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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 10, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> it's saturday, february 10th. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm chris anyone. let's get a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> we do have some clouds around. you can see that from live doppler 7. that means a weak weather system is headed our way. it's going to increase the winds and cool the temperatures off today. it's 53 in san francisco. right now it's working to keep the numbers from going too low. 50 in concord. 49 in mountain view. 47 in santa rosa. wind advisory from 10:00 this morning through midnight. north inn northeast winds 25o 35 miles an hour. gusts up to 55.
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of course there is high fire danger. it's been so dry. but this is the tenth day -- we will not see a tenth day of records, we have he seen nine days. mid 60s by noontime. upper 60s for all of us. not as warm with the breezy winds. we will track an even cooler forecast in week ahead. this morning, san francisco police have opened an internal investigation after a man says officers wouldn't help him find his stolen vehicle. on thursday the man spot his own van and followed it for hours until he finally confronted the people behind the wheel. abc talked to him about the vigilante van investigation. >> reporter: when the company rented the van and it didn't come back on its due date -- >> i knew something was up.
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>> reporter: under law, companies can't report stolen vehicles until it's five days past due. meaning there was nothing sfpd could do. sharky posted his dilemma on twitter, which caught the eye of officia officials. sheer luck. going home from the dentist he sees the stolen van on sutter street in front of him. at that point, he says he called sfpd and after being told their hand were tried he took matters into his own hands. >> followed him for three hours. >> they ended up at 17th and mission. and finally reached the van one block over on valencia. that's when david and i hatched the plan that we were going to go over there and bluff. >> reporter: after telling the three people inside the stolen
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van police were on his way sharky got his keys back but not his sense of satisfaction. sfpd sent this statement saying in part they are investigating the matter internally. >> we know this is factoring into some of the break-in issues and it's facilitating this. we want to be part of the solution. >> reporter: in san francisco, dion lim, abc7 news. prosecutors will seek the death penalty for a man found guilty of killing two sheriff's deputies. after the jury handed down the verdict the convicted murderer vowed to unleash more violence. >> i'll kill more cops soon. >> he says he is going to -- you heard it there. he said he is going to kill more cops. louise brack money test shot and killed danny oliver and mike davis back in 2014. the sheriff of sacramento county praised the jury's decision. >> this certainly is a good, positive first step. and i'm certain that it will be the first step towards a long
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road towards justice. >> the penalty phase of his trial is set to begin next month. this morning, three people are recovering from injuries in southern california following a crash involving canadian prime minister justin true toe's motorcade. an suv turned in front of the procession that was leaving the reagan library in simi valley last night. the prime minister was not hurt and not directly involved in the crash but an championship officer was take tony the hospital. the driver in the suv and her son were also hurt. there he met with governor jerry brown and lieutenant govern gary knewsome. his meeting there focused on climate change. they have an agreement with ontario to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. >> we have much to do with each
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other. >> the president is awol, absent without leave on the climate challenge. we have to make up for and and be as creative as we can. >> huge crowds followed trudeau. the prime minister has promised to visit san francisco again soon. the prime minister spoke with abc for an exclusive interview, he talked about his plans after he leaves office, climate change, and a possible endorsement for someone to replace him. go the our app, and scroll down, and you will see it labeled as exclusive, governor jerry brown talks with abc7. governor brown helped bring in the new year at the chinese consulate last night. he started with talking with xi yu lin on climate change. he also said california's stand is different than washingtons.
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>> we are welcoming your universities to our country. temporarily in wab there are people that dent like immigrants so much. i will not mention who those people are. but they don't represent california. >> after the speeches officials held a toast to the year of the dog. happen today, the annual flower fair in san francisco, which also celebrates the lunar new year. the festival is held in china taupe and feature as colorful display, including the traditional dancing dragon. families can pick up plants, flowers, fruits and candies for their celebrations. today's festivities again at 10:00 a.m. the fair runs through sunday. for those planning on going, be aware there are several street closures in chinatown because of the fair. time is 5:06. now to a surprise settle between uber and way mow. the companies reached a deal yesterday and this ends a
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contentious trial about self driving cars and the culture of silicon valley. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: cnet reporter was ready to cover a full day of testimony. >> they reached a settlement. an audible gasp went lieu the courtroom. >> reporter: the settlement has way mow paying $250 million worth of equity. >> this lawsuit was about allegedly stolen trade secrets. >> secrets from driving cars technology. >> somebody could have information in their head but that could still be considered a trade secret. >> that's where things get messy. tech companies want to recruit the best talent. where is the line between talent and inside information. >> you are going to have know how that an employee gathers at the prior place of employment.
