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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 11, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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alabama. the state says they are aware of the arrest report and are gathering all pertinent information. our other story tonight powerful winds topple a fence and that sends two people to the hospital. kate larsen has more on that. >> reporter: there was a construction fence that was wrapped afternoon this condo building that's under construction, it has been for many years according to neighbors. it fell on 23rd and san jose one block off of valencia. the chain link construction fence, had a green privacy tarp attached to it was still partially up around the block and workers for the building were very quickly trying to clean up the mess. around 2:15, sfpd tells me the fence fell on a 68-year-old man
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who now has a traumatic brain injury. i spoke to a woman who saw him lying on the street after the accident. >> the man had blood on his chest, it looked like something fell on top of him and there were a bunch of people around him, helping him. >> he w he was moving and talking and it looked like he was struggling and in some pain. >> just over a year and the construction's been there for a long time, so it's kind of become a permanent fixture, and we have parked by that fence and walked by it so it's saturdays o >> i spoke to some peek who were cleaning up that fence, they said they have no comment at this time. the website said they have luxury condos for sale. now there was also a woman, a 41-year-old woman who was walking with a man who was also injured. police tell me her injuries fortunately, though, are minor, and as soon as we learn anything new, we'll be bringing you the latest.
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>> kate, thank you very much. after 10 days of record warmth, it felt i bit more like winter today. >> taking a look outside, temperatures will be warming up again during the week, though, you do see that wind blowing the camera around a little bit. >> finally, it feels like winter around here, temperatures for the afternoon were stuck in the 50s, thanks to a cold front that brought in cooler air and some wicked wind. look at these wind gusts, peak wind gusts, livermore 40 miles an hour. oakland, san francisco, all the way up to mountain view, winds anywhere from 30 to 38, winds gusting up to 36 in san tcarlos even 26 in novato. later in the evening, the winds remain gusty from 20 do 30 miles
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an hour. in the morning hours, the winds will die down along the coast, but it will still with breezy. all right, we'll see you then, thank you. a wild police chase from the south bay to san francisco, police say three suspects were trying to break into cars a in coupe p cou couper teen know. >> you never see a chase like that, that's why there was people on every corner watching what's going on. >> reporter: stephanie rodriguez was eating at a bar and grill and saw the chase whiz by. >> we heard amount of police sirens and took a look to our left and saw a young man running this direction. >> reporter: they saw a man being chased on webster, heading right for her. what did you do? >> we actually hid behind a car
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because we saw the police with guns drawn and we didn't know what was going to happen. >> there's always a potential danger whenever we have people like this, because we don't know whether they're armed, who they are. >> reporter: police say the three were not armed, at least one of them was a teenager. the santa clara police department says the group was acting suspicious trying to break into parked cars in cup cupertino monday morning. they pursued the suspects and reached speeds of 100 miles an hour. >> we did try to terminate the pursuit by trying to stop it. however that was unsuccessful. >> reporter: the cops say that maneuver may have flattened the suspect's tire. all three were rounded up within 20 minutes and taken back to santa clara county in the back of a squad car.
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oak laland police say that chase ended in antioch this afternoon. the chase ended on elk horn way near deer meadow way. against former aid rob porter. that adviser, kellyanne conway says she has more reason not to believe the women who came forward. reporter david daniel has more. >> i was horrified and i was also very shocked, as many people have noted, this is not the rob porter we have worked with in the white house. >> reporter: white house advisor kellyanne conway spoke out about the latest scandal to hit the trump administration. >> you have contemporaneous police reports, you have women speaking to the fbi under threat of perjury, you look at photographs, and when you pull all that together, you realize that rob porter did the right thing by resigning.
