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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 16, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. just absolutely unacceptable. and it's embarrassing. >> tonight a former fbi agent is talking to abc7 news about how the department failed to act on tips about the florida shooter. this as a grief-stricken community inends a difficult we with a call to action. >> i lost two of my closest people to me because of guns. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze in for ama daetz. it's been two days since a gunman killed 17 people at stoneman douglas high. >> today the president and first lady visited the hospital. they did not visit parkland. >> maggie rulli has the latest. >> reporter: the president and first lady are grieving with
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parkland this friday night. >> very sad something like that could happen. >> reporter: offering their support to a community still raw after wednesday's school shooting took the lives of 17 people. two of them, both teenagers, laid to rest today. >> what if that was your child that was shot three times in th% heart, in the head, in the hand? think about it. >> reporter: their alleged killer now offering to plead guilty in order to avoid the death penalty. no word yet if the state will accept the deal. >> we are part of this community. as this community hurts, so do we. >> reporter: the fbi has now at mitted they were warned about the alleged shooter six weeks ago. the agency reveals on january 5g9, a person close to nikolas cruz called the tip line with information about cruz's gun ownership, his desire to kill people, erratic behavior and disturbing social media posts. and this, the potential of him conducting a school shooting. the fbi says the information should have been assessed as a potential threat to life.
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but no further investigation was conducted at that time. students here are in shock. >> 17 innocent lives were taken from us because they failed to do this. they failed our school, and they failed -- >> reporter: the students here are heartbroken and grieving, but many of them are also angry and have taken to the streets to protest stricter gun reform. the president was asked during his visit about gun laws, and he had no comment. in parkland, florida, maggie rul rulli. >> the recent school shooting has put the spotlight on how agencies handle tips and warnings from the public. >> abc7 news anchor dion lim is here with more on what some are calling a flawed system. >> that's right, dan and kristen. not only did the fbi receive warnings about shooter nikolas cruz months in advance, there had been a long history of disturbance at the home where he lived. so the question tonight stands, how did his potential for violence slip through the cracks? >> on behalf of myself and over 1,000 employees of the miami
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field office, we truly regret any additional pain that this has caused. >> a stunning admission from the federal bureau of investigations friday over the handling of not one but two overlooked tips regarding marthe school. all of this just six weeks before 14 students and 3 staff members were gunned down. abc7 news spoke with former fbi agent rick smith. >> they're supposed to disseminate to a field office, miami in this instance, and they either decide to do a background. they contact the school, interview the suspect, hopefully neutralize this. >> also troubling the amount of time the broward county sheriff's office was called out to cruz's home. deputies were dispatched over 20 times in recent years. >> every one of these calls for service will be looked at and scrutinized. >> congresswoman jackie speier says this is wriprime example o
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how different agencies on a state and federal level must work together. >> i think that keeind of a multi-agency effort and coordination and communitycation is going to be key. >> how that will happen, all parties agree, is yet to be determined. in san francisco, dion lim, abc7 news. >> a tribute to one shooting victim is bringing many to tears. a canadian cartoonist drew a little girl leading football coach aaron feis to a large group of people, presumably other victims. the caption reads, come on, mr. feis, so many of us want to meet you. feis died using his body to shield students. you can make a difference for the victims and families in florida. this gofundme page has raised more than a million dollars in just one day. you can add your support. we have this link on our website, developing news, san francisco police are looking for a gunman who killed one man and gravely injured another near golden gate park tonight. it started with a shooting near the panhandle and ended with a carjacking a couple of blocks
