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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 15, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> all done. >> breathing. >> it's the remarkable moment a woman takes a breath with her new lungs. >> now, jennifer jones and her fiance reveal the long journey to that first taste of a new life. >> it was something that i haven't been able to do for so long. >> i had no idea she was going to talk. >> you got an f-1 driver and an empty shipyard. the new angle as he donuts the dock. some kittens are loving their new toy. >> it's play time. >> but see who's not on board
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with this game. >> he's on me. >> we're breaking down the best on the web including a defined dating moment when a man is going to see you without makeup. >> what happens when one funny lady tries to keep the mystery alive. >> i knew it. >> you're looking for a daily dose of goose bumps, be prepared to stock up because i have a lifetime with this video. that's jennifer. she's been through a lot. this is the part where i'm assuming the doctor is going to remove her breathing tube. >> no, no. there, we go. >> you can look at her face and the emotion in her eyes. >> all done. you're breathing. >> this is the first time that jennifer has breathed unassisted with her new lungs. yeah, she has just undergone a
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lung transplant. >> there. say hello. >> hello. >> the smile on her face and then i want you to just see the look of pure ecstasy on her face. and there's a lot behind this video. jennifer when she was younger was tested with cystic fibrosis and it was negative. it was a false negative. years of coughing dpfollowed. by the time she discovered she had it she had 65% lung function. she was told she would have to wait until she gets replacement lungs. as luck would have it that same afternoon she got the call. >> think about how important organ donation is in this story. >> that's the reason they're putting this video out. >> life right this minute, we
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have rob and jennifer, welcome to the show! jennifer, talk us through what was going through your head at that moment. >> so much emotion, but that moment that they took everything out and i could fully take that breath in and i just could not take enough air into my lungs and it was incredible. very overwhelming and that's about all i remember after that. >> what was the journey like for you, because this obviously isn't something that developed over six months. >> she's a lot of work actually. >> hey. >> you've been very helpful. >> it was a lot of work. we had to plan our trips on how much oxygen we had left in the tanks to go with us. >> what has this process taught both of you about the people you've surrounded yourself with. >> when i proposed she didn't have as much oxygen. i had no idea she was going to talk this much.
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>> i just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your videos with us. the pair of you, you really are a breath of fresh air. >> so shareable. >> thank you. jo oh, let that be this car was back in 2007. carlos is normally a rally car driver but i think that's why they put this car in his hands because he has incredible car control. oh, it's been -- they shipped the car down there and i guess he couldn't wait. they took this thing out of the crate, lighting it up, getting those tires nice and hot and sticky and putting on a show for the dock workers around.
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niece to hear th-- nice to hear engine. >> formula 1 fans, this video is a little bit old but this particular option was released. march is when the new season of f-1 kicks off. if you're a racing fan at all or may consider getting into a racing sport, formula 1 is the best. >> i want racing through shipping containers to be a thing because this looks freaking cool. >> it does. >> yeah. >> i thought you were just doing an impression of the engine. >> it sounds good. listen. [ engine revving ] >> leroy whoton wants to play a
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game of chicken but he calls it something else. he's australian. i wonder who he's competing against in this game of chicken. >> in this case i would play chicken by being chicken. >> normally they rarely attack you. >> what kind of spider is this? >> it appears to be a huntman. >> their bite might hurt but their toxin is low to humans. >> let's see who blinks first. >> he's pretty big, right? who's going to go first? oh! >> oh, dude, he like jumped. they may not be dangerous but that's going to be in your psyche for months. you're going to wonder, is there one crawling on my pillow? >> yeah, this one is pretty fast. >> who's going to go first? >> it really did jump at him. >> he stayed remarkably calm. >> i would have just literally
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jumped out of the window. >> nor do we see where this one goes after wards. jeff here is showing us what he does when he finds a huntman. >> they love when they see spiders like this. they love to play with them and this kitten thinks it's play time. >> the spider on the toilet. >> the right place to be if it's going to scare it out of you. >> yeah. >> get off. >> whoa! >> that leap! >> the face hugger from aliens. >> let me play in slow motion for you. right here it springs up and you can see it coming straight towards you. >> it looks like it's getting revenge. >> the 100th day of school. it means many different things to different schools, teachers and students. from eddie b comedy, which is what it means for him.
