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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 8, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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three suspects were caught, but two others still on the loose. they're considered armed and dangerous. >> reporter: the crime spree began before 5:00 this morning when invaders forced their way into a home on fulton road and shot and wounded one man. less than two hours later, they struck again. >> at about 6:45 a.m., there was another home invasion robbery in a different part of town where people were tied up and a man was shot and killed. >> reporter: the shooters left before police arrived. but the detectives picked up their trail later in the morning and tried to pull over the chevy minivan. the chase ended with the suspects crashing into another car near redwood and crouch streets. >> five people fled from the van. we took three into custody. >> reporter: one of them was wrestled to the ground behind this woman's floral shop while she was inside. your back door was open? >> my back door was open. they could have come in. he was heading towards the back door. >> reporter: doesn't that scare you? >> it does, because i keep my back door open.
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>> reporter: two of the suspects, a man and woman, ran into this subdivision off redwood street. a perimeter was set up and s.w.a.t. officers and k9s scoured the area. s.w.a.t. teams went door to door but couldn't locate the suspects. so police called off their active search just after 2:00 p.m. but there are other leads, like tracing the firearms recovered with the van. detectives are looking into one potential motive for the original home invasions. >> one of the homes did have evidence of marijuana growing. so it's going to take a little more time to investigate what happened. >> reporter: in the meantime, the two suspects who are still on the loose are to be considered armed and dangerous, and anyone with information is asked to contact their local police. heeric thomas, abc 7thomas, abch a driver has been arrested and charged with murder and gross vehicular manslaughter.
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chp sent out pictures of the arrest today in livermore. the suspect is lauren davis. police say davis, another woman and a teenager were in a car that rolled the night before thanksgiving in livermore. both passengers died. investigators say davis was intoxicated. new at 6:00, san mateo police say tonight that all officers are equipped with body cameras. the police department says the cameras will be used to film all interactions with the public to increase transparency and accountability in policing. san mateo police encourage those with questions about the body camera program to ask an officer or stop by the department in person. parts of san mateo flooded today because of a broken water main. homes and a school had several feet of water inside. the affected area is just off he will camino real and notre dame avenue. it was underwater modified day. david louie joins us live with
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an update. >> reporter: kristen, the construction equipment and crew here is in the exact spot were the water main broke, flooding the entire area, even the spot where i'm standing right now. it forced the closure of classes at st. matthew and classes will be canceled again tomorrow. the view from sky 7 shows how quickly the area flooded around the water main break. witnesses say the flow started slowly, then quickly accelerated. the first to get flooded was st. matthews catholic church and school. the carpet in the sank our ectut soaked. backyards began flooding. and at one house, the water became over five feet deep in the basement within 40 minutes. >> everything downstairs from our wine cellar to our office, our kids' family room, just everything had finish custom pieces in it, and it's not replaceable. >> reporter: the water main that
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ruptured was over 60 years old. >> this main in fact that we had the leak on was installed in 1955, a 12-inch cast-iron pipe main. >> reporter: do they typically break like this? >> not typically, no. we'll take a look at leak history on this too. right now i'm not aware of anything recent. >> reporter: drains were clogged with mud and debris. it appears the climbing wall at the gym will have to come down. other concerns include a badly damaged classroom off the gym and the gym's hardwood floor. >> all that is being right now. right now it's cleanup-focused. >> reporter: many students are sad about the gym. >> it's so pretty. we love it. it's beautiful and so sad because we just redid it. it's super sad. >> reporter: in san mateo, david
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louie, abc 7 news. today a federal appeals court judge upheld a san francisco law that limits rental housing buyouts. the current law allows landlords to publicly offer tenants money to vacate their rent controlled apartments and it also allows tenants to back out of a buyout deal within 45 days. san francisco supervisors in 2014 amid concerns that landlords were buying out tenants so they could hike up rents for new occupants. an oakland city councilmember wants to add a new tax onto vacant properties to fund projects to help the homeless. rebecca kaplan says that properties that stay empty for a long time encourage blight. money raised by the tax could fund new housing or homeless services. the proposal will be heard at a council meeting next month. canada's prime minister kicked off his two-day trip to california today by conducting meetings with tech executives from salesforce, amazon and