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away. abc7 news reporter cakatie uteh has the details. >> reporter: a 28-year-old man is dead and another man has life-threatening gunshot wounds following a shooting in the panhandle of golden gate park. >> this is preliminary information and what we have is there's some type of argument that ensued between a group of people. >> reporter: police say the argument and shooting happened here in the panhandle. then the suspect ran north towards fell street and carjacked a getaway vehicle. the stolen sv is a silver toyota 4runner, license place 7aob816. the driver is okay. police say they don't know yet if the victims and suspect knew each other. people who frequent the park say it's not uncommon to see a group gathering near stan onand oak streets. >> that spot right this has concrete, so it's like a little kind of grotto in the trees, and they're there are often people there, often homeless people, you know, just kind of hanging
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out. >> reporter: investigators have not identified either victim, nor confirmed if the men are part of the homeless population who live in the area. in san francisco, katie utehs, abc7 news. developing news, a powerful earthquake shook mexico tonight causing damage but no known deaths. the magnitude 7.2 quake hit the state of oaxaca in southeastern mexico early this evening. this video from mexico city shows light fixtures rocking and swaying hundreds of miles from the epicenter. nearly a million homes and businesses lost power. last september, two earthquakes in mexico killed more than 450 people. san francisco police are asking for help finding a man suspected of killing his grandparents in oklahoma. 45-year-old harlon foss is said to be an experienced outdoorsman and could be living in a park or wooded area. he was last seen near aquatic park on january 10th. investigators in oklahoma found his grandparents' bodies in november along the side of a
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road. foss reportedly told co-workers that living with the couple was, quote, driving him crazy. lesson learned. three people are fined tonight after getting rescued from a cliff above a san francisco beach. sky7 caught the dramatic rescue as it unfolded this afternoon at marshall's beach. the fire department says the hikers got stuck after they took what they thought was a shortcut. one of them called for help using a cell phone. each received a ticket from park police for creating a hazardous condition. that's a $250 fine, but at least they're okay. new at 11:00, at long last, a major road in the santa cruz mountains is back to two lanes of traffic. valencia road in aptos near valencia elementary school was compromised during last winter's destructive rains and had to be closed, all but cutting off a community. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has the story. >> a couple days we can't go to work. we couldn't get the kids to school. it was scary. >> reporter: lalo martine lives
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in rolling green estates in aptos off valencia road, a road that's been closed or reduced to one lane since last winter's storms. locals were forced onto a detour. >> it was irritating to have to go eight miles out of my way to go to work. >> reporter: valencia road is also the best way to get to valencia elementary school. the closure was such an inconvenience all of the students were relocated to other campuses last year. valencia road sank several inches after the culvert underneath it crumpled under the weight of rain. >> we had to dig all that dirt out, build these massive retaining walls so people could work down there and replace the culvert, then fill it all back in. >> reporter: it took just over a year and about $4 million, but valencia road is now back in business. carr carrie immediate wasn't expecting it. >> it felt like a christmas present. >> this should be able to last much longer and if we get storms
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we'll be prepared. >> reporter: last winter's rain did $122 million in damage at more than 200 sites in santa cruz county. the five biggest repairs are now done. >> reporter: almost done. it will take several years to get to all the smaller projects. in aptos, katie marzullo, abc7 news. some questions tonight after a mysterious sight in the bay area. >> shouldn't they do that in the desert or something? >> yes, that's a rocket, and, yes, it was tested in alameda today. why it was there, we found out. plus -- the bay area kicking off a weekend celebration for the year of the dog. i'm meteorologist sandra patel. frosty cold and the pocket of flakes. yes, snowflakes here in the bay area. i'll let you know when you will will see those changes coming up. here's what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> if you watch this, it would mean a lot to me. there's nothing sadder and i
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take a look at the right of your screen here. what is that exactly? now, sky7 was flying over alameda this morning when the pilot asked that very question after he spotted what looks like a rocket. so we wanted to fund out what it is and why it's there. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom found the answers. >> reporter: they're being awfully quiet about it. >> that's what the helicopters were all about this morning. >> that was our helicopter. >> hey, nice work. it was a beautiful helicopter. >> thank you.
