds of homeless people find housing in other communities. in santa clara county, an effort is under way to keep the winter home in sunnyvale open all year. about 2 dozen homeless people urged the board of supervisors to keep the shelter open past april 15th, the closing date. >> i used to hang out on the streets all the time. it's helped me a lot.
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>> more safer for kids there. it's more better to keep it open so there's no people out there sleeping in the trees and bushes. >> it's good nurturing and family environment too. there's no gang activity. this and that. >> 125 bed shelter opened in sunnyvale in november of 2016. it's run by home first. the board took no action on yesterday's requests. three people under arrest in a mail theft investigation in santa clara county. the sheriff's office posted the suspect photos on the facebook page. these three were caught in cupertino with mail from residents in saratoga. one suspect admitted stealing mail from unlocked mailboxes during the night. the sheriff's office says there's a few things you can do to protect yourself. don't accepted cash in the mail. never leave your mail in the mailbox overnight. drop outgoing mail at the post
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office whenever possible. the fairfield police department is hosting an education forum on security cameras. it's for those looking to buy or already own them. they would like to know more how to increase protection. officers plan to discuss how to use the security cameras, the best places to install them and maintain them and how to register them with the department. the forum is inside city council chambers at 6:30 p.m. happening tonight, another celebration of life for edwin hawkins. ♪ >> that's video from last night's celebration. hawkins won one of his four grammys for oh, happy day in sister act. it's taking place at harbor light church of fremont starting at 7:00. a number of musical celebrities are scheduled to attend much the event is open to the public and you don't need a ticket. the first annual cliff burton day in alameda county on what would have been his 56th
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birthday. the castro valley native was metallica's original bassist. they declared february 10th cliff burton day. he died at age 24 in a bus drive. this follows a petition drive-by his fans. most of us waking up to cooler conditions this morning. the exception, you've got san jose and san francisco one degree warmer. in oakland, 3 degrees warmer. let's start in the east bay. you can see in oakland, it's 51 degrees. look at el sobrante. san leandro, 56. the warmer spots. you head into the southern parts. you can see union city and fremont around 49 degrees. head inland, you've got 50 in antioch. everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. we've got 50 in mountain view. san francisco, 55. pacifica 59. albany, 61. you go to napa, 39 degrees right now. let's take a look at mt. tamalpais. it's bouncing a bit, the camera. it's about 27 miles per hour. that's the fastest gust. on the roads today, does your
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car have a sunroof? good day to use it. need to use the sun glaglasses the sun glistening off the water. total sunshine up to noon. mid-70s in the afternoon hours. back to 63 by 8:00. let's head up the peninsula. 52 at 8:00. the sunshine and 66 at noon. you'll touch 70 also from 2:00 to 4:00. then you'll fall back under stars at 8:00 to about 62 degrees. my accuweather 7-day forecast. these numbers will be more dominant. 60s. then the 70s we've had. i'll show you that coming up. here's sue with a look at the east bay commute. >> that's right. the east bay shore to be exact. these people drive from university avenue. heading into the macarthur maze. it's pretty light, especially in the eastern part of the stretch there, the corridor, because when 580 coming from
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richmond-san rafael bridge merges there, that's when it gets heavy. a few cars on the left hand cash paying lane stacking up. a drive time from hercules into the city, less than 30 minutes. overall, the traffic maps are looking really good. we have b.a.r.t. running 41. trains on schedule. no issues with the rail or buses. ace train, although the website says there are no trains in service, the gps is down once again. ace train number one is running on schedule this morning, they assure us. hi everyone. jumping in to quickly tell you what i am seeing right now from wall street. we could have another bumpy ride today. futures have dropped about 150 points this morning. obviously this continues, the volatility that we've seen in recent days. some experts are predicting that these pre-market losses could mean a decline of about 200
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points at open. you'll remember yesterday we had a big roller coaster dropping more than 500 points in the early morning. but we did close with a 567-point gain yesterday. that move into the green helped calm down things a bit for investors. but it could be short-lived. back to you. jessica, thank you. if you downloaded the muni app, you are part of the reason the agency owes the app's developer hundreds of thousands of dollars. good intentions turn into a dispute after the north bay fires. what would you do with a $10,000 wedding ring that got flushed down the
