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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 11, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a little boy in a wheelchair is told by doctors. >> this he would never be able to walk on aussed. >> now get the remarkable story of a determined family and one little fighter. >> he just wasn't giving up. >> a man outside his home is suddenly jumped by a gang. >> another man comes running in with a club or a bat. >> but see why they are no matched for a well armed wife. this brave eye is ready to get big air in boat that's being pulled by a car. what happens when the launch gets a bit carried away. >> oh, my -- >> oh, my goodness. [. and a picture perfect proposal. >> ♪ you are the one for me.
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>> how the romantic moment is nearly ruined. >> it's on video. >> scram kids. get out of here. >> no, they want to serenade the moment. [ laughter ] >> can you catch me? >> the steps little james is about to take are years and years in the making. what he has is determination. and the desire, the wish to walk. that's because he was born prematurely and was diagnosed with spas particular deplajia, which is a form of cerebral palsy. doctors told james's family he would never be able to walk unassisted. >> wow. >> there you go. video said differently. >> that's where the determination part comes in. his family learned he was eligible for a surgery known as
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sdr. it was not covered in the uk by national health service his family and community got together to raise thousands and thousands of dollars to give him that surgery. that was when he was 3 years old. two years ago he finally had that surgery. and for the last two, he has been doing rehab non-stop. and this video shows the first time james is able to walk. >> he is a super hero, to all other kids, and families, who have to go through this. this is the hope that they can see. >> i wasn't going to say just kids. this is just an example of dedication that will inspire anybody that's going through rehab. he is not giving up. >> he is not 6 years old and he is already making strides in his recovery. when you consider he was born prematurely. he had to be resuscitated and incubated after he was born. this little guy is a big old champ. >> five, six, seven, eight,
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nine, ten. when it's time to pay up, you better pay up. if not, this could definitely be you. because as this man walks towards his game. there is another person there, opens the gate and steps out. at this point he is having a conversation with the person who summoned him. and now we have company. >> oh, wow. they have the whole squad out. >> yep and they are beating him and kicking him. they knock him to the ground. when he he tries to get up, another man runs up with a club or a bat. that's when his wife runs up. >> i was going to say don't get involved. call the police. >> she gets involved. >> does she fire. >> she most definitely does. >> that my woman right there. >> she is what we call a ride or die chick. she starts shooting.
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this man owed money on his rent. the land lord sent in some goons to take care of it. >> if you beat the guy to a pulp, he is not going to give you money. there is no sense behind it. >> was anybody injured. >> there is no reports of injuries. he looks to be fine, bruised because he got beat down but luckily his wife was there. to russia. at a car wash. this fellow is washing his car. it's not clear if he is a customer or an employee. either way this woman approaches him. she is giving him lip. she is mouthing off. at first he kind of turns around like whatever, woman. she keeps talking, he turns around. >> and hoses her down. >> you have to remember, the power washers are really strong. she turns around and comes right back. and he lets loose on her again. when this video was posted on line people were saying she got what she got. >> hold on. did she pay for the deluxe wash? if so, then she did get what she paid for.