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ebay. justin trudeau is not hiding the fact that he is here to pitch canada as a place where american tech firms can do business. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez has the story. >> the prime minister laid his cards out on the table. he was honest about his intentions. he wants tech companies here to look to the great white north. he said it was cheaper to live there. people in canada are highly educated. and canada relies on immigrants to prosper economically. >> reporter: dozens of people in downtown san francisco stopped to get a glimpse of prime minister justin trudeau. he had just met with salesforce ceo marc benioff who highlighted things that make the city strong. >> we're in the city of the summer of love and gay rights. he appreciates diversity and equality and people in san francisco love him. >> reporter: benioff announced
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he will invest $2 billion in canada over the next five years. the prime minister also sat down with amazon ceo jeff bezos. the company is looking to build amazon's secretary headquarters. toronto is the only non-american city on the short list. trudeau came to pitch canada as a friendly and sensitive place for tech firms to do business. the prime minister is aware that the heated situation in congress may work in his favor. > i'm going to continue to make the case that canada is a good place to invest to every business leader i meet, including jeff bezos. >> reporter: in 2013, canada posted these billboards to assure ceos that canada didn't have a visa problem. now these bay area companies are concerned they won't be able to hire the needed foreign workers. elliott smith is with the
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canadian studies program at uc berkeley. >> someone for example who speaks english fluently, has good training and background in the tech sector, would be a very attractive immigrant to canada. and i think it's quite wise of prime minister trudeau to come and sell that. >> reporter: the prime minister also came to assure companies he still very much supports nafta, the 24-year-old trade agreement between the u.s., canada and mexico. tomorrow he meets with governor jerry brown. i have a feeling the environment will be a topic of discussion between them. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> lyanne, thank you. house minority leader nancy pelosi is fresh offsetting a new capitol hill record, saying she was not focused on making history but on giving a voice to daca recipients. the democratic leader spoke for more than eight straight hours yesterday, the longest continuous speech in the house chambers. her remarks focused on young undocumented immigrants known as dreamers.
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>> so, shall we say, responsible to honor the sacrifices made by their parents to give them the opportunities that they have. >> pelosi brushed off questions whether her feet hurt from all the standing or how her voice was holding up. [ bell ringing ] stocks plunged again today with the dow closing down more than 1,000 points. the s&p was down more than 3.5% and the nasdaq closed down nearly 4%. twitter's stock rose today by more than 12% on news that after four years as a public company, it finally had a profitable quarter. the san francisco-based company announced it made $91 million during the fourth quarter of 2017. twitter lost $167 million during the same time frame in 2016. flaring at richmond's chevron refinery is under investigation. contra costa officials are monitoring the problem which
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started at 8:00 a.m. no shelter in place order was issued. chevron says it was an isolated incident. air quality inspectors say it's not yet clear what chemicals were involved in the flaring but they say they will issue insist if violations occurred. let's check in with meteorologist spencer christian about the air quality and the warm weather. >> it was our eighth consecutive day of record warmth. live doppler 7 shows clear skies across the bay area. let's look at those records. high temperatures all across the area, including the records. and they are the ones with the asterisks. 82 degrees in gilroy, setting record highs for this date. even now, as the sun has set, we have clear skies and temperatures still well into the obvio 60s all around the bay area. i'm happy to report we have pretty good air quality, which will get even better over the weekend. i'll give you a closer look at
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air quality conditions a little later, dan and christian. in antioch, an officer-involved shooting at a gas station in the last hour near the antioch reservoir, where a man was shot by police. police tell us officers responded a wanted suspect. when they approached, there was some kind of confrontation. police say officers shot the man. there is no word if the suspect fired any shots at police. the man has been taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. we are of course on top of this story. we'll update you with any new information just as soon as it comes in. it's been almost a year since coyote creek overflowed and flooded san jose. tonight, hear from those who say this flood was predictable and preventible. and next, only abc 7 news gets to meet mack, the north bay wildfire survivor who is finally back home. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us.