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we're back at 5:13. if you're wondering where winter is, there it is. in the northeast and heading through new england. it's going to be a tough go getting to new york and philly and pittsburgh today. it's oing to start off as snow and then turn to rain in most of those cities. watch out in boston. it's going to be all snow there. here's reggie. thank you, mike. new developments at the richmond scrap metal yard where fire caused a lot of issues last week. the air quality management district is hitting sims metal management with two violations for a public nuisance and illegal open burning. a fire at the recycling yard forced a shelter in place and toll workers at the san rafael
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bridge had to be evacuated. as for the fines and penalties, air district officials say those remain under review and they'll be handed down later. what a historic day for space exploration and spacex. elon musk's company launched the most powerful rocket into space with its tesla roadster as the payload. i can't get over this image. it's set to orbit mars. >> there was another incredible moment, reggie, that happened when two of the three boost ersland simultaneously and that means they can be reused. david kerley has more. >> reporter: in gma's first look, now the biggest rocket in the world, spacex's falcon heavy, three rockets strapped together launched a new era of american space travel. >> successful separation! >> reporter: this was different. the boosters separated and then flew back to work
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reusable. elon musk who runs the company tesla decided the payload, the weight at the head of the rocket under the skin would be his electric car. a red roadster. ♪ >>. >> reporter: we'll have the reaction of elon musk coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, i'm david kerley, abc news. kennedy space center. >> elon understands cross-promotion. that worked out really well. >> the biggest car ad that's ever been done in the history of advertisements. >> good for you. the muni app is popular with locals and tourists in san francisco. >> because of ticket sales, the city owes the app developer $312,000 in commission fees now. they underestimated how many fares it would sell through the
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app. 43,000 purchased fares through it. the board of directors approved a $455,000 contract with the app developer to cover in anticipated commission fees through october. there is a custody battle over a cat in santa rosa. an unusual twist following the north bay wildfires. wayne freedman explains why someone's best intentions are turning into a legal fight. >> reporter: shelby wallace loves her cats. watch her with 3-year-old darcy. then ask about her heavy heart because she cannot do the same with darcy's brother mack shown in this picture. >> it's devastating. >> reporter: both katsidis appeared when the family lost two homes in the fire. darcy she found and mack, too. here's where the story gets complicated. >> they named him phoenix. >> mack turned up in the animal shelter putting him on posters and videos with the name aspen. when she saw the pictures, the family went to claim then only
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to learn that the shelter found mack a new home. shelby pressed her case. the shelter did a dna test. >> we got the results back and it did confirm that the cat aspen that we adopted out is the same exact cat as mack. >> we thought that's the end of the story. they're going to give us our cat back. >> reporter: what complicates the case. if a family loses a pet and someone elsa dopts that pet, the family that lost it has the right to file a claim to get that pet back. what makes this case different, the family that adopted mack doesn't want to give him up. >> is there any precedent for something like this? >> none. >> reporter: mack, previously known as aspen and now phoenix remains in limbo. the standoff may wind up in court. mack's new people say they've become attached to him. >> how do you split a family up? are you okay with that at the end of the day? >> so asks the cat lover whose
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family lost two homes and mourns the absence of this one the most. >> heart less. >> wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> all right. an alamo bottom is staring at her engagement ring thanks to her kind and resourceful neighbors. >> hailey morrissey accidentally flushed this ring down the toilet on saturday. no word on how it happened. but in any case, she thought it was lost forever. after hearing the heartbreaking story, several neighbors decided they were going to help. they brought in shovels and an industrial grade snake and mesh. it took them all of the tools to find and capture the ring. still no luck. that's when ken had another idea. >> turn on the bathtub, flush the toilet and dump the two five-gallon buckets into the toilet all at once. >> that was a success. this ring was forced out. a little banged up.
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but you know, still intact. >> just to review. we've got someone in the north bay taking someone else's cat. >> won't give it back. >> restore humanity, faith in it with the ring story. >> meanwhile, i can't borrow a cup of sugar from my neighbors. maybe i need to move into this neighborhood. >> they don't claim me either. ma'am, can i help you? >> san francisco is so you have rough. >> it's just us. >> i'm always there for you if you want to drive the 35 miles for a cup of sugar. a lot of head shaking, head scratching stories this morning, huh? >> let's take a look at south bay. looking at the western span of the bay bridge. under a clear sky. a little cooler this morning. with all that sunshine, we'll be tracking record warmth again this afternoon. allstars tonight in the seasonal chill and the extended. a cooler pattern finally develops. where is our rain?
