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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 14, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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live where you live,thisis abc 7 news. >> mystery solved. it was marijuana. ten students who got sick in a san francisco school apparently consumed cannabis. thank you for joining us today. kristen will see you later today. a lot of conversations are happening about drug use after students and parents saw kids taken out on stretchers yesterday. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at james lake middle school, amy? >> reporter: not just noah valley, but we talked about it at my house as well much there was a written statement saying a container labeled medical cannabis was found on campus and was taken by officials.
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they tell us the kids are recovering, so now the focus turns to the big picture, and parents tell us they had serious talks with their kids last night. it's valentine's day. kids at james lake middle school in san francisco will hesitate before accepting candy. after conversations they had last night with their parents -- >> eat anything that's, you know, that's not in a wrapper, that's not -- that's in a zip lock bag to be careful. we don't know. >> reporter: parents spresponde to what happened here yesterday afternoon when ten kids got sick after ingesting what the district now says appears to be cannab cannabis. one dad said his daughter said it was in a form attractive to kids. >> one response was it was an edible thing like candy, describing it as -- i don't know, strips. >> reporter: parents are worried this is just a sign of the times. >> especially with the change in
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the marijuana legislation, i think this is just, you know, a first story in probably many that will come. >> i have a 20-year-old, and she's never -- i never heard of anything like this, and she was going to james lake too. it's scary. >> reporter: there was a hope that educators will address what happened. >> the school should and district, really, should seize on this, this kind of moment of shock and awareness and attention that the kids have. >> reporter: one mom told us she did hear that the school was going to bring in someone to speak about this today, but the principal and the school district did not return our phone calls. just put out that release saying that they will be prioritizing drug education, and continue to prioritize it in schools. they also have not released information who brought it to the school, but pointed out bringing marijuana or any drugs or alcohol to school is against the law.
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live in sfran francisco, abc ne 7. thank you. a san francisco construction worker in the hospital after a truck hit him. sky 7 was over chestnut street around 9:30 this morning. the victim was conscious when taken to the hospital. they are investigating the cause of the crash. sky 7 was over east oakland where police say a suspect is barricaded inside a home right now after a shooting. this is happening on east 8th street at 53rd avenue, one block from san leandro street. part of 8th street is blocked off. police got a call of a shooting at 8:00 this morning. the victim was not hurt, but the suspect is barricaded inside a home. there's a homicide investigation underway in half moon's bay after a man's body was found overnight. deputies were called to the parking lot of gray whale cove state beach around 1:00 a.m. for a report of a man down.
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a man's body was there and deputies said he had injuries to his face and upper body. california state parks authorities are leading that investigation. two people suspected of killing a woman and leaving her for dead. they are expected to make their first court appearance this afternoon. police arrested the two monday accused of stabbing their friend, 19-year-old, and investigators said she spoke the names of the suspected killers before she died. no word of a motive behind the murder. imagine being on a flight over the pacific ocean and you see this outside your window. the faa investigated after an engine cover came off in a flight from sfo to honolulu, the flight landed safely in hawaii yesterday. everybody's okay, but passengers on the right side of the plane saw this for about 45 minutes, pieces of metal flying.
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>> thought we were going to die. i made sure my kids knew we loved them. >> we reviewed and held hands and prayed. >> reporter: what an ordeal. the pilots followed procedures for engine failure, and the boeing 777 is designed to fly up to three hours over water on one engine. it's not clear what caused that malfunction. if you have the news app, you were immediately notified of the story yesterday afternoon. that's how i found out about it. the app is a free down reports of a shooting, three people in custody, and there was an unauthorized vehicle with a driver and two passengers tried to enter this morning, three were hurt incoming an nsa officer, but not because they were authority. authorities say it's not terrorism-related. we're learning about a deadly car crash in los angeles
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involving two celebrities. one of them actor luke wilson and the other professional golfer bill haas: caught in the chain reaction crash last night. here's video, and it looks bad. police say that haas was a passenger in the ferrari that collided with the bmw. wilson's suv was clipped. the driver of the ferrari was killed. now, the haas has been in the hospital, released, and wilson was not badly injured. tens of thousands of students in the csu system don't have a reliable place to call home. the california state university system is out with its first ever system-wide report on student according to the study, 11% of the csu's 480,000 students lack the stable home in the last 12 months. they found an estimated 200,000 students have problems or limitations affording food known as food insecurity.
