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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 9, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and moving out. >> i don't miss going to bed hungry. >> i am dan ashley. >> and i am kristen sze in for ama daetz. >> now new data shows that bay area residents may be fed up with the whole thing. a report by red fin saying over the last few months 16,000 people moved away. >> the bay area was the number one spot in the country for outward migration. most people heading to los angeles, sacramento and canada. >> pitching tech companies. >> we know that investing in canada is a smart thing to do in this global economy. we have access to markets around the world with the trade deals
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we are signing. an educated diverse workforce that does great work. i am going to continue to make that case. >> was speaking from app direct. and. >> he also med with sales force ceo who announced the company will invest another $2 billion in mayor muriel bowser wrote in a statement this is a first of its kind trip for the city in which we target the west coast as an opportunity to attract business and capital. >> it doesn't come as a surprise to a lot of people who used to live here.
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melony woodrow joining us now. >> reporter: a great sense of humor about the cost of live anything the bay area. this was the view from teddy's old victorian. their home definitely crowded. >> with 11 roommates, three dogs and a beehive. >> reporter: technically, the beehive and the chicken were outside. >> working three jobs and i couldn't make it work. >> reporter: so moving to washington d.c. >> i don't miss going to bed hungry. >> reporter: moving to portlands
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january 1st. >> it is great having some extra money. >> reporter: they are not the only ones who thought about leaving. monica saying that thought comes to her while paying her rent. >> reporter: officials from other states and even other countries are wooing bay area talent. >> i work with company founders a lot. and once they see that they can safe 50% in the cost of doing business and still be connected to the bay area they consider it. >> reporter: not everyone is packing their bags. >> i have loving it. i am trying to get a job here after my degree. >> reporter: hopefully one that pays well.
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one of the topics, a second trans bay tube. rr, the bond includes $200 million for study. a second tube would not finish conceptual hearing. b.a.r.t. say similar recent projects across the country have cost 12 to $15 billion. >> the red flag that got the attention of the u.s. navy. toxic cover up about the ship yard in san francisco. radioactive tests were falsified after the clean up. sharing their story with cornell
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barnard. >> reporter: anthony smith has returned to the hunters point ship yard. smith said this spot tested high for radioactive chemical and when he told his bosses. >> i was told to get rid of the sample and shush about it. >> reporter: he said falsifying soil test to show they were safe happened all the time. >> taking radioactive material where we were sampling at and getting rid of it and getting clean samples and turning them in as the real sample. >> the navy recently acknowledged the false testing rumors were true. >> reporter: were you thinking hey, this isn't right? >> yes, every day. >> reporter: burt bowers was the radiation safety director both
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bowers and smith were laid off. the area now in the midst of redevelopment. condos popping up. a community meeting was held next week. >> we need this mess cleaned up. >> reporter: the navy telling us they plan to do the right thing. right now there is no time line for that happening. >> i was disappointed that it took this long nor that to happen. >> reporter: these two whistle blowers hope one day the area will be safe. crews finishing up the job of patching up a hole. that is where wood from the damaged gymnasium flood was
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removed. the 24-inch pipe that broke was more than 60-years old. a surprise settlement today in the surprise lawsuit between uber and wemo. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: among reporters covering a -- the settlement was uber paying way mo's -- >> secrets from google self-driving projects. coying 14,000 files before leaving google to work for uber.