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it's down in dixie. from atlanta to houston. spring-like weather for for >> los gatos at 78. peninsula spread about 74 to 76 degrees. you can see the asterisk, potential record highs once again. even out at the coast, low to mid-70s today. downtown san francisco, about 76. across the golden gate, 75 in sausalito. about 76 to 79 in the valleys. look at this, mid-70s at your coast in the north bay. 74 to 76 along the east bay shore. as you move inland, about 76 to 78 degrees. tonight's temperatures, a lot like this morning. a lot of mid to upper 40s. even low to mid-50s along the coast in san francisco and san mateo and santa cruz. my accuweather seven-day forecast, the warmth holds everywhere one more day. it leaks a little into the bay.
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the breezes pick up. it will be briez again sunday. our coolest day monday, 62 to 66. no rain in sight. hi, sue. >> good morning, we're going to walnut creek now. our live shot is southbound 680. the taillights headed past north main and treat boulevard. we have reports of an accident just being pushed off to the right-hand shoulder. it should not be causing any delays. be aware that it is out there. otherwise, you're moving at the limit across the san mateo bridge for a 16-minute drive from 880 over towards 101. just minor delays at the toll plaza westbound here. overall, our traffic maps are showing pretty good conditions with our early morning drivers out of the central valley being the exception. we do have speeds slowing to about 25 miles an hour for a 40-minute drive up and over the altamont westbound into livermore. >> thanks, sue. the warriors shared the spirit of black history months with their fans. >> they gave away t-shirts with
5:22 am
the motto black history is golden. they played a music video, black in the bay studen! students. >> we made it about being african american in the bay view. it was a great experience and we saw it on the screen. >> i love her. >> guard shawn livingston talked about how he learned about race relations growing up in peoria, illinois. >> having a chance to go to an all-white school and minority neighborhood, it taught me a lot. >> the tributes will continue during home games in february and online. he had sheeran announced a new bay area date. he canceled a performance in september because of that 10:00 curfew. now the pop star has announced that he will be at at&t park august 21st. tickets go on sale february
5:23 am
16th. meanwhile the santa clara city council and the 49ers have been at odds over the curfew for months now. the niners say the rule is unreasonable, it's costing the city revenue. the city says it has to look out for neighbors around that stadium. coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. ride hailing vehicles, imagine if they were only electric? lawmakers pushing to make that a reality and the drivers would get a rebate. binge drinking while pregnant? gma weigh
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5:26 am
earthquake. this morning, there's still dozens unaccounted for. the death toll has gone up to six. aaron persky, the judge who sentenced brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a woman. a military parade through washington, d.c. that would include marching troops, rolling tanks and other military equipment. abc's martha raddatz will tell us about the possible cost of that at 5:30 a.m. remember what february used to be like in the old days, upper 50s to low 60s with rain? not so much today. we're about 15 to 18 degrees warmer than average in the mid-70s. number 6, we're following your wednesday morning commute at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights have been turned on. traffic is starting to stack up now towards the macarthur m hamilton coming back next
5:27 am
february. tickets go on sale for new shn members on tuesday, march 13th. we'll let you know when they announce general ticket sales. we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news, including the race to avert another government shutdown. also, who a san francisco sois supervisor is holding accountable for the car break-ins. we're starting to get new numbers from
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good morning. it's 5:30 on this wednesday, february 7th. >> almost our seventh day of possible streaks today. >> again and again and again and again. that's seven. seventh consecutive day of record high temperatures. look how dry it is on live
5:30 am