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that's why you want that employee to come. >> reporter: questions about stolen secrets could now go unanswered. other questions were answered. >> travis's testimony was interesting. >> uber's founder took the stand and spoke under oath. >> about the inside story of uber's bro culture. travis would say things like second place is first loser. golden time is over, it's war time. >> reporter: in a statement, he said had the trial conditioned uber would have prevailed.prevar wamo says it's pleased with the settle and is commitmented to make sure each company develops its own technology. in san francisco, jonathan blume, abc7 news. the transbay transis center in san francisco may not open until august or september. the san francisco business times says construction snags are forcing the delay.
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it was originally set for completion late last year. once it's open, the transit center will bring 11 bay area transit sims together in yun location. it will feature a five story building with a bus plaza, retail pop-up spaces and a roof top park. construction began back in 2011. >> there is a new propose a.m. that would ban tackle football in california until high school. lawmakers are citing growing concern overhead injuries and the potential danger to young athletes. the bill is set to be taken up this spring. i passed, california would become the first state to set a minimum age requirement for tackle football. it would affect thousands of children would play pop warner football. the tackle football league is for kids 5 to 15 years old. similar bills have been proposed in new york, illinois, and maryland. oracle arena was packed last not, not for the warriors. televangelist joel owe steen was
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this the bay area. >> reporter: pastors joel and victorio owe steen take their mega church sermon on the road about once a month this. time at oracle arena. >> we come to lift people's spirit, het them know that god is in control of their lives, there are good things ahead they can let go to the past. >> reporter: the message resonates with lisa, who nearly died in a motorcycle crash. >> what he says is powerful and motivating. >> she started watching in the hospital on her phone. we were bringing her books to read. it started that way. >> reporter: some wondered whether their mega church last year was doing enough to house people during flooding. >> we will do better next time. the city didn't know they would have that many people either. they make mistakes too.
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we give them grace. >> owe steen's net worth is estimated between 40 and $60 million. he says he stopped taking a church salary following the success of his books. >> i never dreamed of making this much money or that my books would sell tens of millions. >> they have sold more than 10,000 tickets. >> reporter: in oakland, katie utehs. lisa argen joins with us a preview of the accuweather forecast. and the possibility of winds out there? >> you were hoping for a tenths day of records, right? no. not going the happen. things really turning around. 53 in the city right now. 42 in danville. the winds keeping the temperatures up a little bit. it's breezy in the upper elevations. right here it's nice and calm. we will talk about a sunny saturday and a cooler sunday next. teams traveled from all over the world to stanford to pitch
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breaking news out of south korea. kim jong-il, leader of north korea, has invited the president of south korea to a summit. the invitation came during this meeting in seoul between kim's sister and south korean president moon jae-in. the invitation has yet to be accepted. during the same meeting moon told kim's sister the north should have talks with the united states. the meeting comes as the winter olympics open in south korea. this morning, a swedish cross country skier won the first gold of the games. usually, athletes get all the attention, but this year politics are taking center stage. kim's sister answered the winter
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olympics' opening ceremony, shaking hands with the president of south korea. she sat right hand vice president mike pens. as for the games, the u.s. has 242 athletes, the most any nation has ever sent to the winter olympics. the u.s. is in second place when it comes to the overall winter medal count. norway mass piled up the most. here in the bay area there is a competition to make the world a better place. teams have pitch eed >> reporter: at the heart of this competition is heart. people hoping to lift others out of poverty. the team from vietnam produced a system to text farmers about the weather. >> i have to put my fertilizer because it's going the rain tomorrow. and then they save on money. >> reporter: two people from india want to give girls more