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tonight, only on abc 7 news, we have the happy story of a wildfire reunion between a family and their cat named mack. >> mack disappeared during the october wildfires, then was founded and adopted by a new family. his original family wanted him back. now at last he is. >> they spoke only with abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman. >> reporter: here is the video that so much of northern california wanted to see. shelby wallace with her feline family, mack and his sister darcy, reunited. >> mack new immediately. it was the first person he ran to. >> reporter: mack had quite an odyssey, from lost cat to disputed cat when shelby and her
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family learned another couple had adopted him and declined to give him up despite a dna test. >> it's been an emotional roller coast e coaster. >> reporter: the animal shelter wasn't able to force a return. >> how do you split a family up? are you okay with that at the end of the day? >> reporter: social media rallied with hundreds of comments. mack even got his own hashtag, #givemackback. in a community ravaged by loss and sorrow, shelby's quest to get mack home became symbolic. >> america just wants something right to happen. >> reporter: the family that adopted mack never commented publicly. but yesterday, whether due to legal pressure or public pressure, they gave the cat up. the animal shelter says it was an emotional experience for them. and as this photo of the moment shows, emotional for shelby too.
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>> we just want to say thank you for doing the right thing. at the end of the day they did what was right. and we feel for them. >> reporter: all's well when it ends. in santa rosa, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. happening now, an event san jose city leaders are calling the state of the city celebration, about to get under way. mayor sam liccardo will speak tonight about the priorities and opportunities for the bay area's largest city. we are approaching the one-year mark since this, the san jose flooding. last president's day weekend, an estimated 14,000 people had to evacuate their homes and apartments. some literally had to be carried to safety. now more than 100 of those people are suing the city and county, claiming officials warned them to late about the impending disaster. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has the story. >> reporter: those who had to
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endure the flood are still devastated. >> it's been a long, hard year. >> reporter: lawyers representing 150 families filed a lute today against san jose, santa clara county, and santa clara water district, saying the agencies didn't do enough to warm them of the impending disaster on president's day weekend. >> we didn't matter to the city. i'm a taxpaying citizen. i really feel demographically we were just swept aside, like the flood. >> reporter: attorney amanda haas believes the flooding was preventible, accusing authorities of not properly maintaining the dam, causing coyote creek to flood. >> it's hard to replace certain things if you lose them. one of those is your health. the waters were toxic. nobody should be exposed to it. >> reporter: san jose hasened there flood-related claims. county officials shared their
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disappointment about being included in the litigation, saying they don't have responsibility for evacuation in the city limits. the water district says they've taken positive actions to reduce the future risk of flooding, including removing downed trees and invasive vegetation in the creek. the flood caused nearly $73 million in damage. >> they're not taking responsibility for something they caused to happen. their negligence caused this problem. a lot of people are still displaced. >> reporter: these residents take a stand for what they say is rightfully theirs. >> i want to be compensated for everything i've gone through in the last year. >> reporter: in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news news. another beautiful day we had. >> it keeps coming. we need rain. spencer, until we get it, we'll bask in this. >> no sense feeling guilty. >> good point. >> as mr. rodgers used to say, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, all our
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neighborhoods. live doppler 7 shows clear skies, mild conditions. temperature readings range from 59 at half moon bay to mid- and upper 60s everywhere else. this is the view from sutro tower over san francisco. the spring-like warmth will be with us again tomorrow. windy and cooler over the weekend, cooler by just a few degrees. it won't feel like winter, which it still is, by the way. we'll have this dry pattern continuing through next week. let's take a look at air quality. it will be moderate to good tomorrow across the entire region. in fact most locations on saturday will report good air quality, or at least that's what we're predicting. east bay, south central bay, santa clara valley. good air quality, it will only improve as we have cooler and breezier conditions over the weekend. weather wellness, weed pollen, grass pollen, and mold spores are low, i'm happy to report. tree pollen is moderate, that's okay. uv index moderate. conditions pretty good in the
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atmosphere. overnight conditions, clear skies. low temperatures will range mainly from mid- to upper 40s. we'll see a low of 50 in san mateo and 51 in san francisco. tomorrow's high, a little bit lower than today's but still much warmer than average. look for upper 60s to near 70 along the coast. right around the bay we'll see upper 60s and low 70s. inland locations will be mainly in the mid-70s, all a little bit higher in some spots. speaking of higher, we're going to have higher wind gusts than we've seen in quite some time over the weekend. saturday evening, we'll see gusts ranging from 20 to 40 miles per hour, tapering off early sunday, then becoming strong again sunday evening, especially near the coast. look for very breezy to gusty weekend. teperature range, over the next seven days, we'll use san jose's hei highs as an indicator of the high temperature trend. dropping down over the weekend down to average on monday. temperatures bounce right back on tuesday through thursday. here is the accuweather
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seven-day forecast. as you can see, monday is going to be the coolest day in the forecast period with inland highs only in the mid-obvio60s. upper 50s on the coast. low 60s on the bay. by next wednesday, valentine's day, it will be a day to love. >> aww. >> on many fronts. >> exactly. >> thank you, spencer, very much. it's good to be spencer but it's really good to be jimmy g, now the highest paid player in the nfl. >> but is it a good thing for the niners to break the bank like this? go to there are seven continents... seven seas... but at at celebrity cruises, we'd argue...