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>> reporter: this stands in stark contrast of what president trump expressed, he tweeted, people's lives are being shattered by allegations. the allegations surfaced last week when two of porter's ex-wives said they suffered years of emotional and physical abuse. since the fallout, chief of staff john kelly has also come under fire. kelly says he only learned of the domestic abuse allegations last week, but critics say he and other white house aides who have known about the claims for months have handled the situation poorly. but despite the blow back kelly is currently facing, conway says he has trump's full support. >> i spoke with the president last night and i told him i would be with you today and he said please tell jake that i have full faith in chief of staff john kelly and i'm not actively searching for a replacement. new at 6:00, new york's
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attorney general has filed a lawsuit against harvey winestein and his former company following sexual misconduct allegations. the lawsuit says the winestein company repeatedly broke state law by failing to protect its employees from harassment and intimidation. any sale of the company must ensure that victims will be compensated and that employees will be protected. a commuter jet crashes in a snow covered field in russia. officials say all 71 people on board were killed. now workers are working to recover the victims. plus a high school student filmed his high school teacher going on a military
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russian investigators say the pilots of a commuter jet did not report any problems before it crashed, killing all 71 people on board. a surveillance camera captured today's fiery crash about 25 miles south of moscow. it had taken off from moscow just minutes earlier. one russian media outlet reported that one of the plane's black boxes has been recovered. russia's president vladimir putin has postponed a planned trip to keep updated on today's tragedy. three people died when an aircraft crashed near the grand
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canyon. four people survived after being hurt, but at least two of them received bad burns. rescuers faced difficulties reaching the craft because of the rough terrain. >> our first responders had a 20-minute hike to get to the scene. >> all four survivors are being treated at a trauma center in las vegas. officials haven't shared the names of the people hurt in the crash. a group of southern california veterans has posted video of his teacher talking about the military. >> they didn't take care of business. >> 17-year-old victor received a certificate of reck missiogniti an american legion post. he says he was wearing a marine corps shirt when his teacher began criticizing the military.
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quinones plans to join the marines as some of his other family members have. >> i have always seen them as my heroes and to hear they think i'm their hero, it makes me really, really honored. >> we are damned proud of him. >> his teacher is also getting calls to resign from a city councilman. the team pulled up near hornet field in alameda in a military rescue boat as a retired navy s.e.a.l. you see there jumped out of the moving vessel and swam ashore. he then stood in front of 1,000 quakes fans as he stood there wearing the jersey. following the cardinal high school football team after the north bay wildfires. the national show featuring the
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team's journey back to win a championship game. the at&t pebble beach pro am always has a perk to attending..
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more & less - that's the power of &. a santa rosa high school heavily damaged in the north bay wildfires is in the spotlight tonight. our sister network espn follows the high school football team focusing on two seniors who lost their homes. the episode titleled through the fire airs at 8:00 tonight on espn. a valentine's weekend tradition continues for the eight year today in san jose. >> three, two, one! >> this is the fun loving pillow fight in san jose or as mike schuman calls it, i love you, honey, smack. at noon the fighting began,
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organizers call it a silly tradition that livens up downtown san jose. you can likely expect hundreds of people to pillow fight in san francisco's embarcadero plaza on wednesday. you're looking at video from last year's unsanctioned valentine's day tradition. that is always such a fun thing. it has been windy for much of the day today, and those winds ushered into much cooler air, live doppler 7, along with satellite, we did have a fair amount of cloud cover to the south around san jose right now. some ominous clouds earlier today, it almost looked like it wanted to rain in parts of the bay area, but still we have that dry pattern overhead unfortunately. live doppler 7 showing you around lake tahoe, just a ripple
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of moisture brings some snowflakes. it's nice to see a couple of inches of fresh powder here. back home, it's all about the temperature change, finally we're stuck in the 50s where we should be this time of the year. we're 11 degrees cooler in oakland than we were this time yesterday, same in napa, four degrees cooler in santa rosa and 9 degrees cooler in napa. a cold front came through earlier this afternoon and helped to bring in that cooler air and kicked off the prizes, 23 in san carlos, 21 at half moon bay. certainly having an effect on our temperatures, 40s and 50s. the name of the game out there tonight, 51 in san francisco, so certainly the jacket is needed later on tonight. 54 in san jose, 55 in concord, and clover dale, one of the coldest spots we have on our map right now, 59d degrees.