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opportunities in science and math. >> thesers girls had he they grow up they are going to have more economic activity, going to be more responsible for their own body for their own decisions. >> reporter: the competition was created by the humanitarian organization care and styled after abc's shark tank. >> i think that is correct tank is a misnomer. i have watched shark tank. this is going to be very collaborative. >> reporter: the winners are the judge's pick from the republic of georgia takes home $75,000. they will use the money to help add cooperatives. the team from ghana gets $25,000. they use gas for a wild lion suffered purpose
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on all four of his paws during the thomas fire. veterinarians covered his feet to help him heal. he is now six months old. wildlife experts didn't feel it was safe the release him back into the twild. >> we didn't feel that was the responsible thing to do. we knew we could treat him for his pain. >> charlie lives in a pen next to a young female. the initial numbers are in for the 2017 wine grape crush. despite lower looelds yields because of the north bay wildfires. north coast vineyards produced $1.5 billion in grapes. it's partly because of higher prices. the size of the crop fell 8% to 464,000 tons. last year's harvest was smaller because of a labor day heat wave and smoke taint from the fires. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> we have changes arriving just
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in time for the weekend. here is live doppler 7. you can see a little bit of cloud cover here in the north bay. we widen the perspective and there are no rain makers coming in. but there is a weak system riding over the ridge that will bring us a few clouds and kick up the wind. emeryville right now is 53. in san francisco, 47. 54 in half moon bay. right now the winds are up to 20 miles an hour at sfo. elsewhere it's calm and the upper elevations are looking at 20 to 25 miles an hour wind gusts 50 in concord with livermore checking in at 45. so our highlights this morning bringing in the winds, the high fire danger. remember, we haven't had any rain for about two weeks now. and looking at cooler afternoons today, tomorrow, right through monday. and then the temperatures will rebound a bit next week. but the dry weather pattern continues. so it looks like maybe southern california will get a few
5:19 am
showers early next week. doesn't look like it's going the reach the bay area. we highlighted the areas ier, but it's worth showing you again. north to northeast winds, up to 55 miles an hour gusts mainly up in the hills here and we could see the possibility of some downed trees or perhaps even power lines. be careful heading out. as we go through the afternoon you will notice that the morning hours shows the wind gusts along the coast 22 to 34 miles an hour winds. and then through the arch, the colors -- you can see the shades come in to napa, the delta here, with winds dpusing over 30 miles an hour at 5:00 this afternoon. and then right through the evening hours. this is 11:00, and we still have the gusty winds. breezy around the bay. so that in and of itself will make it feel a bit cooler. skipping ahead to tomorrow, we will look for noticeably cooler conditions. upper 50s along the coast. and then for monday, the cooling continues. look at all the low 60s around the bay. even inland.
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but by tuesday looking at some upper 60s in our inland valleys. so we will look for a nice day today for fan fest. upper 50s in san francisco to mid 60s by 3:00. bright and mild. this is at at&t park. in the south bay today, looking for numbers to be right around 70 degrees. so a big change. yesterday you were 80 at the san jose airport. upper 60s today from redwood city. palo alto. san francisco checking in in the mid 60s today. average highs, about 60 this time of year. so certainly still above average, but a good ten to 15 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. 68, petaluma. 69 in novato. oakland, upper 60s for you. 68 in union city. you head inland, we should top out around 70 degrees. breezy at times over in pleasanton and dublin. the accuweather seven-day forecast, today looking to be one of the warmer days out of the next seven with inland highs in the low 70s. more temperatures will drop
5:21 am
tomorrow. in fact all around the bay, with highs in the 60s. and bian mo, looking at a slightly cooler day, around average. and boy, is it funny to talk about the cool 60s in february for us on the west coast. download the accuweather app and you can track those temperatures. >> it's going to be a rude awakening for anyone who hasn't been following the forecast. lisa thanks. it is a simple gesture anyone can do to make a difference. invite someone sitting alone to sit together during lunch. middle school students went to davidson mills school in san rafael for national no one eats alone day. the program reinforces the importance of acceptance with presentations and conversations about social isolation. >> the skills that kids learn in middle school, i think they take those into high school and beyond. so if they learn to be inclusive and aware as children they can learn to be inclusive and
5:22 am
accepting adults. >> the non-profit program started with a few middle schools in san rafael. it has since grown to include more than 2100 across the country. just ahead, a close call for a man using apple air pods. what happened a ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way.