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well, everyone loves a winner. but philadelphia bravado today they really love their eagles. a massive crowd, perhaps more than a million, turned out to cheer the super bowl champs. it was philly's first nfl championship in nearly 60 years. one eagles player really stole the show. sports director larry beil will have that later on. it was absolutely nuts and just great good clean fun. 49ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo is a very rich man. the niners signed jimmy g to a reported five-year contract worth $137.5 million. the largest deal in nfl history.
6:25 pm
and we want to know if you think he's worth it. go to right now on your smartphone. cast your vote. is he really worth it? no way, not sure, no doubt? we'll post the numbers there on your screen. garoppolo won all five games he started for the niners. incredible when you consider the niners were one and ten before that. he gave the niners a great strong start -- finish, rather, to our season. looking at our poll, the results right now, as you can see, 13% say no way. 10%, not sure. now 7% not sure. remember, this is real time. and no doubt he is worth it, 77%. most folks so far feeling like, hey, spend the money, get us a great quarterback. keep voting at a department just received its largest gift ever, $5 million from philanthropists
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larry and deirdre solari. that means the university can rebuild the east side of the spartans' football stadium to add an auditorium with seating at the 50-yard line, and golf, tennis, and softball facilities. a $500 million commitment from the helen diller foundation. the foundation has given $1.5 billion to ucsf. the hospital will be built on the site of the langley porter hospital between golden gate park and mt. sutro. construction is expected to be completed by 2030. can coffee put you at risk of cancer. one group says yes and they want to make sure everybody is aware. we'll get an expert's take on the legal battle that's brewing. sentencing day for the teenager who was drunk and live streaming when she crashed a car and killed her
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and we are back with this breaking news. a massive fire burning in southern california. and the firefighting effort
6:30 pm
going on right now. at this bel air home, eight been burning for about an hour now. one firefighter has been injured. that is the big news. you can see the flames just shooting through the roof right there. the home is at risk of collapsing. so you can see the firefighters are working on on this from outside the home, staying farther away and fighting it defensively. they are certainly still at risk there in bel air as the fire continues to burn. >> terrible. back here in the bay area, an officer involved shooting at a gas station in antioch. sky 7 is over the screen at golf course road and lonetree way. officers spotted a suspect wanted by multiple agencies. there was some kind of confrontation. the suspect was shot and taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. police say no officers were injured. today the teenager who was allegedly drunk and live streaming when she cashed hrash car and killed her sister learned her sentence. >> obdulia sanchez was 18 years
6:31 pm
old when she was driving in los banos. >> reporter: obdulia sanchez was live streaming the crash that killed her 14-year-old sister. on thursday she was sentenced to more than six years in prison. >> i would like to say i'm so sorry and that if i could take your place, i really would. >> reporter: the stockton teen was emotional in court while reading a letter of remorse to the judge. > i wanted better for her. i wanted her to be smarter than i ever was. now she's dead. it should have been me. i should have been hurt or killed. >> reporter: sanchez was charged for gross vehicular manslaughter and child endangerment foreign the crash. she streamed the gruesome video on instagram. prosecutors gave new details about sanchez's blood sample, saying she was not only under the influence of alcohol but her
6:32 pm
blood also showed traces of marijuana and cocaine. [ screaming ] >> reporter: they argue her language in the video shows her disregard for her sister's death. >> she killed her sister and didn't care. that was one reasonable interpretation as well. so, like we said, if there was any case that deserves the max, this was it. >> reporter: sanchez's attorney says the troubled teen sexual a sexually abused at 12 years old. he says her screams are cries for help. >> when she says she doesn't care, she just want people to show up to help her sister. >> reporter: despite her sentence, her father says his daughter is taking responsibility. >> something is wrong, and she knows. >> reporter: sanchez's attorney