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i'm b-rad and this is the flying fisherman. >> get them, b-rad. >> this is from the pmr stunts channel. you know this has been well thought out. >> i'm going to watch. >> oh! >> oh, my goodness. >> 30 miles an hour on to an eight foot ramp in an old fiberglass boat being pulled by a car. they had safety prekraugs. brad had a helmet on. and they had padding on the other side of the ramp. >> that was nowhere near where he landed, right under the ramp. >> they weren't expecting any jump at all. >> brad rag dolls over the jump. now he's in a lump of brad on the other side. >> are you all right? >> [ bleep ]. >> think back to that one time you took a hard hit. do you know in a feeling that your body gets, that -- >> yeah. >> all over. a shot of adrenaline, your body
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going into preservation mode. that's brad right now. >> four, five -- >> got some dirt, are you good? >> can you feel your toes? >> yeah. >> i don't have children but there is a cool mama that lives inside of me, if you don't die i'm going to carry you. >> he doesn't die. he has a bloody elbow. he starts to come around. >> that was the craziest thing i have seen. >> he wants to know did it look good. >> do you know to know how it looked. >> it looked awesome. give us the damage. he went to the hospital. >> i fractured my elbow. they put a melts plate going from here down with some screws. my skin is stapled shut. everything should be healed in about a month and i will be ready to do more. hi. >> everybody wave at bucky cox. bucky cox. >> hey bucky cox. >> his family, they are all waving and they are saying hi. this is in san antonio, texas,
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back in december at christmastime. >> come on. >> yeah. come home bucky. bucky is missed by his family, especially that pair right there, mom and dad. >> we wish he was here. >> what? >> you wish he was here. >> you wish he was here. >> ask and you shall receive. >> yes, she did. and now she's like -- >> oh. >> she's like my baby's home. my baby's home. and everybody in the restaurant starts applauding. [ cheers and applause ] >> by the looks of it, everyone except for mom and dad were in on the secret. >> mom and dad were not in it on, the person with the camera wasn't in it. somebody had to know. >> bucky looks like he was in the marines. >> this is in katie texas, and that woman is tina bernal. >> she is the youngest artist --
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>> she is getting applause. she just finished her gig. she just made a big accomplishment. they said they had a big surprise for her. but i want you to look and see what's going on behind her as they are standing there taking her picture because an invasion is coming. >> we have a real special fan who wants to say hello. why don't you do me a favor and look right there. >> take my guitar! >> that is her brother. she hasn't seen him in three years. he's been stationed in okinawa, japan. as you can see, this is like the end of a book, of a happy story. >> oh. a photographer and a contortionist team up for a ten-minute photo shoot. >> they are going to start the clock and run around and see what pictures they can get. >> see the snaps that are simply amazing. >> she's like, i got it. you got it? plus a video that's -- >> oh, so satisfying.
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visit for a store near you. . closed captioning provided by -- goes on icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. so you're back to full speed. [ male announcer ] icy hot. power past pain. photographer jordan masser is back. we have seen him on the show before. he likes to do ten minute photo challenges. this is on hollywood boulevard. >> they are going to start the clock and they are going the run around and see what pictures they can get. >> stand in the middle of hollywood boulevard. >> go!
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>> oh. >> he gets an iconic picture. >> that's dope. >> she is a contortionist. an "america's got talent" finalist. >> they call hollywood boulevard holly weird. >> people are taking pictures. he goes i can do that. snaps pictures for the tourists gets their details and moves them out of the way so she can run up. >> let me see what you can do. something cool. >> she is awesome. >> he's not giving her direction, he's like do something, she is like go. >> i don't know what you are going to do. >> i'm just going to take a picture. >> nice. >> he tells her to go because he clearly trusts she knows what to do because she is that chick. >> the next one is edgy. >> i'llette tell you had he to run out of the way. all right. ready, move out of the way. >> cool. >> every one of them is amazing.
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>> her face is like, i got it. you got sit in. >> that's not fair. next up, they run into one of those arcades. i have never seen anyone quite use it like this. >> good. >> that's awesome. >> wow. >> you know what -- >> do it. take that picture. >> it's gorgeous and it's just in time because security turns up and they are like out you get. these guys are sitting down for lunch and jordan runs up. >> can she sit here and injo you for the meal? it's going to be so cool. believe me. >> a contortionist sits with you at the table. it is a randomly hollywood thing to happen. it works. she sits down. i guess it's tech nikecally sitting down. cheers. look in the backed ground she has already caught the attention of the mall security. it took ten minutes to create this iconic set of pick. 50 million views on his channel. keep them coming >> there are some videos i can watch over and over.
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this is a black head removal at a spa. >> that's the ear, right? >> that is right inside the ear. see all the pores look like they need some help but that one pore in particular is about to get extracted. >> oh, gosh. that pore is a crater. >> crater like. very large. notice how the person gets this out. it doesn't come out in pieces. >> see like scraping like a sticky pot. like you cooked something on stove and it cooked down and you have got to scrape the edges. >> it's like doe. dough. when you have the dough hook in there it lumps together. and the way theest they tigs seems to be working it out. it is circle moves? like a magic trick. >> it is, you know how they pull out all the scarves and they are all connected. watch, the final pop. >> i'm respecting it all came out at once. wow. >> come on.
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>> if that isn't enough, they roll it back for you to appreciate that one final moment when they make that final pop. >> that's disgusting. >> that one looks like it's been there quite some time. that didn't happen overnight. >> they should carbon date that. >> if you will like the see that, go to our website or check it outan our mobile app. valentine's day with charlene. >> it is a me day, honey. >> how her hot mess friend is spending the holiday. >> put foot up, put foot down. better language [ laughter ] and a brave man heads to slack lining heaven because -- >> it is absolutely stunning. >> see the heart stopping moments as he makes his way across the straight and narrow. >> good-bye, ground. party's over. and today, millions of you will call in sick to work.