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they had exploded. apple says it is investgating the incident. l.l. bean's lifetime unlimited return policy is no more. the retailer is dropping the policy which it touted with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. it's not imposing a one-year limit on most returns. ll bean says people took advantage of the return policy sending back items that were destroyed or rna rendered useless. some returned items that were purchased at thrift stores. facebook is testing a new down vote button that will let people hide comments and provide feedback about them. this is not to be confused with a dislike button. the social network confirmed to tech crunch that a small number of users in the u.s. are testing it out. an old fran free favorite just got a face lift and it's back open this morning. reggie akey teamed up with hoodline to show you the new and
5:26 am
improved randle museum. >> the randle museum has always had a great perch high atop the city in corona heights park. now the views looking inside are just as nice as the ones looking outside. $9 million bought a lot of improvements to this free museum. go to the basement and you will find a model train exhibits that's been behind closed doors since 1961. you have to have special permission to see it. on sunday it will be open to everyone. the museum is science and education center s home to thousands of animals who can't survive in the wild. and their habitats got upgrades. >> a turtle, an iguana and a rabbits are all living together. they are accessible. kids can see them. in the urban exhibit kids and families can actually touch the animals. >> they are happy. >> their house just got renovated. they are thrilled. >> the grand reopening happens sunday from 10 to 2 snoon on saturday you can learn to light
5:27 am
saber and it's free. a biomeckically sports saber is provided. whatever that means. have fun. to see all of this, go the our website, we will link you with hoodline. still to cole on nbc 7 mornings, flu season isn't over yet. and this week is proving to be one of the deadliest weeks in 2018. plus, spirit airlines is responding to a weird accusation. a woman says she was forced to flush letter pet hamster down an airport toilet. we'll explain.
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semi good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 morning. >> good morning, thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's get a quick check on the weather. here's lisa argen. >> hi chris. good morning. temperatures are coming down today. we will not be seeing the
5:30 am
records we saw yesterday. here's a look at what we are tracking this morning in terms of temps of it's 52 in novato. 42 in danville. 52 in fremont. and in the 40s in the north bay. with some wind in the upper elevation. anywhere from two to 13 degrees milder this morning. that wind right now gusting to 24 in mount tam. above half moon bay, 16 miles an hour wind gusts. in the east bay, 12 miles an hour wind gusts. here's is where we are highlighting the win gusts. 25 to 35 north to northeast winds. they could gust up to 55 miles an hour. lots of 50s by 7:00. just a few schbts by 1:00. napa and concord. otherwise the numbers will still be mild at 4:00. then by 7:00 we will see more 50s around the bay. chris? >> a, thanks. president trump has blocked the release of the democratic house intelligence memo. this memo was a rebuttal to the already released republican
5:31 am
memo, which claims the fbi abused surveillance in the russian investigation. the white house pointed to fbi concerns that the democrats' memo contained classified and sensitive passages but says it could be released with certain revisions. the fbi had the same concerns about the republican memo. nancy pelosi tweeted, this move by president trump confirms that his decision to release the nunes memo was a blatantly political move made without concern for national security. the hypocrisy is on full display. what does the president have to hide? an abc7 news source says the president's chief of staff, john kelly may be willing to step down over his handling over a growing domestic abuse scandal. meanwhile, speech writer david sorenson is accused of violence and emotional abuse toward his former wife. he denies the claims saying she was the one who hit him. and he may be resigning. tara palmieri has the details.
5:32 am
>> reporter: president trump defended his former top aide rob porter who resigned as staff secretary after allegations of spousal abuse by two ex-wives became public. president trump wished him well despite evidence of domestic violence in the form of photos and a police report. >> he said that he was innocent. you will have to talk to him about that. but we absolutely wish him well. >> reporter: the president made no mention of the women accusing porter of domestic abuse but instead commented on porter's state of mind. >> he's very sad. >> reporter: chief of staff john kelly under fire about what he knew and when he knew it. earlier this week, kelly called porter a man of true integrity and honor. but of a a photo surfaced of his first ex-wife with a black eye kelly distanced him. abc news learned the president is furious over how the crisis was handled so much so that he is considering replacing his chief of staff. sources saycaly signalled he is willing to resign over it but a white house spokesperson denied that and said that kelly is here to stay.