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>> trying to figure out how early i got to get to school just to beat some people to the copy machine. mr. brown, why is your hair everywhere? because my life is everywhere. my administrator is going to give me a write up. >> something tells me he's over it. >> sometimes the highlight of my day is snatching a note that a student wrote to another student and reading it at my desk. i didn't know why she was asking the question. >> didn't give the little sister a chance. you didn't even know what it was. >> i know what it ain't. this is how i call the roll now. hey, is this the 100th day of school or just a few days closer to spring break. >> i think it's closer to spring break. >> a little boy coughed on his paper. >> this is the way eddy b handled it. i threw the red pen at him and told him to put a 75 on it and
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throw it away. >> he's a day or two after spring break. >> we'll give him a few days of rest and relaxation. >> men get to work to rescue a young deer that's caught in barbed wire. and here to save the day. >> they can't do it alone. why he's ready for a super adorable side kick. this is charlie. and this is charlie not coughing because he took delsym 12-hour. this is charlie not coughing while trying not to wake zeus. this is charlie not coughing while sitting very still. and this is charlie not coughing while getting a little too into nana's party. because he took delsym. nothing lasts longer for powerful cough relief. delsym. the joy of not coughing. and don't forget kids 4 and up. delsym is #1
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pediatrician recommended. ♪ ♪ ♪ can you say i love it? ♪ oh love it? ♪ can you say hey? ♪ hey! ♪ that's the spirit! oooooh.♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ wooo wooo ♪ sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.♪ ♪ ooooh oooh. ♪ everything little thing. i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol.
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so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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closed captioning provided by -- r 24 as hour one. so be wise all take new xyzal®. r 24 as hour one. cory was up in vermillion alberta, canada and he spotted
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that fawn. that fawn caught in some barbed wire. he tried to free it and realized he needed a little help so he called his buddy. >> her leg looks snow. >> there is blood on the ground. it really is wrapped up there in that barbed wire. >> we have such a hard time. one of them has to go get some tools. cory stays with the fawn. >> that dude looks exhausted. it's obvious it's been there for a long time. >> finally somebody does come with a tool. there are more than two barbed wires that are involved here. so one wire is cut and he thinks he has to cut the other one. but he doesn't. now they just have to slowly pull that leg free. >> ouch! >> this one stayed pretty calm. >> well, i guess it feels good now. >> they're worried that it's broken, but -- they discover it wasn't broken. >> the thing isn't moving.
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it's probably in shock. >> you won't believe what happens at the end of this video. it's like oh, wait a minute, i can go? >> right through the fence. makes it through the fencing. >> they say even though it was limping on that hind leg they realized that it wasn't broken and they believe it will make a pretty good recovery. guys, beware, superboy is here for any of your sha nan gans, speak twice. when you're on the prowl, think twice. and in this case he's not only a sweet ty pie, but a >> he has a new baby brother or sister coming in august of 2018.
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he's two years old. his dad works at denver 7 and his wife is expecting. this is a fun way for them to announce the news to their friends and family. >> let's head over to the gender reveal. they've got the balloons out and they're going to reveal whether it's a boy or a girl. >> what's in the balloons? they look heavy. >> funny you should ask that. it's paint inside. >> paint? >> paint. >> okay. children throw up like that. it's a boy and since it's a boy, going to be the first to tell you that boy cousin is always making a mess. once they did regain focus they realized it was a little boy and they were happy about it. for the moment, the outfit is ruined. she's only three and she loves to get her groove on. next, right this minute.
