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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 10, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> a sightseeing trip on san francisco bay goes from smooth sailing to on the rocks. dozens of passengers were trapped on board waiting to be resc rescued. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. passengers were headed out for a bird watching crew when they hit ground. >> reporter: 41 passengers were on the ospy, it was booked saturday for bird watching. ten minutes after leaving the marina during low tide, the boat ran aground. >> the people picked themselves up and the boat started listing
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in one direction. >> very surprising. >> reporter: it took more than an hour and two small boats to rescue all the passengers. >> no one went into the water. they were able to move the small boats alongside the ferry and able to step from one vessel to the other. >> reporter: the crew members refused to leave the boat so they stayed on board. there were two minor injuries but that's not why sara is upset. >> upsetting we didn't get to see the birds. this was thep out to see these particular birds and i was excited about it. >> most passengers didn't panic at all. >> everyone was riled up but quickly we realized the water was only 7 feet deep so we were pretty safe. >> it was an adventure. >> reporter: all of the passengers left the marina, but it took nearly 5 hours to move the osprey to richmond, an assist boat toe towed it to this
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yard to check for damage. the occupants of a car narrowly escaped injury tonight. they managed to get out of the vehicle when it stalled at the fair oaks lane crossing. cal train confirms there were 349 passengers on the southbound train. no one was hurt in the crash. there have been delays of more than an hour as emergency services cleared the vehicles from the tracks. developing tonight in southern california, one person is in custody after someone breeched security and got onto the runway at los angeles international airport. this happened at about 8:40 tonight and delayed some flights up to 30 minutes. how that person made it onto the run way is still under investigation. more developing news now. police confirm three people are dead and four others injured in a helicopter crash near the
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grand canyon this afternoon. an emergency services dispatcher told the abc news the helicopter was on a tour, he did not name the company. the federal aviatin authority says the kopter was badly damaged and crashed under unknown circumstances. the faa and national transportation safety board are invest gaing. you may call them the lucky ones, the residents whose homes did not burn in the fires. but as we're told, their luck and hope of returning home may have run out. >> reporter: pat crisco takes us inside the place she lived for 15 years. >> this is where my memorabilia was. >> reporter: her problem is one of the few that survived october's wildfires but there's no electricity and the structure is red tagged. she's now living in a trailer and like many of her neighbors,
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pat has been waiting for months for the owners to decide what to do next. saturday they found out at a community meeting. >> they will not be rebuilding this mobile home park. he made that very clear. >> reporter: instead the owners are bringing in burr bank housing. pat says the honorable thing to do would be to buy them out. >> we're like prisoners here. insurance companies won't cover these mobiles that are still standing. so we're stuck. >> reporter: many fire victims are on their final days of fema money. michelle and her mother have been staying at extended stay america just across the street from her community. she comes back to feed the kaks. >> we don't want to live in a concrete building downtown. these people signed up for a yard. all my neighbors we love the yards, we love to have flowers. we like a little space in
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between us. >> reporter: legal aid is counseling many of the fire victims. the executive director told me they are helping them file appeals against fema to continue getting financial assistance. in santa rosa, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. a heads up for those of you who drive through the mcarthur maize. cal tran is surveying the area for a new project. tomorrow the far left lane on westbound 580 to westbound 80 will be closed from 6:00 a.m. to noon. next saturday the left-hand side loun during the same time. washington d.c.'s mayor was in the area to try to lure tech firms to the area. she's been looking at the apple store. they're opening a global flagship store in d.c. and she
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wanted to see one open. the mayor was also meeting with yelp, who is opening in the nation's capital with 500 employees. >> we're always telling people about our city and what we have to offer. there's opportunities to move in and develop. we have a talented, educated workforce ready to get to work. >> it's the first trip for the mayor. she wraps up her pitch on monday. following a similar trip, justin trudeau spent the day in los angeles seen here with the mayor. francisco yesterday where he met with governor jerry brown and the lieutenant governor. turning to the weather you may have notice it had wind today. >> take you outside for a look from our emeryville camera. what's going on right now? >> those winds are slowly relaxing tonight but still we have some breezy spots out