5:33 am
porter's second ex-wife suggested that the white house may have known all along. she said she told the fbi everything. >> and i was very candid and frank and detailed with them about my marriage. >> reporter: there are now questions over how rob porter was able to do his duty as staff secretary with only an interim security clearance. the white house says the fbi is looking into it. but he's not the only white house staffer with a temporary security clearance. our sources tell us that the prsident's son-in-law, jared kushner is also using a temporary security clearance. tara palmieri, abc news, washington. a southern california assembly member who was the leader of the me too movement has been accused of sexual misconduct. two men, one a former legislative staffer, the other a lobbyist have accused garcia of improper sexual advances toward them. she denied the allegations and asked for a thorough investigation. san francisco police are asking for your help this morning identifying a suspect
5:34 am
caught on surveillance video stealing from a taxi driver on january 17th at 1:15 a.m. that's when thisment is exited a bar, hailed a cab, stole the driver's bag and after a brief struggle took off. you are asked to contact police if you have information about this crime. 5:34 is our time. the plu is not letting up. health officials say 36 californians under the age of 65 died from the flu in the first week of february more than any other week this season this. compares to 23 deaths the week of january 14th to the 20th. and 30 deaths during the last week of january. that's seven more deaths from the week before. u.s. public health officials say this year's flu season is as bad as the 2009 swine flu epidemic. the cdc reports one in ten deaths in the u.s. last week were caused by flu or pneumonia. the number of flu linked pediatric deaths is now at 63. overall, one out of every 1
5:35 am
visits to the doctor last week was for flu symptoms. officials say the flu season peak could still be several weeks away. now to a bizarre story that end with a woman saying she flushed her pet hamster down an airport toilet. spirit airlines is denying her claim that airline officials told the woman to do it after they wouldn't allow the roadent to fly with her. the florida woman says the pet was on emotional support animal. she says she called spirit twice to make sure it was okay to bring her pet named pebbles but when she went to get on the plane in baltimore, the animal wasn't allowed on board. out of options, the woman claims she was told to flush the hamster down the toilet. 31 dogs, many of them puppies, were rescued this week from a crisis swaying in the central valley. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley introduces us to the dogs who are now getting a second chance at life. >> reporter: these dogs were excited to end up at this pet food express store.
5:36 am
they were found abandoned in a homeless encampment in merced, including crusher, a 7 week old that was crush by a shopping cart. there is little beans action mere 3 weeks old, abandoned in a shoe box in a park in thieu lumbary. this puppy was separated from her litter and she has become beans surrogate mother. >> we will get boxes of puppies left out in an orchard. >> hurricanes, floods, fires, so many natural disasters. but there is a disaster every day in the central valley. they are inundated with dogs, strays, puppy readers, dogfighters. >> they tend to cast away the ones that won't make money. whether they continue to breed or continue to sell is what they keep. everything else goes to shelters or on craig's list. >> look at my boy. >> reporter: senior dogs are thrown out on the streets, too,
5:37 am
like this 10-year-old. bay area organizations are sending vans weekly to the central valley and bringing those castaways here? the bay area so dog friendly. we know dogs are going to find homes here, loving homes here. >> reporter: my low foundation and mad dog res kai will be looking for most of the homes. muttville senior adoption is waving adoption fees this week for the older ones. and as for the youngest, little beans, a group will be nursing him along. as will babbette. more adoptions are in the works. abc7 news. >> four animal rescue organizations will help place the dogs that were brought this yesterday. we have lichks to their website at our website,, you can get information on how to adopt the dogs and see more photos of them. still ahead on abc7 mornings. more trouble for equifax. turns out the security breach last year was a lot bigger than the company reported.
5:38 am
we will explain. first here's a live look outside from our
5:39 am
5:40 am
new documents show last year's massive data breach of credit reporting company equifax was worse than what the company originally reported n. september, the company said the personal information of 145 million consumers had been breached. it included social security numbers, birth dates, and some driver's license numbers. newly submitted documents now show that criminals also accessed tax id numbers, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and more. the oakland coliseum dmv
5:41 am
office damaged by flooding will remain closed for another week. thieves stole about 40 feet of copper tubing from the roof causing water to cascade through the ceiling over night wednesday. the damage flooded the office and it has been closed since. the dmv expects the office to reopen on monday february 19th. the highway patrol is look for the thief who caused the damage. meteorologist lisa argen joins us. you are tracking wind. >> yes, it's in the upper elevations right now. it will be breezy at the coast today. the numbers are going to cool off. yesterday it was hot. we reached the 80s. today, back to somewhat of a reality. still above average. it's 51 in san mateo. we'll talk about how long the cooling trend lasts and how low the temperature also go next with my accuweather seven-day forecast. also ahead. baseball is back.