doppler 7. no rain to be found anywhere close to us. let's jump into the 12-hour planner i've put together. 44 inland. around the day 49. at the coast 54. look at that. 67 to 72 by noon. 69 to 74 with total sunshine at 4:00. records will fall once again. a delightful evening at 7:00. unfortunately, it will be dark. it will be around 60 to 63 degrees. here's, sue. thanks, mike. we're checking on drive times. if you're just headed out at 5:30, slowing out of the central valley. your drive on 80 looks good. highway 4 to the maze. because the metering lights have been turned on. they've upped the ante to a 13-minute delay to get to your toll plaza. if you're headed to sfo from san francisco, under ten minutes. thank you, sue. a fight over license plate readers went late into the night. police concerned, and privacy rights. it's likely the beginning of this. amy hollyfield is live for us in
5:31 am
alameda. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. the city council is being thoughtful about this issue. the council listened to public testimony for four hours last night. and then they didn't make a decision. city council members say they want to hear more. the city council says they're going to take everything it heard at this meeting, process it, rework the legislation and maybe even hear more testimony. the idea is to put license plate reading cameras around alameda to help fight crime. there was a lot of concern last night that the company that makes these cameras, vigilant solutions, will give the information it gathers to federal immigration agents. one city council member said after hearing this, she now wants the proposal to be rewritten before they consider it. >> i would like language to be modified and use specific references to indicate no cooperation with i.c.e. to identify undocumented
5:32 am
individuals. >> reporter: the police chief promises the technology does not work that way. they won't make stops based on racial profiling. crime is up 12% in alameda and a lot of that is from car break-ins and rob ribs and burglaries. this system will help them catch the people committing the crimes. the city council is not done studying this issue. live in alameda, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. >> amy, thank you. the undocumented immigrant accused of killing three people he's from guatemala. he pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor counts of dui in 2005. he was also convicted of drug possession charges the following year and deported twice in 2007 and 2009. following arrests in san francisco. president trump used sunday's fatal crash to underscore his push for tougher border controls just as he did with kate steinle
5:33 am
as well. there's an initial hearing in indianapolis later today. an investigation under way into a house fire in pittsburg that started last night near high gateway and meadow brook circle. no injuries reported. authorities say the fire started inside the garage and spread to the attic. another update this hour on the situation happening in taiwan after that deadly 6.4 quake there yesterday. the death toll has krieclimbed six this morning. i have a bit of good news from what i've seen in the last hour. the number of missing has actually gone down within the last hour. there's now 76 people missing. that's down from the 88 we reported at the top of our newscast. meanwhile, 256 people remain injured. also brand new at 5:00 this morning, pope francis just issued a message of condolence within the last few minutes,
5:34 am
actually, saying that he is sending his prayers to the victims and while we know they certainly need the prayers and rescue operations are still under way this morning, i will keep my eye on things. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. happening today, a mountain view tutor accused of lewd acts with at least two children faces arraignment as police search for more possible victims. he was a volunteer tutor at a chinese language center. on friday, police received a call from a parent who said his child had been molested by him. an investigation turned up another victim. the two students are 10 and 11. he worked at the center for two years and volunteered at other places. police say he also contacted children through a gaming chat app called discord. san francisco's newest supervisor is holding police accountable for the big jump we're seeing in car break-ins in the city. the examiner reports katherine stephanie plans regular hearings on the problem starting in about a month. stephanie says there are about 85 car break-ins every day.