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there. earlier the winds were gusting 40 miles per hour, right now fairfield a wind of 28 miles per hour. we have a wind advisory still in effect for the next hour. this is for the north bay, but the winds are diminishing and that wind advisory will be allowed to expire at midnight tonight. future track showing you by about 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow morning the winds are out of here, less than 5 miles per hour for the entire region. but the winds bring about cooler temperatures for the second half of our weekend. we'll detail the numbers coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good, drew, thanks. two mechanical malfunctions prompted a federal investigation. our partner prorts one of the incidents happened on february 4th. a mid engine rattle prompted the pilot to return to vegas and a week earlier people on the same
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plane were sickaned by fumes. spirit has since grounded the plane. the faa says both incidents are unrelated. two bart employees took a beating yesterday when they were attacked in separate incidents. the first happened in berkeley, a 34-year-old man was placed under citizens arrest on thoughts of battery, an hour later a 29-year-old man was placed under arrest for battery on a peace officer. abc 7 news was in downtown oakland as community leaders and residents discussed issues, everything from land use and development and housing to transportation and arts and culture to help shape the future of its downtown area. >> we can identify projects and programs, strategies and specific places we'd like to see
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developed, but also make sure they're inclusive. >> today's was the first of four neighbor sessions. we've posted the location and times of the upcoming meetings on our website. believe it or not, basketball is almost back. >> it's a great way to kick off the season. we're excited this year. >> here are your 2018 giants. basketball fans get up close with long time players and meet new faces. a special weekend at a local candy shop. saved from the mud, an incredible story in southern california, volunteers not afraid to get their hands
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basketball season is almost here and those giants fans are more than ready. >> today the annual fan fest brought giants players and coaches together with the folks who will fill the seats in the park. >> we have the story from at mntt park. >> reporter: giants fan fest is a tradition. a chance to wander the field and take selfies with your favorite players. 30,000 fans converged on at & t park. >> it can't be worse than last year. >> giants fans welcomed a new third baseman from the tampa bay rays. >> i'm pumped to be coming to a place with a fan base like you guys.
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>> reporter: austin jackson and andrew mccutchen joined the giant this is season. cutch says he won't miss being heckled by giants fans. >> saying what's the matter with mccutchen, he's a bum. that was very nerve wracking. so to be on this side is awesome. you all call everybody else bums. >> reporter: the new trades and familiar faces are giving fans a reason to believe. >> adversary last year will turn into a world series this year for us. >> reporter: the giants season opener versus the dodgers is march 29th. >> play ball. a sweet gesture today from one san francisco small business owner and her kpus mers. abc 7 news was at the candy store as diane cam bell and her two recruits helped customers get their sugar on while
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gathering tips for the leukemia society. she's helping a friend's son who suffers from the diseases. >> families are coming out to support us, our customers are coming out. it's just such a happy joyful occasion. >> a good excuse to eat some sugar. she's also donating 20% of the sales. >> a bad excuse for eating sugar. gone in an an stant a lifetime of memories gone from the mud slides in california. >> a group of volunteers proving all is not lost. >> reporter: entakenled in debris and buried in mud for more than a month. >> look, somebody's blanket. this is an antique quilt. >> reporter: mow men toes of lives lost and those forever
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change preponderance of the evidence judy and johnny goldberg lost their home in january's deadly mud slides and everything in it, or so they thought. >> the place was devastated. >> reporter: some of their precious photos turning up miles away. >> they're a piece of our lives that i get to touch. >> reporter: found and returned by a group of volunteers calling themselves the mud angels. some out every day searching and posting pictures of what they find on facebook. the page so far restoring and reuniting more than 100 keepsakes with their owners, this teddy bear, washed and stitched back together. this quilt pashed down for generations. >> it's a good feeling. >> reporter: back with the goldbergs a full circle moment. more memories unearthed and entrusted to the mud angels.
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speaking of rain, there is a little bit? >> there could be a sprinkle tomorrow afternoon. >> okay. >> we need a soaker for days. it has been quite some time we've seen the rain. today more record warmth. tonight you can see the active scan. we want to see this lit up in green, we need the rain. but tonight we continue that trend of quiet weather. another record high today, oakland, a record of 69 degrees, beet bating their old record of 68. this is the tenth day in a row we have seen record warmth across the region. 73 in santa rosa. the same in san jose. winds of change are arriving. our winds are gusting, especially to the north, half moon bay still 18. the wind direction is the key.