6:33 pm
says she could be released early. he says based on the time she's served, she could possibly be released this year. a berkeley family is mourning the loss of their 27-year-old daughter after she was killed in a crash with an ac transit bus this morning at ashby avenue in berkeley, just blocks from the home of the driver, kelli zachery. it appears kelli's red honda may have run a stop sign before colliding with the bus about police and ac transit are still investigating. abc 7 news spoke with her father who called his daughter a caring and giving woman. kelli was attending nursing class at night while working a day job at the irs. >> this is truly a mess. this is the worst day of my life. [ crying ] >> you just feel for the father. ac transit says the driver of the bus is cooperating in the investigation and will undergo routine drug and alcohol
6:34 pm
testing. ac transit describes him as an experienced, well-liked driver who was clearly shaken by what happened. ironically, kelli zachery's father also drives a bus for ac transit. fremont police are searching for four men and a getaway driver wanted for breaking into a home, attacking the people inside, and making off with cash, laptops, and cellphones. the robbery was last night on little foot place. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow spoke with the victim today. >> reporter: the family that lives in this home says they've been here for 18 years without any problems. last night that changed when police say four masked men broke in. >> it took me a second that something bad is happening. the screams, don't shoot, before i even completed my sentence, somebody came in and hit my head, knocked me to the floor, and asked me -- started asking for money. >> reporter: three family members including the couple's
6:35 pm
teenaged daughter were pistol whipped. >> he came and put the gun at my head. i was down. i sat down. and i was screaming. and he dragged me to that room. >> reporter: by your hair? >> by my hair, yes. >> reporter: the family things t the burglars came through the front door because the lock wasn't turned completely. >> we always felt safe. and one incident, it takes away from us. we'll be more careful. but we love this neighborhood, that doesn't change it. >> reporter: a family member called 911 from inside a locked bathroom while the burglars were pstill inside. the suspects left before police arrived. anyone with information is asked to contact fremont police. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. the usgs says there's a one in three chance we'll experience a big earthquake on the hayward fault within the next 30 years. and in the next three minutes, find out how it would unfold.
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. continue to track the latest developments from taiwan following tuesday's magnitude 6.4 earthquake. this video shows search and rescue crews sliding into tilted and damaged buildings to check for survivors. they're working amid aftershocks, lots of them, the largest of which measured 5.7. the national fire agency updated the death toll to nine. more than 260 people are injured and 62 unaccounted for. the quake also damaged bridges and buckled roads in and around hualien, a city on the northeastern shore. scientists say there is a one in three chance of a major earthquake on the hayward fault, impacting millions until the east bay. >> now as jonathan bloom explains, we're getting a clearer picture of what that impact would look like thanks to the computers at the lawrence livermore national lab. >> reporter: that is the roar of
6:40 pm
cooling fans at the livermore lab super computer. >> hundreds of thousands of individual computer chips are working together to solve one problem. >> reporter: one very big problem that could face the bay area any day now, a magnitude 6 earthquake on the hayward fault. >> it happened in 1868. only 3,000 people lived in the east bay. now we have 2 million. >> reporter: this water main in hayward finally burst after years of fault creep. >> water, electricity, the gas, transportation corridors, have to cross many major faults. >> reporter: this could help keep them safe. >> the earthquake starts near richmond and travels to the south. the colors show the intensity of the ground shaking. >> reporter: it's not a real earthquake. it's the most detailed computer simulation ever made of a magnitude 7 quake in the east bay. it's based on real measurements. >> we look at small earthquakes like the magnitude 4 earthquake in berkeley last month. >> reporter: one thing the simulation shows more clearly than ever, when it comes to shaking, the east bay is
6:41 pm