5:35 am
she says it should not be a toll you have to pay just to live in san francisco. interim mayor mark farrell picked stephanie to fill his vacant seat and she plans to run for the position in november. time is running out for the government to avoid another government shutdown in a month. the deadline is tomorrow. president trump is advocating for a shutdown if his immigration demands are not met. he faced pushback from a congresswoman facing a tough reelection bid this november. >> i'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. >> we don't need a government shutdown on this. we really do -- both sides have learned that a shutdown would not, it wasn't good for them. >> the house approved a short-term funding measure last night. senate leaders on both sides say they are close to sealing a two-year budget deal. people forced to evacuate from 12 buildings near alamo square park are back home. sky 7 flew over the streets
5:36 am
where construction crews hit a four-inch gas main about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. they prevented people from going home. pg&e crews captured the main. police let residents return once the leak was stopped. it is official. superior court judge aaron persky will face a recall on june 5th. he sparked outrage after sentencing brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. many say he was too lenient. this triggered strong reaction from both sides of the debate. >> 95,000 voters signed the petition and it's just very clear that the voters of this county have lost confidence in judge persky's ability to be fair. >> if it succeeds, judges are not going to be willing to exercise their discretion to be lenient for fear of being recalled. so this is just terrible on so many levels. >> supervisors also place the question of who should replace
5:37 am
persky if he loses on the same recall ballot so voters have the opg to immediately choose the replacement. we'll talk temperatures. we'll start up in the north bay. it's still a chill there. petaluma, 37 p 39 in american canyon. everybody else in the 40s. ukiah, 38. look at clear lake, 60 right now. 52 in tiburon. across the bay, el sobrante, 59. san francisco and alameda, 55. along with cupertino. san jose 50. some of the cooler temperatures in our deeper valleys, san ramon 44. lafayette 45. brentwood and tracy at 47. activity planner today. all about sunshine, pollen and record warmth. whether you're exercising on the bay or at our beaches. let's talk about the east bay. your 12-hour planner. 8:00, 54 degrees. by noon at 66. we'll be flirting with the 70s for the better part of the
5:38 am
afternoon under total sunshine. once the stars come out at 6:00, 64 down to 59 by 8:00. how about san francisco, 53 at 8:00. at noon, 64. we'll be in the upper 60s in most neighborhoods. a few, like downtown san francisco, will hit the low to mid-70s. and then by 6:00, we're at 63. at 58 by 8:00. let me take a look at our chances of rain. i put seven days on there. all seven show nothing or no chance of rain. but i do have cooler weather coming just in time for your weekend plans. i'll have that coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. what's caught sue's eyes this morning? we're going to san rafael. this is 101 and the taillights headed southbound past the civic center making your way towards central san rafael and marin. everybody is moving nicely. no fog this morning, which is a bonus. we do have about a 20-minute drive from freitas parkway into san francisco. smooth sailing as you make your way across the golden gate
5:39 am
bridge. you have four lanes in the southbound direction and two lanes in the northbound direction. overall, we're seeing slowing out of the central valley that's fairly typical for our morning commute. let's dive into the south bay where we see slow traffic. 101 northbound as you approach the 880/680 junction. other than that, all freeways are green and moving at the limit at this hour. thank you, sue. billionaire steve wynn is out as chair and ceo of his resort empire following allegations of sexual misconduct. his departure is a week after he stepped down as the financial chief of the republican national committee. the "wall street journal" reports a number of women say wynn harassed or assaulted them and in one case led to a $7.5 million settlement. the casino mogul denies the allegations and he's actually blaming his ex-wife for launching a smear campaign against him. new this morning, a flaw in millions of televisions is exposing viewers to hackers. apparently a parade is being planned because of something
5:40 am
president trump saw last year. so who is going to pay for it? make it a bet r start to your wednesday. a live look at the san francisco skyline. skyline. we're going to keep
5:41 am
5:42 am
the entire area in red. including the grapevine under a high fire danger until 6:00. look at the temperatures. 82 in l.a.
5:43 am
palm springs 84. 76 in san diego. definitely warm there. we've got mid to upper 70s through the central valley. monterey, 68. yosemite 64. here's a look at tahoe this morning. it's rather quiet and heavenly. the weather is going to be quiet. look at that. a record high of 60 friday. then a cold front will come in and drop us back into the 40s for saturday and sunday. and a slight chance of a colder air mass on monday for a few snow showers. reggie, natasha. >> thank you, mike. a warning about your tv this morning. >> an investigation found millions of smart tvs could be hacked. they're found in samsung and others who use the roku tv platform. hackers can take over the tv playing offensive content and turning the volume up to full blast. >> this happens because many smart tvs have a programming interface that lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control over wi-fi.