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it's coming from the north and that will pull in some cooler air for the second half of the week. you can see it in north bay. still outside of the north bay, holding on to the mild air in the 50s and 60s. but once the winds calm down later on tonight that cooler air will settle in. over the next 12 hours it's going to be a cold night for some. the 30s inland. 39 in concord, 43 in san jose, about 46 the overnight low in san francisco. 41 the low in oakland. changes are coming to our sky tomorrow afternoon. future weather stops this midday by noon. notice we do not have clear skies. clouds start to increase as a weak ripple of energy patszs along the coast. we stop this at 5:30 on our sunday evening you see a sprinkle trying to pop up in the north bay and it may try and
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touch off a sprinkle in san francisco and along the peninsula. it's not widespread and not a lot of moisture. i wouldn't be surprised if we had a light shower pop up sunday. it's out of here before the day is over and then we turn to sunny skies on monday. on your sunday, sun gets up at about 7:00 in the morning. the clouds arrive attorney midday. and then we'll includes that slight chance of a shower by 7:00 in the evening. the other thing you notice, a cooler day tomorrow, temperatures where they should be for this time of the year. something we haven't really felt at all this february. 60 the high in fre freb. 64 in fremont tomorrow afternoon, 66 in san jose, 62 in vallejo. half moon bay topping out at 59
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degrees. seven day forecast. partly sunny on sunday. we'll track the chance of a sprinkle in the evening. back to average temperatures wise on monday. and then we turn arm midweek for valentine's day and this time next week, the dry pattern still with us and the 70s are making a comeback. zbloou. just ahead on abc 7 news
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posted the photo on twitter assuring followers the mouse is safely on the ground looking for a new ride now. >> yikes. shoe gets to follow the mouse story. >> we had one taking a shower a couple weeks ago. the warriors fought off another slow start tonight. klay thomson came to the rescue ending
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. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. the warriors have a new formula this season, let the opposing team get ahead, let
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them relax with the head and then get up and go. warriors lost three of their last five coming in. derek white, look at the spin move. spurs up 10 after one. lamarc lamarcus aldridge, stops on a time. warriors led 58-55 at the break. third quarter klay thomson throws it down. he doesn't do that often. klay 19 of his team high 25 in the second half. draymond green, 11 assists to go with his 17. monster jam of his own. fourth quarter, klay on fire, the jumper. icette with the three. war warriors cruise to victory
11:30 pm
122-105. >> we're fighting our way through some things but i like the way we have battled the last two games after those slow starts and hopefully we can maybe get a quicker start on monday. >> i was taking good shots and in rhythm and usually when i do that they go in. so you know, you got to stick with it. it doesn't matter whether you have three shots or 15. you have to take the shots there and be aggressive. >> if it does happen, you can't get discouraged knowing there's a full game, full opportunity to impose our will and do what we do. college hoops. st. mary's win streak on the line taking on gone zag ga. they were never it down 12 the half. a baby hook and the bull dogs and gails are tied for the conference lead.
11:31 pm
78-65. gail's 19-game win streak comes to a close. sharks hosting the oile later in the period, darnell nurse, off the side of the net, easy put back, 2-0 after one. sharks go up 3-0, but gave up 4 straight to bash hurdle one. ryan with his first and second career goals and sharks go on to win 6-4 the final. coming up pebble beach, third round action stick around. warriors joe made the game but then
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. good evening thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines one of the biggest rescue efforts in recent months. some bird watchers were stranded when their boat ran aground. the coast guard rushed 41 passes off the chart erred boat, the osprey. residents in a santa rosa mobile home park are facing an uncertain future. they're waiting to hear if the owner is going to sell the
11:36 pm
property. and many can lose fema assistance by the end of the week. >> if you drive through the mcarture maize you have to with lane closures. tomorrow the far left lane on westbound 580 to westbound 80 will be noon. >> we have the first athlete on the podium and the unlikely hero taking the game by storm. >> reporter: one more jump to navigate. red, white and gold for team usa, red girard who hails from outside cleveland, hohio, winnig the runs. conditions too harsh for
11:37 pm
olympia olympians. here's a name you ought to get family with maame biney, the 18-year-old who came to the u.s. before making history. the first african american to make the speed skating team. she's made the semifinals of the 500 meters on tuesday. a one, two, three sweep for the dutch women in the speed skating final. south korea with the biggest gift you can give a host country, the game's first gold medal on the first night of competition in speed skating. a historic moment for the mixed women's team in hockey. >> the brother and sister hamilton team in curling are eliminated.