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that's nearly four times the national rate. the study was conducted across all 23 csu campuses. right about now, delivery people are showing up in offices across the bay area with flowers that make their coworkers jealous. happy valentine's day. abc 7 news reporter matt keller went out looking for the business of love this morning, live at the county clerk's office in san jose. anyone getting hitched? >> reporter: business is good this morning, reggie, the day of romance. 17 couples here in santa clara county. this is the wedle chapel here in san jose. they are getting married today, and many more are expected to drop in to make their relationship official. it's a valentine's day tradition. >> yeah, valentine's. got to make her happy, man. >> reporter: nice job. an experienced husband knows you're not late if she doesn't notice. sweet treats makes everybody's
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day. >> does everybody get one? >> yeah. even my teacher. >> reporter: at city's florist in campbell, it's the busiest day of the year. >> we look at it in stems, we have 50,000 roses going out today. >> reporter: roses are the no. 1 seller, tulips no. 2 followed by lilies. 50 drivers make about 2,000 deliveries today from city's three shops in silicon valley. the florist is ready for walk-ins, so procrastinating is not a bad thing? >> no. guys are that way. most guys, women too, but mainly guys kind of wait until the last minute to buy, and we're here for them. >> reporter: although he's one of the procrastintors, but making sure his wife gets a valentine's day surprise when he delivers her flowers at work. what's the reaction you want from her? >> a smile and a hug. >> reporter: all right: here at the santa clara county clerk's
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office, express marriages are taking place today too. 61 couples married last year. on a normal day, there's 23. live in san jose, matt keller. >> one of our bosses just got flowers from her loving husband. i received nothing. you, matt? >> reporter: very nice. no, nothing yet, but it's our job to give to them, right, reggie. >> oh, sure, i forgot about that. thanks, happy valentine's day. >> reporter: and i mean bosses. >> okay, got it. thanks, matt. not what you expect to see on the streets of sin city, the run away bull rangeled up this morning, and a porn star payoff. president trump's closest adviser admits paying stormy daniels tens of thousands of dollars. you can see clouds coming in with the dry cold front. if you are following live doppler 7, there's radar returns, but it evaporates
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new developments this morning, another former star speaks publicly accusing the actor of abuse. alexander says that he was sexually harassed and assaulted on the set of "charles in charge" between ages 12 and 15. actress nicole eggert was there,
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accusing him of sexually abusing her on set. he says he once threw a cup of hot tea in his face and repeatly verbally abused him. >> told me if the conquests with the young girls at the same time convincing me i was unlovable, defective, and branding the most as a ruwords that exis. >> he has denies allegations. now to president trump and the porn star payout made by his closest adviser. michael cohen paid stormy daniels $130,000. we are in washington with that. >> reporter: >> reporter: adult film star stormy daniels sent mixed messages whether she had an affair with trump in 2006 in a lake tahoe golf tournament years before he was president, but months after melania trump gave
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birth to their son. she allegedly admitted to the affair in a 2011 interview but since denied it. now the president's lawyer, michael cohen, admitted to paying the porn star using $130,000 of his own money, cohen said in a statement, neither the trump organization nor the trump campaign was aparty to the transaction and neither reimbursed me for the payment drae directly or indirectly. the payment was lawful and not a campaign controversial or campaign expendture by anyone. cohen did not say whether mr. trump knew he made the payments. reports of an alleged affair between daniels and president trump resurfaced after a "wall street journal" report alleged she was paid $130,000 before the election to prevent publicly speaking about the relationship with president trump during the campaign, and there was a transcript of a 2011 saying she was invited to the suite where they later had sex.