5:44 am
in some cases, we found that this api was not properly secured and that could let a hacker control your tv. >> samsung and roku responding to the reports saying they take privacy and security seriously. 7 on your side's michael finney is tracking this new report. he'll have much more tonight at 6:00 p.m. imagine tanks, soldiers and other military equipment rolling down pennsylvania avenue in washington, d.c. this could happen. president trump has ordered the pentagon to draft up plans for a military parade in the nation's capital. he was inspired by the bastille day parade in paris which he attended. he wants a celebration to let americans show appreciation for the military. gma's robin roberts asked chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz a big question. >> who is going to pay for it? how much is it going to cost? >> a lot of money. it would cost millions and we would pay for it. our military is still deployed
5:45 am
around the world, fighting one war after another. there are readiness issues, budget issues. >> political analysts have pointed out celebrations of our military strength are not typical in the united states. hi everyone. if you're just joining us, you should know this morning the u.s. promising tougher sanctions against north korea. the vice president spoke overnight calling the economic sanctions the "toughest and most aggressive we've seen yet" and that they're still to come. he's in japan right now ahead of the olympic games that start in south korea within just days. pence will lead the u.s. delegation and said part of his mission is to ensure the north can't hijack the games in the south. on a very related note, we have learned this morning the sister of kim jong un will be part of the north's delegation. you see her here in the photo. she has lately had a bigger role in their government. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. a new bill is pushing for a
5:46 am
ride hailing services like uber and lyft to buy electric cars. nancy skinner of berkeley is behind the bill. she's calling for more zero emission and electric vehicles within the next ten years. it would use up to $300 million in state funding for rebates. it's specifically aimed at ride hailing drivers to incentivize the environmentally friendly vehicles. a new plan putting cash on the streets of chinatown. it's helping shoppers and businesses at the same time. low-income residents lined up at the chinese chamber of commerce to pick up the vouchers yesterday. they can be spent like cash at nearly 3 dozen businesses in the neighborhood. organizers say that recent construction projects have disrupted parking and cut off foot traffic. that's left many of the businesses struggling to survive. >> these are projects that will be great for the community over time. but we want to make sure that the construction doesn't put them out of business. we want these businesses to get the benefit of the bargain.
5:47 am
>> the rosepak community fundraised $150,000 to pay for the vouchers. the families chosen to receive the vouchers with mainly residents of single-room occupancy buildings in the area. meteorologist mike nicco tracking our seventh straight day of records. >> our seventh consecutive day of record high temperatures. here's a look at sfo. on the bright side, clear and 57. we haven't talked about flight arrival delays in forever. records again tonight. seasonably cool like this morning. even when we drop 10 to 15 degrees, we're going to be a little above average. two dominant areas of high pressure. look at the storm track, down to the south over mexico and moving into the southeast. another one going up into canada and dumping cold air into the midwest and into new england where it's snowing right now. if you're headed that way, check the airports.
5:48 am
74 to 78. that's our spread across the south bay. that's a potential record high temperature, like in san jose and gilroy. mountain view and redwood city. spread on the peninsula. 74 to 76 degrees. low to mid-730s at the coast again today. downtown san francisco at 76 degrees. only a degree cooler in sausalito. maybe a touch breezy on the bay bridge. i should say the golden gate bridge and sightseeing. 77 at san rafael. 79 in -- 74 to 76, a tighter spread along east bay shore. those are still records for oakland and also for richmond. about 76 to 78 degrees in our inland east bay neighborhoods. tonight, though, we drop down into the mid to upper 40s and into the coast in san francisco where it's going to be 53 degrees. my accuweather seven-day forecast. you'll start to feel cooling. especially at the coast friday. all of us will feel with the breezes saturday into sunday with our coolest day monday. hi, sue.