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>> the folks at st. george spirits had no idea that just across the fence, a stealthy startup was testing a rocket. >> shouldn't they do that in the desert or something. >> reporter: indeed it's a bit unexpected. >> i heard helicopters and i look behind me, i see a giant truck with a huge missile on it. >> reporter: it headed to a building the navy once used to test jet engines. we caught up with it and learned it belongs to a startup that doesn't have a name yet. they answer the phone stealth space, and they say they're an aerospace company that's already created 100 jobs here. they're just not saying much more. >> it's exciting to see what's going on with the private aerospace industry, and to see it this close to home is even more exciting. >> reporter: they may not be talking to us yet, but they are talking to local officials. in fact, they filed a lease application with the city of alameda that gives some details about what they're working on. days after spacex launched its falcon heavy, we found documents showing this company is working on something much smaller, a proposal to city leaders called
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it astra and shows this diagram comparing it to spacex and call is it the world's smallest rocket made to launch the new breed of small satellites. >> i was kind of bummed that i missed out on the elon musk launch. >> reporter: we think this was just a ground test. you can see the char marks on the pavement. the company says it's tight with the fire department, the city, and the navy and ultimately wants to work can schools as it turns this into a space technology hub. that could mean skyrocketing sales of faction brewings stratus beer, and as for st. george? >> i couldn't see getting on top of a rocket and blasting into space without a couple of good gin martinis in my belly. >> abc7 news. today the chinese new year celebration started with a bang. i love the sound of fire crackers. abc7 news was at san francisco's porths moth port smuth square.
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this 288 foot golden dragon delighted the kids. this was a small preview of the much larger chinese new year's parade coming up one week from tomorrow. this holiday weekend is expected to be one of the coldest of the year. don't forget about your pets. animal officials in contra costa county say that no matter what, you should bring them in at night. if you're going to keep them outside, they say you should make sure they have good bedding and access to food and water. one more thing, don't let a heavy fur coat fool you. >> just the fact that it has fur doesn't mean that it's completely exempt from the impacts of cold weather. >> good to keep in mind. contra costa animal services also recommends getting a sweater for your pet to keep them warm. >> just how cold is it going to get? >> meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking it all for us. >> hi there. cold enough for you to feel it in your bones. let's put it to you this way. big changes are ahead. it's going to be cold and frosty mornings monday through wednesday. could be the coldest of the season so far. gusty winds and the snow level
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dropping between 101,500 feet. the system as you take a look at live doppler 7 originating in canada. it is near british columbia. that is going to drag cold air with it, but the moisture is pretty limited in the bay area. here's one thing that's going to happen ahead of that system. winds are really going to pick up between sunday afternoon and evening going into monday. do expect gusty winds and chillier conditions. live doppler 7 is showing you the skies are pretty clear except for a few clouds near half moon bay. temperatures are falling. upper 30s to the mid-50s around the region. it's definitely feeling cool out there. a live picture from our emeryville camera showing you visibility is terrific. lunar new year celebrations continue this weekend. the year of the dog. the weather could not be better for saturday. mild afternoon expected but get ready to trade the shades for the jackets on sunday. windy, chilly conditions with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. you will need the coats and jackets. tomorrow morning you will as
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well. temperatures right around freezing to just above in our inland valleys. along the coast in the thifr30s the 40s. for the afternoon, bright sunny skies. outdoor plans, pretty much a go on saturday. sunday you might want to take your plans inside, especially if you don't like the cold weather. clouds will increase sunday. that system starts to deposit sou drop south. it will be chilly across the bay area. watch what happens. that moisture starts to move southward. could be some rain mixing in with snow in sonoma county, mendocino county, and then there's potential for a few showers to play tag monday morning along the coastline. so while it's not a widespread rain event, it is potential for some rain and snow. in the sierra, it will certainly be snow showers along with the northern california mountains. you can see here sunday and heading into presidents' day there will be some cold showers, gusty winds. traveling back on presidents'