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>> somebody could have information in their head but that could be considered a trade secret. >> reporter: and that is where things get messy. >> you are going to have certain know-how. that is why you want that particular employee could come. >> reporter: the testimony did answer other questions about what went on inside uber. >> travis's testimony was interesting about the inside story of uber's bro saying things like the golden time is over. it is wartime. >> reporter: uber's new ceo saying no trade secrets made its
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way. waymo saying it is pleased. a wild week on wall street ended today just the way it began on monday. dow bouncing up more than 300 points. the day started with a dropping more than 500 points. the dow posted the worst week in two weeks. the s&p 500 closed at 2,619. >> last friday we announced 88 straight months of job growth. even vie of the world for the ability to create jobs. >> worried about inflation may be to blame. we want to know how you are feeling about this roller
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coaster. so grab your home and go to let us know how you feel with an emoji. the options are on the bottom of your screen. the results will pop up real time. new documents show last year's massive data breach of equifax exposed more than the company original reported. information included social security numbers birthdays and in some cases drivers license numbers. criminals accessed tax identification numbers e-mail addresses phone numbers and more. >> tonight the city of berkeley wants in on cryptocurrency mania attack. >> how they want to use bitcoin to hedge their bets against the
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trump administration. >> it was an easy decision. >> jimmy g talks about why he didn't hesitate to commit to the 49ers long-term. >> nine consecutive days of high temperatures. show you the hot spots coming up. warning about this
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there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪ city leaders in berkeley working on an idea to help pay for municipal projects to help
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pay with cryptocurrency like bitcoin. the payoff wouldn't be in dollars, it would be with quality of life. >> reporter: gone are the citda where the cities can rely on federal government. but a berkeley city councilman says there is a better way. city issued cryptocurrency backed by bonds. >> it is faster, cheaper, more flexible, it is a mechanism to finance whatever the community wants. >> reporter: the berkeley currency wouldn't be a big money maker for investors, the benefit would be to know that the city is better off. >> traditionally it would cost $5,000 to enter the bond market
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and this is $25. >> reporter: this seems like an amalgum of crypto or crowd sourcing. >> to buy things. so most likely people aren't going to be buying them for massive returns. it would be much more similar to purchasing a municipal bond. >> reporter: u. berkeley and neighborly are consulting with the city on the project and a full roll out of the idea is set for may. one other factor bertlet wants people to consider. >> it is fun. it is community building at its best. >> reporter: berkeley,keley,kel, news. jimmy
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the >> this is not investment advice, the 49ers they are not paying him for past performance, they are paying him for what they think he will do for the franchise in the future. >> reporter: he quickly took a one and 104 niners slump and turned into a winning streak. >> a lot of people are going to have ideas on what could have happened. what i am concerned about is he is right here and he signed for five years and i love that. >> i want to get this deal done as fast as possible and only going to help our team going forward going into free agency and it is 75 degrees out here, not a snowstorm in chicago. it is a lot better here. >> we always felt strongly about
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his talent. w knew jimmy was a guy he wanted badly. >> reporter: not like the 26-year-old came out of nowhere. he picked up a few tricks under tom brady. >> love for the game is a big part of it. and i clearly have that. the way he prepares, that was one thing i picked up from him being around him for three and a half years. >> qualities that the great thet players in the league share. >> reporter: like their name sake, the 49ers believe they have struck gold with garoppolo. now only one thing to do. >> one goal in mind is to get to the super bowl and win it. we want a parade just like philly had one and that is our
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goal. >> 137 million, but espn reports the actual guarantee is only about 49 million. only. only 49 million. >> u.s. dollars. >> urgent plea about an invasive rodent that could cause big trouble in the future. state is asking residents to report any sitings of of of of f a female can give birth to more than 200 offspring every year. tonight satellite photos show the dire strait of the sierras. to the right is the lock of the snow pack from above yesterday. hopefully we get a few more
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sto storms in the coming day? >> will we? we are enjoying some lovely weather. >> the coming days but not in the next seven coming days. here is a live look of doppler 7 right now. skies look bright right now. certainly bright today as we had no fewer than ten record highs for this date. 80 degrees at eukiah. 76 in san francisco. and all of these lokes, right now looking at partly cloudy sky. kernel 63 in france. 62 oakland. and here is the view from our
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abc7 exploratorium camera. 72 in santa rosa. rosa. rosa. r. 74 in concord. and from winds and fire danger increasing tomorrow. cooler in the afternoons. dry pattern continues through next week. so still no rain in sight. we have a wind advisory, or we will tomorrow in effect from 10:00 a.m. to midnight for all of this area shaded in yellow. gusts reach or exceed 55 mils per hour. on we go to wind gust animation. later in the day, after hours, you will see gusts along the
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coast into the late afternoon and early evening hours stronger gusts. napa 34 miles per hour gusts late tomorrow night and the winds will continue to be brisk overnight tomorrow and taper off on sunday. overnight tonight we will see low temperatures of clearer skies. tomorrow high temperature still above average. not in the record territory. upper 60s around the bay and a few low 70s inland accuweath accuweath accuweather seven-day forecast notice monday will be the coolest day in the forecast period with highs in the mid-60. and then temperatures start to rise on tuesday, wednesday,
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valentine's day lovely weather. and temperatures will stay in that range. one day of average range of highs and after that above average. i want to thank the teachers and the staff at lighthouse community charter school in oakland where i was a reader. we have video later. >> in the north bay too many elephant seals have park officials offering a warning. newest
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he wil he wil he wil he wi l >> isn't stopping people getting as close as they can to see them. >> wane freedman says the viewing is fascinating on a number of levels. >> reporter: someone is feeling romantic and why not. the weather was warm and the national parks put up their version of do not disturb signs.