backward. the hills shake more and the flat areas shake less. >> these rocks have been dragged along the hayward fault along millions of years. they've been scrunched up and compressed and thickened. >> reporter: meaning the hills could shake far more than the flat lands west of the fault. the simulated quake runs for 20 seconds but here, it shakes for a minute and a half. >> these yellow values indicate motions capable of damage. >> reporter: damage to buildings not built for it. better simulation coop help engineers to design the structures. >> to make them most resilient. >> reporter: in livermore, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> we hope it doesn't happen, but if it does happen, we want to be re
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
we're following developing news in san francisco where there are some serious traffic problems getting out of the city. you're looking thrive at a roof camera along the embarcadero. traffic is backed up and we're not sure why, either. >> these days we often can't figure it out. here is a look at the approach to the bay bridge. look at all that red. those are taillights, brakes,
6:45 pm
also very backed up. there have been a series of small issues on the bay bridge including a disabled vehicle and a possible crash between a truck and a motorcycle. >> this is a look at the bridge itself, which is now moving. not clear what the problem is, as i said. but several people have reported being stuck on surface streets. you saw that in those earlier pictures. we'll bring you updates as we get more information. >> san francisco is just at a breaking point. >> just a mess, isn't it? should coffee come with health warning labels? a consumer group wants sellers to post a warning. >> starbucks is one of the nine defendants fighting the labels. 13 other companies including 7-eleven have agreed to post warnings. the issue is a chemical called acrylamide. the state recognizes acrylamide as a possible carcinogen in humans. >> the chemical is found in many other foods too. >> the benefits to people who are bringing these lawsuits are
6:46 pm
financially considerable. and so that incentivizes people to bring them. >> state law requires businesses to notify customers if their product contains chemicals that could be linked to cancer, birth defects or other issues. companies often try to attract new customers with promotional deals. but what about long time customers? >> what happens to them? 7 on your side's michael finney says they're often stuck with the same old rates. nobody is trying to lure them. >> they're already there, who wants you? this came up when a san francisco viewer asked her long time internet company for a promotional deal. she got it. but one discount led to a new fee. then that led her to me. carol was trying to save money on her internet bill. >> from year to year, you pay the price. >> reporter: she had been paying at&t $47 a month for about ten years. so what did she have to lose? >> i called at&t and asked if there were any promotions. they said they can give me a reduction for a year down to
6:47 pm
$37. >> reporter: a flat $37 per month for a whole year? sounded good. >> that was it. no other fees, nothing. >> reporter: carol went for it but later noticed her service seemed slower. she contacted at&t. >> i wanted to ask them about why my internet service was kind of intermittent. >> reporter: she says at&t told her to swap her old modem for a new one. >> i asked if there would be any fees. no, nothing. okay, good deal. >> reporter: however, after she plugged in the new modem, she got a new bill. >> i noticed the equipment fee on there plus taxes. >> reporter: her bill now included a $10 rental fee for the modem. carol told at&t she never had to pay that before. >> they just kept saying, like, well, you've been getting away with it for all these years and you should have been charged. >> reporter: she told the agent she was promised no extra fees. he offered to send her a complaint form. >> i figured that wouldn't be going anywhere. that's when i decided to call 7 on your side. >> reporter: we contacted at&t. they agreed to remove the
6:48 pm
equipment fees, telling us "as part of our current everyday pricing program equipment rental costs are generally included in the monthly bill depending on the type of service ordered. under prior programs, we sometimes split the equipment rental cost out separately. we've resolved the situation to the customer's satisfaction." and it did. >> $37 a month for the year. i'm very happy with that now. >> carol's low rate ends in a year, but she says it's still worthwhile to ask for a deal. just make sure you really get one. the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday, 10:00 to 2:00. you can reach me on my facebook page and through we really appreciate the company giving that. >> thanks, michael. tomorrow is friday, the weekend is upon us, just into the newsroom. >> breaking news, right? and we continue the warm streak, spencer. >> that is true.