5:49 am
>> good morning. i almost said good afternoon. i don't know where i am. let's go to walnut creek where we see some brake lights around the turn there just past north main. but otherwise, traffic is flowing nicely to highway 24. we'll look at the drive times in a second. the richmond-san rafael bridge, you can see that traffic on the right, that would be the cash-paying folks, they are stacked up just a few cars, not bad and the fastrakers, breezing through the toll plaza. from walnut creek in hercules and walnut creek. that would be in the martinez area. the walnut creek is looking pretty good as we said. 24. walnut creek through the call caldecott tunnel. you're slow and go with a 52-minute drive from trace toy dublin. a man was arrested for hacking into a teen's account
5:50 am
and accessing photos. a local 911 center is sending out a warning because of people wrist-dialing. distracted driving is a distracted driving is a major conc
5:51 am
♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
5:52 am
worried about our reservoir levels. maybe you should be with this stretch of warm and dry weather. we're from 41% in lake oroville to 85% in other ones. lake shasta, i know a lot of people like to go there in the summer, it's only 74% right now. natasha. >> thanks, mike. turns out more children have been affected by drinking during pregnancy than previously thought. according to a study public i d ishd, up to 1 in 20 children
5:53 am
fall in the spectrum of disorders caused by maternal drinking. some experts say the new study overestimates and injure estimates the prevalence in different ways because of the way it was collected. it may include abnormal growth and facial features, intellectual disabilities and other problems. >> that surprised us. peta is offering a $5,000 reward to whoever threw a vacaville dog out of a moving car. poor rex. he had runaway from home. police found him dead last thursday night. rex's family said someone tied his feet up with rope before shoving him on to interstate 80 near the davis street exit. witnesses describe the vehicle as a dark blue 2011 or 2012 toyota prius. if you know anything, call vacaville police. >> who would do that? a warning for apple watch onners. many of the false calls happened
5:54 am
while someone was setting up the watch or a hand or wrist is bent for long presses for the side button. that activates an emergency s.o.s. if you accidentally call 911, do not hang up in a panic. wait on the line and let them know it was a mistake. a new survey says you're seeing fewer drivers using cell phones behind the wheel. the state office of traffic safety said less than 4% of drivers now pick up and use their devices. that is half the number from a year ago. part of the reason, a law that went into effect in january 2017 prohibiting drivers from holding cell phones on the road for any reason. also more of us are aware of the danger of distracted drivin and more of us are using hands-free technology. seems like more than 4% when i'm driving around. but hopefully people are getting the message. >> yeah. i'm not sure how that data ws collected. definitely more when you look around anywhere. we can all get behind this.
5:55 am
theater fans get excited. hamilton coming back to s.f. ♪ >> we already knew the hugely popular musical would be back in 2019. now we know it will be returning to san francisco's shn orpheum theater in february. tickets go on sale for new shn members on tuesday, march 13th at 10:00 a.m. we'll let you know when tickets will be available to the general public. let me know, okay? >> oh, yeah. i didn't get to see it the first time. i'm excited. we're headed to the san mateo bridge and traffic is moving at the limit of maybe a little sluggish on the flat section and the high-rise. an 8-minute drive from the toll plaza up and over towards foster city and a look at the bay bridge. yes, of course, the metering lights were turned on at 5:25 this morning. the carpoolers are getting by quite nicely if you can. that's a great way to avoid the backup. a 33-minute drive from hercules
5:56 am
into san francisco. we'll take a look at your slower traffic coming out of the central valley right now. an hour ride from tracy into dublin. how about this. nine days of record heat and not a single spare the air. that's the way it looks through friday. saturday, you can see the cleaner air coming in. take you to hawaii where it's 80 at the beaches on the big island. look what happened yesterday afternoon. snow started to develop and they're looking at about 5 to 8 inches because of a winter storm warning. that's, of course, 13,000 feet. with the wind blowing, wideout conditions. from 8 inches of snow at the top to 80 degrees down at the ocean. that's pretty nice. thank you, mike. the travel guidebook company, lonely plan tis says it's the number one travel destination of the country. humble county to eureka. they call redwood coast, which includes redwood national park,
5:57 am
a place to lose all track of time. boise, idaho, the number two destination on the list. among the top destinations are cincinnati, minneapolis and kentucky bourbon country. people sometimes call us cincinnati-nasty. maybe it's great now. if you're planning a spring break trip, you want to know about a major deal offered on flights good today and tomorrow. rebuilding after the north bay fires. the new
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, it's not out yet. but pretty soon it will be sun's out, guns out. a live look from mt. tam. get ready for more potentially
6:00 am
record-breaking temperatures today. good morning to you on this wednesday, february 7th. alexis is off. sue hall is filling in. you're bringing gorgeous weather day after day after day after day. >> reggie and i are wearing sleeves. you and jessica aren't. you're anticipating what's going on. let's take a look at what's going on. seventh consecutive day of record high temperatures and there gu. the lack of cloud cover and rain on live doppler 7, one of the indicators of that. let's look at the accuweather 12-hour planner. 44 to 56. pretty close to average this morning. 67 to 72 at noon. a whole lot of sunshine out there. 69 to 75 at 4:00. at 7:00, going to be real nice out this evening. low 60s. even a few mid-60s. hi sue. >> we're taking a look at the golden gate bridge which is looking great this morning if your travels take you from oh, say san rafael through into mill valley and sausalito. four lanes for your southbound


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