5:42 am
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what about baby's soap? way to test things this paper represents proteins in your baby's skin. only baby dove with our 1/4 moisturizing cream, ... ...leaves baby skin more nourished... ...with every bath. here's a live look outside from our golden gate bridge camera on this saturday. thanks for choosing abc7 news to start your way. lisa will have the weekend forecast you just moments away. in sports it to be a preview of the western conference finals. tonight the warriors battle the spurs at oracle arena. tip-off is at 5:30. if you are not going, you can watch the game only on abc7. stay tuned for toyota after the game, with larry beil, mike shumann and warriors analyst kerry keating in studio at
5:45 am
around 8 p.m. jimmy g. is opening up about his deal with the 49ers. plus everything you need to know about the giants' fan fest today. larry beil has all the highlights in this morning's sports report. good morning, everybody. all smiles for the 49ers as jimmy garoppolo discussed his new contract. keep in mind even though total value could be up to $137.5 million, the true aurn tee is closer to $49 million. still, obviously that's pretty good money if you can get it. especially if you consider garoppolo has only started seven games in his entire nfl career. but he's still undefeated and the niners believe he is the real deal. >> this is where i want to be, honestly. you know, i wanted to get this deal done as fast as possible. it's only going to help our team. it's 75 degrees out here. it's not a snowstorm like chicago. i just came from there. i can speak on that. it's better here. i don't know. there is other factors that go
5:46 am
into it, too. that's a big part. [ laughter ] >> like millions and millions of dollars. nba friday night, clippers and pistons, grich facing his old quad traded for bradley. they got into shouting match there. herald deny by blake at the cup. griffin couldn't stop everybody. jordan to bradley. reverse, high off the glass. clips win 108-95. ending detroit's five game winning streak. the ladies. cal women hosting colorado. thomas had 15 of her 18 points in the second half. nice. scoop to the hoop. late fourth quarter, mckayla cowling, four baskets in a row lays it in. plus the foul. she had 17 and cal is up two. two seconds left. leonard for the tie. the runner won't go. cal snaps their three game skid, 78-76 and stanford defeated utah. >> pitchers and catchers report
5:47 am
next week in arizona. the giants hold their annual fan fest at at&t today 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. giants feel like they are much better than their 64-98 record from a year ago and they are excited to show it. >> fortunate to play for an organization that didn't decide to tear the team apart. obviously, we had a bad year last year. and they could have gone the opposite direction. but instead they drought in a former mvp and a guy that has been the face of the franchise for tampa bay for ten years. extremely excited to get on the field with those guys. round two, pebble beach, i said it before. have you ever seep an up happy otter? phil mickelson playing at monterey. birdie putt on 15. 6 under 65 on the day. leftie three back of the leaders. dustin judge 3 under
5:48 am
he is 12 under at the break. >> warriors and spurs right here at 5:00. and the post game is right of a the game. i'm larry beil. now our ouk weather forecast with lisa argen. >> you see the camera behind me bouncing around. this is because the wind are gusting to over 24 miles an hour from our east bay hills. that's why it is a little shaky. we have a wind advisory in effect from 10:00 this morning until midnight. the temperatures today they will be cooler. livermore, average high, 59. today we are going for 70. look what happens tomorrow as this weak system pushes through. highs only in the low 60s. the coolest day will be monday at about 60. temperatures rebound to above average reading but we won't see a tenth day of records. that would have been today. we are looking at numbers coming down. still above average, just a couple 70s. yesterday weed 80 at the santa rosa airplane and the concord
5:49 am
airport. and somen san jose it was 81 at the san jose airport. 66 in half moon bay. 76 in san francisco. and today a lot different. so we have some clouds around. the winds are up. and a weak weather system is sliding over this ridge of high pressure. there is going to be a couple that do that and mix up the air and also allow for maybe a little bit of precip in the days ahead. not here. i'll show you where later. 50 in concord. 50 in vallejo. 44 in napa. we are milder with all the win in the upper elevations. 15 december cooler in half moon bay as well as novato. cooler for you in hayward. the sutro tower camera no. fog. with the winds kicking up, fire danger increases today. we haven't seen rain in a couple of weeks. cooler afternoons today, tomorrow, monday. the dry pattern continues next week. we are getting close in our 16
5:50 am