6:49 pm
it will be warm tomorrow but the weekend will cool down a bit. live doppler 7, clear skies right now. low temperatures mainly in the upper 40s. tomorrow look for much warmer than average weather. may not set any records tomorrow. we'll see upper 60s on the coast, low 70s around the bay, lw to mid-70s inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast, cooling breezes come in over the weekend and drop temperatures several degrees. we won't drop until the average range until monday. then we start to warm up again. by wednesday of next week, it will be weather for lovers. >> warms the heart and warms the body. >> thank you, spencer. when jimmy g lays his head on his pillow to go to sleep tonight, he'll be a happy person. >> i wonder why that is. ka-ching. >> straight cash. as randy moss once famously said. jimmy garoppolo had all the leverage in the world and he used it perfection. the niners
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there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪ good evening. jimmy garoppolo brought life and hope to the last place 49ers. for that he will be paid like a king. a five doctor year, $137.5 million contract, the largest in
6:53 pm
nfl history for the moment. that will get eclipsed. go to right now on your phone. is he worth it, no way, not sure, no doubt. 69% would say no doubt. the guarantee is $90 million, not bad for a guy who through seven touchdowns and five picks in a short stint. jimmy g took an awful niners team and led them to finish up the season. he brought leadership, poise, pinpoint precision and they desperately needed it. for that he will be paid handsomely. again, only 25% say no way. 70%, no doubt about it, jimmy g. all right. the eagles held their championship parade today. schools closed so kids could come to this event. they estimated up to 2 million people may have been out there. eagles won the super bowl despite being heavy underdogs. jason kelsey provided an epic speech and costume with messages to people who called them
6:54 pm
underdogs. >> some clown made lombardi, coach in the nfl. doug pederson, a man who worked fourth and down, and the super bowl with the trick play. hungry dogs run fast. bottom line is we wanted him more. >> i could watch him for an hour. nothing i have is close to that. the warriors made no moves before the nba deadline. the cavs went all in. they went all in! they showed lebron james he should stay in cleveland. isaiah thomas acquired in the irving deal, he was hurt early and never blended with lebron.
6:55 pm
jordan clarkson and larry nance junior, cavs added a ton of satisfactori salary for these guys. they sent wade to miami. lakers cleared 47 million. are you listening, lebron? >> this is what i came here to do, was to create flexibility for our organization, so that one day we can have a superstar or two come to this organization with our incredible young talent that we have, that we will continue to grow. >> the warriors host dallas tonight and draymond green is 50 grand lighter. that's what the nba fined him for, after directing inappropriate language toward an official. he was furious over a number of calls. it was a bad game for the reves and draymond got kicked out of the contest.
6:56 pm
a feast for golfers today in round one of the personal beach national pro-am. this is why you don't try surfing on a kayak because it does not go well. rory mcilroy playing spy glass seventh hole from the rough. this is up and down for birdie. he's in 16th place. packers quarterback aaron rodgers, he and teammate jerry kelly hit 68th. this man, the rookie, bo hasler, 16th hole. he and strielman have a one-shot lead. i'm going to do the whole show like kelsey did there, in that costume. >> hungry dogs run faster. >> there you go. you know that. >> thank you so much, larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. the new device for monitoring your pet's health 24/7. it tells you when fido is eating or sleeping, at 9:00.
6:57 pm
then at abc 7 news at 11:00, we're tracking late development at the capitol. we appreciate your time as aways. for breaking news go to twitter. >> for the entire abc 7 news team, have a good night, except those on the embarcadero. pack a little patience. the night will get better.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a student from omaha, nebraska... an accountant and voice artist from arvada, colorado... and our returning champion -- an investment banking analyst from new york, new york... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. yesterday, john giambrone gave us the perfect example of why it's very important to not get discouraged
7:00 pm
on "jeopardy!" if you're a contestant. he was $2,000 in the red and wound up winning big. marty and alex, same thing could happen to you or not. [ laughter ] good luck. here we go. "jeopardy!" round today features these categories... uh-huh. next... followed by... and finally, we deal with... and those four letters, "t-i-m-e," will come up in each correct response. -john, you do it first. -prime "time" for $200. john. -what is halftime? -at the super bowl, yes. "time," $400. john. -what is america's pastime? -no. marty or alex?


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