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during the next few hours, it will be a blend of cold and wind. right along the coast, it will be rather breezy, 10 to 20-mile-per-hour winds, temperature-wise, a lot of us starting off in the upper 20s, if not the middle 30s tomorrow morning. there's that cold front that moved through here earlier this afternoon, and kicked up those winds, this system not moving anywhere the next 24 hours, the winds will continue out of the north, bringing that cooler air, and also those breezy conditions for your monday as well. so the 12-hour planner that sums up at 7 in the morning, decreasing cloud cover, however the winds will be with us, breezy midday, 10 to 20 miles an hour. that will keep temperatures seasonal for this time of year. this is where we should be for
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february. 59 in san francisco and oakland, 61 in san jose, a high of only 58 in cloverdale and 62 in conco concord. morning clouds, breezy coditions on your monday. temperatures stay seasonal into tuesday and into valentine's day on wednesday, and the second half of the accuweather forecast, the warming trend begins again and that dry pattern continues. let's tee it up, ted potter jr. not your household name on the pga tour. he's been around for 15 years and won once in 2012. today, he outplayed the number one player in the world at at&t pebble people pro am. arizona cardinal leader fitzgerald, number 7-year-old goes in, he and hiss partner won the pro am by 7.
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ted potter bowi bied the first, failed d.j. and jason day in the hunt. he was top ranked with d.j. coming in. this is third shot from a bad lye, he bogeyed tie -- mickelson finished the day at 5 under par. goes from pebbles to a sandy beach, somehow parred the hole, 270, tied for second at 14 under. potter parred the rest of the way for a grand finish, slides by. he parred 369, wins by three strokes for a second pga tour win and $1.3 million. >> i sure hope i knew probably going into this one, that i was going to win the golf tournament. i knew i'm the underdog there,
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what do i got to lose really? just go out there and play the best golf i could and see what happens? why put more pressure on myself saying i'm playing against the number one, just go out there and play. >> there's no rhyme or reason for some of the shots that are happening, i mean you're blown away by the precision, accuracy and the putting ain't for these guys to get up and down every and it gives you a greater respect for their profession. first period, andre comes down the board. jones wants that back, 1-0 ducks. couture tries to tie it up. he falls, still tries to shoot it from his rear side, does not go, right now ducks are up 10-in the second. warriors have the day off before they head to portland before the all-star break.
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steve kerr won his 50th game. the fastest reset number of any coach in all of sports. phil jackson, greg popovich and don shula who was joking with me afterwards, is it just a number or does it mean anything? >> of course it means something to me, it means that i'm incredibly lucky to coach a great talented bunch of guys, i mean for this to be my first job, you know, most people, nobody in fact has been able to inherit a group like this, so i'm fortunate. >> all right, cavaliers broke out their new look roster after the trade deadline. lebron james had 10 assists, george hill had 12, also newcomer jordan clark 17 points in only 22 minutes. and the cavs since the trade deadline, they smoked the mavs.
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brittany mcphee carried the cardinal, 9 of 14 shooting, 12 boards, she helped stanford end the half on an 18-2 run. melissa jones also contributing, they go on to win 62-53 for their sixth in a row and their ninth win out of their last 10. and the stanford men lose to colorado 54-66. that's what i love about pebble beach, you just never know who's going to show up. >> for the whole sport of golf. >> that's true. just ahead, the movie based on the story of three northern california men who stopped a terror attack debuted at the box
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tonight on abc7 news at 9:00, over on kofi tv news, how guide dogs are earning their rings. the state of california opening an investigation into massive health care provider etna just days after a stunning admission. the 50 shades trilogy took it's place in the box office.
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>> 50 shades brought in $8.8 million in its opening weekend. >> peter rabbit was second with $25 million and the 1517 to paris took in 12$12.6 million. >> the greatest showman took in $6.4 million. just wait until the schuman story comes out. that's going to make millions you have never seen before. >> that's it for
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