day weather forecast to seeing no rain for the spire month. gusts upwards of 55 miles an hour. breezy in the upper elevations north to northeast winds, 25 to 35 miles an hour. always a concern, especially when the atmosphere is dry and the northerly winds work the dry it out further. 25 to 35 miles an hour wind at the coast. they kick up here. look at the orange. gusty in discoversry bay at 10:00 tonight. ka tomorrow morning there is really no win at all. temperatures will be cooler in the morning. on monday morning there is a system off the coast that could bring some scattered showers to southern california. maybe a few flakes of snow. but for the bay area, no. we are not going to see anything. if you are headed to san francisco today, maybe a light jacket. 65 later on for fan fest. should be a nice afternoon. 68 today over in oakland. that's about five degrees cooler. and temperatures elsewhere will
5:51 am
reach about 70 in livermore. 71 in concord. 68 in san rafael. and then with those winds dialing back back into the 30s tonight in the north bay. it will be chilly. the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have got 60s and low 70s today. it will be cooler with gusty winds. temperature drops more tomorrow. and then we will settle to near average numbers monday and tuesday. valentine's day we are going to see numbers very pleasant. could get used to this, but not a good thing. war so low with our rain. in fact, we could set other record for the driest february. it's dismal in the sierra nevada. certainly not good. >> i know a lot of fans who headed out of the northern california to get in some skiing. >> totally. >> they don't want to deal with the resorts up there. lisa, thank. speaking of the snow, most of france is getting pummelled with heavy snow. the eviffel tower is closed tody to ensure the security of visitors. earlier this week heavy snowfall
5:52 am
trapped hundreds of drivers and caused the worst ever traffic jams in the region. well, get your texting thumbs ready. more than 100 new emobily were announced this week and they will be making their way to your smat -- smart phone in the comings weeks. >> reporter: we all have our favorites. >> use the smiley face and the monkey. now more than 100 new emoji are coming to an phone near you. >> we are developing this new language at an incredibly rapid pace. >> reporter: the union code consortium takes proposals from anyone. >> the process is democratic. it's open. >> reporter: each character has a story. >> i don't know when i would use the mosquito. >> snore who would propose that? >> virologists. >> reporter: but emoji can take on new meanings. what are people going to use the mosquito for? >> whatever secs.
5:53 am
>> reporter: next to the baseball there is a softball. >> they are different sports. >> reporter: next to the crab, a lobster. >> a way to call your significant other, you are my lbster. >> reporter: a red head emobily. the founders of how to be a red say red heads can be bullied. >> you look on the phone to look for something that looks like you and it's not there. >> reporter: now curly hair and red heads will be available. >> i typed the word shoe and i was just kind of caught off guard by the fact that it was a red stiletto. >> reporter: so floory from palo alto proposed women's shows without heels. we broke the news that her flat made the cut. >> really? that's awesome.
5:54 am
>> reporter: the emojis become more inclusive each year. >> it you can be part of it. >> reporter: hutchinson is happy. >> it is the most important mass communication happening at the moment. >> reporter: jonathan bl
5:55 am
we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled
5:56 am
at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner. discover organic ancient grains, like barley or quinoa. just add protein and vegetables to create delicious new flavours. new knorr one skillet meals don't just eat, discover. >> he welcome back, everyone, here with winning numbers from last night's $1 million mega millions drawing. 28, 34, 41, 46, 47, and the number 14. nobody picked all six so the number goes up to $150 million for tuesday's drawings. happening today. burlingame is holding the muddy mile obstacle race. it's open to children from 5 to 14 years old. it is one mile long and it lives up to its name featuring lots of
5:57 am
mud. there are 15 obstacles. it starts at 9:00 a.m. over at bay side fields. the race end at murray field. it costs $30 per child and is limited to 300 participants. check this out. you are looking at the world's first zero gravity dance party. organizers with big city beats used a customized parabolic plane as the venue. the plane descended 8,000 feet. 30,000 people entered to win a spot on the flight. only 14 were selected. it featured some well-known djs. next. man reports a stolen van but police say they couldn't do anything about it. we will explain the law that got this the way. plus state law make remembers considering limits on tackle football. the rule they are
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning bay area. let's get up and get going.
6:00 am
>> this is abc7 mornings. >> it's saturday, february 10th. good morning. and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler 7 for us. hi lisa. >> high chris. cooler temperatures are arriving today. winds are kicking up in the higher elevations. live doppler 7 showing clouds around. livermore good morning to you. 44 degrees. 53 in los gatos. winds up to 27 miles an hour. over in the east bay still 12 to 15 miles an hour. the highlighted areas where we will see the windiest conditions from 10:00 today through midnight, the wind gusts could be up to 55 miles an hour, and out of the north-northeast. just drying out the a. 40s inland. 50s around the bay. low 50s at the coast b


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