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daniels did not confirm or deny details. >> is any of that true? >> define true. >> reporter: the admission comes after the government asked the federal elections commission to investigate whether the payment was an illegal use of campaign funds. abc news, washington. following breaking news from the peninsula. right now, redwood city police are searching for a missing at-risk juvenile. you see the picture on the screen. 15-year-old jesus coe. authorities are concerned because he has down syndrome. he was walking near the station in redwood city in a blue sweatshirt and a mario backpack. if you have information, call redwood city police. former gop presidential nominee romney is launching the campaign for utah senate tomorrow. three people close to the
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campaign says he's seeking to replace senator hatch who is retiring. he moved to utah in 2012 after losing the presidential election. he's considered the overwhelming favorite to win the senate contest. police in las vegas had hands full this morning. they were not trying to catch a bad guy, but they were trying to catch a bull. for more than two hours this morning, the bull led police and animal control officers on a wild jaunt around the city. they thought they had him several times, but he managed to slip away, and finally, it ventured into a gated front yard where he was coaxed into a waiting trailer. an animal control team is checking the bull out and looking to fine the bull's owner. bay area christian marked the first day of lent. huge crowds greeted pope francis in mass, speaking about the significance of ash wednesday saying the cross of ashes mean catholics are making a commitment. it marks repentance and a mark
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of fasting or sacrifice leading up to easter sun. two big retailers hire before home improvement season kicks in this spring, and ll bean faces a lawsuit over the new return policy. the company now responding to some angry customers. right now, a live look outside from our walnut creek camera. our
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now your accuweather forecast with nike nicco. >> weather window on the east yet, but it's on the way, behind this cloud deck that is raining down on us from 14,000 feet from
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this storm spreading from san francisco to winnipeg, but, unfortunately, because it's raining 14,000 feet, the air is so dry below it, it's not reaching the ground. in fact, you can see the precipitation shield falling apart as that cold front moves through. look what it's doing to the temperatures, especially up north. look at that, 48 degrees, 13 degrees cooler now in santa rosa than this time yesterday. the rest of us in the 50s. you can see 61 in los gatos, and temperatures are not going to warm a lot with that cloud cover over us, but leaves us late in the afternoon, and we could see a couple degrees of warming. partly sunny, cooler today, breezy, and breezes will be stuck in the hills tonight adds stars return to the skies. clouds exit down out of the south in the evening hours. a winter chill, first blast of arctic air coming our way next week. temperatures today, about 60-64 degrees. same in morgan hills, coolest up
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north, least amount of sun. heading out this evening, special plans for valentine's day? mid to upper 50s at 5:00, don't bring the umbrella. at 9:00, we're in the mid-40s to 50, and at 11:00, in the upper 40s. we're on the way to 47 in san francisco, and low to mid-40s at the bay, the coast, palo alto cooler at 39, and that's more like the temperatures inland, mid to upper 30s. i don't know that we'll get to freezing like this morning in areas because of the winds. winds pick up 10-20 miles per hour in the afternoon hours, and 20-30 overnight, especially in the north bay, and they taper heading towards tomorrow, and that's going to lead us to sunshine and warmer temperatures. we'll rebound tomorrow, near spring-type levels, especially the lake and the cove saturday, and then another dry cold front coming strait from the arctic. it's going to roll in sunday. you'll start to notice it monday
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as it's going to be very blustery those days with highs barely in the mid to upper 50s, and lows tuesday morning and wednesday morning could be in the mid-20s inland. all the things blooming, take care of those those nights. >> nature's confused. >> i do feel bad for her. >> i like it, it's a good way of putting it. now today's morning money report. spring is almost here and that means home improvement season. lowe's is looking to hire more than 53,000 full-time, part-time seasonal workers this year. hiring events in stores across the u.s. next wednesday. home depot plans to hire 80,000 seasonal workers, laumpnching a new app so applicants can schedule interviews. l.l. bean is sued because of changes to the retailer's return policy. l.l. bean dropped the unlimited return policy last week. the lawsuit filed in federal court says the company broke its
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100% satisfaction vow to customers, breaching the warranty. l.l. beans says items bought after february 9th have a limit on returns, all items before that can be returned as long as there is a proof of purchase. los gatos based netflix signed a deal to take ryan murphy away from 21st century fox. he's known for shows like "glee" and "american horror story," the deal is worth up to $300 million, making it the biggest contract ever for a tv producer. this is the second big name netflix signed. last year, they took shond shonda rimes away from disney, the producer behind "grey's anatomy." he usually pranks her, but now -- >> she's taken his car hostage.
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we're on 24/7 on the abc news app and, and on our website on this valentine's day, we posted how to say "i love you" in several languages. if you log on from your phone, download the abc 7 news app for breaking news alerts. love is in the air in san
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francisco. i know this because we saw it from penguins! getting their valentine's day on at the california academy of sciences. you know what? this is actually adorable. it's part of the annual tradition involving african penguins, and biologists hand out red felt hearts. the males take the heart and then they carry it back to their mate, and the penguins use that felt material in the nests. that apparently reenforces the couple's bond. maybe i should get m
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