11:38 pm
now to the mounting tension between israel and iran. what began with a shoot down of a drone ended in air strikes and a jet being shot down. we have the story from london tonight. >> reporter: tonight israeli retaliation. israel's military releasing this video of f-16 jets hitting military sites across syria. the targets at least a dozen, both syrian and iranian, including a launch vehicle that allegedly sent an iranian drone over israel, setting off the attack. but israel's air force also taking a hit, anti-aircraft fire from syria bringing down this jet. the pilots escaping with parachutes. >> this was a bold move by the iranians, the risk is it turns into a broader conflict between
11:39 pm
israel and iran. >> tonight israeli officials warning iran it's playing with fire. but iran firing back, dismissing the claims they sent a drone into israeli as, quote, ridiculous. syria calling the strikes on their territory an act of terror. >> reporter: it strongly supports israeli's right to defend itself. jennifer equalston, abc news london. the east bay paid tribute to a legend with roots, today cliff burton day, he was metallica's original basist. on tuesday they declared february 10th cliff burton day. 74-year-old west field whitfield has died. the accomplished jazz singer who also performed with the san francisco opera died yesterday
11:40 pm
of complications of bladder cancer. she had been part of the local music community for more than 40 years. former white house aid am rosa has returned to big brother after a medical scares. several members said she was taken to the hospital after an a asthma attack last night. the health scare turned out not to be serious. all this after she revealed on big brother that she's worried about the white house because she's seen it on the inside. a group has forfeited a game so a player could be with his dad while he underwent heart surgery. he initially said he would play in the big game, but on the way his coach realized he wouldn't be there so the team rerouted
11:41 pm
the buzzs so he could be with h dad. ending the season there. >> i'm glad they gave up what they'd been working for for one of their players. >> his dad is still recovered but he's still proud of the team. daddy daughter dances aren't the same when daddies can't make it. that's why the police and fire department tried to step up and fill the shoes. dozens of officers and firefighters showed up to make sure every child had a dance partner. >> we usually see the kids in less than desirable circumstances, so it's nice to have a fun interaction with them. >> the girls most watching their dads hue la hoop with the men in uniform. >> earth wind and fire there, someone had musical taste. >> imagine going to sleep with waking up with a british accent and this woman has never been do
11:42 pm
to great britain. >> up in canada there's too much snow so officials are taking an important step. today temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday and that cooling trend
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this story is something. imagine going to sleep and waking up with a foreign accent. >> it's not a joke. this happens. and one arizona woman has had it happen to her three times. >> reporter: everyone only sees mary po pins. >> reporter: not a british unanimousny. this former beauty queen has never left the usa. three times she's gone to sleep with headaches and waking up
11:46 pm
with different accents, irish, australian, british for the last couple years. >> they take you to the hospital make sure you're not a loon. >> not crazy, not faking it, she was diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome. usually it follows a stroke, or underlying health issues. >> i used to go to my mom and say my bones hurt. >> she also has a syndrome that causes bruising and painful joints and best her doctors can tell it made her british. >> i want to tell you -- >> what do you think when you hear that? >> i'm sad. >> why does it make you sad? >> i guess you still have in your head -- i feel like a different person. the person i am now has been through so much compared to this person here. >> reporter: but her outlook is
11:47 pm
sunny. ♪ waiting on a miracle >> reporter: always surrounded by her seven kids and their music but wondering if the sound of her voice will ever change again. >> why am i talking like this? >> there may not be -- we're moving on to a different story right now. okay. >> how about this, there may not be much snow in the sierra right now but we have video of a controlled avenalanche in canad >> it was deliberately set to reduce the snow load. >> what video that is. >> we can't even get rain here. >> we are trying. that storm track is so far north, it's in canada. for us we're talking cooler temperatures the next 24 hours. overnight we have the winds relax, plenty of stars. we'll drop to the 30s in most