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valentine's day. i'm going the do my favorite things. and i'm going to hang out with my favorite person. forget v day, it's me day. put foot up, put foot down. better language. >> where did she get this old soul in her, i love it. >> she says put foot up, put foot down. i'm going to have wine glass up, wine glass down. >> valentine's day can be weird. >> chubby baby notes around with bow and arrow shooting people with them. nobody gets hurt. i just think that's a little disturbing. >> cracking her mom up. >> that's the fun part of the videos you hear mom casey ryan cracking up behind the video. she is not show about the flowers. >> when you give somebody flowers you are giving them responsibilities. you give them flowers because they are nice and beautiful but make sure to give them fake
3:52 pm
ones. >> when you give somebody flowers it's like, here watch this die slowly. >> here a plastic flower, it will last forever, like my love for you. >> but it's fake. >> like my love for you. >> social media should shut down on valentine's day. because i don't want the hear your awkward love stories. >> i know, especially the people that you know behind the scenes and they are putting all their lovey-dovey greatest boyfriend ever business on social. >> why charlene doesn't love vld. we still love here. >> think of your idea of heaven. that's where we are going. at least lucas's version of heaven. he is a slack liner. he first stepped on a slack line back in 2006. since then, he was hooked. figure atively and literally on
3:53 pm
to that lane. >> you mentioned him. my bible says something about the straight and narrow path. but not this straight and narrow, right. >> too narrow. >> i'll go to heaven the other way, quietly in my sleep when i'm old. >> it's funny you say that because they are doing this near this cross. he always wanted to slack line in this location. and you can understand why. it is absolutely stunning. they are covered by these clouds. and look at these shots. i mean, come on. once they pan out, it looks like he's just floating there in the air because the line essentially disappears. >> whoa. >> he is like chilling. woo hoo. >> yeah. he falls on the line, leans on it, and then he jumps right back up. doesn't lose a beat. he is so talented that the 29-year-old holds multiple world records, including the highest altitude world record at about
3:54 pm
18,769 feet. in peru, tash mbd. and the longest high line in africa, crossing the famous victoria falls in zimbabwe. >> what did you do today? >> we went to the pub. [ laughter ] >> a man makes his lady swoon with a proposal she didn't see coming. >> but they also didn't see this coming either. >> the unwelcome interruption that almost killed the romantic moment. >> i was going try to get this wonderful moment but it looks
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and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during the ultimate sleep number event, our queen c2 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides is only $699, save $200. ends soon. visit for a store near you. a river. what they are demonstrating is their product's ability to not retain moist. >> allan and this woman are here for a photo shoot. that's why she was posing. he used a song to ask her out. he decided he should get a shot of him playing his ukulele and singing that very song ♪ >> she's enjoying it and singing along. >> he gulped right there. he is a bit nervous. >> there is a message here. and he changed the words a little bit to ask her a different question than the first time he sang the song. ♪ do you want to marry me?
3:57 pm
>> i don't think she noticed. he puts the ukulele down. and as he is about to drop to one knee. >> oh, my gosh, you are not joking right now. >> i love she didn't see it coming. >> they also didn't see this coming. >> it's on video. >> i was going to try to get this wonderful moment. >> you hear a voice in the background asking if he can help. no, he positioned everything perfectly. it is a wonderful moment, sir. >> was. was. >> you see the look on his face. he is like -- meanwhile, she is doing snivy fingers. >> don't touch it. don't touch it then. >> the man is mumble nlg the backgrounds, and his rug rats are playing with the ukulele. >> my question is why not just take your children away rather than continuing e ing ting to t stop night go away.
3:58 pm
>> they are standing close to the camera. but for them they are probably just all about each other. >> they are in the moment. once she officially says yes, they hug and from here out it's just the two of them. it sounds like the family has gone about theirmerry way. he says it was almost ruined. they were both good sports about it. >> oh, my gosh, you are not joking right now. >> i was going to try to get this wonderful moment but it >> i was going to try to get this wonderful moment but it looks like you are >> i wa♪ strummed guitar get this wonderful moment but it looks like you are you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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