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day from the mountains could be a bit dicey, so keep that in mind if you are heading up there. freeze watch for solano county monday through wednesday morning. you can pretty much see why. it's going to be cold, freezing inland. tuesday it gets even colder, in the upper 20s inland. then mid to upper 20s on wednesday. so frost is likely, widespread freeze watches and warnings are likely to be issued for the bay area as well as we get closer. the accuweather seven-day forecast, from mild and spring like to winter like on sunday. it's going to be blustery, chilly. presidents' day, cold and gusty. heavy coats, jackets. frosty morning. keep them handy tuesday, wednesday. pretty much milder conditions as we head towards the end of the workweek. friday we may see a few showers around here. download the accuweather app and
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♪ all right. a high school in san mateo is back at it promoting inclusiveness through an amazing music video. >> just about the entire student body joined the lady gaga born this way lip dub at aragon high school. the video shows off all of the school's clubs and teams. >> aragon high first went viral with its uptown funk lip dub two years ago. >> i got to say, they're pretty creative. i'm pretty proud. we weren't doing cool stuff like that when i was there, which was only about ten years ago. >> maybe eight. >> yeah. >> shu is here. >> the nba all-star classic sent for this weekend. the dubs are well represented. they're the only team with four players
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>> announcer: abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. the nba annual all-star classic set this year in l.a. at the staples center. the golden state warriors the only team with four players on the rosters. k.d. will play for team lebron. larry beil is there and as this report. >> reporter: l.a. live has come alive for nba all-star weekend. this place is packed. most of the major events will be held here at the staples center, home of the lakers and the clippers. ironically, there are no lakere all-star game itself. there are, however, four golden state warriors in the game.
11:29 pm
>> yo! >> today steph curry and klay thompson participated in a junior nba event, steph ready to enjoy a few days in l.a. >> the city of stars. there's no shortage of people that will be around. all different festivities. there is a different buzz. great weather in l.a. amazing scenery. a lot of history obviously. so it's always fun to come here. >> get 'em! there you go. defense, defense. >> draymond green through in on thursday to take part in the nba karps program, visiting kids at los angeles children's hospital. >> i think sometimes we all go through things and it's like, oh, my god, it's so bad. then you realize what these kids are going through and what their experience is. it brings you back a little bit and make you understand and really appreciate. >> hey, there it is. >> great perspective from draymond green there. the first all-star practice is tomorrow. and tomorrow night klay thompson will attempt to regain his title as three-point shoot-out king. in l.a., larry beil, abc7
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sports. nba rising stars rookies and second year players played tonight. usa taking on the world. john collins, alley-oop. donovan mitchell is going to be in the dunk contest. off the backboard to himself. he's got game. a little alley-oop to himself. but the world would come away with the win. bogdanovic launching from way out. he was the mvp with 26 points. plays for the sacramento kings and the worlds win, 155-124. the final. riviera in l.a. tiger woods did not make the cut. six over for the two days. he could not find the fairway like here on 7. graeme mcdowell five under 66. fourth hole for birdie. got it. he's seven under, tied for the lead with patrick cantlay. on the par 3 6, famous hole with a sand trap in the center of the green. it's on line, tracking. can't get any closer to making a
11:31 pm
hole in one than just that. oh, i don't know how it didn't go in, but he's still tied atop the leaderboard at 7 under. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. k.d. playing for team lebron. i'm going to love to see he and draymond. you know they're going to go one-on-one at some point in the game. it's going to be a
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all right. that is our report this friday. hope you have a wonderful weekend. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> chinese new year. a lot of celebrations. be with your families even if you're not chinese. it's a great thing to do. right now jimmy kimmel.
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we have actor sam rockwell. >> for sandhya patel, mike shumann, all of us, have a gr >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live," tonight oscar nominee sam rockwell, miranda kerr and music from awolnation and now watch your step here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome to the show. appreciate that. thank you for coming. thank you all of you. we have so many important interesting topics to get to today's. starting


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