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>> and still to come, a brave guy approaches a mountain's edge. >> i can jump. >> yeah. easy. the amazing speed flying precision that will have you saying whee! >> plus, unwrapping a surprise makes mom emotional. >> that big bottom lip. >> we're going to lose her. >> the story behind the long lost treasure that finally found its way home. >> how did you find this? bye grandpa. and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help. entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital compared to a leading heart failure medicine. don't take entresto if pregnant. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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whenfrom eczema, akout i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. after 19 years of pro ball i know pain. but icy hot lets me power past it. [ male announcer ] icy hot no mess roll-on. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. [ shaq ] icy hot. power past pain. >> this is getting to speed gliding. it's easy. >> let's go. go big or go home. >> can you fold things up? yes, you can. he folds it up nicely and you've got to take it wherever you want to go, like the top of the mountain and unfold it. personally, i feel like we could do this. >> so far i'm with you. >> now, he's in utah, in this
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case he finds the perfect exit point. again, we can do this. he just jumps off. >> i can jump. >> easy. >> where are you going to land, my brother? >> hopefully we don't have to if it all goes right. >> speed defying videos are my favorite. this is no different. heads off some trees because we'll try to cut them while we're there. that's a bit close. now the perfect time to do something crazy. how about this? speed flying or trying to do some landscaping. >> there's a mountain. >> he obviously knows exactly what he's doing. he must have scouted this run to perfection because there are so many instances where had he gotten it slightly wrong he'd be just ketchup on the side of this cliff but on this case he's nothing but -- hard right, goes towards this gap. >> you can maneuver. right?
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this is like a video game. >> i can turn left and right. might be a little more advanced. in this case he makes it look so easy it makes me want to get out there and do it myself. we're months past christmas. that doesn't mean it ain't time for a beautiful lovely present. mom, we've got a surprise for you. >> a little late, bud. >> a special surprise for you. >> this is not a dress. >> just open the present. >> she said it's my box. that big bottom lip. yeah, we're going to lose her. >> it's obviously important because even wrapped she knew the size of what she was missing. >> you mean you found it? >> oh, gosh, one little peek inside the box and she is in tears. >> what is it? what is it? >> it's her dress. >> where did you find this?
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>> this is a pretty cool story. this is michelle's dress from her wedding in 1985. >> like her dress that she wore on her body when she got married. >> that's the one. after the wedding she sent the dress off to a dry cleaner and they gave her a box right back. she took that dress box and put it in storage. michelle opened up her dress box five years ago and noticed -- >> it wasn't hers. >> exactly. >> no way. >> this is not my dress. >> it was a horrible day when i opened that box and it wasn't my dress. >> how did they find it? >> well, how do many things get found these days? social media. yep. of course other people have lost their dresses too. they posted their pictures up to forums and now here's the special moment that michelle gets her very important memory back. >> panic sets in because her
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man's about to see her for the first time -- >> without makeup. >> hey. >> hi. >> see what happens when it's time to face the fear. >> i knew it. i knew it.
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click on tv show or check it out on our mobile app. there's one first when you start the new relationship that some women -- >> red. >> that is the first time your boyfriend is going to see you without makeup. >> love you.
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>> you've been out on a date, you come home. >> the heels get kicked all the way across the room. you put your pj's on, you take the makeup off. she's got her popcorn, her mask on. >> she's chilling. >> hey, babe. >> i just realized i left my wallet at your place so i'm going to be heading back over. >> abort mission. >> no, i'm cheating on you. so what's a girl to do? makeup is already off. >> a casual look, messy hair. >> she turns all the lights off, she puts a sheet over her entire body. >> if under the door. >> oh, hey. >> that's kenny from south park. >> but now she's got to make sure that he doesn't see her
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face. >> redirect the attention, keep moving. >> it's going to happen one of these days. >> just do it. here's my natural beauty. >> what the -- >> what is it? [ bleep ]. >> no, just trying to take it out, god, calm down. >> do it with your hands. >>ty'm doing it with my hands. >> there comes a time where you've just got to face it and let him see you. >> i'm a strong, confident secure woman. >> okay. >> time. >> time for what? >> he doesn't know what the heck the problem is. >> i'm so sorry. are you my girlfriend? oh, my gosh. >> i knew it. >> who are you? >> and that is why sometimes girls take their time to get to that makeupless zone. >> that's our show. thanks for watching.
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tonight, breaking developments in the deadly school rampage here in florida. we have new and searing images from inside the school. 17 people killed. the eruption of gunfire, firing into one classroom after another. the suspect armed with an ar-15, triggering the fire alarm. and then targeting victims as they tried to escape. >> everyone on the floor. on the floor. >> terrified students hiding, rescued by s.w.a.t. teams. the suspect stopping at a walmart, at subway, at mcdonald's after the rampage. tonight, the officer who found him describing the moment. the suspect, nikolas cruz, in court today. what authorities now reveal. what he allegedly told them. as we also learn more about his past. adopted, he lost the father who adopted him. then his mother dying from the


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