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here is a closer look from sky 7. this is what happens when males return according to sara who studied them. >> reporter: one male could have multiple females. >> so they first kind of lift up their heads do some vocalization. and sometimes that is all it takes just the vocalization and the male will give up and move away. >> reporter: despite the closure, people came as far farf as they were almost extinct.
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and in the mid-1980s, began showing up here hence a lot of them. record 2400 loved-starved elephant seal back in the region. in marin county, wane freedman, abc7 news. nearly five months
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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the future is for the unafraid. introducing the prime rib from jack in the box. with strips of prime rib grilled with peppers and onions and smothered in provolone cheese and i'm challenging you to try it, martha it's on, jack. why are we whispering? try my new prime rib cheesesteak, part of my food truck series. . in abc7 news. nearly five months after hurricanes irma and >> reporter: despite the devastation on the ground in
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puerto rico, a sense of optimism from those who made it through irma and maria. >> we are frustrated but at the same time frustration becomes your source of energy to keep moving forward. >> reporter: this afternoon, an intimate gathering at the silicon valley community forum from mountain view. >> they are living with friends, with families and in some occasion, in a little room live six or seven persons. >> reporter: the foundation hopes to raise $3 million to help with the production and installation of solar powered generators. calling it a worthy project. >> it is fast. it helps an immediate need. but think about the people right now who have no access to
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medical care. this will help them. >> reporter: officials say 80% of the power was damaged. >> we are survivors. because the devastation of hurricane maria and the aftermath of hurricane maria was really painful. >> reporter: these visitors making a plea on behalf of the puerto rico people. in san jose chris nguyen abc7 news. now we want to share a warning from san jose police today about a video being sent by facebook messenger. the video contains child pornography. so far a person connected to the video has been arrested in alabama. but facebook users keep sharing and sending this illegal video.
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>> immediately call your local law enforcement agency. delete the image. it is a felony to distribute, forward any childhood pornography. >> officers collaborate with other communities as well. possibility of replacing chief of staff john kelly. it is over the handling of rob porter. accused of domestic abuse by his two ex-wives. today the president said this of porter. >> as you probably know, he says he is innocent. and i think you have to remember that. he said strongly yesterday that he is innocent. so you will have to talk to him
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about that. and we absolutely wish him well. >> late today, the white house denied. announcing a short time ago the president will not release democratic memo. according to the white house, the president won't release the memo at this time or allow for the release because it contains classified and especially sensitive passages. mr. trump has sent it back for changes. add t adam schiff claims the gop version omits key facts. grab your phone now and go
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to and let us know how you feel with emojis. the option are on the bottom of your screen. there you go, a lot of fun. keep voting at >> the no worries keep coming n in. tonight these animals are in the bay area
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bay area dog rescue groups swooped in and saved 31 dogs today. here is leslie brinkley. >> reporter: these dogs were excited to end up at this pet food express store. they were abandoned. and there is little beans, a mere three weeks old abandoned in a shoe box in a park in tulare.
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>> boxes of pupallies that are left out in an almond orchard. >> what people don't pay attention to is there is a disaster every day in the central valley. inundated with dogs. strays. >> they cast away the ones that won't make money. so whatever they continue to sell or breed. >> what we get are the older dogs that have been bred to death. they are thrown out in the street or thrown at the shelter. >> reporter: bay area rescue ordinary cares are sending vance weekly to the central valley and bringing the cast-aways here. >> the bay area are so dog friendly, we know that dogs are going to find loving homes here. >> reporter: looking for homes
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most of the dogs. waiving adoption fees for the younger one. as for the youngest one, a group will be nursing him along. more rescue works are in the works. first lack tonight at the newest celestial object rocketing through our solar system. >> this was the last picture of it before it sped off towards mar. >> tonight a telescope has picked up the roadster. expected to be preserved for millions of years. >> it is being called the retail apocalypse. thousands of stores closing
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mega church leader joel
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osteen is bringing his message of hope to oracle arena. expecting to draw tens of thousands hoping to hear his message of unity in times of such division. two days ago we told you that toys arer us is closing its stores. >> if you are not careful, it could end up being your own personal gift card apocalypse. store closing are expected to peak right now. publish estimates range from 3600 on up. toys "r" us.