11:48 pm
spots, low to the mid 40s for starting temperatures on sunday. we feature clear skies early on. see clouds rise midday and in the evening, at 7:00, a slight chance of a sprinkle. probably best chance on the coast and nothing widespread. like we need a soaking storm. highs on your sunday you feel back to reality temperature wise. the 7 day forecast, temperatures remain back to average on monday and then we begin a warming trend as we head toward later next week, into the upcoming weekend, temperatures back above average. >> drew, thank you. >> no lead is save when you're playing the doves. >> we have more from steph curry on the doves win. and he
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the warriors with another slow start. third game in a row where they twraled by 10 or more in the first quarter, tonight it was against the spurs. but klay thomson threw down 25 and they get a 122-105 victory.r steve kerr wins his 250th win in four years. the quickest in history. afterwards i asked steph how fun it is to play for coach kerr. >> he knows how to relate to all different guys, personalities that we have in the locker room. and obviously he would say that too he made the right decision when he first got into the coaching gig coming out the booth. he had a couple options, i think he picked the right one. created an amazing culture around this organization.
11:53 pm
giving us freedom as players to do what we do. >> you're driving him crazy these last three games with the slow starts. what is it the other teams bringing their a games and wanting to show you guys up? >> it's a combination of a lot of things. obviously we want to correct it. you can't expect to be able to come back every game. but we understand it is a 48-minute game and when teams come in and play against us, whether at home or on the road, we know they want to beat us and they probably circle that game on the calendar. so you have to match the other team's intensity. the biggest thing for us, if it does happen, you can't get discouraged knowing it's a ful game. you can't go down to pebble beach because of basketball season. does that drive you nuts wishing you could play in it.
11:54 pm
>> it looks amazing down there. i know joe lake our owner was down there for three days and made it up just in time for the game. maybe i'll see if i can get a week off at the right time next year, or one of these years down the stretch of my career. if not -- >> picture perfect condition for round 3 of pebble beach national pro-am. the scores are low. these guys are use today fog, rain, tough conditions. but drew brought in the sun shine. it was cut down day for the pros and amateurs. the crown are prince of golf, bill murray, he's a good golf fer, makes a no look putt, but ma misses the cut. jason day his 17th of the day, long birdie, three under 69, 12
11:55 pm
under par in the tournament, he's in 3rd place. ted potter jr., 9 under 62. a triple breaker on the birdie putt he got it. he's tied with dustin johnson. dj making the birdie putt on 18. final round, of course, is set for tomorrow. it's here, over 30,000 eager basketball fans swarmed the park today welcoming the jiengiants to town and catching a look at some of the new members. they finished last place last season. they adding andrew mccmccutchan. >> i'd be in out field and be
11:56 pm
playing and i got right center and left center all in sync saying what's the matter with mccutchen, he's a bum. and that was very nerve wracking. so now to be on this side it's awesome. so i don't have to -- you call everybody else bums. i be like, yeah, they bums. let them hear it. i heard it for nine south bay seasons. >> we as players are grateful to have an ownership group that do go out and after the year we had had last year they still are trying to improve and to add a guy like mccutchen and longoria, who are the faces of their franchise the last ten years it's special. >> hard to believe pitchers and catchers report next week. this report brought to you by river rock casino. congratulations to steve kerr,
11:57 pm
250 wins three plus seasons. i said if you had taken the knicks job. >> he said i'd be out of coaching. >> i would have loved to play for him, e had's great. >> he's fun to talk to, he doesn't duck questions, try to shine you on. he just answers. >> he tells the truth. he tells players what they don't want to hear but maybe need to hear. >> and he can shoot, too. >>
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[ beeping ] fitz: members of the hightower family, distinguished guests, my fellow americans, it is a great honor and privilege for me to be here with you today. today we remember and say goodbye to a man who loved his country, madly. a man who worked to better his country, profoundly... [ cellphone ringing ]


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