6:45 pm
eight here in the bay area. the store's gift cards are safe, but may not be convenient any more. charming charlie is expected to close stores as well. >> charming charlie recently filed for bankruptcy. if you received a gift card, i would use those gift cards right away. >> reporter: that was advice anita didn't need but was interested in. >> i know the closed the location down in emeryville. i am going to continue shopping at charming >> reporter: her 50 card was a
6:46 pm
birthday gift. and now that card comes with good advice. >> everyone should use their gift card right away. that is what i believe. >> a lot of companies hope to get enough sales. >> reporter: so my advice has been the same for years. always use a gift card sooner rather than later. now i want to hear from you. the "7 on your side" hot line is open week days 10:00 to 2:00. the tell phone number is (415) 954-8151. spencer christian was a guest reader today. it was part of a black history month celebration.
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spencer back with the forecast. >> they are so much fun. so engaging and enthusiastic and that keeps me young sort of. thank you for the invitation. i enjoyed my time here. here is a look at live doppler 7. overnight lows in the mid to upper 40s. it will be windy tomorrow and temperatures lower than they were today. look for low to mid-60s on the coast. low 70s inland. and fan fest is the big deal at at&t park. accuweather seven-day forecast. mon tay coolest day. warm up again by midweek which
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is right in time for valentine's day. >> all right. larry beil here with sports. >> happiest man in football at the moment. >> who wouldn't be? jimmy garoppolo, he could have waited and put the squeeze on and demanded more money. that's what i would but what i see here never ceases to amaze me: change. i see it in their eyes. it happens when people connect with nature, with culture, with each other. day after day i'm the first to see change. to see people go out, and come back new. princess cruises.
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exactly one year to the day that the 49ers browsed lynch. and they gave jimmy garoppoloarp with the simple task. garoppolo has started seven nfl games but undefeated so far. >> we saw the physical traits but what we learned in these last three months is what kind of person this guy is. at that point full speed ahead. >> i want to get this deal done as fast as possible. and only going to help our team
6:52 pm
going forward. i wanted to be here. i am excited to be here. and happy we got it done as fast as we did. >> it starts with talent, but character and who he is as a man is everything. >> comes from a great family, great work ethic. you know who he is as a person. >> heading into free agency, this is a big deal. 75 degrees and sunny outside. and we got this guy. >> 75 and sunny. warriors will host the spurs tomorrow tip off at 5:00 p.m. measuring game for the dubs who have the best record for the league. up and down. spurs third place in the west. kerr's old coach and mentor spoke exclusively to abc7 news about the warriors. >> a joy to watch.
6:53 pm
everything about them is fantastic. the way they play at both ends of the court and they are competitive and hungry every night and don't take anything for granted. their style of play. if you don't enjoy watching them, then you need to watch a different sport probably. >> spencer mentioned this, can you believe baseball season is almost here. reporting to spring crazy next to see. giants players will meet the fans. hoping to bounce back from a horrendous 64-98 season. excited for the new addition to the roster. >> fortunate to play for an organization who decided to not tear the team apart. instead they brought in former mvp and the face of the franchise for tampa bay for ten years. extremely excited to get on the
6:54 pm
field with those guys. san jose sharks head coach said ward will be out indefinitely with an upper body injury. went shoulder first into the boards. turns out golfer dustin johnson is not the only talented athlete in the family. his dad bowled a perfect game. toby keith from a bunker on ten way overshoots the hole and watch it roll back down the hill. and just missed it. birdie put on 16. fifth place on nine under par.
6:55 pm
hostler the rookie and and especially for you because you are a huge giants fan. but bumgarner was at the interview session today. has not been on a horse or a dirt bike. >> no chopping trees and cutting your own sandwich. >> something safe. >> join us tonight. coming up the ten second video that is getting enormous video. what you are seeing here ahead at 9:00. luck helped a bay area man do what police couldn't, which is find his stolen van. at eight-ton the it is
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valtine. a few thoughts about what matters. the bay area is a great place to live as we all know. we have a problem. people are leaving in droves. high cost of housing and other living expenses on the rise and traffic are causing people who are throwing in the towel. in the past few months 16,000 people have left the bay area. they are being lured away by a less stressful and less expensive lifestyle in other parts of the country. the prime minister of canada is here right now trying to entice companies and people to go north. leaders from other communities are constantly trying to poach our people and our businesses.
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we live in such an amazing place. it is unique in the world. what really matters is that we work hard to keep it that way and to make sure our people stay here as well. let me know what you think follow me on twitter and facebook at dan ashley abc7. >> so many reasons to stay. ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪ ♪
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